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Study of some heavy metals and the pH assay in walnuts found in four different locations in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria []

AbstractThe analysis of lead (Pb), lron (Fe), and PH in walnuts were carried out in four different locations which includes Rumuokoro, Rumuokwuta, mile 3 and Aba road, the lead, iron and nickel concentrations were analysed using atomic ab-sorption spectrophotometer. (AAS) while the PH of the samples were analysed using a ph meter . the results obtained showed wide variations of concentra-tions of heavy metals present which includes lead (5.38mg), iron, (0.168mg) for rumuokoro, for rumuokwuta lead,(6.38mg). iron.(1.168mg) , for aba road, lead,(4.38). iron,(1.138mg) and mile 3 to borikiri axis,lead (6.30mg),iron (1.130mg) the level of lead in the four different locations were high compared to the World Health Organisation recommendation which is about 0.005mg this was actually attributed to the industrial activities taking place in these are-as, and this may result to some health risks like cancer, asthma, hyperten-tion,etc if the walnuts sold in these areas are excessively consumed, however, the PH result obtained for the four different locations were 5.80,,5.60 and 5.80 respectively, this revealed that the cooked walnuts are quite acidic and may be due to the sources of water used.Keywords: walnuts, Iron, Lead, atomic absorption spectrophotometer etc.


This study is designed to investigate the relationship between Social Intelligence and Workplace Harmony in the Rivers State Health Sector. A cross sectional study approach was adopted to cover only senior employees of the Hospitals and health centres. The population of the study comprises of all the employees in selected hospitals in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and to achieve the study objectives, recognize hospitals within Port Harcourt, Rivers State with easy proximity was selected. Because of high level of employees found in the sector, 25 employees were selected from ten outstanding hospitals in Port Harcourt, making a total of 248 employees. A total of 152 employees were sampled using the Krejcie and Morgan Determination Table. The hypotheses of the study were tested and analysed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), version 20. Findings revealed that, the dimension of the predictor variable social intelligence; impression management, self-awareness, social relationship and grievance management have a significant relationship between the measure of the criterion variable workplace harmony; less grievances and employee bonding. The moderating variables of leadership and organizational climate also moderate the relationship between social intelligence and workplace harmony of hospitals in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Therefore, we recommended that thoughtfulness and adherence should be geared towards implementing the dimension listed and discussed in this study as it enhances effective workplace harmony.


The purpose of this research is to identify the suitability of the gross tonnage (GT) of fishing vessels in the document through re-measurement of the physical check of the vessel and to calculate and compare the gross tonnage (GT) of fishing vessels with the formula of the Directorate General of Sea Transportation 2002 with Nomura and Yamazaki 1977 formula. The research objects is fishing vessels measuring >20 GT in Palabuhanratu Fishing Port which were leaning from August to December 2019. The vessels which are the object of research are 24 longline vessels and one of gillnet vessel. This research was analyzed in a comparative descriptive manner using data from re-measurement results and their suitability compared to fishing vessel documents. The re-measurement results show that as many as 88% of longline vessels in Palabuhanratu Fishing Port proven to practice markdown, while 100% of the gillnet vessels practice markdown too. The difference in the results of the GT calculation is based on Directorate General of Sea Transportation 2002 with Nomura and Yamazaki 1977 on the longline vessel and gillnet vessels with an average of 10 GT. The difference in the calculation of GT will be detrimental to the government and vessel owners such as Non-Tax State Revenue that are not following the conditions in the field when there is assistance from the government and when the vessel owner submits insurance and makes loans with the vessel as collateral.

Examining Teachers’ Job Satisfaction at Aksum University from the Perspectives of Herzberg’s Two Factors Theory []

The purpose of this study was to examine teachers’ job satisfaction at Aksum University from the perspectives of Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory. Descriptive survey research design was employed. The size of the population was 833. Of these, 360 teachers were selected as a sample using purposive and simple random sampling techniques. The result of standard regression indicated that 6.5 of teachers’ job satisfaction was predicted by hygiene factors with significant model at F (7,352) = 3.476, p<0.05. But, 7.1 % teachers’ job satisfaction was explained by the combination of motivation factors at significant model with F (6,353) = 4.476, p<0.05. The result of stepwise regression indicated that 6.2 % of teachers’ job satisfaction was predicted by recognition and possibility of growth with a significant model at F (2, 357) = 17.513, p<0.05. The result of step wise regression showed that motivation factors were more contributed to teachers’ job satisfaction than hygiene factors. The result of MANOVA indicated that teachers were not differed in their satisfaction with respect to hygiene and motivation factors due to sex while they were differed in qualification and experience. Thus, the result of Univariate test also indicated that hygiene factors discriminate teachers in their job satisfaction across qualification and experience. Therefore, the findings of this study were partially supported the assumptions of Herzberg’s two factors theory due to the fact that teachers were partially satisfied with both hygiene and motivation factors. Thus, educational leaders need to design incentive strategies based on the context of the workplace.

Outsourcing Strategies and Performance of Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) in Nigeria []

ABSTRACT This study examines the effect of outsourcing strategies on the performance in Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) in Nigeria. The study specifically examines the effect of three outsourcing strategies (contracting, comprehensive and selective strategy) on profitability and operational efficiency of deposit money banks in Nigeria. Structured questionnaire was used as the instrument for collection of primary data. A sample size of 261 was determined from a population of 752 employees of four deposit money banks in Nigeria (First Bank of Nigeria Plc, United Bank for Africa Plc, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc and Zenith Bank Plc) Validity and reliability of instrument were determined using Cronbach Alpha and Factor Analysis respectively. Descriptive statistical tools such as table and simple percentages were used for data presentation while multiple regression analysis was used to determine the effect of the independent variables on the dependent variables. Results of tested hypotheses revealed that all the dimensions of outsourcing strategies (contracting, comprehensive and selective strategy) have positive significant effect on performance on deposit money banks in Nigeria. The study concluded that outsourcing as a strategy has become a useful weapon for corporate organizations most especially the banking industry where there is stiff competition. The study recommends among others that managers of deposit money banks in Nigeria should ensure that banks continue to benefit from the positive significant effect through selective outsourcing of functions as it contribute more to the profitability level and operational efficiency in the banking industry.

Comparative Study Between Students Automatically Promoted and Students Meritoriously Promoted in Secondary Schools in the South West and North West Regions of Cameroon. []

This study was aimed to investigate the comparative analysis between students automatically promoted and students meritoriously promoted in secondary schools in the South West and North West regions of Cameroon. The research design used for this study was the descriptive survey. Data was collected at different level. Secondary data and thematic analysis data. The target population was made up of public, private, lay private secondary school students. The purposive homogenous sampling technique was used to acquire a sample size which consisted of 300 students. The data collected were analyzed based on different research hypotheses. The data were analyzed quantitatively with the use of descriptive statistics (bar charts, frequencies, means and percentages) and Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation. The Pearson chi square (goodness of fit test) was used to measure significant differences. Although the students in both placements were positive about their educational experiences, the results of the findings revealed that students meritoriously promoted performed better during Cameroon public examinations than students with records of automatic or compensatory promotions. It was revealed that, there is a significant difference in the level of performance and mode of promotion between students with merited promotion and students with automatic promotion. From the findings, recommendations were made which will serves as the basis for possible review and adjustment of social and educational polices and facilities.


This study was designed to investigate Postgraduate students’ use of Computer -Based Technology (CBT) and the effectiveness of their research process. The objectives that were used for the study were to investigate the effect of availability of CBT resources, to investigate the effect of Accessibility of CBT resource, to find out the Postgraduate student basic skills and the frequent use of CBT resources on the effectiveness of the research process. The sample size was 320 postgraduate students selected from three Faculties in the University of Buea. The questionnaire and interview guide were used to obtain information from correspondents and data were analyzed using Pearson product moment correlation (PPMC) also Statistical Package for social studies (SPSS) The following results were obtained; postgraduate that make more use of CBT resources has a higher positive effect on such students than on students who make less used of CBT resources, also the availability, CBT skills and the frequent usage of CBT resources has a positive effect on postgraduate students on their research process while accessibility has a negative effect on postgraduate students use of CBT resources on their research process


The purpose of this study is to determine the consumer perception on preferred brand of processed cheese. Specifically, to investigate the perception towards the attractiveness, quality, taste, durability on preferred brand of processed cheese. Components like brand, shape, packaging material, weight, shop where consumers purchase processed cheese were also considered for finding the opinion differences among the consumers. Data were collected through questionnaire from 400 individuals. The study found a significant difference in consumers opinion on quality, taste of processed cheese among age category, income level, shape of cheese, packaging material, weight of cheese and shop where consumers purchased. It is observed that, there was a strong positive relationship between quality and taste of processed cheese for both male and female.


Agripreneurship is a new concept in the fields of agriculture and entrepreneurship. Graduates in Nigeria need to develop skills that will enable them to develop the insight needed to identify and explore viable agricultural business opportunity in Nigeria, gather resources, establish and manage their own agribusiness successfully. Therefore, it is important to have an effective curriculum that focuses on programmes and training of students to increase graduates’ participation in agripreneurship for employment creation. Social innovation, proxied by educational innovation, entrepreneurship education, digital innovation and agricultural innovation, has not been adequately exploited in the training of undergraduates in Nigerian universities and polytechnics. Thus, this study investigated the effect of social innovation dimensions on graduate agripreneurship in Nigeria. The target population comprised 36,494 youth corps members from six selected states in Nigeria. The calculated sample size of 533 was proportionately selected using the snowball sampling technique. A validated questionnaire was administered to collect data. Data collected were analysed using multiple linear regression. Results of the analysis revealed that there is a positive and significant effect of social innovation dimensions on graduate agripreneurship in Nigeria (Adj.R2 = 0.347, F (4, 510) = 69.130, p < 0.05), educational innovation (β = 0.222, t = 3.926, p = 0.001) and agricultural innovation (β = 0.543, t = 12.961, p = 0.001) have a positive and significant effect on graduate agripreneurship, while entrepreneurship education (β = -0.077, t = -1.477, p = 0.140) and digital innovation (β = -0.044, t = -0.775, p = 0.439) have a negative and insignificant effect on graduate agripreneurship in Nigeria. Hence, the study recommended that government should support, finance, develop policies and reform the school curriculum via social innovation to stimulate agripreneurship culture amongst undergraduates by organizing basic agribusiness training and exposing them to agricultural development programs to foster their interest in agribusiness.


In the recent past, the environment, in both developing and developed countries has witnessed degradation due to persistent pollutants. The pollutants affect the ecosystem and human health. A study was conducted to assess the levels of contaminants in wastewater from paint manufacturing industries in Nairobi’s industrial area in Nairobi County. The effluents were analysed for conductivity, pH, oil and grease, total suspended solids (TSS), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), total phosphorus, total nitrogen, total sulphur and heavy metals (Cadmium, Lead and Chromium). The results revealed that the pH ranged between 6.48 - 6.89, oil and grease 3525.00- 6374.33 mg/L, TSS 6382.3-7395.33 mg/L, COD 916.77-1881.20 mg/L, total phosphorus 145.00-149.32 mg/L, total nitrogen 1586.67-4442.67 mg/L, total sulphur 72.62-73.41 mg/L. Heavy metal concentrations were 3.03- 4.18 mg/L, 2.07-3.04 mg/L and 5.38-17.21 mg/L for cadmium, chromium and lead respectively. The heavy metal levels were above the regulatory set levels by the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) in Kenya for effluents. These high levels of contaminants in the effluents, without proper treatment, end up to the environment causing its degradation and impacting human health. This necessitates proper legislation and enforcement to protect the environment.

Experiences, Benefits,Challenges and Implications of Woman to Woman Marriage in an African Society []

ABSTRACT This paper presents findings of a study among the Akamba Community in the eastern region of Kenya. The aim of the study was to examine the impetus, gains and challenges associated with woman to woman marriage in the face of modernity. Ten women and ten children (five sons and five daughters) were identified through snow ball sampling procedure. Data was collected using a questionnaire. The data was then analyzed and presented both quantitatively and descriptively. It was found that woman to woman marriages commonly practised because it offers a solution to women without sons. Woman to woman marriage also offered resources and a home to women who had ‘fatherless’ and homeless children. Despite the gains, the study found out that female wives and their children experienced several challenges such as:sexual abuse, stigmatization, discrimination and rejection among others.Such experiences made the children to prefer heterosexual marriages. The study concluded that, since there is no permanent cure for lack of sons ’woman to woman marriage is bound to persist amidst all the challenges. Key words: Africa, Akamba, Children, female Husband, female Wife, Kenya male Lovers, Woman to Woman Marriage

Red Tilapia’s Bone Flour Fortification as A Source of Calcium on Dry Choux Pastry Preference Level []

This research aimed to determine the percentage of the addition of red tilapia's bone flour on dry choux pastry preference level. This research was carried out from October - January 2020 in the Laboratory of Fishery Products Processing Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science Unpad, Laboratory Testing Service, Faculty of Agricultural Industry Technology Unpad, and Laboratory Chemical Applications and Services - PPBS Chemistry Department Unpad. The method used is an experimental method with four treatments adding red tilapia bone flour based on the amount of flour, which is 0%; 7,5%; 10% and 12,5% with the parameters of the observation of the test of preference (appearance, aroma, texture, and taste). The results showed that the treatment of adding 10% red tilapia bone flour was most preferred compared to other treatments based on the test which Bayes had a higher alternative value of 7,64 with the calcium content of 0,486%, the water content of 2,46%, the protein content of 10,04%, ash content 5,01%, fat content 42,91% and hardness 1161,81 gf.

Book Review on Timothy Longman (2010) Christianity and Genocide in Rwanda, New York, Cambridge University Press. 359 Pages []

Professor Timothy Longhman is a specialist in Political Science and Director of African Studies Centre at Boston University. He is recognised for a high reputation of teaching in various Universities globally, a Human Rights Researcher at the Center Fellow in California, Berkeley and Social Construction in Post-Rwanda Genocide. The Author starts by introducing Rwanda as one of the most Christian countries in Africa. He cites the church to have played a pivotal role in instigating and construction of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Church buildings were key state planning and military killing grounds of innocent Christians and citizens. The church leaders allied with the state government officials in playing ethnic politics against the Tutsi, Hutu and Twa tribes of Rwanda as well as time setting traps to massacre Christians hence exposing failures of the church in Rwanda of God’s decree of guarding the flock.

The Heresy of Arianism in contemporary scholarship []

The idea and talk about God the Father, God the Son, and the relationship between them has gone beyond one religious leader or tradition claiming totality of revelation or knowledge. In fact, from the analogy of the visit of the six blind men to an elephant, and their consequent diverse descriptions of same elephant, revealed the fact that all creations are ‘blind’ to the absolute comprehension of the Ultimate Reality who manifests Himself to whoever He wills. The consequences of our inability to keep in check our religious biases and inclinations are wide and obvious. This paper titled “Arianism: A Christological controversy of the Early Church”, is thus, a survey of theological controversy of the early church. The paper examined the teachings of Arius which threw the early church into a new theological era. The paper which also delved into the prevailing christologies of the time of Arius, adopted a literal, descriptive, and historical research methods, revealed, among other things, that Arianism threatened the unity and peace of the church, and by extension the Roman empire; the teaching equally re-awakened the radical Origenistic viewpoint of Surbordinationism or Adoptionism which reduced the Son to a secondary deity or a demi-god. The paper concluded by recommending a synergy or co-operation of the State and Church in enhancing peaceful co-existence in the society. Key words: Arianism, Arius, Heresy, Historical Jesus, Theological Doctrines

Survey of tuberculosis patients cases in Quefia Chest Hospital in Benghazi, Libya between 2010-2018 []

Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious disease and caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Although this disease is almost rare in developed countries, many developing countries, including Libya, still suffer from it. The main purpose of this study is to highlight the riskiness of the disease, and to identify it to improve the early diagnosis and prevention methods. In addition to seeking cooperate with the World Health Organization to assist reduce, and even eliminate the disease. In this research, data for patients with TB were collected in the period between 2010 and 2018 from the Department of Statistics of Quefia Chest Hospital in Benghazi. These data were analyzed statistically according to several factors include gender, age, nationality, region and hospitalization period. Total number of TB patients is 1778 cases. The recorded cases of TB are varied between the lung and other parts of the body, for instance, lymph nodes, bones and the brain. A number of cases have been identified with various diseases associated with TB such as Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), diabetes and the hepatitis. There are signs that emerged from this research regarding the influence of depression on some TB patients, which appeared in the proportion of the injured, whether, fleeing the hospital or who left it on their personal responsibility.


Improvement of the dynamic response of generators, within a power system, when subjected to various disturbances, has been a major challenge to power system researchers and engineers for the past decades. This work presents the application of intelligent Voltage Source Converter – High Voltage Direct Current (VSC-HVDC) for improvement of the transient stability of the Nigerian 330kV transmission system. The Nigerian 330kV transmission system was modelled in PSAT environment and the system load flow was simulated. The eigenvalue analysis of the system buses was performed to determine the critical buses. A balanced three-phase fault was then applied to some of these critical buses and lines of the transmission network in other establish the existing/current transient stability situation of the grid through the observation of the dynamic responses of the generators in the Nigeria 330-kV grid/network when the fault was applied. This shows clearly that one of the most critical buses is Makurdi bus and critical transmission line which is Jos – Makurdi Transmission line within the network. The load flow analysis also revealed that the system loses synchronism when the balanced three-phase fault was applied to these identified critical buses and lines. This implies that the Nigeria 330-kV transmission network is on a red-alert, and requires urgent control measures with the aim of enhancing the stability margin of the network to avoid system collapse. To this effect, VSC-HVDC was installed along to those critical lines. The inverter and the converter parameters of the HVDC were controlled by the proportional integral (PI) method. The generalized swing equations for a multi-machine power system are presented. MATLAB/PSAT software was employed as the tool for the simulations. Also when compared with the results of other similar, there is about 28.57% transient stability improvement.

A New Look To The Universe []

A New Look To The Universe Magdy M. Khalil Studying the theories concerning with the Big Bang as a center group stars found in most Spiral Galaxies in the form of central compact mass or massive Black Hole, the Bulge in the center of some Galaxies, The Gravitational effect of unknown dark matter, the Dark Energy which is unknown form of energy affect the universe and the cosmological constant (filling space homogeneously). It is clear that: a) After the Big Bang the Universe contain a Central Universal Super Mass. This mass may be a highly compacted central Universal Super Mass, Black Hole, or may be another unknown form of matter. This Central Universal Super Mass causes the Gravitational effect surrounding Galaxies and controlling its movement in the Universe. b) Inside Galaxies, Stars moving in spiral form around the Bulge. Galaxies in the Universe must move in the same form of movement around the Central Universal Super Mass. And thus they move outward in a spiral form. c) The movement of Electromagnetic waves in the Universe is spiral (following the same path of Galaxies and stars). And thus the calculated age of stars and Galaxies is true but the distance to stars and Galaxies may be not true> Magdy M. Khalil, professor in the Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Damietta University, Egypt.

Design and Performance Analysis of Small-Scale Milk Chiller by Using PV System []

Photovoltaic powered refrigerators are a new technology for chilling milk in remote areas of developing countries. This thesis project primarily aims at design and analyzing the performance of small-scale milk chiller using PV for cooling 50 liters of milk from 33oc to 4oc within four hours of time. Preserving perishable goods primarily milk as soon as they are harvested is the main concern for the farmers in the rural areas of Ethiopia due to lack of cold storage facilities and absence of electricity supply. To supply ample facilities in the rural areas of the country this project is aimed to provide cold storage facilities incorporating renewable energy (Solar energy) and batteries; it will give a total off grid solution to the problem of storing perishable goods and ensure food security. The designing system of the cold storage consists of solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels, batteries, charge controller, freezer and a DC compressor. The DC compressor, which is replaced by the AC compressor in the freezer, is the most vital component of the system as it runs the freezer taking DC output from the PV panels. The power supplied from the PV panels simultaneously runs the DC compressor and charges the batteries through the charge controller. The batteries give backup and run the DC compressor at night in nonappearance of the sun. In doing this, it’s used the weather data for estimating the annual performance of the system is average meteorological year data for Semera region. The electrical characteristics, programming algorithm and MAT-LAB code based on the manufacturer’s data and hourly converted data has been developed. The optimum tilt angle is calculated for both summer and winter season is used and a MAT-LAB code is used for variation of hourly angle as well as declination angle. The PV system also employs a battery of 24V, 360Ah for two day autonomy and Outback FLEXmax30/ 40 series (MPPT) charge controller. In general the system has the complete solution for supplying cold storage facilities in off grid areas and gives an environment friendly solution of the storage problem.

Performance Appraisal: Input for Employee Productivity in the News Agency of Nigeria []

The study sought to determine the relationship between employee performance appraisal and employees’ productivity of the News Agency of Nigeria, Abuja. The study objectives were to examine the contribution of employee performance appraisal on the employees’ productivity, the employee performance appraisal techniques in use, and also the level of effectiveness of employee performance appraisal system employed by the News Agency of Nigeria. TA structured questionnaire was used to collect primary data from an employee of the News Agency of Nigeria and relevant literatures were also studied about topics related to this research. 217 questionnaires were distributed for the collection of data, however, 193 were used for the data analysis. Data were analysed and discussed using inferential statistical tools (Pearson Correlation). The Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, r is 0.362 and a significant level, p of 0.048, this result showed that there was a positive significant relationship between performance appraisal and employee productivity in the News Agency of Nigeria and also the adoption of results gotten from the performance appraisal and implementation would improve their communication skills, employee enhancement, positive attitude to work, confidence, and effectiveness on the job function. Based on this, the researcher recommends that the management of the News Agency of Nigeria should invest more good and quality time in implementing and taking necessary actions on all the information given from employees’ appraisal, so as to improve the competitive advantage because if the employees are assured of their appraisal being treated with utmost seriousness and sincerity and good feedback system, the employee productivity would increase and vice versa.

The Proximate Composition of Fish Flavor Stick []

ABSTRACT This study aims to determine the proximate composition of fish flavor sticks. This research was conducted from February to March 2020 in the application of Laboratory chemistry and services from the mathematics and science faculties of Padjadjaran University. The method used in this research is descriptive . Observations were made on water content, ash content, protein content, and fat content of the sticks. Based on the results of the study, it was found that fish flavored sticks had a water content of 0.21%, ash content of 2.53%, protein content of 8.33% and fat content of 28.93%.


In this article, the author researches Chinese experience of promoting export, areas of state regulation of exports, support for local producers and export support and developed proposals for export promotion in Uzbekistan. Comparative analysis of the economic development of the People’s Republic of China, its impact on international trade and the system of state promotion for exports between Uzbekistan and China, the main problems in the development of the export support system of Uzbekistan and exports promotion in Uzbekistan by exploring the possibilities of using the Chinese experience in the development of the export promotion system.

Assessing Globalization of International Trade: Effects on Ghana’s Agriculture sector Growth. []

Abstract This paper examines the people ideas on globalization of trade effect on agriculture sector growth on the Ghana’s economy. Many researchers suggest that the "globalization" of the international trade on the economy has changed the behavior of inflation and trading on an economy. This study was conducted to assess this idea that has globalization of international trade brought effectiveness on Ghana’s economy, has it brought effect on the economy of Ghana, and has it contributed to the growth of GDP on Ghana’s economy. This hypothesis was analyzed with the use of regression, A NOVA and T-test to investigate 400 sample populations. The findings revealed that there is positive relationship between trade globalization and its effect on the agricultural sector as well as the economy of Ghana. Keywords: Employment; globalization; Agriculture; GDP; Inflation and International trade


The norm of knowledge management (KM) procedures on construction activities can accumulate advantages, it enhances execution and constant change, yet many projects are still not using KM completely and are hence anguished with wasteful aspects, reiteration of slip-ups and absence of lessons learnt. Poor abilities, design changes, mistakes and exclusions add to the interior disappointment cost component of the Cost of Poor Quality. Delay while the resultant impact of customer disappointment contributes to the outside disappointment cost. Delay is predominant in construction conspires and could be more in specific cases. The study meant to explore the degree of the impact KM has in decreasing delay and utilized a quantitative techniques approach. Inside and out meetings were led with several development industry specialists on KM over the Nigeria construction project, followed-up by a poll study of 106 respondents. The information got were broke down utilizing topical investigation and engaging insights individually. It was discovered that KM had a positive impact in reducing delay especially in the area of knowledge exchange through apprenticeships and tutoring. This infers the significance of dealing with the tacit knowledge of employees through 'socialization' activities. This study adds to the current collection of knowledge by giving a KM system to reduce delay on construction projects. Keywords: Construction Project, Reduce delay, Impact of Knowledge Management, Quality Management


Zea. mays are widely consumed world over, especially in the tropical regions of the world. Owing to its several nutritional and industrial benefits and the menace of crude oil pollution to the cultivation of maize (especially for oil-rich Nigeria), this study was conducted to investigate the toxicological implications of crude oil pollution on the morphological growth and heavy metal content of the crop. Following a completely randomized design, maize seeds planted in bags were treated with different concentrations (0ml, 100ml, 200ml, 300ml and 400ml) of crude oil and the morphological parameters (height of plant, number of leaves and dry weight) and heavy metal (Pb and Ni) content were observed, and statistically analyzed (ANOVA and OCTA). Results showed a significant depression (observable by the negative values of the OCTA indices) of the morphological growth parameters and a concomitant increase in the heavy metal (Pb and Ni) content with increase in the amount of pollutant. This therefore suggests that crude oil pollution has certain toxicological implications on the growth of Z. mays, bothering on water and oxygen stress conditions that trigger a hyper-accumulation of heavy metals, as a physiological response to initiate a physiological gradient as a counter measure. The toxicity of crude oil pollution to Z. mays does not only affect the economic returns of the farmer, but also the general health of the consumers of such plants, as the increase in heavy metal content within the plant tissue could bio-magnify in the food chain and thus leading to heavy metal poisoning. Hence, Z. mays should not be planted on sites, or proximal to sites, exposed to crude oil and/or heavy metal pollution. Key words: Crude oi, pollution, heavy metals, maize, pots Corresponding Author: Ochekwu, E.B, (edache.ochekwu@uniport.edu.ng, edacheb@gmail.com)


The process demonstrates a method of generating a 3D model using depth and color information of real-object using our proposed algorithm. The primary idea of the method is to manipulate extracting of RGB and depth data from the 2D colored picture of that object and abstracting them within arrays to plot in three-dimensional frames to generate the 3D colored model of the real-object. The proposed system comprises of 3 phases. The phases include acquisition of color and depth information of real objects, extraction, and abstraction of RGB and depth data, generating a 3D model using our proposed algorithm method. Whereas, our proposed algorithm focuses on creating several 1D arrays for depth as well as the color data meaning Red, Green, Blue pixel values separately. By mapping the depth values accordingly pixel-wise 3D black and white models can be created where the background is also included. By limiting the depth values according to the position of the object the background can also be removed to construct the focused object's 3D model. Furthermore, our algorithm maps the RGB arrays in the black and white models to add proper colors pixel-wise. As a result, the colorful RGB 3D model can be achieved. Lastly, we implement or approach on three different case scenarios to evaluate the efficiency of the approach.

A Case Study: Pancreatic tuberculosis mimicking a malignant tumor []

La tuberculose pancréatique est une entité clinique rare même dans les pays à forte prévalence de tuberculose, les causes exactes sont encore inconnues. Nous rapportons un cas de tuberculose pancréatique, chez un homme de 22 ans se présentant pour des douleurs épigastriques. L’échographie abdominale et la tomodensitométrie étaient en faveur d’une tumeur pancréatique. Le diagnostic de tuberculose pancréatique a été porté grâce à des biopsies pancréatiques et prélèvement d’adénopathies. L’évolution était favorable sous traitement spécifique (antituberculeux). La tuberculose pancréatique devrait être évoquée devant une masse pancréatique en pays d’endémie, la biopsie écho ou scanno-guidée devrait éviter des laparotomies inutiles.


This study examined the significant impact of both financial and non-financial variables on performance of Oando Group Nigeria Plc. Specifically, the study examined the relationship between financial variables (Profit before tax, Profit after tax, Share capital and Share price) on the performance of the organisation. The relationships between Non-Financial variables (Scholarship, Educational endowment, Orphanage, Sponsorship, Donations Renovations, Claims and Staff strength) and organisation performance (Sales, Operating profit and Turnover) were evaluated. The entire value chain of the organisation constituted the study population. Primary data were avoided to obtain a realistic result; the secondary data used were generated from the company Annual Reports and Accounts covering the period of post-merger (2009-2018). Data were analysed using the Inferential Statistic tools such as Pearson Correlation (r) and Canonical Correlation (R). The canonical analysis of the value (0.89) revealed that financial and non-financial variables have impact on performance of the Organisation. The financial variables were all significant (p<0.05) at 32% (Profit pre-tax), 52% (Profit post-tax), 33% (Share capital) and 63% (Share price). With the exception of staff strength, other non-financial variables were significant (p˂0.01) at 96% (Scholarship), 52% (Educational endowment), 64% (Orphanage), 97% (Sponsorship), 69% (Donations), 71% (Renovations) and 86% (Claims). The t-test revealed significant (p<0.05) relationships between financial variables and non- financial variables. A significant co-joint (p<0.05) relationship was obtained between financial and non-financial variables with the correlation of coefficient (r2) of 0.758; an indication of a veritable measure of performance. The financial variable though a good measure of organizational performance, however, the inclusion of non-financial variables used alongside it, yielded a robust and better measure of organizational performance. Key words; Strategic Evaluation, Organization Performance, Financial, Non financial.


In our project, we researched the treatment of wastewater and the sea from toxic lead (Pb+2) ions by the biosorption ability of biomonitor organisms and the adsorption capabilities of biocompatible nanomagnetite particles. Magnetite particles, macroalgae, and plants that have high adsorption capabilities were investigated to see if they can be an alternative to active carbon, the substance used at the lead treatment in water that has a high production cost. The protection of water and its quality is really important for keeping ecological balance and for organisms to sustain their lives. However, due to climate change, environmental damages and pollution, a huge part of the world is experiencing a water shortage. This is why water pollution has become one of the most major environmental problems of the century. Toxic heavy metals are on of the factors that contribute heavilty to water pollution. Moreover, the lead pollution in the seas can reach us, humans, through the food chain and can cause serious health problems like cancer. Based on this, we intended to test nanomagnetites as a natural adsorbent and the biosorption ability of macroalgae and terrestrial plants in lead treatment. According to this, in the first phase of our method we collected water samples from the sea and sent them to lead analysis. Next, we synthesized the nanomagnetite particles in our laboratory and administered it to the synthetic lead solution we had prepared. In the following phase, we administered the natural adsorbents Ulva lactuca, Codium fragile, Rhodophytes, Bryophytes, and pine resin again to the synthetic lead solution. We applied the same pro- cedure to active carbon. Lastly, we sent our samples to ICP-MS analysis for the analysis of the lead left in our solutions. According to our analysis results, the Pb+2 ion adsorption capacity is respectively 0.2 g nanomagnetite (%83), active carbon (%80), pine resin (%76), Ulva lac- tuca (%64), Codium fragile (%51), moss (Bryophytes) (%46) and 0.1 g nanomagnetite (%32). As a consequence, we proposed the research of natural and economic adsorbents for lead treatment and for these types of research to be given more importance.


Background: Depression and anxiety disorders are the most frequently observed psychiatric disorders among HIV/AIDS patients, and are associated with key health behaviours including medication adherence (as positive behaviours), drinking and smoking (as negative/risk behaviours). They are also associated with disease outcomes and increased burdens on health care systems. Aim: This study aims at determining the prevalence and correlation of depression and anxiety disorders among people living with HIV/AIDS in Mwanza-Tanzania. Methods: This was a cross sectional analytical study, where a total of 275 patients aged 18 years and above attending Care and Treatment Centre at Bugando Medical Centre were recruited and interviewed by using Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI). Systematic random sampling method were used where every third patient was selected for inclusion. Results: The mean age of participants was 42 ± 9.9 years with 74.2% being females 42.6% of the participants were married, 67.6% attained primary education and 71.6% found to be in the lowest income category with monthly income below 100,000/= Tanzanian Shillings. The overall prevalence of depression was 24% with mild, moderate and severe depression found to be 10.6%, 12% and 1.4% respectively. The prevalence of anxiety was found to be 45.1% with mild, moderate and severe anxiety found to be 26.9%, 13.1% and 5.1% respectively. Gender, age and income showed statistically significant correlation with depression and/or anxiety. Conclusion: There is high prevalence of anxiety and depression among people living with HIV/AIDS, hence the importance of incorporating mental health services on the treatment guidelines of HIV/AIDS patients.

Generating Field-Field Quantum Correlations In Two-Mode Cavities []

Quantum correlation is one of the most fascinating and conspicuous feature of quantum information theory. Particularly, entangled states are recently treasured as a physical resource for the performance of quantum information protocols. In this paper, we investigate theoretically the generating field-field quantum correlations dynamics using two-mode under closed cavity system. The system contains two two-level atoms and two-mode entangled coherent fields. Thus, the interaction between the system and the environment is considered, and the system is in closed cavity which there is no interaction between environment and cavity system. Under this conditions, the quantum correlation between two mode of entangled coherent fields were quantified through quantum correlation function of non-Hermitian operators. Furthermore, we use numerical simulations to verify the evolution quantum correlation between field-field, and discuss the influences of initial different kinds of atoms. We show that the entangled atoms can significantly enhance the field-field quantum correlations dynamics. Specifically, we examine, we study the transfer of quantum correlations between field-field of two-mode cavities system through the medium photon hopping process. Such quantum system serves as a promising platform for the determination of the quantum correlations between the mechanical and optical modes in quantum systems, and a fundamental resource for several quantum information protocols.