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ABSTRACT The success of a local government in carrying out its tasks can be seen from its performance, which is a picture of the level of achievement of the implementation of an activity or program or policy in realizing the goals, objectives, mission, vision of the organization contained in the formulation of organizational strategy. This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of participation in Otsus fund budgeting and leadership style on organizational culture and government performance, which is mediated by organizational culture. Data collection techniques through questionnaires, using descriptive analysis techniques, validity and reliability tests, classic assumption tests, and path analysis using the SPSS release 24 program. The results of the study found participation in budgeting and leadership style has a positive effect on organizational culture and local government performance. Organizational culture can mediate the effect of participation in budgeting and leadership styles on the performance of local government at the Regional Government Office in Intan Jaya Regency.

La contribution de la communication sociétale et de la responsabilité sociale à la performance des entreprises : Cas de la société « International Paper » []

This article aims to highlight the role of CSR and societal communication in economic and environmental performance. Thus, we will present the strategy of recycling and responsible communication, which are part of the CSR, then we illustrate their contribution to the performance of industrial companies by analyzing their environmental indicators and their communication supports using a qualitative methodology and analysis of the content of the case of the company “International papier-IP”. The content analysis method deals with the treatment of two corpora: the last 5 annual reports of the company and its website. The research results revealed that the implementation of CSR principles, in particular recycling and a responsible communication strategy, enabled the company to convince and gain the confidence of stakeholders by consolidating its good reputation. by its environmental commitment. This reputation is justified and approved by international and national institutions. The company has been awarded by several corporate certification bodies. As a result, these strategies have enabled the company to improve its profitability.


Port operations account for over 80% of trade and logistics life cycle globally. And in Nigeria, it is estimated to account for about 95% of trade, and contribute 2.1% to the country GDP. The challenges of the Nigeria Maritime sector is well documented. As posited in this dissertation, it includes manual documentations, duplication of operational processes, lack of a central electronic network portal, limitation of the electronic bill of lading, and lack of transparency in operations. This dissertation adopted the Hyperledger Fabric permissioned network to provide a consensus electronic platform for stakeholders. The existing electronic bill of lading is incorporated and traded as transaction asset on the Blockchain, and stakeholders as the nodes on the network. Three of the Regulatory Agencies acts as validators of transactions and are responsible for the update of the Blockchain. The nodes have at least two peers, for initiating and endorsing transactions. In addressing the operational challenges in the shipping sector in Nigeria, this project provides a framework of streamline processes, for the entire trade cycle. A chaincode (smart contract) of BOL transacted on the Fabric network, and an electronic portal, that function as a Port Community System. Other shipping documents such as custom declarations, packing list, Certificates of Origin and others can be implemented via a chaincode, on the fabric Blockchain. There is, however, a need to domesticate multilateral and plurilateral agreements as regards international trade, especially the MLTER model (law on electronic transferable records).


This study aims to analyze and explain the effectiveness of village financial management in North Toraja Regency. This research is a causality study where there is a relationship between two or more variables that are causal, there are variables that influence (exogenous variables) and there are variables that are affected (endogenous variables), using data collection techniques using a questionnaire. Data analysis method in this research is multiple linear regression analysis (Multiple Regression Analysis). This research data was processed using the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) program. The results showed that: (1) accountability had a positive and significant effect on the effectiveness of village fund management, (2) transparency had a positive and significant effect on the effectiveness of village fund management, (3) participation had a positive and significant effect on the effectiveness of village fund management, (4) HR quality has a positive and significant effect on the effectiveness of village fund management, and (5) IT utilization moderates the relationship between HR quality and the effectiveness of village financial management.


Abstract This study investigates the contribution of a humanitarian-based organisations called Malaysia Life Line for Syria (MLLFS). It is geared towards finding out the strategies and approaches used by MLLFS in helping Syrian refugees in Malaysia and its values and principles upon which it was established. This study serves as a contribution to the study of humanitarian-based organisations and the activities of this NGO is addressed. It is also equally important to figure out the challenges MLLFS faces during implementation of its strategies. This research has mainly administered interviews and observation as the main source of data complemented by documents, articles and reports and a thematic analysis was used to analyse the data. The findings of this study reveal that the strategies and approaches that were implemented focus on education and settlement. Thus, all of its programmes and activities are based upon these objectives rooted in humanitarian values and principles. Furthermore, Malaysia is not a signatory of the UN Refugees Convention, but it still helps refugees on humanitarian ground. Also, it is found out through this study that there is an existing collaboration between the government and MLLFS especially in terms of the Syrian settlement issue. The findings of this study further reveal that the existence of humanitarian organisations such as MLLFS is allowed because the government of Malaysia permits humanitarian aid based on the support for basic needs of refugees. Lastly, this study would like to propose a future study that is built on the same assumptions and to conduct additional research which include data from other beneficiaries of this non-government organisation since this study is limited to executive and staff members only.


ABSTRACT The Springtime Development Foundation (SDF), being a non-profit and non-governmental organization has spent over 10 Billion Naira in sponsoring thousands of students who cannot afford the payment of school fees into higher institutions all over Nigeria. However, this quantum of money invested is not commensurable to the performance received as feedback. From past studies, it is evident that some of the challenges which may have caused this include the method of students' selection. This research then proposes to design a model that will predict and classify students’ performance in higher institution putting some factors into consideration. O’level results, Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam results and Age of applicant were the factors considered in building this model. A Scikit Learn Neural Network package and a Multi-Layer Perception (MLP) classifier was chosen for the algorithm used for the implementation, while Fuzzy Logic was used as the concept. From the findings, it was observed that for multifactor/variable system, the traditional binary logic may not be the best logical approach; rather the use of fuzzy logic reduces the complexity and enhances the performance. From the development of the model, it was realized that the complexity of the binary logic will be in order power of (mn ) or (mna), whereas, using the concept of fuzzy logic, the complexity has been reduced to ma T where ‘a’ is a constant in both scenario. The output was displayed from the web browser (https://www.sdfscreening.com.ng) thereby hiding all the logic behind the work to the layman user. The output of this model will serve as a determinant for awarding scholarship to the applicants. From the analysis of the model, it is evident that this model when adopted will be faster than the traditional method since the conventional way of selecting scholarship awardees has not been yielding a positive result in proportion to the students’ academic performances in the university, which has resulted to waste of money, time and resources, hence, limit other people chances. Keywords: Prediction, Academic performance, Fuzzy logic, Algorithm, Neural Network, Scholarship

Management and Society []

Given the premise that management is an inexhaustible subject to deal with, this paper presents a brief overview of the field of management. This article is an attempt to describe in broad terms the evolving nature of management and the streams of thought (i.e., ideas and theories) that contributed to its development. The paper is an attempt to draw out an introductory understanding of what management is and the attendant development of management thought. The materials used in this paper are drawn from the list of references (See Bibliography). A short survey presented by these references shows management is a subject faced with the continuous process of having to accommodate new ideas that spring from many new sources. Management thought continually requires restatement and consolidation. As one writer has it, management is a synergistic field of human endeavour.

Automatic Power Theft detection and Protection on Distribution Line []

In this paper Arduino based power theft detection and protection system is designed. An increase in the demand of electric power for household, commercial and industrial loads lead to management of electric distribution system become more complicated. Lack of information at the bases station regarding status of the distribution network has been identified as the major bottleneck to its effective monitoring and controlling. Electrical power theft detection and protection system is used to detect and protect an unauthorized tapping on distribution line. In this paper ACS712 series current sensor has been used as the interfacing instrument between the power line current and Arduino. To isolate power line from power theft system relay used as switching gear. Arduino control all operations that all devices do. This system would provide a simple way to detect and prevent an electrical power theft without any human interference, maximize the profit margin of power utility company and Prevent fault due to over load. The theft detection of electricity also became possible by using this system through which server received the message when users by passed the meter. This system provides billing activity in addition to detection and protection power theft

Motivation satisafaction level in low vision patients []

OBJECTIVE: To determine the Level of satisfactions, motivation and independency in low vision patient after counseling. STUDY DESIGN: Observational, Descriptive, and Cross sectional PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY: This study was conducted in Al Ibrahim Eye Hospital during August to October 2016. METHODS: A group of 42 patients after counseling aged from less than 20 to above 80 years were enrolled in this study. Visual acuity and visual function tests (visual field, contrast) was performed and low-vision aids tested. Data about the utilization of the rest of the vision was gotten after acceptable guiding of low vision. Subsequent to picking the best optical or electronic gadgets and before their solution, a low-vision preparing program was done.RESULTS: The best adjusted visual sharpness shifted from HM (hand developments) to 20/40 for separation and visual keenness superior to 16M to 0.5M for close. 90% of the patients had optical gadgets recommended. CONCLUSIONS: The Level of satisfactions, motivation and independency in low vision patient after counseling is necessary because of this respondent 70% are motivated after counseling. People preferred glasses over other LOW VISION devices as it is easy to use and readily available at a low cost. On the other hand, telescope usage was very low as people hesitate to use it and they cant afford due to high cost. Individual with Low Vision have reduced capacity to do significant life exercises including procuring training, living, voyaging autonomously, picking up and holding work, getting a charge out of and seeing visual pictures because of un-correctable visual weakness. so its proved that counseling can increase the level of satisfaction motivation and independency in low vision patient after counseling.Key Words: the Level of satisfactions, motivation and independency in low vision patient after counseling. Y


The aim of this research is to examine the effect of firm's characteristics that are firm’s size, profitability, leverage, size of board of commisioners, Ownership Composition, and company profile on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosure and its impact on investors reaction. This research used quantitative approach. The population were manufacture companies listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) period 2017-2018. The sample was determined using purposive sampling method to obtain 20 companies. The data were secondary data obtained from the companies annual report through official website of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (www.idx.co.id) and share history obtained from the Yahoo Finance website (www.finance.yahoo.com). The method of data analysis was regression analysis method using SPSS software tools. The results of the research indicate that the firm’s size, profitability, ownership composition and company profile have a positive effect on CSR disclosure. Leverage and board size do not have an effect on CSR disclosure. CSR disclosure has a positive effect on investor reaction. Keywords: firm’s characteristics, CSR disclosure, investor reaction


Probolinggo Regency is one of many districts in East Java that located in coastal areas with catch production reaching hundreds of millions of rupiah per year. The most widely used fishing gear is cantrang fishing gear. Cantrang is a kind of trawl fishing gear that is operated by being pulled with a net mouth touching the bottom of the water. This fishing gear is usually used to catch shrimp and demersal fish. This study aims to investigate cantrang fisheries activity and the composition of cantrang fisheries catches in Probolinggo. The number of fishing fleets (ships) that operate cantrang fishing gear had experienced a decline as a result of Government Regulation No. 02 2015. The Catch per Unit Effort (CPUE) value and the total number of catches of cantrang fishing gear decreased as the number of cantrang fishing gear operated. The catch of cantrang fishing gear was dominated by demersal fishes such as Nemipterus sp., Leiognathus sp., Priacanthus spp, Saurida spp.

Gender Based Violence in Nigerian: Implications for Counseling []

Abstract The study examines gender based violence in Nigeria. Gender based violence has being on the increase in recent times especially against women, young girl and children and it is an issue of global concern. Historically, in many cultures gender based violence has become an accepted facts and normal way of life. In recent years, however, it has begun to be viewed as a criminal problem. However, in many societies such as the Nigeria society it is culturally acceptable as the government and relevant authorities are not giving it the desire attention or are paying leave service to it. Gender based violence has causes a lot of harm to many women and children. Theoretically the paper discussed gender based violence in Nigeria, the predisposing factors, the different forms and causes of abuse which may occur in homes and the devastating consequences on the individuals involved and the society at large. The solution and counseling preventive measures and remedial is proffered as a panacea for the ugly phenomenon. Keywords: gender based, violence, Women, abuse, Nigeria, Counseling.


Subgrade acts as foundation for a pavement structure. Soil strength can be increased through addition of chemical additives like cement, lime, Rice Husk Ash (RHA), Fly Ash etc. depending on the availability of additives. Stabilization of soil using cement or lime only is not cost effective. The use of RHA may minimize cost as it can act as a stabilizing agent. The present study is carried out on the soil of Naguman-Shabqada Section of Provincial Highway, District Charsadda, KPK, Pakistan, to investigate its stabilization potential. A small amount of cement is mixed with varying percentages of RHA. The results achieved show that the increase in content of RHA increases the Optimum moisture content (OMC), but decreases the Maximum dry density (MDD). There is a considerable increase in the California bearing Ratio CBR value and unconfined compressive stress (UCS) UCS of soil with RHA content. After increase in a certain percentage of RHA content the strength of soil starts decreasing. Addition of 6% cement and 15% RHA content is recommended as an optimum amount to have maximum strength improvement.

A Critical Discourse of Turbulent Pakistan’s Civil Military Relations []

Pakistan has been under both military and civilian control in its unsettled political history. In between, there has been various kinds of mishaps and mistrusts occurred between the two regimes. Frequent political instability in the country prompted armed forces to rein the affairs of state for the smooth running of economy which has weakened the democratic process in the country. However, in recent times, the engagement between the two actors has somehow balanced the relations as a result of which there has been consistent transition of the democratic process. Nevertheless, the rubric of civilian supremacy has yet to be experienced for the consistent promotion of democratic principles and prevention of unnecessary role of the establishment. This research covers all the important areas by assessing the history of relations along with roles from both sides to bring political-cum-economic stability to the country and consequently, an assessment of seemingly balanced relations in recent years.

Impact of climate change on the livelihood of Allaichey Community Forest User Group (CFUG) []

Climate change is contemporary global threat to the animal world. Green house gases are resulting global warming which is creating different impacts in the world. Because of human activities greenhouse gases are increasing. Nepal temperature is increasing at an alarming rate. Increasing temperature is creating different impact on biodiversity disturbs the livelihood of local community. This study was conducted on mathagadi rural municipality Gothadi of palpa district. The main objective of the study was to access impact of climate change on agriculture, livestock farming, health, biodiversity which directly linked with livelihood of people. Interview survey, focus group discussion were conducted in collecting primary information. 140 houses were sampled out of 150 house hold. The data were analyzed using SPSS computer software, Arc GIS, MS- Excel. Major observed impacts include reduce precipitation and an irregular rainfall pattern, affecting agricultural crops, livestock production, reduced forest regeneration due to increase in new invasive species like Lantana camera which replace forest vegetation which threaten income of CFUGS. key words: climate change, biodiversity, livelihood

Novel banking innovations being implemented in emerging economies like Zimbabwe []

The study mainly focused on new or novel banking technologies that ICT firms providing services in an emerging market/economy like Zimbabwe. Being an emerging economy, Zimbabwe is fast embracing new banking innovations. The results are aimed at BMS in particular. Research was qualitative in nature and focused on the case of BMS alone, and therefore no generalizations can be made. However, the results and findings can still provide an insight where same results can be used by other firms wishing to learn from the case of MBS. The study used mixed research methodology, utilizing both formal and informal interviews. The management of BMS was mainly targeted because they are responsible for strategy formulation and implementation, therefore they were seized with determination the most appropriate strategies to be used to achieve their main objective of growth. Area sampling was used to demarcate 2 different geographical areas within the population in Zimbabwe .5 areas were selected based on being representative of 2 different provinces and the relative convenience to the researcher. A sample of 40 was drawn from 8 banks chosen at random and accessible at the time of conducting the research. Questions were administered via the questionnaire. The questionnaire used both open ended and closed questions. The study uncovered that the ATM is still the most popular innovation, where the economy is cash based. The conclusion was that the ATM is still very much the most popular innovation in Zimbabwe, followed by mobile banking, then the use of the POS channel coming on third. The ATM and POS make use of swipe cards whilst Mobile banking thrives on high mobile penetration rates, and the convenience to customers emanating from portability of the mobile phone used as a gadget for carrying out financial transactions. The findings also show that BMS is faced with a myriad of challenges in its quest for growth. Total market share was 79% shared between BMS and its 5 competitors. The growth strategies being pursued by BMS are not very effective, therefore, it was recommended that BMS should implement plans that are consistent with growth strategies.

Igbo Culture is Better than European Culture with reference to Things Fall Apart []

Things Fall Apart is authored by Chinua Achebe (1930-2013) who is one of the most outspoken contemporary and internationally recognized African writers and intellectuals. Achebe writes this novel in response to European nov-els that stated African culture as uncivilized. In his novel Achebe presents his own tradition and culture and also the way are they changed with the arrival of the colonizers. This article attempts to show why Igbo culture is better than the culture of Colonizers. There are variety of beliefs about the matter. Some critics say that the Igbo culture is better because of its rich religious system and their faith towards gods. Some also believe that the harmonious judicial system of the Igbo is better than the individual judicial system of the colonizers. Moreover, many critics claim that Igbo culture is finer because of its communication method, like- using stories and proverbs. However, this paper argues Igbo culture is better because it teaches the Igbo people moral values and to be modest towards other.

Prevalence of lice in small ruminants in and around Ambo District []

ABSTRACTThis study was conducted from November 2015 to April 2016 with the aim of studying the prevalence of lice of economic importance in small ruminants in and around Ambo Woreda. A total of 384 (156 sheep and 228 goats) were included in this study. Out of these animals 143 (37.2%) animals were found being infested with one or more species of lice. Of a total of examined animals; 75 (48.1%) of sheep and 68 (29.8%) of goats were positive for lice. The lice recorded 34.0% Damalinia species, 5.1% Linognathus species and 9.0% mixed species in sheep and 29.8% Linognathus species in goats. This study has revealed that lice were the predominant ectoparasites in goats; The Damalinia species was higher significant prevalent in female than male animals however linognathus was higher significant prevalent in young than adult animals (p<0.05). the poor body condition score animals were higher infested with both species of lice (p<0.05). The present study has shown that lice are among important causes of skin damage which is likely to cause significant economic loss. To reduce this loss management practices should be put in the place to control infestations of valuable animals.Key words: Ambo, Lice, Prevalence, small Ruminants


Aluminum production is one of Sri Lanka's main industries and several firms are engaged in the manufacture of aluminum extrusions for a broad variety of applications such as windows, doors, shop front, curtain walls. Aluminum extrusion is a process by which aluminum alloy is converted into a metal. The anodizing and powder coating plant provided aluminum profiles with defects from the extrusion plant due to the shortage of manpower for the quality assurance phase. Such activity contributes to a monthly loss of about 2.8 million anodizing materials. This study aims to design and build a vision-based system for the identification of defects in processes of aluminum extrusion. The aim of this study is to give a possible solution to identify defects on aluminum profiles. The results were verified that the system identified air bubble detection, oil patch detection, pigeon poo detection for several trials with higher efficiency.


The property of coarse aggregate has great impact in the field of Civil engineering, their characteristics enhances the structure like roads, buildings etc. Due to base on workability and durability the demand of coarse aggregate in the structure are increasing day by day. As the plastic item are available in abundance in nature including the plastics PET bottle which are furthermore are used for land filling, causing environmental pollution and so is the case with over burnt bricks. This paper deal with the over burnt brick coated with plastics are used to reduce the utilization of asphalt material, whose price are much more in Pakistan and all over the world. Coarse aggregate testing was carried out according to ASTM, AASHTO and BS standards. The crushing test, shape test, impact test, specific gravity and water absorption of coarse aggregate were performed. The results were analyzed and conformed to the required flexible pavement standards. The Coarse aggregate and Pieces of Over Burnt Brick for to obtaining the bituminous mix were heated at a temperature 150-170 ˚C Then After the cut up PET bottles of different percentage as 10%, 20% and 30 % are added and also the required percentage of bitumen is added to heated aggregates. The aggregate properties were evaluated by conducting different tests on aggregates and mix proportion using Marshall Mix Design methods. Specimen with 30% PET bottles gives the optimum bitumen content of 6.5% corresponding to maximum stability. The changes in the structural characteristics and morphology of required specimen were studied using X- ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy(SEM), respectively. The results indicates that the use of PET bottles and over burnt bricks in asphalt gives us safe and economic structure and an ecofriendly environment, hence sustainable construction is achieved.


This study aims to examine and analyze the factors that influence the optimization of land and building asset management in North Toraja Regency. The population in this study is the management of regional property in each SKPD / OPD area of North Toraja Regency. This research was conducted directly into the field (field study) using the questionnaire, interview and observation methods. Respondents were determined using a purposive sampling approach, where respondents were managers or users of regional property in North Toraja Regency. In analyzing the data of this research is a variance-based structural equation modeling (SEM) known as the partial least square (PLS) method, and this study also uses the use of the SPSS version 25 program. The results of the study show that the asset inventory variable has a positive and significant effect on optimization. land and building asset management, legal audit variables have a positive and significant effect on optimizing land and building asset management, asset valuation variables have a positive and significant effect on optimizing land and building asset management, supervisory and control variables have a positive and significant effect on management optimization land and building assets.

Apport de la radiographie standard dans les traumatismes ostéo-articulaires des membres, par arme à feu, à l’hôpital militaire de Yaoundé (Cameroun) []

The osteo-articular traumatisms from firearms represents a pathology from war and not from peacefull moments. They come about from the penetration of projectiles causing many types or osteo-articular injuries (open fractures with many bone fragments, luxations and entorses). Can al so touch the soft parts (skin / fles, muscles, nerves, arteries and vein). However, the complexity of these fractures gives too much problem when taking care of : which needs the help of technical medical imaging to give precised injury diagnostics and the type of treatment will be choosen regarding the radiological results. Nevertheless, the goal to improve the taking care of osteo-articular traumatisms by firearms in Cameroon, brought us to a retrospective study at the military hospital in Yaounde (HMY). The collected data has been processed and analysed with the help of the IBM soft ware SPSSS Statistics 21. The p.value test with a p<0,05 has been used for 73 patients with average age of 24.5 year. The results revealed to us that standard radiography was the only radiological technique available. It’s acceptable to present that 93.2% of injuries were caused by Kalachnikov (AK 47), 80.08% of injuries were comminuted fractures with 58.9% of diaphyseal seat. From these results, it’s important to observe that the power and speed of the projectile firearms usually cause a crash and therefore comminuted fractures.


This study aims to examine and analyze regional fiscal dependency North Toraja Regency and Tana Toraja District, the type of data used in this study is quantitative data that is numeric data. This study uses secondary data on annual time series. The data used were obtained from several sources such as: (1) Regency / City Statistics Board in 2009-2018 figures; (2) Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) for 2009-2018. The analysis in this study uses the Ordinary Least Square (OLS) method. This analysis is used to determine the effect of government spending, PMTB and productive age on regional fiscal dependence both directly and through economic growth in North Toraja and Tana Toraja Regencies, (1) Local own-source revenue (PAD) both in North Toraja and Tana Toraja Regencies low. The majority of regional income is still contributed by the central or provincial balance fund. The average regional fiscal dependency ratio of North Toraja and Tana Toraja districts is 76.47 percent and 76.11 percent respectively. This shows that the regional autonomy policy has not been well implemented in both regions; (2) Based on OLS estimation results, PMTB directly has a positive and significant influence on regional economic growth; (3) Meanwhile, indirect government spending through economic growth has a negative and significant impact on regional fiscal dependence. Productive regional expenditure drives economic growth, so that an increase in economic growth will increase regional income. An increase in regional income will reduce regional dependence on balancing funds.

Evaluation of The Carrying Capacity of The Darma Reservoir for Floating Net Cages in Kuningan District, West Java []

This research aims to determine the carrying capacity of Darma Reservoir waters for the utilization of the floating net cages aquaculture. The research was conducted on December 16, 2019 to January 6, 2020. Method used in this research was survey with comparative descriptive data analysis. Water samples were taken as many as four times at four research sites in the waters. Water quality parameters measured were temperature, light transparency, pH, CO2, BOD5, DO, NH3 and total phosphorus. Analysis of the carrying capacity of waters is determined through the total phosphorus approach. Based on the results of this research it can be concluded that the number of floating net cages aquaculture system in the Darma Reservoir has exceeded the reservoir's carrying capacity. Feed waste from fish farming contributes to 234,507.2 kg / year (17.6 µg/l/day) of pollution load waste. The decrease of water quality is caused by an abundance of feed waste (155,459.8 kg P / year) and metabolic or faecal residues (79,047.4 kg P / year). The number of floating net cages in the Darma Reservoir has exceeded the reservoir capacity by 10,456 bags which should only be allowed as many as 3,068 bags floating net cages.

Effect of Bank regulation On Bank performance []

The efficiency of Bank regulation adopted affects banks operation and performance. In turn, it is the determinant for the existence of financial crisis in the world. The research is conducted by using a prior study content analysis technique. By doing so, the paper found that, structural bank regulation affects the performance of the banks positively or negatively in both advanced and emerging countries. So, I concluded that existing literature is insufficient enough to identify the real effect of structural regulation on banks performance; hence, it is empirical question yet. Prudential regulation affects the banks’ performance positively, but in case of prudential regulation effect there is different effect in different size and risk level of the banks. Mostly, it affects developed counties banks’ performance positively. Hence, it is possible to conclude that, developing countries should tailor out their own prudential regulation based on the size and risk level of banks. Finally, in this study, it is revealed that, monetary regulation affects the bank operation and performance negatively. So generally, any bank regulation has negative effect for one or more countries bank in the world when it is more week and strong. It may result in bank run all over the world. Hence, I argued that the international accord regulations could not boost the banking industry of all member countries or any country comply with the regulation or those set their regulation parallel with the international regulation for political proud purpose without risk and size consideration.


Precision agriculture uses accurate, site-specific details for controlling production inputs including soil, fertilizers, and pesticides. The optimization of output resources within specific field areas is based on the particular crop and soil requirements of each field region. The concept behind precision agriculture is implementation of plant inputs only when and where appropriate for the most economical crop growth. The tools and technologies that are used to implement precision agriculture include Internet of Things (IoT), Arduino and remote sensing (RS). The management decisions are made from the analysis of the data got from the field. The agricultural crop production costs and agricultural field damage can be potentially reduced by following precision farming which thus enhances the good yield and profit for the farmer. Key word: precision agriculture

Numerical Investigation Of Two-Phase Laminar Pulsating Nanofluid Flow In An Interrupted Microchannel Heat Sink []

This study numerically investiagates the heat transfer characteristics of Al2O3-water-based nanofluids in a a three-dimensional interrupted microchannel heat sink with rectangular ribs (IMCHS-R) under pulsating inlet flow conditions. The two-phase mix-ture model with modified effective thermal conductivity and viscosity equations is used to solve the problem numerically. While nanoparticle volume fraction and other parameters are kept constant, the effect of different values of Reynolds numbers (200-1000), pulsating frequencies (100-500Hz) and amplitudes (0.2-0.8) on the rate of heat transfer were examined. The re-sults show that the rate of heat transfer improves significantly for sinusoidal velocity inlet conditions compared with steady flow conditions.