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Herbs As Antivirals []

In Traditional Medicine:" Echinacea" herb is used for the common cold, "Lianhua" for SARS, "Sambucus" for Swine Influenza. Other suggested herbs include "Korean Angelica" and "Aloe Vera" for Covid19. Elderberry and Rosemary are used as general antivirals. "Nigella Sativa" ( Fennel) was added to honey in Pakistan as a trial to cure Covid19. Alone it can be both preventive and curative. Italian researchers found that bees are a good "biological indicator" for the spread degree and prevalence degree of SARS CoV2. "Grunenthal Group" and Bayer companies committed fatal mistakes regarding the environment and medical ethics. The coming "FHIR" system ( fast interoperability healthcare resources ) in the USA can broaden the scope of medical research.. "Anti quorum sensing" and "Antibiofilm" in raw bees honey may be the trigger for "Apitherapy new discoveries". The discovery of the "Antigravity" flying mood of honey bees and the discovery of its capacity to diagnose some diseases by "smell" like Tuberculosis and Breast cancer are put side by side with the ability of bees to identify explosives, narcotics, and even human emotions by their superpower smell. Ancient Egyptians came to know that "Linden" flowers' honey has a superpower in preserving cadavers. Some recent researches show that bee "propolis" and beeswax are more antibacterial than bee honey itself while the "regenerative" power of bees venom is restricted by its high price. The current knowledge about "Manuka" honey for bacterial diarrhea, "Medihoney" as burn honey, "Hitkari" honey as the "trusted" honey, and "Elvish" honey as "unique" honey are unsatisfactory.Figur5-14. Keywords: Herbs, Cure, Apitherapy, Ecosystem, SARS CoV2, FHIR, Traditional medicine, repurposing, ethnomedicine.

The Factors Influence the Implementation of Electrical Automated Home Fault Isolation System: The case of Dar Es salaam []

Currently fuse and circuit breakers are employed to safeguard the electrical equipment’s. Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) is based on thermal bimetal lever trip mechanism. MCB is very slow and the trip time varies according to the Percentage of overload and surrounding temperature. The main objective of this paper is to point out the factors that influence the implementation of Automated home fault isolation system in Tanzania due to the cut off the power supply whenever overload or short circuit occur. Therefore, the findings are pointed out at the end of the paper.

Implementation of Smart Healthcare system for Cardiovascular Patients in sub-Saharan region []

Cardiovascular refers to anything relating to the heart and blood vessels. The flawed current to multiple patients not receiving right care depending with the current health status, leading to critical cases and even death. Tanzania, like other developing countries, is experiencing a higher burden of Cardiovascular diseases. According to recent estimates, approximately 33% of the Tanzanian population is affected by cardiovascular diseases the probability of dying from cardiovascular diseases among adults aged 30 to 70 approximating 16%. Cardiovascular diseases alone are responsible for 13% of Tanzania's total deaths, and adults aged 25–64 years are positively affected. If there are no strategic measures taken, the mortality rates of cardiovascular diseases in Tanzania are expected to rise by 20% in 2022, and this will cause over one million deaths. Therefore, the main of objective of this paper is to develop a smart healthcare system for cardiovascular diseases that will be addressed using machine learning and knowledge discovery techniques to create automated, personalized health recommendations that consider patient characteristics and preferences

Generalized UPQC system with an improved Control Method under distorted []

One of the most critical tasks of the energy grid is to supply electricity in pure sinusoidal form at points where sufficient measurements and frequencies are related to the customers. While synchronous power plant voltage is almost sinusoidal but some uncertain conditions, such as lightning, short circuit errors or nonlinear loads (Industrial Drive), result in permanent status errors, transient voltages and disruptions of the current. For example Power converters are produce current harmonics, distortion in waveforms and short-circuit defects are produce voltage slumps. To resolve power quality issue, Custom Power Devices are available to increase the power efficiency of electricity in our power system. There are several custom power devices like Surge Arrestor, Active Power Filter, Solid State Current Faults Limiter, Storage devices (Battery Energy Storage System), Mega Magnetic Energy Systems, Dynamic Voltage Restore (DVR), Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator, Standard Power Quality Conditioning, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Synchronous Compensators, Solid State Transfer Switches (SSTS) and Static VAR Compensator. The purpose of this research is to improve power quality in the power system by introducing a Dynamic Voltage Restorer with unbalance load condition for voltage control and for Harmonic mitigation we use Fuzzy Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter. Dynamic Voltage Restorer is a power electronic converter mounted in a responsive load array to protect against any interference in the supply side against critical loads. Its quick reaction and high reliability make reliable tool for power quality improvement.


From the dawn of human civilization, energy has been the driving force which ensured the progress of mankind towards development. The important discoveries that shaped the modern society would have been impossible without energy. As the society advances towards modernization, the use of energy increases significantly. In order to sustain the living standard and technological development, uninterrupted energy supply is a must. Energy security has been a worldwide concern and recently it has received vital attention in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and property Development Goals (SDGs). The main objective of this paper is the forthcoming steps for effective development in the energy sector of Bangladesh. This paper presents a broad summary of the energy and environmental security in Bangladesh perspective providing insights into the present situation and guidelines for the future.

Study of Image Processing and Enlargement technique for cancer detection using IOT []

This paper aims to identify efficient image enhancement techniques in order to detect the preliminary effect of skin cancer. The protruding regions present on images of the skin need to be identified for further diagnosis by oncologists. We consider well established image enhancement techniques to increase or decrease image brightness and contrast levels. Specifically, we consider adaptive unsharp masking, adaptive histogram equalization, adaptive neighborhood contrast enhancement and local and global contrast stretching. We present results using these techniques on color and grey scale images in order to develop mobile application which patients can use to send such images to a medical practitioner. The application is linked to an electronic Health Information System, whose functionality is augmented by the use of this simple and efficient mobile image enhancement application. Here, the results that showed up have been discussed below.


This study was carried out to determine the fungal load and aflatoxins in dried fish samples sold in Ilorin. The fish examined were Protepterus annectens (Eja Opolo), Siluriformis (Catfish), Distichodus brevipinnis (Eja Omu), Oreochromus niloticus (Tilapia fish), Gymnarchus niloticus (Eja Osan). The quantitative enumeration of fungi as colony-forming units per gram (CFU/g) was between 12.0±1.0 – 1.5±0.5 CFU/gx10-3. Moisture content of the dried fish samples ranged between 41.0±1.0 to 55.0±5.0. Five different fungal species were found. The associated fungi were Aspergillus flavus, Rhizopus sp, A. niger, Mucor sp, and Penicillium chrysogenum. The Aspergilus flavus and A. niger had the highest rate of occurrence among the isolated fungi. Quantification of aflatoxin from the dried fish revealed samples were contaminated with aflatoxins but they did not exceed the legal limits and confirms potential exposure of this toxin from dried fish infected with fungi. Prolonged intake of dried fish with these metabolites may constitute potential public health hazard.


The study aimed to identify the causes of erosion of reinforced concrete in projects, and to develop some solutions and proposals for these problems, by identifying the types of modern additives and chemicals that are used by giant companies to improve the quality of reinforced concrete, and ensure the safety of facilities. The results of the study concluded that it is necessary to study the construction sites from a geological point of view to identify the type of soil on which the building will be built, and to determine the purpose of the building, whether it is a residential building or an administrative building or a factory ... etc., to determine the live mechanical loads on the building, the materials used, and the additions Suitable for this purpose with concrete, in order to ensure the quality and safety of buildings, and to extend their life. Without eroding the concrete, or being affected by the surrounding environmental factors, and what guarantees the reduction of losses in facilities and the general safety of the building and individuals, and to ensure the success of the project for which the building was built


The study aimed to develop a proposal for the establishment of a central treatment network to purify sewage and feeding pipes in the State of Kuwait, by identifying some recent experiences in establishing central processing networks in purifying sewage pipes, by developing a proposal to allocate a plot of land about 30 acres in the Jahra area of the State Kuwait, and the researcher developed a preliminary scheme for this network as an attempt to implement it, and the researcher expects that this network will contribute to reducing some negative environmental phenomena in the use of sewage, and reducing the pollution of seawater in which sewage is discharged, in addition to recycling and using that water. In beneficial environmental uses such as agriculture and development in the new urban communities in the State of Kuwait.

Utilization Of Self-Cleaning Concrete Containing Titanium Dioxide []

In the field of construction, concrete is the frequently used material. Cement production, on the other hand, releases significant amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. As a result, a market for environmentally friendly manufacturing materials like self-cleaning concrete has emerged. Self-cleaning concrete is made with a more environmentally friendly binder, which is a revolutionary manufacturing fabric that replaces Portland cement. The inclusion of photocatalytic materials such as titanium dioxide (TiO2) and zinc oxide (ZnO) enhance the concrete's self-cleaning abilities. UV rays could be used to power self-cleaning concrete incorporating photocatalysts, accelerating the decomposition of organic particles. As a result, the regular cleaning of building facades can be conserved, and dangerous gases in the environment can be reduced. This examination displays the results of an experimental investigation of titanium dioxide-containing concrete. The investigation's main purpose is to improve the hardness and strength of concrete structures. A very small amount of titanium dioxide is used to achieve the positive effects (TiO2). A one-of-a-kind titanium dioxide powder content is used to produce the concrete (0 percent, 7 percent, 10 percent, 13 percent). The proportions of the M15-grade concrete mixture were carefully calculated. The cylinders and beams in the samples have been cast and cured. Break up tensile strength, compressive strength, and flexural strength of hardened concrete were tested experimentally after 14, and 28 days of curing. The highest strength was reached with titanium dioxide (TiO2) supplementation of 7%, 10%, and 13% by weight of cement, respectively.

Optimization Methods in The Reconstruction of Sparse Signal []

In this paper, sparse signal problem is defined and formulated. Constrained optimization and unconstrained optimization problems that solve sparse signal problem are also modeled. The main objective of the paper is to reconstruct sparse signal that was corrupted by a white noise. A white Gaussian noise was added to the original signal for an observed sparse signal and the split Bregman iterations is an optimization method for regularization of inverse problem used to solve and recover the sparse signal which is closer to the original signal. This is obtained by varying the regularization parameters and choose the best one to reconstruct the signal as required comparatively to the original signal.

New Hope for Humanity: Doctors Transplant Two Pig Kidneys at Once into a Human It's the today's test to indicate that pig-to-human transplantation won't be too some distance off from truth []

Nowadays around the world people have kidney surgery and some of them lose their lives and other offer theirs and live with just one kidney, it is actually a very risky operation and scientist really cared about. Today is now possible replacing a pig kidney and offer it to a human and this one will live, this reduces the risk of death of two persons instead of one and this discovery should be broadcasted.


Abstract Industrial strike actions cannot be avoided since they are inevitable aspects of work teams. Universally, the effects of industrial strike actions on the economy, public health and security of both personnel and employer/management of labour are better imagined than described. Since the effect of strike action hinders the competence of workers leading to lower productivity in organizations, this paper examines organizational strikes as obstacles to workers’ performance and high productivity in Nigeria with the view to disbanding the labour party and the adoption of true collective bargaining principle free of deceit. From literature reviewed, the paper revealed that the formation of the Labour party in Nigeria has weakened the power of Nigeria Labour Congress, an umbrella organization for trade unions in Nigeria to any fruitful collective bargaining negotiation in moment of strikes. Secondly, the paper showed dissatisfaction with salary and incentive problems, wrongful dismissal of workmen are some of the commonest reasons associated with organizational strikes. In addition, the paper uncovered the arbitrary use of lockouts by government/employers of labour as a solution to strike action rather than the adoption of the practice of true collective bargaining tools to reconstruct the broken bridge. Based on this, the paper concludes that one of the factors affecting the industrial strike is the continued existence of the Labour Party as the mouthpiece of labour organizations and the absence of true collective bargaining principles. Based on this, the paper recommends the disbandment of the labour party by workers and the enthronement of the practice of true collective bargaining devoid of deceit to make their voice heard and enhances social peace; help to reduce strikes through providing a formal structure for labour-management cooperation towards improving workers’ competence and productivity. Keywords: Industrial strike action; Management; Workers; Disbandment of labour Party; True collective bargaining;


Working Capital management is important for maintenance of liquidity and profitability of in any organization. In this study, to examine working capital management of the Rayalaseema Mills Limited. It was established 1945. In this paper evaluated current ratio, quick ratio, acid test ratio, working capital turnover ratio, cash turnover ratio, inventory turnover ratio, debtors turnover ratio during the study period. I conclude that the company focuses on much working capital management to generate more profitability of the company in the future.

Gender Based Differences in Research Productivity of Academics in Public Universities in South-East, Nigeria []

Research is germane in actualizing the goals of educational institutions. How well academics in universities participate in this task contributes significantly to the ranking of the universities. More so, the disparity or similarity of both gender types in this regard is important in ascertaining the actualization of sustainable development goal five and millennium development goal three. Using ex post facto design, the research examined the gender based differences in research productivity of academics in public owned universities situated in South-Eastern region of the country (Nigeria). Three research questions were employed in the study and three hypotheses were tested. From a population of 9,184 academics in 11 public universities, 896 academics were selected as the sample using the multistage sampling procedure which involved proportionate stratified sampling and simple random sampling, from four public universities in two states in the South-East zone of Nigeria, for the study. An instrument, titled Academic Staff Research Productivity Questionnaire (ASRPQ), was developed for collection of data for the study, and was validated by three experts, who are lecturers in Faculty of Education, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Cronbach Alpha was used to ascertain reliability of the instrument, which yielded a coefficient of 0.732. The mean score was used to answer the research questions while independent samples t-test was used to test the hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. The results revealed that out of the eighteen forms of research output investigated, female academics were more productive in research than their male counterparts in seven forms of research output while male academics were more productive than their female counterparts in nine forms of research output. Both gender types had the same mean score in two forms of research output. The test of the hypothesis also revealed an insignificant difference in research productivity of male and female academics in 12 forms of research output while a significant difference existed in six forms of research output. Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that the management of public universities should encourage female academics to explore and utilize international forms of research output to enhance their research productivity.

The Role of Electronic Accounting Information System in Measuring Credit Risk in National Bank of Oman []

Abstract Purpose: The aims of this research was to identify in the current study, the relationship between Electronic Accounting Information System and Measuring Credit Risk in the National Bank of Oman is briefly summarized. Because there is always a link between AIS (Accounting Information System) and risk measurement in commercial banking. Design/methodology/approach: The descriptive analytics research method is used in this study. A questionnaire and an interview were used to gather primary data. A random sampling strategy was used to pick samples. 87 samples were taken from people connected to and working in the National Bank of Oman's Finance and Accounts Department. After the data was obtained, Microsoft Excel was used to conduct the analysis. Findings: Non-performing loans were much higher than typical at the National Bank of Oman when the economy entered the recession (Al Maamari, 2020). It is yet too early to tell whether the pandemic has had an impact on the ratio of non-performing loans (stage 3 loans), which grew slightly to 5.2% at the end of the first half of 2020 (from 4.9% of 2019). Research limitations/implications: Based on the results, it was recommended that the National Bank of Oman focus on electronic accounting information system in order to reduce credit risk. This is to be more efficient to work by knowing customer information and focusing on employee morale. Social Implications: This research will add collective knowledge about how electronic accounting information system affect credit risk and can influence decision-makers, rules and regulations. Originality / Value: No research was found regarding electronic accounting information in measuring the credit risk of a bank in Oman. This research was an attempt to address the situation and shed light.


This study aimed to figure the Leadership Styles of the school heads and its relationship to school performance. Descriptive design were use in this study with instruments on lifelike leadership style incidents as means to determine the responses of the 161 teacher respondents and 5 school heads respondents on leadership styles. Specifically, it sought to offer data on; (1) respondents’ profile: gender, civil status, present position and length of service; (2) leadership styles: Autocratic, Delegative, Democratic, Servant and Transformational; (3) School performance: SBM Level of Practice, Dropout Rate, Cohort Survival Rate and Academic performance. Statistical tools like mean, percentage, z-test, f-test, t-test and Spearman rank correlation coefficients were used to check the statistical significance of the data. The study revealed that the majority of the teachers were women, married, 0-7 years teaching service and present position of Teacher I-III. The majority of the school heads were male, married, 8-15 years in service with the present position of Head Teacher IV. Overall top 3 leadership styles for school heads were Delegative, Democratic and Transformational. School Heads’ present position and civil status showed significant difference on Autocratic, Democratic and Transformational leadership styles. Gender showed no significant difference significant difference on Delegative and Servant leadership styles. Length of service showed very high adherence on all leadership styles. Overall top 3 leadership styles for teachers were Autocratic, Democratic and Servant leadership styles. Teachers’ gender showed no significance in all five leadership styles. Civil Status, Present Position and Length of Service showed significant difference on Autocratic, Democratic and Transformational leadership styles. Significant correlations were registered between leadership styles and school performance. In the final analysis, it was concluded that since democratic leadership style is the dominant style in managing teachers and students in school, continuous development trainings and programs must be implemented since both teachers and school heads are still at their novice level in terms of experience to ensure that performance of school meets if not exceeds the standards set by the government. Finally, handling school requires mastery on various leadership styles so that various school scenario and problems will be addressed properly.

Student’s Exposure on Synchronous-Asynchronous-Tutorial Aided Distance Learning: Impact on Academic Performance in Mathematics. []

The study attempted to examine student’s exposure through SAT-Aided Modular Distance Learning and Academic Performance in Mathematics among Grade 9 students of Alubijid National Comprehensive High School, Alubijid Misamis Oriental. Specifically, it aimed to: 1. Determine the academic performance of students as exposed to SAT-aided modular distance learning in relation to: synchronous learning; asynchronous learning and tutorial learning; and 2. Find out the significant difference on students’ academic performance as exposed to SAT-aided modular distance learning. A descriptive research method involving a pretest and posttest designed was employed. A total of ninety (90) students-participants were randomly selected. Three major groups of classes were assigned into the SAT, with thirty (30) students per group. Data mining on students’ grades was used. Unstructured interview schedule was employed to validate students’ learning outcomes. Mean, Percentage, t-test and Pearson product moment correlation coefficient were the statistical tools used to analyze the data. Results of the study revealed that students’ exposure to synchronous and asynchronous indicate outstanding academic performance and very satisfactory in tutorial learning strategy. The overall results of students’ exposure to SAT showed significantly different at 0.05 level. With SAT learning strategies, students generally achieved positive meaningful learning experiences aided with modular distance learning.


Pekik Nyaring Beach, Central Bengkulu Regency is a turtle nesting beach. Nesting beaches tend to have their own characteristics that influence turtles to land. The purpose of this study was to determine the environmental parameters that affect turtle nesting habitat and determine the suitability of land for laying turtle eggs at Pekik Nyaring Beach, Central Bengkulu Regency, Bengkulu Province. The research was conducted in June 2021 at Pekik Nyaring Beach, Central Bengkulu Regency using survey methods for data collection, as well as descriptive analysis methods at the data analysis stage. The results showed that the suitability of parameters affecting turtle landings at Pekik Nyaring Beach was in accordance with the characteristics of turtle nesting habitats. Characteristics at Pekik Nyaring Beach include a width of 19.53 m with a beach slope included in the flat category, namely 2.5°, making it easier for turtles to land and climb towards the vegetation to lay their eggs. Sand grain size 0.15 – 0.25 m included in the category of medium fine sand can make it easier for turtles to make nests. The temperature of the sand at Pekik Nyaring Beach is 28.5 – 29.25℃. And the vegetation on Pekik Nyaring Beach is dominated by Sea Fir and Bayhops.


Abstract Violacein is a water-insoluble violet or purple pigment found in Chromobacterium violaceum, a versatile pigment that exhibits several biological activities and, at present, has gained increasing importance in industrial markets, such as in medicine, cosmetics, and textiles. In this review paper different types of applications of Violacein such as antibacterial, anticancer, antinematode, antimalarial, as a marker of quorum sensing (QS) activities, textile dying, cosmetics and food industries are discussed below. Key words: Violacein, Antibacterial, Antinematode, Anticancer cell, Antimalarial, and Quorum sensing.