Volume 10, Issue 7, July 2022 Edition - GSJ Journal Publication

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case Study: Getz Pharma- A Successful Journey []

It is part of the Getz Group of Companies that has been working for more than 160 years. In 1852, in California, Joseph Getz, a Prussian immigrant, and his three brothers opened a general store in Lower Lake. By the 1870s, the Getz Brothers were supplying Shanghai, Hong Kong, Calcutta, and Madras with pharmaceuticals and food. It is also worthwhile that the groups of Getz Pharma have global employment structure based on more than 1000 workers from different field. They deal in different products of healthcare and exports these products to more than 50 countries.


The rural poor depend primarily on small-scale agriculture and related activities to enhance livelihoods. They wrest a living through agriculture, though with many challenges. The study investigates the contribution of small-scale agriculture to livelihood improvement and the challenges faced by small farmers in Balikumbat Sub-Division (North-West Region, Cameroon). The hypothetic-deductive approach was used to test the hypotheses obtained via a systematic and a random sampling technique, with 97 respondents from 5 villages in the Sub-division. Supplementary primary data were obtained from questionnaire respondents, interviewees and from focus group discussion participants. The questionnaire administered focused on small-scale agriculture vis-à-vis livelihood improvement. Field data was processed and analyzed using inferential statistical tool (chi-square) with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Science. The calculated chi-square results revealed that physical and human challenges affect, to a greater extent, small-scale agriculture. Small-scale agriculture being the primary source of income in Balikumbat Sub-Division, contributes extensively in enhancing livelihood. However, findings suggest that 84.9% respondents attested that physical setbacks dominate challenges wrecking small-scale agriculture despite its importance in providing households basic needs. 65% of crop producers confirmed to the lucrativeness of small-scale farming. A second-guess of sensitization for this activity should be envisaged in order for it to have a tremendous positive visible result in the area.

The Use of Traditional Courtyard Design in Libyan Housing as a Way for A Sustainable Design []

The courtyard in traditional houses played a major role in giving local architecture its character and uniqueness as an architectural unit a social climate that left its mark over time. It was noticed recently and started with a wave of modernity and the social changes that man experienced in Libya, which produce the absence of this element from the local architecture, and the emergence of contemporary housing that is unsustainable and ineffective in meeting the cultural and environmental needs for its occupants. This article seeks a solution for contemporary housing through the adoption of the many features that a traditional courtyard design offers. In addition to its advantages for thermal comfort and utilization of natural lighting, the courtyard reinforces many values of social connectivity and privacy for the family. Through an architectural analysis, the research tests the different characteristics of courtyard design and provides guidlines for further implementation in contemprary housing. The results of the study show that the courtyard design has a good potential in supporting sustainability within the contemporary context, while still supporting the functionality needed by modern dwellers.

Ecological Encroachment and it Environmental Implications in Badegana Grazing Reserve of Northeastern Nigeria []

Studies on ecological encroachment in grazing reserves through spatial analysis represent vital evidence for comprehensive decision making on resources management. This study aimed to evaluate ecological encroachment and it environmental implications in grazing reserves of Northeastern Nigeria. The method used were spatial analysis, field inventory and observations. Base on the major findings, there are evidence of encroachment due to cultivated land increases from 53% to 84% and bareground stands at 7%. Grassland decreases from 36% to 4% and forest cover stands at 4% with changes to 6% between 2005 and 2010. Later, cultivated land decreases to less than 1% (Plate 1) and bareground increases from 7% to 34%. Grassland increase to 93% and further decrease to 65%, while forest cover increase to 1% in 2015 to 2020. In conclusion, the research work established the efficacy of satellite remote sensing imagery of LU cover records and changes in Badegana Gazing Reserve for the past 15 years. It can be deduced that; encroachment due to cultivation reduces across the period from 2005 to 2020. In the long run, the reserve is sustainable for livestock grazing since there is drastic reduction on cultivated land.

Mathematical Thinking Transformation and Children's Adaptive Anxiety []

Adaptive anxiety in the process of mathematical thinking transformation is a psychological difficulty and thinking gap that students face throughout the construction of their mathematical thinking. Tension and pain are frequently present. Adaptive anxiety will also fade away after they leave the maths learning scenario. The shift of thinking, the appearance of complicated learning problems, and the breaking of the knowledge chain are the major causes of adaptive anxiety in primary school kids. It must be resolved by educating students about the true root of their worry, teachers' reasonable use of transformation tools, and textbook content organization. Reduce elementary school children' adaptive anxiety during the thinking transformation process and improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

A Mini Review : Effect of Nigella sativa L on Haematological Parameters of Cultured Fish []

Disease attacks on fish will have an impact on changes in various components in the body, one of which is hematological conditions. Therefore, the hematological index can be used as an important diagnostic tool to evaluate the health status of fish. In addition, the hematological index can also be used as an indication of the condition of the body's resistance to disease. Several publications show the hematological parameters of fish that can be used to diagnose fish health status, including the number of erythrocytes, the number of leukocytes, the hematocrit value and the hemoglobin value. The use of herbal ingredients can be used to help improve the condition of the hematological parameters of fish. Nigela sativa is one of the herbal ingredients that can induce several hematological parameters of fish, as an indication of an increase in specific and non-specific immunity of the fish body including increasing lysozyme and phagocytic activity, expression of various cytokines, so that fish resistance to disease and other environmental disturbances, such as stress. physiology can improve. So the purpose of this article is to describe the effect of N. sativa administration on hematological parameters in various types of cultured fish. Based on evidence from various scientific works, it gives an illustration, that the use of N. sativa seeds in the form of flour or oil can be used as a supplement to improve hematological conditions, based on the parameters of the number of erythrocytes, leukocytes, hematocrit and hemoglobin levels in various types of cultured fish. Keywords: Nigella sativa, hematology, fish, immunity.

The Sustainable Development of Waterfronts for Coastal Cities as A solution for Green Spaces: A Case Study of Derna, Libya []

The economic and geographical locations of coastal urban developments allow them to have unique activities and growth patterns. The waterfront of a city is filled with endless opportunities to be used for various purposes, especially for recreational projects, which can increase the citizens’ sense of belonging and reinforce their social and cultural values. However, some urban developments may lose such an opportunity due to various reasons. Derna is a city located at the Eastern part of Libya with a long Mediterranean waterfront. The waterfront in the city has not been fully utilized and activities were developed humbly to address the logistical and commercial sea activities. The current research aims to study urban green spaces/ urban parks in the waterfront the city of Derna, Libya in alignment with sustainability requirements and supporting the historical, social, and cultural needs of its population. An architectural analysis is carried out for the city, where the lack of sufficient parks and green spaces was apparent. The analysis also shows that the waterfront of the city is not developed to its fullest potential. Furthermore, a questionnaire was carried out on the residents of the city to understand their preferences and viewpoints on implementing a park development to the waterfront. The findings of the research on Derna’s waterfront emerge from the needs and preferences of the city residents, as a proactive strategy in meeting population desires and providing a feasible solution to urban planners and developers in the city.

Fetching the Rational ERP – Chemsolve Industries (pvt) ltd. []

On the monthly payment run of January 2nd, 2021. Mr.Farukh Izhar was approving the invoice and the oracle ERP invoice just came out with a load of payable for the sake of Resource planning management. After reviewing the whole invoice, he demanded the annual report for the oracle. All attention was diverted to the huge payouts made as a whole report. After meaningful consideration and management discussion, the management decided not to go further with oracle and have to find a substitute with the same paced work and more accurate integration. The cost reduction was becoming a priority for them to solve after taking it on a serious note. This issue was highlighted multiple times at the board meetings. All they have was to find an alternative with less cost and good performance.


Bojong Salawe is located in Karangjaladri Village, is one of the villages located in Parigi District, Pangandaran Regency, West Java Province where Pangandaran Regency itself is a relatively young district because it is the result of the expansion of Ciamis Regency, West Java. Bo-jong Salawe has a mangrove conservation area located around the coast and estuary. The method used in this study is a survey method where measurements are made directly in the field (in-situ). The mangrove ecosystem in bojong salawe grows along the coastline or on the banks of the river which is influenced by the tides of a combination of river water and sea water. In general, the condition of the wa-ters of Bojong Salawe is still fairly good, not exceeding the water quality standards, with a pH value of 7.35 – 7.9. This value indicates moderately alkaline water. Based on MENLH Decree No. 51 of 2004, this value is still within the sea water quality standard for biota, which is between pH 7 – 8.5. salinity values in the waters of the estuary Bojong Salawe ranged from 33 - 35 ppt with an average of 33.6 ppt. This value corresponds to the salinity value of seawater, which is between 33 – 37 ppt. According to the Minister of Environment Decree No. 51 of 2004, this salinity value is suitable for mangrove, seagrass and coral reef ecosystems. The water temperature is in the range of 28°C to 32°C. The dissolved oxygen value is in the DO range of 6-8 mg/L, this still shows that the water conditions are in the normal cate-gory in accordance with quality standards.

Impact of Monetary Approach on Balance of Payment in Nepal []

This study investigated the applicability of the monetary method to the balance of payments in Nepal. The data for the paper's time series, which covered the period 1975 to 2021, originated from the NRB and the ministry of finance and covered variables such as the NFA, NDC, GDP, CPI, TB, and ER, among others. Software EViews 10 was used to analyze the data. A correlation and regression analysis were computed. Out of five macroeconomic factors that influence the supply and demand for money, the findings showed that the three variables that have the most effect on the country's NFA and BOP are net domestic credit, gross domestic product, and exchange rate.

Assessing level of introduce physical land management practice []

The study attempt to assessing the level of introduce physical land management practices the case of Jabitehnan woreda, Amahara region, Ethiopia. Under this, the researcher was confirmed to the specific objectives in study area was assessing the implementation level of introduce and indigenous physical land management practices, Assess farmers’ perception on introduce physical land management practice and to explore the determinant factors on introduce physical land management practices. The study employed through mixed research method approach. The data collection tools Primary source data were collected by questionnaire surveys, focus group discussions and key informants interviews while secondary data source were collected from relevant publish and unpublished materials. Also the research design using the cross sectional survey design method forms the respondents. Descriptive survey research design and mixed research approach was employed; Data were gathered from 114 randomly selected respondentst. The data analysis was explained by descriptive statistics and Binary regression model. The qualitative data analyze by words, narrative and the quantitative data were analyzed by frequency tables, percentage. The research showed that 79.8% of respondents were responded the implement level of indigenous physical land management practices where as 20.2 % of the respondents also responded the implementation level of introduce physical land management practices in the study area. And 75 .4 % of farmers respondents revals that awareness on introduced physical land management practices whereas 24.6 % of farmers respondents also revals that had not the awareness of introduce physical land management practices in the study area. The major diterminat factors were farm size, topography, distance of farm land and development agent experts. These result shown that Binary regression model reveal that large farm size had positive impact on introduce physical land management practices; topography had negative relation introduce physical land management practice; the development agents had negative significant influence on introduce physical land; distance from farm land also had a positive significant value of on introduce physical land management. Other remaining factors social demographic factors had direct and indirect significant value forintroduce physical land management practices. The study concludes that in making interventions in physical land management practices, there should be active participation of local stakeholders. This helps to integrate indigenous land management practices and the new techniques and enhance easy adoption and sustainable use of effective introduced practices.


As industrialization and technology development increase, the problem regarding labor protection will also increase, which require companies/agencies to provide labor protection, such as but not limited to the implementation of occupational health and safety pro-gram. The program is critical to ensure that the organization provides a safe working environment for employees and minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries. In 2017 work accidents in Indonesia increased to 21.38% and 40.69% in 2018. In the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia, work accidents reached 9 cases in 2020 and 25 cases in 2021. The main causes of OHS cases include personal factors or work behavior, excessive workload, and fatigue. This quantitative research aims to explore the effect of work behavior and workload on the occupational health and safety of auditors with work fatigue as intervening variables in the inspectorate general of the ministry of manpower can be discovered.

Airlift Express: Reinventing the grocery wheel in Pakistan []

Usman Gul, chief official officer (CEO) and proprietor of Airlift, a company that gives last-mile conveyance of foodstuffs, To begin with, Pakistan benefit that conveys groceries at your doorstep in 30 minutes construct a setup of the distribution center that produces simple for quick conveyance and Utilized mass media vehicles. The organization began with a travel transport benefit in Lahore and extended to Karachi. Over time, this once one-room trade developed into a full-fledged company. But as the In the midst of Covid-19, Airlift stopped operations on the travel benefit, acting in the best interest of their customers. presented an online grocery service in Pakistan in July 2020, with the title of "Airlift Express" bringing $10 Million in outside ventures. With progressing consolation with online payment alternatives such as cash-on-delivery, Pakistani buyers are presently very comfortable requesting foodstuffs and gadgets, as well as attire, online.

Haier: Talent Development, Engagement and Retention []

In this case study we will talk about Issue face by Haier group, it is one of the top multinational company specialized in the production of consumer electronics and home appliances. Haier is facing issues like HR dept. is overburden. As Haier Pakistan is spending money on the employee development but its not mandatory for employees. There are also some serious issues regarding Labour as in Haier Pakistan, there is no labour Union, there is some issue regarding their smoking policy as well as there is high turnover issue of labour specially in harvesting season, besides that there is significant turnover issue regarding the skill stuff.

Title of paper: _ Understanding the Infrastructure of Terrorist Financing – Is Sri Lanka at Risk of Attack []

The objective of this study is to investigate the financial background of terrorist groups and to contribute to a better understanding and knowledge of Terrorist Financing. Literature proves that Terrorists could pose a threat to Sri Lanka. One potential threat is the LTTE's reorganization, and another is an attack by ISIS. Terrorist organizations use a variety of strategies to fund their operations, including both formal and informal channels. Undiyal is one of the underground methods to transfer illegal funds, nevertheless, terrorists also use digital forms methods such as Bitcoins. This is a qualitative study that is based on a review of the available literature on terrorist financing issues. The study contributes to academic researchers in understanding terrorist financing and the nature of future research that should be concentrated in this field. The study will further assist policymakers to initiate prevention measures for future potential terrorist risks.

Teachers’ evaluation strategies and its impact on students’ learning out-comes. The Case of Secondary Schools in Diamare Division of the Far North Region of Cameroon []

The work sets out to study “Teacher’s evaluation strategies and its impact on students’ learning outcomes in selected secondary schools in Diamaré division. Evaluation is recognized as a comprehensive, systematic and purposeful process that is an integral part of teaching and learning which reflects students’ progress and achievement. This study is a theoretical and explores secondary sources of data. The study was supported with three main theories; cognitive evaluation theory, achievement motivation theory and evaluation apprehension theory. The study used descriptive survey design and the simple random sampling technique. The sample consisted of 300 students. Data were gathered from the participants via valid and reliable questionnaire. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used. The Pearson Chi-Square of independence was employed to measure the correlation between variables which help the researcher to verify the research hypotheses. Based on the analysis, the following results were obtained in relation to the hypotheses: Considering H1 we had X² cal of 226.877 ≥ X² read of 214.477. This is an indication that there is a significant relationship between teacher’s questioning techniques and the learning outcomes of students. For H2 we obtained X² cal of 387.714 ≥ X² read of 242.647. Based on this we concluded that there is a significant relationship between teacher’s remediation strategies and the learning outcomes of students. The results revealed that there is a significant relation between teachers’ evaluation strategies and learning outcomes of students. Based on these results, discussions were carried out, recommendation given, conclusion drawn and suggestions made based on the various results obtained.


Studies have shown that a high workload is often accompanied by stress and fatigue and impacts employee on achieving productivity. The heavier a person's workload, the higher the work fatigue in each workforce. Workload and work stress in employees also can affect burnout and productivity. The productivity of functional auditors in the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Manpower is largely influenced by several variables, such as workload, work stress, and fatigue. This study is a quantitative study that aims to explore the effect of workload and work stress on work fatigue and its impact on the productivity of functional auditor employees in the inspectorate general of the ministry of manpower. This study is complemented by research backgrounds, literature reviews, hypotheses, and research methodologies. By applying the conceptual model, the status of the influence of workload and work stress on work fatigue and its impact on the productivity of functional employees of auditors at the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Manpower can be discovered.


Work environment has a direct influence on employees’ performance. A poor physical environment may lead to employees easily getting sick, stressed, and find difficult to concentrate, resulting in decreased performance. Based on data on the achievement of audit results Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia, it was found that the increase in audit burden impacted an auditor’s quality of work. This quantitative study aims to find out the effect of workload and physical environment on auditor performance with work stress as an intervening variable at the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia.