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Ichthyofauna Diversity, Abundance and Distribution Oluwa River, Ilaje Local Government Area, Ondo State, Nigeria. []

ABSTRACT Oluwa River is used for artisanal fishing, ferrying and domestic activities in Ilaje Local Government Area (ILGA), Ondo State. The river receives domestic and agricultural wastes, which could impact adversely on the water quality and resident biota. Inspite of anthropogenic activities, there is dearth of information on the taxa composition of Ichthyofaunal of Oluwa River. Thus, assessment of the fish status, trends and changes in the health status of the ecosystem are very crucial in order to ensure conservation of the aquatic resources; hence, the need for the present study. Samplings in the river were done monthly for fish fauna from June, 2022 to December, 2023 to cover the main seasons (the rainy and dry seasons) .Fish samples collected monthly from landing centre (terminus) of fishermen were identified using FAO identification keys and counted. Thirty-seven species belonging to eleven families were recorded during the study period, seven species of Cichlidae, four species of Clariidae, four species of Distichodontidae, two species of Bagridae, three species of Characidae, three species of Cyprinidae, two species of Channidae, seven species of Mormyridae, two species of Citharacidae, one species of Hepsetidae and Malapteruridae respectively. Clarias gariepinus and Heterobranchus longifilis (family: Claridae) dominated the fish fauna accounting for 7.4% and 6.9% of relative abundance respectively. While the least abundant Marcuseniuss bruciii (family: Mormyridae) found only 0.6%. Clariidae family recorded the highest percentage abundance (28%) followed by Cichlidae family (17%).while the least family was Bagridae (6%). Clariidae recorded the highest percentage for dry season value (400) and dry season value (270) respectively, while, Malapteridae family recorded the least (12) for dry season and Channidae recorded the least value (7) for the rainy season respectively. The prevailing conditions of higher fish abundance in dry season than rainy season revealed that Oluwa River is good for aqua cultural purposes. Keywords: Fish, Abundance, Diversity and Oluwa River,

Geo-pressure estimation and productivity analysis for a gas field reservoirs in the Nigerian Delta []

Gas productivity is usually influenced by geologic factors such as total organic content, porosity, rock mechanics, completion design and overpressure. In countries with long histories of conventional gas production and gas flaring, like Nigeria, issues of depletion induced seismicity caused by fault reactivation due to differential compaction of reservoir compartments that are juxtaposed at faults, is a growing concern. Overpressure mechanisms and distribution are studied to understand their relationship with well productivity. The objective of this study was to understand the role of overpressure in gas production and to identify the overpressure sweet spots for future well development. Overpressure was estimated from petrophysical logs such as density, resistivity and sonic velocity corrected for gas effect and calibrated to reservoir pressure data and other well data. A sonic velocity-density crossplot could not reveal a clear picture of overpressure generation, primarily due to complex geology and distinct compositional variation. 1D pore pressure was estimated from sonic velocity using traditional methods with pressure reference trend in the drilled wells and calibrated to the available insitu pressure measurements. 3D pore pressure was then estimated with upscaled 1D pore pressure profiles and 3D seismic velocity data. The results show that the area having higher overpressure of over 240.0 psi produces about 55 % more gas than the lower overpressure area. Further, understanding the spatial variation of overpressure in the field would facilitate better field development planning, as pressure increase leads to increase in production rate.

Role of Statistics in Data Mining Operations: Analyzing the Patterns in a Used Car Dataset []

This paper portrays the strong interplay between statistics and data mining by using a dataset that contains information regarding used cars. The connection between the two concepts showed extreme correlation when uncovering valuable insights regarding market trends, pricing dynamics, and customer preferences. This research outlines the crucial role of statistical methodologies in easing out the complexities of used car data, highlighting the importance and significance in directing decision-making processes within the automotive industry. The data set includes various features about used cars such as their make, model, manufacturing year, price, and geographical location. Techniques like descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, and regression modeling were used to detect patterns and relationships, and also predict factors that could provide meaningful trends and patterns. After adopting these methods, some meaningful insights were revealed. Descriptive statistics revealed key trends in car prices, mileage distributions, and popular car models. Correlation analysis revealed the relationships between a car's price with features such as age of car and mileage. Regression analysis was employed to predict the probability of a car's re-sale and this information was used to provide valuable insights for buyers, sellers, and industry stakeholders. In conclusion, the results showed a deep connection between statistics and data mining when it came to extracting meaningful insights from a used car dataset. By employing statistical methodologies, stakeholders in the automotive industry can obtain a valuable comprehension regarding dynamics in pricing, customer behavior, and latest market trends. This promotes the idea of making more well-informed decisions and driving innovation in the automotive industry


Brain tumor exhibits an abnormal growth of tissues within the brain. Physicians ascertain the tumor's location and malignancy status based on its cellular origin. The National Brain Tumor Society classifies brain tumors as Benign, Malignant, Primary, or Metastatic. With over 10,600 people diagnosed with brain tumors in England annually, there is a critical priority for early detection. This underscores the urgency of identifying brain tumors promptly. This project focuses on algorithms implemented through image processing techniques to detect brain tumors. Employing CAD (Computer-Aided Diagnosis) on MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) images stands out as the most efficient and straightforward method for diagnosing cancer. Early and precise tumor detection can mitigate the mortality rate associated with cancer. Mass clusters serve as early indicators of potential brain cancers, aiding in early cancer prediction. Images utilized in this project will be sourced from internet datasets “Kaggle.com”. MATLAB software will be utilized to enhance images for tumor region detection within a region of interest (ROI). Extracted features will undergo various analyses to improve mass identification.


ABSTRACT Marketing on business performance are very important concepts that companies must understand if they want to remain competitive and grow and to solve lack of contact with customers. Companies do not seem directly interact with customers about their product and how to satisfy the customers according to their distribution and market intelligence information. The first objective of this study is to find out the contribution part of marketing. Second objective is to examine themarketing relationship, especially time and goal orientations of these departments, affect business performance. The third objective is to find the marketing does often extension to the business performances. And also have used Pearson correlation, descriptivedesign, the questionnaire used in this research is a self-administered; scale.Data was analyzed by using Statistical package for social sciences (SPSS).Therefore the sample size was 80 respondents and the most respondents have significantly agreed that there is positive relationship The relationship between marketing on business performance Investigated by using Pearson correlation the result obtained was highly positive significant (r =.8, at p=0.01). As sharing table 6.1 As shown in the table there is significant the relationship between marketing on business performance (r =.85, p=0.01).The relationship between marketing on business performance Investigated by using Pearson correlation, the result obtained was that there is strong positive relationship between variables. As shown in the table there is significant the relationship between marketing on business performance (r =.80, p=0.01).


Cloud computing environment has become prospective battle field for cyber attackers with the rapid growth of cloud adoption in both private and public sectors; the major challenge being data protection from various attacks. This paper attempts to provide a possible solution for such threats by exposing various issues related to data security in cloud and the various challenges faced by forensic experts in cloud. The main objective of the paper was to identify challenges and solutions for cloud forensic and log management. This paper is descriptive in nature. Cloud forensics is more complex because of its features such as location independence, elastic resource provision and loss of control. Regulations are required for secured access of cloud services. New mechanisms are also needed for safe custody of logs until produced in the court of law. This study is essential to the Information Technology field, particularly network administrators and security staff of networked organizations to have this course in practice making sure that they have the challenges pertaining to this on their finger tips for decision making.

On The Densification Of Khartoum Geodetic Control Network []

The Department of Surveying Engineering- University of Khartoum, with close cooperation with the General Survey Directorate (GSD), of Khartoum State, densified the existing Khartoum State Geodetic network. This paper outlined the observation, computation work, and analysis carried out for the network densification. The densified network was established to a very high degree of accuracy and reliability to be accepted as reference geodetic stations. The paper outlined the network densification methodology and the quality control of the obtained densified geodetic control points coordinates on ITRF2000.


Globalization is a term used to describe how trade and technology have made the world into a more connected and interdependent place. Globalization also captures in its scope the economic and social changes that have come about as a result. Given the potentially devastating implications of globalisation on African economies and business, many companies have eventually experienced unfair competition that could threaten their performance. Hence, this study adopts triangulation approach to identify the impact of globalisation that are of greatest concern and commonly used techniques to address such challenges among the local companies in Zambia. The quantitative findings show that three key areas of globalisation which are demographic, impact of the local economy, and benefit derived for international trade for local businesses and organisation. While, the qualitative findings indicate that strategic planning, commonly used methods to address emerging risks. Theoretically, the findings contribute to an understanding of globalisation and the techniques used to better benefit for this global village. Keywords: "globalisation; triangulation; publicly listed companies; international trade; Zambia".


Cet article a porté sur l’analyse comparative des consultations effectuées à la Bibliothèque Centrale et au Campus Numérique Francophone Partenaire par les étudiants de l’Université de Kisangani de 2014 à 2019. Il a pour objectifs de connaitre le service le plus fréquenter pour les consultations entre la B.C et le CNFP, savoir les causes qui poussent les étudiants à consulter chacun de ces deux services ayant des informations scientifiques pour la recherche et de déterminer les attentes des étudiants sur ces deux services. Les données ont été récoltées grâce à la technique documentaire et du questionnaire d’enquête auprès de 90 sujets parmi les étudiants de l’Université de Kisangani, qui ont constitué notre échantillon aléatoire. La méthode analytique nous a aidé à regrouper les données dans les tableaux tout en utilisant la technique de calcul de pourcentage pour le traitement des données. Mots clés : comparaison, consultation, document, bibliothèque, campus numérique Summairized This article was about the comparative analysis of the consultations done to the Central Library and the Campus Numeric French-speaking Partner by the students of the university of Kisangani of 2014 to 2019. He/it has for objectives to know the service the more to frequent for the consultations between the B.C and the CNFP, to know the reasons that push the students to consult each of these two services having scientific information for research and to determine the waitings of the students on these two services. The data have been harvested thanks to the documentary technique and the questionnaire of investigation by 90 topics among the students of the university of Kisangani, who constituted our uncertain sample. The analytic method helped us to regroup the data in the pictures while using the technique of percentage calculation for the treatment of the data. Key words: comparison, consultation, document, library, numeric campus.

Integration of ICT in the Instructional Management of Senior High School in the Division of Valencia City, Region X, Philippines []

This research investigates the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in instructional management at Valencia Colleges Inc. - Senior High School (VCI-SHS) in Valencia City. Through a quantitative descriptive research design, data were collected from a target group of 25 teachers representing various disciplines. The study aimed to assess the availability and utilization of ICT resources, involvement of learners in ICT-based activities, challenges faced by teachers, and alternative resources employed in the absence of required ICT tools. Findings reveal a robust foundation of essential ICT resources, with 100% availability of computers, laptops, internet access, educational software, and more. While interactive whiteboards and video conferencing tools show strong adoption, opportunities for further enhancement, particularly in internet access, are identified. Teachers demonstrate positive trends in ICT use, with a balanced approach to involving learners in interactive and participatory learning experiences. However, significant challenges hinder effective ICT integration, including digital inequality, limited access to technology, infrastructure issues, and budgetary constraints. Teachers rely on alternative resources such as printed materials, whiteboards, and peer collaboration to compensate for the absence of ICT tools, showcasing adaptability and a dynamic pedagogical approach. This study provides valuable insights into the current state of ICT integration at VCI-SHS, identifying areas for improvement and emphasizing the adaptability of teachers in navigating challenges. Recommendations are proposed to enhance professional development, infrastructure, curriculum alignment, learner-centric approaches, and collaborative learning platforms, offering a strategic guide for advancing ICT integration efforts at VCI-SHS. Keywords: Integration of ICT, Instructional Management, Senior High School

La part du lecteur dans la classe du FLE à l’école primaire au Maroc []

To take into account, in the French class, the reading which emanates from a subject, is to recognize that the reader plays an active and singular role in the production of literary texts, it is to pay attention to the singular way in which a reader inhabits and realizes a literary text, it is to open a space to be interested in this text that he brings into being during the first reading, but also to listen to his understanding-interpretation, it is to open a space of meeting between the text and the reader, of dialogue between the readers, it is finally to recognize that the reader, as much as the text, imposes its constraints. This work constitutes a questioning of the effectiveness of the didactic system for teaching reading in Moroccan primary schools. It is a deep reflection on the theoretical justification of the didactic approach in force on the one hand, and an opening to an advanced educational model based on the contributions of the literature in the field on the other hand. In accordance with universal educational guidelines which place the learner at the center of learning, didactic research based on modern reading theories, particularly reception theories, gives the reader a place of choice in the construction of the meaning of what is read. This dissertation is inspired by these contributions to question the Moroccan curriculum system and question the status it grants to the reader in the French class. Keywords: reading, meaning construction process, reading methods


The study embarked on a comprehensive exploration of the design, testing, and evaluation of a system geared towards effectively managing the accumulation of plastic bottles while encouraging active engagement. Through meticulous examination, it was discovered that a system incorporating key features such as an intuitive user interface, wireless internet-connected incentives, and plastic bottle segregation mechanisms proved to be remarkably successful in tackling this environmental challenge. This finding underscores the importance of integrating innovative technological solutions to address pressing environmental issues and promote sustainable practices. The study recommended further enhancements to the system to maximize its impact and reach. Specifically, it suggested integrating a plastic bottle segregation system with free internet access for learners, facilitated through Wi-Fi connectivity and an incentive-based reward system. By leveraging these additional features, the system could not only encourage plastic bottle segregation but also enhance accessibility for students, thus fostering a more inclusive and participatory approach to environmental stewardship. This recommendation highlights the potential synergies between technology, education, and environmental conservation efforts in promoting sustainable behaviors. The evaluation of the system using ISO 25010 standards yielded encouraging results, with a weighted mean of 4.06 indicating that the system exceeded expectations significantly. This positive assessment underscores the effectiveness and reliability of the system in addressing the identified problem. It also underscores the importance of adhering to industry standards and conducting rigorous evaluations to ensure the quality and effectiveness of technological solutions aimed at addressing societal challenges. In conclusion, the study not only shed light on the effectiveness of the developed system in managing plastic bottle accumulation but also provided valuable insights for future research endeavors. By leveraging the system's capabilities, future researchers can further enhance plastic bottle segregation efforts, promote student accessibility, and ensure the continued success of environmental conservation initiatives. Additionally, regular evaluations should be conducted to maintain optimal system performance and user satisfaction, thus ensuring the long-term sustainability of the implemented solution. Key words: Environmental conservation, Environmental impact, Incentive system, Internet-connected, Plastic Bottle Collection, Plastic bottles, Recycling, Sustainability, Waste management, Wireless System.


In modern realities, organizations and companies need to constantly strive for the opportunities to outperform their competitors and to gain a competitive advantage. Thus, businesses are expected to perceive their qualified employees as a crucial strategic asset and make necessary investments into the implementation of successful strategies to support their workers. Furthermore, businesses need to constantly learn to adapt to the fast-changing business environment and add innovation to their business. In this respect, the organization's ability to learn and its capacity to develop innovation are associated with knowledge workers. Therefore, organizations are expected to use strategic HRM practices to improve employees’ abilities and motivation, and to also provide opportunities for high performance, and ultimately to increase organizational innovation. The main purpose of this research was to prove a positive effect of strategic human resource practices on organizational innovation and study the relationships between these two components. The other goal of this research was to demonstrate a positive influence of organizational learning ability on organizational innovation. Moreover, other goal of the research was to empirically demonstrate the role of organizational learning ability affecting the relationships between strategic human resource management practices and organizational innovation, and also the direct influence of it on organizational innovation itself. Finally, the difference between the enterprises which successfully implemented strategic HRM practices and the enterprises performing them at low levels was presented. The research was conducted under the quantitative descriptive survey research method. The data was collected from 197 enterprises operating in the manufacturing sector in Kazakhstan. The method of sampling was simple random sampling. Correlation analysis, regression analysis, structural equation modeling (SEM), path analysis and ANOVA test were used to test the research hypotheses. The findings of the study revealed that strategic human resource practices have a positive impact on organizational innovation. Collaboration, organizational culture and teamwork among the employees are significantly improved within an implementation of strategic HRM practices. The study further revealed that organizational learning ability has a positive effect on organizational innovation. Knowledge, distribution of information and increased learning capability play a vital role in enhancing the business structure in regards to the efficiency and effectiveness of the labor force. Moreover, the research also confirmed that organizational learning ability affects the relationship between strategic human resource practices and organizational innovation. When the capability for learning and transferring knowledge is increased, it plays a complementary role affecting and enhancing the connection between strategic HRM practices and organizational innovation. The research finally proved that there is a gap in organizational innovation between the enterprises which successfully implement strategic HRM practices and the enterprises executing them poorly. The study concluded that companies need to develop new and effective practices which increase employee engagement, business output, and which can bring and transmit knowledge among the workforce in order to achieve competitive advantage.

"An In-depth Comparative Examination of Populist Movements: Analysing the Political Landscapes in Imran Khan's Pakistan, Trump’s America, Erdogan's Turkey, Modi's India, and Netanyahu's Israel." []

Populist movements have become significant forces in global politics, challenging established norms and institutions across various socio-political landscapes. This comparative study examines the dynamics of populist movements led by Imran Khan in Pakistan, Donald Trump in America, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey, Narendra Modi in India, and Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. By analyzing key factors contributing to their rise, differences in their strategies and rhetoric, and the extent of their impact on democratic norms and institutions, this study aims to provide insights into the nature and implications of populism in diverse national contexts. The study employs a multi-dimensional theoretical framework drawing from political science, sociology, and comparative politics to analyze the populist movements. It explores the commonalities and differences in the characteristics and impacts of populist leadership, shedding light on their advantages and disadvantages for their respective nations' socio-political landscapes. Additionally, the study assesses the economic and foreign policy priorities of populist leaders and their influence on social welfare, income inequality, and international relations. Furthermore, the study examines how populist leaders utilize media platforms to communicate with the public and the role of media in either amplifying or challenging populist narratives. It also investigates how populist leaders incorporate nationalist sentiments into their agendas and address issues related to religious, ethnic, or cultural minorities, analyzing the impact of their policies on minority rights and inclusion. Finally, the study assesses how populist leaders respond to crises, such as public health emergencies, economic downturns, or security challenges, and capitalize on these situations to consolidate power. By addressing these research questions, the study aims to contribute to a nuanced understanding of populism's implications for democratic governance, socio-political stability, and international relations, providing insights for policy-makers, analysts, and civil society actors grappling with the challenges posed by populist movements worldwide.

An Investigation into the Mysteries of Antibiotic Resistance: Bacterial Porins as a Critical Player and New Approaches to Overcoming Antibiotic Resistance []

A multimodal strategy is required to effectively address bacterial infections because of the worldwide health challenge of antibiotic resistance. The modification of vital outer membrane proteins underlies porin-mediated resistance in Gram-negative bacteria, which presents a significant obstacle in successful antimicrobial therapy. To combat porin-mediated resistance, this paper examines an integrated approach that involves the use of bacteriophages, membrane-disrupting agents, and CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. Destabilizing the bacterial outer membrane is possible with the use of membrane-disrupting substances such antimicrobial peptides and nanoparticles. This disturbance directly affects the integrity of porins, decreasing their ability to perform their protective role, as well as increasing bacterial sensitivity to bacteriophages and other natural predators. To defeat resistant strains, bacteriophages must get beyond porin-mediated barriers due to their high host-specificity for bacteria. Additionally, the precise change of the genes in charge of porin production is made possible by CRISPR-Cas9-mediated gene editing. This method can improve bacterial permeability to drugs by either restoring or reconfiguring porin function. A viable path to overcome porin-mediated resistance in Gram-negative bacteria is shown by the synergistic combination of various tactics. The all-encompassing strategy described in this paper gives a fresh and holistic viewpoint on addressing porin-mediated resistance. We can pave the way for the revival of antibiotic therapy and the reduction of antibiotic resistance in Gram-negative bacteria by utilizing the advantages of membrane-disrupting drugs, bacteriophages, and gene editing.