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Brazilian National Health policy of the Ministry of Health has an essential goal regarding the reduction of accidents and illnesses related to labor, through promotion, rehabilitation, and surveillance in the health area. In the context of surveillance, through various health clippings, information is routinely taken on traditional sanitary hazards, notifiable diseases (infectious and chronic-degenerative), environmental risks and accident, Key findings pointed that regardless of its peculiarities, the function of monitoring and evaluating public health unifies the various objects under surveillance, being the information and its tools essential elements of its work process.


This research aims to to analyze the effect of the number of workforce and investation to the performance of the fisheries sector in Bekasi Regency. This research was conducted in Bekasi Regency. The research began in March 2019 until September 2019. The method used was the correlation test and multiple linear regression analysis and explained in quantitative description. Data obtained through desk study studies on the number of workforce, investation value, and production value in the fisheries sector in the form of workforce data from 2009 to 2017 in Bekasi Regency. Based on the results of research the variable number of workforce (X1) in the fisheries sector and investation value (X2) in the fisheries sector influence the performance as seen from the production value (Y) of the fisheries sector in Bekasi Regency. The most significant factor affecting the performance of the fisheries sector in Bekasi Regency is X2, the investation value of the fisheries sector, while X1, which is the number of the workforce, does not significantly influence. The solution that is needed is the role of the government in facilitating fishermen, fishery product processing businesses and cultivators to increase the value of fisheries production while increasing the number of workers from year to year in Bekasi Regency.


Debate emanating from management research and practice has been particularly on the development of a framework that will effectuate organizational performance while addressing external factors. Dynamic capabilities framework has been discussed widely since it incorporates the creation, modification and reconfiguration of assets in an environment characterised by technological advancements. Management capabilities in this case play an important role of recombination of resources and capabilities. Technology orientation is equally of great importance is it lays down ways in which organizations conduct their business activities especially towards customers’ satisfaction, technological development, improvement through learning and entrepreneurial aspects like innovation and risk taking. External environment is critical in every decision making process especially the threat of new entrants if there is a weak intellectual property regime to guard the valuable assets. It is evident that there are a limited number of properly operationalised empirical studies that have been conducted on dynamic capabilities and investigations tend to be case-based and qualitative. Additionally, few studies have not been able to relate and distinguish technology orientation and dynamic capabilities. This study, therefore, seeks to critically examine the role of technology orientation in development of dynamic capabilities which encompass managerial and organizational processes, firm’s endowments and its available strategic alternatives and its attractiveness of opportunities which lie ahead and hence high organizational performance. The need to tighten the dynamic capabilities framework as a basis for extensive empirical research in strategic management has been addressed in this review as it shows a relationship with technology orientation in achieving superior firm performance. Key Words: Dynamic Capabilities, Technology Orientation, Environmental dynamism, Path Dependency

Analysis of macroeconomic factors affecting investment in the fisheries sector in Cirebon regency []

Research on the analysis of macroeconomic factors affecting investment in the fisheries sector in Cirebon regency is used to analyze how the relationship of government spending, interest rates, economic growth and inflation to investment in the fisheries sector in Cirebon Regency and what factors affect the level of investment in fisheries sector in Cirebon Regency as well. This research was conducted at the Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan, Dinas Penanaman Modal dan Pelayanan Perizinan Terpadu Satu Pintu (DPMPTSP), Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Daerah (BPPPPD) and Badan Pusat Statistika (BPS) in Cirebon Regency, West Java. The implementation starts from May 15th, 2019 until October 7th, 2019. The method used in this study is to regress existing variables using the Ordinary Least Square (OLS) method. The variables used in this study are investment variables as the dependent variable (Y), gov-ernment spending variables, economic growth, inflation and interest rates as the independent variable (X). The results of this study indi-cate that the coefficient of determination (R2) is 28 percent, which means that the variable government spending, economic growth, inflation and interest rates (X) affect investment in the fisheries sector in Cirebon Regency (Y) by 28 percent. F-test results show that vari-able government spending, economic growth, inflation, and interest rates do not influence together (simultaneously) significantly to investment in the fisheries sector in Cirebon Regency. The T-test also concluded that government expenditure variables, economic growth, inflation and interest rates (X) did not significantly influence investment in the fisheries sector in Cirebon (Y).


The study examined the relationship between self-esteem and students’ academic performance among selected Federal Government Colleges in Northwest zone of Nigeria. Two research questions, objectives and research hypotheses guided the study. The study adopted a descriptive correlational design. A sample of 269 SSII students was drawn from the population of 945 through multi-stage sampling technique and with the aid of Research Adviser (2006) table for determining sample size. Two set of instruments were used in the study: Adapted version of Akinboye (1985) Adolescent Personality Data Inventory (APDI) Sub-scale A to measure the students’ self-esteem which was adjudged to possess construct and content validity by experts in guidance and counselling with a reliability ‘r’ index of 0.67 and researcher designed tests in English language and Mathematics was considered to have content validity by teachers in both English language and mathematics with a reliability ‘r’ indices of 0.71 and 0.66 respectively. Ho1 was tested using Pearson Product Moment Correlation coefficient statistics while Ho2 was subjected to t-test analysis. Findings revealed no significant relationship between self-esteem and academic performance of students while the results of the t-test analysis shows that male and female students do not differ significantly in their self-esteem among selected Federal Government Colleges in North-west zone of Nigeria. Based on the findings, it was recommended that school counsellors should encourage students to believe that they have the capacity to achieve a set goal and adequately cope with the challenges of academic performance. Key Words: Self-esteem, Academic Performance, Students, Selected Federal Government Colleges and North-west zone.

Security Regulations and Internet Banking []

Internet technology has given an opportunity to improve the performance of many businesses. Banks are no exception and providing online services has greatly enhanced their efficiency. Internet banking customers have increased a lot during the last decade. However, with this increased use of online banking, many security threats have also emerged. Because of the attractive financial benefits, attackers are continuously targeting the online services provided by various banks. Protecting the customer’s data is very important for the banks to gain their confidence and secure their financial transactions. In this paper, we have analysed various security regulations for internet banking and its implementation by banks.

Analysis Of Decisions To Purchase Abon Fish Tuna Producta Through Online Media Distribution (Case Study of Bandung City) []

The purpose of this research is to analyze the effect of service quality, trust, price and promotion on the purchasing decision of shredded tuna through online media distribution in the city of Bandung. The method used in this research is to use quantitative descriptive research methods. Based on the results of research conducted, F test results obtained Fcount 17.295> Ftable 2.47 while for the Sig value of 0.000 obtained in the statistical table at a 5% confidence level. Based on the F test has a value of Fcount > Ftable and has a Sig value <0.05 variable service quality (X1), trust (X2), price (X3), and promotion (X4) together influence the purchasing decision of shredded tuna through online media distribution. Based on the t test, the variable which partially influences the purchasing decision of shredded tuna through online media distribution, there are only 2 variables, namely trust X2 and promotion X4. While service quality X1 and price X3 partially do not affect the purchasing decision of shredded tuna through online media distribution. This shows that the service quality variable X1 and X3 price does not have an influence on the purchasing decision of shredded tuna through online media distribution.


Green turtle (Chelonia mydas (Linnaeus 1758)) has been categorized endangered in Red Data Book IUCN and needs to be protected from eggs to adult turtles. The purpose of this research is to get the morphology of bacteria found in sand as hatching media in vari-ous depths of green turtle nests and analyze the effect of bacteria on the success of hatching of green turtle eggs at Pangumbahan Beach, Sukabumi. The method used in this research is experimental method and the result data is analyzed descriptively quantitative. The method of identifying bacterial morphology using gram staining and analyzed under a microscope, while for quantitative data us-ing Total Plate Count method. Early pre-incubation bacterial morphology was identified as having a form of cocci, diplococcus, and bacillus in 30cm depth, diplococcus in 40cm depth, and diplococcus, bacillus in 50 depth. Whereas the bacterial morphology after incubation has the form of cocci, diplococcus, coccobacillus in-depth 30cm, coccobacillus and diplococcus in 40cm depth, and then bacillus, diplococcus, and streptobacillus in 50cm depth. All bacteria are known to be gram-negative and aerobic. The success of the hatching rate is influenced by early pre-incubation bacteria (97%) and after incubation (98%) well in the calculated linear regression model.


The general objective of the study was to investigate the effect of macro-economic variables volatility on the financial performance of commercial banks listed at the Nairobi securities exchange (NSE). The specific objectives were to establish the effect of volatility of the macro-economic variables which included interest rate, inflation rate, GDP and exchange rate on the financial performance of commercial banks listed at the Nairobi securities exchange. The study employed secondary data covering a ten-year period from 2009 to 2018. The target population of study constituted the eleven banks listed at the NSE covering a 10 years period of observation, thus making the total units of analysis in the study to be 110. The study used census technique so as to obtain data from these commercial banks. Reports from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), were reviewed so as to obtain the commercial banks’ financial performance data, inflation rate data, exchange rate data, GDP data and Interest rate data. The study used descriptive research design. Data was analyzed using quantitative techniques. Descriptive analysis generated descriptive statistics in form of mean, variance and standard deviation. Inferential analysis namely correlation and multiple linear regression analysis was conducted. Correlational analysis was conducted so as to determine whether multicollinearity problem was there and the Multiple Liner Regression Model was used so as to test the hypothesis. Correlation results found negative relationship between interest rate, inflation rate and GDP and financial performance. Hypothesis findings at 95% found significant effect on interest rate, inflation rate and GDP with financial performance hence rejecting H01 , H02 and H04: null hypothesis. Finally H03 was accepted at 95% level of confidence finding no significance effect on exchange rate with financial performance of commercial banks. Conclusion, recommendations and further studies were suggested.


Introduction/Aim:Plants are frequently consumed and abused for different purposes without consideration of the short and long time implications. Cassia angustifolia L. (senna) is traditionally used as a laxative. Its major components are sennosides that are responsible for the laxative effect. Senna is recommended for the short-term treatment of acute constipation. Nevertheless people use its preparations as self-medication, often for long periods, to treat chronic constipation thus exposing themselves to adverse reactions.The aim of this work is to evaluate the effect of this plant on kidney function. Method: Animals of either sex were selected. Group 1 received distilled water (10 ml/kg), while group 2, 3 and 4 received Cassia angustifolia 50, 100 and 200 mg/kg respectively. Animals were kept in standard cages and given access to the extract, water and food orally for 28 days, after which they were weighed and sacrificed. Blood was collected by cardiac puncture and taken immediately for hematological and chemo pathological analysis. The histological toxic potential of the plant on the kidney was studied using haematotoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining technique. Result: There was Significant (P<0.05) decrease in RBC, HGB, MCV, while there was no change in the level of neutrophiles, basophiles, eosinophiles and platelets. Cassia angustifolia, slightly significantly (p<0.05) increased Na level at 50 mg/kg and Creatinine level at 50 mg/kg dose levels respectively when compared to the control when compared to the control. Other parameters (K, CL and Urea levels) were not significantly affected. Histological study reveals slight tubular distortion. Conclusion: The result of the study showed that at low dose the plant could have slight effect on the kidney which suggests that the plant should be use with caution when taken for a sustained period.


Abstract — Concrete has high compressive strength, corrosion and weathering effect are minimal. However, concrete has low tensile strength and easily can be crack due to its characteristics which is brittle. Synthetic fibers were used to one of the effective additives to improve the tensile strength of concrete. But now the construction industry searches environmental friendly and economical construction material. For this specific research, Teff straw fibers were used as a fiber-reinforced concrete material because its natural, cheap , widely available especially in Ethiopia and it is used to mud plastering for majority of Ethiopian dwelling traditional houses which is familiar and easy to use as a fiber in conventional concrete to improve its mechanical properties. Main objective of this study is to see the effect of teff straw fiber on compressive, flexural and tensile strength, teff fiber reinforced concrete cubes, cylinders and beams have been tested. On comparing the results with plane concrete cubes, cylinders and beams, strength in 28 days testing become significantly improved its tensile and flexural strength.


His research aims to analyze the factors that influence the performance of the fisheries sector in Bekasi City and both of these factors are not real or do not significantly influence the performance of the Bekasi City fisheries sector. This research was conducted in May to July 2019 in the city of Bekasi. The method used is a quantitative descriptive meth-od using periodic data (time series). Literature study is a data collection technique using literature related to research objects in the form of data, notes or archives, the data obtained in the form of secondary data. Data analysis using multiple linear regression methods with the classic assumption test, overall test and partial test. The results showed that both investment and labor force factors did not significantly influence the performance of the fisheries sector in Bekasi.

Application of Wenner Technique in Assessment of Steel Bar Mechanical Properties in Chloride-Induced Corrosion of concrete Structures []

Chloride attack is a major concern in reinforced concrete structures and may originate from the constituents of the concrete mix itself or from the diffusion of chloride ions from the surrounding environment. This experimental study examined the introduction of exudates / resin extracts from garcina kola as corrosion inhibitors to embedded reinforcing steel in concrete slab with coated thicknesses of 150µm, 300µm, 450µm, immersed in corrosive media and accelerated for 150 days with non-coated specimens for comparative examinations on surface changes and mechanical properties structural integrities. Results of potential Ecorr corroded percentile average value is 352.2674% and percentile difference 252.2674% against -71.6125% and -66.5342% of control and coated specimens. Results of concrete resistivity ρ, kΩcm percentile averaged value is 58.22311% and percentile difference -41.7769% against 71.75311% and 81.74313% of control and coated specimens. Mechanical properties “ultimate strength” of corroded specimens’ percentile average value is 109.4155% and percentile difference 9.415503% against -8.60527% and -8.93228% of control and coated specimens. Mechanical properties “weight loss of steel” of corroded specimens’ percentile averaged value is 198.0765% and percentile difference 98.07652% against -49.5145% and -43.9608% of control and coated specimens. Mechanical properties “cross- section area reduction” of corroded percentile average value 87.50926% and percentile difference -12.4907% against 14.27362% and 14.27362%. Cross- section area reduction results showed higher percentile reduction values due to effect of corrosion on the mechanical properties of steel. Results showed high ultimate yielding of corroded specimens to control and coated specimens due to the effect of corrosion on the mechanical properties of the steel reinforcement. Results of weight loss of steel showed higher percentile values against control and coated specimens due to the effect of corrosion on the mechanical properties of steel.

The Status Of Coral Reefs In The Seribu Islands National Park, Indonesia In Various Zones []

This research aims to find out coral covers at the Seribu Islands’ National Park based on each zone to figure out the cover’s percentage, diversity, similarity, and coral dominance. Observations were established by Line Intercept Transect (LIT) method in a depth of 7 m using a 25 m transect line with three repetitions in each station. The cover of hard coral reefs in Rengat Island (Core Zone) was 33.71%, a decrease of 4.54% compared to the previous two years; Gosong Sebaru (Protection Zone) was 26.71%, a decrease of 7.79% compared to the last two years. In general, there was a decrease of 8.07% in coral cover in each station compared to the data from the previous two years. The largest change occured in Small Kotok Island which is located in the tourism zone with a percentage decrease of 8.07%. Harapan Island (Residential Zone) is the only observation station whose coral cover increased by 0.19%. The coral distribution in every zone located in the Seribu Islands’ National Park was spread evenly with a low dominance index, diversity, and similarity.


Abstract. The main concern of this research is to enhance and investigate the competence of TVET trainees in English oral communication through ESP approach. This study focuses on speaking skills. In order to enhance trainees’ oral communication skills, the researcher will teach ESP for food and beverage TVET trainees in IKBN in a view of the need to have a good command of the English Language in the workplace. The study will be carried out in Level Three, Food and Beverage class which consists of 20 trainees, 1 technical F&B course trainer, 1 Head of Industry Relation Officer, and the researcher himself as an English Language teacher will participate in this study. Data will be analyzed and interpreted in simple tables of overall study. The researcher will gather data from a number of sources utilizing multiple methods. The sources of the data will be the trainees, trainers and industry relation. The methods for gathering data will be observations, interview and documentation. The purpose of the study is to prepare TVET trainees based on industry needs through English for Specific Purposes Course (ESP) in the National Youth Skills Institute of Peretak. The researcher sought to implement the ESP course for food and beverage trainees to check whether by undergoing this course, trainees will not be fearful, shy and afraid of communicating in English. The study focused on the trainees’ participation in ESP course so as to have the trainees speak fluently based on the industry needs and without fear of making errors and also to minimize mistakes while conversing. The findings of this study will reveal whether the ESP course is effective for IKBN Food and Beverage trainees which will enhance trainees’ oral communication skills based on industry needs.

Mitigation of Single Phase Voltage Sag, Swell and Outage Using Voltage Controlled Voltage Source []

In this paper, a single phase sag and swell compensator is realized using a voltage controlled voltage source to mitigate voltage sag and swell in one phase when the voltages in other two phases are in rated condition. Each single phase compensator is constructed using one multi winding transformer, two bidirectional switches, voltage controlled voltage source and a series transformer. As each converter operates independently the compensator can properly compensate single phase voltage sag and swell. They can also compensate long-time voltage sags and swells as the power required for compensation is taken from the grid. For compensation, the other two phase voltages are added using a multi winding transformer. The added voltage is maintained at one end of the series transformer while the other end is connected to a voltage controlled voltage source. The voltage of the voltage controlled voltage source in controlled by the voltage at the phase where the compensation is needed. No modulation technique, controller and filters are required. The simulation results verify that the proposed topology can mitigate single phase voltage sag of 100% and swell of 100% with the THD of 0%.


ABSTRACT Tax compliance refers to the degree to which a tax payer complies (or fails to comply) with tax rules to the country for instance by declaring income, filing a return and paying the tax due in a timely manner. The main objective of this research was to educate (SME’s) on the need to comply with tax payment in the Wa municipality. The survey research method was used for the research. It was used to collect data on the phenomenon with the purpose of employing the data to make more relevant recommendation to improve and enhance the current condition and practice. The study recorded a high rate of tax evasion, this tax non-compliance by SME’s do not receive any punishment as tax laws stipulated. The results of the study suggested that tax knowledge has a positive correlation with tax compliance. The study found that Ghanaian tax payer knows that taxes are the major sources of government revenue as well as the funding of public expenditures; they also have a perception that taxes paid to the government are not used for their intended purposes. The study have concluded based on the evidence that general tax knowledge has a very close relationship with taxpayers’ ability to understand the laws and regulations of taxation, and their ability to comply with them. The study recommends the implementation of Pay as You Earned (PAYE) policy, which makes it difficult to evade tax as deductions are made at source.


The aim of this study is to examine the impact of dividend policy on firm performance of listed companies in Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) for 5 year period from 2013-2017. This study pays the attention on the impact of three aspects of listed companies which can cause economic decline or success. According to the market capitalization, highest 30% of market capitalization 82 listed companies in CSE are selected based on data availability for 5 years. The performance measurements are return on equity and return on assets and dividend policy is measured by dividend payout ratio and earning per share. Panel data regression model is used as it has cross sections and time series nature of data. The study finds that the dividend policy variables are enough to describe the firm performance. The findings will guide decision makers, future and potential investors, econometricians, academics and other stakeholders for making their strategic planning, cost controlling, profit allocation, related academic studies, taking decisions on managerial implications of economy and corporate sector.

Assessment of Coliform Pathogenic Bacteria in Tank Drinking and Tap Water in Different Areas in Al-kharj and Its Villages Affiliate, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia []

Water is one of the most abundant and essential commodities of man occupying about 70% of the earth’s surface and 60% of the human body therefore it should be continuously protected against microbial infections. Tank drinking water and tap water from different water resources such as wells and tanks should be free from contamination with waterborne pathogens including bacteria. In this study, samples of both drinking and tap water were collected from different regions of Al-Kharj and its villages affiliate (Al- kharj,Al-hayathem ,Al-delam, Al-rfaya,Al-hawta), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This study aim to determine the presence of coliform pathogenic bacteria in tap water and tank drinking water. Methods: Both water samples were tested for the presence of coliform pathogenic bacteria and this was determined by centrifugation technique. In addition, bacterial isolates were identified by phoenix 100 BD company automated identification and sensitivity machine. Finally, bacterial count dilution technique was used to count the bacterial content in the water samples used in our study. Results: It was found that there is no bacterial contamination in tank drinking water. Otherwise, there’s no contamination with coliforms bacteria in all samples, but the tap water samples were contaminated with pathogenic bacteria. It was also shown that the bacterial isolates found in tap water including pseudomonas aerruginosa, pseudomonas putida, Acinetobacter iwoffi and Moraxella species. In tap water of (Al-kharj,Al- hayathem ,Al-delam, Al-rfaya,Al-hawta) Conclusion: Thus water considered to be consumed by humans must maintain good microbial qualities within the acceptable ranges and must undergo effective treatment in order to reduce bacterial count and infection. Key words: Coliform, Pathogenic bacteria, Tap and Tank drinking water, Al-kharj,KSA

Nutritional analysis of Astacoides parastacoidea and Macrobrachium rosenbergi obtained in Ishiet Uruan, Akwa Ibom State. []

Astacoides parastacoidea and Macrobrachium rosenbergi are the major species of crayfish consumed in Akwa Ibom state and it is mostly gotten from Ishiet in Uruan LGA of Akwa Ibom state which prompted the conducting of this research to ascertain their nutrient content based on proximate analysis using standard analytical method. The results for these species of crayfish respectively are as follows : moisture content of 88.08 % and 63.00 %, ash content of 0.30 % and 0.30 %, crude fibre of 1.2 % and 1.55 %, crude protein 8.06 % and 9.65 %, crude fat 1.25% and 1.5 %, carbohydrate 1.4 % and 25.28% and a high calorific value of 48.73 Kcal and 152.32Kca. These shows they are very nutritious. Keywords: Crayfish, proximate analysis, nutritious, species.


In 2019, civil aviation completed 83 years of existence. In this meantime, Brazil has shifted political capital from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia and the economic center to São Paulo. Airport network expanded to accommodate the increasing demand for air passenger transportation. In this article, the ten principal airports in Brazil were investigated. Key findings pointed to the need for improving the quality of services within the Brazilian airport Networks. Analysis and Discussion compile the present work.


A holistic human capital approach requires organizations to view talent acquisition, development, and retention and employee engagement in a radically new way as a single entity rather than distinct parts. This study aimed at investigating the effect of employee training and organizational performance at Tile and Carpet Centre (T&C) in Kenya. The human resource management theory anchored the variables of the study. The study adopted descriptive research design. The study population was 750 staff working in 3 T&C locations while stratified random sampling technique was used to sample 100 respondents. The pilot testing was conducted using the questionnaire on 10 staff from ICD warehouse, Nairobi County. The measure of reliability was tested using Cronbach’s alpha at 0.7. The study was a descriptive research and primary data was collected using a questionnaire. Frequency distribution tables and figures were used to present the findings where interpretation was done in prose form. The researcher conducted simple regression analysis in order to find out the relationship between employee training and organizational performance of T&C. The inferential results on effect of employee training on organization performance show R=0.660 indicating a strong positive correlation and R2 = 0.435 and there was a significant effect between employee training and organization performance (t=8.286, p<0.05). The study established and provided evidence that on the job training and job orientation enhances employee ability to discharge their duties and this had positive influence on organizational performance thus having a positive influence on organizational performance. The study recommends that T&C should integrate training laterally in all departments to enable employees to be equipped to compete effectively in business by offering quality services within minimum time. This should be done through training sessions and seminars.

Assessment of rock aggregates quality from various quarries in and around Gondar town, Ethiopia []

Good access to aggregate materials is essential for future infrastructure development and continued economic growth. During the early stages of any project such as in roadway, construction and quarry prospecting there is need to estimate the quality of crushed rock aggregates. This study summarizes a general series of common strength tests carried out on rock aggregates from quarries in surroundings of northern Gondar, Ethiopia. For the investigation, crushed rock aggregate samples were obtained from eight different quarry sites to evaluate their quality based on different physical and mechanical properties. The locations of quarry sites are recorded by using handled GPS. Generally spatial technology are widely used for creation of spatial data, in this study a different approach for creating base map was carried out by using an open source python programming language. This method of map making technique also be used as alternate resource in spatial technology, government organizations and research communities. The major rock sources identified in study area are such as aphanitic basaltic rock, very aphanitic basaltic rock and phanitic basaltic rock. These rocks where predominantly excavated and produce various qualities of crushed stones aggregates for road materials and construction industry. But there is a lack in data about the quality of aggregates in this region. Laboratory testing was performed on samples obtained from the quarry sites to evaluate the suitability of the materials for use as aggregate in road and construction. The specific gravity, water absorption, aggregate crushing value and Los Angeles tests were performed on samples. The overall results indicates that the moisture content various about 0.2% to 0.72%, with specific gravity value of about 0.41 to 2.94, aggregate crushed value is of 9.5% to 28.3%, water absorption is of about 0.54% to 1.82% and los angeles abrasion is of about 8.8% to 11.4%. Based on the results, the study concluded that the available quarry materials are suitable for use as coarse aggregate for road pavement and concrete. The study also recommends that good quality coarse aggregate are available in enormous quantity within in the study area. These rich sources of aggregate can be widely used as engineering material with sustainable uses of resources.


Background/Aim: The liver does many important things including makes bile, which helps carry away waste and break down fats in the small intestine during digestion makes certain proteins for blood plasma makes cholesterol and special proteins to help carry fats through the body. Cassia angustifolia is a plant regularly consumed in many part of Sub-Sahara Africa in management of various conditions such as infection, pain and diarrhea. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of Cassia angustifolia on the liver of Wister rats. Method: Animals of either sex were selected. Group 1 received distilled water (10 ml/kg), while group 2, 3 and 4 received Cassia angustifolia 50, 100 and 200 mg/kg respectively. Animals were kept in standard cages and given access to the extract, water and food orally for 28 days, after which they were weighed and sacrificed. Blood was collected by cardiac puncture and taken immediately for hematological and chemo pathological analysis. The histological hepatotoxic potential of the plant was studied using haematotoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining technique. Result: The result revealed Significant (P<0.05) decrease in RBC, HGB, MCV, while there was no change in the level of neutrophiles, basophiles, eosinophiles and platelets. The extract did not produce any significant change (P<0.05) in the level of ALB, AST and ALT when compared to the control. At 50 mg/kg dose level, Cassia angustifolia produced a decrease in BILD concentration in the treated rats while at 100 mg/kg dose level it caused slight increase in the levels of ALP, BILD AND BILT concentration. Histopathological evaluation also agrees with other parameters. Conclusion: the result of the study suggests that the plant may be safe for consumption as it is been used by the locals for the purpose intended. The result also revealed that the drug may be of benefit in hepatic cases.

Prospecting and assessment of the local varieties of the fig (Ficus carica L) tree in Beni Ahmed area of Morocco []

The fig tree cultivation in Morocco is very old; this culture is very promising and still regaining interest. In objective to identify and characterize the richesse of fig tree abroad prospection of fig tree plants was carried out in northwest Morocco during the period from 2015 to 2016. It included zones located in Beni ahmed as well as in the provinces of chefchaouen. A total of 203 accessions were sampled, studied and identified by used the biometric analyses include in European program GEN LMBO 029. As a result of the study a total of 20 different fig varieties were identified. Several synonymies and homonymies were detected. Comparison of the ecotype shows the high significatif difference. Conservation of the local cultivars is highly recommended.

Issues and Challenges of Science Education Curriculum in Nigerian Primary and Secondary Schools: The Way Forward []

ABSTRACTThe strength of any society depends to a large extent on its curriculum. The strength of Nigeria depends squarely on school science curriculum, knowing that science and technology education are tools for sustainable national development. Various science curricular have been designed to help achieve the objectives of science education in Nigeria. The delivery of this curriculum towards the set scientific goals is challenged by many factors. This paper therefore examined curriculum issues in science education in primary and secondary schools, such as the need to teach and learn science through new technologies. Challenges such as inadequate funding, lack of infrastructures, equipment and materials, inability of teachers to effect the desired innovation, amongst others are discussed and suggestions are given in order to improve the science curriculum delivery in Nigerian primary and secondary schools as well as implementation of the innovations. key words: Science, Curriculum, Issues and Challenges.