Volume 8, Issue 6, June 2020 Edition - GSJ Journal Publication

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Assessing the Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic Partial Lockdown of Cities on Access to Social Facilities []

Social facility is very useful for societal interaction and cohesion. This study was based on review of literature to assess the effects of Novel Coronavirus 2019 Pandemic lockdown of cities on social facility. The study revealed that maternal mortality rate would increase, Christians and Muslims routine of worship as a group has been mileage, whiles people are not able to engage in active exercise to keep fit as a result of the lockdown of the cities. The paper recommend that Government and management of cities should provide mobile clinic for pregnant and patients at house to house. This will help to prevent unforeseen deaths of pregnant women and patients with underlining sickness.

Surgical management of gastric carcinoma: Wich results? []

Between 9000 and 10000 patients annually died of gastric cancer, that is to say the severity of the injury which the frequency continues to grow (10% every 5 years). This cancer which the main treatment remains at present the surgery remains formidable by its relatively low survival. Our work intends to analyze the results of 234 patients operated on for gastric cancer , from January 2010 to December 2015, to analyze the specific characters to each patient and each lesion evidenced during the intervention and to expose the carried out methods and their results. Analysis of our series, allows for more to outline a strategy and the consequences that result. We as many authors establish the frequency of advanced lesions during surgical interventions, despite a marked improvement in the results the survival at 5 years all stages combined remains low.

Healthcare systems: A case study between Kenya and Germany []

Background: Healthcare should have the primary intend of promoting, restoring and maintaining health. Every single health system of a nation poses and experiences a wide range of challenges dependent on the heathcare guidelines and performance criteria put in place as pertains access, equity and quality. It is therefore necessary to understand and evaluate the stand of Kenya’s healthcare and how it compares and contrasts to its model competitors to gauge its performance. Broad Objective: To analyse the Kenya healthcare system and how it compares and contrasts with the healthcare system in Germany. Study method: A retrospective study design was employed. Existing data was obtained from various approved administrative data bases, journals, blogs and websites. The findings were carefully analysed to bring out the comparative and the contrasting scenarios within a similar setting and timelines. The study was presented in a continuous prose. Results: 63% of Kenyans have access to healthcare within an hour within the facilities with 5.7 of the national budgets allocated to healthcare. The is lack of harmony between the national and central government as afar a hospital governance is concerned. Kenya experiences inadequate medical personnel in the public health care sector with poor financial allocation to these facilities. Inadequately trained personnel with lack of timely access to health services is another great impedance. Most Kenyans also cannot afford the health care services with the quality of healthcare in a poor state. Germany documents medical errors as one of the major pitfalls with a narrow index of financial vulnerability to financial and economic shifts. Its healthcare reforms focus less on quality of healthcare. The aging population with unemployment greatly implicate the costly healthcare. Lack of coordination between various bodies has greatly affected the quality of healthcare provision. Germany has a national budgetary allocation of 11.7% versus Kenya at 5.2%. Mortality rates in Kenya is higher than that of Germany with Germany having a higher life expectancy. Conclusion: The health system in Germany being the 1st world country is far to be compared with that of Kenya as the 3rd world nation. All parameters of the performance index evidently work preferentially towards the German Healthcare system. It is however noted that Kenya besides the poor health state, it shows an improving trend towards the World Health Organization target over the last few decades.

The Effect of Professionalism, and Organizational Commitment to the Auditor Intention to do Whistleblowing with Legal Protection as a Moderating Variable []

ABSTRACT FAISAL AFANDI. The Effects of Professionalism, and Organizational Commitment to the Auditor Intention to do Whistleblowing with Legal Protection as a Moderating Variable (guided by Gagaring Pagalung and Tawakkal). This study aims to provide an overview of the influence of professionalism and organizational commitment to the auditor's intention to whistleblowing which is moderated by the variable of legal protection. The object of research is the auditor of the Makassar Regional Internal Audit Office in Makassar. The population is 150 auditors. Determination of the sample simple random sampling technique, that is, research that takes samples from members of the population that are carried out randomly without regard to strata (levels) in the members of the population with a total sample of 109 respondents. Retrieval of data using a questionnaire with data analysis using MRA (Moderated Regression Analysis) analysis using SPSS version 25. The results showed that: First, professionalism had a positive and significant effect on the auditor's intention to whistleblowing. Second, organizational commitment has a positive and significant effect on the auditor's intention to whistleblowing. Third, legal protection has a strong influence in moderating the relationship of professionalism with the auditor's intention to whistleblowing. The four legal protections have a strong influence in moderating the relationship between organizational commitment and the auditor's intention to whistleblowing Keywords: professionalism, organizational commitment, legal protection, whistleblowing intentions.

The Sarahu Biology - 2020 []

According to research of ‘SISBRA’ animals and birds have more wisdom than man and birds have Lenore wisdom than animals. In the lake water got evaporated due to the heavy temperature. Birds also feels that but although lake gets fill with the help of irrigational folds, how das, it got to known them is the wisdom, and normal man takes 3 hrs to travel 100 km by bus or public transport or 2 or 2 ½ hrs by own vehicles like car or bike, but birds need only 20-25 min to travel hundreds of Kms. They can make faster than airoplanes. They can get to know only with the smell they come back to their places from migration. This is not possible by the man of man lossed in a forest he can’t recognize the spot of water or the way to his place or else he will die by helplessness but the animals got this thing by nature itself. Hence the animals & birds are more differ than human.

The Sarahu Zoology - 2020 []

Usually man & animals fall sleep during evening or night because sunrise occurs in different time in different countries Eg: if it’s a 6 pm in India & American time is a6 Am, when people use to sleep in India timing shift to America they change their schedule & adjust themselves according to their climate & nature. The time of working in India is time of sleep in the America. The secrete behind this is the extreme life which is present in the environment is the reason for this those life are relaxing a kind of acid of animals that acid tends to get sleep & when they bites.


This study was conducted to examine the mediating effect of job stress on the relationship between incivility and teacher efficacy. The study subjects were 196 teachers working in kindergartens in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The scale of Cortina et al. (2013) was used to measure the degree of incivility, while Shin's (2004) tools were used to measure teacher efficacy. Then to quantify job stress, the scale of D'Arienzo, Krajewski & Maracco (1982) was used. The collected data were analyzed using the SPSS 23.0 program. The results of the study are threefold. First, incivility and job stress showed significant negative correlation as incivility and job stress were also significantly negatively correlated with teacher efficacy. Second, incivility and job stress had a significant negative effect on teacher efficacy. Third, there was a mediating effect of job stress on the relationship between incivility and teacher efficacy. Based on these results, the researcher argues that job stress needs to be relieved in order to improve the teacher efficacy of kindergarten teachers.

Options to Enhance the Control-Prevention Measures’ Achievement in combating COVID-19’s Pandemic []

Every time, our globe encounters different types of disasters. They can happen within a nation; at a time in several regions; or seize the whole planet. The 21 st century is not exceptional. Today in this COVID-19’s pandemic era, because of the public’s improper awareness about the disease, lives crumbling as an autumn leaves; world economy is panicking and even there are signs of internal-external conflicts. However, instead of finding solutions, politicians, the business sector, media and even some scientists are trying to extract their own benefit. Because of such mess we launched a qualitative-secondary data analysis based study. We used four types of data sources: media analyzing; discoursing with respondents of Addis Ababa city; assessing other countries publics’ opinion; and evaluating the stakeholders’ acts against the COVID-19. Our media analysis reveal that politicians, media, some scientists and scientific paper publishers deliberately/innocently through their activities are increasing the death rate; discussion with randomly selected 54 respondents shows that 70% of them believes as if God without their effort will guard them from the disease; according to our secondary data analysis, in developed countries, some do not sure the existence of SARS-CoV-2 virus! Hence, we offer the followings effective options to be taken today and for such virus than searching drug-vaccine: We illustrated a schematic model based liberated committee against the pandemic, whose 13 members are from relevant institutions. The sampled scheme can be applied for the rest types of disasters that we already arranged into 5 groups; to the biochemistry context, we charted what proportion must have the five epidemiological (control-preventive) measures that are to be implemented against this type of pandemic; during the study, we revealed that religions can influence on how public’s awareness directs against the COVID-19; and publishers should pay real contributions in battling with the pandemic.

Apport de la tomodensitométrie dans le diagnostic des accidents vasculaires cérébraux à l’hôpital régional de Garoua, Cameroun []

Résumé Les accidents vasculaires cérébraux (AVC) se définissent comme étant l’ensemble des signes neurologiques qui accompagnent une souffrance cérébrale aiguë d’origine vasculaire. Sa survenue doit faire discuter immédiatement sa nature ischémique ou hémorragique en raison d’orientations thérapeutiques particulières. Dans le but d’améliorer le diagnostic des AVC au centre régional d’imagerie médicale de Garoua, nous avons mené une étude sur l’apport de la tomodensitométrie cérébrale. L’étude transversale et descriptive a couvert une période de six mois, allant de juillet à décembre 2019 et basée sur l’analyse d’un questionnaire soumis aux patients venant pour suspicion d’AVC. Les données recueillies étaient saisies et analysées avec les logiciels Sphinx V5 plus et Microsoft Excel 2016. 60 patients étaient retenus, 36 hommes et 24 femmes, l’âge moyen était de 63,62 ans avec des extrêmes de 24 et 92 ans et un sex ratio de 1,5 en faveur des hommes. Les AVC ischémiques étaient plus fréquents (63,3%), suivies des AVC hémorragiques (23,3%) et 3,3% des AVC mixtes. Le lobe temporal était plus atteint (40,74%), suivi du lobe frontal (12,96%), les lobes pariétal et occipital à 9,26%, chacun. L’installation du déficit neurologique a été beaucoup plus brutale (83,30 %), et les signes physiques étaient dominés par l’hémiplégie 40%. L'hypertension artérielle était le facteur de risque le plus représenté (65,00 %). Malgré la réalisation assez tardive du scanner, (supérieure ou égale à 72 heures), la tomodensitométrie reste l’examen de première intention dans le diagnostic des AVC, car ayant permis de préciser la nature et la topographie de la lésion. Mots-clés : Tomodensitométrie ; cérébrale ; diagnostic ; AVC

Influence of Brand Ambassador on Purchase Intention and Brand Image as Intervening Variable (Case Study on Shopee Application Users in Makassar City) []

This study aimed to examine (1) the influence of brand ambassadors on the brand image of shopee application users in Makassar (2) the influence of brand image on purchase intention of shopee application users in Makassar, (3) the influence of brand ambassadors on purcahse intention of shopee application users in Makassar, (4) the influence of brand ambassadors through brand image on purchase intention of shopee application users in Makassar. This study used a non-probability sampling technique with 97 respondents. This research is a quantitative research. Data were analyzed using path analysis. The results showed that (1) brand ambassadors influenced the brand image of Shopee application users in Makassar, (2) brand image influenced purchase intention of Shopee application users in Makassar, (3) brand ambassadors influenced purchase intention of Shopee application users in Makassar, and (4) brand ambassadors influenced purchase intention with brand image as an intervening variable.


Abstract: The research focuses on the importance of preschool education in an elementary school milieu. There is knowledge and understanding that principals need to know to prepare early learners for kindergarten and school readiness. The research reflects on the extent of knowledge that principals had on early childhood education. Brown, Squires, Connors-Tadros, Horowitz, (2014) noted that existing in most schools, principals in primary schools were not accountable for preschoolers. Licensing and certification were not mandatory. In most states, professional development was lacking. The Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO), circulated a finding on implementing prekindergarten education in elementary schools (Brown et al., 2014). The impact of preparing principals for early learners toward school readiness is examined in North Carolina through Shue, Shore, and Lambert (2012). The Universal Prekindergarten program is being explored with analytical finding from Bish, Shore, and Shue (2011). There are recommendations for principals toward supervising preschool programs in the elementary school.

Intérêt des prélèvements bactériologiques, dans l’étude du profil bactério-logique et de la prise en charge des infections chez le grand brûlé : Expérience du service de brûlologie et chirurgie réparatrice CHU Oran. []

Les infections représentent une cause de morbi-mortalité importante en réanimation. Chez le patient brûlé, ce risque infectieux est majoré par la rupture de la barrière cutanée. Les colonisations et infections cutanées retardent la cicatrisation, compromettent la greffe de peau, et prolongent la durée d’hospitalisation. Fondés sur l’existence d’un syndrome inflammatoire (hyperthermie, hyperleucocytose, élévation de la CRP) sont inopérants chez le brûlé et conduisent à la prescription d’antibiothérapies inutiles. La preuve bactériologique trouve ainsi toute son importance dans la gestion thérapeutique des infections


Human activities along the coastal wetlands of Lagos state, on the most part have had adverse effects on the wetlands ecosystem. It is sadly ironic that as we have sought to exploit the riches of these habitats, we have unwittingly destroyed them. Unconscious of their fragility, we have, in our attempts to increase productivity has declined in several places. Yet if the burgeoning population of the study area is to be fed supply with protein, we must again utilize these wetlands sustainably. All the agencies in charge of Lagos coastal Areas, especially Lagos state ministry of environment should be up and doing in their task to keep the lagoon clean and allow it to perform its natural duties. Laws guarding the Lagoon should be obeyed and if not obeyed by companies or individual adequate punishment should be given so such defaulter’s. Above all adequate information should be passed across to the society/state stating the effect of the wrong activities going on in the lagoon and how it will affect human life, its environment and the ecosystem at large. The coastal areas protection policy should be designed to manage our land-based coastal resources through sustainable development to ensure a balance between growth and environmental integrity. To accomplish this, the policy establishes minimum standards for the management and sustainable development of coastal lands in unincorporated areas of the province. Municipal governments would be required to manage growth and development on coastal lands in a fashion consistent with the needs and aspirations of each community. The policy aims to protect local coastal features such as beaches, dunes, and coastal marshes, while maintaining a commitment to manage the development of coastal areas provincially.


Problem behaviors are a source of concern, to the conventional society and its institutions of authority and usually illicit some form of control response. Problem behaviors among University student populations, the world over, are of concern to educators, counselors and psychologists. This is because of the potential of problem behaviors at this stage to undermine the achievement of both personal and national development goals. The danger to achievement of goals stems largely, from the varying control responses that are often elicited with regard to problem behaviors. At the University, problem behaviors lead to wastage of valuable class and study time due to chronic absenteeism of the students. Studies conducted in Kenya and other countries revealed that social support systems among other psycho social factors were believed to have profound relationship with the problem behaviors such as depression symptoms of students in Universities. Therefore it was important to establish if these same factors would produce similar effects with Kibabii University students. Locally accessed and available literature seemed not to have focused on how psycho social factors namely parental behavior, peer influence & social support factors, and how they contribute to students problem behaviors among secondary school students. This study sought to fill these knowledge gaps by investigating the relationship between psycho social factors and problem behaviors among students in Universities in order to design intervention strategies that are more holistic and inclusive thus helping the students to change their behaviors.


The provision of education and training to all Kenyans is fundamental to the success of the Government overall development strategy. A successful adjustment of students to University environment enables them to complete their studies on time. However, students failure to adjust to the University environment is still a persistent problem facing education in Kenya. Fear of University students problem behavior is a constant concern for millions of people all over the world and a big threat to the Kenyan society. University students involvement in problem behavior has been of concern to parents, lecturers, psychologists and policy makers. A review of studies has established that problem behaviors are occurring frequently in secondary schools and it spills over to the higher institutions of learning globally and in Kenya. The underlying factors that influence students problem behaviors at the University have not received adequate research. While there have been some studies on deviant behaviors in Kenya education system, the emphasis has been mainly on problem behavior in secondary schools and not comprehensive coverage of higher education. A comprehensive study of this magnitude, especially on the role of peer pressure therefore became necessary in order to fill the gaps that may have occurred by the emphasis of previous studies being restricted to secondary school level. Although previous studies have been conducted to understand how these factors influence University students behavior, little has been done to examine the relationship between peers and problem behaviors among University students. This study therefore sought to fill this gap.

Skin and Bone Fish Waste Utilization for Gelatine Preparation by Acid Treatments: A Review []

ABSTRACT Gelatin is a high molecular weight polypeptide produced from collagen. Collagen found in connective tissue in animals such as skin, bones, cartilages, and veins. Fish skin is a fishery waste product that contains the highest collagen which is hydrolyzed into gelatin. Fish skin is a fishery waste product that contains the highest collagen which can be hydrolyzed into gelatin. Gelatin can be divided into two types, type A and type B gelatin. Type A is hydrolyzed using the acid process and type B is hydrolyzed using a base process. The special properties of gelatin are changing reversibly, forming films, expanding in cold water, and affecting the viscosity of the material and protecting the colloidal system. Gelatin is used in the addition of food ingredients because of its high nutritional value, thickening agent, clotting agent, emulsifier, stabi-lizer, elastic, foam-forming, thin coatings, and rich in nutrition.

Contraceptive use and associated factors among youth aged 15-24 years in Kicukiro District, Rwanda []

Key Words: Youth, Contraceptive use, associated factors, sexual behavior, sexual practices, sexuality information, sexual and reproductive health ABSTRACT Access to contraceptives is of a particular importance in reducing high rates of unplanned pregnancies and increased rates of sexual transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS. In Rwanda there is a significant proportion of sexually active youth who engage in premarital sex. The study was cross-sectional with quantitative and qualitative approaches. A sample size of 354 were used for the quantitative and 10 health providers working in family planning services at 5 selected health facilities for the qualitative data. The study considered sexually active young people aged 15-24 years prior to the study. Quantitative data were collected using a questionnaire while qualitative data were collected using interview guides. Quantitative data were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science version 21. Thematic analysis was used and codes were made for different themes for qualitative data. Contraceptive use among youths aged 15-24 years in Kicukiro was found to be at 59.3 %. The majority were female with 68.4%, those of 20-24 years made 78.2 % of the study respondents while 77.4 % were single. Condom was the most used at 51.1%, followed by contraceptive pills at 28.0% and injectable at 9.9 %. 65.5 % of respondents sought information from mass media and radio while 12.4 % were from community outreaches and 9.9 % from hospital and health workers. Factors that were associated statistically with contraceptive use among youth include: age [AOR= 3.486; 95% CI= 1.869- 6.502; P<0.001], wealth status [AOR= 14.868; 95% CI= 1.246-177.389; P=0.033], employment [AOR=5.099; 95% CI=1.352-19.227; P= 0.016] were all revealed to influence the use of contraceptives among youth. Qualitative data showed positive attitudes in contraceptives provision though some restrictions to in-school and unmarried young people were reported. Among the factors highlighted that attract youths from using contraceptives are the contraceptive knowledge and information on consequences of unwanted pregnancies, the benefits of using contraceptives. Among factors that hinder the demand as mentioned by providers are lack of confidentiality, misconceptions and fear of using something with that could affect their ability to reproduce. Contraceptive use among youths of 15-24 years is still low. Interventions aiming at improving knowledge, attitudes and accessibility to contraceptive methods use among youth are recommended.


Rotation is motion and vice versa . If a force is applied on a wheel and that force simultaneously converts to the centripetal force as well as the centrifugal force then the wheel moves forward. So Every point of a wheel moves simultaneously in a vertical cycloid path as well as a horizontal straight line path in a rotation . The vertical cycloid path of the point is moved by the centripetal force and simultaneously the horizontal straight line path of the same point is covered by the centrifugal force . The centripetal force makes every point of the wheel to rotate in clockwise direction and it is always directed towards the backward direction of the wheel, Similarly the centrifugal force is always directed towards the forward direction and it drags the wheel to that direction . The wheel moves on the road according to this principle. The motion of a rocket in the space is just like the motion of a wheel on the road . The following motion laws are derived from the motion of a wheel on the road , LAW OF MOTION ----------------------- Nrusingh’s 1st law (a) INERTIA OF REST : A body is at rest, until the applied force on it , converts to the centripetal force as well as the centrifugal force . (b) INERTIA OF MOTION : A body is at motion, as long as the applied force on it , converts to the centripetal force as well as the centrifugal force . THE FORCE OF ACTION IS ALWAYS EQUAL TO THE SUM OF OPPOSITE REACTION AND ABSORPTION ------------------- Nrusingh’s 2nd law i.e. ACTION = REACTION + ABSORPTION Force = (11/14) mass * acceleration ---------- Nrusingh’s 3rd law where (11/14) is the constant of proportionality The rocket moves forward in the space according to this law .When a force is applied to the rocket and that applied force converts to the centripetal force as well as the centrifugal force in it, then the centripetal force acts towards the backward direction of the rocket and simultaneously the centrifugal force drags the rocket towards the forward direction .Like this the rocket moves forward in the space by the above principle .

Interleukin-23 and Interleukin-25 activities following recombinant human Interleukin-2 administration in an experimental model of Streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus []

Type1 diabetes (T1D) is a complex chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease in which induced cytokine production creates dynamic environments for evolution and activity of effector as well as regulatory cells. Low-dose IL-2 has been applied for treatment recent-onset T1D in NOD mice. Different IL-2 formulations, for instance nanoparticle encapsulation, have been implicated to improve the therapeutic utility of low-dose IL-2 to achieve precise suppression of pathological immune responses. So, the current study intended to evaluate the effect of ultra-low-dose rhIL-2 therapy on the inflammatory process in multiple low dose streptozotocin (MLD STZ) induced T1D as well as the influence of chitosan (CS) nanosphere encapsulation on the proposed effect. Male inbreed Balb/c mice were divided into 5 groups; Normal (Normal mice), T1D: (T1D induced by MLD-STZ), T1D (Nano): T1D mice treated with free CS-TPP-NPs, T1D (rIL-2): T1D mice treated with free rhIL-2, and T1D (rIL-2/Nano): T1D mice treated with rhIL-2 encapsulated into CS-TPP-NPs. Levels of IL-23 and IL-25 (for inflammatory and anti-inflammatory arms, respectively) were assessed in splenocytes culture supernatant. Results showed that both rhIL-2 and rhIL-2/CSNPs significantly decreased IL-23 as compared to corresponding group in T1D with maximum decrease at day 21 post treatment. Both rhIL-2 and rhIL-2/CSNPs significantly decreased IL-25 at days 7 and 14. All through the three time intervals, IL-25 remained significantly higher in rhIL-2/ CSNPs than in rhIL-2. In conclusion, Ultra-low dose rhIL-2 ameliorated the diabetic state at day 7. rhIL-2/CSNP is more prone to induce an anti-inflammatory stat. The anti-diabetic effect of rhIL-2 or rhIL-2/CS-NPs is not directly dependent on alterations in IL-23 and IL-25 production.

RÉCUPÉRATION RAPIDE APRÈS CHIRURGIE Du concept à la réalisation « expérience du CHU Oran » []

Le programme de réhabilitation précoce après résection colorectale est une approche multimodale, grâce à une meilleure connaissance des facteurs qui influencent ce stress physiologique et donc les suites opératoires. Il s’inspire surtout des nouvelles avancées scientifiques dans le domaine de l’analgésie et du progrès technique de la chirurgie permettant ainsi d’améliorer les soins péri opératoires. Cette nouvelle approche, nous a amené à proposer ce travail, mené au CHU d’Oran. Soixante et un patients ont participé à cette étude. Ils ont eu une résection colique ou rectale par laparotomie avec une réhabilitation accélérée selon un protocole inspiré du concept de Kehlet. Notre travail a pour objectif d’étudier le programme de réhabilitation accélérée après chirurgie colorectale dans le service à la Clinique Ait Idir Ali au CHU d’Oran. Les objectifs secondaires étaient de mesurer la durée du séjour postopératoire, d’évaluer la morbidité, le retentissement sur la qualité de vie de l’opéré et enfin d’évaluer la charge de travail induite au sein de l’équipe de soins.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Protocole Du Département D’anesthésie - Réanimation CHU Oran []

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), vise la reprise d'une autonomie ac-tive et complète du patient, le plus rapidement possible après sa chirurgie. C’est une médecine fondée sur les faits, validée par plusieurs publications scientifiques qui a prouvé qu'elle réduit de 30 % la durée de séjour et de 50 % les complications péri-opératoires pour la chirurgie colo-rectale. Chaque étape, chaque soin y est optimisé et organisé autour de l’opéré. Elle a été initialement développée par le Pr Henrik Kehlet et ses collaborateurs au Danemark en 1995 pour la chirurgie colique. La récupération rapide après chirurgie se combine idéalement avec les techniques chirurgicales mini-invasives. Nous nous sommes inspirés des données de la littérature afin d établir un protocole adapte à notre situation

Board Meetings and Financial Reporting Quality of Quoted Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria []

This study investigates the impact of Board meeting, on the financial reporting quality of quoted manufacturing firms in Nigeria. A total of ten firms were used from 2006-2017. Financial reporting quality is proxy by accrual model which was calculated using Jones Model, while board meeting was extracted from the annual reports based on the number of time the board meets in a year. The Ordinary Least Squares technique was used to analyze the data .The result shows that Board meeting frequency exerts a positive effect on financial reporting quality of sampled quoted manufacturing firm; overall the quality of Board meetings is an important factor that contributes to financial reporting quality. They study recommend that quoted manufacturing Boards should meets regularly as it will improve the quality of their financial report and reduce agency conflicts.


Studies of cyclic voltammetry (CV) were used to investigate the interaction behavior of chromium from a solution containing chromium chloride (CrCl3.6H2O) in ionic liquid based on choline chloride urea called reline. The interaction experiments were performed in variation of cathodic sweeping potential, scan intensity, concentration of metal ions, temperature effects and surfactants. The effects of different experimental conditions and some parameters on cyclic voltammetry were investigated using a potentially sweeper-equipped Potentiostat/Galvanostat. The electrochemical activity of Cr(III) on platinum substrates was studied at various scan rate values and different potential windows within the temperature range from room temperature to 90 °C. The method of cathodic reduction has received special attention. The cyclic voltammograms obtained at different scan rate values showed that the reduction process for Cr(III) is strongly governed by the diffusion of the electro-active species to the electrode surface. It was suggested that the chromium ion reduction mechanism occurs in a one-step process that exchanges three electrons and is controlled by the diffusion of chromium ions in the ionic liquid.

Structural analysis of Pan-African deformation and implication of potential gold-bearing in Neoproterozoic West Congo Belt, DR Congo. []

Neoproterozoic West Congo Belt comprises of complexity structural fabrics such as schistosity, crenulation, fault, shearing system characterized by mylonite fabrics related to the thrust-fold and associated with hydrothermal alteration and sulphides mineralization formed during a Pan-African deformation events provide a favorable environment of gold deposit. Rocks occurring in thrust slices were extremely deformed forming tight, asymmetric, East–Northeast-verging folds which contain a prominent axial-planar schistosity characterized mainly by a NW-SE trending foliation (S1), steeply to moderately dipping towards SW that overprints primary bedding surfaces (S0). Poles to the foliation, measured throughout study area, shows a fold system including tightly to isoclinal folds of which the fold axis is parallel to the northwest plunging lineation with a vergence to the northeast. A fine crenulation cleavage (Sn) generally trending WNW and steeply dipping towards NNE, shows symmetric and asymmetric cm-scale folds especially well developed in finer grained lithologies. Riedel shear structures, defining in this area, developed during a transpression thrust-fault-fold belt and could be associated with the mineralization fluid event. Gold mineralization occurs in both metavolcanic and metasedimentary rocks with sulphides observed are essentially coarse to fine-grained mainly pyrite with trace chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite. The associated hydrothermal alteration is characterized by a combination of chlorite-feldspar-carbonate-sericite-silica-magnetite-pyrite mainly observed in metabasalts and weakly in metarhyolites. The metasediments shows a weak alteration in silica and sericite-chlorite. However, the gold associated by hydrothermal alteration in this zone has not yet been deeply investigated by geochemical studies and it is not known if the observed alteration is linked to a hydrothermal activity associated with the emplacement of the mineralization or if it is simply related to an earlier metamorphism. The Thrust-Fold Riedel sinistral shear contact zone between Zadinian, Mayumbian and West Congolian Groups and folding deformation are more prospective for gold exploration because competency contrast during the shearing increase the permeability in dilatational zone and provide a well system for gold deposition with the major structures as a path way of mineralizing fluid.