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Agriculture plays a vital role in the economic growth of Global South countries, although the sector has been underperforming as compared to those in developed countries for decades. For an increase in production, there is a need to adopt improved agricultural technologies. Public sector programmes are adopting technology by providing agricultural extension services to overcome information related barriers. While such programmes have been generally criticized because of their limited scale, sustainability and impact, the rapid spread of mobile phone coverage in Global South countries provide a unique opportunity to aid the adoption of technology via information and communication technology (ICT)-based extension programs. The study delineates plausible mechanism (internet and mobile money transfers) through which mobile phones could aid the provision and adoption of agricultural information and extension services in Western Kenya. The purposive target population comprised of rural women, development partners and groups from social welfare and civil society in Western Kenya. Key Informant Interviews were used through personal interviews to gather primary data and Kenya Na-tional Archives provided both primary and secondary data. Institutional libraries in Kenya were also instrumental in providing secondary information for the study. Data was analyzed qualitatively using thematic and con-tent analysis approach. Historical research design was employed in analyzing the history of the adoption and usage of mobile phone technology by rural women with regard to food production in Western Kenya. The study noted that women in rural part of Western Kenya either remain not aware of updated agricultural practices or receive second-hand information from their male farmer peers who access modern agricultural information and services with the aid of mobile phones. Subsequently, rural women who are subscribed to mobile phones gain from using this technology as their principal means of updating their knowledge about the new agricultural interventions. Based on the results of the findings, considering the global growing trend of female mobile subscribers, and appreciating the vital position of rural women in the food production sector, it is fundamental that the prospects for exploiting this technology to disseminate mobile internet services including access to mobile money transfer services amongst rural women must be studied.


This study uses survival models to estimate attrition rates, probabilities, and predictions as well as identify which covariates influence attrition. The study adopts a retrospective explanatory research design. A sample of 149 in-force policies within 1st January 2018 to 30th June 2019 have been used in the analysis. Kaplan Meir curves have been used to show the distribution of survival/retention times.

Role of Human Resources Planning in Raising the Efficiency of the Organizational Structures: Evidence from Bahrain []

The aim of this research is to identify the role of human resource planning (qualitative, quantitative and time dimensions) in raising the efficiency of the organizational structures at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 95 employees were surveyed through a random sample method. The analysis is based on the outcomes of the questionnaire survey that was given to all employees in the HRM department at this ministry. The research hypothesized that there is a positive significant relationship between the human resources planning (qualitative, quantitative and time dimensions), and the efficiency of the organizational structures at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The finding reveal that there is a positive significant relationship between the human resources planning (qualitative, quantitative and time dimensions), and the efficiency of the organizational structures at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Moreover, the results indicate that there is no significant relationship between the human resources planning (qualitative, quantitative and time dimensions) and the effectiveness of the organizational structures according to the demographic variables (gender, age, qualification & years of experience).

Effects of Super7 - a polyherbal antimalarial drug - on female Wister rats gonadotropin hormones []

Background: the increasing prevalence of infertility worldwide necessitated studies to elucidate its etiology and to profer solutions. This study evaluated the effects of Super7 – a polyherbal antimalarial drug - on female Wister rats’ gonadotropin hormones. Methods: Phytochemical analysis and acute toxicity test of Super7 were done. The test animals were randomly allocated into six groups I-VI (n=7). Group I – III received 507.3 mg/kg, 1,014.6 mg/kg and 2,029.2 mg/kg body weight of Super7 respectively. Group IV, V and VI rats served as the general, positive and negative controls and received 5 ml/kg body weight of distilled water, 0.3 mg/kg body weight of Levonorgestrel, 50 mg/kg body weight of Clomiphene respectively. Treatments were administered daily for 30 days. Body weights, daily food and water intakes were measured. Both pre-treatment and post-treatment gondotropin hormonal assays were conducted. Anti oxidant properties were also tested. Results: The LD50 was > 5,000 mg/kg body weight with no signs of acute toxicity. Tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, cardiac glycosides, steroids and terpenoids were present while proteins were absent; flavonoids being the most abundant in Super7. Groups I - V had increases in body weights which were statistically significant (P < 0.05). Group VI had none statistically significant increase in body weights (P > 0.05). The test drug showed positive gonadotropin properties and good antioxidant potentials by increasing post treatment LH levels and mean superoxide dismuthase enzyme units respectively. Conclusion: Super7 has a pro-fertility effect that is comparable to that of Clomiphene.


Abstract The former Benishangul country historically is known to be from Sinnar to Birbir, Amfilo-to Galabat to border of Eritrea. Benishangul community are the border line community cosmologically are from both country of Ethiopia and Sudan. In this study neither Benishangul, Bartha, Tornasi and Watawit was a name of the ethnic group. Berta, Tornasi and Watawit seemed to be the name of clan with in funj-hamaj but Hamaj also is pejorative word toward some part of Funj. Benishangul is a territory where Tornasi, Funj, Bartha, Watawit and few Hamaj of Fasaqalu and of jebel Gule used to live. This community also are the community faced atrocity, discrimination since the imperial time of Menelik and was people who showed their desperately rival and confrontation since 1880 toward the emperor on Benishangul land accordingly. Finally, BPLM was born in 1976/7 after the demises of Aljebeha alwateniya due to Sudan government pressure. BPLM was the brand movement of Benishangul community with a clear scientific, modern and inclusive objective and strategy of the new progressive nation. Key words: -Benishangul people, BPLM struggle, country of asylum, founder fragmentation of rulers, identity question, political symbolism


ABSTRACT The retrospective data taken from Modjo veterinary clinic case registration book from September 2015 to April 2017 analyzed to determine the prevalence and seasonal distribution of animal disease that appear in Modjo veterinary clinic which serve as base line information on the major animal diseases in the areafor further studies and control and prevention of diseases in the area. Animal species, disease diagnosed and season it registered was the information collected from case registration book. A total of 5087 diseased animals (2102 Cattle, 1367 sheep, 380 goats, 630 horse, 198 donkeys, 184 Avian and 226 Canine) were registered. The major Cattle diseases identified were GIT parasites (19.4), Tick infestation (15.8), Bovine pasteurellosis(11.9), Pneumonia(9.13), Enteric disease(7.2), Pedicullosis (4.6) and LSD(3.7); Pneumonia (25.3), GIT parasites (12), Tick infestation (4.8), Ovine pasteurellosis(3.9) and Sheep & goat pox(3.4) in Sheep; Pneumonia (18.2), Enteritis(16.8), GIT parasites(15), PPR(7.6) and Tick infestation(4.2) in Goat; GIT parasites(32.1), Pneumonia(24.6), Wound(12.06) and Colic(6.2) in Horse; Pneumonia(27.3),GIT parasites(24.8),Colic(12.7), Strangles(5.6), Wound(5.6) and Tetanus(2.02) in Donkey; GIT parasites(23), Tick(19.9) and Enteric disease(19.5) in Dog and Fowl cholera(24.5), Salmonellosis(21.5), Fowl pox(21.2) and NCD(8.2)in Poultry. The analysis also indicated the seasonal variation of diseases registered. Accordingly, pneumonia(17.7), GIT parasites(17), Enteritis(8.6), tick(7.3), Lumpy skin disease(3.4), bloat(2.9), Pediculosis(2.6) and Sheep and Goat pox(1.7) in spring; GIT parasites(19.8), pneumonia(17.5), septicemia(14.9), enteritis(10.3), ovine pasteurellosis(1.7), Mange(2) and Acidosis(1.3) in winter; GIT parasites(17.7), Tick(15.4), Pneumonia(15.7), Bovine pasteurellosis(7.7), and Colic(1.7) in Autumn and GIT parasites(19.4), tick(12.2), Bovine pasteurellosis(7.6), Pediculosis(2.3) and Sheep & Goat pox(2.3) in Summer were the predominant diseases. This analysis demonstrates that diseases are among the most important constraints animal production leading to important economic lossesand attention should be given to control interventions, developing the knowledge of the farmer and further study on the prevalence of diseases and their effect on the livestock. Key words: Modjo, Animal diseases, Retrospective study, Prevalence, Season


ABSTRACT The important role of Mobile Money Transfer (MMT)) have been increasingly recognised in the creation of employment and poverty reduction in many developing countries. Mobile Money transfer has helped in creation of employment thereby, bettering the life of the agents. The main aim of the study was to assess the contributions of MMT services to the socioeconomic life of the agents. This study contributes to the ongoing debate on the subject by examining the positive impact of mobile money transfer to the agents. The analysis was conducted with 110 respondents, randomly selected from the population of MMT agents in Takoradi Central in Western Region of Ghana using questionnaires. This study indicates that Mobile Money Transfer business create employment, help agents to access better health care for their children, helps in prompt payment of their wards school fees and has also improved their income level. It was also revealed that M-Money transfer is convenient thereby, improving profit by luring customers to continually use the system and also highly populated area has more customers, leading to cash flow and improving profit. Again highly populated area also affects the amount of investment in the MMT business. Governments of today need to adopt policies to develop strategies to encourage the M-Money transaction which is faster and convenient in terms of transfer of money, either from person-to-person or from government-to-person. It can be opted by the government as a means of payment of salaries to the employees to cut down the expenses involved in using the formal banks. Agents who may not easily get access to finance must be assisted by the government so they can realise their dreams. M-Money has been identified as a tool for poverty reduction.

improvement of 33KV/11KV distribution network at Gboko, Buruku and Guma Agasha in Benue State, Nigeria []

The distribution system is arranged or configured based on the area served (rural, urban or suburban), the load level, reliability and extra equipment, the rural distribution configuration presents a radial structure and one transformer is sufficient to deliver electric power demanded by customers and the transformer is protected based on the rating of the transformer, this configuration consists of high voltage and medium voltage buses, the medium voltage bus is connected to the primary distribution line and over current relay is employed for the protection system. The 33KV/11KV distribution network at Gboko, Buruku and Guma-Agasha, Apir area in Makodi Local Government Area in Benue State, are faced with the following difficulties: Overloading of distribution transformers on the listed feeders (Gboko community 11KV feeder, Buruku community 11KV feeder and Guma-Agasha community 11KV feeder), Low voltage profile problem in 11kV network of these communities and Single line fault on the network. The result of Active Power, Reactive Power, Frequency Power Factor, Complex Power, Transformer Percentage Loading and current rating on each Transformer in 33KV/11KV distribution network at Gboko, Buruku and Guma-Agasha, Apir area in Makodi Local Government Area, Benue State, Nigeria was determined. Newton-Raphson method were used to determine the fault current and line impedance on the network, Microsoft Excel was used to justify the current while Electrical Transient analyzer program (ETAP) was used for the simulation. We recommend that transformer load tap changer should be used as optimization tool for the improvement of the voltage profile of the network since is cheaper compared to capacitor bank placement and the fault at Akaa-Kusugh should be clear or worked upon to avoid electrocution of persons or damage of appliances. The single line to ground fault at Akaa-Kusugh on the distribution network should be clear or worked upon to avoid electrocution of persons or damage of appliances. Transformer load tap changer should be used as optimization technique for the improvement of the voltage profile of the network.

Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Human Resources Management A study of IT Sector in Pakistan []

Abstract As the world is moving towards technology, many organization have already automated their processes while other are striving hard for undergoing the technological process for their functions and practices. Artificial Intelligence being one of the most advance element of the human resources management of corporations is facing major transformations and implications. In Pakistan, the concept of artificial intelligence is evolving with time. Hence, this study aims towards highlighting the importance of artificial intelligence along with the effects which play an important role in transformational process of human resources and how it effects the recruitment. This study has been conducted in the IT sector of Pakistan and it is based on quantitative method of research done with the assistance of research questionnaire. Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Human Resources Management, Recruitment.

Speaker Recognition with emotional speech []

In recent researches, emotional speaker recognition has emanated as an important challenging topic. Despite the fact that speaker recognition research has been ongoing for extra than four decades, the speaker recognition performance is effected by background noise, age, person health and emotional state of a speaker. I-vector is used in this study because it has been proved to be very efficient for its fixed length and low dimensions. Features are extracted using three techniques (MFCC, MFCC SDC, MFCC SDC + PNCC) and for channel/session compensation, Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) and Probabilistic Linear Discriminant Analysis (PLDA) are used. In the experiments, “CREMA-D” (Crowd-sourced Emotional Multimodal Actors Dataset) is used. Satisfying results are achieved using six different emotions.

Overview of glutathione in cancer []

Glutathione is considered as a major molecule that plays an essential role in the antioxidant defense system. The mechanism of chemotherapeutic agents are act based on oxidative stress to kill the cancer cell, so the antioxidant activity of glutathione is thought to be interfering with chemotherapeutic action. Cancer cells could use the glutathione in a dual role as a protective or pathogenic role based on oxidative stress status. In the current mini-review, we display how cancer cell benefits from glutathione as antioxidant molecule also we display the previous literature reviews which have demonstrated the linking between glutathione level and oxidative drugs resistance in cancer.

The Study on the contextual of Economic Political and Cultural services in South Southeast Asian Countries with special reference to particular merchant Guilds []

In maintaining long distance trade from east to west in the Indian Ocean the Bengal Ocean occupies an important role. Trading ships that travel with the monsoon must cross the Indian Ocean during the relevant period. Not only had the height of the sea level but also the high pressure zones directly affected such travel. However, the fact that the Bengal bay is centred on countries in Southeast Asia such as India, Sri Lanka and the demand for the raw material of the tropical zone must be taken into account. Somehow, traders began to live in ports in adjacent areas under such conditions. There is adequate evidence that the ports in Bengal have been used as a resting place and a place for exchange of goods in long distance trade activities. There was severe competition among rulers to secure authority over these regions and ports. State rulers had tried to derive maximum benefit from the port by establishing their authority over the relevant areas. There is evidence that trade activities in the interior were done by merchant guilds.


Abstract A concise, elegant, and purely complex variable method for solving harmonic Dirichlet problems of ideal fluid flows in domains whose boundaries have inconvenient geometries consisting of polygonal paths is presented. The method which is conformal based and uses the appropriately determined Schwarz-Christoffel map and then its inverse as mapping functions, was applied to a number of selected flow problems and their complex potentials determined and each flow characterized on the basis of it. More specifically, the stream function which is the imaginary part of the complex potential and solution of the flow problem was isolated and the streamlines of each flow generated to show the flow field and the flow pattern analyzed in terms of fluid speed by the spacing of the streamlines. The fluid velocity was also determined from the complex potential and the fluid speed was also shown to be in agreement with the streamline pattern. This method could therefore be a useful alternative choice to the powerful Fourier method in solving Laplace’s equation for two dimensional flows whose boundaries consist of straight line segments. Keywords and Phrases: Conformal Map, Schwarz-Christoffel Map, Analytic Function, Branch of a Multiple Valued Function, Inviscid, Incompressible.


ABSTRACT The study sought to establish the influence of sustainable procurement practices on the performance of procurement in food and beverages manufacturing firms in Nairobi County, Kenya. Four specific objectives guided this study, namely: to establish the influence of reverse logistics, green specification, green inventory management and green tendering on the performance of procurement in food and beverages manufacturing firms in Nairobi County. The study was grounded on organization theory, system theory, legitimacy theory and stakeholder theory. The study used descriptive cross-sectional survey research design to survey one hundred and eight firms sampled stratifically from two hundred and seventeen food and beverage manufacturing firms registered members of Kenya Association of Manufacturers under Nairobi County. Procurement managers were used as the unit of observation. A structured questionnaire was used to collect primary data. The questionnaires were self- administered with assistance from the research assistants. The study used descriptive statistics such as standard deviation, medium and mean to describe data while multiple regression model was used to test the hypothesised model. The data analysis was facilitated by Statistical Packages for Social Science (SPSS) version 20. The findings were presented on tables and figures. The study revealed that reverse logistics, green specification, green inventory management and green tendering are practiced across the manufacturing firms across Nairobi County. Importantly, the study established that the four sustainable procurement practices (reverse logistics, green specification, green inventory management and green tendering) significantly positively affect procurement performance through reduction of cost, clean environment and increased quality of supplies. Therefore the study concludes that sustainable procurement significantly increase procurement performance with the ultimate positive impact on firm performance. The study therefore recommends that manufacturing firms should institutionalise sustainable procurement practices through formulation and implementing of green procurement policies and procedures in order to manage their operational costs, comply with environmental regulatory authority requirements and increase quality of supplies. Secondly, management should proactively sensitise the general employees on befits of sustainable practices and specifically in regard to procurement function in order to create green culture with consequential performance benefits. Further, the government should take a deliberate step through policy interventions to encourage firms to green their operations as a way of preserving the environment and sustainably manage the natural resources to support future needs of the populace. Finally, the study recommends that a further study should incorporate service industry in order to compare and bring out a global view.

Socio-economic importance of waterfront development in port harcourt []

Abstract Waterfront properties are major revenue earners in many parts of the world. Apart from high property values they command for the property owners, they provide revenue for the government and serve as a source of enjoyment, recreation and tourism when open to the public. Along the Port Harcourt water fronts; this is currently not the case as the waterfront has degenerated into a slum with non-distinctive housing, mainly shanties at various points, wood preservation, markets and commercial fishing activities. Growing statistics show that waterfronts have huge potentials of financial gains. In the study area this potential lies hugely unexploited and grossly under-utilized thereby wasting the area's natural recreational resources. This research examines the situation along the Port Harcourt waterfronts; identify problems causing lack of development of the waterfront for recreation and tourism, and proffer solutions that will enable policy makers in government and the private sector to improve the area. The studies identified the problems, causes, socioeconomic importance and recommends urban renewal and landscape architectural interventions to engineer the desired change necessary to transform the area thus making it more amenable to higher property values, maximize the use of the land and encourage recreation / tourism to the existing waterfront. Among the problems identified, as they affect the waterfront, include: very high population density, lack of planning and infrastructure, especially functional water transport, properly designed relaxation and passive leisure areas, lack of security and non-availability of on-site recreational/entertainment facilities. The outcome of the research will be of benefit toThe outcome of the research will be of benefit to property owners in the area, architects, landscape architects, resort managers, tourists, visitors, industry practitioners, policy makers and other stakeholders in determining appropriate facilities in order to create very functionally attractive Port Harcourt waterfronts for recreation and tourism. Key Words: Socioeconomic, Waterfront, Development, Infrastructure, Importance

The Effect of Addition Nilem Fish Protein Concentrate on Kembang Goyang Traditional Cake Preffered Level []

This research aims to determine the best concentration of nilem fish protein concentrate concentration so as to obtain the most preferred kembang goyang product. This research was carried out in July to November 2020 at the Fishery Processing Technology Laboratorium, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Universitas Padjadjaran. The research method used an experimental with 4 treatments the addition of nilem fish protein concentrate, namely 0%, 2.5%, 5% and 7.5% and 20 panelists as a repeat. The parameters observed in this research are organoleptic characteristics which include color, aroma, texture and taste. Based on the research results, all treatments favored by the panelists but 5% treatment has an alternative value higher than other treatments that is equal to 7.49.


This research aims to determine the concentration of addition bonylip barb protein concentrate on wet noodles to produce the most preferred product. This research was conducted form July to August 2019 at the Laboratorium Pengolahan Hasil Perikanan Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Universitas Padjadjaran. The method used was experimental consisting of four treatments, namely the addition of bonylip barb protein concentrate 0%, 2.5%, 5%, 7.5% with 20 semi-trained panelists as replicates. Based on the results of the research, the panelists' preference test on color, aroma, texture and taste in the control treatment (0%) to 7.5% is still preferred by the panelists. The treatment of adding 5% bonylip barb protein concentrate is preferred compared to other treatments and has a higher alternative value of 7.00.


According to current evidence, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is a global phenomenon by which large number of pregnant women have to suffer through adverse medical conditions in their gestational age include poor blood glucose levels in their blood and un- con-trolled hypertension making them prone to pre- eclampsia; both of these diseases are contributing towards threatening the health of the fetus throughout their pregnancy. This study demonstrates the impact measured by a pilot study in Pakistan towards addressing GDM eliminating the risk of morbidity and mortality by establishing a patient-centric remote healthcare model called RAH@H (Remotely Acces-sible Healthcare at Home). This involve integrating Information and Communication Technological aspects for remote monitoring and treatment of gestational diabetes and hypertension in pregnant women via project-provided digital medical devices at home for a safe and secure delivery; thus, promoting a sustainable perinatal period while improving the quality of fetus health and life of a mother.


This article explores the beginning and expansion of the Catholic Christianity in Wolaita and its contribution to the well-being of the Wolaita society. The study examines the introduction of the faith to Wolaita and its expansion to the whole areas of Wolaita zone through gospel preaching and socio-economic activities. The article presents that the introduction of the faith is related with the effort of Capuchin missionaries from Canada and Italy, Marche Province and local Wolaita individual believers and ministers. Since the introduction of the religion, the Church has involved in many development works and has played significant role for the improvement of the life of mainly the poor people throughout the Wolaita zone. To analyze the introduction, expansion and its contribution for the development of the society, the researchers have consulted documents, written sources and information gathered through deep interview from knowledgeable informants and stakeholders. Finally, the primary and secondary sources gathered through the above tools have been analyzed systematically and interpreted using historical data analysis method of content analysis and descriptive techniques.

Project schedule and productivity among telecommunication firms in Nigeria []

Project schedule is the collection of tasks, activities, duration, start dates, end dates and resources needed for the execution of projects among telecommunication firms. Projects implementation among telecommunication firms have been challenged with the productivity of employees and also project schedule management. Most telecommunication firms have recorded poor first mover advantage, competitiveness and market dominance. The study therefore examined the effect of project schedule on productivity of selected telecommunication firms in Nigeria. Cross-sectional survey research design was employed in this study. The population was ninety-four (94) project employees of the information systems (IS) department of three selected telecommunication firms. Total enumeration sampling technique was used for the study. A questionnaire was constructed, validated and administered to the respondents to collect primary data. A reliability test of the questionnaire was achieved with Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficients for the constructs and it ranged between 0.814 and 0.909. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyse the data. Data analysis of the study revealed that project schedule had a positive and significant effect on productivity (R2 = 0.060, β = 0.145, t = 2.140, p<0.05). The study concluded that project schedule affect productivity of telecommunication firm. The study recommended that the management of telecommunication firms should ensure proper project planning, avoidance of concurrent multiple projects implementation and improved project managers’ management style are needed for improved employee productivity during projects implementation among telecommunication firms.


The study investigated smart agripreneurship and farm yield in Nigeria. Survey research design was adopted and both stratified and simple random sampling methods were adopted. Duly registered agripreneurs in South-West Nigeria were selected, constituting the population of 2557. Adopted questionnaire was used to source primary data from a sample size of 558 agripreneurs. The multiple regression analysis demonstrated that the effect of drone agriculture, geo-mapping, greenhouse farming, hydroponics, and soil analysis on farm yield in Nigeria is positive and significant (Adj. R2 = 0.619 F (6, 551) = 151.798 p=0.000). The study concluded that climate friendly smart farming by agribusinesses is a crucial determinant for high farm yield in Nigeria. The study recommends that agripreneurs should focus more on hydroponics, geo-mapping and soil analysis than greenhouse farming and drone agriculture so as to experience high farm yield.