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"Implementation of 4th revolution technology and its impact on the performance of warehousing" []

The technological revolution will in general change the way we work and our lives and connect us to each other. In terms of size, complexity, and scale, technology transformation will be unlike anything humanity has experienced before. Moreover, its response will be integrated and comprehensive to include all stakeholders in the global system, whether from the private or public sector to civil and academic society. In the past, the first industrial revolution used steam and water in production, after that the second industrial revolution used electric energy to make production more than the first revolution, while the third revolution used electronics and information technology to complete production. As for the fourth revolution, which in our time, the digital revolution is used, which is characterized by a combination of technologies that block the lines between biological, physical and digital fields. The paper also discusses the scope of research on the implementation of the technology of the fourth revolution and its impact on warehousing performance. Key words: fourth revolution, warehousing, technology.


This research aims to analyze the effect of the different light colors used to squid catch on boat lift net in Belitung Regency Waters and to get a good light color in order to caught the optimal squid catch. The research was conducted in August to September 2019. Primary data collection techniques using experimental fishing methods, interviews, documentation and using secondary data as a support obtained from the total catch data of boat lift net 5 years back obtained from PPN Tanjungpandan. In this research 2 boat charts were used which operated alternately for 10 nights. Boat lift net (A) uses the white light colors and boat lift net (B) uses the yellow light colors. Each boat lift net is equipped with 12 fluorescent lamps arranged on the left and right of the boat. The results showed that the use of different colors of light in capturing squid gave a significant difference. White lights caught 2793 squid while yellow lights caught 1251. Boat lift net operated using white lights are more effective at capturing more squid than boats using yellow lights.


INFLUENCE OF WORKING CONDITIONS ON SPECIAL NEEDS EDUCATORS’ JOB SATISFACTION IN SPECIAL SCHOOLS FOR THE LEARNERS WITH HEARING IMPAIRMENT IN KENYA. 1GREGORY JUMAH NYONGESA, 2DR. CHARLES OMOKE, 3DR. WASHINGTONE WACHIANGA 1, 2, 3 JARAMOGI OGINGA ODINGA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Abstract. Effective teaching and learning to achieve the educational goals require satisfied teachers, yet, most of the teachers in Kenya indicate lack of job satisfaction with their work. The rising numbers of special needs educators exiting from special schools for the Hearing Impaired and the frequent strikes are the possible indicators This study examined the influence of working conditions on teacher job satisfaction among the Special Needs Educators in Special Schools for the Leaners with Hearing Impairment in Kakamega County Kenya. This study employed the Two Factor Theory of Herzberg. The study adopted multiple case study design. The study was carried out in Special Primary Schools for the HI in Kakamega County. The target population was 59 respondents, which comprised of 4 headteachers, 4 deputy headteachers, 47 classroom teachers and 3 curriculum support officers for special needs drawn from each of the sub counties where the special schools for the HI is located. The sample size was a total of 58 participants. Saturated sampling technique was used. Interview schedules, Focus Group Discussions and document analysis were used for data collection. The study adopted thematic analysis to generate the findings of the study. Many of the Special Needs Educators were not satisfied with the working conditions that the schools had. The workload for the Special Needs Educators in some schools was unattainable. Some schools had teachers taking as many as 46 lessons per week Keywords: Working Condition, Teacher job satisfaction, Special Needs educators, Special Schools for the Leaners with Hearing Impairment


This paper investigates equity financing and profitability of selected quoted Nigeria manufacturing firms from 2009 to 2015. Secondary data obtained from Factbook published by Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and audited financial statement were used to analyzed data. Ordinary least square technique was used to analyze twenty (20) sampled firms. The study concluded that equity and reserves have positive and significant impact on profitability of selected quoted manufacturing firms in Nigeria and there is an optimal capital structure for all firms. The study therefore recommends that management of Nigeria quoted manufacturing firms should work hard to optimize the capital structure of their firms in order to increase the value of the returns on equity, assets and investment. Keywords: Cost of equity, cost of capital, capital structure, profitability, returns.

Removal of Heavy Metals and Dyes from Wastewater and Industrial Effluents: A Review on Capacities and Efficiencies of Nanomaterials. []

Heavy metal and dyes are among the major pollutants of the environment and the need to constantly monitor the water body is of paramount importance. In recent times, the uses of nanomaterials have attracted the attention of Researchers globally. In this review, the use of nanomaterials as adsorbent was examined with respect to their removal of heavy metals and dyes from wastewater and industrial effluents. The adsorptive performance of these nano-sized materials in terms of capacities and efficiencies, and factors that determine adsorption such as pH, contact time and adsorbent dosage in various studies were reviewed. The models which explain the interaction between the adsorbent and adsorbate (Adsorption isotherms) and the rate of adsorption (Adsorption Kinetics) were also examined. It was found that, on the average, nanomaterials were found to be over 80% efficient as adsorbent of heavy metals and dyes.

Density of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi genus on three host plants (Sorghum bicolor L., Plantago lanceolata L. and Eleusine coracana L.) in a Plinthosol in Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Congo) []

This study aimed to select among plants known as host, the one to be used in the production of inoculum from arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) in the field. Sorghum bicolor, Plantago lanceolata and Eleusine coracana were cultivated in the plots to assess the density of AMF spores, the affinity between these plants and the main AMF genera, and the frequency of AMF root colonization 4 months after sowing. Sorghum offered 187 spores in 50 g of soil while control plants (Ageratum sp, Bidens pilosa and Eleusine indica) gave only 63 spores. The roots of all plants are colonized but the frequency is higher on Sorghum (55%) which is also associated with a high number of vesicles. Four genera of AMF were isolated and identified: Gigaspora, Dentiscutata, Glomus and Acaulospora. Gigaspora was the most abundant on all crops although all these AMF genus were ubiquitous. Key words: Host plant, spore density, mycorrhizal fungi genus.

The success of rural microfinance at Grameen Bank in Bangladesh []

Generally, Grameen Bank's success in the rural microfinancing system and profitability, which was to achieve balanced economic growth. Grameen bank model is a poverty reduction tool that has been proven by contradictory evidence in the microfinance system. The Grameen Bank research process and ideas based on a Microfinance credit system, which one successfully developed by Dr. Mohammad Yunus and his microfinance concept for poor families, who can independently develop without any risk. Grameen Bank's goal was to reduce poverty by micro landing credit system tools and attracting global attention. The policy was mainly focusing on poor rural women, especially who want to improve their own life by make them entrepreneurs. The objective of this paper is to assess the success of rural microfinance at Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

Employer Feedback on Wesleyan University-Philippines Nursing Graduates []

This study sought to determine employer’s feedback of College of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences (CONAMS) graduates of Wesleyan University – Philippines. The study utilized the descriptive correlation research design with the questionnaire as the primary instrument for data gathering. Fifty five (55) nursing graduates who are presently working in different government hospitals in Nueva Ecija were respondents of the study. Results of the study showed that majority of respondents are staff nurses, wherein most of them hold the rank of Nurse I, who have been in the institution for 3 years and less. Likewise, majority of the registered nurses hold permanent status in the institution they belong to and most of them belong to batch 2011. In terms of the rater/evaluator, more than half are head nurses. The respondents’ performance indicators of interpersonal skills, professionalism and integrity were the most evident among the graduates. However, the professional traits of confidence, competence, communication skills and flexibility and adaptability were the least apparent. Correlation results showed that respondents who have lower rank are better in organizing skills and have shown greater integrity. Overall, employers agree that graduates have demonstrated needed skills and traits necessary for the performance of their job at all times.


In the performance of warm mix asphalt (WMA) two majors concern which are evaluated during this study which are rutting and moisture damage distresses. By using foam bitumen technology in order to produce mixes of WMA two various processes were used. During first process , preparation of samples was done in order to transform mixes of total bitumen into foam bitumen. While in second process, soft and hard bitumen’s were added in mix in which latter was in foaming state. Which resulted same bitumen penetration in the final cured specimens. It was observed that for both foam mixes of WMA the moisture susceptibility and rutting potential increased by reducing mixing and compaction temperature. More ever, it was also concluded that foam mixes of WMA rutting potential during values of Marshall quotient, and results of wheel tracking were significantly more than control hot mix asphalt (HMA). Foam mixes of WMA rutting and moisture susceptibility was found to be decreased when hydrated lime powder was added and observed to be more effective.

The Use of Low Temperature on Different Duration of Giant Gourami Fingerlings (OSPHRONEMUS GORAMY LACEPÈDE,1801) Daytime Transport []

This study aims to determine the optimum low temperature and duration of giant gourami fingerlings daytime transport, and to analyze the induction time, recovery time and survival rate of giant gourami fingerlings. This study uses an experimental method with factorial randomized group design (FRGD) which consists of two factors, four levels of temperature (12 oC, 16 oC, 20 oC, and control temperature (24oC)) and three level of duration (3, 5 and 7 hours) during daytime transport. The parameters observed are the time of induction and recovery of giant gourami fingerlings, post-transport and 7 days post-maintenance survival rate and the quality of water in the form of dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, ammonia, and post-transportation temperature. The results show the use of low temperature and short duration of transportation significantly affects the survival of giant gourami fingerlings in closed system transportation. The optimum temperature and duration is 16 oC and 5 hours with 100% survival rate of giant gourami fingerlings.


Accountability remains a critical matter in almost every area of our lives today. International bodies, professional associations, governments, committees, identify accountability as a major issue. Owing to the fact that boards of directors are given considerable power, it is obvious that they should be accountable for decisions and direction made in their organizations (McDonnell, 2009). Scholars and practitioners agree that authority and accountability are intertwined in corporate law and corporate governance. County governments in Kenya have been in existence for 4½ years and most of them face poor performance due to poor corporate governance. The objective of the study was to determine the influence of accountability on the performance in Kenya’s county governments in Kenya and especially, Machakos County Government. The research used stratified simple random sampling with a target population of 160 respondents made up of 20 county officials in the eight (8) constituencies. The research instruments used for data collection were questionnaires made up of both open-ended and closed-ended items administered to the respondents directly by the researcher. Data collected was analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software version 20.0. The descriptive statistics used frequency distribution, percentages, means, standard deviations and tables. The study concluded that accountability has a statistical relationship to the performance of County Governments in Kenya. As a result, Machakos County ought to promote increased levels of access to information and most notably execution of duties using power bestowed on county officials.


This research is directed to the use of green corrosion inhibitor (maize husk polar extract) in controlling corrosion on mild steel. Inhibition and adsorption properties of Maize Husk Polar Extract, corrosion inhibition efficiency of mild steel in 1.5M of HCL solution at various exposure time, MHPE concentration was investigated at atmospheric temperature using weight loss test (gravimetric analysis) method with Vacuum rotary evaporator at 790C The result gotten from the vacuum rotary evaporator is 23.99% concentration (mg/100g) from 600.52grams of Maize Husk.  Phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of Alkaloids, Flavonoids, Phenolics, Phenolics, Phytates, Saponins, Terpenoids, Anthocyanins, Steroids, and Tannins in the extract. The behavior of MHPE is spontaneous and the physical adsorptions obeys Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), results shows that Maize Husk Polar Extract contains possible compounds with complex structures which are responsible for corrosion inhibition. The results for 384 hours show that the inhibition efficiency increases significantly up to 93.6% for HCL (gravimetric analysis). MHPE appears to be a good inhibitor for corrosion control in HCL; FTIR analysis revealed the amount of detectable functional organic inhibitor in the corrosion product.


This research examined the negative Influence of Social Networking Sites (SNSs) amongst lecturers in University of Jos, Nigeria. The study was guided by twelve objectives. Survey research design was used for the study. The target population was all the (1,640) lecturers in University of Jos that were on ground in 2017/2018 academic session. The research instrument used was questionnaire. Data collected were analyzed using frequency counts, percentages and means. The findings of the investigation revealed among others that: the lecturers made use of SNSs; they used mobile phones to access the SNSs; their preferred access point for using the sites were in their offices and homes in that order; most of the lecturers admitted to be a member of at least one SNS. Their main purposes for using the SNSs were to maintain social contacts with friends/relatives and for academic purposes; their preferred SNSs were Facebook and WhatSapp in that order; they also admitted that the main benefits of SNSs could be expressed in Social Activities, Academic Exercises, Information Dissemination and Business Activities. Majority of the lecturers agreed that the use of SNSs has negative influence on their academic activities because it took time they need to prepare for their lectures and assessment of students (exams scripts, projects), prepare for meetings, research and publication, and community services. It was therefore, recommended among others that: University of Jos Management should organize seminars, conferences and workshops on the benefits of using SNSs for academic activities. However, the negative aspects or the dangers associated with the use of the SNSs and ways to avoid them should also be highlighted. The research therefore, concludes that the use of SNSs by lecturers in University of Jos has negative influence on their academic activities/performance.


This paper discussed the Roles of ICTs in Strengthening Internal Security and Community Policing in Nigeria using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) backbone. The need to embrace ICT-enhanced policing in Nigeria becomes imperative because insecurity, robbery, kidnapping, terrorism and insurgency have taken a new dimension and have gone sophisticated as criminal elements have deployed high-tech approach such as mobile technology, internet technology for exploiting and unleashing criminal activities on the society. To reduce this incessant and unpleasant proliferation of modern crime, calls for the fortification of existing policing approach in Nigeria using Information and Communication Technologies. This study is an attempt at strengthening the existing policing approach to be able to meet the insecurity challenges currently being faced and facing the Nigerian society. The study revealed that the incidences of insecurity, terrorism and insurgency can effectively be rendered impotent in Nigeria through the use of ICT. Notably among the proposal for an ICT-enhanced policing is the concept of virtual community policing which explore the availability of mobile devices for easy and effective crime reporting and crime control in Nigeria


This study investigated the information needs and seeking behaviour of teenagers in Plateau State Library Board, Jos. The research was guided by four objectives. The targeted population for the study was all the teenagers that used the state library board. Survey research design was adopted. The instrument for data collection was a questionnaire. The data collected were analysed using the statistical products and service solution (SPSS) version 21. The findings of the study revealed among others that: Most, Eighty- three (83) of the respondents strongly agreed that they need information on academics with 57.2 %. ; Majority, Ninety- five (95) of the respondents strongly agreed that they seek information on education, for assignment and examination with percentage of 65.6%.; Most, Ninety-eight (98) of the respondents indicated that cyber café using the internet was very readily available in the library with (68%). It was therefore recommendations among others that The Plateau State Library Board, Jos should embark on user education programme targeted at the teenagers on the use of library. This will assist the teenagers to know how to exploit the library resources effectively.

Curbing the Challenges of Teacher Shortage in Public Primary Schools []

This study titled: Curbing the Challenges of Teacher Shortage in Public Primary Schools has largely been shaped by recent events in the country, specifically ‘Unemployment’ in Nigeria. The study covered Agbor Education Zone of Delta State. The sample was three hundred and twenty teachers. The instrument for the study were questionnaire and data collected from the Education Zone. The researcher also visited some schools for first hand information of the situation. The paper identified the causes of the shortage of teachers to include retirement of teachers and non-employment for replacement, irregular payment of salaries and fringe benefits, low status of primary school teachers among others. The study revealed that there was shortage of teachers which had implications for both teaching and learning. Finally it recommended that there should be employment of teachers and equal distribution of teachers to all schools in urban and rural area since every primary school has primary class one to primary class six.


This study is conducted to account and evaluate both the over strength and ductility factors on the dual system reinforced concrete structures with regular and irregular pattern in elevation to show their effect on storey shear as well as storey drift. In this study, three 8-storied frame-wall structures (irregular in elevation) and one 8-storied frame-wall structure (regular in elevation) assumed located in a region of high seismicity all with the plan area of 15 x10 meters are analyzed for their responses to lateral loading by applying biaxial analysis in accordance with the Ethiopian seismic code (ES EN 1998:2015) and Ethiopian code for concrete structures (ES EN 1992:2015). The specified 28 day concrete compressive strength of 30 Mpa and the specified yield stress of the steel 420 Mpa were used. The analysis of structures had been carried out by using finite element soft ware ETABS 2016 Ultimate 16.2.1, which is a structural analysis program for static and dynamic analyses of structures. The weight of the systems had been assumed to consist total dead load, DL plus 20% of live load, LL. The results of this study show the importance of the regularity of building structures regarding over strength in their ability to resist horizontal loads caused by earthquakes.


Transparent, Free, fair, and credible elections are core to electoral democracy and provide vital means of empowering citizens to hold their leaders accountable. However, accountability of public officials in Kenya has been undermined by the fact that elections in the country are perennially fraught with irregularities. The announcement of the disputed 2007 presidential election results in Kenya on December 27th, 2007 led to what could be described as the worst political crisis in Kenyan post-colonial history. This study was guided by the following specific objectives; to establish the effect of Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) on the credibility of the Electoral System in Nairobi County, to determine the effect of Electronic Voter Identification System (EVID) on the credibility of the Electoral System in Nairobi County. The study was anchored on Technology Acceptance Theory and employed a descriptive research design. The target population was 2,251,929 registered voters in Nairobi County and 40 Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, technical officials. A sample size of 351 respondents was used determined using Fisher’s (2007) formula. Primary data for this study was collected using structured questionnaires. The analysis involved both descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. The inferential results showed a positive correlation of (r=0.773, p=0.000) between biometric voter registration (BVR) and credibility of electoral systems. Results on electronic voter identification (EVID) and credibility of electoral systems showed a positive correlation of (r=0.784, p=0.000). Furthermore there was a significant effect between biometric voter registration (BVR) and credibility of electoral systems (β=.356, p=0.000), and on electronic voter identification (EVID) and credibility of electoral systems (β=.380, p=0.000). The study concluded that biometric voter registration (BVR) and electronic voter identification (EVID) in the electoral process is very efficient in reducing or eliminating multiple registrations and multiple voting. The study recommends that there should be adequate and strict protocols for supervision, management and storage of electoral data.

Hall Current and Ion-Slip Effects on Unsteady MHD Fluid Flow past a Vertical Porous Plate in a Porous Medium with Rotation []

The unsteady MHD viscous incompressible flow of electrically conducting fluid along an infinite vertical porous plate under a strong transverse magnetic field with a rotational system has been studied with the consideration of both Hall and Ion-slip currents. Similarity transformations have been applied to transform the given governing nonlinear coupled PDE into non-dimensional forms of ODE. The Perturbation technique has been used to find the solution of obtaining non-dimensional equations analytically and their graphical representations are plotted by using MatlabR2010a tools. The effects of the pertinent parameters on the velocity, temperature, and concentration distributions have been discussed in detail.

Antimicrobial Activities and DNA Protections of 5-Methoxy-Isatin Thiosemicarbazone Derivatives combined with metals []

ABSTRACT Isatin (1H-indole-2,3-dione) and its derivatives represent an important class of heterocyclic compounds that can be used as precursors for drug synthesis. Since its discovery, a lot of research work has been done regarding synthesis, chemical properties, biological and industrial applications of Isatin. Herein, six isatin thiosemicarbazone derivative with 5-Methoxy-Isatin compounds were re-synthesized and evaluated for DNA protection studies using plasmid DNA (pUC19), All compounds were also utilized in vitro assay to assess the antimicrobial activity of compounds against different pathogenic bacterial strains. All isatin and thiosemicarbazone derivative compounds exhibited DNA protection activity which ranged from 24.5% to 50%. Among them, B(5-M-I)-4-P)-3-TSC) N(II) with concentrations of 0.0165 m had the greatest DNA protective activity. Besides, several derivatives of isatin thiosemicarbazone exhibited significant and selective antibacterial activity with low concentration. These compounds affected E. coli, S. enteritidis ATCC 13076, S. aureus ATCC 43300 and S. lutea ATCC 9341, the two compounds B(5-M-I)-4-(4-IP)-3-TSC) Z(II) and B(5-M-I)-4-P)-3-TSC) N(II) did not show any antibacterial effec, but they good DNA protections.