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ABSTRACT The overall objective of this study is to assess the effect of digitalization of secure project processes on the financial performance of Yego Innovision. Specific objectives were to assess the effect of digitalization through the mobile payment of secure projects on the regulation of the financial performance of Yego Innovision, to determine the effect of an adaptive system used in secure project implementation on Yego Innovision financial performance and to evaluate the effect of data security on Yego Innovision financial performance. The target population for this study was the customers of Yego Innovision Company who operate in the sector of public transport including 200 Drivers of Taxi motorcycles, 80 Tax Car Drivers (Carcabs), and 15 Clients (passengers). The whole population is made up of 295 people. The study adopted a formula from Sloven’ and sample of 213. Data collection tools were used interview, questionnaire and documentary techniques. The data collected was processed and analyzed using a statistical package for social science (SPSS) as a computer program. However, quantitative analysis such as correlation has shown to which extent the dependent variable is affected by the independent variable. Findings from the research show the relationship between Digitalization and Financial Performance of Yego Innovision where the respondents N is 10 and the significant level is 0.01, the results indicate that the independent variable has a positive high correlation to dependent variable equal to 0.970 and the p-value is .000 which is less than 0.01. When the p-value is less than the significant level, therefore researchers conclude that variables are correlated and the null hypothesis is rejected and remains with an alternative hypothesis. This means that there is a significant relationship between Digitalization and the financial Performance of Yego Innovision. The intervening variable, say the use of Digitalization is likewise showing a very strong correlation with the positive performance of Yego Innovision. The study has also concluded that the customers’ level of satisfaction with the adoption of digitalization was high and the customer’s experience with Digital technology was favorable.


In this uncertain environmental status and the prevalence of constant change, every organization needs to maintain a certain level of a quality system that will lead to achieving institutional goals and objectives. The system is an integral part of the business operation, maintaining it is very important and comes as the primordial concern and priority. The development of every plan and strategy lies largely on the policy imposed and minoring its effectiveness. The policy set for development matters a lot in the way it is translated to all concerns at the different levels. All areas that revolve around the system need to establish synchronized efforts since the aimed quality cannot be achieved overnight. The quality efforts can be as successful as it is if and when the review of every specific area is kept beyond the level set to ensure its attainment. Commitment from top management down to the lowest element in the organization counts as they are the backbone of the success of the operation. Management responsibility needs to firm on its implementation to every stake of quality to keep its level of standards adopted attune to the present trend and addresses the constant changes in terms of demand and environmental change. Part of the success contributor to achieving quality is to have a habitual effort in conducting a review process in a way, action and measurement can effectively take place to reinforce a corrective action to ensure the continuance of quality efforts. The quality standard system designed by management doesn’t only focus on the mandated requirements, however, it is a quality way of life.

Impact of Entrepreneurial Leadership on the Application of Total Quality Management Principles: Evidence from Bahrain []

The aim of this research is to identify the impact of entrepreneurial leadership (risk, creativity, initiative, investing opportunities and strategic vision) on the application of total quality management at the commercial banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Three hundred and twenty-five employees were surveyed through a random sample method. The analysis is based on the outcomes of the questionnaire survey that was given out to a representative sample of the employees of the commercial banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The researchers hypothesized that there is a positive significant impact for the entrepreneurial leadership (risk, creativity, initiative, investing opportunities and strategic vision) on the application of total quality management principles at the commercial banks in the kingdom of Bahrain. The findings revealed that there is a positive significant impact for the entrepreneurial leadership on the application of total quality management principles at the commercial banks in the kingdom of Bahrain. Moreover, the results indicated that there are no positive significant differences relating to the impact of the entrepreneurial leadership on the application of total quality management principles at the commercial banks in the kingdom of Bahrain due to the demographics (gender, age, qualification, years of experience and position).

Impact of Career Succession Planning on the Preparation of Future Leaders []

The aim of this research is to identify the impact of career succession planning (determining key positions, defining tasks and responsibilities for key positions, nomination of future leaders, preparation of a training plan for candidates, adoption of the replacement and appointment of acting candidates) on the preparation of future leaders at the Customs Affairs department in the Kingdom of Bahrain. A hundred and seventy four employees were surveyed through a random sample method. The analysis is based on the outcomes of the questionnaire survey that was given out to a representative sample of employees of the Customs Affairs department. The researchers hypothesized that there is a positive significant impact for the career succession planning on the preparation of future leaders at the Customer Affairs department in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The findings revealed that there is a positive significant impact for the career succession planning on the preparation of future leaders at the Customs Affairs department in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Moreover, the results indicated that there are no statistically significant differences relating to the impact of the career succession planning on the preparation of future leaders at the Customs Affairs department in the Kingdom of Bahrain due to demographic (gender, age, qualification, years of experience and position).

Women’s Strategy in Peacebuilding from Below in Ethiopia: The Case of Oromia Regional State []

Abstract Women have different strategies for dealing with various actors in their interactions with local power structures in their homes, villages, and communities on a daily basis. The main objective of this article is to investigate the strategies that women use in their attempts toward peacebuilding from below in Oromia regional state, Ethiopia. In order to attain the intended objective, a qualitative case study research design informed by subsidiarity and African feminist theories in its indigenous approach was employed where about 109 (one hundred nine) respondents participated. The findings revealed that despite many challenges, women use their own institutionalized material and non-material mechanisms through which they play their role in peacebuilding, particularly at the grassroots level. Nevertheless, these efforts are less acknowledged as an alternative approach, mainly because of the systematic interconnection between the indigenous and formal systems, which continues to discriminate against women’s role in peacebuilding. Keywords: peacebuilding, from below, women’s strategy, grassroots peacebuilding, formal mechanism, women’s challenge, institutionalized mechanism, institutional mechanism, indigenous approach, an alternative approach

Assessing rainfall variability at kersa district, jimma zone, Ethiopia []

Abstract: In Ethiopia, rainfall is highly variable climate element both in amount and distribution. Climate risk in the country was mostly due to lack of proper understanding of start, end and dry spells in the rainy season. Rainfall data (1987-2017) were collected from West Oromia meteorological service centre. Analysis of rainfall data at Jimma station indicated that average onset of the growing season starts On March 17witha coefficient of variation of 17.9%. The more preferred planting is earlier than March 25 which is in three years every four years time. The mean end date of the season falls on November 14 with coefficient of variation of 6.9%. The more preferred planting is earlier than March 25 which is in three years every four years’ time. The average length of the growing season at the study area was 242 days. The probability of dry spell for 7 days was greater than 80% from Oct 26 up to March 1, while the probability was decreasing up to 10% from March1 to April 9 Climate pattern of the study area was mono modal. Key words: Rain fall, Variability, Start of the season, End of the season, Dry spells and Ethiopia


Background: In recent years, childhood overweight and obesity has emerged as a global epidemic. Obesity during childhood predisposes them to non-communicable diseases in adulthood. However, information and health education regarding obesity is still scarce for primary prevention. Thus, this study aims to assess the prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity and risk factors associated; especially in urban settings. Objectives: To determine the prevalence of childhood obesity & risk factors among private second cycle primary school students in Gulele sub city, Addis Ababa. Methods: Institution based cross-sectional study was used. The participants were 568 private second cycle primary school students selected using multi stage sampling technique. Weight & height was measured to calculate the body mass index (BMI) which used for determining the prevalence of overweight & obesity of students. Result: The overall prevalence of overweight and obesity in this study was 10.7% and 8.9% respectively. The multivariate regression analysis depicted that female students [AOR=2.232; 95%CI: 1.388, 3.589], students with household members of less than four [AOR=4.579; 95%CI: 2.824, 7.425] and students who watched TV for more than two hours [AOR=1.864; 95%CI: 1.008, 3.447] have higher chance of being obese and overweight as compared to the reference category. Those who did regular physical exercise [AOR=0.395; 95%CI: 0.243, 0.641] had lower chance of having obesity and overweight while students who consume processed food items have higher chance of being overweight and obese (AOR=5.618; 95%CI: 1.841, 17.147) as compared to the reference category. Conclusion and recommendations: This study revealed that the prevalence of overweight and obesity are relatively higher. Early age during childhood, having lower family size, watching TV for long period, not doing regular physical exercise and consuming proceeded foods were risk factors for the occurrence of overweight and obesity among school children. As a result, designing and promoting active lifestyles and healthy dietary system at schools should get emphasis as public health concern.


Tramadol is one of the drugs that its abuse is of rapid increase in our society today, and there is little information on its associated side effects in non-pain induced condition. Hence, this study aimed at investigating the effect of tramadol under non-induction of pain on some biochemical parameters in albino rats. A total of twenty four (24) albino rats were used for this research. They were randomly divided into four groups of six (6) rats in each group; group 1 (normal control) received pellet and allowed free access to water; group 2, 3 and 4 (tramadol groups) received 50, 100 and 200 mg/Kg body weight of tramadol respectively. All the administrations were via oral intubation and were done once daily for 30 days. Neurotransmitters, glutamine dehydrogenase, glutaminase, oxidative stress markers were determined in the brain homogenate using standard methods. Liver function markers, kidney function parameters and pancreatic markers were equally determined in the serum using standard methods. The results showed that levels of serotonin, dopamine, nor-epinephrine, reduced glutathione (GSH), albumin and activities of catalase, super oxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione transferase (GST), glutathione peroxidase (GPx), glutaminase and lipase were significantly (p<0.05) lowered in rats administered tramadol only in dose dependent manner when compared to control. The results also revealed that administration of different doses of tramadol caused significant (p<0.05) increase in the activities of AST, ALT, ALP, α-amylase, glutamine dehydrogenase and levels of total bilirubin, uric acid, urea, creatinine and MDA in dose dependent manner when compared to control. The results generally revealed that intake of tramadol under non induction of pain caused significant (p<0.05) alterations of some biochemical markers, which could lead to deleterious health consequences, hence its intake should be avoided in order to avoid further health consequences. Keywords: Tramadol, Oxidative Stress, Non-pain induction, biochemical markers, Enzymes, Drug Abuse, liver functions.


ABSTRACT Teachers’ immediacy behavior remains a challenge to educators in molding the 21st century learners to become competent. The aim of this mixed methods study was to know the significant difference of public secondary school teacher’s immediacy behavior in terms of sex and length of service in Region XI. This mixed methods study used convergent approach where quantitative and qualitative data were simultaneously gathered, analyzed separately, and then merged using the pragmatist viewpoint. A total of 400 Public secondary school teachers were surveyed on immediacy behavior. Personal experiences were also obtained from in-depth interviews of 10 informants and focused group discussion of six participants. Data gathered were subjected to thematic analysis. Results reveal that there is no important difference on immediacy behaviors of public secondary teachers’ compared to sex and length of service. The high level of teachers’ immediacy in quantitative approach was supported and explained by teachers’ lived experiences in the qualitative approach. However, merging discordance was found to be the nature of integration on the non-verbal immediacy behavior of teachers since qualitative data shows newbie teachers manifest more frequently non-verbal behaviors compared to teachers who have spent longer years in teaching. From the results of the study, an intervention program is drawn. Keywords: convergent, teachers immediacy behaviors, mixed method


The effects of pigging operations in a non-bonded flexible pipe in the oil and gas industries seems to be neglected, but important when the pipeline is blocked by scale, wax, hydrate, sand etc. Pigging is a usual practice where pipeline inspection gauges and devices commonly referred to as pigs or scrapers, are applied to perform various maintenance operations, without stopping the flow of the product in the pipeline. Pigging is good as a cleaning and inspection tool for pipelines including flexible pipes as it is a usual practice globally. Many often times, operators are compelled to pig by the authority as a statutory requirement for pipelines of certain ages however, considering the benefits, there are a times the flexibles could rupture or burst during the pigging operation, as it scrapes away buildup and debris from the pipes. Though, it helps to improve efficiency of flow and prevent damage to the pipes but can be dangerous if hydrate and other blockages are present in the pipe. This can lead to production shutdown and results into repair cost of multi dollars. Consequently, a research study was carried out focusing on the behaviour of non-bonded flexible pipes with methane hydrate blockage under the influence of diverse load conditions created during pigging operation. A case study applied to a field in the gulf of guinea where a flexible pipe installed early 2000 was blocked and pigging was used to remove it. To demonstrate in real time, a nonlinear tri-dimensional finite element models were carried out on a seven (7)-layer blocked and unblocked flexible pipe; modelled and simulated. Several studies were conducted to verify the influence of significant parameters on the instability phenomenon when the flexible pipe is under hydrate blockage. The combined load of internal pressure and compressive force was considered as the parameter, and application resulted to a significant change in the stability response of the pipe layers. The obtained results showed the influence of methane hydrate on Sample A (blocked), while Sample B (unblocked) behaves normally under various load conditions.


ABSTRACT The United Kingdom government carbon goals will require UK’s 27 million homes to be virtually zero carbon by 2050. This will be by a number of measures including a combination of energy efficiency strategies and retrofitting of buildings with smart technologies as well as moving to low carbon heat with a dedicated decarbonization fund to improve energy performance of homes. The home energy performance retrofit will include funding the installation of energy efficient technologies and low-carbon heating system in domestic properties. However, this is not the case everywhere because different strategies might be adopted at a completely different location with a different climatic disposition. While in a temperate climate heating might be the paramount consideration, cooling is the required option in a tropical climate. The intervention strategy will be the same where funding will be for governments or the private sector to decide. This paper delves into the ramifications of energy efficiency measures of retrofitting and decarbonization of buildings to achieved low carbon environment and optimize energy conservation devices and current technologies in all ramifications. KEYWORD: Energy Efficiency, Retrofitting, and Buildings


The main purpose for conducting this research work is to identify the factors affecting the relationships between tax officials and tax payers. The struggle between the tax officials and tax payers has been a very serious challenge for concern in Sierra Leone. Tax Payers do evade the payment of taxes which is against the taxation policy in Sierra Leone.


There exist a meaningful relationship between emotional intelligence of supervisors and level of engagement among their employees. The present study analysis the relationship between the emotional intelligence of supervisors and their employee engagement in the Tirupur garment industry.

Lived Experiences of Special Education Teachers in San Fernando City SPED Integrated School []

Being a special education teacher entails lots of responsibility. It takes special skills and knowledge to handle learners who are differently abled. Extra love and affection is a pre-requisite for such teachers. This study was concerned with the lived experiences of special education teachers in San Fernando City SPED Integrated School. Specifically, the research question focused on special education teacher’s experiences on their success stories, benefits and incentives, and challenges they encountered. To address the questions about the lived experiences of these special education teachers, data were collected via face to face interview guided with structured questions. After which, analysis of data was conducted using cool and warm analysis clustering meaning to themes. Results indicated that the special education teachers view academic achievement of their learners as their success. It was also found that they are satisfied with their job since they receive higher salary compared to regular teachers. It was also revealed that the most challenging part of being a special education teacher was to let parents involved in their education of their children. Furthermore, the research paper constructed a school policy recommendation on home to school partnership. Keywords: home to school partnership, lived experiences, special education

Performance Evaluation of Motorized Maize Sheller []

Maize (Zea mays), also known as corn, is the third largest crop after wheat and rice in the world.The traditional method of shelling maize is by hand or by beating sacks filled with maize cobs with woods or even by putting the dry maize into the mortar and apestle is then used to hit the maize with force. These traditional methods of shelling maize are time consuming because a small quantity of shelling is achieved per time with high amount of seeddamage. To improve the market value of maize, the machine must work efficiently with minimum seed damage. Shelling isone of the most important processing operations done to bring out the quality of maize. This report present the performance evaluation of maize shelling machine and from the result obtained, it showed that the average capacity of the machine is 1655 kg/hr with shelling efficiency of 81.84% and minimal seed damage


This research was conducted to determine the concentration level of mackerel fish bone meal in crackers. Research activities were carried out at the THP Laboratory of Padjadjaran University. The research method used is an experimental method of 4 treatments with 20 semi-trained panelists. The variations in the bone meal concentrate were 0%, 5%, 10% and 15%. The waste of mackerel fish bones is obtained from the Astana Newer Market, Bandung. The results showed that the 10% rate of adding mackerel fish bone meal resulted in the most preferred cracker with the median value of color and aroma characteristics, namely 6 textures and flavors, namely 7. The crackers had a protein content of 0.40%, an ash content of 2.94%, water content 4.17% and fat content 14.16%. Keywords: Fortification, Mackerel Fish, Calcium, Bone Flour, Crackers

Psychosocial effects and wellbeing of caregivers of epileptic patients in Rwanda, A case of Rwinkwavu district hospital []

Caregiving places many psychological and social burdens on caregivers. The general objective of the study was to assess psychosocial effects and wellbeing of caregivers of epileptic patients in Rwanda. The findings have social, psychological and educational contribution. Cross-sectional design using quantitative approach was used to assess psychosocial effects and wellbeing of caregivers. Systemic sampling technique was used to select the respondents. A Sample of 381 was taken from 933people using Fisher et al., 1998 formula. The study only considered respondents aged 18 years old and above. The primary data was collected from Caregivers attending mental health service of Rwinkwavu hospital by using semi-structured questionnaire. Questions were in respondent’s native language. Data analysis was done using SPSS Version 21, and presented in form of frequencies, percentages and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Throughout the findings, it was revealed that majority of caregivers at Rwinkwavu hospital were female 72.7%, 36.2% had between 34-44 years of age 68.8 % of patients were children, 96.6% were Christians; 67.5% had primary level of education; 87.7% were farmers; 74.8% earned <10,000 as monthly income. On the first objective, it was concluded that lack of concentration on daily activities, sleeping difficulties, inability to take decisions, unhappy feeling, stress and loss of confidence were identified as psychological effects of caring to epileptic patients and that caring to epileptic patients has moderate psychological effects on caregivers at Rwinkwavu hospital as indicated by (44) 11.6% who strongly disagreed, (95) 24.9% disagreed, (91) 23.9% were neutral, (67)17.6% agreed and (84) strongly agreed on the overall statements. On the second objective, it was indicated that changing life conditions, tensions of conflicts, reduction of family relationship, reduction of leisure time and redaction of family incomes were revealed as socio-economic effects of caring to epileptic patients, and that caring to epileptic patients has several socio-economic effects on caregivers as indicated by (154) 40.5%. On the third objective, it was concluded that there is a strong positive degree of relationship between socioeconomic status and wellbeing of caregivers of epileptic patients as indicated by (189) 49.6% who strongly disagreed on the overall statements. The researcher recommends the management of Rwinkwavu hospital to put in place financial supports to the caregivers of epileptic patients, the government of Rwanda was also recommended to put in place socio-economic projects aimed to support people who are caring for epileptic patients and that family members of epileptic patients should share the responsibilities of caring the patient.