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Data warehouse is central to Business Intelligence (BI) applications. It integrates different data sources usually into a unified data source. The ability to utilize existing information is critical for the success of decision mak-ing. Transaction Processing Systems address only the operational needs of an organization, they are not suita-ble for decision support and other business questions the managers’ need to address. The objective of the pa-per was to propose a framework that enables retail businesses to implement data warehouse. Thus, this was achieved by using SQL Server enterprise edition. The output showed that the business can generate reports on product sales and supplier performance though the data comes from different data sources.


To generate electric power, the community uses atmospheric friendly ways to lessen the threat to the environment. Almost everyone knows that energy acquired from sun light (solar energy) and creative research’s demand is on its peak. Whereas live experiments on PV solar systems cost too much Containing industrial, environmental changes, and also need vast area. Hence based on particular simulations for practical verification and analysis, an alternative PV system is needed. This patent will recognize a “PV Emulator system grounded on buck converter”. Main purpose is to imitate the characteristics curves (Power—Voltage, Current—Voltage) of the solar system. A strong control of buck convertor to get load variations to achieve the same exact curves will be needed. This patent includes designing and analysis of Fractional Order Proportional Integral Control (FOPI). Results will proved that Compared to old techniques, performance of FOPI are more precise. PV Emulator and FOPI will be executed in Design using MATLAB.

Quality Evaluation of Bread Fortified with Pumpkin ( Cucurbita pepo) Seed Milk. []

Bread is widely consumed in the World. Bread always serves as food for both Urban and rural dwellers, high and low income earners .The use of pumpkin seed milk addition in wheat flour, from 0 to 40 ml each, for the production of bread was investigated. The physical, proximate analysis, and sensory evaluation of the bread samples were determined. The crude protein, crude fibre, ash contents, moisture, carbohydrates and energy of the pumpkin seed milk fortified breads increased progressively with increase in the proportion of pumpkin seed milk, with the 40ml having the highest values of 39.50% moisture 12.50% Protein, 6.40% Fat, 2.20% crude fibre, 2.65% ash 63.25% Carbohydrate and 360.60kcal energy respectively, while lowest values were recorded for the 0 ml pumpkin seed (control sample) milk bread. The crude fibre was observed to decrease with corresponding increase in the percentage of pumpkin seed milk. The physical evaluation shows that no significant differences were observed between the 0 ml and the various pumpkin seed milk in the attributes of specific volume, density, length, and diameter. However, there was a significant difference (p≤0.05) between the control and fortified pumpkin seed milk in terms of loaf weight, and volume with increased with increase in pumpkin seed milk. There were significant differences (p<0.05) between the control (0 ml) and the Pumpkin Seed milk Bread up to 40 ml substitution in all the sensory attributes tested; crust, taste, aroma, shape, internal texture, appearance and general acceptability. Hence the Pumpkin Seed milk Bread had highest Hedonistic mean scores in all the sensory attributes tested. Keywords: Bread, Pumpkin and Seed Milk


A well physical fitness is crucial to support working activities, especially to elderly. To maintain and improve physical fitness, a regular exercise with a frequency of 3-5 times per week for at least 15 to 25 minutes can be conducted. The type of exercise for the elderly to achieve endurance with the most appropriate fitness is gymnastics accompanied by strength exercises plus balance and stretching movements. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of exercise on physical fitness measured by vital sign examinations at the nursing home Karya Kasih in Medan. This study was an experimental study with the post-test only control group design. The subjects were all elderly at the nursing home Karya Kasih in Medan who were in a healthy state and were able to perform gymnastics. The results exhibited that the majority of subjects were aged 61-70 years old. Female were found predominant based on sex. The analysis test results exhibited p value of 0.001, implying a significant effect of exercise on physical fitness measured by vital sign examinations in elderly living in nursing home Karya Kasih in Medan.


This research aimed to analyze consumer preferences and product attributes most considered in the purchase of processed fish products and identify the characteristics of consumers toward the purchase of processed fish products at Parit 9 Restaurant. The research was conducted in August to September 2019. The primary data collection technique used purposive sampling technique while secondary data was obtained from the Central Statistics Agency of Bandung City. To analyze consumer preferences used attitude measurement analysis as measured by Likert Scale. Multiple linear regression analysis was used to find out which attributes were most considered in product selection. The results showed that the product attributes considered in the purchase of processed fish products were taste and nutritional content, while the attributes considered in the purchase of processed shrimp products were price, type of shrimp, and nutritional content. As for processed crab products, taste, type of crab, and nutritional content were the attributes considered in product purchasing. As the attributes considered in the purchase of processed scallop products were taste, price and type of processed products. Based on the results of the F test, the significance value of taste, price, type of fish, nutrient content and type of processed were lower than 0.05 which indicates that it has a simultaneous influence on consumer preferences.

Effectiveness of health education on parent’s self efficacy regarding child abuse in a rural community. []

Child abuse has observed in many countries. Child abuse has been increasing day by day. Children are being victims of different kinds of abuses. The abuse that has been observed in children of different countries is mainly physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect. The abuse can be from family members as well as from strangers. Although there is wide literature about child abuse, this phenomenon still continues to be a problem in the society; those who bear the most responsibility to prevent child abuse are parents. Their level of knowledge and efficacy is very much important to reduce different kind of child abuse. Therefore continued research is required to inform and provide knowledge of how to stop and prevent child abuse to parents and other member of the community Purpose: Purpose of the study is to determine effectiveness of health education on parents self efficacy regarding child abuse in a rural community. Objective: To determine the effectiveness of health education on parent’s self efficacy regarding child abuse in a rural community. Method: A study design was quasi experimental, one group pre and post test design was used and data was collected at selected community of Lahore. Convenient sampling technique was used. Sample size was 62 community mothers who have at least one child and have the age of 18 to 40 years. Data was collected by administering knowledge questionnaire before and after the health education programmed. Results: A total of 56 children participated in the study; the majority of the participants were boys 41(73.2%). The mean before the educational intervention is 5.83 (Standard deviation 3.80) and after the educational intervention is 7.86(Standard deviation 3.36). The mean difference between the two mean is 2.01. There was a statistically significant difference before and after the educational intervention. The educational intervention is highly effective because the significant value is 0.00 Conclusions: The result of the study shows that improves the parent’s self efficacy and decrease the child abuse. Keywords: parent’s self efficacy. Child abuse

Review on The effect of adding Ceramic Particles On the Properties of Aluminum alloys prepared by PM method []

The evolution in material engineering is the result of recent research and studies in Determine the maximum values of the relationship between the microscopic structure and the different properties of the developed parts Suitable for different industrial applications. And made the base metal composite material Aluminum is a major development in the field of engineering materials, as it has given more advanced properties Conventional aluminum alloys. The process of modernization is constantly evolving The use of inexpensive stiffeners is becoming increasingly widespread Especially in the field of industry. The compound material is aluminum-based, reinforced in minutes or Silicon Carbide (SiC) bristles are more popular and used due to the possibility The uniform distribution of minutes within the base material and these substances give important properties such as Good wear resistance, wear, high toughness, hardness and durability at low density when compared With base material. One of the most prominent applications of this type in space ships and air navigation Engineering and medical applications (2000, Russell).


Despite the significance of teacher appraisal, critiques argue that it does not live up to its expectations of adding impetus to the quality of teaching which ultimately manifest in terms of improved educational standards because of how it is carried out. The study examined how appraisal on teaching and learning resources influenced students’ academic performance in public secondary schools in Nyatike Sub-County. The study would benefit the, academicians, policymakers and community members. The study adopted mixed methods approach and concurrent triangulation research design with a target population of 775 respondents comprised of 57 head teachers, 715 other teachers and 3 education officers in Nyatike Sub-count. The study adopted a stratified random sampling technique and sample size of 260 determined using Krejcie& Morgan table (1970). Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and presented in tables, inferential statistics was presented through coefficient correlation, while qualitative data was analyzed as per themes and sub themes and presented in narrative form. The study established that teaching and learning resource management influenced students’ academic performance in public secondary schools. The study therefore recommends policy makers to have a guide for the teachers’ appraisal policy in use in order to improve students’ academic performance in public primary schools


As society become increasingly digital, financial services providers are looking to offer customers the same services to which they're accustomed, but in a more efficient, secure, and cost effective way. The origins of blockchain are a bit nebulous. A person or group of people known by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakomoto invented and released the tech in 2009 as a way to digitally and anonymously send payments between two parties without needing a third party to verify the transaction. It was initially designed to facilitate, authorize, and log the transfer of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin users expect 94% of all bitcoins to be released by 2024. As the number moves toward the ceiling of 21 million, many expect the profits miners once made from the creation of new blocks to become so low that they will become negligible. But as more bitcoins enter circulation, transaction fees could rise and offset this.


The quality of any product can be accessed or examined by the quality characteristics of that product. These quality characteristics we wish to measure can be either quantitative or qualitative. The application of p-chart in modeling non-conforming glass products that failed pressure testing is a research work that seeks to examine how the p-chart is used to model non-conforming items and to further accessing its randomness by detecting the point it failed pressure test. A primary data was obtained from the Department of quality assurance, Beta Glass plc, Delta Plant, Ughelli of 30 samples from machine 11 using direct observation and experimentation method. The p-chart and the runs analysis were adopted. The Minitab Statistical package was used to analyze the data. It was discovered that the p-chart was out of control as 3 outliers was discovered at point 15, 21 and 23. The plotted point also appears to be randomly spread about the central line which obviously revealed that the process is random as seen via the runs analysis. Keyword: Randomness, runs analysis, p-chart, round spirit bottle, out of control,

Impact of trade credit on international trade in Nigeria []

We analyse the impact of trade credit on international trade in Nigeria. Specifically, we quantify the impact of micro trade credit, measured by account receivables, bank credit and account payables on firms’ export and imports. Through the theoretical lens of the partial equilibrium theory, we perform regression analysis on an unbalanced panel of 94 Nigerian listed firms within the period 2005-2012. Results reveal that account receivables are not significant in explaining changes in export, hence they are not major drivers of firms’ exports in Nigeria, whereas, firms’ imports will increase by 27.1% given one percent increase in account payable of the firm. Based on the empirical findings of this study, we recommend that Nigerian firms should take advantage of trade credit in order to boost their international trade, especially import.

Leadership Challenges Encountered in Implementing Lean Management Techniques []

Abstract In today’s context many organizations focus on streamlining their operations and have tried many techniques to get the maximum benefits from the organization. “Lean management” is a commonly heard term in businesses that focus on efficiency. Most commonly lean management is understood a technique or tool which eradicates all the cost factors in lean management. Unfortunately most of the organizations fail to implement this process as they focus only on the tools and do not identify the real areas which should be addressed. Researchers have not investigated deeply the areas of the challenges that will be encountered by an organization during the implementation process of the Lean Management techniques. In this paper the author attempts to identify the important of the people involvement and the challenging areas of implementing Lean Management Techniques. The main arguments and explanations of this paper have been supported by theoretical & empirical evidences of challenges in Lean Management. However, the problem we encounter is related to empirical evidence on the challenges of Lean Management is minimum. Therefore, the author attempts to identify the areas that challengers may occur and how to address the challengers that arises. Further, the author opens an area for further references on the challenges that would encounter in implementing Lean Management to an organization. Keywords: Lean Management, Challenges, Implementation process

Expansive Soils Modification using Bagasse Fibre Ash and Cement []

The study appraised the employment of bagasse fibre ash of Costaceae Lacerus and cement unification in the stabilization of expansive clay soils of Ogoda, Bodo, Ogbogu, Ula-Ikata, and Kaani roads in Rivers State, Niger Delta of Nigeria with unique attributes that fell below the minimum requirement for such application and needs stabilization to improve its properties. The soils are classified as A – 7 – 6 on the AASHTO Classification System, dark grey (from wet to dry states), plasticity index properties of 20.33%, 20.35%, 21.85%, 26.30%, and 21.35% respectively. Compaction results exemplified increased values of MDD and OMC with percentage ratio inclusion of 2.5% + 2.5% (costaceae lacerus bagasse fibre ash (CLBFA) + cement to soil ratio. Results obtained showed an increase in UCS with an increase in fibre percentages to soil corresponding ratio. Proportional results showed an increased in CBR values with an increase in bagasse fibre percentages to a peak ratio of 7.5% + 7.5% to soil ratio for both unsoaked and soaked. Failure was noticed beyond peak ratio inclusion with presence of cracks and value reductions. Results obtained showed a decrease in plastic index properties with an increase in percentage ratio inclusions. The entire results showed the potential of using CLBFA + cement as admixtures in the treatment of clay soils of expansive nature.

Physicochemical Characterization of Industrial Effluents on Receiving Water Bodies in Trans-Amadi, Port Harcourt, Rivers State []

The analysis of industrial effluent receiving water bodies in Trans-Amadi Area in Port Harcourt, Rivers State was assessed in this study. Seven (7) streams polluted by industrial wastes from beverage, oil drilling fluids and drink manufacturing industries as well as abattoir in different locations in the study area was selected for the investigation. The study shows that effluents from the industries have high impact on water quality of the receiving streams. This is depicted by the increase in concentration of most of the parameters analysed, which are above the maximum permissible limits set by WHO and NIS for quality water. The high values of most physicochemical parameters in the stream are as a result of the presence of suspended, organic and inorganic matters, or microscopic organisms in the effluents. It is therefore recommended that careless disposal of wastes should be discouraged and there is need for each industry to install waste treatment plant that will treat wastes before being discharged into the streams. Furthermore, Federal and State environmental regulators should enact and enforce laws that will regulate, manage and protect receiving streams from contamination.

Analysis Ease of Circulation in the Boat Terminal Building []

Water transport in the world has improved in recent years, particularly boat terminals, from small to increasingly complex ones. Problem ranging from strict environmental constraints to escalating labour and construction cost are part of the challenges of today's boat terminal facilities. This article discusses measures on how to design a structure that considers circulation of both passengers and vehicles in a conducive environment with careful consideration to safety while enhancing overall experience in convenience and comfort. Despite palliative measures and current efforts at improving the transport sector, a steady decline in the sector is still experienced. Rivers State has upland area which covers approximately 60% while Riverine area covers approximately 40% of the state. A proper integrated water and land transit system is therefore of utmost necessity. A pragmatic method comprising of some research techniques such as surveys, interviews, case studies will be used to conduct an in-depth analysis of social and economic factors affecting the proper integration of land and water transportation with the aim to resolve the problem arising from the integration. Unfortunately, emphasis is more on road transport. It should be noted that land water transport has a significant role in the movement of goods and other services in the state. If properly handled, it will boost tourism and further increase the GDP as experts believe Nigeria loses 30% of it's GDP due to non integration of various transport modes.


Internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has turn out to be an enormously imperative part of organization’s social responsibility. This research empirically explores the concept of internal CSR, its implications in Pakistan, and by what means it enhances the satisfaction and commitment of employees. This study will highlight the context of well managed internal CSR system, which ultimately enhance the production of the firm, and the procedural justice laterally with regimented employee’s welfare activities which fallouts in maximum satisfaction and loyalty of employees. Sequential exploratory method is used to accomplish the objectives, two different types of questionnaires for management and for employees were designed, 200 from employees and 15 samples from management were collected. seven interviews are conducted. Data was collected from different organizations of Hyderabad region. Observations after the survey are that organizations of region need to introduce and implement internal CSR practices more affectively. Although employees of organizations with well managed internal CSR practices seems more satisfied and loyal to their organizations. This study will help organizations understand that Implications practices of internal CSR cannot be estimated as expense, but the investment done by firm to enhance employee’s satisfaction and ultimately organizational productivity.

People-related Destination Image Factors Influencing Length of Stay of Foreign Tourists: A Study in North Shewa Zone of the Amhara Region, Ethiopia []

Abstract Income generated from the tourism sector depends largely on tourists’ spending in the form of payment for goods and services. The longer the length of stay of tourists the more activities they undertake and the more they spend. In other words, tourists’ length of stay is a key variable for any tourism destination as it impacts the overall tourism expenditure and has strong correlations with tourists’ destination image. Thus, it is critical to identify the factors that determine the length of stay of tourists to look for alternative policies aimed at maximizing the length of stay of tourists in destination sites. This paper attempted to uncover the relationship between people-related factors of image of destination and length of stay in North Shewa Zone, Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Multiple-linear regression analysis was employed to see the effects of people-related destination image factors on length of stay on a sample of 73 foreign tourists who stayed in the study area for at least one day. The findings of the study revealed that customer service most strongly influenced length of stay of tourists followed by physical risk related factors, health related risk factors and attitude of locals to tourists.

Syndrome de Poland chez la Femme (A propos d’une observation avec revue de la littérature) []

INTRODUCTION Le syndrome de Poland est une malformation rare. Son incidence est estimée à environ un cas pour 30 000 naissances, variant selon les séries d’un cas pour 7000 naissances à un cas pour 100 000 naissances. Il associe à des degrés divers des anomalies thoracomammaires et des anomalies du membre supérieur homolatéral. L‘anomalie constante est l’agénésie des faisceaux sternocostaux du pectoralis major. L’étiologie du syndrome de Poland reste inconnue et discutée. Une anomalie vasculaire de l’artère embryonnaire subclavière en serait la cause, sans que le primum movens de cette anomalie vasculaire soit connu. Le diagnostic est clinique et peut s’aider de la radiologie afin d’en préciser la sévérité : radiologie thoracique, scanner thoracique avec reconstructions tridimensionnelles, éventuellement l’IRM. OBSERVATION La patiente BF âgée de 23ans est venu consulter pour une agénésie congénitale du sein gauche. L’examen clinique retrouve une hypoplasie mammaire gauche importante avec un complexe aréolomamelonnaire en place mais atrophié, une aplasie du muscle grand pectoral et une déformation costale modérée permettant ainsi de classer ces anomalies en stade II de Fourcas. Le sein controlatéral était gros et légèrement ptosé. Un téléthorax pratiqué montre une déformation costale. Sur le plan psychologique : patiente désemparée, ayant développé un complexe vis-à-vis de ses amies et par conséquent ayant abandonné sa scolarité. La patiente a été opérée dans le service, elle a bénéficié de la mise en place au niveau du sein gauche d’une prothèse gonflable au sérum physiologique placée en retro glandulaire de 350 cc et d’une réduction mammaire droite selon la technique de Mac Kissock. Les suites opératoires ont été simples et la patiente sort au 6ème jour post opératoire. CONCLUSION Le traitement de ces anomalies thoracomammaires n’a pas de but fonctionnel, mais un but esthétique. Il fait appel aux prothèses, à l’expansion cutanée, aux lambeaux, à la greffe de cellules adipeuses et exceptionnellement aux techniques de reconstruction osseuse selon le stade de la malformation. La restauration chez la femme d’un volume mammaire naturel est différente selon le stade du syndrome de Poland. Parmi toutes les techniques de reconstruction la prothèse mammaire reste la plus employée. La qualité du résultat prothétique et sa pérennité dans le temps dépend de la qualité des tissus mous.

Retard diagnostic dans le Cancer du Sein chez l’homme : (Expérience du Service) []

INTRODUCTION : On pense que le cancer du sein n'arrive qu'aux femmes, mais environ 1 % des cancers du sein se produisent chez les hommes. Le cancer du sein masculin apparaît surtout chez les hommes de plus de 60 ans. La glande mammaire chez l'homme est de très petite taille, le cancer est diagnostiqué plus tard que chez les femmes, par conséquent, le cancer du sein masculin est généralement détecté à un stade évolué, accompagnés d'une atteinte cutanée ou des plans profonds (T4), et donc plus difficile à traiter, 4-17% des patients ont des métastases au moment du diagnostic. MATERIELS ET METHODES Notre série concerne 20 patients colligés durant une période de 10 ans allant de 2007 à 2017. L’âge de nos patients était compris entre 40 et 60 ans, avec une moyenne de 55 ans. Le délai entre le premier signe clinique et la première consultation était de 18 mois en moyenne, et variait entre 9 mois et 24 mois. Dans 12 cas, il s’agissait d’un nodule rétro mamelonnaire accompagné d’un aspect de peau d’orange et, dans 08 cas, d’ulcération cutanée (T4). La taille de la tumeur était comprise entre 05 et 10 centimètres, sur le plan ganglionnaire, 10 patients avaient des adénopathies axillaires homolatérales fixées (N2), 01 patient avait une adénopathie controlatérale fixée (N3) et dans 01 cas une adénopathie sus-claviculaire fixe (M1), le reste des patients avaient des adénopathies homolatérales mobiles. Le bilan d’extension initial comprenait systématiquement une radiographie pulmonaire, une échographie hépatique, et une radiographie du squelette osseux en fonction des signes cliniques. Il a permis de déceler 03 cas de métastases osseuses rachidiennes et 02 cas de métastases pulmonaires. RESULTATS Une mastectomie radicale a été réalisée chez 08 patients et une mastectomie de propreté chez le reste des patients. Il s’agissait d’un adénocarcinome mammaire infiltrant de type galactophorique dans tous les cas. L’étude histologique des ganglions (5) avait retrouvé des ganglions métastatiques dans tous les cas. Les récepteurs hormonaux étaient positifs dans 08 cas. La radiothérapie post opératoire sur la paroi thoracique et les gîtes ganglionnaires a été pratiquée dans 12 cas. 08 patients avaient bénéficié d’une hormonothérapie type tamoxifène, et 10 patients de chimiothérapie comme traitement adjuvant. Sur 14 patients suivis régulièrement, 04 sont encore vivants à 03 ans de survie, 06 sont décédés et 04 patients ont été perdus de vue. CONCLUSION Le cancer du sein chez l’homme survient plus tardivement que celui de la femme, le délai entre le premier signe clinique et la première consultation est souvent plus long. Il s’agit souvent d’un nodule rétromamelonnaire, avec fréquemment une atteinte cutanée sous forme de peau d’orange ou d’ulcérations. Le carcinome galactophorique infiltrant constitue 75 à 85 % des cas. Le traitement du cancer du sein chez l’homme est avant tout chirurgical et consiste en l’ablation complète de la tumeur avec curage ganglionnaire axillaire (Patey, Halsted), suivi d’une radiothérapie postopératoire (axillaire, sus claviculaire, chaîne mammaire interne et paroi thoracique). Le traitement systémique fait appel surtout à l’hormonothérapie qui est administrée après la mise en évidence des récepteurs hormonaux au sein de la tumeur, quant à la chimiothérapie, elle n’a pas connu le même succès que chez la femme. La survie à 5 ans est évalué à 80 % pour le stade I, 67 % pour le stade II, 25 % pour le stade III, et 0 % pour le stade IV).

Plaidoyer pour la mise en place systématique d’un Site veineux implantable chez les patients nécessitant une Chimiothérapie pour éviter la chimio nécrose. []

INTRODUCTION Le Sitimplant* est un dispositif stérile, formé d’un boîtier et d'un cathéter implantés en totalité sous la peau, permettant des accès répétés au système veineux central. Son implantation se fait au bloc opératoire. Les CCI (cathéters à chambre implantable) sont utilisées en France depuis 1983. Ils sont d’utilisation facile pour les équipes entraînées et peu contraignants pour les patients. Ces systèmes permettent d’économiser le capital veineux périphérique des patients, évitant ainsi de graves nécroses cutanées d’extravasation, difficiles à prendre en charge MATÉRIELS ET MÉTHODES Nous avons pris en charge, dans notre service ces é dernières années, 10 patients présentant des lésions de chimionécroses au niveau des membres supérieurs secondaires à l’administration d’anti mitotiques par voie périphérique, Ils ont été traités par des décapages et des greffes de peau libre mince. Notre attitude actuelle est la mise en place systématique de site veineux implantable chez les patients nécessitant une chimiothérapie pour éviter ce type de complication. Nous avons procédé, ces deux dernières années, à la mise en place d‘un site veineux implantable pour chimiothérapie chez 40 patients dont 15 dans le même temps opératoire que l’intervention chirurgicale pratiquée pour cancer et 25 à distance de l’intervention chirurgicale sous anesthésie locale. CONCLUSION L’utilisation des CCI s’est étendue concomitamment à l’expansion des traitements de chimiothérapie, ambulatoire ou non. Leur avantage est l’accès veineux répété, la préservation du capital veineux, la diminution des douleurs de ponction, l’autonomie du patient et la facilitation des traitements ambulatoires. Leurs inconvénients sont : le risque opératoire (minoré du fait de la pose sous anesthésie locale), héparinisation répétitive (laquelle ne semble plus indispensable) et le risque infectieux.

Tumeur Stromale du Grêle révélée par une Occlusion Intestinale (A propos d’une observation avec revue de la littérature) []

INTRODUCTION : Les GIST (Gastro-intestinal Stromal Tumor) sont des tumeurs mésenchymateuses se développant surtout aux dépens de l’estomac et du grêle,. Elles dérivent des cellules de Cajal ou d’un de leur précurseur et sont typiquement de phénotype CD117/KIT+ (95 %), CD34+ (70 %). Elles présentent très fréquemment des mutations activatrices des gènes codant pour les récepteurs tyrosine kinase KIT ou PDGFRA. L'âge moyen varie entre 50 et 60 ans. Les hommes sont les plus touchés. OBSERVATION : Madame H B âgée de 76ans, mariée et mère de 3enfants, a été admise aux urgences chirurgicales pour un syndrome occlusif. L’abdomen sans préparation avait objectivé des niveaux hydro-aériques centraux. Une tomodensitométrie abdominale avait montré un épaississement des anses grêles distales. L’exploration chirurgicale avait retrouvé une tumeur dure, vascularisée, de 4,5cm de grand axe, siégeant au niveau du grêle à 80 cm de la jonction iléo-caecale, sténosante. On procède à une résection segmentaire du grêle tumoral avec anastomose termino-terminale. Les résultats anatomopathologiques ainsi que l’immunomarquage étaient en faveur d’une GIST intermédiaire. CONCLUSION La symptomatologie des tumeurs stromales est peu spécifique, dominée par l’hémorragie digestive et la douleur abdominale. La tomodensitométrie reste l’examen le plus utilisé, aussi bien dans un but diagnostique, que pour le suivi post-thérapeutique. La chirurgie est le traitement de choix des tumeurs localisées. L’imatinib est un exemple de thérapie ciblée (inhibiteur sélectif de la tyrosine-kinase). Son bénéfice en traitement adjuvant ou néo-adjuvant à la chirurgie n’est pas encore parfaitement connu.


This study examined the trans-cultural expressions of self-concept/self-esteem and personality development/character building values as predisposing variables of sports participation among adolescents in Nigeria and Togo. For the purpose of the study, two research hypotheses were generated and tested. The descriptive survey design, multi-stage sampling procedure and self-developed four-point Likert type questionnaire were used. A reliability coefficient of .89, was obtained through the use of Cronbach alpha. Inferential statistics of t-test was used for data analysis. The findings revealed that adolescents in the two countries expressed self-concept/self-esteem and personality development/character building values as predisposing variables of sports participation. Consequently, it was therefore, recommended that; sports competitions should be organized regularly as adolescents enjoy competitions and thus, could be motivated to participate in sports through it. Sports services providers should endeavor to find means of organising enlightenment programmes on the benefits inherent from sports participation, through this, many adolescents who do not know the benefits of sports participation will be informed and consequently get involved in it. Public and private schools administrators should establish functional and well-supervised sports units in their schools. Private individuals should assist the government in promoting sports by sponsoring sports programmes, awarding scholarships to excellent sports participants. Parents should encourage their children/wards to participate in sports by providing assistance in form of money, equipment among others to them, in order to stimulate, sustain their interest and facilitate their participation in sports.


This study evaluated the political and economic values of sports participation among adolescents in Togo and Nigeria. For the purpose of the study, two research hypotheses were generated and tested. The descriptive survey design, multi-stage sampling technique and self-developed four-point Likert type questionnaire were used. A reliability coefficient of .89, was obtained through the use of Crombach alpha. The findings revealed that adolescents in Nigeria attached higher values (Political=263.08; Economic=250.69) to sports participation as against that of Togo (Political=250.00; Economic=229.45). However, There was no significant difference in the values. Consequently, it was therefore, recommended that; businessmen and philanthropists through the Ministry of Education should help encourage and sponsor sports programmes, since the government cannot do it all alone. This will not only provide opportunities for adolescents to participate in sports but it will also help in advertising their business, as well as help them in keeping the adolescents busy and as such reduce the rate of crimes, juvenile delinquencies and also enable them to make a wise use of their free time through their involvement in the sponsored wholesome and worthwhile sports programmes. Also, physical educators should give adequate orientation to adolescents on the political values of participation in sports. Sporting environments should be made to appear friendly and attractive, so that adolescents will not be scared to participate in activities that bring people of different cultures, races, religion, creed, geographical location together, etc., such as politics and sports.