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Le risque de crédit et sa gestion représentent une question préoccupante et de survie pour la majorité des institutions financières. Cette étude vise à évaluer les facteurs déterminants du risque de crédit en mettant en relation les ratios financiers et le risque de crédit mesuré par le portefeuille à risque. L’analyse a porté sur une approche quantitative déclinée autour de 12 ISFDs opérant au Sud-Kivu pour une période allant de 2011 à 2020. Les résultats de la régression des données de panel montrent que sur les 12 variables mobilisées pour mesurer l’impact du risque de crédit sur la santé des ISFDs, quatre ont présenté un effet significatif sur le portefeuille à risque. Il s’agit d’une part, des ratios de financement des immobilisations et de liquidité à long terme qui ont présenté un effet positif et significatif au seuil de 5% et du ratio de capitalisation qui a un effet positif et significatif au seuil de 1%. D’autre part, l’autosuffisance opérationnelle présente un effet négatif et significatif au seuil de 1%. Les résultats ont permis de conclure, par ailleurs, que d’autres variables ont une influence non significative sur le portefeuille à risque. Et qu’il est possible de proposer quelques mécanismes de réduction du taux élevé de risque lié au portefeuille de crédit.


Anaemia is one of the most common nutritional deficiency diseases observed globally and affects more than 1.62 billion (25%) people of the world’s population, of which 56 million are pregnant women. This study was carried out to assess the prevalence and its associated factors of anaemia among pregnant women receiving antenatal care in Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owerri. This is a cross sectional study carried out in Federal Medical Centre (FMC). The Haemoglobin level and intestinal parasitic infections in pregnant women were assessed and a structured questionnaire was used to collect the socio-demographic data together with their haemoglobin level. The prevalence of anaemia from a total of 200 pregnant women was 48 (24%) who were in the second and third trimesters. In this study, anaemia was significantly associated with urban dwellers. Here, it was discovered that secondary education and above among pregnant women reduce the risk of being anaemic during pregnancy.


Exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) is defined as exclusive intake of breast milk by an infant from its mother or wet nurse or expressed milk with addition of no other liquid or solid with the exception of drops or syrups consisting of vitamins, minerals supplements, or medicine and nothing else for the first six months. Knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) among women is essential when promoting optimal breastfeeding practices. This cross-sectional survey assessed knowledge, breast feeding practice, EBF and its associated factors during pregnancy among women in General hospital Aboh Mbaise Imo State, Nigeria. About 82 (37.3%) of the participants were within the age bracket 25-29, followed by 58 (26.4%) within 30-34 years. According to the educational qualifications of the participants, majority 118 (53.6%) had senior secondary school certificate, followed by those that attended university 44 (20%). There was a universal awareness (100%) of exclusive breastfeeding (EBF), and about 195 (88.6%) correctly indicated that EBF entails feeding an infant with only breast milk. Furthermore, most of the mothers 179 (81.4%) were aware that EBF should span over a period of 6 months, and correctly indicated that initiation of breastfeeding should be within the first hour after delivery 132 (60%). This study found factors such as mother’s age and educational status to be associated with exclusive breastfeeding among mothers. The practice of exclusive breastfeeding among infants less than six months old in the previous 24 h and complementary feeding among infants aged 6–8 months were suboptimal. Interventions emphasizing practical education should therefore be targeted at addressing factors that influence exclusive breastfeeding


The common objective of the study is to the role of financial intelligence centre to combating money laundering and financing of terrorism in Rwanda. This investigate was accomplished the taking after goals: to look at the part of data sharing on combating the financing of fear mongering at money related insights middle; to assess the part of specialists in innovations on combating the financing of psychological warfare at money related insights middle; to examine how insights data on financing of psychological militants encourage to be apprehended and To set up relationship between monetary insights and combating the financing of fear mongering in Rwanda. This think about was outlined as a case ponder of Money related Insights Middle utilizing the overview strategy; a case ponder was depict as examination of part of monetary insights Middle and combating the financing of fear mongering, accepting that the analyst can obtain information with respect to the subject beneath audit from in-depth investigation of a single case. It could be a subjective examination that includes cautious perception of a circumstance. Chosen respondents from the populace of Monetary Insights Middle was reacted all research questionnaires. The analyst was utilized surveys to gather information, as distant as this consider was concerned, the populace was comprised of workers of Money related Insights Middle focusing on 175 workers. To depict target populace considered as the point of center from which a generalization were made a with respect to the investigate discoveries. Hence, a sample size of 122 individuals as respondents were considered agent of the overall populace. Analyst was utilized essential and auxiliary information to induce all data required in this considered, the quantitative information was analyzed utilizing expressive insights and SPSS. The statement evaluated was “Intelligence provide information’s that warn of potential threats and opportunities for financing of terrorists facilitate to be apprehended” where the respondents agreed with a mean of 3.75 and standard deviation of 1.585. This indicated that the respondents agreed with the statement as indicated by the strong mean and heterogeneity of answers as indicated by the standard deviation where the respondents had different opinions of the statement. The statement evaluated was “Intelligence informs official travelers of counter intelligence and security threats for financing of terrorists facilitate to be apprehended” this was measured by a mean of 3.8 and standard deviation of 1.321. This indicated that the respondents agreed with the statement as indicated by the strong mean and heterogeneity of answers as indicated by the standard deviation where the respondents had different opinions of the statement. There is the t-statistic value (0.000) indicates the effect is statistically significant at 95% confidence level. An increase of 1% on financial intelligence will increase the combating the financing of terrorism in Rwanda by 33.0 % at the t-statistic value (0.003) indicates that the effect is statistically significant at 95% confidence level while a positive coefficient demonstrates that a 1% increase in financial intelligence causes an increase of 16.0% on combating the financing of terrorism in Rwanda with t-statistic value (.0.40) indicates the confidence level of 95% the effect is statistically significant. Keywords: Financial intelligence centre, combating money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Assessment of Solid Minerals and Some Elemental Oxides in Soil of Kwaya Kusar Local Government Area of Borno State, Northeastern Nigeria. []

Soil samples were collected from from (5) locations, wandali, kwaya kusar, gashina, kubagaya and guwal in kwaya kusar Local Government Areas, Borno State Northeastern Nigeria using Complete Randomized Block Design (CRBD). The coordinate of each location were taken, the soil samples were homogenized and dry at 500oC for 12Hrs, then crushed using iron pestle and mortar and sieved using 150micro meshes, the samples were analyzed analytically using X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) for minerals, the results reveals the presence of Kaolinte, Microcline, Quartz, Albite, Biotite, Heamatite, Chlonlcore and Montmorillonite with Quartz been dominant across all the area studied. Major elemental oxides such as SiO2, Fe2O3, Al2O3, CaO, TiO2, MgO, K2O, Na2O, MnO and SO3. were also analyzed using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectroscopy. SiO2 was observed to be dominant followed by Al2O3 and Fe2O3 across all the areas studied.

A Pragmatic Analysis of Speech Act Theories in Chris Abani's GraceLand and Song for Night []

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A Stylistic Analysis of Flashback, Point of View and Figures of Speech in Chris Abani's GraceLand and Song for Night []

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In May of 2022, it was determined that a virus known as monkeypox (MPX) had spread over the world. The MPXV strain responsible for 87000 illnesses and 112 fatalities has been identified. This strain had a global average of 38.35 mutations per virus sample, with the 2022 epidemic seeing the highest MPXV mutation rate. Our aim was to use publicly accessible NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) data to explore the genetic diversity and evolutionary history of monkeypox viruses (MPXVs). In-depth comparisons of the genomic characteristics of 376 publicly available complete MPXV genome sequences were performed. Nucleotide sequence variation, gene order, mapping, alignment, and mapping accuracy were among these features. A large amount of sequence conservation was discovered in the MPXV genomes by the meta-analysis, with only a few minor changes between isolates. Multiple genomic regions were discovered to be highly conserved among all MPXV strains, suggesting an essential function in viral replication and persistence. The use of phylogenetic analyses to trace the evolutionary relationships of MPXV strains revealed that the virus has diverged into several subgroups with distinct genetic makeups. Conclusion: Our findings showed that non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms may be impacting the evolution of MPXV isolates that are dispersed globally and promoting improved adaptability and human-to-human transmissibility.

Complete Genome Sequence and Comparative Analysis of Bifidobacterium bifidum Strains Reveal Insight into Probiotic Properties []

Despite the widespread use of probiotic supplements for their beneficial health effects, there have recently been some concerns expressed over the absorption and potential colonization of the intestinal tract by the bacteria that these products contain. One of the bacterial species of the genus Bifidobacterium is the strain Bifidobacterium bifidum. One of the most prevalent probiotic bacteria in the bodies of mammals, including humans, is called Bifidobacterium bifidum. Recently, probiotics like Bifidobacterium bifidum have become more and more well-liked. However, it has been the focus of a few studies that demonstrate its efficacy in treating a number of ailments, including dyspepsia and malnutrition. The Bifidobacterium bifidum strain has genes that let the organism tolerate and be resistant to hazardous toxins and some medications, which helps with their capacity to cling to the host. Specialty genes, such as those encoding for vitamins, DNA repair, stress response, amino acids, bacteriocins, phages, and antibiotic tolerance and resistance, are responsible for certain bodily processes in hosts. In our study, eight sequencing datasets produced from Bifidobacterium bifidum sample were subjected to bioinformatic analysis. A particular number of ARGs were connected to integrated mobile genomic elements or prophages that assisted the HGT. In this study, we identified the genes that code for fundamental and significant properties of probiotics in the host, such as the production of bacteriocin and vitamins.

Effects of Advertising on sales performances of private organizations in Rwanda []

The study focused on examining the effects of Advertising on sales performance of private organization in Rwanda. Data was collected from 54 participants by use of stratified sampling from ALICOMEC LTD, initially the whole population were 380 but by use of bouchard formula and stratified sampling, the respondents became 54. by use of the stratus, from these respondents there were 34 managers and staff and 20 customers. In order to analyze the effects, regression and correlation techniques were used as the real techniques which display the numerical answer regarding the effects of advertising on sales performance of private organization which indicated the significant effects of one variable to another variable as well as the study also ended by showing that many respondents strongly agreed that advertising has significant effects on sales performance. The study used a cross-section survey design and the study focused on ALICOMEC LTD; an organization located in western region of Rwanda. The study used both qualitative and quantitative research approaches for Data collection like questionnaire, interview, documentary, observation as well as SPSS for descriptive statistics Keywords: advertising, informative advertising, persuasive advertising, sales performance


Introduction : L’objectif de ce travail vise à analyser les facteurs associés au faible recours des femmes enceintes à la consultation prénatale 4 afin de contribuer à la réduction de la mortalité maternelle dans la Zone de santé de Mwene Ditu. Méthodologie : La taille de l’échantillon étant estimée à 422 sujets d’étude, nous avons procédé comme suit pour calculer les sous échantillon de chacune des 5 Strates : a) Calculer la proportion de chaque strate par rapport à la population ; b) Multiplier les proportions obtenues par la taille de l’échantillon, ce qui nous a permis d’obtenir ainsi la taille de sous échantillon pour chaque strate Les strates constituées se présentent de la manière suivante : Pour arriver à collecter les informations sur terrain, nous avons fait recours à la méthode d’enquête par questionnaire. Résultats : Les principaux facteurs associés au faible recours des femmes enceintes à la consultation prénatale 4 sont :  Le temps réalisé pour arriver au site de la CPN  Le moyen de transport utilisé pour arriver au site de CPN  L’exigence de l’argent pour les soins à recevoir à la CPN Conclusion : Ainsi, pour éviter ces décès, l’OMS a préconisé, entre autres, un suivi médical de la grossesse, en réalisant au moins quatre visites prénatales auprès des professionnels de la santé, dont la première dans le premier trimestre de la grossesse, et en recevant deux doses d’anatoxine tétanique durant la grossesse en cours ou une seule dose si l’on a été vacciné lors de la grossesse précédente.


This study has examined the effect of dividend policy on share price of commercial banks in Nepal. The descriptive and causal compara-tive research designs have been adopted for the study. The data of 13 commercial banks for the period FY2014/15 to 2019/20 have been analyzed using regression model. The regression results revealed that the sampled commercial has a significant effect of dividend policy on their share price. The study shows significant positive effect of DPS,DPR,PER, and EPS on share price(MPS). The insignificant result of bank size indicates that bank size cannot be considered an influencing variable for share price.. This study concludes that Nepalese commercial banks need to increase their dividends to help induce their share prices.


The Educational Publications Department has been established in 1965 as a super–graded department under the Ministry of Education-Sri Lanka to accomplish the national task of implementing the national policy of providing school textbooks free of charge to the children of the country to get the benefits of free education and compiling supplements and learning aids connected to that. The department’s vision is to ‘Ensure equitable access to education through the provision of learning materials of distinctive pedagogical standards that keep abreast with international developments in education’.The department always makes an effort to enhance the quality and value of education by implementing the Free Textbook Scheme of the Government of Sri Lanka, progressively widening the range of available textbooks, workbooks, reference books, and supplementary readings of high educational standards enabling to produce worthwhile and intelligent citizens with the ability to contribute towards the development of the country. The department provides facilities to buy textbooks, workbooks, and other materials from sales promotion centers for a reasonable price especially targeting International and Private school children. The general public can also purchase books if necessary. The proposed web-based solution is based on an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The ERP will include a set of formalized and integrated operational processes and procedures to manage operations in the Education Publication Department, Sri Lanka.


The ultimate aim of education is to develop in the learner the desirable knowledge and skills, values and attitudes in a way he can effectively use to alleviate poverty and improve the quality not only on his life but also his family’s, the community and the larger society. Since changes on the world of works are constant, students must be adaptable, flexible, competent and intelligent enough to know their potentials and skills in deciding what would be the best career option for them to take and face the challenges and be successful in their chosen career and better future. Specifically, this study aimed to identify the extent of Grade 10 career track choice in terms of Interest, Talents and Values Profile, Family-Related Career Profile, Education-Related Career Profile and Community-Related career Profile. Another concerned of the study is the school performances of the public secondary school in the municipality of President Quirino in terms of Enrollment Rate, Dropped-out Rate, Cohort Survival Rate, Completion Rate and Graduation Rate. Furthermore, it ventured to determine the relationship between Grade 10 career track choice and school performances. Descriptive correlational method of research was used in this study with an adapted survey questionnaire personally conducted to gather data on students’ career track choices. Findings of the study showed that on the extent of career track choices, it was implemented/observed on the great extent. The study also revealed that career track choice has no significant relationship with the school performances. This study recommended that further study is necessary to explore other factors that may influence the career track choice of the students and its effect on the school performances since the result of the study revealed that there is no existing relationship between the variables.


This study used a qualitative research design study in nature. The researcher used thematic analysis in data that aims to answer the problems. In terms of stressors encountered by students learning confusion, financial stress, a poor learning environment, and poor learning materials lead to anxiety and low self-esteem. The stressors that affect the academic performance of learners in in-person classes lead to absenteeism and reduces overall academic achievement and finally lead to drop out. The learners who manage stress in school should take responsibility for any mistakes and practice good self-care. In terms of coping mechanisms, students employ to cope with those stressors by adopting a positive attitude and learner’s social interaction that leads to a positive teacher-student relationship that promotes emotional learning and improved student outcomes. The study concluded that stressors lead to anxiety and low self-esteem in learners that affect the academic performance of learners in the in-person classes because learners feel overwhelming stress related to school. Finally, the best coping mechanisms for stressors the learners to adopt a positive attitude and social interaction lead to a positive teacher-student relationship, and produces unflappable learners with outstanding academic outcomes.


Flooding is a regular disastrous event in Bangladesh as it causes serious social and economic losses and damages in the different parts of the country in every year. Sufferings of people due to flood are beyond imagination. The Tropical Cyclones are critical natural hazards, the Indian subcontinent faced time and again, especially the coastal Bay of Bengal in India and Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of those countries which has a unique setting for the occurrence of flooding. Most part of the country is low lying and 80% of the landmass is flood plain thereby leaving the country highly vulnerable to the threat of repeated floods. Historical and recent data show that during past 50 years, at least 7 major floods have taken place in Bangladesh. Intense and frequent flooding in Bangladesh occur due to geographical location and poor economic condition of Bangladesh. The recent Super Cyclone, ‘Amphan’ in May 2020 was one of the most powerful storms that inflicted widespread damage in Khulna and Barisal divisions of Bangladesh. The most devastated region is the Sundarbans, both in India and Bangladesh, because of its fragile ecosystem, complex geography and the presence of sizable settlements. Poverty made the situation even more vulnerable. Since the fateful cyclonic day, heart-breaking images of destroyed houses and misery of people have flooded the web-space and reached all over the globe for everyone to realize the magnitude of the aftermath. Such a natural disaster and related human suffering call for a massive rehabilitation work. However, this won’t be easy – the key challenges and barriers for rebuilding the houses and latrines includes scarcity of filling sand, required to make the infrastructures flood resilient, poor communication systems, and an immediate requirement of essential needs such as food and money for the communities affected.


Since the onset of the Covid 19 outbreak, school administrators have been compelled to intervene due to challenges in controlling their personnel. Disagreements arise as a result of the deployment of skeletal reporting due to numerous health constraints that impair their teachers' productivity. This study aims to determine the impact of the integration of Peace Education Framework to the behavior of the school heads among Public Elementary Schools in DepEd Bagumbayan District III for the school year 2022-2023. It employed quantitative research which applied the Descriptive-Correlational Method. The study’s respondents were the selected school heads in Bagumbayan District III for the school year 2022-2023.Based on the result, the extent of the integration of Peace Education Framework in Bagumbayan District III, in terms of Development Education, Human Rights Education, Environmental Education and Conflict Resolution is highly observed among schools in the district. Likewise, level of School Heads’ Behavior in Bagumbayan District III for the school year 2022-2023 in terms of Mitigating School’s Conflicts, School’s Accountability, Settlement and Transition and Equal and Transparent Services is also highly evident which indicates that school heads have a good behavior in dealing school-related conflicts. Finally, it has been concluded that there is a significant relationship between the extent of the integration of Peace Education Framework and level of School Heads’ Behavior in Bagumbayan District III for the school year 2022-2023.


In order to provide students with a high-quality education nowadays, instructors must take into account how students perform in the classroom. Unfortunately, kids are losing sight of fundamental manners and appropriate conduct as a result of the Corona Virus's spread and the globalization of technological devices. The goal of this study is to determine the relationship between the implementation of the Social-Interface Program and the level of Values Formation of the Muslim and Non-Muslim ALIVE Learners in DepEd Bagumbayan District II, Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat in the school year 2022-2023. The study used a quantitative design, specifically a Descriptive-Correlation Method with the selected Non-Muslim and Muslim learners at DepEd Bagumbayan District II as the respondents. Based on the result, the extent of the implementation of the Social-Interface Program, in terms of Maka-Diyos, Maka-Tao, Makakalikasan, and Makabansa is inferred as high adherence which entails that there is an active implementation of the Social-Interface Program in Bagumbayan District II. Further, the level of Values Formation of the Muslim and Non-Muslim ALIVE Learners, in terms of Demonstration of Interpersonal Skills, Showing Sense of Responsibility, Collaborative Learning, and Cultural Sensitivity is always observed which entails that there is a good values formation among the learners in the above-mentioned DepEd District. Finally, the result reveals that there is a significant relationship between extent of the implementation of the Social-Interface Program and the level of Values Formation of the Muslim and Non-Muslim ALIVE Learners in DepEd Bagumbayan District II. Keywords: Social-Interface Program, Values Formation, ALIVE, Muslim


This study was conducted to determine the extent of the Learning Attitude and Performance of the Cookery students at President Quirino National High School in-person classes. The research used descriptive correlation design to describe and explore the experiences of respondents. The researcher also used descriptive correlation analysis to test the relationship of two variables; the independent which are the factors affecting the learning attitude of the students and dependent variables, the academic performances of the students. The statistical tools mean and Pearson r were utilized to find out the level of the performance of the cookery students. The study used a self-made questionnaire with a five-point Likert Scale adopted from Carter V. Good and Douglas B. Scates to evaluate the extent of learning attitude and level of academic performance. Sample respondents were from the Grade 9 Cookery Students at President Quirino National High school were taken sampling technique was patterned from Gay 1979 requiring 50% or ninety (90) from the total population. The study found out that the learning attitude has no significant relationship with the performance of the cookery students. The results of correlation of two variables Learning Attitude and Academic Performance revealed that, there is no significant relationship since that the P-value is greater than the 0.05 level of significance, Therefore the null hypothesis is accepted. Finally, the researcher concluded that there is no significant relationship between the extent of learning attitude and performance of the cookery students at President Quirino national High School in-person classes. Further, the researcher recommended that the school administrator put-up gardening area that will help cookery students to explore using the agricultural product.


This study examined the school leadership skills and performance of school governing council among elementary schools in the municipality of Lambayong. It employed descriptive-correlational design among seventy-six teachers, school heads and member of school governing council. Mean and Pearson r – moment correlation coefficient was employed to test the hypothesis. School leadership along with developing and communicating vision, mission, goals, and objectives, data-based strategic planning, problem-solving, building high and performance teams, and leading and managing change were found to be “Observed/implemented to the greatest extent” and coordinating with others revealed to be “Observed/implemented to the great extent”. On the school governing council along with, information dissemination, and planning with stakeholders it was revealed that it “Attained to the great level”, however, consultation was found to be “Attained to the greatest level”. Interestingly it was found out that there is a significant relationship between school leadership skills and the performance of school governing council.

Prevalence of hepatitis C among blood donors at the national blood transfusion center of Bamako in Mali []

Summary : Introduction and purpose of the study: The overall prevalence of HCV among adults in sub-Saharan Africa has increased from 3.82 to 3.94%(3). We find a disproportionate prevalence of viral hepatitis C in blood donors in several national blood transfusion centers in Sub-Saharan Africa and the aim of our work was to study the seroprevalence of hepatitis C in blood donors from the center national blood transfusion center of Bamako Methods: This was a descriptive cross-sectional study that took place at the CNTS national blood transfusion center in Bamako from July to December 2019. Our study concerned blood donors (volunteers and relatives) presenting to the CNTS in Bamako during the study period. It focused on an exhaustive random sample of CNTS blood donors, the variables studied were gender, marital status, type of donor HCV+, HCV-, age and number of donations. Serodiagnosis was determined by the ELISA technique. Results: We collected 250 samples, the 26-35 age group was the most represented with 49.6%; the prevalence of hepatitis C was 1%. Hepatitis C marker positivity has been observed in family donors. Conclusion: The séroprévalence of hepatitis C during our study was 1%. The ELISA technique with monolisa HCV reagent was used as the method. We found a relationship between seroprevalence and few sociodemographic aspects.


The leadership of an organization is certainly considered to have a strong impact on its effectiveness, employee satisfaction, and employee engagement. Some research studies have concluded that by employing effective leadership styles, leaders encourage and enable their employees to be successful (Bhargavi & Yaseen, 2016). Effective leadership style is seen as a strong source of sustainable competitive advantage and growth management (Al Khajeh, 2018). Style of leadership allows the organization to achieve its current goals more effectively by connecting employee performance to expected incentives and ensuring that employees have the tools for doing the task. Without leadership there is an increase in the probability of errors happening with more and more reduction in prospects for success. In this connection, leadership, along with stimulants and opportunities, fosters the desire of individuals to accomplish objectives, playing a significant role in the processes of creating, communicating and transforming organizational culture. Rowe (2001) also asserted that leadership style is greatly responsible for achieving high organizational performance. Hence, choosing the suitable leadership style is an advantage in achieving organizational effectiveness.

Prevalence and Factors Associated with Unwanted Pregnancies among Married Women in Karongi District, Rwanda. []

BACKGROUND: Globally, unwanted pregnancies are major public health concern. Unwanted pregnancies among married women results into a negative health impact like major depression and lead to unsafe abortion that can contribute to high increase of maternal morbidity and mortality rate. It affects both socio-economic status of the families, health system as well as the national economy. Demographic Health Survey in Rwanda shows that the prevalence of unwanted pregnancies among married women was 51%. The research intends to assess the prevalence and factors associated with unwanted pregnancies among married women in Karongi District, Rwanda. METHODS: A cross-sectional study design was employed. Total of 402 married women were randomly selected to participate in the study. The data were collected used structured questionnaire developed by the principle investigator. Multivariate analysis was used to determine the factors associated with unwanted pregnancies among married women. RESULTS: The prevalence of unwanted pregnancies among married women stands at 27.36%. Bivariate analysis shows that age P=0.03, women education level P=0.04, women occupation P=0.02, were associated with unwanted pregnancies among married women. Multivariate analysis shows that women aged between 35 and 39 (P=0.024, AOR=1.8, 95% CI=0.92-2.42), women age above 40 (P=0.023, AOR=1.947, 95%CI=0.98-3.01), completed primary (P=0.037, AOR=3.981, 95%CI=0.64-4.32), completed high school (O-level) (P=0.035, AOR=2.106, 95%CI=1.02-3.82), completed high school A-level (P=0.04, AOR=1.851 95%CI=1.00-5.02), unemployment (P=0.04, AOR=4.327, 95%CI=0.03-6.43), four living children (P=0.01, AOR=3.49, 95%CI=0.02-5.32), wishes two children (P=0.01, AOR=4.39, 95%CI=0.03-6.02) Ever had sex before marriage (P=0.01, AOR=1.24, 95%CI=0.89-3.03), Knew abortion complication (P=0.01, AOR=2.099, 95%CI=0.2-4.33), had abortion complication (P=0.01, AOR=4.171, 95%CI=0.31-5.01) were statistically significant and independently associated with unwanted pregnancies among married women. CONCLUSION: The prevalence of unwanted pregnancies among married women was high in the age between 20 and 24. Therefore, Ministry of Health should re-enforce the availability and use of modern contraceptive methods among the youth corner and sexual reproductive health. Women with four children were more likely to have unwanted pregnancies, thus it is recommended to encourage women to use long-time contraceptive methods. Married women who ever had sex before marriage were more likely to have unwanted pregnancies, therefore, it is recommended to increase awareness intervention and appropriate social and behavior change communication strategies on unwanted pregnancies prevention.