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Spontaneous cecal gangrene in a renal failure patient A case report and review []

Isolated ischemic necrosis of the cecum is still a rare surgical encounter.It has been linked to low flow states associated with certain disease conditions.We present a case of a 60 -years-old lady who is on regular hemodialysis for chronic renal failure.She presented with acute right lower quadrnt abdominal pain resembling appendicitis and found to have isolated cecal infarction with no mesenteric vascular occlusion.she underwent a right hemicolectomy with ileotransverse anastomosis and didn’t have recurrence of ischemia in the remaining colon.


Technology integration is a necessary skill needed not just for the learners but the teachers in addition. Everyone has become de-pendent of the advantages of technology. This review could be a conceptual try and explore the factors influencing teachers’ pedagogical decisions to include technology into their practice. This text also contributes knowledge about professional development initiatives and also the have to address not technology knowledge the maximum amount because the interdependence of technology, pedagogy, and subject content matter. Implicational suggestions for future research were presented.

The effect of Nigerian oil and non-oil revenue on economic development []

The change in energy policy from the use of gasoline vehicles to the electric vehicles by developed economy makes it inevitable that the demand for oil in Nigeria will fall thereby affecting the capacity to generate sufficient revenue. The study, therefore, examined the effect of tax revenue both oil and non-oil on the economic development in Nigeria. Data used for the study was secondary data which is for a period between 2011-2019 and was sourced from the database of Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and the United Nation Human Development Report 2019. The foundation for the theoretical framework of the study is the Theory of Optimal Taxation and Multiple regression was used for the analysis and the findings revealed that non-oil tax had a significant effect on economic development in Nigeria while oil tax had no significant effect on the economic development in Nigeria. To reduce the effect of the changes in energy policy it was recommended that government at all levels diversify the economy to improve their internally generated revenue. Keywords: tax administration, economic development.


In Ethiopia, there are various financial institutions such as banks that give financial services like money transfer, deposit, and lending to their customers. Like other commercial banks in Ethiopia, Wegagen bank has its own loan advancing procedure and practice used to advance loans. The aim of this research is to assess loan advancing procedure and practice case study wegagen bank, Arba Minch branch. To obtain the objective the researchers used a descriptive research design in this research. The target population for the study was the loan officers of Wegagen bank, Arbaminch branch. The total number of employees in the organization is 20. The necessary data for the study was gathered using a primary and secondary sources of data. Primary data was gathered through questionnaires and interviews and secondary data was gathered from Wegagen bank manuals, website, and reports. This study used judgmental sampling techniques. After the necessary data was collected the data was processed, analyzed, and presented by using the tubular form, frequency, and percentage. From the findings, conclusion, and recommendation, the study concluded that loan is beneficial both to the bank as well as to the borrower and banks have to give a peculiar focus on it. The loan department of the bank is organized by educated and mature employees. The bank should provide regular training to all its Employees in general and loan officers in particular on how to handle customers. The bank should always collect loans from the borrowers.

Occupational hazards in wood industries of the informal sector at Olezoa, Yaounde-Cameroon. []

Objectives In 2010, 70% of the active Cameroonian population was under employed .Due to under employment the Cameroonian government had as objective to create jobs in the wood sector. Creating such jobs will generate hazards. The consequences of the increased hazards might not be efficiently taken care of by the Cameroonian health system. Thus evaluating and properly managing hazards is a preventive measure that can be done in order to reduce work related accidents and diseases. The objectives of this study were to: describe the socio-demographic characteristics of workers, identify the hazards and describe the consequences of the hazards. Methods Our study was descriptive and cross sectional, from November 2015 to May 2016.The study site was the Olezoa quarter. We included industries in the informal wood sector, workers who consented to this study. We excluded workers who did not consent to this study. We enrolled workers using a data entry form. The data entry form had socio-demographic characteristics and consequences of hazards. We used the walk-through method in identifying hazards in the work environment. We identified hazards with the aid of the French guide on health insurance in wood industries. Results and Discussions We enrolled 48 industries and interviewed 168 workers. The 19- 30 year age group was the most represented probably because of the informal nature of this sector. 55% of the workers were married. Hazards related to the work environment were the most represented. The most represented consequences were wounds, heat stroke and infections. Key words: Hazards, Informal, Occupational, Olezoa, Wood, Yaounde

Optimization of Singly Reinforced Beam Design Using Genetic Algorithm []

Achieving an optimized design for the RC beams using the Genetic Algorithm is the main objective of this paper. Cost is saved in the design of RC elements through optimization. Reducing the total cost of the beam is the objective function. Reinforcement, concrete cost, and formwork constitute the cost of each beam. MATLAB’s (The Math Works. Inc.) Software was used for the optimization process. A nonlinear constrained minimization problem was formed from the optimization problem and solved using the SQP Algorithm. It was discovered that the resultant outcomes produce a cost-effective design. Hence, the optimization of singly reinforced beam design can be effectively achieved using the genetic algorithm process. it is evident that the genetic algorithm is an efficient tool to accomplish design optimization of structural elements. The variables are minimized but none variable constant is not picked up by the algorithm.

Corporate governance: A source of financial crisis in State Owned Enterprises (SOEs); lessons from Zimbabwe []

The financial crisis of State Owned Enterprises has been subjected to public scrutiny in recent years, and there is much criticism in the existing corporate governance practices. This paper seeks to identify the governance practices that exist in State Owned Enterprises and their impact on financial performance for the period 2010 to 2020. The qualitative study used evidence from National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ), Air Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA). The study also roped in the Ministry of State Enterprises and the Institute of Directors in Zimbabwe (IODZ). Data was collected using interviews and qualitative questionnaires administered to purposively selected sample, and analysed using the Braun and Clarke`s six step model. The study found that the government is interfering with the daily running of State enterprises through appointment of directors and executives, otherwise not by merit, which negatively affected independent decision making of the Board of Directors, and hence throwing these parastatals into governance malfeasance leading to a serious financial crisis. The study concluded that the government is manipulating appointments of executives and directors on the basis of political expedience and as well there are no enforcement and gate guard systems for good governance.


Education is a blueprint for a meaningful human existence, where the fulfillment of such needs and guarantee of such rights all conspire to enable the present and future generations of Filipinos to attain authentic development. The ultimate aim of education is to develop in the learner desirable knowledge, skills, values and attitudes which effectively to alleviate poverty and improve quality of life, family and the community. In times of uncertainty, public health crisis, Department of Education adopted Learning Continuity Plan (LCP) that will allow to use of various alternative delivery modes including Modular Approach and Home-Based-Learning where students learn at their own pace where in distance learning is the new normal. The mode of learning delivery is essential to cater the needs of the students in transitioning into their study and equip them with knowledge and skills to succeed, to guide parents in acted as a facilitator of learning and monitor the students’ progress. Alternative delivery mode to support and enable learning process among learners. These are reliable and accurate wherein intended learning outcomes are determined the skills and knowledge that learner knows or do before and after taking instructions. Modular Approach was adopted mostly of the public schools. This would be the best choice where in students have access to basic education through printed materials even without internet access and follow health protocols. Establish routines and procedures to maximize instructional time by making use of Weekly Home Learning Plan to achieve learning outcomes for the day.


Abstract: This research is centered on incorporating the best acoustics parameters that enhance the performance of a city hall. through design principles and the use of materials to forecast and control various characteristics of the sound produced in an acoustic enclosure like a (conference halls and lecture hall). The research inculcates in the proposed city hall for Port Harcourt various design parameters that allow the generation of revenue for the government and a befitting hall for the localities. through well-designed and articulated acoustics on selected architectural spaces like the lecture hall, and conference hall. This is so essential in sustaining the relationship between the government and the masses and also generating revenue for the government. This also enhances a design that expresses interaction, transparency, and democracy. The research also seeks to subdue reverberations and echoes in space and also projecting architectural form that expresses the people’s identity and interest. In course of the research, the elements of existing city halls with the same background have been studied through case studies. Foreign examples were included; however, caution was taken to ensure the use of materials related to the environment being planned for, and the site requirements would be taken into consideration too. Also, the space standard which includes the requirements and sizes of spaces would be considered alongside recommended materials and construction. Finally, the new City Hall will become the symbol of the city, a prominent landmark, and a focus of the community. A point where urban spread could be directed and focused on to achieve a downtown core and that would attract new business. KEYWORDS: acoustics, reverberation, materials, and hall.

low-grade waste heat Grade recovery from power generation plants and process sites []

Many studies have been conducted in recovering the low-grade waste heat as it can decrease the emission rate and also increase the efficiency of the system. A review of some technologies with their advantages and disadvantages is represented in this study. Organic Rankine cycle shows advantages over traditional steam cycle due to lower temperature source utilization comparing with water. Kalina cycle is a good example of the ORC. Absorption refrigeration is another technology that is used for many years like the VCRC which is applied in many application although it is more costly than ORC. A heat pump is a method when requiring a lower amount of water for cooling and more heat recovery. Heat transfer is a technology that limited to Nuclear technology although it has a lower capital cost. The CO2 utilization cycle is promising because it is available, with lower toxicity, non-flammable fluids but it has lower efficiency. Boiler Feed Water Pre-Heating is the traditional methods that have been used for many years but it requires a large footprint and not high efficiency.


ABSTRACT The role of public transportation services in achieving smooth traffic in urban areas has grown, and one of the most commonly used transit systems is the water transit system in Nigeria Delta region. Different facets of functions may clash in the sequence of flow or circulation pattern in the terminal ticketing and checking points as a result of incorrect placement of functional spaces. In this research, the author conducted a comprehensive study on successful circulation in boat terminals in order to achieve an effective and productive boat terminal that will be fit the position of Rivers State, Nigeria& oil-rich state and other Niger Delta areas. As a part of the study, circulation patterns and access points were developed in the design with the intention of reducing impacts on the surrounding facility. This was done by maintaining consistent, secure vehicular travel, routing traffic into the terminal area and to suitable parking sites and enabling easy access for emergency services and merchandise distribution. In addition, the specification contained provisions for a common requirement of horizontal and vertical circulation elements.

Working Capital Management and Performance of Selected Firms Quoted on Nigeria Stock Exchange []

The continuous existence and performance of a firm depends on the efficiency of its working capital. This paper therefore examined the effect of working capital management on firm performance. This work focused on healthcare and consumer goods sector which has not been adequately researched on by past literatures. Ten companies from the health and food and beverages sectors listed on NSE were selected. Secondary data were used and obtained from the annual financial reports of the selected companies from 2012– 2019. Panel data analysis and Haussmann tests were used to examine the effect of working capital management on firm performance. Findings revealed that average collection period has positive significant effects on firm performance while firm size has negative but significant effect on firm performance. The study concludes that firms would be adversely affected if it takes them longer period to retrieve payments due from their customers. This study recommended that firms in the consumer goods and healthcare sectors should put in place measures and strategies that would ensure prompt payment from their customers.

Effect of Branding on Consumer Behaviour in the Nigeria Banking Sector []

This paper examined the effect of branding on consumer behavior in the Nigerian banking sector. Access Bank PLC was selected and customers of their two branches in Osogbo were used as respondents for this study. Primary data was collected through the questionnaire administered on 150 customers of the bank. Linear regression and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) were employed to examine the effect of brand image on consumer behavior and the effect of brand awareness on consumer behaviour at 0.05 level of significance. The results showed that brand image and brand awareness has significant effects on consumer behavior. It is concluded that for banks to survive and to remain highly competitive depend on brand image and brand awareness. It is therefore recommended that in order to maintain a strong brand and remain competitive, bank should lay more emphasis on brand awareness and map out strategies that will make their bank stand out since consumers will only recognize and recall the brands that they are well aware of.


To improve the provision of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to adolescent girls and young women, female sex workers, men who have sex with men and transgender people, understanding their PrEP journeys is important. Members of these groups living in South Africa were interviewed to understand what facilitates initiation on PrEP and the factors that help them to adhere.

The Influence of Principal Leadership Style to the Teacher’s Job Performance []

The study aims to bridge the relationship between the principal leadership style and teachers’ job performance. The researcher identified the principal leadership as a motivation and style but not completely a form of science. There are several factors why the style of leadership is neglected that may be linked to the physical and external constraints that affect the performance of teachers to their profession. This presents challenges of the principal in bringing changes and development of faculty. The study will help management to enhance the capability of principal on handling challenges and enabling educators to perform with ease.


Noise pollution has been shown to be of great concern and its health effect could trigger by the use of power generators. This study aims to assess the Sound Levels from the University generator. Measurements were taken at interval of 5m, from the base of the generator up to 50m using digital sound Levels meter. Measurement was made at 7:45 to 8:00pm off load and 8:00 to 8:15pm on load for the period of one week. From the results obtained, 86.7 and 83.8 dBA was recorded as the highest value of the noise level on load and off load at a distance of 5m and consequently, 63.1 and 62.1 dBA was also recoded as the lowest noise level when the generator is running on load and off load at a distance of 50m. Thus, the average mean was calculated as 84.1 and 82.1dBA as the highest noise level on load and off load at a distance of 5m and 67.2 and 64.6 dBA as the lowest noise level on load and off load at a distance of 50m. The result was compare with WHO and NESREA standard guidelines and found to be above the recommended level.

Technical Efficiency of Boro Producers and Its Distribution: An Evidence from Natore District, Bangladesh []

As an agrarian country, Bangladesh people mostly depend on rice for their food and nutrition. To achieve self-sufficiency it is very important to be concerned about rice production. Because of its notably high production rate Boro rice has become a very popular variety in Bangladesh. Thus, in attaining national food security it is expecting to pay necessary attention to the farmers and the concerned authorities to enhance rice productivity and efficient utilization of resources may be the best way in this regard. Evidence from the stochastic production frontier analysis shows that the traditional input variables, Fertilizer cost, Seed cost, Irrigation cost, Land size are significant and playing a major role in Boro rice production which therefore suggested that taking care of these variables could increase Boro rice. Technical efficiency and its distribution is the parameter to measure the impact of input variables to the output variable at a glance and hence the aim of the study was to justify how efficient the Boro farmers of the study area? Accordingly, the authors have estimated the technical efficiency and its distribution following a multistage sampling using 88 respondents during cropping season 2018-2019 by employing the stochastic frontier model. The estimates of parameter gamma are 0.62 and 0.93 for Singra and Baraigram upazilla respectively. These indicate that 62 percent of the total variations in Boro rice output among the producers are due to technical efficiencies for the Singra upazilla and 93 percent of the variations are due to the differences in technical efficiencies of the producers of Baraigram upazilla. Priorities on farming experiences and adopting better technologies were given and it was recorded that on basis of the study variates and data there are about 84% of farmers achieved a high level of technical efficiency with the range 90–100% for the district Natore. Even if the technical efficiencies recorded 16% in the range of below 90 may be increased to the higher level by nourishing and providing the best facilities from the concerning authorities, the overall efficiency and its level for the study area was very satisfactory. As such the result of the study is remarkable to the concerning authorities of the country for their policy decision purpose and it could be helpful for the betterment of the farmers.


The study aimed at assessing the effectiveness of strategic management in the growth of telecommunication companies. To achieve the purpose of the study, the researchers used the following objectives: To access the various strategies implemented by strategies in the field of telecommunication and to explore whether or not these strategies are subject to change in an organization. To identify the individuals responsible for strategic decisions that has a bearing on the growth and development of an organization To analyze the strength, weakness, opportunities and threat of an organization To explore to which extent employees are knowledgeable about the concept “strategic management” and how this has enabled an organization to achieve its goals. In the end, there is still a gap in customer satisfaction among respondents, competitive tariff even though there are challenges in doing so and employees’ motivation was not considered very important. The researcher uses a sample size of fifty (50) respondents and a descriptive study design. The researcher also used a questionnaire to elicited information from respondents. According to findings, effort should be made by service providers to take the necessary action for them to know the effect that will make customers more satisfied in choosing their services and also retain the existing customers and attract new customers into their company. The telecommunication industry should adopt first mover advantage strategic concept whereby a firm that is early in the market can establish a customer base, which increases the firm’s likelihood of surviving a price war that might ensure following the entrance of rivals, and discourage entering rivals from starting a price war, since they are likely to lose. Empowerment should be given to employees.

An examination of Impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria and revitalization recommendations []

This paper demonstrates the Implication of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. The main objectives of showing the impact of Covid-19 on SMEs; laid-off workers, halted operations, reduction in production, and reduction in sales and disruption in supply chain and highlight multiple areas of facilitation required for government intervention. Having conducted a questionnaire survey on SMEs in Kano, Nigeria, and collected 238 useable responses, the results of our study show that SMEs has reduced sales; 17% to a considerable extent, 27% to a great extent, and 36% reduced sales in an extreme manner; Similarly, the reduction in production, 29% of SMEs reduced production to a great extent, 35% reduced production in an extreme manner while 40% to a considerable extent; the result of the study revealed disruption in the supply chain of SMEs, 17% to a considerable extent disruption, 29% to a great extent disruption and 38% in an extreme manner. In addition, the result of the study also shows laid-off workers; 16% of SMEs has moderately laid-off workers, 17% to a considerable extent, 21% to a great extent; our findings also show that SMEs halt operations, 17% to a considerable extent, 29% to a great extent and 35% operation have been halted in an extreme manner; while highlighting multiple areas of facilitation required, 61% of enterprises demands financial schemes while 29% solicits special packages. The study recommends adequate SMEs’ financing, wages support to retain employees, reduction of rental cost and utility bills, and Infrastructure Support among others.


This study was focused on assessments of business income tax collection problems in category “A” taxpayer in the case of Arba Minch sikela kifle getema. So Taxation was a system of raising government revenue or money which is collected from the citizen to finance government expenditure in order to limit the tax collection problem in category “A” taxpayer in Arba minch sikela kifle getema while performing this research paper used descriptive type of research design and use both primary and secondary data. The primary data were collected through questionnaires and unstructured interviews. Secondary data were collected from the annual report also research approaches both qualitative and quantitative methods and random sampling technique to selected 58 sample from the total population of 430 respondent to conduct the research, identify the sample respondent. Low level of awareness of business income tax payers, lack of ethics (unwillingness to pay tax). In order to improve these and finding the major problem in Arbaminch sikela kifle getema and to assess at least minimize the problem. Based on the result found from the survey and interview there was a problem on assessments 0f business income tax collection so we recommended that to minimize the problem of sikela kifle getema by awarding the society about the advantage of tax for this branch. In general, for the town. Keywords: Tax collection problem, Business income tax

The Effectiveness of Instructional Video in Teaching Grade 10 Araling Panlipunan []

This study is being conduct to identify the effectiveness of instructional video presentation to the Grade 10 students. Our education system is continuously changing because our society too, wherein we should prepare our dear learners to this constant change. This is also the best solution in the absence of the Learners Module which usually distributed for the students. Since this subject of the Grade 10 students was being changed from Ekonomiks to Mga Kontemporaryong Isyu at Hamong Panlipunan. Educational prcess needs more than traditional instructor and student-teacher roles which are changing eventually. Thus, student became active thinker rather than passive listener., while teacher serves as guide to lead the learner to significant information, needs and expectation of students, and then help them to find and use knowledge and information. Using instructional videos in teaching is not new. Video based materials boost students’ creativity and cooperation. Access to video can help motivate students and create a distinctive context for their learning experience and also the most accessible for both teachers and learners since there is a built in TV monitor in every classroom of the school.

Transient Stability Analysis of 132/33KV Transmission Network of Port Harcourt Town (Z4). []

Transmission and distribution power systems are being operated under increasingly stressed condition as a result of the ongoing trend to make the most of existing age facilities increase demand and consumption of electricity in many countries of the world. The 132/33KVNetwork of Port Harcourt Town (Z4) in Nigeria was not exempted. The frequent outages of this network were due to instability of collapse voltage and overloading. The collected data (the bus, line input data, power transformed capacity and the loadings on the transformers) was modelled in E-TAP 16.00 software, Adaptive Newton-Raphson’s method was used in analyzing the transient stability of the network, a detailed investigation shows that the steady state operational values of the network was achieved. While shunt capacitor placement method was used as the optimization technique for the improvement of the network, as such, the power factor of the network was improved from 0.8 to 0.95. The total branch losses before optimization was approximately 13.33MVA, with an average percentage voltage drop of 3.26%. The installation of appropriate size of shunt capacitors at strategic locations of the network, the total branch losses were reduced to 10.29MVA and the percentage voltage drop reduced to 2.06%. In conclusion, Proper inspection should be care out on transmission/distribution networks and feeders to correct weak insulators and terminations so as to enhance proper maintenance on the network.


Tropical critical regionalism describes a focus on the local and the specific to a tropical region or to a unique, distinct tropical area occupied homogeneously by things having common characteristics or influenced by a common phenomenon, usually the climate. The phrase applies to Bonny Island whose geographical location bestows unique and distinct climatic challenges. Standout data, for instance, reveals that Bonny Island receives approximately 4000mm of rainfall and average relative humidity of 86% annually, amongst the highest of any Nigerian town. Also, painfully obvious is the fact that predominantly, as with most parts of the country the Bonny Island built environment is not climate smart, consisting mostly of housing with extremely poor ventilation and hardly any open spaces, lacking both good sanitation and effective drainage facilities and paying little or no heed to issues of climate and the environment. Compounding the issue are both global warming that is likely to increase weather extremes and the expected population explosion due to the geometrically expanding employment opportunities of Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Company (NLNG SevenPlus). In addition, the road link to the mainland and its consequent potential for migration into the island, all underscore the importance for researched guidelines on critical climate response planning. The paper established the inadequacies of the broad regional approach to climate response for design purposes, opting for critical regionalism, using site-specific climate variations as determinants of design parameters and guidelines. Analysis of climate data identified persistently high rainfall, temperature, and humidity as the key climatic elements militating against comfort and sustainability of the Island’s built environment. Data analysis guided by considerations for critical climate response planning, determined the conclusions and recommendations for the Island’s built environment. A simulation of the proposed built environment incorporating the proposed guidelines for climate mitigation expanded the potential for both specialists and laypersons to understand readily the ideas that govern the critical climate response planning, and thus help stakeholders participate in people-centred decision-making during the design process of the Bonny Island built environment.