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Enhancing capabilities and innovations via data mining technology with information security supported e-learning in basic education schools in Oman []

The education sector is one of the most important sectors that working in information technology industry. The daily IT’s processes linking to the educational process through developing capabilities in building and innovating intelligence, the Internet of things and information security through the application of this technology’s algorithms. Also, it’s accustoming users to find quick alternatives in times of crisis and activating technology in the continuity of scientific and practical life. Correspondingly, in order to ensure continuity of providing educational content and solutions related to it through e-learning, the education process use to determine the appropriate alternative as required by the resulting situation at that moment. The e-learning process also helps the suspension of study in schools to be an alternative framed by an organizational, interactive and security framework that provides the characteristics of continuous evaluation and follow-up of the work accomplished by students during the academic year. This study presents analytical indicators that contribute in developing capabilities and encourage innovations through the use of data mining technology and security controls. Similarly, it supports the continuity of e-learning in basic education schools in the Sultanate of Oman through the adoption of development tools and resources that support the current educational platform eportal.moe.gov.om. The study uses an integrated interactive model that explains the method and mechanism by which its components will be linked and follow the stages of design and completion step by step by taking advantage of experiences and innovations related to education. Then the results will help to make decisions related to planning and predicting the future of schools and educational content in the field of data mining and information security. This study proved that interactive educational platforms must be activated and optimally exploited in distance education in order to be supportive in crises and exceptional cases. Effectiveness and productivity, and the responses of 69 out of 85 responses of both genders considered that the use of educational platforms/portals is one of the elements of innovation in education because of the benefits of these platforms in this field, and 58% of the responses were about securing interactive educational devices and applications before and during their use, which ensures the safety and security of the information requested from the user when dealing with interactive educational platforms.

Sustainable Strategies for Green Hotel Design: A Case Study of Proximity Hotel and the Bardessono Hotel []

The hospitality industry is beginning to incorporate green design and construction methods, conserving energy, water, and resources and so contributing to environmental preservation. Green construction approaches may help create healthy and comfortable internal environments for hotel inhabitants such as visitors and workers. However, there is the possibility of a conflict between green construction methods and hotel guests' contentment and comfort, because resource conservation may detract from the quality of a tourist's visiting experience. The case study method was used in this study to discover and assess green design and construction approaches that provide a green and elegant environment without negatively impacting the hotels' financial status. An extensive literature research was carried out in order to identify green design and construction approaches, premium hotel design elements, and key design conflicts between the twin aims of green building and a luxurious hotel atmosphere. Two LEED platinum hotels (the Proximity Hotel and the Bardessono Hotel in the United States) were chosen, and data on their green design and construction practices, luxurious design features, and operation and maintenance practices were collected from a variety of sources, including the owner, designer, contractor, engineer, and LEED consultant. This data was studied from the standpoint of the building's whole lifetime to uncover green design and construction approaches that not only create a green, elegant atmosphere but also improve the hotels' financial soundness.


The study was to assess the relationship between tax administration and local revenue collection performance in Lira District Local Government. Correlational research design and quantitative approach was used in the study. The study population was 140 people and the sample size was 103 people, which was chosen using a purposive and random sampling technique. The findings revealed that there is a strong positive significant correlation between tax administration and local revenue collection performance in Lira District Local Government (r = 0.779, p < 0.01) and the model summary for the regression shows an adjusted R^2 of 0.604 which means that 60.2% of the variation in Local Revenue Collection Performance can be explained by tax administration. The study therefore concludes that tax administration has a relationship with local revenue collection performance in Lira District Local Government. The study recommends improvement in tax administration in Lira district local Government in order to achieve stronger enforcement which will in return improve local revenue collection performance.

Vitality of Patient Stories in Medical Practice []

Medicine prioritizes facts and data, objective evidence such as from drops of blood or imagining that takes us inside the body. However, technology cannot give the insights that doctors learn through a patient’s stories. The healthcare team makes decisions based on the patient’s stories. Often, poor outcomes are not the result of a bad physician but are a result of getting a story wrong. In this paper, what one might argue, is the most substantial and fundamental of technology, which is working with a patient’s stories. Thinking more openly gives clinicians a more intimate relationship with language that may contain the very needed thing that doctors and clinicians need to hear. This paper hopes to appeal to patients, caregivers, or anyone who wants to think more differently and more creatively. The focus is on words that are spoken or unspoken.

Intervention Analysis of Daily Canadian Dollar/Nigerian Naira Exchange Rates []

This research work focused on the exchange rates between a developed country (Canada) and a developing country (Nigeria) from 1st May to 31st October, 2017 using intervention analysis approach by Box and Tiao (1975). The work analyzed the data using Eviews 10 package and observed an upward movement until 4th August 2017 when there was a sudden jump caused by economic recession which is seen as the intervention. A look at the pre-intervention series also revealed an upward movement suggesting that the series is not stationary. Stationarity test was performed on the CAD-NGN data and its non stationarity status was established since Augmented Dickey Fuller test value (-2.800661) was greater than critical values at 1% and 5% (-3.502238 and -2.892879 respectively) and again, ADF probability value (0.0620) was greater than 0.05; which if otherwise, the series would have been stationary. The series was differenced to achieve stationarity. After the differencing, ADF value showed -11.10760 which is less than the critical values (-3.503049, -2.893230 and -2.583740) and the probability value showed 0.0001 which is now less than 0.05 implying a stationary series adequate for modeling. The correlogram of the stationarized data was plotted and ARMA (4, 1) were suggestive. From the suggested ARMA (4, 1) it was clearly seen that only MA (1) had a significant probability (i.e, probability less than 0.05). On that basis, MA (1) model was fitted with Eviews 10 package and it yielded = εt – 0.815930 εt-1. (The interpretation of the value and parameters were explained in chapter 5 – discussion). Adequacy check for this given model MA (1) was done and was seen as being adequate for forecasting. The transfer function was carried out and presented subsequently, the intervention forecasts and post intervention observation were plotted together and it showed that the differences are not much i.e, they are in agreement. The work however, advised Nigerian government to actively participate in international trade, crave for peace, order and less corrupt government, establish more goods manufacturing and service rendering companies, enlighten the people on the need to invest more in agriculture and invite personnel from developed country to give orientation to her national bureau of statistics (staff) and CBN on how to understand and read intervention signs to enable them act promptly.


The development of strategies and intervention aimed at fighting gender based violence and improve gender equality in Nyabihu district of Western province of Rwanda that was to be done by Action pour le Development du people (ADEPE) and its partners led to conducting an assessment with primary objective of providing reliable quantitative and qualitative information. This paper specifically assessed through desk review and field data collection sought not only measured the` frequency of incidents of sexual gender-based violence experienced by women in Nyabihu district in their various life situations, but also analyzed the perceptions that the community has about the nature, causes and consequences of these incidents of violence and ascertaining the extent of gender equality and gender mainstreaming vis à vis education, health social protection and agriculture sectors in Nyabihu district. The assessment revealed that despite a number of achievements made in Nyabihu in line with gender promotion, some key challenges are still hindering the process of gender mainstreaming and gender equality. These include without limitation to patriarchal system continues to undermine gender equality and contribute to GBV, Lack of interest to report GBV cases, Weak GBV prevention and response mechanisms, limited trust of existing GBV prevention and response mechanisms, Suspicion of corruption within local leaders, overdependence on the perpetrators whom in this case have control over resources, limited knowledge about rights, GBV related services and referral systems and Limited capacity and skills on the part of duty bearers to manage GBV related conflicts. Concerning GBV prevention and response mechanisms available in the community, 26.8% of the respondents’ reports that local leaders were in charge of the GBV cases. This was followed by 18.9% of respondents who reported that GBV cases were handled by Police or Rwanda investigation Bureau (RIB). Respondents scored low for courts and Civil Society Organizations in handling GBV issues. To address the above mentioned challenges, a number of recommendations were forwarded to mention but not limited to placing a strong focus on Peer mediation mechanism as an alternative to sentencing mechanism, ADEPE should also collaborate with other duty bearers to ensure that citizens are provided with safe spaces to report not only their cases but also the potential suspicion of corruption for further investigation and adopt strategies that seek to dismantle patriarchal system by challenging power imbalance

Practices on the Design and Plan Learning Activities []

This paper presents practices and guidelines for the design and plan learning activities. Education organization closures due to COVID-19 have, brought significant disruptions to education across the world. Emerging evidence from some of the region’s highest-income countries indicate that the, pandemic is giving rise to learning, losses and increases in inequality. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) equips, learners across all disciplines with the knowledge, skills, attributes and values required to pursue sustainable visions of the future. Using active pedagogies learners, are supported in addressing complex or 'wicked problems' and identifying how they can contribute to solutions that address environmental integrity, social justice and economic prosperity. “The use of technology to maximise, the student learning experience is a vibrant area of interest, across all tiers of global education. Technology enhanced learning (TEL) is often used as a synonym for e-learning but can also be used to refer to technology enhanced classrooms and learning with technology, rather than just through technology.


This paper presents an introduction to the fiber-reinforced polymer materials and its component were presented, and the advantages of using the FRP were reviewed go through the adaptation of the FRP in international building codes (IBC). Meanwhile, explain the cause and resort to this material. Considering the FRP composites material has extraordinary mechanical and important in-service properties, a large improvement in the whole-life cost and lower environmental impact can be achieved. Moreover, better stiffness, strength, and durability can be obtained when combined the properties with other materials. The paper demonstrates the most advantageous way to use composites in architecture applications in the case studies of roofing systems- dome applications- that have been developed from the material. Comparing, the period from the final use of the product by industry to the fundamental innovation stage: this seems a very fast development in the process. The research end -up with the conclusion which briefly represents the key successes of advanced polymer composites in domes as a roofing system.

Etude caractéristique de la pollution de l’air à Bamako (Mali) []

La qualité de l’air est devenue une préoccupation importante des grandes métropoles africaines, en particulier de par ses effets sur l’environnement et la santé. Des mesures ont été prises pour améliorer la qualité de l’air ambiant, notamment au travers du programme de la Banque mondiale « Initiative sur la qualité de l'air dans les villes d'Afrique sub-saharienne ». A Bamako, une prise de conscience des pouvoirs publics sur la pollution de l’air est apparue à la suite de quelques mesures de concentration en poussières réalisées entre octobre et décembre 2009, et aout 2019. La croissance rapide de la population et du trafic automobile de l’agglomération entraîne une croissance significative de cette pollution. Cette étude passe par un état des lieux de la pollution atmosphérique avec des mesures de qualité de l’air ambiant en un certain nombre de pointet des résultats très satisfaisants ont été atteints dans certains domaines, puis l’étude comprend un calcul des émissions réalisé à partir d’un modèle spécifique, enfin des propositions d’actions sont faites dans le but de diminuer les émissions et l’impact de ces actions sont évalué par le biais d’un modèle sanitaire adapté.Les hypothèses du plan d’actions ont été testées sous la forme de scénarios. Les principales actions envisagées ont portées sur le parc automobile et les transports, la qualité des carburants et enfin l’aménagement urbain.


The study examines the impact of Nigerian Agricultural, Cooperative and Rural Development Bank (NACRDB) to the socioeconomic development of rural areas of Yobe State, Nigeria. The study adopted survey design and the data were collected through personal interview with the beneficiaries from rural areas. For objectivity, simple random sampling technique was used to select twenty (20) beneficiaries across the four branches of the bank in the state whereby each bank was entitled to five copies of questionnaire. From the study, the NACRDB’s role in financing rural agro-based economy especially crop production is related to the increased standard of living of the rural dwellers. The study gathered that NACRDB apart from granting loans, they render other banking services like fund transfer, issuance of bank draft, saving and deposit of money so as to take the banking services to their door step and saving culture motivation. From the Chi-square statistic, the value of 22.5 and p<0.05 shows that there is a statistical significance of the vital role played by NACRDB in uplifting the standard of living of rural dwellers. However, there is a high collateral security demand and high interest rates charged on the agricultural loan, which has directly prevented more farmers from accessing the loan. Therefore, it was recommended that the interest charged and other protocols should be substantial and that the government should create an enabling space for effective financing, which will in turn sustain the socioeconomic efficiency of the rural areas.


Extended days of the pandemic left schools like barren lands devoid of the buds waiting to be flowers; children brimming with energy. That was when teachers carved out illustrious ways out of the difficult times of quarantine to reach out to their students through online classrooms. Tools of teachers never got exhausted, they used pictures, videos, handwritten notes, handmade teaching material, technology driven applications etc to name a few ways to make the boring monotony of online lectures into exciting experiences. This case study is about how an International school in Saudi Arabia came forward with novel ideas to reach out to their students and the covered the gaps and voids created by the pandemic and brought them back to the mainstream. International days are celebrated in the world to create awareness among people about the importance of these events and ethos.


In recent days, more attention has been given to multilevel-inverter because of their reliability, modularity and multi-level output waveform which is less harmonic distortion of voltage. In recent times multilevel-inverters are extensively used in many high power use. They get more attention in industrial purpose, like as drives motor, renewable energy systems and static VAR compensators and so forth. The goal of this research work is the execution of multi-level inverter because of its better power factor, less electromagnetic distortion and reduced electromagnetic interference. This multilevel inverter generates a stepped output voltage. To generate smoothly stepped waveforms, the level of multilevel inverter requires a large number of semiconducting devices (switches), it is the only disadvantage of the multilevel inverter topology. It not only raises cost of inverter but also affect the reliability of multilevel inverter system. Although the researchers bring in hundreds of multilevel inverters, still it is not achieved so far. It is the incentive for this dissertation In this Paper This research work comparative study the performances of cascaded sub multilevel inverter. a power electronic device that is used for high voltage and high power applications of low switching stresses and lower total harmonic distortion, hence reduces the size and bulk of passive filters. This new topology is based on a combination of conventional diode clamped and H-bridge topologies. The proposed idea has not only achieves high power ratings


Red peda fish is a traditional processed product from fisheries in Indonesia. This product is very well liked by most of the people of Indo-nesia. The purpose of this article is to review red peda fish products in terms of the manufacturing process and quality. Based on the re-sults of the review above, there are two processes of making red peda, namely salting and fermentation. The quality of peda fish is strong-ly influenced by the freshness of mackerel used, the concentration of salt used and the length of the fermentation process.

Customer Service Impact on Banks: A Case of United Bank for Africa Zambia Ltd []

Customer service is a fundamental aspect of business growth. In the financial services sector, the value of customer service cannot be overlooked especially in this era of the Covid-19 pandemic that has seen many banks changing business strategies in order to continue to offer banking services to their customers. The study aimed at identifying the various strategies adopted and implemented by the United Bank for Africa Zambia and how they relate to customer loyalty and retention in the bank. This paper therefore, seeks to explore the impact of customer service in the banking sector and its effect on customer loyalty and customer retention, especially to the United Bank for Africa Zambia Ltd by adopting a case study research design. Using the qualitative study design, the data set comprised of 98 participants who were both account holders and non-account holders. All the participants expressed happiness with the products and services offered by the United Bank for Africa Zambia coupled with the friendliness of the staff at the bank. Further, customer service was key in the provision of banking services in the banking industry at large. Customer service and customer perception of service are cardinal elements to customer loyalty and these can lead to increased customer base and profitability for the bank. Although many researchers have written on customer service, not much has been highlighted on how service strategies in the United Bank for Africa has led to its growth over the years of its operations in Zambia and further research is encouraged. Key words: Banking Industry, Customer satisfaction, Customer service, Customer loyalty, Customer retention, Impact, Quality of Service, United Bank for Africa.

Metropolitan Youth Center Services A Review of the Euralille Youth Centre []

There is a deficit of secure, stimulating meeting areas for children and teens in Nigeria's ever-urbanizing and spreading neighborhoods, particularly for those who live in destitute conditions at home (Hager, 2006). These children frequently lack basic human needs like safety and a feeling of belonging, which all humans require on a daily basis (Howard & Prince, 2002). This lack of need fulfillment is exacerbated by a shortage of informal public places of refuge and safe social gathering. Developing a youth center as part of youth empowerment is a continuous growth process in which the community comes together to help youth meet their basic human needs and desires to feel safe, cared for, valued, useful, spiritually rooted, and to develop skills and competencies that allow them to function and make a significant contribution in their daily lives. The study recommends a set of fundamental ideas for youth center design, as well as locally suitable and entrepreneurial alternatives which equip practitioners and developers with a comprehensive toolbox from which to draw in order to stay relevant in design. Keywords: youth, public spaces, community, empowerment, safe

Influence of project team on the performance of construction projects in Rwanda. case of real construction ltd in Rwanda. []

Team project is the process of working together among a group of people in order to accomplish a goal or a set of goals. The work performance of the team is higher than individual performance when the work requires a broader scope of knowledge, judgement and opinion. Therefore, this research seeks to identify the influence of team project to the performance of construction project in Real Construction Ltd in Rwanda. The specific objectives of this study are: To assess the effect of team leadership on performance of construction project in Rwanda; To establish the influence of team trust on performance of construction project in Rwanda; To assess the effect of team spirit on performance of construction project in Rwanda and To assess the influence of recognition and rewards on performance of construction project in Rwanda. For achieving the objectives of this research the Competence Theory and Goal Setting Theory was adopted by the researcher. The entire or target population comprises of 171 employees from Real Contractors Ltd. The study was intended to generate primary data. By using a quantitative method (surveys); the plausible data collection methods chosen therefore was self-administered questionnaires. The mean, variance and standard deviation was applied to determine if the respondents were within a close range to the average and by what magnitude. Pearson correlation analysis was performed since the assumptions for parametric tests was meet in order to examine associations between the study variables as hypothesized in literature review.As per the table no.15, the information displayed shows that beta = 7.0153 as well as the p values was 0.000 and t is 7.010. To conclude, the p value is less than 0.05 and the researcher maintained the positive hypothesis and concluded that team leadership affect the performance of construction project.Analyzing the table no.15, the information displayed shows that beta = 2.814 as well as the p values was 0.006 and t is 2.815. To conclude, the p value is less than 0.05 and the researcher maintained the positive hypothesis and concluded that team trust affects the performance of construction project. According to the table no.15, the information displayed shows beta = 3.623 as well as the p values was 0.000 and t is 3.624. To conclude, the p value is less than 0.05 and the researcher maintained the positive hypothesis and concluded that team spirit affects the performance of construction project. As per the table no.15, the information displayed shows that beta = 4.639 as well as the p values was 0.000 and t is 4.639. To conclude, the p value is less than 0.05 and the researcher maintained the positive hypothesis and concluded that team leadership affect the performance of construction project. Based on the findings of the research, the research recommends the following: There is a need in increasing motivations and recognition provided on time. For instance, most of the construction project start without a success plan and even when they allow motivations to the employees it takes a long time to provide them. In addition, depending on the nature of the project, each construction site should have a direct supervisor or a leader but not combining many sites to be led by one person. It has been noticed that some employees in construction project do not receive insurances covering their health plans. This should be carefully observed as these employees are more likely to face accidents. Government should mandate all construction companies to provide insurance to these workers so that whenever there is an accident, it will be able to cover the expenses and recover quickly from the risk.


This study aims to see the effect of (1)organizational climate on emotional exhaustion of the City of Sungai Penuh Agency for Personnel and Human Resources Development (2) Workload on emotional exhaustion of the Agency for Personnel and Human Resources Development of Sungai Penuh (3) Role conflict on emotional exhaustion of the Agency for Personnel and Human Resources Development of Sungai Penuh (4) Organizational climate, workload and role conflict have a joint effect on emotional exhaustion. The population in this study were all 38 employees of the Human Resources Development and Personnel Agency of Sungai Penuh City. The technique of determining the number of samples using total sampling. The data analysis technique used multiple regression by fulfilling the requirements of the classical assumption test of normality, and multicollinearity, heteroscedasticity. The results of this study indicate that (1) organizational climate has a significant negative influence onemotional exhaustion of Sungai Penuh City Personnel and Human Resources Development Agency (2)Workload has a positive effect on emotional exhaustion of the City of Sungai Penuh Agency for Personnel and Human Resources Development (3) Role conflict has a positive influence on emotional exhaustion of the City of Sungai Penuh Agency for Personnel and Human Resources Development (4) Organizational climate, workload and Role conflict together has a positive effect on emotional exhaustion of the Personnel and Human Resources Development Agency of Sungai Penuh City.

Barriers and Facilitators of Life Insurance Uptake_A case of Kalumbila Mining Community []

The growth of life insurance industry in Zambia has been lower than the country's average economic growth. This means that other sectors of the economy have been growing faster than the life insurance industry. It has been noted that life insurance in Zambia has been growing marginally while the country has had a good business environment that should demand more life insurance. In addition, major efforts by the Government have been made to improve the performance of the insurance sector and yet its uptake remains lower than what is average in most African nations. This paper aims at examining the factors that impact the uptake of life insurance. The objective of this study was to investigate the barriers and facilitators of life insurance uptake. The study focussed on three independent variables such as religious and cultural beliefs, employee benefits as a substitute of life insurance, education & levels of life insurance awareness. In order to achieve this, a mixed-method research methodology was chosen as the research paradigm underpinning the study using structured questionnaire as data collection tool. The study findings revealed that Kalumbila had a 23% uptake of life insurance with most respondents obtaining their information about life insurance from insurance agents and TV/Radio media. The results also revealed that factors such as education & income levels, religion, and nature of employment, savings and family size had very minimal effect on the respondents’ decision to buy life insurance and that the employee benefits were not a substitute for life insurance. Key Words: Life Insurance, Awareness, Employee Benefits, Income and Social Factors.

Effect of Strategic Sourcing On Operational Performance of Organization: In Case of Bahirdar Textile Share Company []

The study targeted to analyze the effect of Strategic Sourcing on Operational Performance in Bahirdar textile Share Company. The rationale behind conducting this study was that Strategic sourcing and procurement is a critical challenge faced by many firms involved in the supply chain management.

Activity Concentration and Radium Equivalent Significance in Soil from Oil and Gas Fields in Nembe Communities, Bayelsa State, Nigeria []

The activity concentration and radium equivalent significance in soil from selected Nembe oil and gas fields and host communities, Bayelsa State, Nigeria were determined using gamma-ray spectrometry. The activity concentrations of 40K, 238U and 232Th in soil samples have their minimum values as 127.68±8.31 Bqkg-1, 0.00 Bqkg-1 and 6.05±0.62 Bqkg-1 and their maximum values as 775.89±42.68 Bqkg-1, 51.89±42.64 Bqkg-1 and 109.67±9.75Bqkg-1 respectively. The average values of 40K, 238U and 232Th are 439.96±24.87 Bqkg-1, 20.82±6.00 Bqkg-1 and 49.66±5.23 Bqkg-1 respectively, were recorded for the oil and gas fields. The radium equivalent estimated from activity concentration of 40K, 238U and 232Th in soil samples values ranged from 35.23 Bqkg-1 to 235.03 Bqkg-1 with an average value of 125.71 Bqkg-1 and found to be lower than the world average value of 370 Bkg-1 set by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. The obtained average results of soil samples of 40K, 238U and 232Th were compared with UNSCEAR, 2000 standard and are higher above the recommended standard of 400.0 Bqkg-1 and 35 Bqkg-1 for 40k and 232Th and lower than the recommended standard of 33 Bqkg-1 for 238U. Therefore, the use of this soil for industrial and domestic activities will not pose any radiological threat to human health.

2x2 X-Band Microstrip Patch Array Antenna for Radar Application []

This project is about designing, analyzing, and implementing a 2x2 X-band antenna for radar applications. The design is compacted between 7.5-9.8 GHz X-band frequencies with a maximum gain of 12.5 dB and direct radiation patterns. To improve antenna performance in terms of impedance and profit bandwidth, an air gap with stacked patches is used in the proposed construction. Prior to the detailed analysis the Fr4 material and beyond is used as a substrate due to its availability and low cost. Simulation and analysis are performed with the HFSS (High-Frequency Structure Simulator) simulation tool.


All learning tasks are based on one-way or two-way communication activities, where learners liaise with their instructors, other learners and content within their learning surroundings. The appraisal of the success of such interaction is the key point in any learning process since it has direct impact on learning end product. To put it simply; for assessment motive, administrators and educators can evaluate the recorded logs of the learning management systems for different types of data such as the number of logins, documents accesses, reports on achievement etc. Therefore, the purpose of using recorded data for assessing the effectiveness of teaching-learning process and using the end product for development and enhancing quality lead to the exposure of the field known as “learning analytics”. Based on the analysis of data, attainable forecast could be reached to make suggestions, and give decisions in order to device involvement for the enhancement of the quality of the process. Hence, the concept of “learning analytics” is a promising and important field of study with its processes and potential to advance e-learning. The concept of “learning analytics” is also the interchange of technical and social sides of learning process (Siemens & Gasevic, 2012). From a technical point of view, the algorithms that forms predictive systems, personalization models, semantics and network analysis needs deep technical expertise (Gulbahar & Ilgaz, 2014). From a social point of view, these algorithms are either based on existing learning theories both individually or socially, or creates new methods to be used for future applications to improve quality in teaching, based on the research with mining of relevant data. As a result, being an interdisciplinary area, “learning analytics” promises so much to close the gaps that exist in communication processes for online communities.