Volume 10, Issue 6, June 2022 Edition - GSJ Journal Publication

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The impact of consumer prices on inflation performance in Zambia []

Assessing the impact of changes in consumer prices on the performance of the overall inflation in Zambia highlights how diversely each main CPI basket/group affects the trend of the country’s inflation. Further splitting of inflation for food and non-food inflation general baskets into the 12 main CPI groups when making the impact assessment to the overall inflation rate improves accuracy of the results/analysis. Economists and statisticians keenly monitor the changes in a country’s inflation rate to understand what is going on to that country’s economy. By this Zambian policy makers, businesses, financial institutions, markets and other players better position themselves to accurately plan and make decisions. Inelastic goods and services tend to constrain the consumers more as they are most often purchased without exclusion, even though their prices might have otherwise gone upwards. The objective of the paper is to highlight how the different consumer price baskets impact the overall rate of inflation in Zambia. Using quantitative methods, the analysis shows that upwards or downwards movements in rate of inflation for food and no-alcoholic beverages correlates the most with the performance of the overall inflation rate in Zambia while the transportation basket inflated the most in peak value during the period of study from 2007 to 2022. Education and communication CPI baskets show the least correlation and covariance with the overall inflation rate.


Designs that promote strength-based systems integrating the body and spirit have established a significant shift in international tourism, hospitality, and architecture, resulting in a balanced, self-renewing, and sustainable tourism development. They have served as tools for rejuvenation in several places worldwide and are still being used currently but primarily geared towards sustainable practices, innovation, inclusivity, and wellness. Port Harcourt is one of Nigeria's revenue-boosting cities, and despite its importance economically and socially, it lacks a functioning hotel facility servicing the Port Harcourt International airport, Omagwa. The existing airport hotel facility has deterred overtime due to negligence and mismanagement. It served as a revenue generator for the state and contributed positively to the area's heritage but cannot be seen for its importance currently because of its form and cannot serve for tourism and shelter for air passengers. This research aimed at proposing a holistic design for the revitalisation of the site creating a dynamic and lively program of activities while promoting an intelligent and suitable economic development around the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa, Nigeria. Literatures were reviewed to understand how designers plan hotel designs and the area rejuvenation process. The results from the review guided the proposal of a befitting facility to solve the problem. The study emphasised the need for inclusive design and innovative practices in managing public health in the face of Covid-19 in Nigeria. The research further recommended that parties involved in design and construction projects be informed of the urgency in maintaining environmentally friendly procedures throughout the design process and educated on the gains if policies that support sustainable practices are adhered to.


Abstract This paper aimed to examine the migrant workers’ quarantive experiences toward policy formulation. The world is now in the midst of Covid-19 Pandemic. Domestic workers face a disproportionate vulnerability towards the virus (Camille Rae Lim, August 2020; Rana Aoun, 2020; Laura Foley and Nicola Piper, 2020) in addition to the economic burdens and risks in the onset of the pandemic. The population particularly vulnerable to its effects are migrant domestic workers in the Middle East.This study employed the Descriptive-Exploratory Research Design. The objectives were to identify the needs and describe the quarantine experiences of migrant domestic workers; explore the programs and services offered by the Local Government Units (LGUs) specifically for OFWs and their families. The study found that the most urgent needs of migrant domestic workers are social protection, mental health and psychosocial support services, empowerment, and financial security and economic stability. Aside from experiencing financial crisis and social injustices, MDWs were mostly impacted by Covid-19 in terms of their psychosocial and mental well-being. LGUs implement mandated regular programs but no specific programs and services are designed for OFWs and their families. However, there are government efforts to help promote the welfare and protect the rights of Migrant Domestic Workers. Keywords: Migrant workers, Covid-19, Domestic workers, Quarantine, Bansamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao


Rivers State is known mainly as an Oil and Gas State in Nigeria, hence the tag ‘Treasure base of the nation.’ This paper intends to harness the nascent tourism potentials of the State and ensure it stands out as another major economic sector in the state, by utilizing the tourism potentials at Ikuru beach. Tourism development is closely related with competitiveness and attractiveness of tourist destinations. Therefore, identification of tourism potentials is in close relation with the need of achieving destination competitiveness on tourist market. The results of conducted research lead to findings that indicate to a strong basis for future development of tourism at Ikuru town with identified potentials and possibilities for future actions, mainly related with promotion of tourist products within the regions, The aim of this research is to adopt sustainable measures to achieve an eco-friendly waterfront development that will serve as a tourist center. This paper reviews the benefits and advantages of deploying a water front development in Rivers State as a vehicle for social, cultural, and economic development. Keywords: Tourism, Waterfront development, sustainability, beach resort.

Corrosion Inhibition of Austenitic 316Ti Steel: Mini Review []

Stainless steels have many applications in the industries and for engineering works because of their excellent properties. They are frequently confronted with corrosion attacks during the applications, which had always been their most difficult challenge. Corrosion inhibition is one significant way in which materials are protected from being corroded. The toxic nature of inorganic inhibitors has brought about the use of green inhibitors. Green inhibitors are readily available, renewable, degradable, cheap, and environmentally friendly due to the absence of heavy metals and toxic compounds in them. This review outlined the properties of Titanium (Ti) stainless steel and the use of green inhibitors for corrosion control for a sustainable environment.


The study sought to examine the effect of internal controls on fraud detection and prevention among Financial Technology (FINTECH) Companies in Kenya, case of Interswitch (Kenya) Limited. The study adopted three major objectives; to establish the impact of know your customer practices on fraud detection and prevention, to examine the effects of information technology on fraud detection and prevention and to determine the impact of staff training on fraud detection and prevention. The target population of 200 and a sample size of 100 people, this study employed primary data collected through questionnaires. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design, the decision to apply descriptive cross-sectional survey research design. The study results showed R = 0.734 that means there was strong and positive relationship between the study’s internal control measures and fraud detection and prevention. Further the regression shows an overall R2 = 0.539 meaning that 53.9% of the measures of detection and prevention of fraud in financial technologies companies in Kenya is explained by the three independent variables namely information technology, know your customer and staff training. Study conclusions are; through reliable information technology, company management will be able to take strategic decisions for the future of the company, especially in detection and prevention fraud. The use of CAATs or e-audit systems is able to overcome fraud risk and this is believed to be able to detect the possibility of fraud that may occur. Know your customer check should be a mandatory process of identifying and verifying the client's identity when opening an account and periodically over time. In order to detect and prevent fraud, employees must first know what to look for, and then what to do about it. Finally the internal control measure’s has an influence on detection and prevention fraud.


The effect of quality service on customer satisfaction in banking sectors in the areas of reliability, convenience, responsiveness, competence, and communication has one thing in common and the customers as respondents strongly agree on the degree to which the organization under study displays quality and relevant banking system practices. They are heading toward achieving their goal as reflected in the customer's responses. The finding does not only claim as stand-alone findings but was also applauded by some studies that quality service has a great contribution that helps aspiring businesses to go far. It was found out that this is necessary to be fulfilled to gain customer loyalty, which in turn maintains the organization's survival in the long term. The enumerated requirements are somewhat demanding, however, in the present time and considering the growing competition in the field of banking sectors, to stay in the business, customer service is the primordial concern. Some elements such as the bank recognizing clients' differences, maintains a wholesome work atmosphere. The same observation was noted which means that the bank under study offers services beyond customers' expectations in providing convenience. Different aspects of banking convenience increase customer retention due to service satisfaction and also reveal that customers' attitudes towards convenience and trust in financial institutions are very important. This concluded that there are a lot of studies that find convenience in the field of banking transactions is indeed a fundamental requirement. The general observation and its implications for the banking sector and the institution under study were found to have unanimity in their agreement but this does not affirm that enough is enough. The changing and growing environment in the business horizon continues to demand different forms of services and hence, banking, and other businesses continue to search and explore beyond the context of customer service and live with it as it denotes facing tremendous adjustment to change in the future.

The impact of consumer behavior towards luxury products in online shopping. []

Nowadays, online shopping becomes fundamental in our life. The development online industry has a positive and negative impact on different industries. One of these industries is counterfeiting. The counterfeiting, which is making and selling fake products have the same name and shape of a famous brand with low quality and price. This phenomenon is not something new, but it is increased over the last decades. The online consumer behavior is affecting the intention of buying counterfeit luxury products. The topic of online consumer behavior has been studied by many researchers, but to date, there is no study about it towards counterfeit products. Consequently, this study investigated the impact of consumer behavior on counterfeit luxury products on online shopping. Keywords: Online Shopping, Fake Products, Luxury Products and Investigation.


Recently, the selection and appointment process is critical to all organizations, candidates, and employees. Therefore companies are obligated to take the necessary actions in the appropriate process to achieve their goals. It also leads to better recruitment and selection processes to improve organizational outcomes. This study explores the various aspects of recruitment systems and selection tools at OQ Oman. This study presents several aspects targeting employees through recruitment, as it studies the objectives of the research and analyzes the required data. Through the results obtained through the research. Recruitment and selection have a fundamental relationship with the growth of the company. The researcher also obtained the desired results positively. The researcher collected 51 responses from the company's employees to conclude the research problem that wants to discuss. On the other hand, the company also has recruitment methods and selection tools that differentiate it from other companies in Oman. The researcher added some future recommendations that the company is expected to take and improve. In future research, the researcher aspires to have a larger sample size and to write the research in sufficient time to draw conclusions and address the problem in an appropriate and clear manner. It also includes more topics in recruitment and selection.

Link between human factors and aviation accident and incidents []

Abstract: This research has been conducted for aviation accidents and incidents and their impacts on aviation industry. Also there is a detailed discussion on link between the human factors and aviation accidents and incidents. The human factors like fatigue and etc. are directly involved in aviation accidents and incidents. Most accidents and incidents are caused by human factors. Human factors can be lessened by applying different training of CRM in the organization. And train the employees accordingly. Aviation accidents and incidents benchmark the bad impact of the airline on its passenger satisfaction. Passenger satisfaction and confidence plays a vital role in the organization betterment and also it helps in improving the revenue. Accidents and incidents also effect the airline economically. As economy is directed with the customer satisfaction and accidents lower the satisfactory level of the passengers. Different human factors affect an airline differently. And some of the them can lead a flight into a disastrous and deadliest accident. There are many of the accidents in which we see human error was reason and human factors were behind that error. Therefore we must take care of the human factors and train the staff that has to lead a flight in accordance with the human factors. This is what we are going to discuss in detail in this research article. We have made surveys and collect the data and bring the analysis in the research to the readers.


ABSTRACT The study focuses on the impact of training and development on employee performance at UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MALAYSIA. Training and development is a critical process, which seeks to improve the performance of workers in the educational organization. In order to form competent committees, employees’ relevant expertise and intellectual capacity needs to be improved. Moreover, the ineffectiveness of training and development of employees in the organization reduces the organization’s productivity, as organizations depend on having people with the right skills, attitudes and capabilities in order to reach goals effectively. A random sampling method was used to select participants for this study, which adopted a quantitative approach. Accordingly, data was collected using a questionnaire. The study was limited to employees of university college. Subsequently, the findings revealed that working conditions and a lack of resources affect the training and development of employees. It is recommended that certain areas be improved, that is, management support, the provision of feedback to employees and the conducting of employee training and development on a continuous basis. The findings show that this would improve employee performance in the UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MALAYSIA. Key Words: Training and Development, performance

Psychological EMPOWERMENT []

Deviant behavior at work place significantly affects the organizations. The deviant behavior increase in organization because the management not taking the instant and tough actions (Ahmad, Ahmad et al. 2019). The researcher and organizations analyst increase the interest in examining the pattern of such behaviors. The main key of deviance work behavior in organization is the conflict between employee and assistants. The recent research has highlighted some effects of stress and pressure on individual and organization, thus include reduced performance, turnover intention and poor physical health(Panaccio and Vandenberghe 2009)


Hemodialysis is an artificial kidney replacement therapy that aims to get rid of the remnants of meta-bolic products and correct the disruption of fluid and electrolyte balance between blood compartment and dialysate fluid. Permeable membranes in the dialyzer which acts as an artificial kidney through the diffusion process. The performance of a hemodialyzer is largely determined by the mass transfer in the dializer unit. The mass transfer itself is strongly influenced by permeable membrane pores. Research on the influence of membrane pores on relative mass transfer is still limited. For this reason, a simulation was conducted to vary the influence of membrane pore diameter with sizes of 0.4 μm, 1 μm and 3 μm and varying inlet pressures of 80 mmHg, 100 mmHg, and 120 mmHg. The simulation was carried out aiming to determine the mass transfer, shear stress, Reynold’s number, and pressure drop using infusion fluid with a flow rate of 40 ml / min. The results showed that greater the pore diameter and membrane entry pressure will cause the greater mass transfer that occurs. In testing with NaCl, the highest diffusion coefficient was obtained at a pore of 3 μm with an inlet pressure of 120 mmHg of 2.7 x 10-7 m3 / s, and the smallest diffusion coefficient at a pore of 0.4 μm with an inlet pressure of 80 mmHg of 4.4 x 10-8 m3 / s. For the shear stress characteristics found that the greater the pore and the inlet pressure, the greater the shear stress. In the test of pressure characteristics, it was found that the greater the pore and inlet pressure, the decrease in pressure passing through the mem-brane will be greaterIn the test of the flow characteristics, it was found that the larger the pore, the greater Reynold's number.

ARTICLE Review, Quality of Fish Sauce from the Use of Different Enzymes []

The use of enzymes has been widely carried out in various aspects of life, one of which is in the field of fisheries, be it cultivation, or processing of fishery products. The addition of enzymes to the process of processing fishery products, more specifically what will be discussed in this article is fish sauce, can give its own quality to the products produced . This article aims to find out how it works as well as what are the effects of giving different enzymes to one type of product, namely fish sauce. The enzymes that will be discussed this time include the enzymes bromelin, papain, pepsin, and trypsin. Has a result of studies from several sources shows that there are significant differences in product quality in the use of different enzymes. So it can be concluded that the use of different enzymes in the processing of fish sauce provides a different quality of fish sauce.

Validation of crowdsourced Google Travel time data on selected road corridor in Kumasi, Ghana []

Accurate and reliable traffic information is essential for efficient planning and traffic management. Obtaining reliable city-wide traffic data by any field investigation is very expensive in terms of logistics, equipment, staff time, even for developed transport agencies. Transport planners need network wide traffic data to manage and plan day-to-day mobility activities, maintenance prioritization, safety etc., however, in many developing countries this data is almost nonexistent. With the advent of internet of things, there is the mobile phone crowdsourced Google traffic data that is globally available, which has not been validated for specific locations. The lack of validation raise issues of the extent of reliability and presents uncertainty for the satisfactory use of Google traffic data for decision-making at any location. The Google Application Programming Interface (API) services is particularly an attractive inexpensive option, especially after COVID-19 pandemic where most economies in the world are now recovering. Accordingly, this study examined the use of ground observed (Field) travel time data to validate Google travel time data on a selected road corridor in Kumasi. Although some studies have validated Google traffic data, its application in Kumasi cannot be justified due to differences in road conditions, road environment, and nature of traffic mix among other factors. A test vehicle technique was adopted to determine the ground travel time data for segment where goggle travel times have been obtained. The Google travel time data was obtained through the use of crowdsourced Google Distance Matrix API. Both the Field and Google travel time data obtained were compared statistically to determine any differences. The results showed a very high correlation between both datasets. A related regression analysis showed that Google traffic data has 99% accuracy. The findings indicate that a validated Google traffic information can reliably assist in decision–making process of traffic management.


The economic well-being of any economy is based on the effective functioning of the financial sector, however the profitability of banks is based mainly upon their intermediation duty in the financial system, which exposes banks to various risks. In Zimbabwe, banks are exposed to exchange rate risks due to the continual weakening of the Zimbabwean currency. The general objective of this study was to determine the effects of exchange rate fluctuations on banks' profitability. The study sample included 13 commercial banks and 1 savings bank in Zimbabwe for the period 2016 to 2021. Panel data was analyzed using E-views package. The research established a significant negative relationship between exchange rates and banks profitability that is the depreciation of the Zimbabwean currency has a negative significant relationship with bank profitability. The study further concluded that deposit to assets ratio has a negative significant relationship with bank profitability. Economic growth represented by (GDP) had a positive significant relationship whilst inflation had a negative significant relationship with bank profitability. These results were consistent with literature. Implementation of exchange rate risk hedging policies is recommended for the central bank and banks. Banks are recommended to employ robust liquidity management techniques and good corporate governance because diseconomies of the scale were found to exist.


The Omani company Areej is one of the companies that established the compensation system. It is a human resource practice where this system differs from one company to another. This study aims to know the role of the compensation system in encouraging the performance of employees in Areej Vegetable Oils and Derivatives Company. Specifically, this study will reveal the effect of the compensation system on the performance of workers at work. As the compensation system is a system established by companies to compensate their employees for their performance in several ways, most notably salary increases, promotions, and free courses. This study targets Areej employees who are selected from all departments of the company to determine the extent to which the practice of the compensation system affects their performance. Use the questionnaire as a method of collecting data from 60 employees. The most important results: The reward system contributes to encouraging and motivating employees to work and improving their performance. Areej has various ways to compensate its employees such as salary increases, promotions, free courses, work environment improvement, and others. The compensation system has a role in encouraging the performance of employees, the better and more motivating the compensation system, the better the performance of employees.


The purpose of this descriptive quantitative research was to ascertain the department heads' perceived self-efficacy, workplace well-being, and workforce engagement during the School Year 2021-2022 in the Division of Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. The study surveyed 74 department heads from the city's public high schools. The level of perceived self-efficacy, workplace well-being, and workforce engagement were determined using a quantitative descriptive design. The findings indicated that the majority of respondents were older, female, married, had more years of service, and supervised a higher number of teachers. Additionally, high and very high levels of perceived self-efficacy, workplace well-being, and workforce engagement were demonstrated. Furthermore, when the level of perceived self-efficacy in beliefs about abilities was grouped and compared according to civil status, a significant difference in perceived self-efficacy was discovered. Meanwhile, no significant difference was found between perceived workplace well-being and contribution to the organization in positive organizational psychology. However, when department heads were grouped and compared according to their years of experience as department heads, there was a significant difference in fit and development. Finally, there was no statistically significant difference in the department heads' perceived level of workforce engagement in the areas of cognitive, emotional, and physical work engagement. Thus, the proposed training program for department heads is intended to empower department heads and to enhance their knowledge and skills in managing school-related concerns, even during difficult times.


Enzymes have a very important role for the life of all living things, because enzymes are biological catalysts in chemical reactions that are needed in life. The purpose of this article is to find out about the meaning of the bromelain enzyme, to know the function of the bromelain enzyme, to know the bromelain enzyme in fish feed, and to know the role of the bromelain enzyme in fish feed. Based on the material presented, it can be concluded that the bromelain enzyme is a group of protease enzymes. Protease enzymes are enzymes that have the function of breaking down proteins by hydrolyzing peptide bonds in amino acids. The bromelain enzyme is able to hydrolyze protein and to break down protein in the feed into simpler ones so as to facilitate digestion and absorption of protein in the fish body. Bromelain enzymes play a role in increasing fish growth by increasing digestive ability, namely breaking down crude protein into amino acids that can be utilized optimally by fish for growth. The bromelain enzyme added to the feed will produce more protein which is hydrolyzed into amino acids, thereby increasing growth in fish.


Enzymes have a very important role for the life of all living things, because enzymes are biological catalysts in chemical reactions that are needed in life. The purpose of this article is to find out about the meaning of the bromelain enzyme, to know the function of the bromelain enzyme, to know the bromelain enzyme in fish feed, and to know the role of the bromelain enzyme in fish feed. Based on the material presented, it can be concluded that the bromelain enzyme is a group of protease enzymes. Protease enzymes are enzymes that have the function of breaking down proteins by hydrolyzing peptide bonds in amino acids. The bromelain enzyme is able to hydrolyze protein and to break down protein in the feed into simpler ones so as to facilitate digestion and absorption of protein in the fish body. Bromelain enzymes play a role in increasing fish growth by increasing digestive ability, namely breaking down crude protein into amino acids that can be utilized optimally by fish for growth. The bromelain enzyme added to the feed will produce more protein which is hydrolyzed into amino acids, thereby increasing growth in fish.


The study was to assess the effect of financial literacy on the business capability of members of women Cooperatives in the District of Rwanda. The study was guided by three specific objectives: To determine the effect of budgeting practices, savings practices, and investment practices on business capability among women in cooperatives of Gasabo District. The research will be important to members of women Cooperatives in the District of Rwanda, other districts, the government of Rwanda, the Private Sector Federation, and other stakeholders. The study has employed four theories namely self-efficacy theory, institutional theory, social learning theory, and capability theory. The population of the study comprised of members of women in cooperatives of Gasabo District of Rwanda. The study targeted women who have small businesses estimated at 188 people. A convenient sample of 128 respondents was determined using Yamane (1967) formula and respondents were selected using simple stratified sampling and simple random sampling techniques. Prior to the data collection process, the questionnaires were tested to measure reliability using Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient. After data collection, data were entered into the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Version 21 software in preparation for analysis. A combination of descriptive and inferential analysis methods was used. In inferential statistics, Pearson correlation and linear regression analysis models were used in data analysis. The findings of the study were that financial literacy includes budgeting practices, savings practices, and investment practices enhanced the access and use of financial services in various businesses in the long term. The findings further revealed that there was a positive strong correlation was found between savings practices and business capability (r=0.989**, p=0.000<0.01), savings practices and business capability (r=.836**, p=0.000<0.01), investment practices, and purchasing power (r=0.749**, p=0.000<0.01). There was weak correlation between budgeting practices and business capability (r=0.321**, p=0.000<0.01), savings practices and purchasing power (r=0.409**, p= .000<0.01). The results from multilinear regression revealed that budget practices do not affect business capability because the p-value > 0.005. Unlikely, it was found that saving practices (p-value < 0.005) and investment practices (p-value > 0.005) affect business capability. The study concluded that budgeting practices, savings practices, and investment practices are not the standalone factors to affect business capability among women entrepreneurs. The study further concluded that women members of cooperatives have acquired financial-related knowledge which enables them to perform their businesses, but they still need more skills that will not only help them improve their living conditions but also boost their level of competitiveness. The study recommends that the government through Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) should strengthen financial education and financial literacy, women entrepreneurs should have a saving scheme with a periodic maturity period as an investment for the future, and strengthen and should expand their income generation program to support to poor women. The study suggests that there is a need to explore more determinants of financial capability

Effect of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) on Adolescents’ Aggressiveness among Senior Secondary School Students in Yobe State, Nigeria []

The rise in the popularity of adolescence aggressiveness comes with identifies characterized symptoms such as stress and storm; and unresolved identity crisis. Doubt may arise as to some factors such as gender, parenting styles and parental socio economic status to influence aggressive behaviour among students. Therefore, this study investigated the effect of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) on adolescents’ aggressiveness among senior secondary school students in Yobe State, Nigeria. Using a sample of 300 aggressive adolescent students purposively selected, a cohort quasi-experimental research was conducted. The study uses Conduct Disorder Scale, Parental Socio-Economic Scale and Parenting Styles Scale as data collection instruments with reliability coefficient of .82; .78; .72 respectively. Data collected was analyzed using t-test for independent sample for research hypotheses 1 and 2 while ANCOVA was used to test hypotheses 3 and 4. The findings reveals that there was significant effect of CBT on adolescents’ aggressiveness among senior secondary school students in Yobe State (t=-7.227, p=.000, p<.05); a significance difference between male and female senior secondary school adolescents’ student treated with CBT was also found (t=3.391, p=.002, p<.05); there was significance difference between students from authoritative parenting style and students from permissive parenting style (F=7.537, p=.003, p<.05) and there was significance difference between students from low socio-economic status and those from high socio-economic status with respect to the effect of CBT on their aggressive behaviour (F=2.604, p=.002, p<.05. The study therefore recommends among others that counsellors, psychologists, social workers at the secondary schools and other helping professionals should use CBT since it was found effective in the treatment of aggression on adolescents and that counselling psychologists and social workers at the secondary schools should endeavor to attend conferences, workshops and be acquainted with current and relevant literatures on CBT and more research should be intensified in order to proffer solution to the challenges that are faced by the adolescents’ students in secondary schools.

Reduced Number of Switches of 31-Level Cascades Multilevel Inverter []

The output of the sequence associated sub-multilevel-inverter cascaded with the H-bridge inverter so that the resulting output should operate as an inverter in both positive and negative polarities the proposed MLI uses minimum switches. The MLI is being analysed for thirteen level inverter as well as for the thirty-one level inverter. The result of multilevel inverters is compared regarding output voltage current and harmonics. Harmonics to be able determined by using FFT analysis in MATLAB/SIMULINK This research work justifies the performances of cascaded sub multilevel inverter. In the conventional thirteen and thirty-one level cascade sub multilevel inverters, the THD considerably low and induction motor performance