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Theoretical analysis of unsteady flow between two stretching cylinders with variable physical properties []

In this paper, we investigate the unsteady flow between two stretching cylinders with variable physical properties. To assuming the two-dimensional flow of a viscous fluid in the zone between two circular cylinders. a(t) is the radius of internal cylinder while the radius of external cylinder is b(t) and both cylinder are allow to stretched. The combine effect of variable thermal conductivity and viscosity are examined in this study. Constitutive equations of motion, energy and mass transport are used as a tool for modeling. For introducing natural parameters of our interest similarity transformation are applied and transformed the governing partial differential equations into the system of ordinary differential equations. For analysis HAM is used and then the results compared with BVP4c package.


The Water absorption behavior of sandwich structures composed of polyester reinforced cantula fiber and banana stem fiber face sheets bonded to a corn cob core is examined here in. The volume fraction of cantula fiber are 0 %, 5 %, 10 %, and the volume fraction of banana stem fiber are 15 %, 20 % and 30 %..The size of specimens in this study is the length of 80 mm, a width of 80 mm and a thickness of 12.7 mm for the skin and core size corncob 30 mm, according to standard ASTM C – 272. The test was carried out by the density test and swelling test, to measure the volume of the composite using a caliper with an accuracy of 0.05 mm. The results showed that the water absorption of the composites was indicated by changes in weight, swelling and density of the specimen. Water absorption is influenced by fiber volume fraction, fiber direction, fiber type and the interaction of these three factors. Water absorption is more dominantly influenced by the direction of the fiber than other factors. The biggest water absorption occurred in the volume fraction of 30% banana stem fiber and 10% cantula fiber with woven direction. The percentage of water absorption is 38.86% to 33.69%. Likewise, the highest swelling occurred in composite sandwich with the same volume fraction, but with unidirectional fiber direction, namely 16.45% for banana stem fiber and 11.02% for cantula fiber. In contrast to the composite gravity, the smallest value volume fraction was 18.61% for banana stem fiber and 19.93% for cantula fiber. . . Keywords: composite sandwich, core, polyester, Corncob, cantula fibers, banana stem fibers, water absorption.

Superposition des coopératives minières dans le site minier de Kalimbi à Nyabibwe : Cohabitation possible ? []

Kalimbi is an artisanal mining site considered as a pilot for the traceability of ores in DR Congo. It includes 12 mining plots of which only two plots are coveted by several mining cooperatives, in particular ZEA 496 which includes the Kuwait site and T20, and whose cassiterite is more exploited by artisanal miners. The requirements of Congolese mining legislation require that artisanal miners join together as a mining cooperative to exercise mining activities.Two cooperatives; COMBECKA and COMIKA coexisted peacefully in the same Kalimbi site several years after conflicts and disputes causing major incidents within said cooperatives with all legal documents except notification. Shortly after, COMILAK, holding all the required documents, will claim authorship of the site and precisely of the two squares where the first two are installed, in the same period, two other mining cooperatives were born; COMICHAKA, GEMIDAK and claim the two squares. This situation, which is contrary to Congolese law, will give rise to conflicts and incidents that hinder human rights, the environment and security. An agreement followed by an act of engagement of the three cooperatives for temporary peaceful cohabitation were signed by these first three cooperatives for the collegial management of the mining site with a management committee in order to preserve peace and transparency in the ZEA 496 . This study analyzes the possibilities of peaceful coexistence despite a contra legem practice to favor peace and the conservation of the pilot site of traceability.The ideal is to infer incidents related to the degradation of human rights, security and the environment in order to promote development and community well-being.

“CureVeda” – the modern science of healthy life []

The story began as 'don't sell an item. Sell an answer' the thought was to 'change the point of view of individuals, to assist individuals with settling on more advantageous decisions by giving free information.' And accessible to the general public by presenting it in an understandable form being a natural remedy while selling things like any other online store. It conceptualized to deliver 100% vegetarian, as close to nature, non-prescription formulas driven by innovation & clinical validation. From May 2014, the year CureVeda was found. CureVeda envisioned being the Global brand of choice for vegetarian non-prescription healthcare remedies. Story’s Founder and CEO, Bhavna Anand Sharma was to join the legendary retailer as its Brand Experience Officer with the task of enhancing the in-store customer experience with over 20 years at the leading international supplements brand Nature’s Bounty and the domestic herbal giant Baidyanath. The deal also allowed Story to come to life and grow in a new format. Cureveda’s founders believed that this alliance would help to develop proudly Indian and globally relevant Carefully Crafted Remedies, using their combined industry experience. Experts wondered if this alliance would succeed. Will CureVeda compete with already Big Guns in the field? Or will it be crushed by plagiarism? The Story was given the run room it needed to grow by the Director- Siddhesh Sharma (Bhavna’s husband and President Baidyanath). The question was, how would the brand unravel in the months to come?


Imagine a world where the movement of people, goods, and services becomes impossible or more or less a city with bewildering pathways! Every single space in a building needs a well-taught-out circulation pattern as this will help not just for movement of people, but interaction, proper ventilation and lighting of space, and for better relaxation and productivity. An Architecture design studio is more than just a classroom space to the young aspiring architect; is a home, a happy place of work for collaboration, interaction, and creativity. There has to be a close connection between the students and the studio masters, and an unhindered flow of furniture, fixtures, drawing tools, gadgets, and interaction between students during studio hours; as this helps for better understanding of once design concept and solutions. This research paper highlights the importance of good studio culture and introduces different ideal patterns that can be adopted for proper interaction, circulation, and productivity.

Differentiating Micromanagement From Effective Management: A Manager’s Guide []

Majority of organisations aspire for maximum productivity and efficiency while achieving group objectives. These aspirations inform the kind of managers who are assigned various roles in the organisation. For such managers to succeed, they often require maximum input from subordinates. Nevertheless there are some unnecessary detailed pieces of information that managers demand, which negatively affect employees’ performance. These unnecessary details, also referred to as Micromanagement, is felt only when managers find themselves at the receiving end or when they are being micromanaged. There is therefore the need for every manager to be able to perform self-assessment based on some features like the excessive need for information, stress and crisis management and how negative results are handled, among others, to be able to know when as a manager, one begins to micromanage. In addition to this, there is the need for managers to be able to draw the line between effective management and micromanagement and be able to apply the brakes when features associated with micromanagement are noticed.

New Pedagogical Tools to Improve EFL Learners’ Oral Fluency: From socio-linguistic and Linguistic perceptions []

Development in English Foreign Language teaching and learning depends on the use of effective methods and strategies. Hence, the aim of the study is to probe the effect of using YouTube non-fiction videos as pedagogical tools to improve English Foreign Language learners’ oral fluency. Our population consists of third year Literature and Civilization students who are divided into control and experimental group, at the department of English, university of Bejaia. We opted for the experimental method to attain our objective. The tools used are both quantitative and qualitative. The results revealed that, the majority of third year Literature and Civilization students are not fluent in English; but expressed positive attitudes.

Impact of dysenaemia in the intensive care unit in the emergency department of the ORAN Hospital []

Dysatremias are among the most common hydroelectrolytic disorders, they can be a reason for hospitalization on resuscitation when they are deep or quick to settle or a complication acquired during their hospitalization, increasing the prognosis. The physiological values of a normal natremia vary between 135-145 mmol/l. A natremia lower than 135 defines hyponatremia and its prevalence in resuscitation, which varies from 17% to 28% according to the studies. A natremia greater than 145 mmol/l defines hypernatremia, its prevalence varies between 6% and 9%.

place of artificial ventilation at home in patients with COPD []

The decompensation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a typicallyrapid and reversible worsening of respiratory status in patients with COPD. It is secondary to additional pathologies, such as infectious pneumonia. It is a public health problem [1]. Its management has evolved considerably in recent years with the advent of a new concept called respiratory rehabilitation ; rehabilitation is a set of means offered to patients with chronic respiratory disease to reduce disability and improve the quality of life.

surmounting the emerging economic implications of social distancing for effective teaching and learning in Nigeria []

Abstract Learning institutions are known for the prominent roles they play as agent of socialization. Just before the advent of the ravaging global scourge called coronavirus 19, education was the main connect of all other agents of socialization like family, religious institutions, peers and media. The aggregate macro-economic pressure on households, firms and governments have shifted a lot of responsibilities on education sector, such as child care, mentoring and boarding school facilities in Nigeria.Homeless children take solace in school community as their families. Perhaps, the greatest challenge posed by this menace to teaching and learning is the doctrine of social distancing and associated economic implications. How could social-distancing be applied to our education system without altering the known famous teaching and learning method? What is the cost implication for this sudden shift? What framework or platform was made to accommodate this change? How can governments in different levels intervene? What sustenance plans can we rely on? How effective is the emerging method of learning and teaching? Since the emerging of Lassa-fever in Nigeria and global epidemics like Ebola and Covid-19 have just introduced a turning point in our traditional four corner of the wall classroom perception of teaching and learning environment known traditionally as in-person school teaching method to virtual campus approach to learning. There is an urgent call for State of emergency to be declared onthe state of teaching and learning as well as structural design of our school plants and staff training on the use of virtual technologies for effective teaching and learning in Nigeria.


The purpose of this research is to analyze the effect of private investment and government spending on the level of urbanization in Maros Regency, either directly or indirectly through economic growth and job opportunities. The data analysis technique used in this study is multiple linear regression in stages. The results showed that private investment was significant and had a positive effect on the level of urbanization in Maros Regency. Government spending is significant and has a positive effect on the level of urbanization in Maros Regency. Private investment through economic growth and job opportunities is significant and has a positive effect on the level of urbaization in Maros Regency. Meanwhile, government spending through economic growth and job opportunities is also significant and has a positive effect on the level of urbanization in Maros Regency.


ABSTRACT Physical buildings or structures are believed to be important elements of environment. However, the accelerated reduction of paint service life in unorganized settings most especially in sub-urban tropical regions threatens environmental sustainability with implications for sustainable development. Therefore, mitigation strategies that will minimize or eliminate such occurrence require empirical investigation. This study was conducted in Ilaro Town, a suburban tropical area in Ogun State, Nigeria. Following a scientific process, a sample size of 114 participants was selected whose opinions regarding the study developed mitigation strategies were obtained through survey interviews with well-structured questionnaire as a data collection instrument. Stratified sampling technique was employed to sample representatives from academic Lecturers, Paint professionals in the study area and staff of paint manufacturing companies in Lagos State and Ogun State. The study utilized z-test measure to test hypotheses regarding the significance of the study developed mitigation strategies at 5% level of significance. From the analysis, it was revealed that the use of resistant product; efficient paint application; tree plantation; pigments and resins compatibility; fungicides application; bleaching; crystalline coating and ventilation are significant mitigation strategies to minimize accelerated reduction of paint service life in suburban tropical areas. However, damp control as a strategy was found insignificant. The study affirms that adherence to significant mitigation strategies as revealed by findings will increase paint service life in tropical areas and ensure environmental sustainability with positive implications for sustainable development. The researcher, therefore, calls for required attention to these significant strategies by all stakeholders in the industry. Keywords: Paint, Service Life, Environmental Sustainability, Strategies, Sustainable Development, Z -Test


This study aims to analyze the effect of market ratios, accrual quality, stock returns with technology investment as a moderating variable. The sample of this study were 42 service companies listed on the IDX. This study uses purposive sampling technique with observation years, namely 2019. The analysis technique used to analyze data is Moderated Regression Analysis (MRA). The results showed that book to market ratio does not affect stock returns, accrual quality does not affect stock returns, and technology investment does not moderate the relationship of book to market ratio and accrual quality on stock returns.

The Effects of Interpersonal Relationship between Doctors and Nurses and Its Impact on Patients Care: A Case Study of University of Benin Health Services []

ABSTRACT Background: This study examines critically the cordiality that exists between doctors and Nurses in the work environment and how this impacts patient care at the University of Benin health services, Benin City. Objectives: The objectives of this study is to examine the relationship that exists between doctors and nurses in the hospital environment; to ascertain if the type of organizational structure contribute to the kind of relationship among doctors and nurses. Design: This is a descriptive study. Methods: Data were collected with the aid of a self-structured five (5) point rating Likert scale format questionnaire, and analyzed using statistical package for social science (SPSS) version 20 which was presented on frequency tables, expressed in simple percentages. Results: It was revealed that (50.0%) of the respondents disagreed that there is no mutual relationship between doctors and nurses on patient care; Also, (40.0%) of the respondents agreed that superiority of doctors over nurses affect their interrelationship between doctors and nurses on patient care. Conclusion: The results of this study showed that was there is no mutual relationship between doctors and nurses on patient care; There is a role conflict among doctors and nurses on client/patient care. Pride is a factor that mar the interrelationship between doctors and nurses. Mutual understanding should be encouraged among doctors and nurses on client/ patient care. Measures should be put in place to combat any factors militating against interpersonal relationship between doctors and nurses. Keywords: ‘‘Effect’’, ‘‘Interpersonal’’, ‘‘Relationship’’, ‘‘Doctors’’, ‘‘Nurses’’, ‘‘Patient’’, ‘‘Care’’.

Challenges to Effective Utilization of Guidance and Counselling Programmes in Senior High Schools in the Kwabre East District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana []

This study was conducted to investigate the challenges to effective utilization of guidance and counselling programmes towards effective teaching and learning in Senior High Schools in the Kwabre East Municipality of Ashanti Region of Ghana. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. This study seeks to obtain descriptive and self-reported information from teachers, students and school counselors. The study involved public senior high schools in the Kwabre East Municipality of Ashanti Region of Ghana. A total of 380 participants were selected and used for the study. Questionnaire and interview was the main instrument used for data collection. The researcher used 10 % of the accessible population as the sample size of the study. The questionnaires had open ended and closed-ended items. Data collected was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences [SPSS], version 20. The data was then analyzed using descriptive statistics. (Frequencies and percentage) Data was presented in tables, graphs and charts. Results from the study show that majority of the students go for counseling when the need arise, based on teachers recommendation, peers influence, personality of the counsellor and when the counseling environment is relaxing and conducive. The major challenges to effective utilization of guidance and counselling programmes were observed to be; lack of trust for counsellors, lack of resources in the school, lack of privacy since there were no guidance and counselling offices, inadequate support from parents, lack of government policies and financial constrains. The study concludes that counseling environment in the various senior high schools should be relaxing and conducive for students to go for counselling very often. This study recommends that teachers, students and parents/ guardians should be made to understand, appreciate, accept and support guidance and counselling programmes in the senior high school because of the positive impact on effective teaching and learning.

The Merits of Shakespeare's The Tempest as a Poem []

The Tempest is one of the greatest comic plays of the English writer William Shakespeare. The significance of this play, I feel, is not only being a drama but also poetic. This study attempts to disclose the poetic elements of the play as proof to be called a long poem. The paper is an attempt to show the formations of poetry in the play and to ascertain the dominance of verse such as blank verse in Shakespeare’s time, which was introduced in place of the rhyme, and poetic variations such as accent variation, inversion, deletion of syllables, and additional syllables. The researcher applies the critical and analytical approach as a literary technique of the study. The paper starts with an introduction about Shakespeare and the composing of The Tempest; then, it sheds light briefly on some verse instances. Afterward, the point is shifted to illustrate the core of the study Discussion on Making Verse in which the researcher sheds light on some essential poetic elements such as blank verse, normal variations, and sporadic variations as instances proofing his arguments.

The Influence of Relationship Marketing on Customer Loyalty and its Impact on the Business Strategy of PT. Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk []

This study aims to and analyze the influence of Relationship Marketing on Customer Loyalty through Trust To implement these objectives, a data collection technique through a questionnaire was used. The analysis technique used is the validity and reliability test, path analysis and T test. The results of the study found that commitment had significant influence on trust, communication had no significant effect on trust, conflict handling had no effect and had no significant effect on trust, commitment had no effect and had no significant effect on loyalty, communication had a significant effect on loyalty, conflict handling had no significant effect on loyalty, trust has a significant effect on loyalty and trust is an intervening variable that affects the relationship between commitment, communication and conflict handling on loyalty.


Since the last decade, organic foods are getting importance as people are getting aware of the importance of healthy foods and their impact on our minds and bodies. People are getting more and more health-conscious and giving time to healthy habits. The whole process of growing organic food until its packaging it is done without the use of any artificial fertilizers and pesticides. The whole concept of organic farming is to preserve resources and lead to sustainability. The study titled “Consumer awareness and preference about organic foods in Bhopal” will mainly focus on understanding the level of awareness and the factors involved which affect the preference of people while purchasing foods of the selected location with the help of a structured questionnaire. The study was conducted on 226 respondents. The questionnaire was well designed to record the responses about their awareness, preference, factors affect their buying behavior, where they buy the product from, the pricing of the product, and the source of information about the products. This research will help to create awareness about organic foods.


From the middle of the years 2000 through 2010, there is a drastic drop on the number of establishments engaged with footwear-manufacturing in Central Luzon or Region III alone. Several studies have reported reasons for the decrease of the number of players in the footwear industry in the Philippines; however, researches on the decreasing number of establishments engaged specifically with slipper-making in Gapan City, Nueva Ecija and the importance of promotion and distribution mix strategies for the business’ sustainable growth and success remain to be accomplished. This study described profile of the business enterprises, the promotion mix strategy decision through practice of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing, and public relations, and distribution mix strategy decision in terms of placement of orders, processing of orders, channel of distribution, intensity of distribution, and delivery of finished orders used by the thirty (30) enterprises engaged with slipper-making. Result of the study shows the rampant practice of non-registration of business despite length of years of operation of five (5) to forty-five (45) years. Since the assembly stations and workshops of these establishments are located inside the houses or within the premise of the resident of the owners, business mapping of the local government unit is not commonly conducted in these areas; thus, operating the business without securing proper permits are ongoing. Personal selling and indirect channel of distribution (active participation of the members of the distribution channel) are common business practices of the business enterprises in terms of promotion mix strategy decision and distribution mix strategy decision, respectively. There exists a problem on the absence of knowledge on other promotion mix strategies for slipper-making amongst the owners and weakness on the utilization of other distribution mix strategies to access larger market. Creation of a single market promotion mix strategy decision plan for the slipper-making industry of Gapan City, Nueva Ecija and establishment of an omnichannel solution provides source of actions to help the industry of slipper-making to have sustainable growth and success.

A study on awareness of European football clubs in India with reference to Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore []

Abstract: • Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to know which age group has the most awareness about European football clubs in India and to identify whether F.C. Barcelona is the most preferred club in India compared to other football clubs or not. • Previous work: The previous work in this aspect focuses on the loyalty of football fans, brand management in the case of football clubs. • Design/Methodology/Approach: Considering the topic questionnaire was designed to analyze the awareness and preference of European football clubs among Indians. • Findings: Young people are more interested in football, and F.C. Barcelona is one of the most famous clubs in India. • Originality/Value: This research provides insights related to awareness and preferences regarding European football clubs in India.


This research aims to determine the percentage of the addition of seaweed flour as a source of fiber which produces shortfin eel meatballs which are the most preferred by panelists. This research was conducted at the Fisheries Product Processing Laboratory, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Padjadjaran University and the Food Engineering Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Pasundan University in January - February 2020. The method used in the research was the experimental method with 4 additional treatments of seaweed flour, which are control, 5%, 10%, and 15 % with 15 semi-trained panelists as replicates. The parameters observed were the level of preference for organoleptic characteristics and fiber content. The results showed that eel meatball with the addition of 5% seaweed flour was the most preferred by panelists with an average appearance value of 6,8; aroma 7,1; texture 6,6 and taste 6,7; alternative value 7,00 and priority value 0,28; 3,91% fiber content.

African Urban Agriculture and Food Security: Interrogating the Confluence of Gender and Sustainable Food Security in Kenya []

The ability of people to be able to realize their right to food is critical in the whole world, but it is especially critical in the developing world. Many studies have been conducted on urban agriculture; however, there have been glaring gaps in knowledge. One of these gaps has been that of understanding the role and importance of urban agriculture as an income generating venture or source of income. Another gap has been on how urban agriculture is varied by gender, wealth and area of residence. This study seeks to understand the root causes of food insecurity in the urban and peri-urban settings in Kenya. It seeks to understand the gender implications of food insecurity and then to come up with possible policy prescriptions on how to address this issue. Urbanization displaces people and alters the livelihoods of many. Equally, urbanization processes creates competition between land use for agricultural production vis-a-vis for expanding urban settlements. Urban a agriculture plays a major role in food and nutrition security. Admitted however, in many cities there is the difficulty of accessing the land for agriculture production. Gender analysis can help scholars and policy makers understand the causes of food insecurity because women play very important roles in the food system, from production to its distribution. This study will involve a review of the literature that has come up that study the key variables for this study, namely the confluence of Gender, Food Security and Urbanisation. This review draws on best practice from the global context, the Africa context and trying to relate this with the East African context, and Kenya in particular. While there is great risk associated with urbanization and food security in Kenya, there are also many opportunities to respond to these challenges. The findings of this study provide a holistic perspective to the impacts of food insecurity on gender in the urban setting and the challenges that constrain urban agriculture; while also highlighting the main opportunities available; and finally giving policy prescriptions on how these challenges can be contained.