Volume 8, Issue 11, November 2020 Edition - GSJ Journal Publication

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Underground uPVC Pipe Line System for Irrigation in BMDA : A Successful Case of Water Utilization in a Judicious Way. []

Abstract Agriculture is the major water using sector in Bangladesh and underground water and surface water bodies are very limited during August to May in every year due to low annual rainfall in the north-west region. This study used to review of the existing situation of irrigation water distribution, water use efficiency and appropriate water pricing in Barind agriculture. Efficient use of water for crop production is now often a major goal in designing and management of irrigation systems. An appropriate water application system should be developed and only by improving the performance of water application, effective water distribution systems and efficiency of water management in agriculture could save water from existing uses. Better management of irrigation water, water distribution system and appropriate water charging policy possibly will enhance greater efficiency in water use. This study suggests that the improved water distribution system as developed by BMDA is also sustainable by increasing productivity as a whole in irrigation sector of Bangladesh.

Concentration of Nutmeg Oil as an Anesthetic in Transportation of Neon Tetra Fish (Paracheirodon innesi) with Different Duration []

Live fish transportation needs certain living conditions with specific methods to increase the survival rate. The suggested transportation of live fish needs to be carried out with an imotilization process by optimizing anesthetic agents which are know to reduce stress, metabolism and oxygen consumption. This research aims to analyze the time of induction, conscious recovery and the survival rate of neon tetra using nutmeg oil in closed system transportation. This research used a factorial randomized group design (FRGD) experimental method consisting of two factors, namely the four factors concentration factors (0.1 ml/L, 0.2 ml/L, 0.3 ml/L and control) and three stages of transport duration factors (3, 5 and 7 hours). The parameters observed during the research were induction time, conscious recovery, post transportation survival, 7 days post maintenance and observation of water quality in the form of temperature, DO, pH, and ammonia. The results showed that at a duration of 5 hours with a concentration of 0.1 ml/L the induction time was 1.26 minutes, the conscious recovery time was 3.10 minutes, the survival rate post transportation was 93.33% and after 7 days of maintenance was 85.00%. The average water temperature parameters were + 25.1°C, DO was + 8.4 mg/L, pH was + 5.60 and ammonia was + 0.0024 mg/L.


Abstract This study aims to analyze the effect of disclosure of corporate social responsibility and capital structure on firm value with profitability as a moderating variable. The population of this research is 59 manufacture companies in the consumer goods industry sector which are listed on the IDX. This study used a purposive sampling technique and produced 34 companies with observation years, namely 2015-2019. The analysis technique used to analyze the data is Moderated Regression Analysis ( MRA). The results showed that the disclosure of corporate social responsibility has an effect on firm value . Capital structure has no effect on firm value, profitability is able to moderate the relationship between disclosure of corporate social responsibility on firm value and profitability is able to moderate the relationship between capital structure and firm value.

The Effect of Education And Inflation Levels on Unemployment in Sulawesi Island []

Several provinces in Sulawesi Island still face problems related to unemployment, this is indicated by the unemployment rate which has not shown a consistent decline during 2010-2018. To solve problems related to unemployment, most economists believe that education and a maintained inflation rate are long-term and short-term solutions. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of education level and inflation both directly and indirectly on unemployment in Sulawesi Island. The method used is quantitative using the analysis technique Simultanious Equation Model (SEM). The results showed that the direct effect of the education variable on unemployment was 0.452 with a probability of 0.292. This means that education has no effect on unemployment. The effect of the education variable on unemployment is 0.435 with a probability of 0.000. This means that education has a significant effect on unemployment. Indirectly, the effect of education on unemployment is 0.185 with a probability of 0.000, this means that education has a positive and significant effect on unemployment. Indirectly, the effect of inflation on unemployment is 0.006 with a probability of 0.000, this means that inflation has a positive and significant effect on unemployment.

« Tenue de la comptabilité dans une Association Coopérative » : cas de l’ACOOPELI/Bunia de 2011 à 2015. []

Résumé : Pour enregistrer les problèmes économiques au sein d’une administration et leurs résultats, dégager les principes de gestion, établir des prévisions et contrôler, il faut un instrument parmi les instruments liés à son organisation. Ainsi, la comptabilité, au-delà de sa mission réelle, apparaît actuellement comme un instrument régulateur de l’entreprise par le fait qu’elle constitue une banque des données caractéristiques de la situation de l’entreprise et son évolution. Dans cette même optique, l’organisation d’un service comptable apparait de nos jours comme un outil de gestion important. Elle est sans doute l’outil auquel les personnes qui veulent le progrès de leur activité recourent pour rationaliser leur gestion. Partant de cette considération, nous avons décidé dans le cadre de l’élaboration de notre travail, d’évaluer la tenue des documents comptables au sein d’une association coopérative, tout en s’appuyant sur le cas de l’ACCOPELI. L’objectif étant, de manière globale, celui d’analyser la manière dont la comptabilité se tient au sein d’une Association Coopérative. De manière spécifique, le présent papier a visé, d’une part, à Comparer si la comptabilité est tenue conformément aux règles comptables et à la législation en vigueur au sein de l’ACOOPELI ; et à Analyser si la tenue de cette comptabilité suscite la bonne marche des opérations financières en son sein, d’autre part. Les résultats indiquent que suite à l’ignorance de certains documents recommandés par l’organe de tutelle, l’ACOOPELI ne tient pas une comptabilité qui respecte les normes régulières car elle semble surtout liée à l’activité d’entrée et de sortie de fonds qu’à la gestion de toutes ses actions du patrimoine. Il s’observe également un manque d’organisation de sa part suite au manque d’organisation comptable de la part de ladite coopérative. Mots clés : Comptabilité, principes de gestion, documents comptables, organisation, ACCOPELI


This study examined and investigated the organizational factors influencing management of project complexities in the Upstream Oil and Gas Operations (UOGO). The aim is to have a better understanding of the problems and explore effective techniques for achieving success. Oil and gas industry is usually characterized by project complexities in its operation, facilities and infrastructure development. Descriptive and quantitative survey research design with purposive sampling technique were employed on a sample of 6 selected major upstream companies and 64 target respondents who are experienced professionals in the field. The instrument of primary data collection and measurement was well-structured and standardized questionnaire modeled in Likert five-point scale. The methods of data analysis were Relative Importance and Severity Indexes (RII and RSI). In addition, multiple regression and correlation analysis were used for hypothesis testing and in establishing the integrated relationship between organizational factors and successful management of project complexities in UOGO. The RII results and findings indicate that uncertainty is the most important factor affecting project complexities. The RSI results and findings infer that the severest type, causes and incremental factor of project complexities are technical/ technological, interrelationship/interconnections and environment respectively. The results and findings from hypothesis testing show that the variables that most influence successful management of project complexities in UOGO are Information and Communication Technology (ICT) knowledge, training, resource allocation and top management support; in ranking significant order. The study suggests that more attention should be focused on modern ICT knowledge acquisition and training while top management support is essential for adequate resources allocation and good decision-making structure.

Sectarianism in the Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Local and Regional Factors []

To explain the problem of sectarianism in the context of the Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), it is crucial to assess the internal and the regional factors that have made sectarianism a protracted and contested phenomenon. Other than historical and religious explanations, this paper elucidates sectarianism as a local problem, instrumentalized and evolved by the dynamics of local politics in mobilizing and polarizing identities within the groups involved. Likewise, the regional factors, rather than the deep-rooted reasons in the Islam religion itself, contribute to flaring up sectarianism. However, analyzing both local and regional aspects after the Iranian Revolution as major transformation factors, sheds light on the actual causes of the division between Sunni and Shia sects in the Arabian Gulf region. The domination of religion in local politics has contributed to alienation by means of the discriminatory institutionalized policies against the “other,” as well as to the reinforcement of absolute loyalty to the elites and the rulers. Thus, authoritarianism has played a major role in using sectarianism as a tool for perpetuating power and dominance.

La politique fiscale et l’attractivité des investissements directs étrangers en Afrique centrale (dans la CEEAC) : une approche par la modélisation en panel dynamique à effet fixe []

« Cet article propose une évaluation empirique des effets de la politique fiscale sur l’attractivité des investissements directs étrangers entrants dans la Communauté Economique des Etats d’Afrique Centrale (CEEAC) au cours de la période 1990-2017. En faisant usage d’un modèle dynamique a effet fixe en panel tout en utilisant la Méthode des Moment Généralisés (GMM) pour pallier au problème d’endogéneité qui existe entre les deux variables. Les résultats montrés que ces pays appliquent une mauvaise politique fiscale pour attire les IDE dans la zone. Par conséquent, Ces faibles niveau d’entrée des IDE pour ces pays est due à une forte pression fiscale qu’à tout autre déterminant retenu dans notre analyse. »

The Presence of the British Empire in India as discussed in Rudyard Kipling’s Kim, E. M. Forster’s A Passage to India and J. G. Farrell’s The Siege of Krishnapur []

This study is an attempt to describe, clarify, and circumscribe Kipling’s, Forster’s and Farrell’s positions towards the presence of the British Empire in India as embedded in their novels. This study builds up a deep analysis of their points of view depending on a historical background of the British Empire in India, post-colonial studies and a critical overview of these novels. This study is based upon two main aspects. The first one is the representation of the colonizers. Analyzing the characters of the colonizers in Kim (1904) assures us that Kipling represents his colonizers positively to propagate the presence of the British Empire in India. On the other hand, in A Passage to India (1924) Forster represents his colonizers very negatively in his novel to raise the weight of his opposition of the presence of the British Empire in the Indian land. To criticize the British Empire, Farrell in his novel The Siege of Krishnapur (1973) represents his colonizers as failed and deceived by their British Empire. The second aspect is the nationalist attempts of the colonized characters. This study proves that the fire of the national attempts of the colonized characters is put out in Kim, lighted in A Passage to India and reaches its peak in The Siege of Krishnapur. It is asserted that Kim and A Passage to India and The Siege of Krishnapur together present a clear view of their novelists’ positions towards the presence of the British Empire in India. These positions determine the continuity or the fall of the rule of this Empire in India.

Linking Transformational Leadership to Knowledge Management in the Universities in Kenya; The Role of Teamwork Processes []

This study analyses the effect of teamwork processes of cohesion and communication on the relationship between transformational leadership and knowledge management. The key objective of the study was to examine the role that various teamwork processes play in influencing a leadership knowledge management relationship in the Universities in Kenya. The study utilized the work of Yammarino et al. (2003), Muchiri et al. (2012) and Atwater and Bass (1994) on transformational leadership, performance and teamwork processes. The study also utilized Crawford (2005) research on the relationship between transformational leadership and knowledge management as well as the work of John D. Politis (2003) and Turner et al (2012) on Knowledge management and teams. Cross sectional data was collected and analyzed within a period of one year from September 2017. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data in order to determine the patterns and meaningful characteristics that would emerge from the data. Inferential statistics were used to determine the relationships between and among the study variables. The results obtained support the view that transformational leadership has a significant positive effect on knowledge management initiatives of creation, sharing and utilization. The teamwork processes of communication and cohesion were quite interestingly found not to significantly mediate the relationship between transformational leadership and knowledge management.

« Motivation des employés et performance des entreprises de transport au nord-Est de la RDC » []

Résumé : Cet article consistait en une investigation de la relation qui existe entre la motivation des employés et la performance des entreprises de secteur de transport au Nord-Est de la RDC. De façon spécifique, il s’agissait de déterminer les effets des facteurs de la motivation des employés sur la performance des entreprises de secteur de transport de Nord-Est de la RDC. L’étude a adopté le type descriptif corrélationnel placée dans sa philosophie positiviste. L’emploi de la méthode quantitative sous une approche déductive, soutenu par la technique de questionnaire d’enquête a permis la réalisation de cette étude. L’étude a fait recours aux techniques d’échantillonnage aléatoire simple et subjectif pour sélectionner les enquêtés. La population d’étude était de 75 employés et managers dont 63 retenus comme échantillon obtenu par la formule de Solvin (Musa, 2014). Exceptée la rémunération, les résultats de l’étude au sens de (Cohen, 1998) ont révélé une corrélation positive soit forte ou moyenne entre les facteurs de motivation et la performance(la rémunération r= 0,218 avec sig= 0,114>0,05 ;la culture d’entreprise r=0,349 avec sig=0,010< 0,05 ; les conditions du travail r=0,547avec sig= 0,000<0,05 ; management et la communication r=0,503 avec sig=0,000<0,005 et développement des compétences r=0,325 avec sig= 0,017<0,05). Cependant, seule la rémunération a une faible influence positive non significative sur la performance. Pour Cohen (Cohen, 1998) une pareille relation est considérée semblable à r=0, c’est-à-dire la rémunération n’a aucune influence sur la performance des entreprises sous étude. En outre, une liaison linéaire positive a été trouvée entre les variables de motivation et la performance avec R= 60,7% et R2= 36,8% avec les conditions de travail comme le grand prédicteur (β=0,383, P-value=0,019<0,05) suivi de management et communication avec (β=0,309, P-value=0,036<0,05). Ensuite, viennent la culture d’entreprise (β= 0,071, Pvalue=0,636>0,05), développement des compétences (β= - 0,013, P-value=0,925>0,05) et enfin la rémunération (β= -0,082, P-value=0,561>0,05) dans le modèle. Ces résultats impliquent que les entreprises sous étude n’ont pas une bonne politique de rémunération et de développement de compétences ce qui entraine leur contreperformance avec des coefficients Beta négatifs non significatifs. Au regard des résultats obtenus, il y a lieu de conclure que les facteurs de motivation abordés dans cette étude sont des outils de management qui ne sont pas utilisés et combinés de façon optimale pour booster la performance. Les managers doivent les améliorer en y apportant une attention toute particulière pour élever le niveau de la performance de leurs entreprises. Enfin, l’étude a conclu, qu’il y a une nécessité également d’explorer d’autres variables déterminantes de la performance des entreprises de transport dans ce coin du Monde.

Respiratory distress revelated malignant infantile osteopetrosis: about three Cases []

Infantile malignant osteopetrosis (IMO) is a rare congenital bone disease with autosomal recessive transmission. It is characterized by abnormal bone densification. It is manifested by bone marrow failure, hepato-splenomegaly, fractures, visual and hearing impairment, and neurological disorders. The diagnosis must be early for possible bone marrow transplant which improves the prognosis. We report the clinical observation of three consanguineous infants hospitalized for respiratory distress due to nasal obstruction. They presented a hepato-splenomegaly, failure to thrive and failure psychomotor, associated to regenerative anemia and thrombocytopenia. Radiological examinations revealed diffuse hyper condensation of the bones. From of to these argument, the diagnosis of OMI was evoquated . The course was marked by the onset of blindness and worsening neurological disorders in our three patients, the outcome of which was fatal in two patients

Risk and Policies to Uncover Innovative Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Young Vendors and Hawkers []

Abstractـــ The society of knowledge has placed important role in entrepreneurship activities of country. The study aims to unearth entrepreneurship opportunities among vendors, hawkers and business investors in Saudi Arabia. As compared to other developing nations, entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia is not satisfactory to meet the high demands of growing business community. Data were collected in live interviews with 22 Saudi Business men who started their own successful business. Absence of financial safety has led many Saudis into vendor and hawker profession while allocated specific quantity and areas as per rules by government.

The Freshness Level of Mackarel Tuna (Euthynnus Affinis) in Rancaekek Market, Resik Jatinangor Market, and Tanjungsari Market Based on Organoleptic Categories []

This study aims to determine the level of freshness of mackarel tuna (Euthynnus affinis) based on organoleptic characteristics (scoring test) in Rancaekek Market, Resik Jatinangor Market, and Tanjungsari Market. The research method was a survey, the freshness level of mackarel tuna is determined through an organoleptic test based on the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 2346-1-2006. The research was conducted at the Fisheries Product Processing Laboratory (PHP), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Padjadjaran University. The average value of fresh mackarel tuna quality was based on the organoleptic test at Rancaekek Market with a value of 6, at Tanjungsari Market with a vakue of 5, and at Resik Jatinangor Market with a value of 3. Based on the SNI 01-2729.1-2006 fresh fish assessment criteria, the organoleptic values ranged from 5-6 which were in the somewhat fresh category and 1-4 were categorized as not fresh. Based on the research results it can be concluded that the market that has the best freshness level of mackarel tuna is the Rancaekek Market.


This research aims to reveal in depth how the benefits and social burdens in the construct of the Rambu Solo' ceremony. This research is a type of qualitative research using the ethnographic method as a way to see the study of the life and culture of the Toraja people in terms of social benefits and burdens. data obtained by conducting interviews, as well as conducting literacy reviews from various sources. The results of research in this cultural exploration reveal that the Toraja people have their own perspective regarding the benefits and social burdens of rambu solo '. Ethnography has also succeeded in exploring the waste of costs in 'solo signs' which turned out to be interpreted by the existence of social benefits, namely having an impact on relationships between families so that solo signs were used as a unifying vessel. Then there is a social burden, namely financial burdens, conflicts and social impacts that occur from the benefits and social burdens in the solo sign construct, the results of the social burden mean that making a sacrifice in a funeral ceremony signs solo can be interpreted as a form of love, expression thanks and respect last time.

Climate change perception and adaptation practices in Bahir Dar City, Ethiopia []

This study was conducted in Bahir Dar city, Ethiopia, to assess climate change perception and adaptation practices of Bahir Dar city’s community. In this study, primary and secondary data had been collected and utilized. The required primary data were collected through the specialized procedures. The researcher stratified the nine administrative units of the city in to three categories based on their development level; then after, one administrative unit was randomly selected from each; finally, a total of 242 household heads were randomly selected and interviewed. Primary data collection was done through key informant group, focus group discussion and field observation. published research papers, working documents of NGOS and government were consulted. The data was analyzed using Statistical Products Services and Solutions (SPSS version 22). The result displayed that 64% of the community has perceived the presence of climate change in the city. Accordingly, they started practicing adaptation measures including tree plantation, wise utilization of water resource and compound greening. However, low level of community awareness, financial constraint, and weak urban development planning were identified as the main factors that significantly affect the adaptation practice at full-scale. On the other hand, demographic variables such as, education level, age, occupation and family size did not significantly influence perception level of the community. We, therefore, conclude that provision of adequate finance and adequate climate related information to the community can play an important role to increase community’s perception level and climate change adaptation practices.


Power flow algorithms and Newton Raphson load flow solutions were used to examine the sensitivity of buses/feeders existing status with the consideration with variations of power loading conditions, conductor length, the total capacity distribution transformers. This is used to ensure that electrical power transfer from generator to consumers through the grid system is considered. The flow of reactive power to the consumer components system is seriously an important consideration for efficient, an acceptable quality of services to the consumer satisfaction. Numerical data of the study case were implemented to the existing formulated equations for purpose of improving system overload condition under investigation, buses 10 and 12 shows significant overstressed transformer overloads results into regular outages in the study area. The existing system were actually modeled with electrical transient analyzer tool with version 12.6, the identified overloads buses of 10 and 20 were actually compensated by the penetration of 700MVAR reactive power compensation. Essentially, about 12% significant improvement of the power quality and voltage profile were determined which strongly enhanced effective power supply characteristics to the study case under study. This paper has demonstrated existing and improved scenario to ensure reliable power supply to the consumer satisfaction.


A mechanism for detecting harvestable tea leaves in the field was developed based on an object detection framework, with the help of image processing techniques. The mechanism was developed for a drone based tea harvesting machine with a consideration of weight, method of plucking, the ability to reach the leaves (manoeuvrability), and suitable for using on a robotic arm mounted on the drone. Tea harvesting is mainly done manually in Sri Lanka. In addition to that, there are different types of machines introduced re-cently for harvesting tea shoots because of the existing labour shortage. The existing machine harvesting is non-selective and leads to poor quality of made tea [1]. Therefore, an autonomous, drone-based, selective tea harvesting system has been considered as an alternative solution to the problems associated with tea harvesting in Sri Lanka. A miniature camera (Raspberry pi 8 MP) mounted on an arm capturing the images of tea leaves were analysed using Haar-cascade classifier and image-processing techniques to detect harvestable standard tea shoots with two leaves and one bud, in real time. The detection process proposed was implemented through OpenCV Python. Haar-cascade classifier was trained with 1,000 images and tested with 165 real tea leaves. Training images were pro-cessed into required sizes and formats and performed the classifier training and finally tested for the selection performance. Accord-ing to the results, the classifier could distinguish harvestable tea shoots from non-harvestable tea shoots and the objects in the tea field with an accuracy of 57.58%.


Rapid expansion in urbanization due to migration of people from the hill to the city area is becoming a big problem for underdeveloped country like Nepal. For employment most of the youth are in foreign country. Young manpower problem is becoming as a challenging issue for nation. Its main impact is felt on the agricultural productivity. The dependency on the foreign import is rising up tremendously. On the other hand the human activities are becoming the reason of decreased in agricultural products. The changing environment and climate is also affecting to the land conditions too. So the assessment of real situation of the land cover and land use pattern felt an important task within the country .For the purpose this study is carried out to identify the real status of the land cover and land use condition of the agricultural area Triyuga River Basin of Udayapur Nepal in regional basis. For the study Landsat images are used to detect land use and land cover change. The spectral Indices NDVI, NDBI, SAVI, RVI, MSI and NDWI were investigated for the water body, dense vegetation, light vegetation, bare land, agricultural land, urban area and sandy area using Landsat 8 ETM+ data downloaded from USGS Earth Explorer of the area. From supervised image processing the change scenario of the land area for the year 2010 and 2019 were studied as a time series of 9 years gap. From supervised image processing analysis the most affected area found is the agricultural land which is decreased from 34.3649 square miles (16.26%) in the year 2010 to 10.6392 square miles (5.02%) in the year 2019.The urbanization trend found increased from NDBI index. The bare land is in increasing mode. While the vegetation cover are found in good conditions but the indices showed large trees area are reduced during the time period selected. The NDWI index obtained by model maker at the year 2019 was found 0.98 and for the year 2010 was 0.94 as its maximum values which showed water body is increased during the time period. From the accuracy assessment the results of land use and land cover in Triyuga municipality area for period 2010 and 2019 showed as over all classification accuracy 80.33% and 83% .The overall Kappa Statistics were as 0.81 and 0.83 respectively which showed the reliability of the results obtained in acceptable range.

Land use/cover changes and dynamics of ecosystem services in Southeast Ethiopia []

Human well-being was obsessed with the natural resource scheme that provides various functions vital to support management at various levels. Land use/cover (LULC) dynamics in 30 years within three intervals (1988, 2008, and 2018) evaluate its influence ecosystem services and predict the spatial patterns land-use changes in 2048. Geographic information system (GIS), the global value of coefficients` database, LULC dynamics, and Markov module of IDRISI 17.0 format were used to determine ESV and land-use changes predicted for 30 years. The results showed that agroforestry is expanded by 41.2, whereas forestland declined by 47.2% over the analysis period. Approximately the US dollar of 1.59 million ESVs was lost owed to LULC changes from 1988 to 2018 in the sub-watershed. Among the ecosystems reduced were nutrient cycling, raw material provision, erosion control, and soil formation. Changes in the extent of the forest of the study projected until 2048, indicating the area of the forest could continuously be reduced. This study's results could provide quantitative information, representing a base for assessing sustainability in the forest ecosystem management and for taking actions to mitigate their degradation. The use of LULC, along with established global ESV data sets, helps track past environmental changes and acquire quick and reliable results that can be used for the decision-making process. It is believed that the integration of LULC analysis and ecosystem service valuation as a tool that could help design payment for environmental services and rural development policies.

Epidemiological and biological profile of Covid-19 at the National Laboratory Of Clinical Biology and Public Health of Bangui, Central African Republic: Cross-Sectional Study From April To July 2020 []

The novel coronavirus pandemic has been recognized as the cause of the respiratory disease outbreak in China and rapidly spread worldwide. It is in this context that this study was carried out, the objective was to determine the epidemiological and biological profile of patients coming for the COVID-19 test at the National Laboratory of Clinical Biology and Public Health (NLCBPH) of Bangui, Central African Republic, from April to August 2020. A total of 10886 samples were subjected to RNA extraction following by RT-PCR targeting the ORF1ab and N genes. As result, the patient's age ranged from 1 to 92 years, with an average age of 35.93 years. Male patients were dominant (71.66%), with a sex ratio M / F of 2.52. The total prevalence of infection by COVID-19 in the study population was 24.71%. The high prevalence (25.87%) was observed in the age group of 31 to 40 years. The prevalence of infection in male and female patients was respectively 25.05% and 23.86%. The high prevalence of the infections was imported cases with 26.01% versus 24.64% of local cases, although imported cases represented only 0,5% of the study. Fluctuation in infection was observed from April to August 2020, with the highest in June. The study carried out at the NLCBPH reveals an epidemiological and clinical data on COVID19 in the Central African Republic (CAR).

Calculating The Position Of Electrons Around The Nucleus And Demonstrating The Orbital Shape Of Hydrogen Atom And Helium Atom []

Calculating The Position Of Electrons Around The Nucleus And Demonstrating The Orbital Shape Of Hydrogen Atom And Helium Atom

Économie Mondiale et Problématique des Prix Agricoles []

This article analyzes the sources of volatility in world agricultural prices by observing that prices are feverish and pose difficulties for integration into several countries on the world market, sometimes concise and sometimes competitive. We have adopted the deductive method from microeconomic instruments focused on the analysis of simple agricultural prices using price indices from the FAO database. The result reveals that the United States, Brazil, China and Cote d'Ivoire are the world's major agricultural powers, but China consumes ¾ of its production. Namely, the “food, meat and cereals” prices are more influenced by the G4 countries above, major agricultural powers and evolve in an erratic inflationary trend to the consumer and deflationary trend to the producer. This results in a low investment capacity for producers and a reduction in purchasing power for consumers.

How employees perceive the adoption of cybersecurity in job performance within Company XYZ? []

The purpose of this study is to explore the factors that could result in the adoption of cybersecurity behaviour in Singapore. The research will be leveraging on Organizational Behaviour by gathering empirically literature review globally and locally to proceed with further findings in Singapore’s SME. Following an extensive range of literature view, a more reliable research methodology has been carried out that is closely related to the research question. A case study of Organization XXX, consisting 8 different industries was done. All the participants were either senior executive or higher. Data was done via semi-structured interviews. After which, it was transcribed with Nvivo to pick up the main common themes which will be explained further in this paper. The research is not without its limitation as it is based only in 8 different industries particularly in SME which limits its generalizability to other unchosen industries. Furthermore, this case is based in Singapore private companies which may not be fully contribute to the entirety of Singapore’s organizational behaviour. However, it is hoped that this study, can add to the limited literature from Organizational Behaviour context and especially it is based solely in Singapore. Key words: Cybersecurity Practises, Organizational Behaviour, Singapore’s SME, Leadership, Change Management, Communication.

Executive Leadership Coaching Framework []

When the leader faces a challenge and feels obstructed or blocked, the executive leadership coaching starts, and the purpose of this Coaching is to help leaders move through challenges and find opportunities so that they can turn their learning into organizational outcomes. Therefore, by understanding the importance of coaching for top leaders, this paper is focusing on introducing an Executive Leadership Coaching Framework, which describes the procedural method of coaching for coaches so that they can create a positive impact by enhancing the leadership capacity of executives and able them to achieve required business results.

Intertemporal Analysis of Indonesia's Regional Inequality []

ABSTRACT : Intertemporal Analysis of Indonesia's Regional Inequality This study aims to see the direct and indirect effects of regional income, infrastructure and investment on regional disparities in 26 provinces in Indonesia through economic growth before and after regional autonomy. The type of data analyzed in this study is secondary data in the form of panel data (pooled data) that combines cross-section data and time series data. Analysis of data using regression analysis method (regression analysis). The results showed that regional income has a direct positive effect on regional inequality in 26 provinces in Indonesia before and after regional autonomy and indirectly does not affect through economic growth before and after regional autonomy. Infrastructure has a direct positive effect on regional disparities in 26 provinces in Indonesia before and after regional autonomy and indirectly does not affect it through economic growth before and after regional autonomy. Investment has a direct positive effect on regional inequality in the 26 provinces in Indonesia before and after regional autonomy and indirectly does not affect it through economic growth before and after regional autonomy. Keywords: Regional income, infrastructure, investment, economic growth, regional inequality

SPIVSA Framework for Strategic Planning []

this paper provides a realistic and easy-to-understand structure for strategic planning. The system is suggesting six steps 1) Scan 2) Purpose 3) Motivation 4) Values 5) Strategy 6) Aims. If we combine the starting alphabets of assigning words to all the proposed six frame measures in a series, then the word pronounced as SPIVSA. The framework is therefore known as the SPIVSA Strategic Planning Framework, which is clearly based on a system approach and which enables strategists to carry out strategic planning in a sequential manner, resulting in the development of the right path for any organization.