Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2022 Edition - GSJ Journal Publication

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Unlocking the Economic Growth of Post COVID 19 Nigeria: Issues and Challenges []

Abstract: This publication looked at the possibility of unlocking the economic growth of Nigeria after COVID-19. The major objective of the work was to suggest ways of opening up the economic growth of Nigeria post COVID-19. The research was purely explorative in nature. Explanatory research design (mainly literature research) was adopted for this work. The nature of Nigerian economies before and during the pandemic were reviewed. Also highlighted, was Nigerian government’s attempts to cushion the effects of the pandemic occasioned by COVID-19. Among the many recommendations put forth to unlock the economic growth of Nigeria post COVID-19 was the need to adopt knowledge economy in the stead of the present consumption economy. It was concluded that the key to unlock the economic growth lies in embracing knowledge economy, fighting insecurity and corruption, addressing leadership and followership deficiency, reducing cost of governance, etc. Keywords: COVID-19, Economic Growth, Economy, Knowledge economy, Unlocking.

Consumer purchase Awareness and Intension towards Green Produts []

Abstract This paper aims to analyze whether the Cost Effectiveness, Knowledge, Benefit and Promotional Strategy have significant effect on consumers purchasing intension towards green product in Nepal. A convenient sample of 288 respondents approaching self-administered questionnaires survey from different locations in Butwal has been conducted. Regression analysis were used to explore the relationship between independent variables (Cost Effectiveness, Knowledge, Benefit and Promotional Strategy) and dependent variable i.e. consumers purchasing intension. The results reveal that Cost Effectiveness, Knowledge, Benefit and Promotional Strategy have positive effect to determine the consumers purchasing intension towards green product in Nepal. Cost effectiveness, Benefit of the green product does not affect consumers purchasing intension towards green product in Nepal. Key words- Green product, Cost Effectiveness, Knowledge, Benefit and Promotional Strategy, Consumer purchase intension, Multiple Regression, Correlation .

Analyzing Wear Condition Of Wheel On Crossing A Case Of Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Line []

Wheel wear is one of the common factors that interrupts the vehicle movement and may cause derailment and overturning risk. The evaluation and prediction of wheel wear is a fundamental issue in railway field, both in terms vehicle, and economic cost. Wheel Wear effect is the main challenge of AALRT which takes more operation and maintenance cost, and also reduces the life of track and vehicles. The computational tools developed here determine wear index of wheels consists of using commercial multi-body software (MBS) to study the railway dynamics problem and purpose built code for managing its pre and post processing data in order to compute the wear index. According to this strategy an initial wear profile is provided and the software runs a simulation and for necessary data from the dynamic analysis results and calculation the wear; the wear rate can be calculated. In real situation many vehicles are operated on different tracks, geometrical geometry. Therefore when predicts wear evolution of the wheel different track geometries and other factors has to be considered to wear studies. In this work the geometric component of the track such as crossing and straight alignments are considered to calculate wear of the wheel and compared under different loads and speeds. The study tries to assess whether the crossing alignment is the cause of excessive wheel wears of AALRT, determine wear index and wear rate prediction. This study tries to assess the cases for wheel wear and also focuses on wear conditions at crossing under different loads and varying speed.


Widyaiswaras are civil servants at the Human Resource Development Agency or BPSDM (from its Indonesian acronym Badan Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia) of Indonesia’s Ministry of Home Affairs that have recently experienced a decline in career development. The Human Resource Development Agency or BPSDM is interested to know the variables causing this issue. This paper is intended to develop a conceptual model to determine the effect of work experience and training on career development by using work performance as a mediator. This paper proposes a conceptual model for decreasing career development, along with a literature review, hypotheses, and research methodology. The implementation of this paper can provide information about the effects of work experience and training on work performance and career development with a case study of Widyaiswaras at the Human Resource Development Agency or BPSDM of Indonesia’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

Determinants of Compliance to National Neonatal Resuscitation Guidelines among Nurses at Pumwani Maternity Hospital Nairobi, Kenya. []

This study sought to establish facility related factors determining compliance to National Neonatal Resuscitation Guidelines among nurses at Pumwani Maternity Hospital. The study adopted a cross-sectional survey design to in- cooperate qualitative and quantitative research methods. The study targeted nurses working at Pumwani Maternity Hospital. A sample of 108 nurses was used. A semi-structured questionnaire with closed and open ended questions was used to collect data. An observation checklist was also used to collect data. A total of 99 nurses working at Pumwani Maternity Hospital participated and completed their questionnaires for the study. Majority of nurses were dissatisfied with the availability of resuscitation equipment. Majority 61% (58) indicated that resuscitation equipment had good functionality. Availability of equipment (χ2=17.378, df=8, p=0.026) and training (χ2=37.767, df=16, p=0.002). The study concluded that availability and functionality of equipment influences compliance of nurses. The study recommended that the County Government of Nairobi should ensure that the resuscitation rooms are fully equipped at all times and maintain functionality of equipment through regular checkups. Keywords: Resuscitation, neonatal resuscitation, National Neonatal Resuscitation Guidelines, compliance.

Assessing the green behaviour []

In today's society and organizations, environmental protection has become critical. Natural disasters, climate change, and the loss of natural resources have all become a cause of concern. The destruction of forests, the combustion of fossil fuels, and the emission of carbon monoxide as a result of organizational and human activities are the causes of today's dire environmental situation. To counteract these effects, governments, especially those in developing countries, have pledged their support for global movements such as AGENDA 2030 and adopted policies encouraging businesses to adopt environmentally friendly practices. As a result, many businesses are focusing on implementing environmental management systems (EMS) or green programs to ensure that their everyday activities are less detrimental to the environment. Reduced carbon emissions, such as reduced energy and office materials use, and adequate recycling of materials are among these measures. Employee environmental efficiency and attitude are critical to the success of these green programs in businesses. It is wise to concentrate on improving the environmental skills, attitude, and behaviour of employees in order to improve an organization's environmental efficiency. A few air terminals experience serious clog probably a portion of the time, where 'blockage' implies that one airplane postpones the utilization of the air terminal or denies the utilization of the air terminal by another airplane in that time allotment. Essentially all financial experts acknowledge that when an asset is restricted, with the utilization of a framework that costs it to address its worth to any remaining expected shoppers, it very well may be dispersed most successfully. In any case, hypothetically, effective costs must be ensured if all organic market are cutthroat, markets are full (they permit any amount of exchanges whenever), and the members improve helpfulness by advancing benefit incomes.


ABSTRACT The technological development and impact of computers and internet on our lives that has been verified over time affected various sectors of activity. And almost every task today is being run through computers. Getting information and quickly turning it into a product that consumers want is the essential key to staying in business and all of this is done nowadays using computers and applications or information systems. And the education system is undeniably the backbone of the society, it focuses at preparing the young talents for the future. However, currently the process of students’ result management and declaration at Kogi State University, is performed almost manually with extensive human intervention, the students’ results are generated through a spreadsheet application and then printed on a paper, attached to a wall for declaration and then stored. The current research aims at creating an enhanced web-based student result management system, reducing time, effort and improving security. The methodology adopted for the elaboration of the research is based on qualitative study. The research results in the development of an Enhanced Web-Based Students’ Results Processing and Management System using Structured System Analysis and Design Method (SSADM) capable of computing overall students’ results using a robust programming tools such as SQL, Php, CSS, Html, JavaScript, etc The work met all the objectives intended. It is how ever recommended for all tertiary institution.


The Human Resource Development Agency or BPSDM (from its Indonesian acronym Badan Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia) of Indonesia’s Ministry of Home Affairs is a government agency that has recently experienced a decline in its employee performance. The Human Resource Development Agency or BPSDM is interested to know the variables causing this issue. This paper is intended to develop a conceptual model to determine the effect of leadership style and perceived organizational performance on employee performance with employee satisfaction as a mediator or an intervening variable. This paper proposes a conceptual model for decreasing employee performance, along with a literature review, hypotheses, and research methodology. The implementation of this paper can provide information about the effects of leadership style perceived organizational support and employee satisfaction on employee performance with a case study of the Human Resource Development Agency or BPSDM of Indonesia’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

Static and Harmonic Study of Fishing Stick Using Composite Materials (FGM) []

The present work deal with FGM rods. The aim of this paper is to compare the vibration behavior of fishing stick with different composite materials. FGM rods or the fishing stick in our paper is Functionally graded in x-axis. The results show that the functionally graded fishing stick in x-axis with composite materials gives better performance.

Enhancing the Dynamical Response of Elastic Plates Using Homogenization []

Plate refers to a structural element which is used in many applications in our life. Following its significance, it is important to study this application and to explore a modified case of plate with an aim to improve the application efficiency. This study intends to see the effect of Homogenization in the elastic plates in three different cases. In addition a modified plate at specific mode will be analyzed to make sure that the performance of such plates will be enhanced. Homogenization was found as a useful technique to minimize the transverse deflection of elastic plates. Findings showed the enhancement of the dynamic performance of elastic plates.

Static Analysis of Bending Behavior of Sandwich Beams []

Different types of sandwich beams through suggesting different core configurations were analyze. Six different core configurations were developed, and each ‎configuration was analyzed under three separate ordinations. The aim through these previous steps to figure out the best possible core configuration from ‎the generated configurations, and to optimize the best configuration. it has been noticed that the side ‎orientation was the best orientation in all configurations., where it can be seen that the best configuration is the circular tube and from the side orientation. Few recommendations are suggested, such as that the design of the core should incorporate the ‎procedure of manufacturin core since its dimensions are small and lots of precise details. Also, studying other core materials such as polymers and recycled paper ‎that may have good performance and feasibility compared to structure steel and aluminum.

Passive Control of Axial Vibration of Fixed-Free Rods using Periodic Structures []

Passive Control of Axial Vibration of Fixed-Free Rods using Periodic Structures” with consideration of four cases as mentioned earlier. The objective is to compare these cases from vibration point of view, analysis the best one and provide diameter, D, cells lengths, LA and LB which effects the rod with minimum vibration. These values were obtained using parametric analysis in order to reach optimal results. Therefore, the project was divided into two stages, each stage has its own modeling, analysis and results discussion. In conclusion, the recommended results of this study comes to be D = 11 mm, LA = 70 mm and LB = 45 mm. On the other hand, the team suggests other recommendations for further study such as that redesigning the portion of the bar using other materials which reduces vibration over millions of cycles without degrading such as Sorbothane® . Also, parametric study can be performed with a wider range of cells diameter values, D, cells lengths, LA and LB, in the purpose of having much more accurate results. This accuracy of results might affect the vibration significantly

Financial development and tax revenue in Tanzania []

Purpose: The purpose of this research was to consider the influence of financial development on Tanzania's tax revenue. To accomplish the intent of this study, the main specific objective was concerned about the effect of financial depth on tax revenue in Tanzania. Design/methodology: This study adopted quantitative approach and time series as research design, this study was conducted in Tanzania. Because of the accessibility of the data for the time of 1996-2020. The annual time series data for the Tanzanian financial development and tax revenue were obtained from secondary sources which include the World Development Indicators (WDI) and Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). The method was employed to make the estimation is the Dynamic Ordinary Least Square (DOLS). Findings: The financial characteristics were considered to be relevant tax revenue parameters based on the study's aims. As a consequence, the examination of the estimation findings revealed that financial depth had a beneficial influence on increasing tax revenue in Tanzania. As a result, this paper recommends that the government place a greater emphasis on financial development, as it may be a vital instrument for increasing tax revenue for social welfare, poverty reduction, and macroeconomic stability. The Bank of Tanzania has maintained its monetary policy stance, which aims to increase lending to the private sector to encourage economic activity.

Comparative Study on the Extraction and application of aqueous Crude Stem Bark Extracts from Jatropha curcas and Azadirachta indica as Pesticides. []

A comparative study was carried on the extraction and application of aqueous crude stem bark extracts from Jatropha curcas and Azadirachta indica as Pesticides. The study was based on the use of natural plants crude extracts from the bark as an alternative to synthetic pesticides. The treatment were laid out in a completely randomized design (CRD) with four replicates using sixteen (16) billets of Bambusa vulgaris schrad which was cross cut into 1.25 inches thickness and 12 inches in length. 50ml, 100ml, 150ml and 200ml separate stem bark extracts of Jatropha curcas and Azadirachta indica were applied to the billets using a brush. T1 was treated with aqueous stem bark extract of Jatropha curcas; T2 was treated with aqueous stem bark extract of Azadirachta indica, T3 was treated with combine aqueous stem bark extract of Jatropha curcas and Azadirachta indica, while T4 serve as the control. The study revealed that T3 (combine aqueous stem bark extract of Jatropha curcas and Azadirachta indica) was more effective in causing significant reduction in termite attack than other applications used, probably due to the toxicity/anti-feedant properties to termite. The analysis of variance showed no significant difference on the incidence of termite attack and severity of damage, while there was significant difference on the number of furrows and weight loss of billets at 0.05% significant level.

The Influence of Security Perception, Ease of Use on Buying Interest Through Trust as an Intervening Variable (Case Study of E-Commerce Lazada in Makassar City) []

ABSTRACT This study aims to determine the effect of perceived security and ease of use on buying interest through consumer trust case studies on online buying and selling Lazada. This study uses Structural Equation Model (SEM) data analysis, component based partial least square (PLS) with testing on 100 respondents in the category of students who have done online shopping at Lazada. The testing technique uses the help of the SmartPls system version 3. The results of hypothesis testing indicate that the security perception variable has a positive and significant effect, then the security perception has a positive and insignificant effect on buying interest. The ease of use variable has a positive and significant effect on trust and buying interest. The trust variable has a positive and significant effect on online buying interest. Keywords: Security Perception, Ease of Use, Buying Interest, Trust.

The Journey of Life Creation []

Life is a gift for all human as it gives meaning to their exists by practicing and exploring the Events and Activities that occur around them. To explain these events we need to look at the root of causing them by understanding how these objects, events, creatures or any matter are created, So we will go over a Journey on how this life is working and give an explanation about the mechanism of life since it’s created. The Goal of this paper is to simplify the understanding of our life and to put the priorities were human needs to work together to create better life and peaceful environment. Astronomy is the key factor to accomplish this goal by giving it the right and fare explanations on how the Objects are working, connected or Created, and understand the way of the Universe system is designed and what worth and not worth to be explored and analyze, As a human efforts shall be utilized and optimized on what reflect benefits on them for continuous life improvements and developments. Keywords Astronomy, Life, Deep Space, Earth, Sun, environment, Galaxy, Big Bang, Gravitation, Heliocentric Model, Geocentric Model, Orbit, Planet, Solar System, Space Exploration.

Book review/ Book review on Gender, Power and Political Speech: Women and Language in the 2015 UK General Election []

Book review: Cameron Deborah and Shaw Sylvia. (2016) Gender, power and political speech: Women and Language in the 2015 UK General Election. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-1-137-58751-0 (hbk); ISBN 978-1-137-58752-7 (ebk)140p

Alpha and Beta []

Abstract The main problem in portfolio management is the question How an investor should distribute his wealth to gain the best possible expected return for the amount of risk, he is willing to suffer from. To solve this problem, Alpha is a measure of the performance of an investment as compared to a suitable benchmark index, such as the S&P 500. An alpha of one (the baseline value is zero) shows that the return on the investment during a specified time frame outperformance the overall market average by 1%. A negative alpha number reflects an investment that is underperforming as compared to the market average. Beta, on the other hand, is a measure of a stock's systematic risk or volatility.

Distribution and Characteristics of Eddies in Indonesian Seas []

Eddies has an influence in the transporting and mixing of water masses which have an important role because it transports chemical elements, dissolved substances, nutrients, small organisms, and heat. Eddies can be observed based on the high intensity of eddies kinetic energy (EKE). The purpose of this study was to determine the distribution and characteristics of eddies in Indonesian seas. The data used is obtained from HYCOM (Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model) in the form of current data consisting of components u and v with daily datasets from January to December 2016. The study area covers Indonesian waters with coordinates 11ºN – 11ºLS and 91°E – 141.5 °BT, then processed using MATLAB software. Automated Eddies Detection (AED) method for eddies detection. Current data is also calculated to get the EKE value and overlay with eddies detection results. The results showed that the most eddies distribution occurred in the western of Sumatra sea, southern Java sea, and the Indian Ocean with 107 occurrences and the north of Papua to Pacific Ocean with 101 events. The average diameter of the eddies is 90.626 km for cyclonic eddies and 95.834 km for anticyclonic eddies. The highest EKE values occur in the waters north of Papua to Pacific Ocean. Average EKE value at the central point is 395,086 cm 2 /s 2 for eddies cyclonic and 444.126 cm 2 /s 2 for eddies anticyclonic.


For ornamental fish, the quality criteria are particularly concerned with their physical attractiveness. Because the aes-thetic value or ornament is particularly significant for the sorts of fish in this group, the term decorative fish is very fitting. The bright and lustrous body color of ornamental fish is one of the characteristics that determines their eco-nomic value. The pigment concentration in fish feed is a key aspect in bringing out fish colors so that they are bright and lustrous. Based on the components in them, a variety of natural materials have a lot of potential to be used as a source of natural colors. Based on multiple research and scientific references, these natural pigment sources have the ability to improve the color quality of various fish.

An analysis on the role of information technology governance on reducing the business IT gaps in Oman’s companies []

Information technology is referred to as the usage of computers and other technology-related devices to create, process, store and exchange different types of electronic data. Information technology is used widely in business operations and for other purposesalso (Castagna, 2020). Most commonly IT is used for the ease of business operations. Companies use information technology to automate their operations and gain a competitive edge. The governance of information technology is referred to as a discipline that monitors the usage of technology in companies. Business organizations use information technology as a tool to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of their business activities, some organizations use IT to reduce business costs. The ability of the organizations to gain a competitive edge and improve overall performance in the market is influenced by the use of the latest technology (Ghildyal & Chang, 2017). Organizations that embrace the technology can have all these benefits which refer to the governance of the technology in organizations. IT governance focuses on the practices that are followed by the organizations to meet their goals.

Destructive Leadership and Job Satisfaction: An Evidence from higher Education Institutions in Indonesia []

Destructive leadership (DL) refers to the dark side of leaders’ behavior and negative consequences for the employees and organization. This research aims to analyze the role of destructive leadership of higher educational institutions leaders including rectors, faculties’ directors, head of departments as perceived by lecturers and other staff about their job satisfaction in Malang city, Indonesia. This research was conducted by adopting quantitative approach and statistics analysis. Sample of research included 580 lecturers and staff who have full-time job at the Islamic universities in Malang city characterized by their gender, qualification, and years of experience. The results of this research reveals low to moderate level in all five different dimensions of destructive leadership, while nine dimensions of lecturers and staff's job satisfaction were revealed between moderate to high. Furthermore, results revealed no significant differences among lecturers in the perceived destructive leadership of universities leaders related to their gender, qualification and years of experience. Regarding to lecturers and staff's job satisfaction, results revealed significant differences based on gender of lecturers and staff in favor for female lecturers and staff, significant differences between qualification level of lecturers and staff in favor for Master or less qualifications, and significant differences among three groups of years of experience related to job satisfaction. Lecturers and staff with 1-5 years of experience have more job satisfaction than other experience level. No significant correlation exists between five dimensions of destructive leadership of universities' higher education leaders and nine dimensions of lecturers and staff' job satisfaction. Finally, this research recommend more awareness for both higher education leaders, lecturers and staff to enhance collaboration between them and lift up the development of higher education reputation and accreditation.

An Effective Tea Leaf Classifier Using Faster R-CNN with Real-Time Object Detection []

Tea is one of the most significant beverages preferred all across the world and is undoubtedly a huge cash crop in the world, grown in climatically restricted geographic areas. The best Tea is prepared from the best Tea leaves grown under optimum conditions. Since the quality and the condition of the tea leaves is so vital in the Tea Industry as a beverage, the classification of eligible tea leaves that should be plucked has become an active area of research as the Tea Cultivation industry itself is facing threats due to lack of labor. This paper is mainly focused on classifying the 21-days old tender tea shoots from the younger buds. Images of the Tea Leaves are fed to the classifier from a mobile camera. This proposed approach consists of three phases such as preprocessing, classification to process the fed image and predictions through real-time Object Detection. The captured images are preprocessed using the Grabcut-image segmentation technique in order to introduce masking to support the followed labeling process. The Faster R-CNN model is trained with the labeled images to classify the leaves into 2 - classes, ready to be plucked and not-ready to be plucked. The trained model is experimented with video footage to provide prediction through real-time Object Detection. The experimental results of the tested tea leaf images proved that the proposed method classifies the tea leaves with an IoU of 0.670.


Preparing drilled well for completion and production requires comprehensive wellbore clean-up operation for all sections of the drilled well. Ineffective wellbore clean-up can result in formation damage and reduce the productive life of the well resulting in remedial and workover operation. Complete wellbore clean-up solution usually consists of a set of mechanical tools (scrappers, brush, junk basket, deburr tools, BOP jetting tool etc.), chemicals (cleaning surfactant spacer, transition spacer, etc), filtration equipment, and modelling software for the operation. An efficient wellbore cleaning solution would resolve wellbore cleaning challenge for the specific well within a considerable time frame leading to cost saving for the operator. To achieve this, different parameters and factors affecting wellbore clean-up are optimised experimentally and/or through modelling. Among these factors is the cleaning efficiency of the surfactant used for spacer formulation for well clean-up. These research analysis the performance of surfactants in wellbore clean-up operations considering contaminated and non-contaminated spacer condition. This work employed experimental approach to study the effect of the type of surfactant, RPM and flow rate, time and contamination in relation to the cleaning efficiency of the surfactant in unit of mud removal efficiency (%). Different surfactant samples were used for spacer formulation and their cleaning efficiency for cleaning/removing mud, varying the mentioned factors and analysing its effect on the surfactant cleaning efficiency. The study revealed that increasing the RPM, flow rate and reducing contamination results to higher cleaning efficiency with time. The different surfactant samples (A, B, C and D) also exhibited different cleaning efficiency with sample C yielding 98% and 95% mud removal after 4 minutes and 8.5 minutes contact time for non-contaminated and contaminated wellbore clean-up (WBC) test while Sample D cleaner surfactant resulted in 100% mud removal after 1.5 minutes for non-contaminated test. Sample C and D where the best performing surfactant sample among the alternatives.

Simulation and Optimization of Natural Gas Sweetening Plant []

This study is pursuing to quantitatively simulate an existing natural gas sweetening plant with a commercial process simulator (Aspen Hysys version10), using Peng Robinson as the fluid package. In this dissertation, one of the typical processes present in the natural gas chain were modelled: via chemical absorption with methyldiethanol amine, which has absorption selectivity of H2S preferentially to CO2 but for purpose of this project, the process parameter was modified to increase CO2 loading because the natural gas contain negligible amount of H2S. As the plant is considered new, there is a requirement to review the current plant operation and investigate any possible optimization and modification that can lead to reduction in the flared waste gases without violating the sweet gas specifications. Reduction of the operating costs and increasing the environmental sustainability of the process are two critical concerns in Greenville oil and gas. The plant operation was optimized by carrying out sensitivity analysis of the operating parameters (amine circulation rate and concentration simultaneously) which showed a decrease in CO2 loading in lean amine. Also, graph of mole fraction of CO2 in the sweet gas was plotted against amine circulation rate and amine concentration which showed a reduction in CO2 concentration in the sweet gas thereby meeting the liquefied natural Gas (LNG) specifications. It was found that increasing the absorption column temperature will increase the losses of water and amine to the sweet gas. There is a water loss of approximately 0.5 kmol h-1 for every 5°C increase in temperature. So, it is recommended that sensitive temperature difference between feed gas and the amine should be establish to eradicate excessive rich amine loss to the sweet gas at the top of the column. Also, it is recommended that, to avoid any condensation of light hydrocarbons which can cause foaming. So, a flow rate difference of at least 7m3/h should be establish between the feed gas entering the contactor and the amine in a counter current manner. The result of this work shows that at circulation rate of 22.7m3/hrs and concentration of 45% yielded the optimum natural gas composition (CH4 = 91.4, C2H6 = 3.3459, C3H8 = 2.7336, i-C4H10 = 0.5784, n- C4H10 = 0.8530etc) required for LNG production.