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Abstract The study was conducted to investigate lecturer’s perception on the use of instructional scaffolding as a teaching strategy in the 21st century classroom. The study was conducted at Federal College of Education (Technical) Omoku, Rivers State, Nigeria. Three research objectives and three research questions were used for the study. The population of the study comprised all lecturers in Faculty of Science, Federal College of Education (Technical) Omoku. A sample of 45 lecturers were used for the study. Mean scores and standard deviation were the statistical tools used for the study. Simple stratified random sampling techniques was used for the study and the instrument used to collect data was a structured questionnaire titled Lecturers Perception on the use of Instructional Scaffolding as a Teaching Strategy in the 21st Century Classroom (LPISTSCC) with 25 items. The instrument was given to experts in the field of measurement and evaluation to ensure its validity. Test retest was applied to ensure reliability of the instrument and a reliability coefficient of 0.84 was gotten. The study found that Lecturers use Modelling teaching strategy, assess prior knowledge, include cooperative learning, incorporate visual aids and check for understanding as their teaching strategy. It was also found that scaffolding has great benefits as a teaching strategy. Furthermore, it was found that the use of advance organizers, cue cards, concept and mind maps are some of the ways instructional scaffolding can be used in the classroom. Based on these finding the researchers recommend that more scaffolding strategies should be encouraged and used in the classroom and Lecturers need to be exposed to other ways they can use and benefit from using scaffolding to teach in their classrooms. Key Words: Scaffolding; teaching strategies, 21st century classroom.

Non Perishable Stochastic Inventory System with Non Reneging of Customers in Service Facilities []

Abstract This paper analysis an (s,S) perishable inventory system with postponed demands with service facilities. In this chapter, we assumed a non-perishable stochastic inventory system with non-reneging of customers in service facilities. We assume that customer arrive to the service according to Poisson process. It is assumed that initially the inventory level is in order level S. In this system, there is a finite buffer whose capacity varies according to the inventory level at any given time. When the maximum buffer size is reached, further demands join a pool which has finite capacity P (<∞) with probability γ and with probability (1-γ) it is lost forever. The lead time is exponentially distributed with parameter β. When inventory level is larger than the number of customers in the buffer, an external demand can enter the buffer for service. The pool customer makes a transition to buffer leaves the pool size less by one as first come first service basis. If service occurred then a transition reducing the size of the buffer by one unit, as the same time reducing the size of the inventory by one unit. When inventory level reaches less or equal to re-order level s an order for replenishment is placed. Key words: Non-perishable items, Non-reneging customers.

Centralized Inward Patient Care System For Government Hospitals In Sri Lanka []

At present the hospitals are filled with patients for various diseases and the doctors use a manual system for enter patients’ diseases and treatments in the bed head ticket so it has taken time and accuracy is less, in future, there will be a need for the development of a system to have automated system. The purpose of this study is to automate the bed head ticket. The Sri Lankan health care system has a public sector that provides a free health care system. The overall objective of a health system is to improve health through reducing diseases, disability, and death. Nonexistent effective mechanism to manage Inward patients and patient Bed Head Ticket is a visible problem. Therefore, as a solution the Inward Patient Management System and electronic Bed Head Ticket are developed to solve the above problem and introduce new features under the title Inward Patient Care System. Another objective of the project was to build and maintain a patient database for analysis of data and to facilitate evidence-based decision-making processes. maintained hospital health statistics to have a paperless hospital information system and to reduce costs and improve the accuracy and timeliness of hospital information systems. The inward patient system was exceptionally user-friendly. It will improve satisfaction among patients and their families. Further improve the resource allocation and give better productivity among clinicians and staff. Inward patient care system improved reputation inside the organization and demonstrated when patient values and preferences are prioritized.


A Clutch is a control mechanism used in drive systems to couple torque and power between an engine shaft and a load shaft. The effect of the load on the speed of rotation, the resultant torque, and the power on a drive system is presented. These parameters are important in the study of the actuation control process of an electro-pneumatic clutch system in heavy-duty vehicles. An empirical research method and analysis were adopted. The study revolves around a single loaded clutch plate of radius 30.325mm which was attached through a pulley system to rotate with the speed of an a. c. motor or dynamometer. A tachometer is used for measuring the speed. The consequential analysis of the load and speed yielded torque and power. The result showed that load on a clutch plate is inversely proportional to speed, while proportional relationships exist with torque and power.


Abstract The study examined origami in the science classroom environment and students’ performance in senior secondary schools in Rivers State. Three objectives and one hypothesis were used for the study. The population used were all junior secondary school students in Community Secondary school, Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt. A sample of 190 students were randomly selected from three classes. Simple random sampling techniques was used for the study and the instrument used to collect data was a structured questionnaire titled Origami in a science classroom and students’ performance in senior secondary school in Rivers State (OSCSPSSSRS) with 30 items. Mean score, and t-test were the statistical tools used for the study. The instrument designed by the researcher was given to experts in the field of science education to test the validity of the instrument. Test retest was used and the reliability coefficient of 0.72 was obtained. It was found that origami is used to make animals, birds, shapes and toys using colored sheet and simple folding. Origami also gets students engaged in a classroom environment. It is recommended that all teachers are recommended to incorporate technology into their classroom, also teachers should encourage cooperative learning and use mathematics manipulatives in their mathematics for all students. Keywords: Origami, science, classroom, paper folding & skills.

Multi-Criteria Decision Making Under Uncertainty in Planning Operation of Energy Systems []

This research presents, evaluate and illustrate how multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) methods can be used to assist decision making under uncertainty in energy system operation. The Microsoft excel v2016 was used to analyze the Analytical hierarchical Process (AHP) and Technique of Order Preference Similarity to the Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) MCDM for simple case considering three (3) energy systems such as diesel engine, gas turbine and solar system and complex case considering five (5) energy systems such as diesel engine, gas turbine, solar system, hydro turbine and steam turbine. Results obtained using AHP MCDM in the simple case gave 0.087 (8.7%), which is acceptable as it is less than 0.1(10%) and showed that Gas turbine was ranked as the best followed by Solar energy system and then Diesel engine. Also using TOPSIS MCDM the scale was from 1-10, where 9 is given to Gas turbine as this system emits more CO2 to the environment and equally showed that the Gas turbine was ranked as the best followed by Solar energy system and then Diesel engine. Also, results obtained in the complex case showed that despite the two different method 0.082 (8.2%), is acceptable likewise as it is less than 0.1(10%) for AHP. For this case, Hydro turbine was ranked as the best followed by Gas turbine and the others. The results obtained for the two-case showed that the two methods are good, but it depends on the decision maker to choose which one to use.

The teaching of mechatronics in Luban Workshop with EPIP teaching mood; practice and assessment []

The purpose of the article is to introduce the Engineering Practice Innovation Project (EPIP) teaching mode in Luban Workshop platform and to show its implementation for teaching of mechatronics technology application in cultivating students to be competent at local and international skill contest. The teaching mode of Engineering Practice Innovation Project (EPIP) and Luban Workshop has been founded on the educational thoughts of ancient and modern Chinese and its scholars that emphasized the combination of hand and brain in skill training. A training of mechatronics technology application was carried out using EPIP teaching mode in a Luban Workshop arrangement. The training was student centered that promote team work and cooperative training. It was flexible project-based training with continuous and formative assessment with enabling trainees to participate and won local and international talent/skill contest as its achievement. A training assessment was conducted. The trainers indicated that the training was project-based that encouraged trainees’ participation, interaction, group/team work, innovativeness and creativity that enable them to be competent in the international skill contest. The trainees also indicated that they learnt new skills and that the training impacted their future carrier in the profession with changing their practice habit profoundly and inducing craftsman sprit.


The research investigated work environment, motivation and service delivery of librarians in AAU Library. The research adopted the descriptive survey research design, and interview method as the instrument for collecting data. Findings from the research show that the work environment at AAU Library is not serene and conducive, and librarians are not excited about their work because they are not properly motivated. Also, overall service delivery of the librarians is low because their work environment is not conducive and improper systems of motivation are having a negative impact on their service delivery. The research recommends that work environments should be made conducive and librarians motivated so that they can give in their best for effective service delivery and optimum productivity.


performance of secondary school students in Esan West LGA of Edo State of Nigeria. The questionnaire was the instrument; 500 copies were administered, 425 were retrieved and analyzed. The descriptive survey research method was adopted.  Findings show that students have access to the Internet. Students access the Internet to keep in touch with friend, get current information, improve their reading habits, and be exposed to global issues; the mostly used Internet resources are Social Media, Search Engines and Electronic Newspapers. The challenges to access to the Internet are cost and speed, lack of proper training/guidance on how to use the Internet. The use of Internet resources have improved their performance during test and examination. Nonetheless, the use of Internet resources have not helped them to learn self-study skills, develop information seeking skills, nor develop life-long learning skills The research recommends that students should be properly trained and constantly guided on the profitable use of the Internet and its resources for their academic pursuits; also mobile telecommunication companies should make Internet access cheaper, as well as faster so that students can access the Internet for their academic works.

A study and calculation of metallic nanowire properties by density matrix []

In this paper, the properties of nanowire have been studied under zero of temperature. When the temperature of metal nanowire is so much low, the electrons occupy in the lowest quantum levels. At first for calculation of nanowire properties, we can use analytical method and assume the nanowires as long cylinder and calculate its properties. In continuation, we consider the metal nanowire like interacting electronical gas in the field of positive ions in a cylinder with radius R and length of L, where R≪L. We calculate its energy by density matrix method and then discuss about some metal nanowire properties. Studies show that by increasing of density, some thermodynamic properties of system also increase such as total energy, kinetic energy, pressure and incompressibility also increased.


The emergence of the internet allowed for the extensive and very easy information sharing on a various topics, like events, services, products and political viewpoints. The studies on sentiment analysis is increasing fastly,but many of them focus on English. The purpose of this research is to survey a state-of-the-art for lookup into the advancements and flaws in Urdu sentiment analysis, and to propose solutions. This research summarised the development of this field by classification of studies into three stages: text pre-processing, lexical resources, and sentiment categorization. Word segmentation, text cleaning, spell checking, and part-of-speech tagging are some of the pre-processing activities. An analysis of advanced lexical resources, such as corpuses and lexicons, was carried out and as well as the investigations into sentiment analysis components including negations , modifiers, and opinion words. Each of the reviewed studies' performance is reported. This paper presents the framework for future research on Urdu sentiment analysis, based on experimental results and ideas.


This paper seeks to conduct an analysis the Rohingya conflict of Myanmar using Christopher Mitchell’s SPITCEROW model of conflict analysis. The model is a framework that asks basic questions about the conflict in order to understand the conflict dynamics such as who the parties, what the main issues are, forms of behavior, what changes, outcomes, and how and in what manner the conflict has broaden. In conducting this analysis, an attempt shall be made to reflect on some or all of the core theories on conflict such as Basic human Needs, Realistic theory, Social identity and generally, theories of ethnic conflict as they relate to the Rohingya conflict. An attempt shall during this reflection, seek to ascertain whether the root causes of this particular conflict are due to structural violence, human needs, or other theoretical explanations.


Probiotic microbes are widely used for fish farming activities. This review article aims to explain the use of probiotics in fish farming activities. Based on the results of the study, information was obtained that the sixprobiotic microbial changes have an influence on fish farming activities, including to improve water quality, prevent bacteria, and increase the daily growth rate of fish. Added probiotics are good for improving water quality, bacteria prevention, and increasing the daily growth rate of fish there at a certain concentration limit.


ABSTRACT Every family or extended family has at least one widow or more. Widowhood is not an award any woman would normally crave. It is not a tag to attract favour neither is it an exclusive club. Sometimes life just throws bricks at a time one is unprepared and mother fate then has the task of either building you a palace or burying you under the rubble. This study looks at educating women on legal implications of customary widowhood rites in Nigeria and a few international cases. Discussions also bring to light the position of some popular religious and governmental intervention. It has been discovered that widowhood rites are practiced in every custom in Africa and some of these practices have led to irreversible psychological and emotional damages, to mention but a few. Recommendations are made for more proactive legislation towards expunging repugnant laws and widowhood practices in Nigeria. This study is expected to be relevant to various human rights organizations, government ministries and parastatal, traditional institutions, religious organizations and indeed all humanity. Key words: Beauty, Ashes, Widowhood, Rites

Isolation and Identification of Salmonella spp. from Waste Food in Jimma Town, Southwest Ethiopia []

Salmonella is a causative agent of foodborne diseases and is a public health concern. More than 2,600 serovars of Salmonella enterica were recognized. It can be transmitted by a wide variety of food products and environmental sources. This study was aimed to isolate and identify Salmonella spp. from waste food in Jimma town, southwest Ethiopia. A total of 20 waste food samples were collected from different households. Salmonella Shigella agar was used for isolation and identification of Salmonella spp. The result showed that 10/20 (50%) was positive for Salmonella spp. This indicated that waste food may possess pathogenic bacteria and play great role in food poison that can potentially spreading various food borne disease.