Volume 5, Issue 5, May 2017 Edition - GSJ Journal Publication

Effect of Radiations on Unsteady Heat And Mass Transfer of A Chemically Reactive Fluid Past A Semi-infinite Vertical Plate With Viscous Dissipation- Finite Element Solution []

The effect of radiation on unsteady heat and mass transfer of a chemically reactive fluid past a semi-infinite vertical plate is investigated in the presence of the viscous dissipation. The governing equations for velocity, temperature, and concentrations fields are derived and solved by Galerkin finite element method. The effect of the governing parameters on the temperature, concentration and velocity fields are discussed numerically and shown in figures.

Nutritional Status Of Adolescent School Children In Selective Urban And Rural Area []

A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted among the school children of two secondary schools located in rural area at Golgonda High School, Mymensingh and in selected school in urban area at Government Laboratory High School, Mymensingh during April'2016 to June'2016 aiming to assess nutritional status among secondary school children in selected urban and rural area. By using convenient sampling technique, among 261 respondents data were collected by face to face interview with pretested semi structured questionnaire. Among the respondents, (35.8%) were in the age of 15 years in urban area followed by (25.2%) were in the age of 15 years in rural area. Majority (63.9%) were female and (36.1%) were male and (56.6%) were female and (43.4%) were male in urban and rural area respectively. Majority (94.8%) were Muslims, only (3.9%) were Hindus and (1.3%) were Christians in urban area and (94.3%) were Muslims, only (5.7%) were Hindus in rural area. Majority (86.4%) of the respondent's father were illiterate and (66.1%) fathers were Service holder in urban area and in rural area (13.6%) fathers were illiterate and (84.0%) fathers were Farmer.(67.9%) mothers were illiterate, in urban area and in rural area (32.1%) mothers were illiterate. Majority (79.4%) were housewife in urban area and in rural area (96.2%) were housewife. This study reveals that in urban area, (51.0%) of the respondents were in the income group of TK. 10001 to 20000 per month per family. In contrast to urban area, (46.2%) of the respondents were in the income group of TK. 1000 to 10000 per month per family in rural area. Frequencies of consumption of meat, vegetables, cereals, milk products and junk food were significantly higher in urban than in rural adolescents. There was no significant correlation between BMI and area of residence. There is substantial difference of weights between male and female. The study points out different food habit and nutritional intakes among urban and rural area which enables to find specific action point in improving nutritional status of the studied age group among the mentioned areas. From this study it also reveal sthat the urgent need for initiation of schoolhealth programme with specific emphasis on, improvement of nutritional status, personal hygiene and prevention of diseases with the collaboration of governmental and non-governmental institutions.


Efforts have been put in place by organizations and government, including World Health Organization to curb the menace of the world most delicate and deadly disease called malaria. Lack of trained medical personnel, incessant industrial disputes in the medical sector leading to prolong strike actions, and improper management of patients records in most medical outfit have contributed to the fail attempt in the fight against malaria. Make progress, a readily accessible but cost effective self support diagnosis system is essential. This paper proposed development of a mobile-based Expert system (Telediagnosis and drug prescription system) that would be available to all and sundry, with the capability to augment the human expertise in the diagnosis and prescription of drugs for patients with malaria. The intention is to develop a (self-support) decision support system that will assist patients in the diagnosis of malaria in the absence of a doctor, make the system a mobile-based in other to be accessible to patients no matter their locality, cultural background and level of IT literacy. Object oriented analysis and design (OOAD) was used in the design of this work. Unified Modeling Language was used as a graphical language to specify the behavior of the system. Acquisition of knowledge from expert was through interview with stakeholders and major actors in the medical sector. The proposed system was implemented using Java in android studio programming platform. MYSQL was used as the database engine in WAMP server. The system was tested using several test data.

Environmental Policing: Impact of Community Policing in the Management and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources - A Case Study of the Morogoro Region- Tanzania []

The study on the impact of community policing in the management and sustainable use of natural resources was carried out in Morogoro Region from March to May, 2013. The study covered 145 respondents both Police Officers and non-police. The main source of data collection was primary in nature where the main method of data collection was a field research survey using self-administered questionnaires within which a further Paper and Pen Interview approach was employed. The findings from this study indicate that the impact of community policing in the management and sustainable use of natural resources such as land, forestry, water and protection against environmental degradation was good. The study recommends that the Tanzania Police Force under the umbrella of Community policing programs should involve the widest possible range of policing agencies, formal and informal, in order that they are all speak the same language of sustainable environmental practices. It further recommends that the central government should increase the training budget in order to improve the training of police personnel especially in relation to the environment which is new area of interest in the policing functions in the country. Therefore, this paper outlines the possible strategic and philosophical contributions of Community policing by understanding the significance of involving communities in environmental policing.

Engineering Properties of Mechanically Stabilized Subbase Material Using Natural Gravel Around Jimma Quarry Sites For Unpaved Road Construction []

Unpaved roads are designed with a small input and are constructed from the nearest available materials as possible. It requires routine and periodic maintenance, and their condition can be significantly affected by a period of excessive traffic volumes or inclement weather condition. The accurate estimation of maintenance cost is difficult. Many problems occur in the economic analysis of unpaved roads in comparison with paved roads. Defects which may affect unpaved roads are dusty, potholes, stoneness, corrugations, and rutting. Hence, it needs to apply sufficient stabilization method to strengthen and increase the durability of the unpaved road. Mechanical stabilization is an important application in engineering for different types of construction to improve the performance of road construction materials. The objective of this research was to determine the Engineering properties of natural gravel materials by mechanical stabilization method to be used in subbase material for the unpaved road. The methodology carried out in this research study includes: (a) field visual inspection and sampling of natural gravel materials from three quarry sites around Jimma area; and (b) laboratory tests to identify the physical and mechanical properties of natural gravel. Based on the laboratory test results, natural gravel materials from the Seka quarry site has an excellent Abrasion resistance of 35.26%, Plasticity Index of 13% a little bit above the upper limit, and good gradation (coarser and less subtle or binder materials), right CBR value. While the Jiren quarry site has a little Abrasion resistance of 52.09%, medium plasticity index, poor gradation (moderate fine material), CBR value of 28.90% which was below 30% minimum requirement, but had good MDD. On the other hand, the Merewa quarry site comprised of a very poor Abrasion resistance of 78.34%, Plasticity Index of 23.90% which was beyond the upper limit plasticity index of 12%, and poor gradation (more fine materials), poor CBR value and poor MDD. Therefore, it is concluded that the natural gravel from the Seka quarry site is suitable for subbase course. But since road construction around Jimma is booming, the natural gravel from this quarry site would be soon depleted. About this, mechanical stabilization is recommended by blending the natural gravel from Seka quarry site with 54% by weight with Jiren natural gravel of 46% by weight to meet the minimum requirements for subbase materials.

Virtual Dietician []

In the world we live in today, we make use of mobile application for most of our tasks to save time and money. Using the modern available technological knowledge, almost every simple task can be done by a mobile application. So, in this project, a Virtual Dietician application is developed which also make use of Artificial Intelligence. It takes user data and then calculates the cost function considering various factors like availability, popularity, protein content, fat content, carbohydrate content and son on of the food items and gives the appropriate diet to the user.

Board Configuration on Financial Distress []

Board configuration is discussed in the context of the perceived need of the board as a strategic resource in the organization. This is one of highlighted area in the corporate governance. According to the practical scenarios corporate governance caused for the financial distress and most of distressed company reasons are emerging lack of good governance. This study is examined is there significant impact of board configuration on financial distress of manufacturing firms listed on Colombo Stock Exchange during the period of 2012 to 2016. The study identify there is only significant impact on distress is CEO duality and other board size. Both control variables of Return on Equity (ROE) and solvency are show significant impact on financial distress and there is a significant negative relationship in between the both independent variables of CEO duality and solvency.

Tanzania as an Emerging Digital Economy []

The paper on Tanzania as an emerging economy aims at analyzing the emerging digital economy,assessing its characteristics and associated behaviours in country. Specifically, it analyses the socio-economic impacts of digital economy on internet usage, e-commerce and weaknesses, challenges and riskassociated with the same. Research methodology used were literature review, consultations with keyinformants, data analysis and team discussions. Both qualitative and secondary quantitative data andinformation were employed. The paper reveals that the emerging digital economy in Tanzania havemobility and pervasiveness characters; digital economy have unsatisfactory internet usage, insufficientnetwork coverage and lack of building network capacity; average growth potential rate, infrastructure,and market saturation were also unsatisfactory; insufficient network capacity, low internet usage, lowcompetition, lack network coverage, poor Information Communication Technology infrastructures,absence of consumer protection, and absence online business taxation systems; lastly but not least, hyper-connectivity was found to affect the performance of economy by hindering online transactions of manycustomers. The study recommends that the government has to create and review policies related todigital economy to guide the performance, interconnectivity and flexibility in accordance with local andglobal needs. It further recommends that government has to strongly support and facilitate theInformation Communication Technology investments in order to extend coverage of internet usageespecially in rural areas and, lastly, to adopt of online businesses tax collection systems as a means towiden tax base by capturing the online business taxes.

Giant inflammatory fibroid polyp []

Inflammatory fibroid polyps are uncommon but well documented polypoid lesions occurring in the gastrointestinal tract most frequently in the stomach followed by the ileum but rarely in the colon, duodenum or esophagus especially in the sixth decade of life. We present the case of a 49 years old male patient who has been presenting an epigastric pain for 1 month. The fibroscopy shows a submucosal mass in the lesser curvature of the stomach. In fact, the abdominal scanner shows a mass in that area with an endoluminal development and boardbased implantation. A gastrectomy 2/3 was performed. At the macroscopic level, we found a tumor (4 x 3.5 cm) that has a bumpy surface, it is also nodular and smooth, located at 6.5 cm from the pyloric limit and 3.5 cm from the fundus limit. It has a submucous siege, although limited, lifting it and ulcerating the gastric mucosa. It is whitish with yellowish foci. The histopathological examination shows that this is indeed a conjunctival tumor proliferation having a fascicular architecture and storiform. Tumor cells are spindle-shaped and eosinophilic cytoplasm. The tumor depth dissociates gastric muscle and surface and invades the lining. The immunohistochemical profile was: CD117, Dog, PS100, ALK: negative, CD34: positive in the vascular structures and caldesmon: positive. This case has peculiar clinical and pathological particularities that should be kept in mind when evaluating a mesenchymal tumor of the lesser curvature of the stomach.

The Impact of Bank Specific Determinants on Profitability of Licensed Commercial Banks In Sri Lanka []

Banks, as the critical part of financial system, play a vital role in contributing to a country's economic develop-ment. The study explores the impact of bank specific determinants on the profitability of licensed commercial banks in Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) during the period of 2012-2016. The research employs 10 Licensed Commercial Banks for the study. Measures of bank specific determinants employed in this study are Capital Adequacy, Operating Efficiency, Deposits, and Assets Management. Also this study employed return on equity (ROE) as the measurement of the bank profitability. The data were analyzed and hypotheses were tested through descriptive statistics, correlation analysis and regression analysis. The findings revealed that, banks' profitability in Sri Lanka is significantly affected by the Operating Efficiency and Capital Adequacy.

Modeling of Micro-grid System Components Using Matlab Simulink []

Micro-grid system is presently considered a reliable solution for the expected deficiency in the power required from future power systems. Renewable power sources such as wind, solar and hydro offer high potential of benign power for future micro-grid systems. Micro-Grid (MG) is basically a low voltage (LV) or medium voltage (MV) distribution network which consists of a number of called distributed generators (DG's); micro-sources such as photovoltaic array, fuel cell, wind turbine etc. energy storage systems and loads; operating as a single controllable system, that could be operated in both grid-connected and islanded mode. The capacity of the DG's is sufficient to support all; or most, of the load connected to the micro-grid. This paper presents a micro-grid system based on wind and solar power sources and addresses issues related to operation, control, and stability of the system. Using Matlab/Simulink, the system is modeled and simulated to identify the relevant technical issues involved in the operation of a micro-grid system based on renewable power generation units.


Agriculture is the backbone and dominant sector in Indian economy. India has a geographical area over 320 million hectares of which 175 million hectares are considered as cultivable lands. "In India, there are 74.6 millions of agricultural labourers and in Tamil Nadu their population is 78.96 lakhs. It is because of the toiling of agricultural labourers, our 846 million hungry stomachs are getting filled up three times daily. If they do not put their hands in the soil, others cannot put their hands in their food. But, they still remain poorest among the poor in India" Indian agriculture is still unorganized as far its operation is concerned; we know the manpower plays an important part in operation. One of the reasons which lack in HRM activities in Agriculture is due to less number organized player and resistant to change from the farmers and bigger unorganized player. The human resource in Indian agriculture originally consists of only cultivators. But due to historical, economic and social factor, labor class has emerged in course of time. Thus human resource in agriculture has come to consist of cultivators (owner/lessees of land) and labor. Thus our study focuses on Human Resource Audit on agriculture laborer at Elakurichy in Ariyalur District. This will help all the farmers of Tamil Nadu to know their real situation.