Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2022 Edition - GSJ Journal Publication

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Congestion Management, a mechanism to relief demand []

At least portion of the time, certain airports face significant congestion, where 'congestion' indicates that one aircraft delays or prevents another aircraft from using the airport in that time slot. Almost all economists agree that when a resource is scarce, it may be distributed most effectively by using a system that values it to represent its worth to all other possible customers. However, efficient pricing can only be guaranteed in theory if all supply and demand are competitive, markets are full (allowing any number of transactions at any time), and players maximise utility by maximising profit revenues. Among the airports that are "cooperative," Beyond the need to reduce congestion and increase service efficiency and coverage, the air transportation business faces other challenges. Two major issues are ensuring the safety of the air transportation system and ensuring environmental compatibility. NASA and its research partners are working on new technologies and capabilities that might improve GA's safety and environmental features. Before evaluating if the SATS model is a desired outcome, it is necessary to examine whether the proposed system has the ability to improve overall air transportation safety and environmental compatibility. The FAA's Operations Network collects data on flight delays in or out of the country.

Biosocial Factors as Predictor of Suicidal Ideation among Secondary School Adolescents in Ibadan-North East Local Government, Ibadan []

The increase is the trend of suicide in recent times is quite disturbing and distortional to the academic pursuit of secondary school students. The challenges associated with suicidal ideation have been observed to rise from negative bio-sociological feedbacks such as gender, family background, parent separation and peer victimization. Participants consist of 315 secondary school students selected from the five randomly selected secondary schools in Ibadan North-East Local Government, Oyo State. Three standardized measuring scales were used with each having reliability score of Cronbach Alpha as follow: suicidal ideation- 0.785; biological factors- 0.771, social factors- 0.721. Three hypotheses were formulated and analyzed using multiple linear regression analysis at 0.05 level of significance. Result shows that the strongest predictor is biological factor (Beta= .474; t= 8.838; p<0.01), followed by sociological factor (Beta= .318; t= 5.936; p<0.01). This implies that biological and sociological factors accounted for increase in students’ suicide ideation by 47.4% and 31.8% respectively. It was recommended among others that policymakers should implement school-based psychotherapy interventions in collaboration with health institutions and programs to provide social support for vulnerable students. More so, there should be public awareness on these factors that influence suicidal ideations so that parents can take precaution.

Where is the International Crisis Management Organization? []

Where is the International Crisis Management Organization? Planet Earth has always been the environment and nature in which man lives, benefiting from the ingredients and resources in his environment that surrounds him and from his accumulated experience and sciences throughout history, and he is still working to continue to survive, through the systems, legislation, and laws that govern and constrain him, and the binding needs In managing his financial, economic and knowledge affairs, and he is an integral part of it, rather he is in the state of the path, not the choice, and with the actual and coercive power of the interconnected relationship between them...

Smart Strategies to Overcome the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia []

PPKM levels 1-4 become a model in reducing the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. PPKM level 1-4 as a solution to overcome the covid-19 pandemic that is booming in Indonesia due to the delta variant virus. The Indonesian government acted quickly and measuredly and was finally able to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the implementation of PPKM levels 1-4 with several stages, namely the first stage, the second stage and the third stage, the Indonesian government was able to reduce the number of positive COVID-19 exposures, be able to parse the number of patients who died and be able to increase the number of recovered patients. Keywords: PPKM level1-4, first stage, second stage and third stage


Natural gas dehydration process with regeneration unit has been the common industrial way of removing water vapour from wet gas using desiccant. The spent desiccant (TEG) required energy for its regeneration. Thermosyphon reboiler in a regeneration column offers optimum amount of energy for the regeneration of TEG without thermal degradation due to its low residence time. The performance evaluation of thermosyphon reboiler for the regeneration of the tri ethylene glycol is presented. The research applied the principles of material and energy balances to develop models with which the reboiler operations were evaluated using process data. The steady state models were developed for the dehydration of the natural gas and subsequent regeneration of the tri ethylene glycol. Fundamentally, process models developed were simulated using Mat lab-Simulink, based on the process TEG-Yield rate, Heat Change (dH) and the Reboiler operational Time relationship, aiming at the evaluation for the performance of the reboiler, operating under some process parameters such as T_o= 105o C (378 K), T_i = 205oC (378 K), K_f = 0.18428 W/m k, U = 3.6 e2 KJ/hr, m_T = 50 Kgmol/hr, as described in Figure 8 which shows a direct proportional increase of the change in heat rate of the reboiler over the operational time space, of which at the studied time of t=24 hours, the heat continues to increase from dH = 0.4691 x 109 through dH = 5.6288x 109 correspondently to the increase in TEG generation time, which stands a great chance of increasing the vessel temperature, which is satisfactory to improve yielding rate of the tri ethylene glycol as shown in the profiles plots described at Figure 9, and figure 10.


MINERALOGICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF SOILS FORMED ON THE BASEMENT COMPLEX PARENT MATERIAL IN NORTHERN GUINEA SAVANNA AGROECOLOGY OF NIGERIA A.I. Imam*, A.B. Shobayo and Y. Maryam Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture/ Institute for Agricultural Research, Ahmadu Bello University, Samaru, PMB 1044 Zaria, Kaduna State. *Corresponding author email: imamabdulwaheed@gmail.com Phone No.: +2347038613601 ABSTRACT The soils formed on the basement complex parent material was studied with the aim of characterizing the minerals contained in them to provide the mineralogical information of the soils as they have direct influence on fertility status of our soils. Because soils are dynamic, hence they undergo transformational processes that lead to both destruction and synthesis of original and new minerals respectively. Soils of the study area was formed over the Basement Complex and located in Funtua Local Government Area of Katsina State. Clay mineralogical analysis was done using X-ray diffraction which produced the diffractograms that presented the clay minerals identified in the soils. Clay sized minerals found in the soils were Hematite, Antigorite, Albite Chrysotile and Zeolite suggesting that clay sized minerals present in the study area might have been affected by pedogenic processes and landscape. Other clay sized minerals present as depicted by the diffractograms generated for the soils of the study area were Xonotlite, Phlogopite, Lizardite, Tobermorite, Nacrite, Osumilite, Illite, and Monticellite, however, they were present in small amount, which might be as a result of the age of weathering processes that took place and also due to the nature of chemical composition of basement complex parent material that forms the clay sized minerals in the study area. The order of dominance in increasing sequence were: Hematite > Antigorite > Albite > Chrysotile > Illite > Xonotlite > Osumilite > Monticellite for Funtua (F1) soils. While the order of increasing dominance in the Funtua F2 soils were: Hematite>Chrysotile>Zeolite>Phlagopile >Xonotlite > Lizardite >Tobermorite > Nacrite > Albite. Keyword: Mineralogical Characterization, Basement Complex, Parent Material and Agroecological Zone.


- Objectives - This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of free cash flow and share ownership structure on the investment opportunity set and debt policy, as well as to determine and analyze the effect of free cash flow and share ownership structure moder-ated by the investment opportunity set on debt policy in non-profit companies. financial statements listed on the Indonesia Stock Ex-change in 2015-2019. - Methodology/Technique – The object of this research is a non-financial company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with an ob-servation period of 2015-2019. Determination of the sample using purposive sampling method so that the number of samples is deter-mined as many as 20 companies. The analysis technique used is multiple linear regression, coefficient of determination test and hy-pothesis testing. Findings - The results show that free cash flow has a significant effect on increasing debt policy (DER), share ownership structure has a significant effect on debt policy (DER), investment opportunity set (IOS) significantly increases debt policy, free interaction cash flow with invest-ment opportunity set (IOS) has no effect on debt policy, and share ownership structure has a significant effect on debt policy moderated by investment opportunity set (IOS). - Novelty – This research contributes to signaling theory or signal theory used by investors who invest their shares and can be a posi-tive signal for investors to invest in shares so that it will increase debt policy (DER). Because the existence of free cash flow, share own-ership structure and investment opportunity set can be a signal that the company has good prospects for investors.


The experiment was conducted at the research field of crop science department, University of Cape Coast, Kwadaso College of Agriculture. The main objective of the research was to assess the nitrogen fixing ability of Nangbaar and Anidaso two newly released varieties of soybean, to examine how much of nitrogen each variety would contribute to the soil with depth ranging from (0-10) cm and (10-20) cm. Randomize Complete Block Design with two treatments with two replications. Nitrogen fixing ability and other growth parameters such as plant height, number of leaves and leave broadness were assessed. The result indicated that there was no significant difference between T1 (Nangbaar) and T2 (Anidaso) in terms of plant height, number of leaves and leave broadness. However , there was a significant difference notice with T1 (6.196)(6.057) and T2 (6.737)(6.522) in terms of nitrogen fixed at depth (0-10)cm and (10-20)cm. with respect to plant height, number of leaves and leave broadness Nangbaar performed far better than Anidaso but had the least mean N-fixed. It was therefore recommended that farmers should use Anidaso as intercrop during cultivation or as fallow but use Nangbaar as a cover crop in checking erosion


The study was conducted on inflation and economic growth in Nigeria from 2009 to 2018 using annual data obtained from Central Bank of Nigeria statistical Bulletin. Ordinary Least Square (OLS) logged multiple regression was utilized to analyse the data with gross domestic product (GDP) as the dependent variable and inflation (INF) as independent variable. From the results, it was revealed that inflation has negative and significant effect on economic growth in Nigeria meaning that increase in inflation will reduce economic growth in Nigeria. The study therefore recommends that government should try and maintain low and stable inflation rate and that money supply and exchange rate should equally be kept to minimum level. Keywords: Inflation, Economic growth, Gross domestic product, Money supply and exchange rate.


The transformation of the aquaculture industry in Indonesia continues to be encouraged to achieve a modern and efficient system. Mariculture is a cultivation activity carried out on marine species or commodities. However, several problems generally occur in these mariculture activities, such as monitoring water quality in real-time in floating net cages, cultivation media that still use traditional tools, and governance such as recording and sales that still rely on local fishery entrepreneurs. This of course needs to be given a touch of digitization to make it easier for aquaculture activities. Utilization of information technology through technological innovation to encourage increased productivity, the efficiency of aquaculture business, and increase product competitiveness through the application of the use of floating net cage (KJA) cultivation systems based on digital technology and various marketplaces in the fishery sector. The prospect of digitizing mariculture can provide various conveniences in the technical process of cultivation to marketing products from cultivation.

Causes of Migration and Life on the Street: A Qualitative Study on the Street Children in Dhaka City []

Bangladesh suffers severe effects as a result of the presence of young children on the streets. Exclusion of street children from society deprives the country of potentially valuable human resources and implies an increase in deviant behavior, which will result in social dysfunction. Dhaka, Bangladesh's major city, is home to a considerable number of street children. They live in fear and are unable to exercise their fundamental rights. Using a qualitative approach, this study examined the street children as well as explored the reasons behind migrating in Dhaka city and the life on the streets of Dhaka. Although street children belong to one of the most neglected social groups in Bangladesh, they exhibit intense resilience against adversity. The study reveals that lack of family affection, friendly family environment and poor socio economic conditions are the primary reasons for the migration of these street children. Besides, they face several challenges while living in the streets of Dhaka.

The Effect of Cassava Peel Manure on the Growth Performance of Fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis Hook F.) []

Fertilization is aimed at optimizing crop growth and development especially when the right type is used with the appropriate rate and applied at the correct place and time. The effect of cassava peel manure on the growth performance of Fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis Hook F.) was investigated. Various treatment levels were designed by the cassava peels to decay for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 weeks. 0 (soil without cassava peels) was used as the control. Loam-sandy soil containing the various treatments with seedlings of Telfairia occidentalis were maintained for 2 months. This study revealed that there were significant (P = 0.05) increase in plant height, root length, fresh weight, and moisture content of Telfairia occidentalis with increase in the duration of incubation of cassava peels. Similarly, the shoot/root ratio, number of leaves and dry weight of Telfairia occidentalis increased with increase in the duration of incubation of cassava peels. However, these increases were not higher than the control treatment at lower duration (1, 2 and 3 weeks) of incubation of cassava peels. Therefore, this study showed that cassava peels proved effective as organic manure for Telfairia occidentalis when allowed to decompose for the period of composting.


Software testing is a critical element of software quality assurance and represents the ultimate review of system requirement specification document, system design and programming aspects. The need to test a software is a necessity in any software development paradigm which is conducted in accordance and conformity to software quality assurance principles and characteristics set by scholars and governing bodies in the field of software engineering and Computing in general. The School Management Information System (SMIS) is a desktop/wed-based system designed using PHP/MySQL for front and backend accessibility coupled using CodeIgniter, CSS and Java Script. The SMIS is mostly administrative based which is designed with a detailed analysis and report of individual records and entities. Black box method of validation will be used to test key functional parts of the SMIS assessing inputs and outputs using test cases. The test plan and cases are tabulated with their expected results/ actual results which are displayed in a form of screen shot. Test log was provided which consist of an analysis of the success rates of each and every test case. The results show all the tested inputs/output of the SMIS are successful and the results are evaluated based of software system design guidelines and principles.

On Zooplankton Dynamics of Majidun River, Lagos State, Nigeria. []

Majidun River is used for artisanal fishing, transportation and domestic activities in Ikorodu, Lagos State. At the lower course, the river receives eluate from solid wastes dumped at the shore; this coupled with sand mining could impact adversely on the biota and their environment. There is dearth of information on their plankton dynamics. The aim of this study was to investigate the zooplankton composition of Majidun River in order to provide information for effective management. Monthly sampling was carried out from three randomly selected sites on Majidun River (from September 2019 to August, 2020. zooplankton samples were collected with plankton net of 55µm mesh size. The net was towed horizontally along each sampling point at a distance of 20m to 30m for an approximate speed, just below the water surface to collect zooplankton. Zooplankton samples collected were immediately fixed and preserved in 4% formalin solution in the field according to Onyema (2007). Keys provided by Prescott (1954), Whitford and Schumacher (1973), Needham and Needham (1962), Mason (1991), Jeje and Fernando (1986; 1991), APHA/AWWA/WEF (1998) and Nwankwo (2004) were used for identification of the plankton species. The total number of organisms per millilitre for each sample was determined by simple calculation after counting the number in the 0.1mL sub-sample examined. Ke words: zooplankton dynamics, Majidun River and Reservoir.

Pengembangan Pariwisata Berbasis Masyarakat di Pulo Dua Kecamatan Balantak Utara Kabupaten Banggai Provinsi Sulawesi tengah []

Abstract Pulo Dua has a maritime tourist attraction that can become a leading tourist destination in Banggai Regency, but it is not supported by human resources in the tourism sector, lack of community involvement with programs implemented by the Banggai Regency government. This study uses IFAS, EFAS and SWOT matrices to determine the internal and external factors of community involvement in the development of marine tourism in Pulo Dua to produce a community-based marine tourism development strategy in Pulo Dua Village. The results of the study show that the community involvement of Pulo Dua Village is far from what is expected, due to constraints in human resources in managing tourism objects. In supporting the development of community-based marine tourism Pulo Dua, it requires active participation from the community, the Regional Government, and the collaboration of all parties, both the public and the private sector, to improve the quality of tourism products that can increase the number of tourist visits, increase the income of local communities and the economy of Pulo Dua Village. Keywords: Pulo Dua Village, Development, Community-based Tourism

E-Filing System Effectiveness: Malaysia perspective []

E-filing is an initiative that is designed specifically to enable taxpayers to make tax payments quickly, easily and accurately. The existence of this app aims to encourage the public to leverage the use of technology while creating a user-friendly environment. The purpose of this study is to look at the effectiveness of the services, the latest achievements, the people's confidence and the quality of e-filing services. The study will be conducted using a quantitative method in which respondents are from taxpayers across Malaysia. This study focuses on developmental situations using e-filing system applications that have been developed. The analysis found that the use of this system has received a lot of positive attention among users where many users have given feedback to improve the system. In the future, the system will be improved to improve its effectiveness while being more user-friendly. It is recommended that the system implementers seek expert advice to make it better from time to time.

Optimization of Diesel Blending Unit in a Nigerian Refinery Company (A Case Study) []

This work presented optimization of diesel in a Nigeria refining company (Niger Delta Petroleum refinery NDPR). Four products of diesel were analyzed and model equations of a nonlinear volume ratio were linearized and adopted. The linearized model equation was solved using the PYTHON 3.6 computer language’s simplex approach. The blend ratio of the four different product were obtained as , 24% F1, 25% F2, 26% F3 and 25%F4 is needed for the production of product 1, while 24%F1, 25%F2, 25%F3, 26%F4 for the production of product 2, also 12%F1, 21%F2, 34%F3, 33%F4 for the production of product 3 and finally 28%F1, 2%F2, 68%F3, 2%F4 for the production of product 4. The produced diesel were characterized to determine the physiochemical properties which compared reasonably well with the African refiners association standard. Using the nonlinear programming models four properties of diesel cases were determined. (Cetane number, Sulphur Content, Density and Ash Content); the Cetane Number for product 1.2,3,4 were 55P1, 53P2, 50P3, 50P4; Sulphur Content for product 1,2,3,4 were 0.0002P1, 0.0004P2, 0.003P3, 0.005P4; Ash Content for product 1,2,3,4 were 0.0001P1, 0.0001P2, 0.003P3, 0.007P4 and Density for product 1,2,3,4 were 0.86P1, 0.86P2,0.86P3, 0.86P4. The four product of diesel fuel satisfied the standard specification of the Africa Refiners Association ARA. The objective function is to maximize the profit. It has been observed that a deviation in cost indicates 10.3% when multiplied with the total barrel of product gave $61000/day profit. This objective function was maximize subject to a sets of constraints which represent the quality and quantity of final diesel products. Because a refiner’s volume of products sold is so large in a typical circumstances, even a 1% unit fraction savings will result in a significant profit boost.


This research aims to determine the perception and citizen participation level to the mangrove ecosystem in the Peniti River Estuary, Mempawah Regency. This research was started from February 2021 to July 2021. The methods was conducted with a survey technique of 100 respondents which was then analyzed quantitatively and presented descriptively. This research data consists of two types, there are primary data and secondary data. The results obtained are the level of community knowledge of mangroves in the Estuary of the Peniti River, Mempawah Regency is included in the sufficient criteria, with a respondent's level of knowledge of 65.28%. In addition, the citizen’s perception of the function and role of mangroves is in the positive range with a perception index of 0.68, for perceptions of mangrove management a perception index of 0.68 is obtained. Then the average of citizen participation index on mangrove management is 0.58 at the level tokenism in ladder of citizen participation. At this stage the citizen is just a formality that allows them to hear and have the right to vote, but their opinions have not been material for decision making

Role Conflicts Among Senior High School Teachers: A Mixed Methods Study []

The realities on role conflict among public teachers formed part of the teacher's career and their personal life as well. The principal aim of this research undertaking was to determine the status of role conflict among senior high school teachers in Region XIII and to document the lived experiences of these teachers. This study illuminated the significant experiences of senior high school teachers where 400 of them participated in the quantitative portion of this research and another 17 participated on the qualitative part using focus group discussion and in-depth interview. A convergent mixed methods research design was used under the pragmatic worldview. Quantitative data showed that the level of role conflict among teacher is moderate. Furthermore, there is no significant difference on role conflict among teachers in terms of gender, position, and place of assignment. Themes such as work-family conflict, family-work conflict, time-based interference, and strain based-interference were generated on the qualitative part of the study. Results on the data corroboration show that merging-confirmation was noted on the status of role conflicts among teachers and significant difference of role conflicts in terms of gender, position, and place of assignment, merging-discordance was noted when gender was used as grouping variable, merging-expansion when grouped by position, and merging confirmation when grouped according to place of assignment.

INTERVENTIONAL STUDY TO Asess impact of first aid training programme on knowledge attitude practice in industry []

Interventional Study to Assess Impact of First Aid Training Program on Knowledge Attitude Practices about First Aid among industrial Workers Having knowledge and awareness related to first aid in each individual person is important in terms of helping people in emergency situation since injuries are one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. On the other hand, first aid is the treatment for the purpose of preserving life and minimizing the consequences of injury and illness until getting help from a medical practitioner or nurse. Furthermore, some studies have found that individual person who equipped with adequate first aid knowledge had a positive impact on morbidity and mortality worldwide.Administering first aid to victims in the event of accidents, mishaps and occurrences during office in the case of some accident is encourage Key words: Work accidents, First-aid, CPR, Industry, Occupational medicine, Workers Methodology The study was conducted to assess the existing knowledge of First Aid and Basic Life Support of construction site workers in Pune Municipal Corporation Region. The methodology is designed in order to reflect the different aspects of construction sites and to reflect overall project objectives demonstration on First Aid and BLS. Retention of knowledge was assessed by administering the same. Target Population. Construction Site workers which included managers, site engineers, personnel responsible for safety and lanbourers. Top reasons Increases safety, helps save lives Helps relieve pain, makes people more, secure, Prevents the situation from becoming worse, it can prevent infection, it makes workplaces safer, it keeps children safe, it helps your peace of mind, It opens up more job opportunities, It reduces recovery time, It saves money Descriptive cross sectional all employees up to safety officer and human resources and first aiders of various manufacturing industries. Knowledge was assessed using a questionnaire comprising 20 multiple choices questions. 137 questionnaires were analysed. Results. Mean Knowledge Score = 10.96, SD = 2.87. 67.6% participants had a score < = 12 (60%). 29 (7.7%) had good knowledge, 214 (56.8%) average (11-15) and 107 (35.5%) poor (<=10). Recommendations Conclusion: There was low level of awareness about correct First Aid and Basic Life Support. First Aid training should be incorporated as a part of safety practices. Repeated reinforcement of knowledge and skills is essential with mock drill by 6 months and training by external DISH authorized Agencies by one year in safety week. The results of this study indicated that first aid’ knowledge, practice and self-efficacy among workers had been improved after application of first aid training. Top reasons Increases safety, helps save lives Helps relieve pain, makes people more, secure, Prevents the situation from becoming worse, it can prevent infection, it makes workplaces safer, it keeps children safe, it helps your peace of mind, It opens up more job opportunities, It reduces recovery time, It saves money program with statically significance differences between pre, post after implementation of the program. Recommendations: Based on the results of the current study, the following recommendations are suggested: 1- Dissemination of first aid training program among other CHEMICAL industries. 2- Future researches should be implemented to study the effect of first aid training program on workers’ self-efficacy on anther sample and in different settings.

Bayesian Methods for Diagnostic Test Using Negative Binomial and Multinomial Models []

Background: This paper considers two Bayesian models (Negative binomial and Multinomial) for diagnostics test evaluation. Prior data on HCV, HBsAg and HIV screened using RAPID test and ELIZA test obtained were fitted into the models and posterior data obtained using Monte Carlo Markov Chain (MCMC). The Bayesian approach is taken because of its efficient use of prior information, and the analysis is executed with a Bayesian software package OpenBUGS. Objective: In this paper, we will discuss how the two Bayesian models will be fitted in order to come up with the most fitted model for diagnostic test evaluation among them. Result: The Negative binomial DIC value of 6.868 indicates that Negative binomial Bayesian model is more fitted to Bayesian diagnostics test evaluation over multinomial Bayesian model with DIC value of 8.08.