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Syntactic categories analysis of "A Service of Love" []

This research article examines the basic, foundational and initial syntactic categories which are the lexical and phrasal categories. The descriptive research method was used only. The 20 sentences for analysis were taken from the short story A Service of Love written by William Sydney Porter better known by his pen name O. Henry. The quantity and percentage of lexical and phrasal categories was visualised by constructing tables in a disciplined manner.


The research is to determine and locate the position of underground cable fault from a remote station in KM using a microcontroller. The practice of underground cabling is a common system employed in many modern cities. When fault occur in an underground cable for some reasons, the repairing process related to that particular cable is difficult because it is not easy to find the exact location of the cable fault. The proposed system is to find the specific area of the fault. The research will utilized the concept of Ohms law i.e., when a small DC voltage is injected at the feeder end of a cable line through a series resistor, the current flow varies depending on the location of fault in the cable. If t short circuit fault occur (Line to Ground), the voltage across resistors in series changes accordingly, which is then fed to an Analog-to¬-Digital Cable to develop precise digital data which a programmed microcontroller of 8051 family would display in kilometers. The fault occurring at a particular distance and the respective phase is displayed on a Light Crystal Display interfaced to the microcontroller.


High body protein storage can cause protein retention values to increase so that fish growth becomes fast. The growth of catfish will slow down in the prospective broodstock candidate period. The growth of transgenic hybrid mutiara catfish is enhanced by inserts CgGH which can increase insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) so that the response and appetite of fish become high. Efforts that can be made to maintain the appetite so that fish growth does not slow down in the prospective parent period is to provide a mixture of pindang tongkol and pellet. The purpose of this study was to determine the use of the best mix of pindang tongkol and pellet that provided the highest body protein content, protein retention and growth and feed conversion ratio in transgenic hybrid mutiara catfish third generation aged 4 months. The research was conducted at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Hatchery of Universitas Padjadjaran and the Ruminant Nutrition and Animal Nutrition Laboratory of Animal Husbandry Faculty of Animal Husbandry of Universitas Padjadjaran from September to October 2019. The study used an experimental method with a completely randomized design with four treatment mix ratio of pindang tongkol and pellets namely A (20:80), B (30:70), C (40:60), D (50:50) in transgenic hybrid fish and E (50:50) in non-transgenic fish repeated three times. Based on the results of the study, transgenic hybrid mutiara catfish G3 aged 4-6 months with 50% pindang tongkol and 50% pellet feed giving the highest yield with the protein content of 24,47%, protein retention 37,82% and growth rate 2,87%. However the treatment with mixed feed 20% pindang tongkol and 80% pellets gave the lowest FCR value of 0,78.


In Ethiopia the construction industry is the leading development sector which is up to 9.5 percent of the total gross domestic products of the country. The main objective of this research is to study on behavior of Self-compacting concrete (SCC) in the fresh and hardened states and to evaluate the effect of bone powder in compressive strength. SCC mix was designed with a constant ratio of mixing constituents and varying water to cement ratio (W/C) which are 0.5, 0.45, 0.4, 0.35, 0.32, and 0.3. Fresh physical property tests were conducted for the selection of suitable W/C. W/C of 0.32 gives a good result among the six mixes, and taken as a controlling mix. The fresh physical test and hardened compressive and flexural tests are made three times for controlling mix. Bone powder was added to the controlling mix in 3%. 6%, 9%, 12% and 15% then, fresh and harden state property are checked for each mix. The results show that the fresh property of SCC is upgraded in the presence of bone powder especially for 6% and 9%. The mix with 3% and 6% of bone powder has recorded higher flexural and compressive strength where the strength results for 9%, 12% and 15% record lower strength values compared to that of the control.

Coronavirus 19 is a document designed to create awareness for people []

A novel respiratory disease, previously known as 2019-nCoV, SARS-CoV-2 Sudden Respiratory Syndrome 2019 (COVID-19) has attracted worldwide attention. May January 30th 2020 The World Health Organization (WHO) officially announces a public health emergency worldwide. Acute respiratory syndrome syndrome (SARS-CoV) has shown a high incidence of disease and epidemic. Therefore, the evidence shows that the growing evidence is that it is transmitted from person to person, consistent with many sent cases worldwide. Clinical manifestations of COVID-19 patients with fever, cough, fatigue, and a small number of patients showed signs of gastrointestinal infection; people with seniors and diseases: Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and cytokine storms. Heat absorbs fat, so if you use more than 25 ° C of warm water during washing, washing clothes or other materials at this temperature, it will easily foam and has the potential to melt more of the virus. Discussion of the spread of the virus in COVID-19 and discuss current treatment and scientific advances The epidemic of coronary syndromes 2019 (COVID-19) has spread across China so China has learned that it can be stopped with due care. . Don't forget, without the fat on which the outer body is covered, it will easily break down. This is why soap and soap-based cleaners are considered to be the best protection. This is because the bubbles that form when soap is eliminated by the virus. It is supposed to last for 20 seconds when washing hands, as it allows for more foam. When the virus is inactive, it is determined by the type of material that it is time to disinfect. It has a material that lasts for 3 hours on cloth materials, 4 hours on copper and wood, 24 hours on cardboard, 42 hours on metal objects, and 72 hours on plastic. That is why it is not appropriate to dispose of cloth materials, because less than 3 hours of autoimmune virus will be able to get into the air when the cloth is inhaled. The protein will break down and the protein molecule will break down. More than 800 people have been diagnosed with corona in Ethiopia so far, but about 23 persons have been confirmed to be infected.

Thrombose Veineuse Cérébrales chez l’enfant : à propos d’une série hospitalisée en Réanimation Pédiatrique. []

Résumé : Introduction : La thrombose veineuse cérébrale (TVC) est rare avec une présentation clinique variable. L'héparine est utilisée pour le traitement de première intention en association avec une prise en charge symptomatique et étiologique. Méthodes: Un examen rétrospectif des dossiers médicaux et radiologiques des patients atteints de TVC pris en charge au niveau de la réanimation pédiatrique CHU Oran, Algérie, sur une période de 10 ans a été réalisé dans le but est de déterminer les caractéristiques cliniques, radiologiques, étiologiques et pronostiques des TVC dans cette tranche d'âge. Résultats : De 2008 à 2018, 10 enfants ont eu une thrombose veineuse cérébrale. Leur âge variait de 29 jours à 10 ans. Les crises épileptiques (n=2), l'état de mal épileptique convulsif (n=5) et les signes neurologiques focaux (n=5) ont été les premiers symptômes cliniques. La présence d'une thrombose du sinusale longitudinale (n=3) et latérale (n=10) a été mis en évidence par une tomodensitométrie non injectée, confirmée par angiographie par résonance magnétique, et l’IRMC. La thrombose était associée à des facteurs prédisposants dans tous les cas. Le traitement a consisté en une anti coagulation avec de HBPM, suivie d'une anti coagulation orale. L’évolution générale a été bonne; on déplore deux décès. Conclusion : Le diagnostic de thrombose veineuse cérébrale peut être posé de manière plus précise et non invasive par angio-IRM. Abstract : Introduction: Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) is rare with a variable clinical presentation. Heparin is used for first-line treatment in combination with symptomatic and etiological management. Methods: A retrospective review of the medical and radiological records of patients with VCT treated at the pediatric resuscitation level CHU Oran, Algeria, over a period of 10 years was carried out with the aim of determining the clinical, radiological, etiological and prognoses of VCT in this age group. Results: From 2008 to 2018, 10 children had a cerebral venous thrombosis. Their ages ranged from 29 days to 10 years. Epileptic seizures (n = 2), convulsive status epilepticus (n = 5) and focal neurological signs (n = 5) were the first clinical symptoms. The presence of longitudinal (n = 3) and lateral (n = 10) sinus thrombosis was demonstrated by a non-injected CT scan, confirmed by magnetic resonance angiography, and the IRMC. Thrombosis was associated with predisposing factors in all cases. The treatment consisted of anti-coagulation with LMWH, followed by oral anti-coagulation. The general evolution has been good; there are two deaths. Conclusion: The diagnosis of cerebral venous thrombosis can be made more precisely and non-invasively by angio-MRI.


Is there any significant difference between situational (unprepared) and structural (prepared) negotiations? In this arti-cle, a random sample of N=720 business negotiations was studied, divided into the following independent subsamples: (i) 356 business negotiations carried out without ensured preparation, and (ii) 364 negotiations in which all parties have structured their negotiations before its beginning. Two hypotheses were investigated through the Nonparametric Mann-Whitney U test to determine whether the (iii) deal value and the (iv) number of value creation options of these negotiations are the same, whatever the degree of ensured preparedness beforehand negotiation engagement. Key find-ings pointed out a statistical significance in both cases, and the null hypotheses were rejected, meaning significant dif-ferences between situational and structured business negotiations. Finally, this article provides scholars with a new perspective on business negotiation processes. Discussion and future research suggestions compile this study.


Rotation is motion and vice versa .Every point of a wheel moves simultaneously in a vertical curved path as well as a horizontal straight line path in a rotation . If a force is applied on a wheel and that force simultaneously converts to the centripetal force as well as the centrifugal force then the wheel moves forward. So everybody moves vertically in a curved path to cover horizontally on a straight line path. The following three laws are derived from the motion of a wheel on the road . LAW OF MOTION -------------------- Nrusingh’s 1st law ( a ) INERTIA OF REST - A body is at rest, until the applied force on it , converts to the centripetal force as well as the centrifugal force . ( b ) INERTIA OF MOTION - A body is at motion, as long as the applied force on it , converts to the centripetal force as well as the centrifugal force . The following law is derived from Nrusingh’s 1st law “THE FORCE OF ACTION IS ALWAYS EQUAL TO THE SUM OF OPPOSITE REACTION AND ABSORPTION” ------------------- Nrusingh’s 2nd law This implies that “14 PARTS ACTION = 11 PARTS REACTION + 3 PARTS ABSORPTION “ The following law is derived from the motion of a body “ THE ACCELERATION OF A BODY IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THE RESULTANT FORCE AND INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL TO ITS MASS ” The following law is derived from Nrusingh’s 2nd law Force = (11/14) mass * acceleration ------------------ Nrusingh’s 3rd law where (11/14) is the constant of proportionality The following equation is obtained from Nrusingh’s 2nd law, “ 14 PARTS ACTION = 11 PARTS REACTION + 3 PARTS ABSORPTION “ This implies that , when a wheel moves with 14 parts of force then 3 parts of the force is absorbed on the road and simultaneously the rest 11 parts of the force makes the wheel to move forward . The wheel moves on the Earth by 11 parts of the force as the rest 3 parts of the force of the wheel is absorbed by the road due to the gravitational force of the Earth . This implies that the wheel accelerates 11 parts distance on the road due to the gravity of the Earth. Hence the acceleration due to gravity of an object is 11m/s² on the Earth .


COBRA-like gene family is a multigene superfamily that encrypts a huge family of proteins that is merely prevailing within plants. The affiliates appertaining to COBRA-like family stay concerned with varied biotic activities associated with cell enlargement plus cell wall biosynthesis. There are 11 members in rice including OsBC1L1–9, BC1, OsBC1Lp1, 9 within maize including ZmBK2L3–9, ZmBK2, ZmBK2L1, and12 in Arabidopsis (COBRA, AtCOBL1–11). COBRA encrypts an alleged GPI-anchored protein & indispensable for oriented expansion of cell in Arabidopsis. COBRA-Like Protein also has an impact on the mechanical features of Rice plants. A COBRA-like protein operates in cellulose gathering by fastening cellulose microfibrils. Here is a review of the functions of the members of this family discovered so far.


ABSTRACT The results and information obtained from analysis in this study using Satellite Imagery and Geospatial techniques has shown that it is possible to effectively monitor the changing landuse trends and patterns and other developments within the study area over the years. Desired analyses and inferences were also carried to achieve specific goals. It also demonstrated the type and extent of land use or land cover at various times within the study area. The application of satellite imagery is a useful method for the fast collection of information to assess the dynamic changes of natural objects, natural resources and of the earth surface in general. GIS will continue to be a valuable tool when decisions must be made quickly and lives are to be affected. Therefore, well informed investments in the establishment and running of satellite ground stations and the GIS technology can only be a rewarding enterprise, now and in the future. It is obvious at a glance to see that Eti-osa Local Government has undergone a series of change in Land use and land cover area within the past few years. Though economically viable, it however raises environmental concerns on its effect on the ecosystem, drainage and vegetation of that area. The result as shown on the satellite images for those two periods has demonstrated a drastic change in the distribution of the three main features which we studied i.e Built-up area, Undeveloped area and water bodies with the quota of built up area going higher. This can be seen as a high rise in the state of urbanization as witnessed in other cities around the world. From the charts plotted for the varying landuse types and its percentage coverage, it is noticed that the undeveloped land mass has decreased with an increase in built up area. This is attributed to the increase in development (the built up areas) and an increase in commercial activities over the years leading to a continuous decrease in the undeveloped area. The water bodies too are affected as there is massive land reclamation and sand filling projects going on around the local government.

Biomedical, immunology. Tropomyosin and G_actin isoforms are strongly linked to PPARs genes and are all having strong relationships to diseases and cancer. []

Abstract : There are a strong relationship between the process of tropomyosin isoform sorting and the incorporation of tropomyosin isoforms into organized arrays of actin filaments. There is no evidence for active transport of tropomyosin isoforms to specific locations. As ATP functions decreased which located in G_ actin, as cells cleaning and metabolism will decreased as the tropomyosin genes functions will decrease and the tropomyosin isoforms functions will decrease too lead to accumulation of proteins in that ares & lead to decreasing in the transfer of sensations to the nervous system, and neuron leads to the decreasing in the transmission of messages to the brain. 🍁 Tropomyosin 3, an isoform that is not normally expressed in neuronal cells, was broadly distributed throughout the neuron, while exogenous expression of the neuronal isoform Tropomyosin 5NM1/2 was found to sort to the growth cone of neurons as does the endogenous Tropomyosin 5NM1/2. As these two transgenes differ only in the tropomyosin coding region yet are localized in two distinct areas, the findings suggest that, in addition to mRNA sorting, the proteins themselves contain sorting information.🍁 there are only six actin isoforms, and these isoforms are responsible for an array of unique and complex cellular structures and key cellular interactions. It is thought that the function and form of the actin cytoskeleton is controlled largely by actin-binding proteins (ABP) that are associated with the actin polymer. ABP are a group of proteins that bind to actin. Although tropomyosin is sometimes included as an ABP, it is not a true ABP. 🍁 G-actin has a globular structure; however, X-ray crystallography shows that each of these globules consists of two lobes separated by a cleft. This structure represents the “ATPase fold”, which is a centre of enzymatic catalysis that binds ATP and Mg2+ and hydrolyzes the former to ADP plus phosphate, plus is responsible about G_protein functions. The presentation of the “ATPase fold” in G_actin structure indicates the responsibility of ATPase for G_actin and for tropomyosin 🍁.


Mangrove ecosystems make important contributions in coastal and marine areas. The type of substrate and nutrient content in the substrate affect mangrove vegetation. In this study, we want to know the condition of the structure of the mangrove vegetation community, the type of substrate and the condition of nutrients on the substrate, and analyze the correlation of mangrove vegetation with the substrate and nutrients on the substrate. The field data collected on May 10, 2018 on Sangiang Island, Serang district, Banten province. Data was collected at three stations, using the line plot transect method for mangroves, substrate samples were entered into the laboratory to obtain substrate and nutrient data on the substrate. Based on field observations in the Sangiang Island area, 8 mangrove species were found, the total density ranged from 1500 ind / ha - 3133.33 ind / ha, frequencies ranged from 3 - 7.33, dominance ranged from 0.6073 m ^ 2 / ha - 17,8413 m ^ 2 / ha. The substrate obtained is gravel sand and gravel mud sand. Nitrogen content ranges from 0.03% - 0.1%, phosphorus ranges from 7.67 mg / 100g - 18.08 mg / 100g, and potassium ranges from 35.84 mg / 100g - 66.76 mg / 100g. Correlation value of the substrate and nutrients in the substrate to mangrove vegetation has a diverse relationship.


The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of customer value, e-service quality on repurchase interest and customer satisfaction in Shopee applications. This study uses quantitative research obtained from the results of a questionnaire with 356 respondents. Data analysis technique uses path analysis. The results of the study stated that customer value has a significant positive effect on repurchase interest through customer satisfaction, e-service quality has a significant positive effect on repurchase interest through customer satisfaction.

Effects of SARS CoV-2 infection in pregnancy and neonates: a systematic review []

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome- Corona Virus2 (SARS-COV2) is a causative agent of potentially fatal Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) which is a current global health concern. This disease being prevalent over the whole world has altered the daily life of the entire population. These changes have altered the people’s mental and physical condition, to a great extent on high risk and vulnerable population. Pregnancy itself is a change or an experience of immunological and physiological changes making more susceptible to viral infections. COVID-19 may alter the degree of adverse pregnancy outcomes. In this paper we highlight, the major threat to the pregnant women during and after the pregnancy phase and the impact of the virus to the pregnant women and her child through the available evidence on maternal, fetal and neonatal outcomes. This study aims to summarize the clinical course and outcome of pregnant women with COVID-19, and the potential risk to the fetus (vertical transmission) during pregnancy and after delivery through currently available evidence. PubMed, Google Scholar, Mendeley, Hinari and needed resources like books and were searched for studies reporting maternal, fetal, and neonatal outcomes of women infected with COVID-19 published from January to April 2020.

Use of Rock Mechanics in Soft Rock Tunnel []

There has always been a symbiotic relationship between rock mechanics and tunnel construction. Rock mechanics plays a very important role in the decision making of soft rock tunnel. It tells us more about the place where the construction is going to take place, the rock content and strength, its characteristics and it influences the method of construction that will be adopted in the construction process.