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The goal of this study is to see if there is a link between wellness knowledge and wellness behavior among graduating college students in terms of physical activities, eating habits, and sleep hours. To obtain measurable data, a descriptive correlational research design is adopted. The information is acquired from 79 students-respondents out of 155 graduating college education students at one of the Misamis Oriental’s community colleges. The study's findings revealed that graduating college education students have less knowledge 50.6 percent, while wellness behavior in terms of physical activities is 41.8 percent. The majority of the answers are sometimes, indicating that graduating college education students have good conduct. In terms of hours of sleep, 54.4 percent of graduating college of education students answered occasionally, indicating good behavior, and eating habits, 50.6 percent of graduating college of education students answered frequently, indicating very good behavior. The reason why there is no substantial association between wellness behavior and wellness knowledge is because the wellness behavior of graduating college education students does not correlate in their wellness knowledge. The wellness behavior of college of education graduating students have demonstrated that regardless of how much knowledge you have, how you use that knowledge to your conduct are always differ. Keywords: Relationship, wellness behavior, wellness knowledge.

Dynamic modeling of a caged rotor permanent magnet synchronous generator with capacitive assistant []

Capacitor, voltage build-up, electromagnetic torque


ABSTRACT Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris, L) are among the most important food legume crop in Sub Sahara Africa. Despite its significance both as a food and cash crop, worldwide, yield losses due to insect pest damage, Aphis fabae, Scopoli included have been estimated at between 37-100% annually. The yield is generally low, between 0.25 and 0.7 tonnes per hectare compared to world average estimated at over 7 tonnes per hectare. The objectives of the study was to determine the effect of percentage total nitrogen concentration and plant sap pH on aphid infestation levels on common bean varieties intercropped with pesticidal companion plants in Kisii County. Field trials were conducted at Agricultural Training Centre (ATC), Kisii, during the short rain season of 2017, long and short rains of 2018 and long rains of 2019. Three bean varieties (KK8, GLP X 92 and Local variety, Punda) were intercropped with stinging nettle and coriander. Split plot design in three replications was used. Pure stand common bean plots were established as control with positive being sprayed using a chemical pesticide (lambdacyhalothrin) and negative not sprayed. Ten bean, ten stinging nettle and ten coriander plants per plot were randomly sampled for aphid infestation on weekly basis. Bean, stinging nettle and coriander leaf samples were harvested, oven-dried, weighed, ground and Nitrogen percentage determined using the Digestion and spectrophotometer methods. Similarly, plant sap pH was determined using pH meter in water suspension. Data obtained was subjected to Analysis of Variance to determine mean aphid incidence & severity, pH and total percentage Nitrogen. LSD was used to separate means at P<0.05 level of probability. Correlation was done to establish the relationship between incidence and severity of A. fabae with Nitrogen concentration and pH. There was significant (P<0.05) difference in leaf and stem incidence among varieties during all seasons. Highest incidence was observed on stinging nettle leaves (0.852, SR 2018). Aphid incidence was highest on leaves in LR-2018 (PUNDA-VE, 0.463) and lowest on stems (coriander, 0.002) in SR-2017. Significant difference in plant total nitrogen was noted among different varieties in LR 2018 with highest percentage Nitrogen (4.32%) recorded in LR-2019 on variety KK8 both in pure stand and intercrop and lowest (2.21%) observed on coriander during the SR 2017 season. Nitrogen concentration significantly differed with crop stage during LR of 2017 and 2018 with vegetative stage being the highest at 3.84 % in LR of 2019. Plant sap pH significantly differed among varieties in all seasons with the highest being stinging nettle (8.63) in LR 2019 and lowest (5.33) on GLP92 in LR 2018. Genstat software version 14 was used. Key words: Phaseolus vulgaris, Varieties, Urtica dioica, Coriandrum sativum, Aphis fabae, Incidence, Severity, Nitrogen and pH.

Bioclimatic Design Strategies in Resorts in Warm Humid Tropical Climate, Rivers State, Nigeria []

Humans energy and health depend to a large measure on the changes that occur within the environment due to the climate, which change is repeatedly one of the major problems humans face in recent times within the habitat from global carbon emissions into the ecosystem which the built environment is responsible for about thirty-nine percent. Bioclimatic architecture concerns itself with Climate (or impression of climate) is a primary contextual generator in bioclimatic architecture, and the goal is to create benign settings with minimum energy use. It takes into account climate and environmental conditions to help achieve indoor comfort especially in a resort facility. With proper planning, development and management, tourist products can be used as tools for conserving and protecting the natural environment. This paper seeks to outline and adopt strategies of bioclimatic design in resort buildings in hot humid tropical climates to solve afore mentioned problems of climate change. Through a resourceful literature review and examination of existing case studies, concepts of bioclimatic design were explored including natural ventilation and lighting, solar protection, passive cooling techniques amongst others. The whole idea developed in the concepts of bio-climatic design is to identify considerations that allow the application of natural strategies, smart designs, sustainable elements, regenerative design principles and effective efficient use of energy to make the environment less harmful. Keywords: Bio-climatic design strategies, energy efficiency, resort facility, warm humid climate.

Environmental Spatial Impact of East-West Road Construction Project in Rivers State: Implication to Environmental Mitigation and Compliance in Nigeria []

Road construction is a very important infrastructure that accelerates socio-economic activities of an area and if completed can improve accessibility and mobility of people, goods and services to an area. However, road construction is associated with serious spatial environmental problems. Therefore, this study assesses environmental spatial impact of East-West road construction project in Rivers State: implication to environmental mitigation and compliance in Nigeria. Focused group discussions were conducted on community stakeholders to examine the social, economic, cultural and aesthetic changes that occurred due to road construction. Key informant interviews were conducted on both construction companies and community stakeholders. Photograph techniques and recording were used for direct observation of changes in the physical environment. Simple ranking and matrix techniques were scored to ascertain levels of impact. The application of matrix methodology for evaluation of transport route alternatives for scaling of the impacts was employed. The study indicated that impact of road construction on urban settlements was more in the form of damage to houses, road traffic, resettlement, loss of privacy etc. On the other hand, road construction impact on rural communities was more in the form of ecosystems lost, farmland lost, wildlife lost etc. Also, construction companies did not strictly adhere to the environmental policy regulations in Nigeria. The study specially recommends that construction companies should not site classical roads such as East-West road in environmentally sensitive ecosystems and communities of Nigeria.

Enhancing Library Service Delivery through Innovative Design Imperatives in Rivers State Library []

Abstract: Library does not only provide leisure reading materials, but important information materials for divers’ users. However, the existing libraries in the state lack modern facilities, and sufficient learning spaces. The inadequate facilities or lack of functional library has affected the literacy level of its users in the state. This study therefore aim to provide an innovative design for enhancing a conducive, standard and functional library for the general public in Rivers State. In this research work, innovative design imperatives were adopted and synthesized towards enhancing the overall library services and delivery. This was achieved through exploring the changing design trends of libraries as learning environment and highlighting the deficit in service delivery in public libraries. Case studies of existing structures was conducted following current trends that enhance the service delivery of such libraries and subsequently synthesizing all information gathered towards the design of a public library that will cater for the needs of the contemporary users whilst maintaining relevance in future. Deductive research method was used which involved collection of data from primary sources, case studies and appraisals of existing facilities. Results of the case studies shows that there is need for incorporation of universal design principles, use of simple circulation plans, and application of innovative design ideas such as: incorporation of technologies, and learning common spaces greatly enhances the outcome of public library service delivery. The research recommends that for public library to be relevant in contemporary dispensation, there need to be rapid adoption of innovative design imperative through the whole building design which emphasizes the need for efficient functional spaces, visual balance, and emphasis, aesthetically pleasing and user friendly environmental. Key words: Innovation, Service Delivery, Library, Rivers State.

The effect of teachers' attitudes on using active learning methods in teaching chemistry for senior two students of Gatsibo district, Rwanda []

The use of active learning methods was found to improve the teaching and learning process. However, the use of these methods was found to be influenced by different factors including the attitudes of teachers. In this regards, this research is aimed to assess the effect of teachers’ attitudes on using active learning methods in teaching chemistry at lower secondary schools in Gatsibo district. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected by using questionnaire and interview protocol. 78 senior two students, 5 chemistry teachers and 3 Head Teachers were selected purposefully to participate in the study. Obtained data were analysed by using both descriptive statistics and Chi-square and the results showed the positive relationship between teachers’ attitudes and frequency of using active learning methods. However, some active learning methods like inquiry-based and problem-based were found to be not effectively used. Therefore, adequate training on effective use of different active learning methods in their teaching is needed.

Downdraft Gasifier Design/Development and Syngas Production using Hybrid Fuel for Domestic Application []

The aim of this work is to produce synthesis gas from hybrid fuel consisting of sawdust, coconut shells and thermoplastics. To achieve this, muffle furnace, Isoperibolic calorimeter, microanalyser and macroanalyser were used to subject three fuel samples (sawdust, coconut shells and thermoplastics) to proximate and ultimate analysis to determine their suitability as gasification fuels. A throatless downdraft gasifier was designed, developed and tested. The design was implemented using a combination of empirical relations, experimental data and computational methods. Proximate analysis results showed sawdust have calorific value and fixed carbon content of 18.9167% and 18.40% respectively while coconut shells have 19.928% and 24.60% respectively and plastics have 19.5968% and 20.33%. The percentage fixed carbon and calorific values of these fuels signifies they are promising fuels for gasification. Ultimate analysis results showed sawdust, coconut shells and plastics with carbon and hydrogen contents of (43.7528%, 5.3216%), (44.8767%, 5.2590%) and (49.0044%, 5.97%) respectively. The composition of these major combustible constituents of the fuels shows the fuels are excellent for gasification. Gasifier design results show reactor diameter of 374mm, height of 787mm, Fuel Consumption Rate (FCR) of 10.56 kg/hr, Air Flow Rate (AFR) of 18.27m3/hr and reactor/gasifier minimum wall thickness of 3.74mm. Test results showed that the hybrid fuel had higher reduction zone temperature T1 of 967˚C, combustion zone temperature T2 of 800˚C and pyrolysis zone temperature T3 of 540˚C compared to gasification with individual fuels with lower zone temperatures. Gasification with individual fuels and with the hybrid fuel produced stable flame but the hybrid fuel produced flame with greater flame length and width. This shows that more yield of combustible syngas was obtained during gasification with the hybrid fuel.

A Mini-review: Potential of Andrographis paniculata Ness as Immunostimulator in Fish Aquacuture []

Fish is one of the fishery commodities that have economic value, both as consumption fish and ornamental fish. In addition, fish is also a source of animal protein that contains essential nutrients. One of the factors that harm the fish farming business is the presence of disease. Disease control must be carried out as early as possible, so that disease outbreaks do not occur that cause economic losses. One of the efforts to control the disease is to increase the fish's immune system. Immunostimulants are compounds that can be used as alternative therapies to increase the fish's immune system against pathogenic infections, because they are able to increase the work of the immune system through the activity of white blood cells and other phagocytic cells. Several research results have proven the effectiveness of various types of plants as immunostimulants, one of which is Andrographis paniculata Nees. Deoxyandrographolide, andrographolide, 14-deoxy-11, neoandrographolide, 12-didehydroandrographolide, homoandrographolide, diterpenoids and flavonoids are compounds contained in A. paniculata Nees which act as immunostimulants. So the purpose of this article is to explain A. paniculata as an immunostimulant in cultured fish that can increase the fish's body resistance to disease attacks. Based on the above studies, Andrographis paniculata Ness Potential to be used as an alternative immunostimulant that can increase the body's resistance of Pangasius hypophthalmus, Oreochromis mossambicus, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus fish against bacterial pathogens such as Edwardsiella tarda, Aeromonas hydrophila and Streptococcus agalactiae. Keywords: fish, Andrographis paniculata Ness, Immune system, disease.

Analytical solution of partial differential equation with variable coefficients by differential transformation technique []

We examined the differential transformation (DTM) approach for finding the approximate and actual solutions of some variable-coefficient partial differential equations in this article. A few cases show the effectiveness of the proposed approach. The effects show that the proposed technique represents very good performance and simplicity, and that it could be extended to numerous problems in linear and nonlinear mathematical physics and engineering.

Contribution of Human Factors in Air Transportation Systems and Operations: Measuring the Impact of Human Factors in Airport & Aviation Industry through PLS-Smart []

Human Factors had been described through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as “approximately humans in their living and working conditions; approximately their working with machines, with techniques and with the environment; and approximately their relationships with different humans”. Human elements make a contribution to about seventy five% of plane accidents and incidents. As such, information their have an impact on is critical to enhance protection within the aviation industry. This have a look at examined the unique human elements causations in a random sample of over hundred commercial air delivery accidents and incidents from 2010 to 2020. The principle goal of this look at became to become aware of the main human thing contributions to aviation accidents and incidents. An exploratory studies layout becomes utilized. The quantitative information has been recorded, and has been coded into classes about the flights (which include date, manufacturer, provider, country of occurrence, and so forth). These categories were then analyzed the use of SMART PLS via QUESTIONARIE assessments to decide which have been statistically good sized in terms of getting an influence on the injuries/incidents. The most widespread human element became observed to be situational awareness accompanied via non-adherence to methods. Further, constitution operations proved to have a considerably higher fee of human element associated incidence compared to other type of operations. A sizable locating was that Africa has a high rate of injuries/incidents relative to the quantity of visitors and plane actions. Those findings reflect some of the more noteworthy incidents which have acquired vast media attention, including Air Asia 8501 on the 28th of December 2014, Trans Asia airlines 235 at the 4th of February 2015, and Air France 447 at the 1st of June 2009; these accidents ended in a large lack of lives where situational awareness and non-adherence to processes were vast contributing elements.

“An Intelligent Cancer severity detection model.” []

Judgement is a core skill in the medical industry that relies upon different levels of data combined together. Cancer offers a uniquely complex context, thus increasing the need for high skill decision making involving the condition of patient, their ability to take the treatment, evolution of the disease and finally the response to the treatment. Radiographic assessment of the disease mostly relies upon visual tests, interpretation of which can be handled very efficiently using Artificial Intelligence. The interpretation of the cancer imaging can be revolutionized by the help of Machine Learning(Artificial Intelligence). This minor project aims to implement Artificial intelligence on cancer, specifically breast tumours through medical imaging and data analysis using the core principles of Machine Learning. The desire to improve the efficiency of medical science continues to drive innovations into practice, including Artificial Intelligence. With the ever increasing demand for health care and the huge amount of data that it produces on a daily basis, the optimization of clinical work has become increasingly critical. Artificial intelligence excels at recognizing complex patterns in images and data, thus offers the opportunity to transform image interpretation from a purely qualitative and subjective task to one that is quantifiable. In addition, Artificial Intelligence may quantify information from images that is not detectable by humans or the level of data analysis that is not possible by a human and thereby greatly enhances clinical decision judgement. We have made use of PYCHARM, a machine learning software library and worked with a very efficient compiler, which is, PYCHARM to create a simple model to the get the rank of GATE aspirants using the parameters as the input.

The importance of the transition to the political contract in democratic societies []

Abstract: If the theory of the social contract defended by Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and John Jacques Rousseau is the first building block for determining the principle of the sovereignty of the nation, in which the ruler and the governed are considered parties to this contract, then the new political contract theory attempts to establish a concept of it and its rules are the second building block for determining the principle of nation sovereignty, and a party It is expected that these political ideas will be the beginning of the world’s transition to a just democracy, whether in the Arab and African countries and the world, but it requires a lot of political audacity in order to achieve it, given that the citizen is the master of the right within the framework of the general will and popular sovereignty with the guarantee of political protection from The state in order to achieve the most just and fair democracy for the citizen in order to restore and revive the political trust that has become almost non-existent between the citizen and the politician. Therefore, the new political contract theory would be a key factor in the development of political thought and the establishment of popular sovereignty.


The purpose of this study is to analyze the factors that influence the quality of local government financial reports in Indonesia. With data from 14 studies related to the disclosure of local government financial statements, the results of this study indicate the factors that influence the quality of local government financial reports in Indonesia, namely: regional accounting information systems, utilization of information technology, government web-based financial reports, human resources, control internal, education, training, work experience, government accounting standards, regional government accountability performance, regional financial management and the quality of regional apparatus with quantitative and qualitative research types.

The Effects of High Learner Absenteeism on Academic Performance []

The purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of high learner absenteeism on academic performance at Kafue African Vision of Hope Primary School in Kafue district, where high absenteeism has been identified as a problem in achieving quality education. The study was conducted within an interpretive qualitative and quantitative paradigm. The researcher used semi-structured interviews and questionnaires to generate data and the findings of the study show that learner absenteeism is a problem at Kafue African Vision of Hope Primary School. Factors that contribute to learner absenteeism were identified and categorized as lack of interest, contact time, poor approach, lack of mastery, adult responsibility and substance abuse. These are the factors that led to high absenteeism at the school. The study also found out that there is little or no parental participation in dealing with learner absenteeism because of the lack of value for education and lack of learner support. Furthermore, the study also highlighted some the challenges faced by the teachers in terms of learner absenteeism which include the need to repeat lessons for absent learners, a lack of learner motivation and other individual learners problems. There are a number of strategies which are used by the teachers in order to reduce on the absenteeism rate and especially by motivating the regular attenders.

Investigation of Measles Outbreak in Mieso District, Oromia Regional State, Eastern Ethiopia, December 2018 []

Abstracts Introduction: Measles is one of the most commonly occurring diseases in different parts of Ethiopia, with various morbidity and mortality rate. After the Oromia Health Bureau received a report from the West Hararghe Zone of Mieso district about an outbreak, an investigation was conducted for confirmation from 20 to 25 December 2018. The investigation identified potential risk factors, and control measures were implemented. Methods: In a 1:3 unmatched case to control study, 16 patients with clinical signs of fever and maculopapular rash and 48 control participants were investigated from 10 October to 15 December 2018. All the investigated patients were from the Mieso district. Listed data and information from a structured questionnaire were analyzed with excel and Epi Info™ software. Results: Altogether, 12 suspected and 4 confirmed cases were reported from 10 October to 15 December 2018, out of which 9 (56.25%) were female, with a mean age of 2.6 years (range from 6 months to 8 years). Of the 48 controls, 34 (70.8%) were female, with a mean age of 40.8 years (range from 6 months to 48 years). Of the 4 municipalities (kebeles) where cases were reported, Deneba Hunde Misoma recorded the highest number, with 9 (56.25%) cases. The overall attack rate (AR) was 1.21% per 1000 people with a zero case fatality ratio. Conclusion: Measles outbreak was reported, and low immunization coverage and malnutrition were identified as potential risk factors. All possible intervention and control measures were implemented.

numerical investigation of dynamic analysis of bus structure []

This research presents the numerical investigation of the bus body frame structure during braking and cornering loads. The study is very important to fill the gap in the area of vehicle structure response due to maneuverability. Here it is aimed to optimize the weight of the bus body structure by evaluating its stress and deformation. The study worked at Bishoftu bus model ZK6118HGA, modelled with solid work 18, and analysis has been done with ANSYS 19.0. Braking, left cornering, and right cornering test has been performed. Optimization has done by replacing overdesigned RHS (rectangular hollow section) with lower sized RHS. The improved structure also investigated with the cornering and braking tests. The weight of the improved structure is significantly lower than the original structure. The study revealed that the weight of the bus body structure reduced by 93.58 kg. Which is about 3.07% of the whole structure weight.


Klebsiella pneumoniae is one of the most important pathogenic bacteria, causing many diseases such as pneumonia, urinary tract infections, bacteremia, burns and wounds infections as well as pyogenic liver abscesses. Pathogenicity of Klebsiella pneumoniae is due to the presence of many virulence factors. This study was aimed to isolate and characterize Klebsiella pneumoniae from clinical specimens of urine and blood. The sample size of 268 were obtained using Cochran’s formula. The methods that were used in the study included string test to detect the hypervirulent strains from the Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates. The results of this study revealed that 49(18.3%) of females (30-39years) had the highest distribution, while 09(3.4%) of male (>50years) showed lowest distribution in both sexes out of the total sample investigated. Bacterial isolates according to specimens collected during the Study revealed that 152(56.7%) were gram negative having the highest distribution, while 4(35.1%) were gram positive being the lowest distribution. The study also showed that only 19(12.5%) of the total isolates were Klebsiella pneumonia. Out of the nineteen (19) sample of Klebsiella pneumonia, only 4(21.0%) were hypervirulent. k1k2 genes were detected in hypervirulent isolates from urine, while k1k2 genes were absent in hypervirulent isolates from Blood sample. Klebsiella pneumoniae exhibited 100% resistance to Ampicillin and Cephalexin while Streptomycin exhibited 17(89.5%) activity. hvKP in critically ill patients from the ICU might have formed a new threat especially in the presence of antibiotic resistance. It is important to properly investigate for hvKP during routine laboratory analysis.


The COVID-19 pandemic disturbed the world in manners impossible. As we think back on the beyond two years and the brutal repercussions of the pandemic that go on until the present time, it is evident that quite possibly the most affected area was schooling. Neither the world nor instructive establishments were ready to embrace the shift to online stages welcomed on at lightning speed. Anxiety toward spread of the Corona virus, disciplinary lockdown, and deferral in returning to the ordinary daily practice of understudies is influencing the scholarly exhibition of the understudies, as they are confronting challenges to adapt up to the new method of learning. Terminations can likewise fundamentally affect understudies' feeling of having a place with the school and their confidence, which are basic to consideration in training. The reason for this study was to pay special attention to the difficulties looked in picking up during the lockdown and assuming they were bringing the psychological pressure up in understudies. Terminations can likewise essentially affect understudies' feeling of having a place with the school and their confidence, which are basic to incorporation in training. The adequacy of web-based learning is as yet discussed. Specialists have analysed what understudies hold data and how distance learning has meant for kids' turn of events and interactive abilities. This challenge has been met with the development of web-based coaching stages and computerized learning applications to supplement the learning venture. Even when lockdown is completed, phases of corona virus is over, as most of the students are from various part of country were joined in various universities and colleges, so most of the collages and university are held online classes, which makes students stick to the screen all most full day. It’s very different in online from physical classes, students don’t get much interest in the class to listen. Student faced lots of challenges due to online learning like lack of instant communication, lack of access of internet technology, and gap in learning resources. Having time management is perhaps is most challenging part of online learning. Online learning can't make needed results. More over student has face lots of workloads in online learning when it compares to physical learning. And digital learning has some advantages like adoption our self to the digital world and socialize. Student have explored them into the digital world learn new skills and upgrade themselves and gain ability to work a job while you study.


The research work center on the effect of customer service satisfaction. Customer service is a continuous process thus when it fell short of the consumers’ expectations will lead to dissatisfaction. The objectives of the study is to find out if reliability, empathy, responsiveness, assurance and tangibility affect consumer satisfaction in ABC transport plc. The study had unknown population due to the fact that there is no list of all customers (passengers) of ABC transport plc. Awka. However, the research used Cochran’s formula to determine sample size of 292. Also the research used purposive non-probability sampling technique. The study made used of primary source (questionnaire) and secondary source (related literature) of data. Descriptive surveys design was adopted for the study and pre-validity test was done. A total number of 292 questionnaires were distributed out, of which 210 copies were properly filled and returned while 82 were discarded. The collect data was analyzed in a frequency table using percentage. This study anchored on the Pararsuraman SERVQUAL Theory. Five hypotheses was tested using Pearson’s correlation coefficient statistical tool. The result of the study showed that assurance and tangibility have impact on consumers satisfaction while reliability, empathy and responsiveness have no relationship with consumers satisfaction.