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The Journey of Bisconni []

Bisconni is one of the leading Biscuits manufacturers in Pakistan they have many well-known brands in biscuits category including Cocomo, Chai wala, Rite, Novita & Rollies Cake. The company has achieved many milestones in the recent past. The higher management strategically moved to gain more profitability by changing all the products' carton configurations. This was a turning point for the company as the market is currently buying the products in old carton configuration and is not ready for this change. The company is looking for a long-term solution to drive its sales with more profits.

Design and implementation of a microcontroller development kit for STEM education []

In many high schools all over the country, electronics engineering and embedded systems design are being seriously neglected for many reasons, including a lack of equipment and materials for teaching. In this paper, our main aim is to solve this pressing issue. Young people and students in Nigeria are entering a new era of technology in which STEM education and embedded system design are becoming more accessible and affordable. We want to encourage more growth in STEM education to promote technological advancement in the country. This aspect becomes essential in a high school laboratory, where students have to work with different types of embedded systems. For example, in our department of Electronic Technology, three 8-bit and one 16-bit microcontroller families are used in different projects. Each microcontroller type requires its development board with its own set of peripheral devices that requires its code; this is a waste of resources, and so came the idea to use the same set of peripherals on a motherboard and to plug in a daughterboard with a specific microcontroller and its associated circuitry, to prevent waste and aid learning

New Emerging technologies in PTCL []

A meeting held in 2016 about the new launches and innovation in the PTCL at Lahore. The discussion will be start by the launch of fiber optic cable in Punjab due to some bad weather conditions like rain or excessive heat. The old wires were not proved much efficient and profitable with high speed internet. So the starter had been taken from the Punjab and get the whole to provide the fastest internet. 70-80% of fiber cable work was already being done in Islamabad and northern areas of Pakistan. This year we have to complete it in Lahore. But what were the consequences faced to the company by end users? What are the types of fiber optic cable and which type is more beneficial and gave much of productivity ? How much time will be required to complete this plan perhaps, it could be complete or not in much period?

Women’s Experiences with Postpartum Anxiety: A Qualitative Study in Vashantek Slum Area in Dhaka City []

Experiences of postpartum anxiety among mothers have been a major concern for today’s society. To explore this, the study tries to explain the reasons behind the post-birth stress, also the researcher tried to explore cultural aspects such as attitudes, behavior, and fear of stigma among mothers regarding post-partum anxiety within the study area. Furthermore, the researcher tried to explain the attitudes of mothers toward medical care for post-partum depression. To conduct this study, qualitative methods were used and within the study area, purposive sampling was employed to collect data from those mothers who had given birth in the last five years. So, the target population was those women who gave birth to a baby in the last five years and the sample size for this study was 30. Results of the study indicated that socio-economic conditions, illiteracy, unemployment, and underemployment, trigger financial instability, and tensions among family members which eventually results in postpartum anxiety. Because of the economic insolvency new member in the family seem to be a burden which increases intimate partner violence. Apart from this, cultural attitudes of family members to prioritize the male child in the family over the female child, superstitious behavior, negligence towards the mother’s health, and forceful intercourse by the husband after being addicted to drugs are the major concerns to trigger post-partum depression. Lack of knowledge about post-partum depression, and lack of uniformity regarding the problem among the mothers in the study area is also a vital cause of this issue. All these matters are elaborately discussed throughout the study. Keywords: Postpartum, Anxiety, Depression, Mother, Children, Mental health, Slum area.

The Influence of Human Resources, Compliance with Regulations and Implementation of Management Information Systems on Security of Regional Property in the Regional Secretariat of West Sulawesi Province []

This study aims to determine the effect of human resources, compliance with regulations and the application of management information systems to the security of regional property. This study uses a quantitative approach. The population of this research is the Regional Secretariat of West Sulawesi Province. Sample selection using purposive sampling method. The sample used in this study were 100 people from 6 bureaus. The analytical method used in this research is multiple linear regression analysis. The results obtained are the ability of human resources to have a significant effect on securing regional property. Compliance with regulations has a significant effect on securing regional property. The application of information and management systems has a significant positive effect on securing regional property.

Challenges of International Banking Operations: Evidence from Development Bank of Ethiopia []

he main objective of this study is to assess and identify challenges facing in international banking service operations by evidencing from Development Bank of Ethiopia. To answer research questions and to attain the objective of the study the researcher was employed descriptive research design, and both quantitative and qualitative research approaches have been used. The study used both primary and secondary data sources. Primary data was collected by using Likert scale questionnaires and structured interviews whereas secondary data have been collected from document reviews. The population of the study was Development Bank of Ethiopia and the respondents were selected using the purposive sampling method which is non-random type of sampling technique. The quantitative data was analyzed by descriptive statistical tools such as frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and presented in table forms, and data was analyzed using SPSS version 26 software. Interview and document review data was analyzed and presented in qualitatively. To check the validity of the instruments the questionnaire was evaluated by bank experts and thesis advisor before distributing to respondent and interviewing. The reliability of the instruments was tested using Cronbach’s Alpha. The major finding of the study were; technological inadequacy, lack of sufficient staff training, foreign currency shortage, bank’s limited capacity of trade financing, weakness in maintaining know your customer data, some regulations and directives issued by National Bank of Ethiopia, customers knowledge gap, discrepancies on shipping document, non-payment or defaulting of customer, political unrest and language difference are challenges facing in international banking service operations. Finally, the study recommends bank: to invest more on technology, give periodic training to staffs and its customers, find out foreign currency sources, strength its liquidity so to finance import-export customers, give precaution on know your customer, give short term English language training to staffs and check creditworthiness of customer before issuing letter of credit so as to reduce customer defaulting. It is better policy makers to give high attention on English language curriculum policy. It is better government to identify root causes of political unrest in the country and create stable business environment and bank has advised to create uncertainty recovery strategies for such risks. It is better National Bank of Ethiopia regulatory bodies to issue wise regulations and directives especially on foreign currency usage policy and create suitable platform banks to compete internationally. It is better import-export customers to hire educated employees and give training to its staffs.


The study was a cross-sectional descriptive study adopting both qualitative techniques in data collection, analysis and presentation. The study was conducted at David Livingstone College of Education in Livingstone and only targeted employees aged 55 and above. The population of the study was made up of all (33) employees aged 55 and above based at DALICE representing a 100% sample inclusion. The sample size involved 33 participants and 5 key informants that these were selected purposively. Research tools that were used are self-administered Questionnaires and Key Informant Interview Guides. The study found out that employees at DALICE were aware of the increased retirement age and available options. The study also established that majority of employees (particularly female employees) at DALICE were against the increased retirement age. In relation to how increased retirement age affected employee commitment at DALICE, the study established that increased retirement age had both positive and negative effects on continuance, normative and affective commitments of employees at the institution. The study therefore makes some of the following recommendations: government should revert to the old retirement age, government should revisit the retirement age policy, and government should engage relevant stakeholders and formulate an inclusive popular accepted retirement age policy and Principals of education colleges and other related organizations need to be aware of the individual differences among employees who vary in personal needs, and attempt to align management styles to employee needs for improving their job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Key Words: Retirement age, employee commitment, continuance commitment, normative commitment, and affective commitment.


One learner adopts information quickly while the other struggle so much to understand the given information. Therefore, an effective teacher should also be able to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the learners regarding the subject or topic being taught and is quick to incorporate their own teaching style with other effective teaching method. The study's findings indicated that 72.3 percent of respondents were female, compared to 27.7 percent of male respondents. According to the data, the majority of respondents' mean ranges between 1.6 and 2.0 have the highest percentage of 61.5 percent. These ranges are followed by 1.0 to 1.5, which have a lower percentage of 15.4 percent, 2.6 to 3.0, which have a 7.7 percent percentage, and 2.1 to 2.5, which have the lowest percentage of 3.1 percent. Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMMS) had the biggest percentage of SHS graduates (61.5%), followed by General Academic Strand (GAS) with 15.4%. Following that are Technical Vocational Livelihood (TVL), which has 7.7 percent, Accountancy and Business Management (ABM), which has 7.7 percent, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), which has 3.1 percent. The percentage level of learning style in terms of: [1] visual showed that most of the respondents with mean range of 2.51 - 3.25 have the highest percentage 67.7 percent, followed by mean range of 3.26 - 4.00 with 32.3 percent; [2] auditory, with mean range of 2.51 - 3.25 with highest percentage of 66.2, then mean range of 3.26 - 4.00 with 33.8 percent; and [3] kinesthetic, with mean range of 2.51 - 3.25. As the significant values of the learning style 0.718 with regard to respondent profile were more than 0.05, the null hypothesis was accepted, indicating that there is no meaningful association between the two. Keywords: Correlational study, Learning styles, Relationship, Respondents Profile, VAK


In today’s rapid changing technological evolution, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are exposed to serious information security risks as they depend more and more on technology to run their businesses. This is because SMEs have not considered information security risk as an essential factor before diving into the use of technology. SMEs can be exposed to three categories of information security risk, which include risk associated with human errors, malicious intent to cause harm and risk associated with technology and natural disasters. Apart from this, SMEs are also facing some information security challenges. This study seeks to provide some recommendations to SMEs and to the government on how SMEs can operate securely despite the information security risks and challenges they face.


This research focussed on a comparison of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) policies of two developing countries (Xiamen in China and Bangladesh). The research was designed to examine these policies in both study areas in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses. To achieve this, the key requirements of ICZM were examined, the ICZM policies of both countries were evaluated against define mechanisms and then recommendations were made. In selecting the case studies, this research considered locations with the highest proportional increase in human population around coastal areas in 2070s. For the purpose of analysis, the research adopted five mechanisms based on an eight country study targeted at improving integration for ICZM. These five mechanisms include Environmental Impact Assessment, Planning Hierarchy, Setback Lines, Marine Spatial Planning and Regulatory Commissions. The nature of the coastal zones in each of the study areas were examined to understand the underlying issues relating to ICZM, followed by an assessment of their ICZM policies. It was discovered that both countries possess extensive policies relating to ICZM but the level of implementation varied. Xiamen’s coastal issues mainly revolved around conflicts from the multi-use of the coastal zone with most of such conflicts manifesting within the marine environment. Bangladesh’s coastal issues on the other hand are both natural and man-made. The country’s coastline had been devastated by tsunamis, cyclones and erosion in the past. There is also the problem of land use conflicts which saw shrimp farming take-up land designated for other coastal uses. Recommendations were made both generally and specifically to the study areas.


Flaring of gas results in significant methane emissions. It is generally assumed that flares operate at 98% efficiency, meaning that 2% of the waste gas is not burned, and approximately 2 million metric tons per year of methane is released into the atmosphere as unburned gas. In most countries with large-scale flaring activity (for example, Russia, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran), flaring is associated with conventional oil and gas production. Adaptability and mitigation strategies has been a problem unresolved which this study tend to solve. We employed the used of ArcGIS environment will aid the buffering of rings around the gas flare sites to determine the population density of communities within the study area and also the Landsat imagery will help in observing the variation in temperature and vegetal health of the study area. The Likert scale questionnaire shall be the main research instrument of the study. The results shows that, more of preventive and mitigations strategies need to be put in place in the flaring area of gas in the Niger delta KEYWORDS: Flaring strategy, Mitigation Strategy, Gas Flaring


This research focused on identification of gas flaring in Niger Delta. The study was carried out in 15 local government areas of Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers States based on the geographic Niger Delta. All the data collected from the questionnaire was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 3.1 to analyze the data using ANOVA, student’s T-test, frequency and simple percentages The likert questionnaire was adopted while the Global Positioning System (GPS) was used to derive the coordinates of the gas flare sites across the study area with the results displayed in maps. The community proximity to the enumerated gas flare sites was analyzed using Google imagery deference, in the ArcGIS environment to see the relationship between phenomena on the ground and that of the image. KEYWORDS: Gas flaring, GIS, Pollution and Disaster

Frequently Hypercyclic Behaviour of Sequence Operators in a Hypercyclic C_0-Semigroup []

Let ∑_j▒{T_(1+ε)^j }_(ε≥-1) be a hypercyclic strongly continuous semigroup of sequence operators. Then each T_((1+ε))^j (ε>-1) is hypercyclic as a single sequence operator, and it shares the set of hypercyclic vectors with the semigroup. This answers in the affirmative a natural question concerning hypercyclic C_0-semigroups. The analogous result for frequent hypercyclicity is also obtained.

Prevalence of some bacterial pathogens causing calf pneumonia with special reference to Mannheimia haemolytica []

Calf pneumonia is considered one of the most common and serious problems affecting calves and younger cattle all over the world causing significant economic losses due to high morbidity and mortality rate. A total of 120 samples (nasal swabs and lung tissues) were collected from calves suffering from respiratory manifestations and apparently healthy calves from different farms and small holders at El- Beheira governorate and examined bacteriologically. From diseased calves, there were 30 and 25 positive samples from nasal swabs and lung tissue; respectively. Concerning apparently healthy calves, there were 9 positive nasal swab samples. The prevalence of M. haemolytica, Pseudomonas spp S. aureus and E. coli in the examined samples was 5(4.16%), 8(6.66 %), 21(17.5 %) and 30(25 %); respectively. Antibiogram of all isolated bacteria was studied and discussed. E. coli isolates were serogrouped into O143, O119, O63 and O128. Molecular characterization was carried out for confirmation of the isolates as well as detection of some virulence genes and antibiotic resistance genes in M. haemolytica isolates.

Khaadi Strategic Management Case []

Khaadi is one of the successful and fastest-growing businesses in different parts of the world. In each organization, there is a significant need of implementing an effective strategic management plan because it enhances the chances of success of the business. In this contemporary and innovative world, the use of effective strategic management plans has become enhanced due to the enhanced level of competition in the business field. New entrants are coming into the market and trying to gain success in the market. Therefore, the chances of getting competitive advantages have become reduced, and more effort is needed for this reason. Therefore, it has been found that Khaadi has also implemented an efficient and effective strategic management plan for getting success in the market

The Study of the Stimulated Raman Process in a Magnetized Plasma and its Effect on Material Deposition, Itching and Cutting []

Abstract In this work, we consider the interaction of an electromagnetic wave with the collective modes of a magnetized plasma. In the studied process of the stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) in an electron-positron-ion magnetized plasma, an electrostatic wave will accelerate the electrons of the plasma, and this will lead to a separation of charges in the plasma under the effect of this acceleration. This separation of charge will force the ions of this plasma to be accelerated and from this ions acceleration induced by this parametric process SRS, we expect to enhance the level of the process of material itching (or engraving), deposition, and cutting.

The addition of hydrogen chloride and hydrogen bromide to phenyliminoquinone and its N-oxide []

The carbon-halogen bond can be used as a precursor in forming a range of bonds such as carbon-carbon, carbon-nitrogen, and carbon-oxygen bonds. This is of great interest in the development of the reactions of azaquinone as it will allow subsequent elaboration of the structure to access useful motifs as part of drug development. The addition of hydrogen chloride and hydrogen bromide to 4-(phenylimino)cyclohexa-2,5-dien-1-one, and its N-oxide, 4-oxo-N-phenylcyclohexa-2,5-dien-1-imine oxide, are reported. The halogenation of azaquinone gave substitution products of the quinoid ring. However, the investigation of the halogenation of the N-oxide gave direct substitution of the phenyl ring, changing the selectivity of the reaction and giving the possibility of controlling the product distribution. The concurrent loss of the N-oxide functionality in the products from the halogenation reactions suggests that the mechanism of halogenation of the phenyl group in the N-oxide is from nucleophilic addition rather than the radical reaction observed with azaquinone. These halogenated compounds can now serve as a building block to access new bioactive scaffolds.


This described the prevailing condition of teachers' ICT literacy skills and teaching performance among the fifty-two (52) Senior High School at East ll District, Cagayan de Oro City, the School Year 2020-2021. Specifically, it sought to find answers to the following: the level of ICT literacy skills utilized by the teachers in terms of ICT Basics, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation Information, and Communication, and Computer Ethics and Security; the level of teachers' performance for the School Year 2020-2021; and the significant difference between the teachers' ICT literacy skills and teaching performance. This study employed a descriptive research design to determine the significance. In addition, an adapted questionnaire was used from the Philippine National ICT Competency Standard (NICS) for Teachers of Commission on Information and Communication Technology and Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST) of SY 2020-2021 of DepEd Order No. 042 s. 2017. The results showed that teachers have very high literacy skills in Word Processing. Also, the teaching performance of teachers is at an outstanding level. Further, a significant difference was registered between teachers' ICT literacy skills and performance. Therefore, it is recommended that teachers must at times improve their literacy skills in Spreadsheets, Presentations, Ethics, and Security for better out-comes and usage of ICT at work and in personal activities.


Abstract In this work , I use the fluid equations to study the wakefields generated in a relativistic and collisionless plasma acrossed by a neutrinos beam. We calculate this wakefield by taking into account the collision of these neutrinos with the neutrals of this plasma. This wakefield is very strong and we can consider it as a huge sourse of electric energy in an electron-positron-ion -neutral plasma [1]. This wakefield which is very strong could after a separation of charges accelerate effectively the ions and this will enhance the level of the material Itching, Deposition and Cutting and we can prove approximatly through a special experience and through the deposition process of materials the sense and the direction of this wakefield.

Development of a Framework on the Determinant Factors of Container Dwell Time: A Methodological Review []

In view of the importance of the of the measurement of Container Dwell Time (CDT), this study is aimed at developing a conceptual framework of the not just the key factors but the broad areas or sectors from which these key factors emanate to impact CDT, a missing link in available literature. The proposed framework takes into account two main broad factors that influence CDT; Shipment Level and Non-Shipment Level with the non-shipment level factors further divided into internal and external depending on whether they are factors within the control of port or terminal management. Even though through this breakdown of the determinant factors, terminal operator, ICD Operator, number of regulatory agencies, number and operations of security agencies and many more have been identified, the proposed framework envisages more factors depending on the nature of operations of a port, terminal or ICD and as such guarding against the phenomenon of suggesting just and exhaustive list of determinant factors or characteristics.


One of the components of fish feed that has a high price is fish meal, hence efforts are needed to find alternative substitutes from surrounding natural sources so that the feed price becomes more economical. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the use of common pleco fish meal in artificial feeds on the growth and survival of pangas catfish (Pangasius sp.) as an alternative to providing protein sources in fish feed. The study was conducted using a completely randomized design (CRD), consisting of 5 (five) treatments and each repeated 3 (three) times. The treatment given was the addition of 0, 5, 10, 15, and 20% artificial fish meal in artificial feed. Parameters observed at the end of the study included digestibility, growth rate, and water quality. The results showed that the addition of common pleco meal could be used up to 20% in the feed. The highest relative growth of catfish is 1.88%, digestibility is 60.75%, and the water quality is still within the safe tolerance limits for fish farming. Based on observations, the use of common pleco meal up to a level of 20% in feed does not harm the survival of pangas catfish, thus it can be used as an alternative fish meal in fish feed.


The government of Indonesia has carried out policies to improve the quality of their human capital through compulsory minimum education policy, laws that oversee the allocation of the regional budget for village development, and establishments and management of Village-Owned Enterprises (VOEs). Even so, the government faced challenges such as diverse quality of human resources and unoptimized implementation of VOEs activities. This qualitative study aims to explore the influence of human capital on village local economic development from the perspective of village-owned enterprises at VOEs Panggung Lestari Bantul.


Dearth of extension agents due to lack of employment, poor funding, understaffing and the consistent use of the conventional extension system are presiding issues facing the extension service organizations in Nigeria and Cross river state agricultural development programme (CRADP) is not an exception. This study therefore sought to assess the use of ICT in extension service delivery in Cross river state, Nigeria. The analysis was based on primary data collection using a set of structured questionnaire personally administered to 64 extension agents who were selected through a census sampling technique that constituted all members of the population due to the limited number of extension agents in the a Cross river state. The mean age of the respondent was 51years with 59.5% within the age bracket of 51years and above. 75.0% of them had tertiary education and majority (M =28.1) of the extension agents have gained professional experience of over 21years and above; most of the ICT tools used were personally owned by the agents such as smart phones (M=71.9), Memory card (M=75.0), Television (M= 71.9), Radio (M=68.8), Laptop (M=54.7) and DVD (M=43.8). The commonly used ICT tools were; Radio, laptop and memory card with a uniform mean score of (M=1.4) followed by television, video camera and tablet with GPS also with a uniform mean score of (M=1.3). Marital status (X2 =7.239; P<0.05) had significant relationship with the use of ICT by extension agents which implies that as more extension agents get married, the use of ICTs increase, which means marital status positively influence the use of ICT tools.


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Indonesia suffered from an economic recession, which impacted a lot of companies and resulted in a halt in mergers and acquisitions. An act of merger may result in improved performance or the absence of significant changes between, before, and after the merger. This quantitative research aims to study the merger actions of three Sharia Banks subsidiaries of state-owned banks and their influence on the financial performance, share price, and transaction volume of BRIS shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange as a surviving entity.


Education in Indonesia has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing a decrease in student enrollment in educational institu-tions such as private universities. The decision of enrollment may be influenced by recognition, brand image, income, and provided facili-ties. This paper proposes a conceptual model regarding the effect of tuition fees, facilities, and digital marketing on the decision to choose a university with brand image as mediating factor. The implementation of this paper can provide information regarding the rela-tionship among tuition fees, facilities, digital marketing, brand image, and the decision to choose a university.


Since 2012, there has been a rapid increase in the use of electronic money (E-money) in Indonesia. Currently, there are 37 E-money oper-ated in the country. The emergence of many forms of E-money is also in line with the increase in security problems. Account breaches, illegal data usage, and theft are risks obtained from the use of E-money and digital wallets and threaten to ruin the company’s reputation and reduce users’ trust. This paper proposes a conceptual model of the influence of security, reputation, and convenience on the in-terest in using digital wallets mediated by trust. The implementation of this paper can provide information regarding the relationships among security, reputation, convenience, trust and interest in using digital wallets.