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This research was aimed to identify the potential of glass eel (Anguilla bicolor), applying of Copes model, Effort optimum, Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY), and Open Access Equilibrium (OAE). To identify aspects of biology and economics in the utilization of glass eel at coastal waters Sukabumi. This research was held in April of 2019 at coastal waters Sukabumi, West Java. Indonesia. The method used in the study was case-study quantitative descriptive. The results of this study were operation of the glass eel arrest to achieve a maximum production level of 495523.92 trips per year. The real condition of catching glass eel on the coast of Sukabumi is still under the permissible rate of capture, or in other words, the capture can be increased again. Utilization of glass eel resources with the maximum catch is achieved in MSY condition of 25,968.2374 Kg per year with a maximum of sustainably the highest eel fish that can be captured without threatening population sustainability biologically eel fish resources. The level of MEY's production demonstrated with the optimum production (HMEY) = 18,432.108 Kg per year with an effort rate (EMEY) of 228,581.527 trips per year. The value showed the production rate of MEY, The output limit was based on the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) is 20774.5896 Kg/year. Then the profit will be reduced even more will get a rente equal to zero (π = 0) at condition open access for the catch of HOA = 24,830.321 Kg.

Remarks on Tragic Songs of Lahure Life: Then and Now []

The main purpose of this study is to investigate the different aspects of the tragic songs on life of Nepal. Emigration is increasing day by day in Nepal to seek the opportunities primarily economic to sustain their life. Symbolic/ interpretative theories are deeply observed to analyze my research questions. The main leading questions are: what is Lahure culture? When was it begun in Nepal? What are the impacts of this culture in Nepal then and now? What are the recent trends on it? Audience and viewer can feel its music, sounds, lyrics, rhythms and way of expressions. Every, word, lyrics and expression has its own senses while performing the song performance. This study focused on how these songs are the sources of human sentiments, feeling, emotions in terms of explaining social phenomena, events, social interactions and human sentiments through songs. It is the representative expression of all over the country. Two songs are selected as sample analysis purposively. The content of their lyrics analysis along with voices of lyricist, music composer and singers are also used to verify the message of the songs. Both etic and emic modes of analysis are incorporated to visualized the meanings of songs juxtaposed to old one and recently popular in care of describing Lahure life.

Ability to select PGPR strains to remediate organophosphate pesticides commonly used in agriculture []

Pesticide fate in the environment is affected by microbial activity. Some pesticide is readily degraded by microorganism. Pesticide is degraded in the environment principally by the action of microorganism, a process term biodegradation. Pesticides are substances that are meant to control pests or weeds.Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria are the soil bacteria inhabiting around/on the root surface and are directly or indirectly involved in promoting plant growth and development via pro-duction and secretion of various regulatory chemicals in the vicinity of rhizosphere.The aim of the study is to isolate the PGPR strain from soil for the degradation of pesticide. PGPR strain isolated from rhizosphere and checked for their viability against the pesticide at various concentrations ranging between 10 to 100 ppm. Inoculation of these bacteria competitively colonizes the roots of the plant and can act as biofertilizers and/or antagonists (biopesticides) or simultaneously both. . PGPR are diverse, complex, and important assemblages in the biosphere, they are considered as a group of beneficial free-living soil bacteria for sustainable agriculture and environment. Along with this, they are also involved suppressing the root pathogenicity.

Contribution Analysis of Capture Fisheries to the Development of Indramayu Regency West Java []

The purpose of this research is to analyze the contribution of capture fisheries sector in development of Indramayu Regency and to find out what factors influence capture fisheries’ GDRP in Indramayu Regency. The research was conducted in Indramayu Sub-district, Indramayu Regency West Java on September 2017 until October 2018. Data used in this research was secondary data. Conducted analysis were growth analysis, market power analysis using Trade Area Capture and Pull Factor method, and Multiple Linear Regression Analysis to analyze what factors influence capture fisheries’ GDRP in Indramayu Regency. Growth Analysis shows the growth of capture fisheries in the amount of 81,20 percent from the year basis. Value of TAC shows bigger number than population and value of PF shows 1,01 determine that capture fisheries market in Indramayu Regency is able to capture opportunities from other regions. Number of fishermen, number of ships, and number of catching devices influence Indramayu Regency’s GDRP for capture fisheries in the amount of 20,9 percent.


During the past few years, technology has significantly reshaped the method of assessment. Educational measurement has been moving towards the use of CBT. The underlying purpose of this research is to evaluate the significance of students’ access to a computer; students' attitude; students’ perception; computer literacy skills and CBT acceptability as it affect secondary school student’s preparedness for UTME-CBT. Data were collected with questionnaires distributed to 367 intending UTME candidates in Kwara State, using accidental sampling technique. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) approach was adopted in understanding the respondents’ preparedness process. The empirical evidence was based on a model fit from the result of factor analysis, regression analysis, and chi-square goodness-of-fit statistics. The result revealed that students’ access to a computer (.014), students’ attitude (.051), students’ perception (.021), and CBT acceptability (.076) were significant at p < 0.05 hence these variables has an impact on secondary school students’ preparedness for UTME-CBT. While students’ computer literacy skills (.657), on the other hand, does not have an impact on their preparedness for UTME-CBT. It was recommended that government should make computers available and accessible to students at the primary and secondary school levels to enable them to learn and practice computer skills. It was also recommended that JAMB should provide tutorial packages on UTME to schools for students to practice before the actual examination.


Abstract The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) is laudable and timely. Nonetheless, attainment of a sizable number of its goals might be a mirage for Nigeria. This is because; education which is considered as a veritable instrument to achieve some other goals of sustainable development has not been taken serious by the successive government in Nigeria. The study therefore, analyses the concept of the sustainable development; examines the significance of education to human survival; evaluates the capacity of Nigeria’s education in achieving the Five ‘Ps’ of SDGs; and determines the extent to which Nigeria can fulfil SDG’s educational goals. The study which relies on secondary source of data revealed that, education (SDG4) is a requirement for the transformation of societies; Nigeria’s type of education cannot serve as propelling mechanism for the realisation of the 5 P’s – ‘People’, ‘Planet’, ‘Prosperity’, ‘Peace’ and ‘Partnership’. The country’s population had been made to become a burden rather than an asset; the earthly planet of the nation is not protected but faced with – oil spills; biodiversity; desertification among others; many children still not have access to education which is a pathway to prosperity; only 1 % per cent of Nigerians owned 99% of the nation’s wealth; Nigerian’s state has continued to wallowing in different crises; most of the cases of conflicts in different parts of Nigeria might have been averted if its youths are well educated and have something doing for a living; and Nigeria is an important political and economic partner to many countries across the world. The study concluded that, education is a requirement for all-round transformation of the people and societies, its neglect through poor funding, outdated curriculum and poor policy portend danger to sustainable development of a rapid population growing Nigeria.

The Effectiveness Of Syifa Exercise Module Towards The Psychological Well-Being And Quality Of Life Among Teachers In Kuala Terengganu []

Psychological well-being and quality of life are important aspects of ensuring individual welfare as a whole. Nevertheless, psychological or mental problems often affect humans/people, regardless of their profession and teachers are no exception. Teachers today, are frequently wound up either due to the school environment, workload or family stresses. This study aims to utilise/employ the Syifa exercise module to address this problem and improve the teachers’ psychological well-being and quality of life in Kuala Terengganu, as well as to test the effectiveness of the module. This research project is made up of two distinct phases. The first phase of the study focused on the development of the Syifa exercise module specifically its module content, expert evaluation, and pilot study. The second phase then evaluated the module based on the quasi-experimental method. Samples based on inclusive criteria were randomly placed either in the treatment group or controlled group. The treatment/experimental group was exposed to the Syifa exercise whereas, the controlled group performed an exercise regime endorsed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Both groups continued the respective exercises for three months. The level of psychological well-being was then tested using the Ryff’s Psychological Well-Being Scale while the quality of life was tested using the World Health Organization's Quality of Life Scale (WHOQOL-BREF). Pre and post-intervention assessments were done to gauge the teachers’ level of psychological well-being and quality of life. The data were analysed using repeated measures, ANCOVA tests. The findings showed significant differences in the mean between teachers’ psychological well-being and quality of life in the pre and post-intervention assessments for both treatments/experimental and control groups. The means that were recorded post-intervention exhibited a clear-cut difference of teachers’ psychological well-being and quality of life between treatment and control group. Overall, there was a pragmatic rise in mean value within the treatment group in comparison to the controlled group’s psychological welfare and quality of life. The results of this study demonstrated the effectiveness of the implementation of the Syifa exercise module in improving the psychological well-being and quality of life of teachers in Kuala Terengganu. It is expected to be widely used to overcome psychological and mental problems among Malaysia citizens.

Influence of engine and vehicle construction to fuel consumption and air pollution []

Abstract This dissertation analyses and explains influence of engine and vehicles constructions to fuel consumption and emission of harmful gases. In following text, it is clearly stated how new innovations, on mostly, personal vehicles contributes to increased air pollution and some clever innovations which contribute to reduction of air pollutions are ignored just in interest of car’s manufacturers and the profit they make keeping technology as it is. It is quite explicit, that most of innovations made on recent manufactured cars are done just to attract buyers, as such modifications improve the vehicle’s performances but do not contribute to green environment as it is put out every time when new model comes out from factory. On bellow written chapters several examples are stated where is clearly explained how some existing technologies can be used to reduce emission of harmful gases as well as some suggestions of modified technologies which would also contribute to reduction of air pollutions. When we calculate the possibility of reduced fuel consumption and thus reduction of air pollution which is roughly stated in below written chapters, we will come to the conclusion that emission of harmful gases can be reduced up to 50% on personal motorcars which make the majority of vehicles worldwide.


Language in mathematics has become an interesting concept for the past decades (Halliday, 1978; Pimm 1987). Mathematics is taught in English, which is a second language for most learners in Zimbabwe. Therefore, for students to perform well in the subject, they have to master English, the language used to explain and define mathematical vocabulary. This then means that the learner has two challenges, learning English and then the mathematics vocabulary. It then implies that the language can provide a formidable barrier to both the understanding of mathematics concepts and to providing students access to assessment items that would assist in mathematical understanding (National Numeracy Review Report, 2008). This shows that the challenge is not only faced during the teaching and learning of mathematics but also on assessments (King, 2016). After noting that mathematics vocabulary has some words specific to mathematics and others which are ambiguous because of the difference in meaning between mathematics classroom and English context outside the school, it has become necessary to analyse if Shona, one of the Zimbabwean indigenous languages can assist in reducing the confusion. The purpose of the study is to explore the possibilities of using Shona to explain primary school mathematics vocabulary in Zimbabwe. Qualitative data was collected from 4 primary schools in 4 classes in the upper primary school grades where mathematics lessons were observed and analysed. Findings indicate that teachers would code switch between English and Shona to explain mathematics vocabulary and also further use indigenous everyday examples and games to clarify misunderstandings. Also teachers used more than one word to explain a mathematical concept rather than translating the mathematical word. In this paper, the challenges in the learning of mathematics vocabulary are analysed highlighting the possibility of using Shona language to enhance mathematics understanding with reference to primary school mathematics. The article offers a review of research supporting the importance of mathematics vocabulary and then describes the Shona language as a strategy for effective teaching of mathematics vocabulary. The researcher argues that Shona can be used to reduce ambiguity and in future, lessons can even be done using the Shona language.


Cibuntu tofu industry is one of the tofu liquid waste producers. Tofu liquid waste contains high organic compounds so that it is highly potential to pollute a waters. The main parameter that can indicate the occurrence of pollution by tofu liquid waste is BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand). Phytoremediation is an alternative in the treatment of liquid waste using water plants. Lemna minor has the ability to absorb pollutants directly in a waters. The method used in this research was experimental method with 4 treatments and 3 replications followed by observations of decreased BOD, daily growth rate and changes in fresh weight using statistical analysis. absorption ability of Lemna minor to decrease BOD concentration ranged from 0.86 mg / L - 2.56 mg / L. The highest reduction in BOD was in treatment C (Biomass Lemna minor 5 gr) of 2.56 mg / L while the lowest was in treatment D (Biomass Lemna minor 8 gr) of 0.86 mg / L. Treatment C is the best treatment in reducing the BOD concentration in tofu liquid waste.


Squid has ink bags with a fairly good nutritional value with protein content. melanin in the form of melanoprotein, glutamic acid and aspartic acid which gives a savory taste. Ink can be used as a natural black dye and includes untapped waste. Research to determine the highest level of ink in squid on the biscuits so as to obtain the product that panelists receive most. This research was conducted at the Laboratory of Fisheries Product Processing at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Padjadjaran University, Pasundan University Food Engineering Laboratory in March to October 2019. The research method used was an experimental method with five studies of squid assistance, namely 0%, 0.5%, 1%, 1.5% and 2% based on the weight of wheat flour. The parameters discussed in the study were squid ink yield, air content, ash content, lipid content, blood protein and trials and hedonic tests which included appearance, aroma, texture and taste of biscuits. Based on the results of research on the favorite level of squid ink biscuit can be denied from what is meant by squid ink for all that is needed Other concentrations with an air content of 2.64%, ash content of 1.92%, lipid content of 3.86%, protein content 8.26% and defense value of 1,448.16 gF/cm2

Smart-Home []

: In this project, we will make prototype of Smart-Home Technology is evolving with passage of time, there is almost a new discovery or product in daily basis brought it in the market to make our life easier. Lots of practices that we used to do in the past have changed today, and we started doing it in a different way due to technology improvement or even phase out by a newer technology (Potamitis, Fakotakis, & Georgila, 2003). Things are going toward automation in each and every field. With all those changes in technology there are still some applications where it does use the conventional ways where it does not benefit from the development of technologies. The objective of this project is to design and develop and automated Smart Home and main benefit of this work is to keep away from our environments, as human errors have been always top ranked failure factor. This system will be helping to home insurance, reduce the risk of fires and increase the security and safety.

Distributive Justice and Employee Commitment of Mobile Telecommunication Companies in Port Harcourt []

This study examined the relationship between distributive justice and employee commitment in mobile telecommunication in Port Harcourt. A cross sectional survey research design was adopted. The population of the study comprised of 270 (Two Hundred and Seventy) employees of the 5 selected mobile telecommunication companies in Port Harcourt. A sample size of 161 was determined using the Taro Yamane sample size formula. The Cronbach Alpha reliability was used in assessing the reliability of the instrument adopted The hypotheses were tested using the Spearman Rank Order Correlation with the aid of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences version 23.0.The test on the hypotheses showed that there is a significant relationship between distributive justice and measures of employee commitment in mobile telecommunication companies in Port Harcourt. The study recommends that management of telecommunication companies should adopt procedures that will eliminate potentials for gross injustices, as well as having a basic set of Human Resource (HR) polices in place that are intended to promote fairness, such as standardized salary scales and development programmes.


This research aims to analyze the factors that influence the demand for yellow-fin tuna (Thunnus albacares) and determines the elasticity of demand for yellow-fin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in Nizam Zachman Ocean Fishery Port, Muara Baru, North Jakarta. This study conducted in July 2019 to August 2019. The method used is descriptive analysis method withusing multiple linear regression analysis model, supported by periodic data (time series) for 10 years starting from the year 2009 to 2018. The sampling technique used in this research using primary data by using purposive sampling and secondary data using time series data from the years 2009-2018. The results showed that the factors that influence the demand for fish yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) is the price of fish yellowfin tuna, fish prices kites, fish prices kites, fish prices bigeye tuna, the price of squid, rice prices, per capita income. The results of all price elasticity, cross elasticity and income elasticity in demand for yellow-fin tuna (Thunnus albacares) is inleastis.

Constitution and Constitutionalism in Nigeria:Issues the Democratic Consolidation []

Abstract This paper discusses Constitution and constitutionalism in Nigeria issues n democratic consolidation. Constitutions in Africa, particularly Nigeria, have been handled with profound ambivalence, handed down by colonial governments as a document legitimising the supremacy of the state over society. For too long may have identified constitution with legislation. But a constitution, by its very nature, should be more than a mere set of rules and laws regulating society and. government. It is more than a social contract or even the grund norm', it is rather an expression of general will of a nation. it is a reflection of .its history, fears, concerns, aspirations, visions and the soul of that Nation.

Recruitment and Selection Practices (The Case of Burayu Town Selected Public Sectors, Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia) []

Abstract The main objective of this study was to assess recruitment and selection practices in Burayu town municipality and Public Service and Human resource development office. Every organization requires human resource with the necessary qualifications, skills, ability, and knowledge through recruitment and selection from internal and external sources. To this research, descriptive research design and mixed research approach were applied. Both primary and secondary sources of data were collected using questionnaires, interview and document analysis. Primary data were collected from 70 employees and management bodies whereas secondary data were collected from Oromia Public Service and human resource development Bureau such as policy manuals, proclamations, rules, regulations, brochures, personnel database, etc. These collected data were analyzed using simple descriptive statistics and narration to come up with valid and reliable conclusions. The finding of the study shows that the recruitment and selection practices were based on merit principle and the human resource office follows or applies equal employment opportunities to all citizens. In the study area, the sources of recruits were internal and external. Before selection take place, employees had different expectation and image towards Burayu town Public service and Human Resource Development office (PSHDO) because PSHDO was responsible body for recruitment and selection. PSHDO of Burayu town attracts potentially qualified applicants to its office and municipality by different mechanisms, but newspaper/media/ advertisement was the dominant one. There were number of factors that hinder the fair practices of recruitments and selection, and management influence in selection and recruitment was high than other factors. Lastly, the researchers recommend awareness creation and follow every step of recruitments and selection in order to minimize or eliminate unnecessary steps that unfair in the practice. Keywords: Recruitment and Selection practices in Burayu town selected public sectors


ABSTRACT Data mining supports to excavate the original and the valued data from the huge amount of dataset. In reality, in Rwanda students are dropping out of school in the different levels of education. Predicting the student’s dropout is unique to the solutions for reducing the rate of the students dropping out. This can be accomplished by using the historical data of those specific students stored in an information management system through data mining. Such data can be extracted from the different stakeholders of the education sector, such as nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, universities, and other higher learning institutions(HLI) as well as government databases such as the ministry of education. The purpose of this paper is to design a model that enables the HLI to predict the student’s dropout and to analyze the causative factors that lead to the dropout of such students. In this situation, the classification method of data mining will be useful to predict useful information through the historical information by data mining tools. This research analyzed data by using three decision tree algorithms; Iterative Dichotomiser3 (ID3), J48 and classification and regression (CART) decision tree. Keywords: Modeling, Student dropout, predictor, data mining techniques


Cimaja Beach, Palabuhan Ratu in Sukabumi Regency has the potential of natural resources that can be used as surfing attractions. This study aims to determine the magnitude of the potential economic value and total economic value and analyze the factors that influence the cost of travel when visiting Cimaja Beach. This research was conducted in June - July with seven times data collection. The method used is accident sampling. Respondents were 100 people with 50 local tourists and 50 foreign tourists. The results of that the total economic value of surfing tourism in Cimaja Beach in 2019 is IDR. 34,845,714,790 in year.or US $ . 2,495,737.21 in year. The variable that influences the level of visits of local tourists to Cimaja Beach is variable distance which has a significant effect while for foreign tourists which significantly influences the level of visits to Cimaja Beach which is variable age.


In spite of many decades of development planning and assistance, much of the diseases in developing countries are indirectly related to poor water quality. The study assessed groundwater quality in Kaltungo town, Kaltungo Local Government Area of Gombe state. The study focused on the assessment of the physico-chemical quality of domestic water among households in Kaltungo urban area. Stratified random sampling technique was used to obtain water samples from boreholes and hand dug wells. The study area was stratified into four strata and two sample points were picked from each stratum giving a total of eight points. The result of the data generated from laboratory were analyzed using tables and percentages. The findings indicated that four of the five physical parameters (colour, turbidity, odour and appearance) tested fell within the permissible limits sets by NSDWQ 2006, indicating that the water is suitable for consumption physically. The fifth parameter which is temperature was slightly above 33Co in six of the eight samples. In the case of the chemical parameters, fluoride (12.8%), Nitrite (13.0%), Total Hardness (Caco3) (20.3%), and Nitrate (NO2) (13.1%) fell above the permissible limits indicating non suitability of the water chemically. In line with the findings, the study recommended that government should make proper planning of houses to avoid contamination of ground water from septic tanks and pit latrines. Also proper sansitasisation campaigns to the semi urban dwellers on the dangers of ground water contamination should be emancipated.

Assessment of Dietary Habit for Hypertensive Patient at Al - Sadr Medical City []

Abstract: Objectives: are to assess the dietary habit for patient with Hypertension, to find out association between the dietary habit for Hypertensive patient and their selected demographic Characteristics of age, gender, level of education, duration of hypertension, economic state, and residency, and to find out association between the dietary habit for Hypertensive patient and their selected clinical Characteristics of disease duration, diabetic mellitus, high level of cholesterol, heart diseases, and other diseases. Methodology: A descriptive cross-sectional design study was conducted in Al-Najaf City in Iraq at Al-Sadder Medical City. the Al-Sadr Medical city. Start form November 2, 2014 to April 2, 2015. In orders to Assess the dietary habit within hypertensive Patient at Al-Sadr medical city. A non-probability (Convenience) sample of (100) of patient those who are coming to outpatient clinic Al-Sadder Medical city for hypertension checkup.The data were collected through the utilization of the semi-structured questionnaire. Questionnaire format was modified for greater ease of understanding and clarity by using the English version of the questionnaire for all those subject who were included in the study sample, and it is consist three parts, Part 1 consisted of (10) items, Part 2 comprised of (5) items, and part 3 consist of (7) items. Results: The results revealed that more of the study samples (56%) have good dietary habit and (44%) have bad habit at cut- off point (0.66). There was non-significant relationship between the overall assessment and all the demographic data at p-value more than 0.05, except with the study subjects (Occupation, level of education, and monthly income), also the study results indicate that there is a significant relationship at p-value less than 0.05. There was non-significant relationship between the overall assessment and all the clinical data at p-value more than 0.05, except with the study subjects (Duration of hypertension, Restricted to take medication time on time), the study results indicate that there is a significant relationship at p-value less than 0.05 Conclusion: The majority of hypertensive patient is female and house wife according to study sample, with age group (51-60) years old, the most of the study sample no able to read and write (46%), Most the study sample have family history and no smoker or alcohol intake, Most of the study sample not have any chronic diseases like (diabetic mellitus, high cholesterol level, and heart disease),Most of hypertensive patient have good dietary habit. The study confirm that non-significant association between the dietary habit and their demographic data except (Occupation, level of education, and monthly income) the study results indicate that there is a significant, also the study show non-significant association between the dietary habit and their clinical data except (Duration of hypertension, Restricted to take medication time on time), the study results indicate that there is a significant. Recommendation: The study recommends that the Health education and counseling programmers for both patients and the public should be developed in order to increase awareness regarding causes, consequences, prevention and control of hypertension. Health policy should focus on measures to control blood pressure through life style modification and community health education. Fruit and ve etables consumption should be encouraged and promoted, while salt and fat consumption shuld be discouraged. Key wards: Dietary habit, Hypertensive patient


This study examines the details of merger in between HDFC – CBOP banks. The primary objective of the merger is to achieve growth at the strategic level in terms of size and client base. The objective of the study is to determine the reasons for merger have been taken place in between the banks and also the benefits derived out of the merger. This study also includes analysis of banks performance with its different financial tools before and after its merger. This analysis has been shown with the help of line graphs. Data presented for the study is collected from secondary sources such as websites, articles and merger reports. The study shows that merger of these banks has gained a lot of improvements in its efficiency, expansion, performance. It has also been found that after merger there is no data exposed under the name of CBOP bank. The complete financial statements have been prepared under the name of HDFC bank only. The analysis also shows that the performance of HDFC bank in terms of EPS is high with comparison to other corporate firms.

European Football Leagues Support among Undergraduate Students in Nigeria: A Multinomial Logistic Regression Approach []

Objective: This work researches into some popular European football leagues Nigerian students love watching. This includes the English Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga and La-liga. Some factors that tend to influence their love for these leagues were examined. Methodology: The data for this research were obtained using a questionnaire completed by some Nigerian undergraduate students. The Multinomial Logistic regression was employed. Result: A multinomial logistic regression model was fitted . From the analysis, it was observed that factors like Viewing Access, Jersey, world class footballer, all have positive coefficients. The result revealed that English Premier League teams are the most supported by undergraduate students in the Nigeria.

Protein Intake Category of Households and Its Influencing Variables: A Case Study from Rajshahi District of Bangladesh []

Any deviation of getting the optimum protein intake may influence healthcare of households. Verifying whether the peoples of the country receiving the optimum protein or not is now a priority to meet specific challenges of the SDGs. As such the present study was carried out with an aim to identify the relevant factors influencing the protein intake of the respondent of Rajshahi district of Bangladesh. Hence, a field study was conducted in order to find out the influencing factors of protein intake using sampling methodology. The factor analysis was used to extract the factors with allied variables followed by authors developed protein index categories LSG, SG and MSG. The result of the study revealed that four factors explained about 68.63% of total variation for LSG, three factors explained about 63.68% of total variation by SG and four factors explained about 73.64% of the total variation by MSG. Since in recent years the Government of Bangladesh is giving emphasis on healthcare of the inhabitant, protein intake and its status examined by the developed index categories with its influential factors/variables may have certain implications for what policies should be implemented in order to improve protein efficiency of the country. Keywords: Protein intake, Food Security Index (FSI), Factor analysis, Rotated component matrix, SDGs. JEL Classification: C02; C42; C80; C81; C93 ; I11, I12.

The Impact of Total Risk Management on Company’s Performance: Evidence from Fuel and Energy Sector []

The aim of the study is to determine the impact of total risk management on firm performance using the sample of fifteen non –financial firms of fuel and energy sector of Pakistan listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) for the period of 2011 to 2015. Data were arranged from balance sheet analysis of the state bank of Pakistan. In this study descriptive, correlational and Ordinary Least Square (OLS) regression analysis were used. Firm performance measured by return on assets (ROA) is dependent variable, total risk management is independent variable, and financial leverage and firm size are control variables. The result showed that there is negative but significant relationship between total risk management and firm performance.


This study investigated effects of flood on Agricultural production of peasant farmers in Ahoada West Local Government Area, Rivers State. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design. The population of the study consists of all peasant farmers in the study area. A purposive sampling technique was used to select 183 peasant farmers who were affected by flood. Three (3) research questions and two (2) hypotheses guided the study. Self-structured questionnaire and interview was used for data collection. The instrument was designed in 4-point rating scale of agreement. The reliability of instrument was tested using the test-retest method and yielded a reliability coefficient (r) of 0.91. Data was analyzed using mean and standard deviation with a criterion mean of 2.50 and above which was the benchmark for agreement. Z-test was used to test the null hypotheses at significance level of 0.05. The study revealed that building on drainage channels, illegal structure across waterways, blockage of inland waterways and heavy rainstorms among others are causes of flood crisis in the study area. The study also revealed that flood prevent root crop expansion, premature harvest, rotten of cassava tubers, increase in brooder pneumonia on poultry, foot rot disease on animals and reduction of nutritive value of livestock feed are some effects of flood on agricultural production. Hence, the study recommends that state government should offer to buy out flood-prone areas in order to avert repeated flood disaster, peasant farmers should consider creating run-off ponds, or sediment traps on the farm to reduce flood occurrence and peasant farmers should ensure livestock are vaccinated against foot rot and diarrhea during and after flooding in order to boost animal immune for disease resistance. Keywords: Flood, agricultural production, peasant farmers


Reading is a fundamental component of the secondary school curriculum, yet handled with levity by teachers of reading at this level. In the process of teaching, teachers of reading are saddled with the responsibility of assisting learners in transforming the linguistic symbols presented in the text into active, habit-forming language experience since reading juices the entire personality of the reader as an individual, in term of attitudinal disposition, belief and experience. Ability to use pictures is crucial to teaching and learning. Despite various studies on strategies for teaching, most teachers of reading at the secondary school level still neglect the use of appropriate strategy for teaching reading, hence the trend of students’ low comprehension achievement in reading. This study examined the use of pictures as predictor of reading comprehension achievement of Nigerian senior secondary school students. The quasi-experimental design with pre-test, post-test, non-randomised and non-equivalent control group was adopted. The population consisted of all senior secondary school students in Nigeria, but two public secondary schools were purposively sampled. The sample was categorised into one experimental group and one control group of fifty respondents each. English Reading comprehension achievement test (ERCAT) was used for data collection. The test items were adopted from recommended texts and validated by language experts. The data were analysed using the percentage, mean, standard deviation and analysis of Co-variance (ANCOVA) to test all the three formulated hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. Findings revealed that: the general level of achievement of students in reading comprehension was low before the treatments (42.79) but high after the treatments (77.76) and that irrespective of gender and ability level, pictures is significantly determined students’ reading comprehension achievement at literal, inferential and critical levels


The purpose of this study is to examine the direct effect between passenger load factor (PLF) on operating leverage (OL) and profitability using return on assets (ROA) and examine the indirect effect between passenger load factor (PLF) on return on assets (ROA) through operating leverage (OL). The research design uses quantitative research conducted on the flag carrier airline industry member countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) with 10 sample airlines. The data analysis technique used is path analysis by collecting data from the annual reports of each airline for the last 10 years between 2009 - 2018. The results showed that the passenger load factor (PLF) had a positive and significant effect on return on assets (ROA). The interesting thing from this research is that the passenger load factor (PLF) has a negative and significant effect on operating leverage (OL) as well as operating leverage (OL) has a negative and significant effect on return on assets (ROA). No indirect effect is obtained between passenger load factor (PLF) on return on assets (ROA) through operating leverage (OL).


This study aims to determine the effect of capital structure on firm value through financial performance studied in the manufacturing companies in the chemical industry sub-sector for the period 2014-2018. This research is a quantitative descriptive study with the population of all chemical industry sub-sector manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The independent variable of this study is capital structure measured using DAR and DER indicators while the dependent variable is the firm value measured by PBV, financial performance as an intervening variable measured by ROA and ROE. Data will be analyzed descriptively and analyzed using structural equation modeling (SEM). The results of this study are that there is no significant effect between capital structure on financial performance, while the effect of capital structure on firm value has a significant positive relationship. But if the effect of capital structure on firm value is mediated by financial performance, then there is no significant effect.