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Analysis of the factors that influence employee performance in managing the Village Fund case study in Sopai District, North Toraja Regency []

The problem that often occurs in Sopai District is that the village apparatus (Lembang) has carried out accountability in accordance with a predetermined format but the obstacle is the submission of financial reports to the wider community which has not been implemented. This study aims to analyze the factors that influence employee performance in managing village funds (a case study in Sopai District, North Toraja Regency). The approach used in this study is a quantitative approach. The samples in this study were 40 respondents from seven villages and one sub-district. The data in this study were obtained by distributing questionnaires. The method of data analysis in this study is multiple linear regression analysis (Multiple Regression Analysis). The results showed that Competence, Transparency and Accountability had a positive and significant influence on employee performance in Village Fund Management (Case Study in Sopai District, North Toraja Regency).


Training and career development is very important in our time for individuals, organizations and clients as well due to the progress and changes that the world and the economy are witnessing. The main objective of this study is to clarify the importance of training and development courses in improving employee performance and productivity in the workplace. Studies have proven the importance of training and development in increasing the productivity of employees by refining their talents and providing them with skills, abilities and knowledge that enable them to develop their job performance and thus increase their productivity in the organization. There are also many benefits resulting from training and development on the organization in terms of acquiring a distinguished work cadre with skills and capabilities that distinguish it from the rest of the employees in other companies that do not provide training and development for its employees, and thus increase the organization’s productivity, raise its revenues and profits and become advanced in the labor market, and also having a competitive advantage in the market. Training also has other benefits such as gaining satisfaction and loyalty as well as contributing to the rise of the economy. Training types and methods are discussed, such as: hands-on training, vocational training, safety training, promotional training, orientation training, and refresher courses. There are also training methods such as on-the-job training and off-the-job training, and many other types and methods that the researcher will address in this study. Recently, it has become of great importance to provide online programs and training courses and their investment by many enterprise managers to keep pace with changes and raise productivity. As the employee acquires from the online training self-learning skills, it can also save the employee effort and cost and is considered flexible and suitable for many employees. The results of this study show that there is a significant impact of training in increasing employee productivity and developing his career level. The results also show that training has a significant positive impact on the level of productivity in the company and contributes to increasing profits and revenues.

Examining the challenges of employees training and development at sohar aluminium during covid-19 []

This research revolves around the study of training and development challenges during COVID-19 in Sohar Aluminum Company. where the outbreak of this disease has led to a tremendous change in all areas of life, including changing some of the systems, laws and strategies used in companies. This research is a descriptive research, the two main resources of information are Primary and Secondary resources. Secondary resources, mostly relays on latest journal articles as well as some academic websites. While the primary resource is a questionnaire which distributed to the company's employees. As a result, there are many challenges that the company faced in training and developing employees during COVID-19 including that it developed new strategies appropriate to the current situation to limit the spread of disease among employees, as it trained employees online, but also faced some challenges and difficulties in doing so. As the employees faced difficulty in benefiting from these training programs because some of them had difficulty organizing and balancing their time between their personal life and work, and also some of them did not have the Internet to join the training programs and others did not have sufficient experience of how to use technology. but it created many methods and strategies to complete the training programs and not stop. On the opposite side, although it was able to find several appropriate methods for the situation, some employees did not benefit from the training programs well. It is very important for Sohar Aluminum to develop these methods to overcome this crisis and the coming crises. Also to maintain high performance and maintain employee health and safety in the workplace. The company should develop training programs that are provided via the Internet, such as mixing these programs with social programs and other applications in order to reach satisfactory results, such as it were in the workplace and better. In addition, care should be taken to teach all employees how to use software devices and enhance their knowledge of technology to avoid this obstacle will occur in the future.

The Role of Macromolecules in the Metabolism and Health of Different Somatotypes []

Macromolecules such as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids are large, organic molecules that are directly involved in human metabolism. Somatotyping is the classification of a person according to his body physique, and it deeply relies on the con-sumption of various macromolecules as well as the metabolic pathways that occur in the body, suggesting that the calories that a per-son takes in and the food he consumes play a vital role in determining if he is deemed fit to be an ectomorph, endomorph, or meso-morph. This article aims to identify the vital roles of the main macromolecules in metabolism and how these macromolecules affect the diet and health of each somatotype. Correlation of the relationship between metabolism and different body figures provides awareness on the macro and micro aspects of digestion as well as the risk factors that may affect one’s health.

Freshwater Macroinvertebrates Collected From Triboa and Binictican Rivers in Bataan Peninsula, Philippines []

Freshwater makes up only 0.01% of the world’s water and approximately 0.8% of the Earth’s surface, yet this tiny fraction of global water supports at least 100,000 species out of approximately 1.8 million - almost 6% of all described species (Dudgeon et al. 2006). The Philippines has various freshwater ecosystems consisting of lakes, swamps, rivers, reservoirs and ponds with an aggregate area of more than 370,000 hectares. These resources are valuable to the economy and to biodiversity (Guerrero n.d.). The Philippine invertebrate freshwater fauna is insufficiently explored and still requires substantial efforts to record at least the majority of taxa, and identification of taxa could be used for other purposes such as bioindicator of the water quality and health of the freshwater ecosys-tem (Vidal et al. 2017). This project aims to collect, identify, classify collected specimens from Triboa & Pamulaklakin River in Subic Bay, Zambales, Philippines.


Solar energy has incredible potential to power our daily lives. This paper presents the design of a PV system. The main objective of using the PV system is to power the Federal Polytechnic Medical Centre Bida utilities in the case of light out. In emergency cases, it is not required to power the whole clinic utility but some selected important loads that shouldn’t go off during light out especially when some specific test or minor operations are ongoing. The required load (665W) to be powered by the PV system was completely determined. The proposed PV system for powering the predetermined load was introduced. Each part of the system was designed and sized based on the load requirement and a block cell of 800AH was used to backup for 10 hours, having a total load of 665W. Finally, the practical implementation for the overall PV system for powering the required clinic was obtained as 1600Wp. The implemented system works in an efficient way. Keywords: Design, Sizing, Implementation, PV system, DC loads, Battery

The Major Challenges in Storm Water Drainage Management System of Assosa Town []

Urbanization is one of the key factors that contribute to urban flooding, which has caused major destruction to the environment, public and private buildings and disrupts public life. In particular, the increase in population and building density influence the change in hydrological characteristics in urban areas. Conversion of pervious areas into impervious areas increases the storm water runoff quantity dramatically. One way of minimizing urban flooding is to convey storm water to receiving waters through storm water drainage systems, which has been practiced in some parts of Assosa town. In Assosa town, drainage problem become an issue during rainy season. This study deals with identify the major challenges in storm water drainage management system in Assosa town. Keywords: Storm water drainage, runoff reduction, Assosa


Feed is the biggest cost in fish farming. To increase the efficient use of feed, enzymes are added to the feed. The purpose of this article is to know about the understanding of papain enzymes, know the function of papain enzymes, know how to produce papain enzymes, and to find out the role of papain enzymes in fish feed. Based on literature studies obtained information that papain enzymes include protease enzymes extracted from papaya fruit. Proteolytic enzyme papain besifat. The addition of papain enzymes in feed plays a role in blackwashing proteins in the feed into simpler elements, namely peptides to amino acids so that the absorption of feed proteins by fish is increasing. Papain enzyme is obtained by drying papaya sap in the oven with a temperature between 50-60 ºC.


The research was to find a better solution to pollution transport in groundwater, considering the effect of geologic parameters such as heavy metals, micronutrients, porosity, permeability, and void ratio. The source of pollution was through indiscriminate dumping of biological wastes and wastes from soakaway, regenerating the wastes in most parts of the study area. This research was carried out through an experiment performed for E. coli transport, including some other parameters that influence microbial growth, inhibition and variation for fast migration within a short period of time. These parameters are heavy metals, micronutrients, permeability, porosity, and void ratio. The physiochemical parameter from the study carried out found that the growth of E. coli under environmental conditions favoured it. The research was able to produce the level of physiochemical parameters influencing E. coli concentration in groundwater. The presence of E. coli depends on the availability of nutrients as well as favourable conditions in terms of physicochemical parameters. The study confirmed that the higher the depth of water, the lower the population of E. coli in some locations based on the decrease in substrate utilization; while in some areas, it varies. The study carried out was able to express the stabilization of groundwater quality by inhibiting the presence of metallic element in some locations; while in a few locations in the study area, it was discovered that the presence of E. coli in different aquifers have a lower percentage and become less harmful to the quality of groundwater for human utilization. The level of porosity was investigated on the migration of E. coli influenced by porosity from one aquifer to the other, the results were calibrated and verified generating a model that can be applied to predict the rate at which E. coli transport within a short period of time.

Consumer's satisfaction towards service delivery of Nepal Electricity Authority: A case study of Kuleshwar branch []

Consumer satisfaction is defined as the measurement of what consumers expected and what they really received. Consumer satisfaction is fulfilling consumer needs, desires, and expectations from their service provider. Nowadays, the organization is trying to fulfill consumer expectations and they are taking consumer satisfaction as the primary goal of their organization. The main aim of the present research is to analyze consumer satisfaction towards new consumer services, fault correction services, meter reading services and revenue payment services provided by Nepal Electricity Authority, Kuleshwar branch. This study follows a descriptive, inferential, and analytical research design. Primary data has been used in this study. The population for this study is all the consumers of the Kuleshwar branch and fifty consumers take as samples for this study. The questionnaire is the main tool for data collection. For the collection of data five point Likert’s scale has used. Mean, standard deviation ,variance and chi square test have been used as main statistical tool for analysis of data. From this research it is concluded that that overall satisfaction of consumers towards service delivery of NEA Kuleshwar branch is moderate but not best. Key words: Consumer satisfaction, Service delivery, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA


Rainfall prediction is an important aspect of atmospheric science. It is a challenging task especially in the modern world where we are facing the major environmental problem of global warming. In general, we have seen that in some parts annual rainfall has increased and storms, draught, floods have increased in some other parts. In this dissertation work, we propose a multilayer perceptron network model for prediction of various weather parameters like Rainfall parameter.

Cultural Influence on Girl Child Education in Public Secondary Schools in Ijara Sub-County, Kenya []

Culture is at the centre of any development process, the relationship between education and culture is described as reciprocal and a mutually influencing one. Education is the main agent of cultural transmission that stimulates change and accelerates the process of cultural development. Kenya contains various cultural practices by different communities. It has been observed empirically that cultural values, beliefs, attributes and practices may impact on the education system in ways that undermine the achievement of education for all as right of boy and girl children. Ijara Subcounty Kenya is the area of study. The purpose of this study was to investigate the cultural Practices that influence girl child education in public secondary schools in Ijara Sub-county, Kenya. The school enrolment ratio of girls to boys stands at 1:2 in every class in Ijara Sub-county. This state of affairs has been caused by cultural practices that tend to favor the boy child more than the girl child. The inferiority complexes that the girl child develops because of the cultural context undermine her confidence and this is reflected in the poor performance in class work compared to boy children. The objectives of this study to establish the influence of early practices of infibulations, gender and early marriages on girl child education. The study adopted descriptive research design with a sample size of 145 respondents. Among other findings, female genital mutilation is a culture that has existed in Ijara constituency. The study recommends among others that the government should assist in eradicating female genital mutilation in Ijara sub-county for better girl child academic performance.

Motorcycle Riders’ Preparedness on Road Safety: A Case of Eldoret Town, Kenya []

Transport including motorcycle transport is a significant component in development and it bears the cost of the social, monetary and political communication that many people underestimate. However, the numbers of accidents associated with commercial motorcycles giving an impression of spiraling beyond control. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to examine how prepared the motorcycle industry is in relation to ensuring safety needs are adhered to in regard to the prevalence of the many accidents related to motorbikes motorcycle riders in Eldoret Town, Kenya. The specific objectives are to evaluate the influence of the training level undertaken by motorcycle operators on road safety, to establish the influence of age limit and period of experience of motorcycle riders on road safety and to assess the influence of government policies and regulations undertaken by motorcycle riders on road safety in Eldoret town. To achieve its objectives, the study utilized the descriptive survey research design. The target population was 1,200 registered bodaboda operators or riders. A sample size of 120 riders was used. Primary data was collected using a validated questionnaire and interview schedules. Data obtained was analyzed and results presented in descriptive statistics such as means, percentages and standard deviation. It is hoped that recommendations derived from the results of this study will enable stakeholders in the industry to understand the key critical success factors needed for a sustainable competitive advantage thus contributing to organizational success.


Based on the analysis of the report on the results of the supervision of the auditor's duties at the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Manpower, it is shown that there is a decrease in auditor performance in 2020 compared to 2021. This study is aimed at examining the variables that cause this to happen. This paper proposes a conceptual model regarding the decline in auditor performance which is equipped with the research background, literature review, hypotheses, and research methods. The implementation of this paper can provide information regarding the effect of emotional intelligence and workload on the performance of auditors by mediating job satisfaction at the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Manpower.

Cost Accounting System and Its Impact on Service Pricing in Vodafone Oman []

This study aims to develop the cost accounting system and improve the provision of services to customers of the company. Survey questionnaires were distributed and collected from Vodafone customers in order to collect data, analyse and obtain results, with 74 respondents obtained from these questionnaires. There were also interviews with employees of Vodafone Company and these were also analyzed. The results of the questionnaire were analyzed using Excel program. Main findings revealed that the company is interested in the cost accounting system and service pricing significantly for development, in this case, the company is considering developing its basic system in terms of cost accounting and service pricing. It was also found in the results that the company is training employees in order to gain experience about the work they will work on. It is possible that employees will provide their ideas with the management in the event that they want to develop the system, so from the results it appears that the company is trying to progress significantly. Keywords: cost accounting, cost accounting system, service pricing, telecommunication service pricing


Internal audit experts should play an important part in their organization's efforts to combat fraud. The primary aim of this research is to examine fraud in the commercial banking industry; to question the efficiency of auditing controls in detecting fraud and to find whether the financial activities of the banks are accurate, legitimate, and accomplish. This is a quantitative study design, and data was collected from sample population using questionnaire survey and interview. This study's overall sample size was 72 with questionnaire distributed to multiple commercial banks for completion. This study's data were examined using descriptive analysis, which is the process of employing statistical methods to describe or summarize a set of data. Research results revealed that fraud does exist in banking industry in Oman, that bank auditors are able to detect fraud, and that fraud checking requires high effectiveness of the auditing control for checking the fraud. It is recommended to provide fraud risk training and to invest in auditing management software to improve fraud issues. Keywords: fraud in Oman, commercial banks in Oman, Oman bank auditors, Oman bank industry


This research focuses on the effect of using the quality costs approach in improving the performance efficiency of Oman Refreshments Company. Quality costs are important to manufacturers and the impact of their use in improving performance efficiency and financial performance. The effect of using the quality cost method is to measure costs and extend and improve good quality to gain customer satisfaction and increase productivity. Improving performance efficiency in quality costs is an approach that works on continuous improvement of quality in Oman Refreshments Company. Oman Refreshments Company, since its inception, has been working on identifying and evaluating quality costs, from knowing its main components, and then marketing and producing high-quality products. There are challenges that the company faces, but it always tries to overcome these challenges and prevent defects. The population in this study includes employees specializing in finance in Oman Refreshments Company, and the sample size was taken through the interview and distribution of the questionnaire in the accounting department, sales department and human resources department totalling 60. Recommendations have been developed to meet the challenges through which to develop and improve performance efficiency and to measure quality costs and their impact. Finally, the expression of all the goals and policies of the project will be presented in the results of the study. The main result revealed that the basis for the success of Oman Refreshment Company is to maintain and pay attention to evaluating the costs of quality and its products at all levels to achieve and improve performance efficiency and the disclosure of the main component of the cost of quality which is cost control. Keywords: quality costs, performance efficiency, financial performance, cost approach, cost control

The Impact of Accounting Information on the Managerial Decision Making Process: Case of Oman Integrated Logistics Services Company, SAOG []

Purpose: The research focused on spotting a light on how the accounting information will affect the process of managerial decision making process. It focused on providing solutions for the common mistakes which the management fall into while using the accounting information to take any managerial decision. Moreover, the research will review as well the concept of accounting information and its role on the process managerial decision making. Design/ methodology/ approach: This research follows a descriptive analytics research method. The primary data was collected using questionnaires and interviews. Samples were selected based on random sampling technique. 53 samples were collected from those who were involved and related to the management and decision-making team of Omani Integrated Logistics Services Company. Data analysis was done using Microsoft Excel statistical functions. Findings: Based on the results and the main findings which were generated after conducting the research, it was revealed that the company wants to sustain its business activities and if they want to maintain their financial position in the market they need to focus on taking effective managerial and other type of decision. The company needs to always seek for the latest and advanced ways and strategies which will help the accounting department and other departments in recording the data and information without facing any problems or challenges. In addition, the financial information which is provided in the financial reports is considered as important factor which affects the process of decision making in the company. Research limitations/implications: Based on the results of the research, it was recommended that Omani Integrated Logistics Services company should focus more on using the advanced and digitalized applications to record and present the accounting information. Social Limitations: This research has added collective knowledge on how the accounting information affects the process of decision making and the rules and regulations for using the accounting information to take managerial decisions. Originality/ Value: There are some research papers which are available on the topic but they are old ones. There also lack information regarding the influence of technology and smart applications on the process of analyzing and presenting the financial information. This research was an attempt to cover the gaps which were found in the previous research papers and to throw light on the topics which were not covered in the previous research papers. Keywords: financial information, Omani Integrated Logistics Services, decisions-making process, accounting information decision making ]


This article examines the African responses to the colonial policies in North Eastern Rhodesia of Northern Rhodesia between 1905-1964. The article argues that while Africans were acquiescent, they were not biddable passive victims of colonial policies and the colonial administration did not always attain the desired outcomes from its African policies. The imposition of discriminatory and punitive policies for Africans by the colonial administrators was met with strong resistance from some of the elite Africans, who influenced others to rise against the injustices perpetuated by the colonial regime in Northern Rhodesia. The hut tax, land policy and the establishment of Native Courts were among the policies that brought agitation among the Africans in Northern Rhodesia to react and emancipate for their freedom. Key terms: Africans, Colonial Administrators, Colonial policies on Africans, Northern Rhodesia, Reactions


Background: The technology of information systems at this time affects the implementation of health services needed by the community. The hospital information system is one of the important components that can create the realization of efforts to improve the quality of health services. Evaluation of the implementation of the hospital management information system needs to be carried out to optimize the use of information systems in data management in hospitals. One method to evaluate information systems and technology is to use the UTAUT (Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology) method. Methods: This study is a quantitative study with a research design using a cross-sectional approach. Data were obtained from the results of the questionnaire using the UTAUT questionnaire. Result: Performance expectancy has a negative impact on behavioral intention of 13,7%, effort expectancy has a positive impact on behavioral intention of 57,5%, social influence has a positive impact on behavioral intention of 29,7%, facilitating conditions have a positive impact on use behavior of 49,5 %, and behavioral intention has a positive impact on use behavior by 56,1%. Conclusion: There is a positive impact of effort expectancy and social influence on behavioral intention, there is a positive impact of facilitating conditions and behavioral intention on use behavior, while for performance expectancy there is a negative impact on behavioral intention.


This research project was to simulate the performance of metal oxides for H2S removal in natural gas under influence of CO2. Khurmala Natural Gas Plant was chosen as a study area. To accomplish this, aspen plus version 10 was used to determine suitable metal oxides (CaO, BaO, FeO, MnO, ZnO) for desulphurization under thermodynamic equilibrium analysis, various parameters including the effect of temperature, the effect of pressure, the effect of changing CO2, and effect of H2S inlet were studies. The regenerability performance was monitored by considering the effect of temperature and changing pressure. The results showed reduction of H2S in concentration reached on 0.125 ppmv for CaO (475oC), 0.782ppmv for BaO (475oC), 0.430 ppmv for FeO (300OC), 0.04487 ppmv for MnO (300oC), 0.00167 ppmv for ZnO (300oC). Sensitivity analysis revealed that transition metal oxide is the most powerful at low performance while alkali metal oxide is the greatest at high performance. Indeed, ZnO has been shown to sustain H2S removal capability up to 450oC at 1atm. CO2 has an impact on metal oxides including BaO, CaO, and MnO while metal oxides FeO and ZnO have no influence on CO2 in the desulfurization process. The regeneration results were proven most powerful at 1atm and 400-1525oC. Changes in temperature and pressure have a major impact on the formation of metal oxide, sulfur dioxide, and sulfate formation. It was observed that the most powerful adsorbent at a high temperatures above 300°C is ZnO> MnO> FeO>CaO> BaO, in decreasing order. Keywords: CO2, H2S, natural gas, Desulphurization, metal oxides, simulation, aspen plus V10.

Calculating A* route of Drones in an Octree Environment []

An Octree is a spatial data structure that helps create a 3D environment using a coordinate system. A* route is the most optimal root from a start point to an endpoint associated with minimum cost. This paper attempts to discuss the methodology of adding a system of drones to an octree-based environment and performing A* routing on them from one point to another.

Problems in the healthcare system in Uzbekistan during the years of independence []

During the years of independence, Uzbekistan has carried out large-scale reforms in the healthcare system. In particular, much work has been done in the field of maternal and child health, combating infectious diseases, building modern medical facilities, renovating existing ones, launching new types of medical institutions, preventing births of children with disabilities and in other areas. As a result, significant progress has been achieved in this regard. However, there are still a number of problems that hinder the development of the sphere. This, in turn, has become one of the factors, giving a negative impact on the development of the healthcare system. This article is devoted to the analysis of the problems that have persisted in the healthcare system in Uzbekistan during the years of independence.

Confounding factors of cardiovascular disease’s mortality gender differences in Rwanda: An observational cohort study []

Abstract Background: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is still the leading cause of death in Rwanda, killing both men and women. The significant difference in mortality between male and female is perhaps the most notable feature of Rwanda's CVD epidemic. This study aimed at assessing the confounding factors of cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality gender difference through the Mantel Haenszel Test for stratification. Methods: We used data on mortality from 2018 to 2020 in Rwanda, as produced by Vital Statistics Reports through Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System (CRVS) and Health Management Information System (HMIS). We computed the Mantel Haenszel Test for stratification to identify the confounders of the death of CVD gender difference. Results: Based on the data provided, the study revealed that the main confounders of gender-specific death rates related to cardiovascular disease were age and place of residence. The unstratified and stratified effect estimates for confounding effect of age (RR=1.236 and RRMH=1.13) and (RR=1.236 and RRMH =1.110) for confounding effect of the place of residence. Conclusion: Women have a higher relative risk of death as a result of their age and place of residence than men. The difference is greater among people stratified by place of residence than among people stratified by age. This is important to remember when investigating CVD risk factors in the population and developing a CVD prevention strategy, particularly in the female population, the focus will be based on age and place of residence as confounding factors. Key words: Confounding effects, Death, Cardiovascular disease, Gender


Businesses have been driven to expedite their shift to more ecologically responsible managerial systems and procedures due to rising temperatures, environmental assets, and ecological sustainability The study's main purpose was to evaluate how (BANK ) Green Human Resource Management approaches impacted protection of the environment. The study's limitation was an absence of information regarding the topic, as well as the fact that only a small number of companies were using GHRM in their activities. Lack of Support: Green initiatives necessitate a lot of assistance and attention from both the organization ’s overall and the state While 'Green HRM' is a hot issue among academics, the notion is still in its infancy, especially in terms of the 'Employee Engagement' aspects of integrating environmental responsibility into the place of work. A descriptive research study design is one that attempts to collect data in a systematic manner in order to characterize a phenomenon, situation, or demography. Instead of answering why, it largely helps with what, when, where, and how inquiries concerning the study challenge. The descriptive research methodology may employ a variety of methodologies to investigate the parameters under question. we have analyzed different factor of employees’ involvement in Human resource management. Green human resource management have shown more effective results in the employees. Green HR practices are currently being discussed as a way to engage people and lead to a sustainable phenomenon for businesses in a highly competitive market.

Nexus of Peer Assessment and Critical Thinking on Students’ Academic Performance in Mathematics and Basic Science in Ekiti State, Nigeria []

This study investigated the nexus of peer assessment and critical thinking on academic performance of students in Mathematics and Basic Science in Ekiti state, Nigeria. The study adopted an expost facto research design. Intact class was used to select the participants within the schools in the state. The instruments used to determine the veracity of peer assessment and critical thinking were Mathematics and Basic Science performance Test” (MBSPT) and Questionnaire on Nexus of Peer Assessment and Critical Thinking (QNPACT). The validation of QNPACT and MBSPT were ensured by using face and content validity, while test re-test method was used to ascertain the reliability of the instruments and yielded a co- efficient of 0.82 and 0.85 respectively. Data collected were subjected to descriptive and inferential statistics. The findings of the study revealed that peer assessment and critical thinking can significantly influence students’ performance in Mathematics and Basic Science. It was recommended that adequate measure should be taken by the teachers to ensure that students practice peer assessment and critical thinking in order to develop positive attitude towards learning of Mathematics and Basic Science.