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Cybercrime is among leading causes of loss to numerous offshore oil and gas companies globally. With a yearly loss of millions of monies due to damaged equipment and loss of business, experts claim that cyber-attacks on perilous infrastructure, losses on revenue, environment catastrophic degradation etc. This paper applied exploratory research methodology in reviewing existing literature within this sector with an objective of studying types and forms of cyber-attacks that this industry suffer, the reasons why these attacks are targeted at them and try to suggest ways through which these attacks can be mitigated and/or eliminated. The results of this study show that some of the most common cyber-attacks targeting this sector include Cyber espionage, social engineering, network attacks, phishing, and Brute force attacks. The results can inform cybersecurity specialists and governments in enacting cybercrime frameworks to protect this sector.

Benefits and Constraints Associated with Horticultural Farming Among Rural Dwellers in Birnin Gwari Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria. []

The study was conducted to examine the benefits and constraints associated with horticultural farming among rural dwellers in Birnin Gwari Local Government Area of Kaduna state, Nigeria. Multistage and random sampling techniques were used to select eighty horticulturists from three districts area/ wards within the local government area. Data collected were analyzed using simple descriptive statistics such as table, chart and percentage. The results showed that majority (77.50%) of the respondents is in their working age class of between 21- 60 years of age and majority are male (65.00%). Vegetable production has the highest percentage (42.50%) of engagement followed by floriculture (31.25%), then pomology ( 23. 75%) while architectural landscaping has the lowest practice rate (2.50%). Income generation (72.52%), job creation (42.50%), source of food (31.25%) and beautification of the environment (15.00%) are benefits derive from horticultural farming among others. However pests and diseases outbreak(68.75%),lack of technical knowhow (53.75%), high cost of transportation(51.25%), high cost of farmland (47.50%) and poor accessibility to land(42.50%) were identified as the constraints affecting horticultural farming in the study area among others. The study therefore recommends that the horticulturist in the study area should pool their resources together by forming cooperative society to enable them surmount some of the identified constraints to boost their production and generate more income.


Abstract The study investigated the nexus between monetary policy instruments and private consumption spending in Nigeria from 1981 to 2016. The research adopts multiple regression analysis in which Vector Error Correction Model and Granger causality test were utilized in the analysis. Data on private consumption expenditure (PCE), broad money supply (M2), government consumption spending (GCE), interest rate (INTR), Bank reserve (BR), exchange rate (EXCGR) and inflation rate (INFR) were analyzed in the study. The results showed that apart from exchange rate, all other monetary policy variables employed in this study were revealed to be significant in the determination of consumption spending in Nigeria. The insignificance of exchange rate may have resulted from the fall in the demand for domestically produced goods and services in spite of the increased campaign by several government agencies to change peoples’ preferences in favor of domestically produces goods and services. The Granger causality test which revealed a unidirectional causality running from CPI to PCE is a pointer to the fact that government policies towards moderating the price level such as inflation targeting will positively impact on consumer spending, and through the multiplier effect increase economic growth and the general standard of living. Therefore, the study recommends that the monetary authority should formulate and implement monetary policies that would ensure optimal money stock which will in turn reduce interest rates without creating excess liquidity. The effort of CBN towards inflation targeting is a step in the right direction and should be pursued more vigorously. This will reduce inflation in the price level whereby consumption spending will rise, and through the multiplier effects, economic activities, individual and national income will rise. Keywords: Multiple Regression, Monetary Policy, Pairwise Granger causality, Unidirectional Causality, Multiplier Effects, Bank Reserve, Inflation, Vector Error Correction Model.


Global War on Corona Virus -19 pandemic as weaponized by the characteristics of “good governance” by the Local Government Unit (LGU) in the 424 Barangays of the Municipality in Misamis Oriental, Northern Mindanao, Philippines is highly significant. Strategize by the frontliners using the National Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) COVID-19 regulations through the (1) rule of law; (2) transparency; (3) responsiveness; (4) consensus; (5) equity and inclusiveness; (6) effectiveness and efficiency; (7) accountability; and (8) participation while holding the 1) Curfew Hours; 2) staying at home; 3) wearing of the face-mask; 4) Community quarantine; 5) General community quarantine; 6) Enhance Community quarantine; 7) Extreme Enhance Community quarantine; and 8) Social Distancing or Physical Distancing. The highly significant “effectiveness” and “efficiency” on the frontline services done by the frontliners and executive bureaus officials in combatting COVID-19 pandemic by using the IATF protocol. Likewise, kinship, patron-lineage and landlord “padrino” system in the community was also detected high significantly sustain the 1st and 2nd quarter fiscal year 2020 by operationalizing the non-pharmaceutical intervention. The zero casualties in the 424 Barangays in the Municipality of Misamis Oriental, Northern Mindanao, Philippines revealed that “political well” is the prevailing attribute to highly significant leadership of the LGUs officials.

An Implementation of Enhanced Multi-tenancy Database Design in IoT System []

Since the Internet of Things (IoT) has become more and more important, additional designs should be proposed daily to adapt the specificities introduced by this systems of the physical world (Sensors and Actuators) and the public networks (The Internet). Some of these solutions use a Cloud Computing and Multi-tenancy structures as Multi-tenancy increases resource and utilization as well as sharing the same database instance to multiple tenants. Multi-tenancy, which lets multiple tenants share a single application instance securely, is a key enabler for building such a middleware. However, merging the multi-tenancy structure with IoT systems becomes more and more challenging due to the different data types of IoT and the multi-tenancy design should adapt to tenants workloads and fit their special requirements and the fact that the multi-tenant database is shared between multiple tenants. Therefore, this paper presents An Implementation of Enhanced Multi-tenancy Database Design in IoT System which should allow the IoT system to store its data in a multi-tenant environment with less cost and better performance based on the Enhanced Elastic Extension Tables (E3T) and Native XML Database (NXD). The presented implementation achieves high scalability and increases performance for tenants who need those requirements to intermediate with a simple IoT system.

The Effects of Perceived Price, Website Trust and Online Reviews on Online Hotel Booking Intention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. []

This research study is conducted to determine the factors that effects consumers online hotel booking intention and their usage. The objective of this study is to find out the three main factors which is the perceived price, website trust and online reviews and its effect on consumers when they make an online hotel booking and how they use online bookings to make an online booking for hotels. The 2 theoretical frameworks used in this research is the consumers’ purchase intention model and the technology acceptances model. This research is conducted in a quantitative method approach and was conducted in Kuala Lumpur with a sample size of 384 respondents. The questionnaire is developed by using the 5-point Likert scale to measure the influence of the independent variables towards the dependent variable. The questionnaires were distributed using the simple random sampling method which is easy and convenient. This research shows that the three factors; perceived price, website trust and online reviews do have a significant relationship with consumers booking intention and all the 4-hypothesis tested in this study is accepted and proven to be significant. The findings of this research show that website trust has the highest influence when consumers make an online hotel booking intention and the lowest concern when it comes to online hotel booking intention is perceived price. The analysis is conducted by using IBM SPSS Version 24 and by the means of ANOVA test and the Pearson Correlation test. The analysis on the relationship between the independent variables of perceived price, website trust and online reviews with the dependent variable of online hotel booking intention and the analysis of online hotel booking intention and online hotel booking usage, has shown that all the independent variable affects consumers booking intention.


The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between student interest in mathematics and their academic performance using Agogo State College as study area in the Asante Akim North District. The descriptive survey design was used for the study. The study was carried out among SHS students of the school under study. The target population was 670. However, 200 students were sampled using proportionate stratified sampling. The instruments used for the study were questionnaire which was self-prepared and self-administered and secondary data (document review). The findings from the study showed that, most students do not have interest in mathematics; the students believe that mathematics has relevance in one’s life and one’s academics; and also there is high or strong relationship exists between students’ interest in studying mathematics and academic performance and is in a positive direction. It was recommended that, students should seek counseling on mathematics so as to increase their interest in studying mathematics whiles the curriculum developer should make the teaching and learning of mathematics practical and activity-oriented. More so, teachers should be motivated so that they may assist students in teaching and learning mathematics’ skills to increase students’ interest in studying mathematics to foster high academic performance.


There is a deep concern about the marginalization of the most vulnerable groups among us- such like migrants, refugees and asylum seekers residing in other countries than their countries of origins and who do not enjoy the same rights as nationals, especially the right to health. Around the world, migrants and refugees can be excluded in law, and policy administrative regulations and practices. They are often facing obstacles in accessing health care, including language and cultural barriers, costs, lack of access to information, and discrimination and xenophobia. Migrants’ conditions have worsened under these circumstances. This paper wil present some of the migrant's challenges and some of the African countries practices to protect and to consider migrants under this pandemic situation.

Computer Linguistics and its peculiarities in education []

This article analyses about the Computer Linguistics and its level of secular languages. Computer Linguistics is a separate, independent branch of linguistics that performs many complex tasks related to computer-assisted word processing. It is worth noting the following issues of Uzbek linguistics that need to be addressed in relation to computers today


The human right to water entitles everyone to sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water for personal and domestic uses. Indeed the sustainable development goal (SDG No.6) explicitly calls for full coverage of safely managed drinking water by 2030. However, approximately 80% of the estimated 844 million people without access to safe water live in rural areas or urban informal settlement particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. In Kenya, around 15% of the country’s urban population lives in informal settlements with Kisumu having the highest proportion at (47%). It has been argued that quality of water available for domestic use depends on the preferred user practices of each household. Nonetheless, limited information has been documented regarding this theory among households’ living in the informal settlement in Kisumu: Obunga. This paper sought to explore how water-user preferences are influenced by quality of water supplied to households’ in Obunga informal settlement of Kisumu city, Kenya. The study adopted Ex post facto research design on a target population of 2,507 households’ from the four administrative units in Obunga informal settlement, whereby through stratified sampling technique 331 respondents were sampled using questionnaire administration. Purposive sampling method was used to select 3 key informants for key informant interview using interview guides. Descriptive statistics and chi square test were used to analyze quantitative data on study variables. The study found that although water supplied to the area has moderate quality, most households’ in Obunga informal settlement have poor water-user preferences. The study also revealed that there is no significant difference (χ2o = 6.577 < χ2c (4, .05) = 9.488) in household water-user preference based on the quality of water supplied: the difference is small hence could be explained by chance. It is concluded that household water-user preference in the study area is dependent on the quality of water. That the way water is used depends on its quality as perceived by the households’ in Obunga informal settlement. The study recommends that households’ in the informal settlement should be sensitized to improve their attitudes towards use of clean water so as to enhance availability of the commodity.

Effect of Service Performance on Hospital Revenue Cycle Management in Central Java Province []

This study aims to determine how the influence of service performance (BOR and BTO) influences the hospital's Revenue Cycle Management in Central Java Province. Researchers focus on hospital finance in Central Java Province. Data is collected using secondary data that has been collected for analysis and used as a basis for decision making. The data collected is accurate data, all sourced from hospital management data. In its implementation, secondary data is the main data that will be used as an analysis. The analytical tool in this study used to process data is descriptive analysis and multiple linear regression with the help of the SMART PLS version 3 software. The results obtained indicate that service performance (BOR) has a significant positive effect on Revenue Cycle Management. Service performance (BTO) has a significant positive effect on hospital revenue management.


The Youth Enterprise Development Fund was conceived in June 2006 by the government as a strategic move towards arresting unemployment which is virtually a youth problem, comprising of seventy-five percent. The Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF)was officially launched on 1st February 2007 by the then, His Excellency President Mwai Kibaki. The study evaluated the YEDF in Makadara Division Nairobi County. Records at the YEDF offices indicated that one hundred and fifty youths had benefited from the fund. The sample was selected using stratified and simple random sampling. Based on this method 10%-30% of the population constituted an adequate sample for the study. Fifty questionnaires were distributed and forty were returned giving a response rate of 80%. The data was analyzed using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) and the results were presented using tables and figures. The study found out that the financial intermediaries were able to access funds from the YEDF and loaned it to the youths through commercial banks. The linkages have been established with manufacturing, distribution and wholesale outlets for benefitting the youths. The YEDF has succeed in linking youth’s enterprises to large business enterprises. The study made the following recommendations; More funds to be channeled through other intermediaries, MFIs, SACCOs and NGOs and be decentralized. The youth Fund managers to sensitize the local authorities and private enterprises to invest in infrastructure development of micro, small and medium enterprises, with an aim of expanding external markets and identify job opportunities in the international labour market.


Radiation therapy is main option for cancer treatment, although it is underused in the elderly. It includes external beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy and metabolic radiotherapy. Specific questions are asked for elderly patients at all stages of their implementation, from simulation to follow up. We study epidemiological data, therapeutic means and main indications of radiotherapy for elderly in Senegal. We end with a review of the challenges and prospects in the light of technological progress. In Senegal, the most frequent malignant tumors in the elderly are represented by cancers of the prostate (23.74%), cervix (16.88%), breast (10.72%) and those of the skin and soft tissue (9.15%). A multidisciplinary management protocol for cancers in the elderly is not effective. Patients are treated in the recent two public 3D conformal radiotherapy units at the Dalal Jamm and Le Dantec teaching hospitals. In 2019, nearly 250 patients over the age of 65 were treated. They represent 19.2% of recruitment. Curative treatments account for 80% at Dalal Jamm Hospital in this period. The establishment of concerted procedures for the management of elderly patients is recomended. It must include a geriatric evaluation before any treatment. However, the review of the series shows that the tolerance of radiotherapy in the elderly is good. Furthermore, the benefit brought by new techniques such as tomotherapy and stereotaxis is insufficiently evaluated. The inclusion of elderly patients in prospective clinical trials will provide a better answer to the question of the risk / benefit ratio.

Developing Concatenative Based Text To Speech Synthesizer for Tigrigna Language []

A Text-To-Speech (TTS) synthesizer is a computer-based system able to read any text and convert it into speech that resembles as closely as possible a native speaker of the language. This thesis describes the first Text-to-Speech (TTS) system for the Tigrigna language, using speech synthesis architecture in MATLAB. The TTS system is working based on concatenative synthesis and applying LPC technique. The performance of the system is measured and the quality of synthesized speech is assessed in terms of intelligibility and naturalness. The result of the synthesizer is evaluated in two ways, in word level and sentences level. The test results indicate in the word level is evaluated by NeoSpeech tool online and most of the words are recognizable. The overall performance of the system in the word level which is evaluated by NeoSpeech tool is found to be 78%. When it comes to the intelligibility and naturalness of the synthesized speech in the sentence level, it is measured in MOS scale and the overall intelligibility and naturalness of the system is found to be 3.28 and 3.27 respectively. The values of performance, intelligibility and naturalness are encouraging and show that diphone speech units are good candidates to develop fully functional speech synthesizer. But there are areas that can be improved. Inclusion of text analyzer to pronounce zonal dialects of the language and prosody generator are some of the things that need further investigation.

Ultrasonographic Association of Cholelithiasis with Obstructive Jaundice in 18-35 years Patients []

Background: Cholelithiasis is the most common cause of obstructive jaundice. Obstructive jaundice is usually caused by biliary obstruction, which is a blockage of the common bile duct or any duct that carries bile from the liver to the gallbladder and then reaches the small intestine. And ultrasound is a gold standard modality for the investigation of cholelithiasis and obstructive jaundice. Objective: To determine ultrasonographic association of cholelithiasis with obstructive jaundice in 18-35 years patients. Methodology: A study was conducted among 140 individuals and it was a cross sectional study. They were all young adults between 18 and 35 years of age. Data was collected from Civil Hospital Gujranwala city using a simple random sampling technique. Gallbladder scan was started with the patient in the supine position, both subcostal and intercostal approaches. The examination was performed with Toshiba Xario 3.5-5MHz curvilinear transducer. It was analyzed by SPSS version 24.0 and presented by frequency and percentages. Results: A total of 140 individuals were included in this study. Out of 140 subjects, 70 individuals had cholelithiasis, and 25 of these 70 were individuals with obstructive jaundice. The other 70 individuals presented without cholelithiasis, of which 26 were suspected to have jaundice. Females were found to be affected more frequently than males. Conclusion: It was concluded that one of the main causes of obstructive jaundice is cholelithiasis. And ultrasound can easily diagnose the cases of cholelithiasis. Females were found to be affected more frequently than males. Key words: obstructive jaundice, cholelithiasis, jaundice, ultrasound.

Utilization of Reducing Sugars from Cassava fibre and Corncob for Bioethanol Production []

The study focused on using reducing sugars from cassava fibre and corncob for bioethanol production by baker’s yeast. The corn cob and cassava fibre (150g/l) were hydrolyzed with different concentrations (0.1- 1.0 M) of H2SO4 and HCl to produce reducing sugars. The substrates were further hydrolyzed at different time intervals with 0.1M H2SO4 (which recorded optimum reducing sugar production). The hydrolysed substrates were fermented to ethanol by batch fermentation using Baker’s yeast. The fermentation was conducted for 168h and changes in ethanol yield, reducing sugar content and pH were monitored. The proximate analysis revealed that cassava fibre had 17.8% moisture, 1.3% ash, 4.1% fibre, 5.3% crude protein, 68.4% carbohydrate and 2.6 % lipid, while corn cob had 15.7% moisture, 4.0% ash, 25.7% fibre, 5.9% crude protein, 45.8% carbohydrate and 2.6 % lipid. At a concentration of 0.1M of H2SO4, the highest reducing sugar concentration of 5.08 and 5.10mg/ml was observed for cassava fibre and corncob respectively. Again, at a concentration of 0.1 and 1.0 M of HCL, the highest reducing sugar concentration of 2.06 and 2.89mg/ml was observed for cassava fibre and corncob respectively. The optimum hydrolysis time for reducing sugar production from cassava fibres (5.32mg/ml) and corncobs (5.51mg/ml) respectively was at 75min. Maximum ethanol concentration of 7.0% v/v and 6.4% v/v by Baker’s yeast was observed at 72h for corncobs and 120h for cassava fibres respectively. The result of the research showed that cassava fibres and corncobs could be used as cheap substrates for ethanol production. Keywords: Cassava fibre, corncob, reducing sugar, baker’s yeast, bioethanol


AUDIT COMMITTEE EFFECTIVENESS AND EARNINGS MANAGEMENT OF LISTED NON-FINANCIAL COMPANIES IN NIGERIA ______________________________________________________________________________ Abstract This study examines the effect of audit committee effectiveness on earnings management of listed non-financial companies in Nigeria. Quantitative correlational research design was used and data were extracted from the annual reports and accounts of thirty-six (36) sample non-financial companies for the period of (14) years (2004 to 2018). The data were analyzed using Arellano-Bond dynamic panel-data estimation technique. Robustness tests namely multicollinearity, sargan test and arrellano-bond test for zero autocorrelation were conducted to validate the results. The findings revealed that the lagged Discretionary Accruals (DAt-1) has a negative and statistically significant effect on current discretionary accruals (DAt), Audit committee effectiveness has a negative and significant effect on earnings management. The study concludes that the influence of audit committee effectiveness on earnings management of listed non-financial companies in Nigeria cannot be underestimated. The study therefore recommends that non-financial companies should ensure that regulatory and compliance committee independence is increased by ensuring that not only the composition of six audit committee members is strictly adhere to but audit committee meetings should be regularly held at least every quarter and full attendance should be encouraged. _____________________________________________________________________________ Keywords: Audit Committee Effectiveness, Earnings Management, Non-financial companies

Power Consolidation, Modernization and Commercial Splendor in Pre-Colonial Africa: The Case of Wolaita Kingdom (1500’s-1894) []

This article investigate about the pre-colonial kingdom of Wolaita(1500’s-1894) that founded by Shuma Gibe(Shum Gayim); a Tigre Malla king who trace his origin from Tembien of Tigray. It gave due emphasis to major socio-economic and political innovations that had been achieved by subsequent kings of Tigre Malla Dynasty. The research had consulted the pre-colonial material culture of the society, work of Chroniclers, European travel accounts and oral data collected from purposively selected ten informers to conclude that pre-colonial kingdom of Wolaita, which extends north-south from Ambaricho to Sugamo and east-west from Sidamo to Jimma, was far better than the post 1894 Wolaita Awuraja in socio-economic and administrative novelty. To strengthen this argument, noticeable modernization efforts in administration, modern army organization, improved system of agriculture and dying technologies, mining and minting of coins, telecommunication infrastructure, construction of world class palace, long distance trade routes that connects major market hubs to the coastal area as well as their diplomacy with the neighboring chiefs and colonial powers had been presented. The research also identified that the conquest of Emperor Menilik II had twisted the prestige of ordinary Wolaita in to the subject people whose values, religion, language, dignity, indigenous knowledge of administration, innovation, architecture and olden trade routes were either totally abandoned or deliberately marginalized in favor of the conquering Showa. Finally, the denial of the history of Wolaita’s contribution in the battle of Adwa and degrading of the status of indigenous cottage industry had been presented as an indicator of the degree of post conquest marginalization and societal disorder. Key Words: Wolaita kingdom, Tigre Malla, Modernization, conquest, Wolaita Awuraja


ABSTRACT: The purpose of this research is to explore and dig deeper into the new way of education assisted by computer and its technologies. It throws light on the new innovation of computer assisted education and its success in today’s era. Computer aided education refers to using computer and its devices. It does not mean replacing teachers but teachers using computer devices and its applications to teach like smart classes, videos and web tutoring. This paper highlights how in the situation of pandemic like this, we are only relying on the computer assisted education. Without computer facilitated education today, it would have been merely impossible for us to study and attain education. The world has open handedly accepted the new technology of computer assisted education. This paper is done with the objective to observe the success of computer assisted education. KEY WORDS- Education, Teachers, Smart classes, Videos, Technology.

An Empirical study on Working Capital Management Policies and Firms Performance: A Study of Selected Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria. []

This study examined the effect of working capital management policies on the performance of selected manufacturing firms for the periods 2015 – 2019. The objective of the study is to determine the effect of Aggressive Investment Policy (AIP) and Aggressive Financing Policy (AFP) on Return on Assets (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE) and Tobin-Q. To achieve the set objective, the study was guided by two research questions and two research hypotheses. The study utilized secondary data obtained from the published financial statements, which were readily available at the NSE, the CMA libraries and the Internet. The data were analyzed using descriptive analysis while the multiple regression analysis was used to test the research hypotheses. The analyses were run on E-view statistical application software. The study found significant effect of aggressive investment policy on firms’ performance (ROA, ROE and Tobin-Q). Also, the study established significant but negative effect of aggressive financial policy on organization’s performance (ROA, ROE and Tobin-Q). The study recommends that manufacturing firms in Nigeria should adopt aggressive investment policy. Also, the study cautioned the manufacturing firms from adopting aggressive financial policy, which was found to be reducing the firms’ performance.

Amharic_fake_account_detection_in_social_network []

Abstract A social networking service serves as a platform to build social networks or social relations among people who, share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real life connections. A social network service is generally offered to participants who registers to this site with their unique representation (often a profile) and one’s social links. Most social network services are web-based and provide means for users to interact over the Internet. [1]. Online social networking sites became an important means in our daily life. Millions of users register and share personal information with others. Because of the fast expansion of social networks, public may exploit them for unprincipled and illegitimate activities. As a result of this, privacy threats and disclosing personal information have become the most important issues to the users of social networking sites. The intent of creating fake profiles have become an adversary effect and difficult to detect such identities/malicious content without appropriate research. The current research that have been developed for detecting malicious content, primarily considered the characteristics of user profile. Most of the existing techniques lack comprehensive evaluation. In this work we propose new model using machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques to enhance the accuracy rate in detecting the fake identities in online social networks. We would like to apply this approach to Facebook by extracting the features like Time, date of publication, language, and geo position. [2] Key words: Amharic, Classification, Detection, Fake account, Machine learning, NLP, Social media,

P&G's Marketing Strategy []

The fast moving consumer goods industry is moving forward. Products are changing drastically. FMCG industry is able to beat recession which means these products will always be needed by the consumers. The urban and rural population has a huge potential to FMCG products. One of the leading FMCG companies. Their strategies are based on the fact that the company lays strong emphasis in developing markets like India with the motive of strengthening its core market business, build strong innovations through technology and go for cost reducing and improvement in productivity. P&G makes sure that the products developed by it are available in everywhere in the country. This helps in increasing the customer touch points. They are known for their diverse brand portfolio, consumer centric marketing approach. Distribution is their critical mission. The purpose of this paper is to explore the marketing strategies of P&G. This is a conceptual paper and secondary source of data has been used. The paper reveals the marketing strategies and the problem which company has faced and how they have overcome from it.