Volume 8, Issue 10, October 2020 Edition - GSJ Journal Publication

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Ambient-stable CuFeO4 synthesis process Wet []

Abstract Cathodes made of Fe (VI) salts are capable of multiple electron reduction and are useful for the formation of energetic super-iron batteries. CuFeO4 is of compelling interest, capable not only of 3e− cathodic storage like Fe (VI → III), but with an intrinsic availability of additional Cu (I) sites, for a total of a 5e− alkaline earth reduction: CuFeO4 + 5/2H2O + 5 é → Cu + 1/2Fe2O3 + 5 OH- Thanks to the interest of the cathodes made up of Fe (VI) salts, we can achieve the process of synthesizing copper ferrate which consists of substituting the Barium ions with the ferrate VI obtained by copper by mixing them with a solution of copper nitrate Cu(NO3)2, in order to study and optimize the essential parameters influencing the substitution yield as well as the monitoring of its degradation over time, the reaction yield of which is of the order of 95.7% at a temperature around [15°C - 45 °C] and pH = 11 for 40 minutes. The phase obtained was characterized by UV spectrophotometer by measuring the optical density at the wavelength 507 nm and analyzed by the volumetric titration method.

Flecainide Acetate Poisoning (a case report) []

drug poisoning by antiarrhythmics is considered serious with an unfavorable prognosis despite progress in intensive care. Flécaine is a class Ic antiarrhythmic drug according to the Vaughan Williams classification, its effects are responsible for cardiogenic shock by myocardial depression and rhythm and conduction disturbances that it can generate. We report the case of a woman, having ingested a dose of 6 grams of Flécaïne® which was at the origin of an acute circulatory failure who did not respond to symptomatic treatment with a fatal evolution. In the absence of a specific treatment, therapeutic management boils down to the administration of catecholamines and molar sodium, which were ineffective in our case.

Deep Learning Approach for Autonomous Shopping Cart Robot []

In the field of artificial intelligence deep learning based models are highly succeed in object detection and recognition task, but the sate of the art models has not yet been applied to autonomous navigation task. For autonomous robot navigation task, we face a great challenge for obstacle avoidance, shortest path searching and strong real-time. In our proposed method we use Mask-RCNN region based Convolutional Neural Network, one of the most recent best performing object detection task models for detecting different objects. We train this model with our own dataset with extra additional class obstacle free floor in indoor shopping mall. After detecting this floor, we have applied probabilistic roadmap planner(PRM) for getting roadmap and Dijkstra algorithm to calculate the shortest obstacle free path for autonomous shopping cart robot movement that outperforms better.


This study aims to examine the factors that influence the carbon emission disclosure. Several factors, company size, profitability, leverage and type of industry. To measure the extent of carbon emission disclosure used checklist that was developed based on the information request sheets provided by the carbon disclosure project (CDP). The population of this study was all companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2017-2019. Sample of this study was non-financial companies listed in Indonesia stock exchange for the period 2017-2019. This research applied purposive sampling method to obtain 40 companies listed in Indonesia Stock. The data used is secondary data from Indonesia Stock Exchange website. The classical assumpstion was used for data analysis and regression analysis for testing hypothesis. The result of this study showed that firm size, leverage and type of industry significantly influence to the extent of carbon emission disclosure. Meanwhile profitability had no significantly influence to to the extent of carbon emission disclosure.

Impact of FDI on Indian Economic growth []

This research is based on impact of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) on economic growth in India. There are certain components which influence the Foreign Direct Investments. It comprises of Trade openness, Inflation rate, Economic stability, Investment policies, rules and regulations adopted, implemented Exchange rates, foreign reserves and Political stability of the country. Further, Foreign Direct Investments succor to amplify trade and it dispense financial aid too. Foreign Direct Investments have ameliorate Balance of Payment problems in Indian economy. The foremost objective of this paper is to analyze the impact of foreign direct investment towards the growth of the Indian economy. Net Foreign Direct Investment inflows and Gross Domestic Product are taken as the variables for the study. Simple Regression and Pearson’s correlation methods are used for the study to measure the impact of Foreign Direct Investments towards the Indian Economy. The study is based on Secondary data collected through the World Bank website from 1970 to 2019. According to the Empirical results it reveals that Foreign Direct Investments are significant for the growth of the Indian Economy and the positive association between FDI and GDP.

Applications of Virtual Worlds in education, healthcare, and tourism globally and the opportunity in Pakistan []

Virtual worlds are three-dimensional simulated environments where people can collaborate virtually while keeping the interaction as real as possible. In the past decade, the applications of the virtual worlds have been used in nearly every field ranging from education, medical sciences, social science, research, entertainment, businesses, and much more. Recognizing the significance and implementation of virtual worlds across the globe, in this article, we list down the major applications of virtual worlds and explore the landscape of Pakistan and the potential of utilizing virtual worlds as a platform to develop interventions that can be beneficial for the masses.

Blood Glucose Disorders in an intensive care unit CHU Oran []

The assessment of blood sugar is a very important monitoring parameter in resuscitation and is considered a good reflection of the metabolic status of the individual. In patients hospitalized in intensive care we observe the occurrence of glycemic disorders in diabetic and non-diabetic people for whom it is necessary to introduce a treatment regimen well adapted to their disorders so as not to aggravate their prognosis.

Rendering Sustainable Development: A Failed Attempt to Re-balance an Unequal World []

Abstract This paper shows that, whereas the idea of development, for instance in the form of modernization theory chooses growth and modern industrial society as objective, sustainable development challenges it on environmental and resource grounds. However, behind its attractive discourses, sustainable development proves to be an intentional will to produce change and its practices tend to reproduce the old power relations. This being said, to what paradigm sustainable development came to be an alternative? Has sustainable development posed a serious challenge to the idea of the development consistent up to the 1980s? Asking these questions allow for a query of elements of change and elements of continuity in the very concept of development in contemporary international cooperation. In this paper qualitative data was collected from articles, journals, books, etc and I will analyze all the accessible publications which are done by the other researcher. On the other hand, the subject of this paper is possible to analyze using the secondary data. JEL Classification: I3, O1 Keywords: Sustainable development; Environment; Economic growth; Post-modern critique


A cross-sectional study was carried out from October 2018 to June 2019 to determine the prevalence of bovine trypanosomosis in Anfillo district. The method employed during the study was buffy coat technique for parasitological study. Blood samples were collected from ear vein of 384 heads of cattle to assess trypanosome species. The overall prevalence of the disease was 15.4 %. Out of 59 infected animals 14.1 % cattle were found to be infected by T. congelense, (6.8 %) T. vivax, (1.6%) mixed parasites (T. congolense and T. vivax) and (1.3%) T. brucie. The study revealed that trypanasomes were widely distributed and prevalent in all body condition scores of animals and in all age and sex groups of cattle in the study area. The results of the study suggested that trypanosomosis in the area was decreasing. However, due to its impact on the livestock, an appropriate tsetse control method should be expanded to reach tsetse infested area in a sustainable manner to alleviate the problem of trypanosomosis in the area.


In the information technology era, there exists a huge amount of electronic data and information worldwide, therefore many great challenges arise. One of them is how to exploit these information and knowledge resources to turn them into useful knowledge avail-able to concerned people, since the value of knowledge increases when people can share and capitalize on it. Thus approaches that can help researchers to benefit from existing hidden knowledge are needed and tools that can extract relevant and useful knowledge are required as well. By combining many information with many relations, more novel and useful information are found. Representing such combination requires a special structure (called information map). This paper introduces an efficient information map as a graph structure for diverse information and their relationships, called Oriented Directed Acyclic Graph (ODAG) algorithm. Moreover, formu-lating a new evaluation of the creative information, called Creative Information Quality (CIQ) algorithm by allowing agents to link di-verse information dynamically. These diverse information are generated from an intelligent inference mechanism, which based on the principles of information associations; similarity, contrast and contiguity

Gallery’s Role in Contemporary Chinese Art Market and commercial space in china []

This paper focuses on one particular segment in the international contemporary art market, the contemporary Chinese art market. And commercial space in china as the fastest-growing segment, it offers a great opportunity for people to explore the mechanism in the art market, which is very different from markets for general goods. In addition, with its unique political and social characteristics, China has bred an art market quite unlike the western ones. In this paper, I attempt to explore the similarities and differences and the reasons behind between the emerging Chinese art market and the more developed western ones by picking out one important player in this whole market to study, the gallery. By exploring gallery’s role through the relationships and interactions it has with other players in the market, such as artists, auction houses, art museums, art critics, buyers, and government, I attempt to explain the mechanisms within the market and how these help shape the market as it is today. Four detailed interviews were conducted in this study with knowledgeable people currently working in the contemporary Chinese art market in addition to the desk research through the literature on the art markets. Similarities and differences were found and policy recommendations were made in regard to the deficiencies found through the study. China has had a space program since roughly the same time that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) were created in 1958. China has not had a commercial space sector in which firms vie to sell space products and services to state and private customers domestically and internationally. Keywords: Contemporary, Role, Art Market, Commercial Space, Gallery, and Growing


This paper aims to present different articles that explain the significance of the production and utilization of teacher-made localized teaching materials as a supplemental resource to improve the teaching-learning process. Particularly, it aims to present the connection between the instructional materials utilized by teachers to the achievement and learning of the learners. Articles from various international online journals served as the primary resource of this paper. It focuses on the findings and recommendations of these journals. The review revealed that teacher-made localized teaching material has a significant effect on the improvement of the achievement of the students.

Analyse comparative des rentabilités des systèmes agricoles au plateau des Batéké en périphérie de Kinshasa []

Dans le but d’améliorer les revenus des agriculteurs et de contribuer à la séquestration de carbone, l’ONG GI AGRO a soutenu les agriculteurs d’Ibi-village et ses hameaux dans l’installation des systèmes agroforestier associant l’Acacia auriculiformis (A. Cunn. Ex Benth) au manioc (Manihot esculata. Crantz). Cependant, après la récolte de manioc, environ 90 % des bénéficiaires de ce projet ont abandonné le système. Une situation qui a retenu notre attention. Ainsi, l’objectif de ce travail est celui d’identifier les facteurs qui freinent le développement du système agroforestier dans la zone. Nous avons procéder à une comparaison entre la rentabilité du système agroforestier et celle du système agricole traditionnel afin de vérifier si cela ne constituerait pas un blocage au développement de l’agroforesterie. Outre la revue de la littérature, un focus group et un sondage auprès de 162 agriculteurs ont été menés. La valeur actuelle nette et le taux de rentabilité interne ont été utilisés comme critère d’évaluation de la rentabilité de ces systèmes. Les résultats révèlent que les deux systèmes agricoles sont rentables. Au taux d’actualisation de 10 %, le système agroforestier est plus viable par rapport au système agricole traditionnel. Cependant, le point mort du système agricole traditionnel est atteint à la deuxième année, tandis qu’il faut attendre sept ans pour atteindre celui du système agroforestier, chose que les agriculteurs ne supportent pas. Mots clés : agroforesterie, carbone, rentabilité, obstacle, développement, Ibi-village. In order to improve farmers’ incomes and contribute to carbon sequestration, the NGO GI AGRO has supported farmers in Ibi-village and its hamlets in the installation of agroforestry systems involving Acacia auriculiformis (A. Cunn. Ex Benth) with cassava (Manihot esculata. Crantz). However, after the cassava harvest, about 90% of the beneficiaries abandoned the system. The aim of this work was to identify the factors that hinder the development of the agroforestry system in this area. Thus, we wanted to compare the profitability of the agroforestry system with that of the traditional agricultural system in order to see if this would not be a block to the development of agroforestry. In addition to the literature review, a focus group and a survey of 162 farmers were conducted. Net present value and internal profitability were used as a measure of the profitability of these systems. The results show that both agricultural systems are cost-effective. At the discount rate of 10%, the agroforestry system is more viable compared to the traditional agricultural system. However, the break-even point of the traditional agricultural system is reached in the second year, while it takes seven years to reach that of the agroforestry system, something that farmers cannot stand. Keywords: agroforestry, carbon, profitability, obstacle, development, Ibi village.


Abstract---This study aims to provide a review of the competence and skepticism of professional auditors on the detection of fraud with spiritual intelligence as a moderating variable. This research was conducted at the BPKP Office of West Sulawesi Province, where the auditor was the research sample. Sampling with a purposive sampling method, with a sample of respondents 49. The type of data used in this study is primary data. The data collection method uses a questionnaire. Data analysis techniques using Moderated Regression Analysis (MRA) and using SPSS version 25. The results showed that: first, positive and positive competence in the detection of fraud. Second, professional skepticism has a positive and significant effect on the detection of fraud. Third, spiritual intelligence moderates the effect of competence on fraud detection. Fourth, spiritual intelligence moderates the influence of professional skepticism on the detection of fraud. Keywords-Component; Spiritual Intelligence, Competence, Professional Skeptism and Fraud Detection.

The Role of Immersive consumption experience in the Design and Development of Brand Experience in the Luxury Retail Environment []

This article explores the role of immersive consumption experience in the design and development of brand experience in the luxury retail environment. Three research objectives seek firstly, to gain an understanding of the meaning of immersive consumption experience in luxury retailing and identify the role, purpose and value to luxury retailers; secondly, to explore the different ways in which immersive consumption experience manifests itself in the luxury retail environment by examining sole brand and multi brand luxury retailers, and lastly, to identify how immersive consumption experience is brought to life through the curatorial roles within luxury retailers. In light of increasing global competitive pressures and fast-paced technology advances associated with mobile devices, the rise of Omni channel retailing has led luxury brands to be ubiquitous, with the resulting challenge for luxury retailers to develop seamless and experiential Omni channel brand experiences in order to continue to differentiate and grow. However, there is a paucity of literature regarding the design and development of luxury brand experiences, suggesting a gap in the literature. The research was an investigative, qualitative and thematic analysis-based study. The data collection focused on face-to-face semi-structured interviews with 17 senior professionals from the luxury retail. Keywords: Role, experience, Design, Development, Brand, Luxury, Environment, Immersive and consumption

The study on some important medicinal plant []

Medicinal plants have been used in virtually all cultures as a source of medicine. The widespread use of herbal remedies and healthcare preparations is described in the Vedas and the Bible. Medicinal Plants have been used for thousands of years to flavour and conserve food, to treat health disorders and to prevent diseases. Awareness of medicinal plants usage is a result of the many years of struggles against illnesses due to which man learned to pursue drugs in barks, seeds, fruit bodies, and other parts of the plants. Active compounds produced during secondary metabolism are usually responsible for the biological properties of plant species used throughout the globe for various purposes, including treatment of infectious diseases. The microbial growth in diverse situations is controlled by plant derived products. Almost every portion of the plant has own medicinal properties. The traditional medicinal uses of some plants species belonging to different families and general overview of the medicinal plants are reported in this review article.

atypical Clinical form of post-covid 19 kawasaki disease in a child admitted to pediatric intensive care unit EHU 1er November , Oran []

Since December 2019, severe acute respiratory syndrome due to coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), responsible for the COVID-19 disease, has been recognized as a causative agent of severe pneumonia in the adult population mainly .Children are clearly under-represented in terms of frequency, with patients <20 years of age accounting for only 1 to 2% of documented cases in Italy and China .At the end of April 2020, in Europe (United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain) but also in the United States and Australia, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, resuscitation services reported a significant increase in the number (however little high) of “pediatric cases of myocarditis with circulatory failure and an upsurge in atypical Kawasaki disease without heart failure” We report an observation of a child admitted to pediatric intensive care unit at EHU Oran for consciousness disorders after a covid 19 infection producing a pseudokawasaki form whose evolution was favorable. The prognosis of Kawasaki disease is related to the severity of its cardiovascular complications

Intérêt de la kétamine en chirurgie abdominale majeure:Etude contrôlée, randomisée, double aveugle, multicentrique []

La DPO de la chirurgie abdominale majeure par laparotomie est qualifiée de sévère, elle associe également des phénomènes de sensibilisation Périphérique et centrale définissant l’hyperalgésie primaire et secondaire respective et des phénomènes d’allodynie. L’administration péripératoire des substances antihyperagesiques et la réduction de l’utilisation des opioïdes en peropératoire dans un protocole d’anesthésie et d’analgésie multimodale a fait l’objet de nombreuses études. La lidocaine IV, la kétamine ont été étudiées soit indépendamment ou par comparaison dans plusieurs études sur la réduction de la consommation de la morphine en postopératoire et les scores de la DPO. L’objectif de cette est d’évaluer et de comparer l’effet de l’ajout de la kétamine a la xylocaine IV par rapport à l’utilisation de la lidocaine seule. On a mené une étude prospective, comparative, randomisée, en double aveugle, multicentrique menée au service de chirurgie générale de l’hôpital public de Mostaganem représentant le centre 1 et le centre hospitalo-universitaire représentant le centre2 en Algérie,elle a été réalisée sur une période de deux ans allant de Mars 2017 à Mars 2019, 84 patients ont été opérés pour une chirurgie abdominale majeure par laparotomie comparant deux groupes de patients. Le groupe P1 (n=43) a reçu un bolus delidocaine IV (bolus +perfusion continue)et le groupe P2 (n=41) a reçu en plus de la lidocaine, de la kétamine (bolus +perfusion continue), Une analgésie supplémentaire a été assurée par le paracétamol IV et de la néfopam ( ACUPAN) et de la morphine titrée pour arriver à l’objectif analgésique( EN ≤ 3). Les données recueillies sur la consommation de la morphine 24h après la chirurgie et les scores de DPO à la toux et au repos à différents temps postopératoires sur l’échelle numérique (EN). La consommation de morphine au cours des premières 24 heures était réduite dans les deux groupes mais significativement plus faible dans le groupe P2 avec des scores de DPO au repos et à la mobilisation plus faible (P < 0.001). Les résultats obtenus ont clairement démontré que l’ajout de la kétamine à la xylocaïne entraine une épargne très importante en morphiniques 24 heures après la chirurgie dans une stratégie d’analgésie multimodale et réduisait de façon très importante les scores de la DPO dans les conditions statiques et dynamiques

Evaluation de la prise en charge initiale des AVC aux urgences de l’EPH de Mostaganem. Adéquations avec les recommandations:Etude rétrospective sur 132 patients []

L'accident vasculaire cérébral (AVC) est une pathologie fréquente dont la mortalité et les séquelles ont diminué par le développement des unités neurovasculaires (UNV) et de la thrombolyse. Le but de notre étude était d'évaluer la prise en charge des patients suspects d'AVC dans le service des urgences d'un hôpital ne disposant pas d'unité de neurologie comme l’hôpital public de Mostaganem (Algérie). Notre étude rétrospective, descriptive et mono centrique porte sur 132 patients issus de l'échantillon tiré au sort pour le recueil des indicateurs pour l'amélioration de la qualité et de la sécurité des soins réalisé en 2018 concernant la prise en charge initiale de l'AVC au cours de cette 'année sur une période de neuf mois. Nous avons évalué 8 indicateurs de pratique clinique relatifs à la prise en charge aigüe des AVC ainsi que la surveillance initiale des facteurs d'agression cérébrale secondaire d'origine systémique. Les principaux résultats de l'étude montrent un une insuffisance dans la prise en charge des avc,soit un délai important entre le début des symptômes et la prise en charge, l'absence d'indication de thrombolyse, d'utilisation de l'IRM en première intention et de la réalisation du score NIHSS, une expertise téléphonique insuffisante auprès d'un neurologue, un faible taux d'hospitalisation en UNV et de prescription d'aspirine chez les patients présentant un AVC ischémique constitué. La surveillance des paramètres vitaux (pression artérielle, pouls, température, saturation en oxygène, glycémie capillaire) n'est pas réalisée conformément aux recommandations. Notre étude a mis en avant les points à optimiser dans la filière AVC dans l’hôpital public de Mostaganem. Une fiche de recueil de données a été proposée en ce sens.

Design,Development and Implementation of e-Management []

ABSTRACT Ekiti is one of the first areas to embrace modern Western Education, and today it is possible to find people whose great-grand- parents were well educated. It would be impossible to find a home where nobody is educated; rather, most homes can boast of at least a person with tertiary education. Every community has access to educational facilities of one sort or the other, raging from the pre-primary and primary, to secondary and tertiary levels. Since education is on the concurrent list, there are private as well as public institutions all around the towns and villages in Ekiti State. The States Ministry of Education, Science and Technology leverage on the possibilities through information and communication technology to deploy her internal and external services using these tools rather than manual data processing. The Ministry of Education (MOE), in collaboration with its parastatals, is charged mainly with the administration of Education in the State. The Ministry of Education has the responsibilities of implementing all the Educational policies and ensures conducive learning environment. The Ministry manages all Public Schools in the State. It sets standard, maintains quality control and articulates Educational Programs. With the help of web-based technologies, governments as well as citizens have efficient possibilities for providing and acquiring information. Especially the rapid evolution of the WWW and the available telecommunication infrastructure within the past decade has led to a massive increase of knowledge in the field of research of e-Government.