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Abstract Reward management is one of the strategies adopted by Human Resource Managers attracts and retain employee’s attention and stimulates him to work. Well rewarded Motivated employees are more productive, more efficient and more willing to work towards organizational goals than those that are not well motivated. Reward management is either lacking in SMEs or SME owners do not adopt the right reward mix that suit the desire of their employee which create a problem. A study like this has therefore remain germane by investigating the effect of reward management on performance of SME’s in Lagos state, Nigeria. This study adopted the simple random sampling technique on the registered members of National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Lagos State Chapter. One hundred and eighty-five questionnaires were completed and returned. The principal tools for analysis of data are carried out with the help of regression analysis. The finding revealed that Salary, Bonus and Job recognition are good determinant of reward management and there exist a positive significant relationship between reward management and SME performance. It was recommended that SME owners should formulate strategy that will ensure good implementation of the reward management and adoption of right mix that will suit the desire of their employee.

Last-Mile-Delivery (LMD) Solutions Via Autonomous Carriers in A Supply Chain 4.0 Context- A Way Forward to A Greener Supply Chain []

With the growing global population, the demand for e-commerce business have substantially increased in the last decade. This has required business leaders to think out of the box and to acquire the customers perspective. Urbanisation also captivated people to heading their livelihood from village to cities, which leads to severe congestion in urban areas. This issue is directly impacting the logistics providers to supply their deliveries in urban areas, resulting in unexpected delays in delivering customers. According to a report by the U.N. (2014), states that about 54% of the population live in the cities today, and about 66% is expected in 2050. It seems a massive problem of the cloud is about to cover over the sky, and this is the best time to think meticulously and to take preventive measures for the future. The surge of Industry 4.0 brings numerous technologies along with and the digitalisation is one of them. To provide seamless Last-mile-delivery, adoption of digitalisation is crucial, as Last-mile-delivery is considered as the essential activity of logistics providers. Therefore, the Last-mile-delivery (LMD) by autonomous vehicles could bring a significant transformation in the Supply Chain. Though many organisations have started LMD by autonomous vehicles, still it is waiting to be used widely.


-Objectives - This study aims to analyze the effect of employee value added capital on stock prices, value added human capital on stock prices, capital value added structure moderated by profitability affects stock prices, profitability performance moderates the relationship between value added capital employed and stock prices, Profitability performance moderates the relationship between value added human capital and stock prices. Profitability performance moderates the relationship between structural capital value added and stock prices in banking companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the 2015 - 2019 period. -Methodology/Technique – The object of this research is a banking company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with an observation period of 2015-2019. Determination of the sample using purposive sampling method so that the number of samples is determined as many as 10 companies. The analysis technique used is the classical assumption test, moderated regression analysis, hypothesis testing and the coefficient of determination. -Findings - The results show that value added employees have a significant effect in increasing stock prices. Value added human capital has a significant effect on increasing stock prices. Structural capital value added has a negative effect and does not have a significant effect on stock prices. profitability performance ROA proxy can moderate the relationship of value added capital employed to stock prices. Profitability performance proxied by ROA can moderate the relationship of value added human capital to stock prices. Profitability performance proxied by ROA cannot moderate the structural capital value added relationship to stock prices in banking companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2015-2019. -Novelty – This research contributes to signaling theory and signaling theory, so it can be concluded that profitability can affect the increase in stock prices in the Indonesian capital market in several banking companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.


The study assessed the effect of a flipped classroom model in students’ achievement, academic engagement, and satisfaction level in English among Grade 10 students of Misamis Oriental National High School, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental. Specifically, it aimed to: (1) determine the level of student’s achievement scores in English before and after their exposure to flipped classroom approach; (2) determine the significant difference between student’s English achievement scores before and after their exposure to flipped classroom approach; (3) determine the level of academic engagement of students in English in flipped classroom approach ; and (4) determine the student’s satisfaction levels in flipped classroom approach at the end of the implementation period. Quasi-experimental research design using pretest-posttest was employed to determine the student’s achievement in Grade 10 English. Also, the mean, standard deviation, and t-test were used to analyze the data which were obtained from the scores of the said tests. The pretest and posttest questionnaires have a reliability result of 0.858. On the other hand, standardized survey Likert-scale questionnaires were used to determine the academic engagement and satisfaction levels of the students in English in flipped classroom approach, mean and standard deviation were also employed to analyze the data. The findings of the study revealed that the students have higher achievement level of 44.41 indicating “very satisfactory” as exposed to flipped classroom approach. On the other hand, student- respondents’ level of academic engagement resulted to 4.22 indicating “high engagement”. Lastly, for the students’ satisfaction level resulted to 4.52 indicating “very satisfied.” With flipped classroom approach in English teaching, students have higher results in their achievement scores, have high engagement and very satisfied on the said approach. Thus, students can easily learn and understand the concepts and apply these learnings to their daily lives. Keywords: flipped classroom model, achievement, academic engagement, satisfaction level

Improving Pulse Rating for Electrocardiogram (ECG) Using Recursive Least Square and Low pass filter []

Electrocardiogram (ECG) records the electrical signals from your heart to check for different heart conditions. Electrodes are normally placed on your chest to record your hearts electrical signal responses, which causes the heart to move or beat. The signals are reflected as waves on an attached monitor. The major issues related to the ECG systems are noise, noise tends to reduce the integrity of the system, most times the noise are being generated by the sound from the heart, which is interfering with the signals. This noise makes it difficult for the physician to get the original results of the pulse rate and sometime could also influence the result which might leads to damages. However, in order to reduce the noise in the ECG signal we used the recursive least square method with a low pass filter in reducing the noise in the ECG signals. This method was carried out based on different heart pulse responses to measure the degree of noise presence at each pulse rates after filtering with recursive least square. The method significantly reduced noise in the signal to as low as 0.5556 % at 32nd order of the filter, when compared to the error rate of the photoplethysmography (PPG) heart rate monitor the results shown that the ECG system with the recursive least square and low pass filter has more integrity in reducing the noise, which promotes a good signal and is better when compared with photoplethysmography (PPG) and an ECG system without the recursive leas square and low pass filter for noise reduction.


Being smart in the context of setting gaols means be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely as well, the city to be smart need to set gaols which are specific that can be measurable and achieved in a certain period and this goals are accurate. Being in smart city with successful integration of information communication technology means people are able to live and work within the city using its resource by improving operation efficiency, sharing information within the public and provide a better quality of government service and its community well-being. Smart cities enrich social stability and economic prosperity by encouraging its community to invest and use its resources for better living. This research surveyed the community of Rwanda specifically to smart Kigali city which also referred as capital city with the initiative of modernizing citizenship through use of ICT for better service delivery and providing free broadband Wi-Fi internet access in public places that include commercial buildings, bus stations, airport, public transport and cab. Well, as the community are the user of the services, their mind-set need to be taken into accounting during goals set, the more their use services the higher quality of life achieved. This paper will contribute to the future researchers and provide the impact of ICT to smart city toward its smartness this will facilitate the technology suppliers to support smart city initiatives to their respectively cities

The contribution of credit risk management to financial performance: Case study BPR Rwamagana []

ABSTRACT A number of commercial banks have registered an unsatisfactory financial performance. This crisis has been related to inefficient credit risk management systems. This research assessed “the contribution of credit risk management to financial performance”. The guided objectives were the following; to find out the credit risk management applied by BPR Ltd, to determine the level of financial performance of BPR Ltd, and to measure the relationship between credit risk management and financial performance of BPR Ltd. This study is expected to be significant to all Rwandan banking sectors, University of Rwanda, Future researchers, and the general public. The study used BPR Ltd Rwamagana branch, out of 43staff and clients of Rwamagana branch the researcher took a sample of 23 respondents to represent others. The researcher used a descriptive and analytical research based on both qualitative and quantitative data. Primary data was obtained by extracting information from questionnaires designed to get answers from different respondent composed of BPR Ltd staff and clients from different level. Secondary data were collected from books, journals, newspapers and internet materials. In research data is presented in form of tables, graphics while analysis and interpretation were based on frequencies and percentages. The research found that BPR Ltd has a credit risk management that contribute to financial performance though it needs to be reviewed and adopted more to current Rwandan environment. The research found thatthe result shows that majority 52.2% of respondents agree and 30.4% of respondent strongly agree that return on assets have been increased, the result shows that majority 52.2% of respondents agree and 26.1% of respondent strongly agree that they have high ability to meets its financial obligations and majority 43.5% of respondents agree and 30.4% of respondent strongly agree thatliquidity asset of BPR bank Rwamagana branch is twice great. Key words: credit risk, credit risk management and financial performance

Evaluation of different rates of NPSB and copper fertilizers for yield and yield components of teff in Halaba zone, Southern Ethiopia []

A trial was conduct to identify the best fertilizers formulae for production of teff in Halaba, Southern Ethiopia since 2018 and 2019. The trial consisted nine treatments: (1) Control, (2) NPSB =23 N,36 P,6.7 S, 0.71 B, (3) NPSB = 46 N,54 P,10 S, 1.07 B, (4) NPSB = 69 N,72 P,13S, 1.4 B, (5) NPSB = 92 N, 90 P, 17 S,1.7 B, (6) NPSB = 23 N,36 P,6.7 S, 0.71 + 0.63 Cu, (7) NPSB = 46 N,54 P,10 S, 1.07 B + 0.63 Cu, (8) NPSB = 69 N,72 P,17 S, 1.4 B + 0.63 Cu and (9) NPSB = 92 N, 90 P, 10 S,1.7 B + 0.63 Cu/ha. The trial was laid out in RCBD with three replications. Parameters were analyzed using SAS (9.4) software. Economic analysis was performed to evaluate the feasibility of fertilizers for teff production. The study revealed that there was significant difference among treatments on plant height, biomass and grain yield. Significantly lower yield was measured from no fertilizer treatments while the highest yield was obtained from 250 kg NPSB +102 kg Urea/ha. However, this treatment was not statistically differing compared to other fertilizer treatments. The economic analysis showed that treatment 2 (NPSB: 23 N, 36 P, 6.7 S, 0.71B kg/ha) and treatment 3 (NPSB = 46 N, 54 P, 10 S, 1.07 B kg/ha) gave the highest benefit with acceptable MRR. Therefore, farmers can use these rates in the area for teff production. Keywords: balanced fertilizers, deficiency, economic feasibility, yield


Abstract This study sought to find the effect of logistics activities on the operational performance of Bedele Brewery Share Company. The study used both descriptive and explanatory research design and the population of this study is the employees of Bedele Brewery Share Company. The study adopted purposive sampling techniques. The study used a sample size of 158 respondents. Further, the study used self-administered questionnaire as the main instruments for collecting primary data from respondents. Data collected was first edited, formatted and organized for coding into the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 24. Also, multiple regression analysis was used to estimate the relationship between dependant variable and independent variables at the end the study established that procurement and transportation management influenced 65.3% of total variability in the operational performance of Bedele Brewery Share Company. Therefore, study recommended significant variables affecting operational performance should get attention as they are considered the factors affecting the operational performance. Keywords: Procurement, Transportation, Operational performance

Application of logit model on Soil Conservation Practices for contribution of food Security in the case of Chencha, SNNP Region []

To analyze the role of soil conservation technologies to food security in the study area. Random sampling procedures were used to obtain three representative kebeles. In sample Peasant Associations of chencha district a total 270 respondents were randomly selected according to the proportion of population size. Structured and non-structured interview questions were used to collect data. Percentage, frequency, t-test for continuous variables, and chi-square test for dummy variables were used to describe explanatory variable. Logistic regression model was applied to analyze factors that influence food security. age, sex of household head, education level, farm size, extension service, total income biological and physical soil conservation practices and the fertility of the soil significantly affect the probability of being food secured. It is therefore recommended that introduction of SC technologies should also considered as they have “multiple benefits” that farmers are likely to get beside erosion control. Extension services should be improved in order to increase the rate of implementation of SC technologies. Further conclusive research be done to combine the various components of food security in order to get the conclusive impact of independent variables to food security.

Modification of Stakeholder Approach to Higher Education Funding in Zimbabwe post COVID-19 []

Public-private partnerships have become a topical issue in the higher education funding discourse around the world in recent years especially when it comes to developing countries. This situation has attracted the attention of policymakers, scholars and other stakeholders due to the dwindling government’s financial support, massification of higher education, and emergent of the competing needs of society. While common knowledge indicates that meticulous delivery of high-quality higher education plays a crucial role in the socio-economic transformation of any country, the dwindling of the government's financial expenditure towards higher education in Zimbabwe becomes a great concern worth scholarly attention. This heightens the need for advancing knowledge base on public-private partnerships as an innovative solution for higher education funding. Nonetheless, paucity but nascent literature on public-private partnerships for higher education funding in Africa, especially in Zimbabwe, becomes an area for academic apprehension. Accordingly, this paper focuses on the modification of the stakeholder approach to higher education funding in Zimbabwe post-COVID-19. The objectives are to analyze the contributions of private stakeholders to higher education funding in Zimbabwe, to examine the contributions of public stakeholders to higher education financing in Zimbabwe, and to assess the financial needs of higher education institutions in relation to funding in Zimbabwe. The study adopts interpretative philosophy which advocates a qualitative theoretical approach. Comprehensive analysis of the secondary data concerning public-private partnership leads to a model on higher education funding strategies in Zimbabwe. The study concludes that the higher education funding system needs to be revisited, hence recommends the adoption of the Stakeholder Higher Education Funding Model.


Axial flux permanent magnet machines (AFPM) are popular for applications that benefit from high torque density and an axially compact form factor, such as in-wheel traction drives. Although the radial flux permanent magnet machine (RFPM) and the AFPM work based on the same underlying principle, the differences in their geometry introduce complexities in analysis of the AFPM. In this paper, the different AFPM design variants, their sizing approaches, computationally efficient design optimization techniques, and manufacturing techniques reported in literature are reviewed. In addition to classical AFPM machines, emerging variants and research opportunities with potential to push the boundaries of electric machine technology are reviewed. These include bearing less AFPMs, magnetically geared AFPMs, and combined radial-axial flux machines.


The reading building blocks and comprehension difficulties among freshmen students such as 1) Foundation has a conflicting views between respondents and suggest that drawing of effective learning roadmap that seemingly favorable regardless on facing constraints evidently; a plan of action should be made and teacher should invest more on creating a “talking module” to enhance and increases students comprehension and understanding so that their foundation offshoot fuelled by a well-defined learning mechanisms. 2) Exposures suggest and recommend that teachers should design an activity that could replace the inadequacy of the appropriate solution in increasing and boosting the learners “gap” by creating an activity that will entice them to do and create a self-motivating efforts. 3) Preference should be enriched by crafting some captivating activity that will lead to change in mind set and moulding maturity at the same time can be gleaned as best alternative. 4) Influence suggest that something has to be done which is critical to the future endeavour of our young ones, it is safe to suggest and recommend to mentors to extend far behind influencing students for them to become well-rounded and holistic individual whose contribution in the society would be meaningful. 5) Readiness suggest that in order for them to be readily enough for the next level, the learning magnitude should be concentrated much on educational, hands-on and practical approach that will expand their motivation beyond and create some experimental task that will lead them to be more productive. 6) Competence suggest in giving task for students to do and discover many things along the learning process which is believed to contribute much of having one’s self confidence; when one has the so-called self-confidence results to being competent.

Identification of key genes and pathways involved in delayed wound healing among bleomycin using cancer patients via bioinformatics analysis []

This study aims at identifying differentially expressed genes (DEGs) upon bleomycin treatment among cancer patients and investigating their potential pathways. Candidate genes were identified from microarray datasets GSE94522 and GSE111043 from the Gene Expression Database and then using the GEO2R tool to select DEGs between bleomycin treated and non-treated lung tissues. Enrichr and Search Tool for the Retrieval Interacting Genes (STRING) were used to analyze the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Gene and Genome pathways and gene ontology and protein protein interactions (PPIs) of these DEGs. A total of 107 DEGs were co-expressed in both datasets and these were predominantly down-regulated in cell proliferation, metabolism and angiogenesis.8 genes (EREG, TNC, IGF1, THBS4, THBS2, SPP1, AREG, and CDKN1A) were found to be significantly down-regulated due to bleomycin in the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway. Results hint at the fact that intervening therapies to cater for the resulting wounds and skin injuries should be

A Framework for Analysing Heuristics Data for Performance Comparison to Solve a Travelling Salesperson Problem []

The research conducted the designing and execution of experiments and analysis of the heuristic experimental data for performance comparison. The research also evaluated the significance of the normality assumption in heuristic data analysis for performance comparison. The research chose a static way of defining the information in order to collect accurate and reliable data during the experiments. The heuristic algorithms terminated naturally after satisfying certain conditions. A simulated twenty-four Zimbabwe major cities problem (s24z instance) was used to determine the performance of the Simulated Annealing (SA) and its modified variant (MSA), Genetic Algorithm (GA), Ant Colony (AC), Tabu Search (TS) and its modified variant (MTS), Lin Kernighan Heuristic (LKH) and Neural Network Algorithm (NNA). The research established that the normality assumption is irrelevant in statistical heuristic data analysis for performance comparison. A number of statistical tools and procedures were identified and applied to analyse the heuristic data and these include Ryan-Joiner Test, Sample Kolmogorov–Sminorv Test, Box Plot, mean, median, mode, standard deviation, kurtosis, skewness, percentiles (worst and best fits), standard error of the mean and percentage deviations. All the statistical tools and procedures successfully detected the performance of the heuristics for comparison. The modified Tabu Search (MTS) algorithm was found to be the best heuristic among all the compared heuristic algorithms. The research proposed a framework for analysing heuristic data for performance comparison.

An Investigation Into The Role Of Youth Organisation In Achieving Food Security In Kailahun District []

Food Security in Sierra Leone has been a very serious problem for farmers and in the agricultural sectors or the ministry in charge of agriculture. Farmers try their best in the agricultural productivity but, they are faced with enormous challenges that limit their operations and their agricultural productivity in the area of harvest of their agricultural products. According to the farmers, they are challenged with agricultural tools or implements, organic manure or the N.P.K 15:15:15 seedlings, and even the extension services from agricultural experts, the stakeholders in governance and in public positions of trust sometimes provide supports but, those supports are not enough to remedy their plights in the agricultural sectors or productivity. Because of the increase in the poverty rate, that is why the youths have embark in agricultural production for them to have their daily survival and to upkeep their families from the sales of those agricultural produce. This research carefully looks into the role of youths in food security.

Investigating The Effects Of Child Mining On Education In Sierra Leone []

This study was carried out to examine the effects of child mining on Education Tongo-field lower Bambara chiefdom Kenema District, Eastern Region, Sierra Leone. An introduction including a brief discussion of background information was given. The specific objective of the research were examined which includes, toChild Mining is not a new phenomenon in the social system, but it has gained a little international and Human Rights attentions and legal instruments are established to promote, protect, and guide the socio- economic, moral and cultural values of their well beings in society but yet still the action is unabated. One of the master processes in the social system is BIOLOGICAL CONTINUITY; the biological continuity serves as a gateway for socialization processes with the contribution of NATUREAND NURTURE to influence the behaviors, attitudes, feelings, thoughts and perceptions of the child. Child Labour is the direct or indirect deprivation and enslavement of child as against his/her rights either mentally (psychologically), physically (health), socially (education), culturally or morally.

Entrepreneurial Finance and Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria: A covid-19 Experience. []

The negative effect of COVID-19 pandemic has implications greatly on the world, leading to economic shock. SMEs across the world have also been affected negatively and SMEs in Nigeria are not left out in the share of this negative effect, most especially in their access to finance. This study considered how SMEs during the sudden onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic can overcome the menace of lack of external sources of finance to cushion the effect of the economic shock. The study reviewed literature on the effects of COVID-19 on SMEs and proposed a number of recommendations towards accessing entrepreneurial finance for SMEs at this critical period of COVID 19 pandemic. It is therefore recommended that Central bank of Nigeria should enact policies that will legally establish Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Bank this will enhance credit or loan supply and monitoring to SMEs, thus increasing SMEs growth in relation to contributing to the economic growth of Nigeria in the face of Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Furthermore, government and regulators may take initiatives to reduce the interest rate on loans for SMEs, which would cushion the effect of the pandemic foster the growth of the SMEs.


This paper assessed the impact of informal sources of finance in the propagation and sustainability of SMEs in the presence of high rate of interest charged via borrowing from the financial institution that often demand social collateral and neck-cutting interest which has been hampering the business performance in south-west geo-political zone of Nigeria. The links of SMEs economic value in developing economy cannot be undermined in the provision of some vital information on old but relevant steps to follow in getting easy startup capital finance from informal sources. Both primary and secondary source of data were used in this study. The collected data were analyzed with inferential statistical analysis of linear regression. The result of the analysis indicates that informal source of finance such as Esusu, Cooperative society and start-up assistance from parents, uncles and rich relatives had positive effect on growth of SMEs in sales/ revenue as 82.3% of the respondent with a high mean value of 3.92 on a scale of 5.0 (78%) which indicated that informal sources of finance had a high effect on growing of SMEs businesses in the south-west region of Nigeria. It also has a positive effect on numbers of employee engaged in the region as 74.4% of the respondents agreed to this position with a high mean 3.84 on a scale of 5 point 76.8% indicating that informal finance had positively engendered employment in the region. The study therefore concludes that informal sources of finance impact positively on performance of SMEs in the south-west geo-political zone of Nigeria and its sustainability will improve the employment situation in the economy and therefore recommends resuscitating informal source of finance to breed more viable SMEs so as to enjoy its attendant economic values in developing Nations. Key Words; SMEs, Informal source, Finance, Formal institution, Esusu.


This study aims to see the effect of (1) Management of changes to employee performance in Regional Finance and Revenue Management Agency (BPKPD)Kerinci District. (2)Learning organization on employee performance at BPKPD Kerinci Regency. (3) Management of changes to employee performance at BPKPD Kerinci Regency. (4)Change management, learning organization and change management have a joint effect on employee performance at BPKPD Kerinci Regency. The population in this study is allThere are 62 employees at BPKPD Kerinci Regency. And the technique of determining the number of samples taken as respondentsthe number of samples taken as respondents using the Slovin formula in Sugiyono (2017) The results of this study indicate that (1) Change management provide a positive influence on employee performance at BPKPD Kerinci Regency. (2)learning organizationprovide a positive influence on the performance of employees at BPKPD Kerinci Regency. (3)Change management provide a positive influence on employee performance at BPKPD Kerinci Regency. (4)Change management, learning organization and change management jointly have a positive effect on the performance of employees at BPKPD Kerinci Regency. Keywords: Change Management, Learning Organization and Change Management

Cyprus is a line of communication between continents, a meeting point of civilizations, a victim of geopolitical and economic ambitions in the Mediterranean basin, and a pioneer in solving crises []

Man is one of the needs of nature, just like the creatures that surround him and live in their environment and work to harness them for his requirements and needs, so he sought with all his efforts and strength in order to achieve this a love for survival and continuity, by arranging his priorities, distinguishing his characteristics, developing his capabilities and abilities, stimulating his productivity and consumption, to reach the achievement of His endless desires, by regulating his conditions and managing his affairs, on a human, social, economic, financial, political, etc. Therefore, it is a living social entity that lives in the midst of society that strives for great goals in life, to get out of individuality and exclusivity, to society and ownership and then civilization until building the state that we know today, based on rights and duties for the comfort of human living, and the provision of services and needs for him On the other hand, his role in strengthening the building and continuity of the state by developing himself and his ideas to prevent falling into problems and crises, which ultimately lead to the fall of the state or its bankruptcy and then its collapse, and thus falls with it.

Female sub urethral diverticulum: A case report and review of the literature []

ABSTRACT Introduction: The urethral and sub urethral diverticulum is defined as a herniation of the urethral lining through the smooth muscle fibers that make up the urethral wall. It forms an outpouching that often communicates with the urethral lumen by a collar and protrudes at the level of the anterior vaginal wall. Objective: Our aim is to study the clinical, radiological and therapeutic aspects of the female urethral diverticulum through a case report. Case study: A 47-year-old patient, consults for sensation of an intravaginal mass. On physical examination, a cystocele is observed, but palpation finds a bulging mass developed on the lower third of the indurated anterior vaginal wall. Palpation of the mass was not painful. This mass mimicking pelvic prolapse was described on ultrasound as a calcified fibroid of the anterior wall of the vagina. The patient underwent a transvaginal diverticulectomy. The progressive dissection of the diverticulum capsule resulted in an opening of the diverticular outpouching showing the existence of an intra diverticular calculus 1.5 cm. The post-operative care shows no complications and the patient remained under antibiotic prophylaxis. Pathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of sub urethral diverticulum. The patient seen again after one month of her treatment. She was doing well and no complications were noted such as fistula or urinary tract infection. Conclusion: female urethra Diverticulum is a rare condition easily diagnosed. But sometimes its management got delayed due to misdiagnosis with pelvic prolapses. It should be suspected in the presence of disorders of the lower urinary tract associated with a bulging sub urethral mass on the anterior surface of the vagina, giving or not a screeching on palpation.


The results of previous studies indicate that many factors affect organizational commitment and work productivity. These factors include work discipline and work environment. Data from the Directorate General of Transmigration Regional Preparation and Settlement Devel-opment shows that employee work attendance will decline in 2020. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of the work envi-ronment and work discipline on organizational commitment and its impact on work productivity. The results showed that the work envi-ronment and work discipline affected organizational commitment and work productivity. Organizational commitment also mediated the relationship between work productivity at the Directorate General of Transmigration Regional Preparation and Settlement Development.

Bitcoin pricing and analysis []

We employ a two-fold analysis in the paper: analysis of bitcoin vis-à-vis gold and estimating the bitcoin price using a multivariate regression model. The study includes data points beginning in 2010 and ending in 2020, from a verified source. The regressor variables identified explain the majority component of the bitcoin price, but not entirely. After quantitative analysis, we could predict the future bitcoin prices and examine the differences between the two asset classes, gold and bitcoin. The results of the study help understand the uniqueness of bitcoin as an asset class vis-à-vis traditional asset classes. The paper concludes with the limitations of the model.


The groundbreaking quality of the Panchayat Raj framework in India can be understood from its commencement in essence. Injected as an arrangement of five individuals filling in as a legal body, the framework today is a totally altered one. Panchayat Raj framework in India is an arrangement of villages. The idea of Federalism as acknowledged in all popular governments of the world is given more force in India through this idea. Panchayat Raj framework is frequently named as the 'grassroots vote based system', and satisfies the possibility of Democracy at the doorstep of each person. The accompanying work is a consequence of a broad investigation of the Panchayat Raj framework in India with the expectation to investigate the framework inside and out and structure ideas to empower this arrangement of local areas. Though altered, the system is not new. It is rather finds its roots in ancient India and hence it would not be wrong to call it an old wine contained in a new bottle.

Impact of Customer Relationship Management and Customer Loyalty in Hotel Industry in Lumbini Nepal []

This paper aims to analyze whether the Customer loyalty have significant effect on Customer relationship management in Lumbini Nepal. A convenient sample of 148 respondents approaching self-administered questionnaires survey from different locations in lumbini has been conducted. Regression analysis was used to explore the relationship between independent variables (Customer loyalty) and dependent variable i.e Customer relationship management. The results reveal that Customer loyalty has positive effect to determine the Customer relationship management in Nepal.