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Growth Pattern of Silver Barb, Barbonymus gonionotus (Bleeker, 1850) in the Cipanas Reservoir Plan of West Java Province []

Silver Barb (Barbonymus gonionotus) is a native fish that is well known in Indonesia and has the potential to become one of the aquacul-ture commodities. Silver Barb can live well in rivers, flood plains to reservoirs. In 2016 the construction of the Cipanas Dam began to be carried out which will hamper the flow of the Cipanas River so that it changes the pattern of river flow from flowing into stagnant which indirectly impacts on the habitat of aquatic organisms. Changes in river habitat will have an impact on the survival of these organisms, both growth, reproduction and eating habits. Therefore, this research aims to analyze the growth pattern of Silver Barb in the Cipanas River which has the potential to become a cultivation species in the Cipanas Reservoir in West Java Province. The method used is a survey method with purposive sampling technique at the coordinates of the sampling point 6° 41' 51" LS - 6° 38' 53" LS and 108° 01' 32" BT - 108° 02' 53" BT. The research was conducted in June - October 2018. Silver Barb caught in the waters of the Cipanas River consist of sev-en size classes. The most caught size classes are fish that are still in the growth stage, measuring 125 - 146 mm by 25.71%. Fish growth patterns follow the regression equation y = 3.1692 - 0.000006x. b = 3.1692 means that the growth pattern is positive allometric. Fish reach maximum weight when measuring between 147 - 168 mm in length. The condition factor of Silver Barb fish ranged from 0.82 - 1.10 with weight gain proportional to the increase in length to a certain length (point of reflection).


Abstract This study investigated the psychological impact of academic information and gender on the students’ choice of university, among 100 levels undergraduate students of UNN, the participants were 200 students drawn from two schools, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) and Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT). Questionnaires were used to collect the responses for the study which was developed by researcher and validated by some experts in the UNN Department of Psychology. Two null hypotheses were postulated. The first stated that there would be no statistically significant difference of academic information on the choice of university. The second stated that there would be no statistically significant gender difference on the choice of university. The Chi-square (X2) analysis of data on data on the first hypothesis showed X2 = (1, 20.78) p<.0.05 and the second analysis produced X2 (1, 0.02) p>0.05. The findings indicated (1) statistically significant impact of academic information on choice of university. (2) No statistically significant effect of gender on choice of university. The results were discussed. The implication of this study show that students requires information about educational and occupational training inside and outside school; to eradicate stereotypes in choice of university and help youths to be very informed before choosing a particular university. The study concludes that, choice of university involves a person’s total life. An adequate understanding of how an individual selects a particular occupation among several alternatives is a basic step towards arresting future career maladjustment and its associated problems. More so, it will facilitate efficient use of human resources for good functioning of the economy.


The study examined “effects of cooperative learning strategy on Students’ Academic Achievement in Elasticity in Obio-Akpor Local Government Area Rivers State. The sample size of the study was 164 SS2 science students. 82 randomly assigned to the control group who were taught elasticity with lecture method and 82 assigned to the experimental group who were taught with cooperative method. Quasi-experimental design was adopted in the study. Research instrument used for the study for data collection was Elasticity Achievement Test (EAT). The instrument was developed by the researcher in order to measure the rate of students’ academic achievement in elasticity. The instrument was administered to the students before treatment to determine the level of knowledge about the subject matter (pre-test). Then, the same instrument administered again after the treatment has been given to obtain the post test scores. The questionnaire contained 50 multiple choice questions of which each of the questions carries two marks. The instrument was faced and content validated by two experts in the department of science education Rivers State University. The reliability of the instrument was done using Cronbach alpha coefficient to determine the internal consistency. The scores of the students were analyzed using mean and standard deviation. The hypotheses were tested at .05 level of significance using z-test. The study found that Cooperative learning method enhances active student participation and interaction. This quality lead to significant learning effect in Physics. It was recommended that science teachers should be encouraged to adopt cooperative teaching strategy so as to enhance active students’ participation in scientific operation


This study aims to determine: firstly the influence of narcissistic leadership on job satisfaction, secondly the influence of narcissistic leadership on member exchange, thirdly the influence of leader member exchange on job satisfaction, and fourthly the effect of narcissistic leadership on job satisfaction that is mediated by leader member exchange. The population in this study were employees of PT Asuransi Jasa Indonesia (Persero) with a sample of 80 respondents taken by random sampling technique. The research method used in this study is path analysis. The results obtained: (1) Narcissistic leadership influences employee job satisfaction. (2) Narcissistic leadership influences LMX. (3) LMX affects employee job satisfaction. (4) Narcissistic leadership has a direct influence on employee job satisfaction through LMX.


ABSTRACT Background: Malaria remains one of the major public health burdens in Africa in that it is one of the common diagnosis made by prescribers in all out patient departments across the African continent. The infection affects about 3.4 billion people worldwide and accounted for the deaths of 1.2 billion people across the world. The worrying situation about the infection is that of the over-diagnosis of the disease and over prescription of antimalarial to persons who have not been tested for the presence of the parasite before commencing treatment. Objective: The objective of the study was to assess how community health officers manage malaria in children under 5 years at the CHPS compounds and to assess whether the use of malaria RDT has contributed to a reduction in over diagnosis of malaria. Method: A cross sectional study involving simple random sampling method was used to select two or three CHOs from each of the 23 CHPS compounds in the Birim Central Municipality. Data was collected using face to face interview and paper questionnaire. The data was then entered into MS excel 2013 package and transferred into Stata version 15 for analysis. The Pearson’s chi-square and Fishers’ exact tests of association were used to determine the association or relationship between participants’ background characteristics and the level of knowledge on malaria management. The simple and multiple logistic regression models were used to determine the crude and adjusted odds ratio respectively in quantifying the factors that influence participants level of knowledge on malaria management. Results: The mean knowledge score on the scale of 0 to 1 was 0.64 with a standard deviation of 0.11. Also the median score of the overall knowledge of study participants was 0.67 also with an interquartile range of 0.11(thus 0.70 minus 0.59). While 25% of the study participants scored below 0.59, the top 25% of the study participants scored at least 0.70 both on the scale of 0 to 1. With a score of 0.70 as the least threshold of the high knowledge on management of malaria cases, 36.4% (n=24) of the study participants had high knowledge on management of malaria cases with an estimated 95% confidence interval of 24.9% to 49.1%. Conclusion: Testing with malaria RDT before commencing antimalarial treatment was 95.45% from the study. This was higher than the national prevalence rate of RDT testing which stood at 83.9% in 2017. Findings from the study also showed that the use of malaria RDT in managing malaria in the CHPS compounds has drastically reduced the over diagnosis of malaria and the over prescription of antimalarial drugs.

Effect Of Addition Combination Liquid And Dry Probiotics On Siamese Catfish Growth []

This research aims to analyze the effect of giving a combination of liquid and dry probiotics on fish feed on growth, survival, and conversion ratio of feed of Siamese catfish juvenile carried out from June 2019 to August 2019. The method used in this research is an experimental method with a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) consisting of four treatments with three replications, with different concentrations of probiotics. Treatment A : Control / without probiotics, treatment B: addition of probiotics (75% liquid) 11.25 ml / kg of feed & (25% dry) 2.5 g / kg of feed, treatment C: addition of probiotics by (50% liquid) 7.5 ml / kg of feed & 50% (dry) 5 g / kg of feed, treatment D: addition of probiotics by (25% liquid) 3.75 ml / kg of feed and (75% dry) 7.5 g / kg of feed. Parameters tested using analysis of variance include survival, average absolute weight growth, daily weight growth, food conversion ratio (FCR). While water quality is tested descriptively. The results of this study can be concluded that the addition of a combination of liquid and dry probiotics with the best results is the concentration of liquid 3.75 ml / kg of feed and dry 7.5 g / kg of feed with an average rate daily growth of 2.66%, the average value of long growth of 1.95 cm, and food conversion ratio of 0.95. Survival rates show 100% in all treatments.


Despite the growing popularity in construction industry, construction management software still remained virtually an un-tapped technology among construction firms as popularly adopted by oil and gas sector. However, construction management software is a project management platform that helps companies in processes like budget management, communication, decision-making, design, and job scheduling with the main goal of making the construction business processes a lot easier through software automation procedures. This research work is primarily aimed to develop a construction management system for construction companies, project managers, civil engineers, public and private organizations and corporate individuals to solve construction challenges between clients and Construction Company. It provides an efficient way for clients and contractors to interact confidently and confidentially without the access of any third party. In this research, an online based approach was employed for accessibilities of the automation to stakeholders using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Xamp as developmental tools.


The study investigated the causes and influence of absenteeism on school children academic performance in Nante Islamic Junior High School. The study employed convenience, purposive and universal sampling methods which were used to cover a population and sample size of 74 students composes of students from year one to year three in other to obtain require data. Questionnaire was the main instrument adopted for the study. Data collected was analyzed using the ‘Statistical Product and Service Solution’ version 20 (SPSS) together with Microsoft excel. Chi-square and correlation analysis were performed together with basis statistics (percentages, mean and standard deviation). The findings from the research indicated a significantly (0.00<0.05) negative correlation (r= -0.47) between students’ performance and the number of days they were absent from school, implying that a direct inverse relation existed between the variables. The chi-square analysis depicts that students with 85 percent and more class attendance obtained grades within 1 to 5. Adding to that the study denoted a statistically significant (0.00<0.05) means difference (π = 18.57) implying that school/class attendance has an impact on students’ performance. It was held that students who were punctual at class scored high marks than their counter-pals, implying that school attendance is significant for good scores. The study also identified Household chores, lack of scholastic materials, Hunger at school, illness, punishment at school, Peer influence, loss of parents/guardian and lack of educational zeal as leading reasons for students’ chronic absenteeism. The study recommended that government should subsidize the cost of scholastic materials or possibly give them free to students within rural communities.


The low coverage of exclusive breastfeeding is a problem that can cause the process of growth and healthy development in infants or toddlers to be disrupted. Data from Banjar District Health Office, exclusive breastfeeding coverage in Astambul Public Health Center reached 39.57% and decreased in 2017 to 22.78% only. The purpose of this study was to analyze the factors related to exclusive breastfeeding in the area of Astambul Public Health Center. This study uses an analytical observational method with a cross-sectional approach conducted in the work area of the Astambul Health Center. Population d nature of this research that mothers of infants aged> 6-12 months. While the sampling using proportional random sampling techniques with inclusion and exclusion criteria obtained a sample of 99 people. The data obtained were then analyzed using a statistical test that is the Chi-Square test and logistic regression test. Chi-Square test results showed that there was a relationship between maternal age, mother's education, mother's occupation, parity, exposure to MCH book information, family income, father's education with exclusive breastfeeding for infants. Whereas the variables of child sex, father's age and father's occupation have no relationship with exclusive breastfeeding. Logistic regression test showed that the mother's occupation was the most dominant factor related to exclusive breastfeeding for infants in the Astambul Public Health Center area. There is a significant relationship between the variables of mother's age, mother's education, mother's occupation, parity, exposure to MCH book information, family income, father's education with exclusive breastfeeding. Variables of child sex, father's age and father's occupation do not have a significant relationship with exclusive breastfeeding. Mother's occupa-tion variable is the most dominant factor related to exclusive breastfeeding.

Effect of pulps cooking of local plantain cultivars (Musa sp.) from Côte d'Ivoire on the functional properties of the resulting flours []

Functional properties of raw and cooked pulp flours from five local cultivars of plantain (Musa sp.) were studied to evaluate their potential in food systems. The pulps were subjected to different boiling times (10, 15 and 20 min). Swelling power, solubility, dispersibility, foaming capacity and stability of the foam, water and oil absorption capacity of these different flours were determined according to standard methods. Results show that the flours from the boiled pulps have the highest rates of swelling, solubility, dispersibility, water absorption capacity and oil content compared to flours from raw pulps. In contrast, flours from boiled pulps foam less. Flours of the Afoto cultivar have the highest rates of swelling (17.03 to 19.21 g of water / g of flour), solubility (16.98 to 21.02%), water absorption capacity (288.06 to 398.99%), oil absorption capacity (93.23 to 103.63%) and foaming capacity (15.46 to 8.72%). Overall, pulp cooking of these plantain cultivars has a positive effect on the functional properties of the resulting flours.


This research was conducted to know the effects of product quality on consumer loyalty with customer satisfaction as mediating variable in Ampalu Raya Padang Restaurant. The sample was determined by using simple random sampling with criteria, (a) Respondents live in the city of Padang, (b) Know the restaurant, (c) ever visited the restauran at least two times. This study used a sample size of 150 respondents obtained from the Hair method. This study used quantitative methods and survey methods in collecting data about attitudes, feelings, past behavioral beliefs and planned behaviors that was analyzed by using SEM-PLS 3 software. The results of this study revealed that product quality has no significant effect on consumer loyalty at Ampalu Raya restaurant, product quality has a significant effect on customer satisfaction in Ampalu Raya restaurant, consumer satisfaction has a significant effect on consumer loyalty in Ampalu Raya restaurant, customer satisfaction has a full mediatiom to product quality towards consumer loyalty at Ampalu Raya restauranrt. From R2 score of customer satisfaction variables can be explained by product quality variables, for the rest 54.7 percent explained by other variables that are not examined, consumer loyalty variables can be explained by product quality variables and customer satisfaction by 56.3 percent, the rest explained by variables other variables not examined.


This study sought to determine the relative effectiveness of assertiveness training and self -management techniques on shyness among secondary school students in Aguata L.G.A of Anambra State. Five research questions guided the study and five null hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significances. The design for the study was a quasi- experimental. The population of students with shyness was 1355. A sample of 120 students with shyness were selected for the study, and purposive sampling technique was used in choosing three schools in the area of the study. Cheek and Melichor shyness questionnaire was used for data collection. Cheek & Melichor shyness questionnaire have both validity and reliability index of 0.93 that was established by Zanab in 2010. Mean scores were used in answering the seven research questions and ANCOVA was used in testing the seven null hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The findings of the study showed that assertiveness training technique was slightly more effective than self-management technique in treating students’ shyness. Also there was no significant difference in the effectiveness of assertiveness training and self-management techniques on secondary school students’ shyness. Recommendations included that the use of assertiveness training technique and self -management technique should commence in full force in secondary schools irrespective of students’ gender and age as a way of reducing students ’ shyness. Keyword: Assertiveness training, self-management techniques shyness, secondary school students


the present situation of GT road Peshawar shows that no road safety assessment is performed before on the road during construction and design. That is why the road congestion and road accidents are at high rate. This paper presents a study on assessment of existing facilities on basis of which road safety infrastructure planning is established. Considering location, existing road network of GT road in Peshawar, this assessment study was carried out with sample road section (Jinnah Park to Gura Qabristan). The indicators included completion rate of traffic markings and signs, installment rationality of traffic signs and traffic signals, pedestrian crossing facilities, road side conditions and,. Other elements such as guardrails, sight-guiding facilities were also considered. Road safety level was decided on the general score obtained from scoring systems. Such as completeness and rationality. When the final score of situation came out then according to that scoring specific countermeasures were discussed for diversified road sections so as to prevent crashes and improve local road safety


Insects are categorized in the biotic composition of the forest, and plays very important role in balancing the ecological system of the forest. Large parts of its tropical rainforest now are logged-over area and now some of it undergoes the regeneration phase. This condition may affect the species composition of insects in the forest as the forest ecosystem really depending on each other to survive. However, until today there are still limited scientific study has been conducted regarding the insects composition and biodiversity of between these forests area. The purpose of this study is to identify insect order under two different type of forest, to assess the efficiency of different types of trap and to determine the species composition and diversity between forest edge and regenerated secondary forest Bintulu, Sarawak. The research was conducted in Sarawak, which is located 3°12’20.1”N 113°05’34.1”E. This research was carried out for 10 weeks at four areas namely Riparian Forest, Rehabilitation Forest, Regenerated Secondary Forest and Forest Edge. Three stages involved are insect trap method, insect identification and data analysis. Assessment of the species diversity of the insects between the two forest area are based on Shannon-Wieneri index where it focused on insects species richness and evenness. The total number of insect order found from the 2 types of forest is 5 orders, Coleoptera, Blattodae, Hemiptera, Hymenoptera. It was found that the two forests had the same order of insects. The Shannon-Wieneri index of diversity (H’) is to characterize species diversity in a community where it is another index that is commonly used. The Shannon-Wiener index diversity for Forest Edge (H’) shows the value 1.10 and for Regenerated Secondary Forest, the value is 0.833. The H’ for Forest Edge is more diversity compare than Regenerated Secondary Forest because the values for H’ is higher compare the Regenerated Secondary Forest. The higher of Shannon-Wiener index diversity (H’), the more diversity of insect species. For Forest Edge, the species evenness is 1.00 where that mean that all insect order have the same frequency. Typically values are generally between 1.5 and 3.5 in most ecological studies and indicate for diversity, and the index is rarely greater than 4. For Regenerated Secondary Forest, the species evenness is 0.755. The species evenness for that forest a little bit low than Forest Edge.The normalizes Shannon-Wiener Index of Diversity a value between 0 and 1. The nearest the values into 0 indicate that the insect species dominant into 1 species. The value nearest to the 1, the insect species more evenness. From the result obtain, it can be conclude that Forest Edge has more insects diversity compare to Regenerated Secondary Forest.


This research is an assessment of emergency food security of Adamawa State. A descriptive design was use to sample 40 respondents. The instrument of data collection was used in this study comprises of semi structure questionnaire developed base on stated objectives. The collected data through the administering questionnaire was subjected to analysis using simple percentage. Based on the data analysis the study revealed that most of the respondents had to change their food consumption over the course of last years, because of unavailability and high cost of foods. The research also discover that most of the respondents eat less than they should, because of inability to access food may be due to high cost outright unavailability to certain food stuffs. The paper recommends that government and non-governmental organization should be in vanguard of promoting food crop cultivation in order to reduce issues of lack of enough food for consumption.

The Effect of Training Satisfaction, Pay Satisfaction on Turnover Intention through Organizational Commitment as a Mediator Variable Study of The Three-Stars Hotels Employees in Padang City []

The purpose of this research is to understand and analyze the effects of training satisfaction, pay satisfaction to employee turnover intention with organizational commitment as a mediating variable in the three-stars hotels' employees in Padang city. With a total of 140 respondents, the sample validity testing was carried out by loading factor and average variance extracted (AVE) while the reliability testing used an internal consistency test based on composite reliability values. The validity test with the loading factor shows a valid value. Reliability testing with an internal consistency test has composite reliability values that meet the criteria. Based on the test results, all variable indicator statements have met the criteria of validity and reliability. Hypothesis test results with SmartPLS show that organizational commitment, training satisfaction and pay satisfaction have a negative and significant effect on turnover intention. Organizational commitment mediates the relationship between training satisfaction and pay satisfaction on turnover intention.


Durio zibethinus Murr. (Durian) is a medicinal plant that belongs to the family Bombacaceae. In tradition, the decoctions of the leaf and root have believed to show antipyretic effect and can also be used as a febrifuge and anti-malarial agent. In the present study, the concentrations of essential macro and micro elements were determined using Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence techniques (EDXRF) being the most suitable instrument for the multi-element analysis in plant samples. Two macroelements- calcium (Ca) and potassium (K); and seven microelements- iron (Fe),manganese (Mn),zinc (Zn),copper (Cu), rubidium (Rb), strontium (Sr) and bromine (Br) were analyzed in different parts (leaves, stem-bark and roots) of Durio zibethinus Murr. The results revealed the levels of the two macroelements and seven microelements in Durio zibethinus leaves, stem-bark and roots. The levels of elements in different plant parts were found not to be significantly different (p < 0.05). This study is based on the elemental concentration in different parts of studied plant and their biological roles on human physiology. And the findings show that the plant contains important elements for human metabolism and prevention or healing of diseases.


In order to achieve, overall goal of performance improvement, training must lead to the enhancement of professional knowledge and skills both at individual and collective levels. It should also equip personnel to respond appropriately to emerging challenges. Training should also bring about appropriate changes in attitudes and should strive for that unique synthesis between improvement of the individual's competencies and promotion of organizational objectives.

Respiratory illness and associated factors among women households using charcoal for cooking in Gondar town, Ethiopia: A cross-sectional study []

Abstract Background In Ethiopia, less than 5% of the population has access to clean fuels. Exposure to the pollutants from charcoal cooking leads to respiratory illness among women households. There is a dearth of data about women health-related to biomass fuel cooking in Ethiopia. Hence, this study was set out to establish the burden of respiratory diseases among women households using charcoal cooking, its exposure, and factors associated in Gondar town, Ethiopia. Methods A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted using systematic random sampling method. A total of 285 women household using charcoal for cooking participated in the study. Self-reported symptoms of respiratory illness and factors associated was collected using a structured questionnaire. Descriptive statistics and regression model was employed to analyze data. Results Using the operational definition for respiratory illness, the prevalence of respiratory illness among charcoal cooking women was found to be 48.1% and the most common symptom reported was cough. Women households who lacked formal education (AOR 1.96, 95% CI: 1.62, 6.51), indoor cooking (AOR 2.57, 95% CI: 1.23, 5.39), self-reported inadequate ventilation facility at home is about 1.7 times associated with respiratory illness. Discussion and conclusion The higher prevalence reported in this study relates to the fact that only less than 5% of Ethiopian population have access to clean fuels. Compare and contrast was inconvenient due to the inconsistence and variability among studies conducted in Sub-Saharan Africa. Still, the higher prevalence of respiratory illness among Ethiopian women households is alarming and demands attention to improve women health. Keywords: Ethiopia, charcoal, cooking, biomass fuels, respiratory illness


Occurrence of retropatellar pain or anterior knee pain has compromised the results of total knee arthroplasty (TKA). Despite the modification of prosthetic implants and patellar resurfacing, retropatellar pain is still a problem to be addressed. The objective of this study was to assess the frequency of retropatellar pain among the patients who underwent TKA, to determine the severity of their symptoms and the extent of their functional limitations. This case series study was conducted on 51 patients and duration of study was 6 months. The determination of frequency of retropatellar pain was done by patient reported measure: anterior knee pain questionnaire or Kujala score. Informed consent was taken from each patient and ethical considerations were addressed. This study diagnosed retropatellar pain among 7.8% of patients who had TKA at least 6 weeks prior to the study. There was no difference in the frequency of retropatellar pain in terms of gender. In this study it is concluded that still a significant proportion of patients experience retropatellar pain after TKA. Most of the patients had severe limitations in activities such as squatting, running and jumping respectively.


The current study aims to assess the worldwide literature available on the economic growth-energy consumption-carbon dioxide emissions nexus. The data from all around the globe has been assessed for this literature survey. The causality relationships studies were categorized within six major categories on the basis of different variables i.e. economic growth and carbon emission (single-country studies); economic growth and carbon emission (multi-countries studies); economic growth and energy consumption (single-country studies); economic growth and energy consumption (multi-countries studies); energy consumption and carbon emissions (single-country studies); and energy consumption and carbon emissions (multi-countries studies).

Problems faced by Transgenders during their Schooling []

This research study examines Problems of Transgenders during their schooling. Transgenders play a vital role in India. The main problem is the stigma and rejection of the transgenders face in society. Lack of access to education and non-availability of jobs often forces them to take prostitution. But still, apart from these views there are some transgenders persons who are brave enough to make their way to the mainstream, achieve their goals and prove that trans people are as capable and deserving as any other Indian, thus breaking the sterotype. The sample of the study comprise of 30 transgenders from Chidambaram, Thanjavur Districts in Tamilnadu. The survey method was employed for collecting the data and was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistical techniques. It was found that there is no relationship between problems of transgenders during their schooling.

Backward feature elimination and missing values ratio techniques for dimensionality reduction in data mining []

A data warehouse stores too much data from different sources and data mining is the process that we use to extract this data sets from the data warehouse. During this process however too much data that is unnecessary is extracted and this is what we are terming as large dimensionality rates. This research therefore is aiming at looking at various techniques that can be used to minimize this tendency of getting too much unnecessary data sets from the data warehouse. In this thesis we are going to use two techniques to reduce this tendency, the first technique is backward feature elimination where at a given iteration, the selected classification algorithm is trained on n input features, during this technique the process starts with all the columns and fields contained in the data sets,however it is at this point that it starts removing the least significant data sets including their features at each iteration hence improving the accuracy of the data.Another technique is missing values ratio which aims at removing columns with missing values.The use of these two techniques will not only reduce the dimensionality rates but also improve on algorithm speed and performance.The paper discusses a hybrid framework that combines the two algorithms with an aim of improving the quality of extracted data and speed at which data miners can interpret the information from the warehouse.


This research aims to determine the development of oocytes in each gonad development and reproduction type of seren fish. This re-search was conducted from May to December 2018. Seren fish (Diplocheilichthys pleurotaenia) originated from Jatigede Reservoir. Prepa-ration was made at the Animal Microtechnical Laboratory, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA) Padjadjaran University, analysis of sample preparations was carried out at the Biotechnology Laboratory, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Padjadjaran University. Seren fish used consisted of gonadal maturity levels III, IV, and V. Analysis of the development phase of fish oocytes based on criteria made by Wallace and Selman (1981), West (1990), and Erkmen and Kirankaya (2016). The results showed that the development of oocytes at all different levels of gonadal maturity were found in 5 stages of oocyte development, namely chromatin nucleoli, perinucle-ar, cortical alveoli, vitellogenesis, and maturity. Synchronous ovarian developmental type and partial spawner spawning types. KeyWords : Diplocheilichthys pleurotaenia, gonadal maturity levels, oocyte development, spawning types, Jatigede Reservoir, synchronous group, partial spawner.