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Sun light is a portion of the electromagnetic radiation given off by the sun .It contains infrared light , visible light and ultraviolet light. The sun light moves from the sun to the Earth according to the law , 14 parts Action = 11 parts Reaction + 3 parts Absorption .This implies that, 1 part Action = (11/14) part Reaction + (3/14) part Absorption. The refraction is the change in direction of a wave passing from one medium to another . The refraction of light is called the reaction of light and the incident of light is the action of light . So Reaction = (11/14) part of Action and Absorption = (3/14) part of Action . Similarly , Angle of Refraction = (11/14) part Angle of Incidence and Angle of Absorption = (3/14) part Angle of Incidence . Motion is rotation and rotation is a simultaneous motion in vertical cycloid path as well as on horizontal straight line path, So this type of motion is a wave. If a force is applied on a wheel and that force simultaneously converts to the centripetal force as well as the centrifugal force then the wheel moves forward. So every point on the wheel moves vertically on a curved path to cover horizontally on a straight line path. This fact gives rise to a law , 14 parts of Action = 11 parts of Reaction + 3 parts of Absorption . Everything of the Universe moves from one place to another place according to this law . The following laws are derived from the above facts as follows , LAW OF MOTION ----------------------- Nrusingh’s 1st law (a) INERTIA OF REST : A body is at rest, until the applied force on it , converts to the centripetal force as well as the centrifugal force . (b),,,, INERTIA OF MOTION : A body is at motion, as long as the applied force on it , converts to the centripetal force as well as the centrifugal force . The following law is derived from Nrusingh’s 1st law THE FORCE OF ACTION IS ALWAYS EQUAL TO THE SUM OF OPPOSITE REACTION AND ABSORPTION ------------------------ Nrusingh’s 2nd law This implies that , 14 PARTS ACTION = 11 PARTS REACTION + 3 PARTS ABSORPTION So 1 PART ACTION = (11/14) PART REACTION + (3/14) PART ABSORPTION The following laws are derived from Nrusingh’s 2nd law Force = (11/14) Mass *Acceleration ----- Nrusingh’s 3rd law Energy = (11/14)mass(velocity of light)² ---- Nrusingh’s 4th law Pressure * Volume = (11/14) Temperature ---- Nrusingh’s 5th law Pressure = (11/14) Force / Area ---- Nrusingh’s 6th law Energy = (11/14) Frequency ---- Nrusingh’s 7th law Work = (11/14) Force * Distance ---- Nrusingh’s 8th law THE ACCELERATION DUE TO GRAVITY OF AN OBJECT IS 11 m/s² ON THE EARTH - --- - --- Nrusingh’s 9th law THE GRAVITATIONAL FORCE OF THE HEAVIER BODY IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THE PRODUCT OF THE MASS AND ACCELERATION OF THE LIGHTER BODY This implies that , GRAVITATIONAL FORCE OF HEAVIER BODY = { (11/14) (MASS * ACCELERATION) OF LIGHTER BODY } ----- Nrusingh’s 10th law APPLIED HEAT = (3/14) ABSORBED HEAT + (11/14) WORK DONE HEAT This implies that , Q = (3/14) U + (11/14) W ----- Nrusingh’s 11th law The refraction law of light is derived from the following law , 1 PART ACTION = (11/14) PART REACTION + (3/14) PART ABSORPTION The following law is the refraction law of light ANGLE OF REFRACTION = (11/14) ANGLE OF INCIDENCE ----- Nrusingh’s 12th law where (11/14) is the constant of proportionality

The usefulness of Community Media in Promoting Domestic Tourism in Tanzania []

Abstract Domestic tourism in the African perspectives has for a long time being considered as a foreign oriented practice. Despite of its significant contributions to the economy; Tanzania is still amongst the African countries which seem to have a very scant evidence to support for the existence of a vocal domestic tourism industry in the country. Likewise, the media as one of the agents of social and economic changes in the country cannot also go unnoticed. The focus of this article is to shade light on how the community media particularly the Community Radios can be useful agents in promoting domestic tourism in Tanzania and other developing countries. The article vividly cites a number of authenticated case studies across globe to sustenance for the usefulness of community media especially community radios in endorsing domestic tourism in Tanzania.


Abstract This study focuses on capital structure theories, the standard Modigliani-Miller framework and the implications on corporate tax .This leads to the conversation that bond investment for pension plans have tangible advantages over holding risky assets like equities and change of debt equity ratio doesn’t affect the value of the firm. The paper considers a case study of SBG Securities from Nairobi Stock exchange market which is a Kenyan base security company with a pension fund of around £7.8 Million where these ideas were put into practice. Finally discussion on the value released to shareholders and the extra security members of the pension fund are derived from putting theory into practice. The research findings are useful to the finance managers who need to maintain an optimal capital structure which sounds elusive as per the tenets of the theories and to the investors while choosing profitable investment and prudent financial decision.


Abstract- This research aims to find out customer loyalty through customer satisfaction seen from the influence of trust and quality of service on Grab Food Makassar users. The population in this study was all Grab Food users in Makassar. Determination of the number of samples that are representative according to sugiyono is dependent on the number of indiactors at times with 5 where there are 20 indicators so that the sample obtained as many as 100 0rang. The research data came from questionnaires created with Likert's scale and analysis using several linear regressions. The results showed that Trust has a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction. The quality of service has a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction. Trust has a positive and significant effect on customer loyalty. The quality of service has a positive and significant effect on customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction has a positive and significant effect on customer loyalty. Trust has a positive and significant effect on customer loyalty through satisfaction. And the quality of service has a positive and significant effect on customer loyalty through satisfaction. Keywords: Trust, Quality of Service, Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction

Solar PV Cell Cooling with cool water circulation system []

This report proposes a set of closed loop water circulation as cooling system to cool the surface of photovoltaic panel. The cooling was conveyed by typical heat exchanger (Radiator). Conclusive field test results obtained through the cooling system had shown the reduction of surface temperature of PV cells which in turn increased power efficiency of solar panel. This was a very crucial finding that established closed loop water circulation cooling system able to increase the power by about 0.45W and power efficiency increase up to 7.76%. Experimental results indicated that the PV solar panel performance of a closed loop water circulation system was able to perform better as compared to opened loop system.

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment, Inflation, and Trade Openness on the GDP Growth of Bangladesh: An Econometric Approach []

Abstract The real Gross Domestic Product (RGDP), foreign direct investment, inflation, and trade openness are the most crucial macroeconomic indicators for a country. These indicators are an integral part of the overall development effort and national growth of all countries like Bangladesh. This paper investigates the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI), inflation, and trade openness on economic growth in Bangladesh using annual time series data from 1972 to 2019 by using the Johansen cointegration test, VECM approach, and Granger causality test. The Johansen Co-integration test results confirm that there is a statistically significant long-run relationship among FDI, inflation, trade openness and economic growth. The results of the VECM show that the disequilibrium in the long-run economic growth is corrected or adjusted by 12.2% in the short-run following the next year. The results also suggest that FDI has a statistically significant positive impact on economic growth, trade openness also has a statistically positive impact on economic growth but inflation has a statistically significant negative relationship with economic growth. The results from the Granger causality test reveal that there exists a unidirectional causal relationship from RGDP to FDI, from inflation to RGDP, from trade openness to RGDP and trade openness to FDI. Therefore the study concludes that government of Bangladesh should reformulate the current policies regarding the FDI, and trade openness and should introduce effective policies to reduce inflation rate to enhance its economic growth. Keywords: Economic Growth, FDI, Trade Openness, Johansen Co-Integration test, VECM, Granger Causality.

Consumers’ Perceptions of E-Service Quality on Online Shopping in the Nepalese Metropolitan Cities []

This paper attempts to examine the consumers’ perceptions of e-service quality on online shopping in six metropolitan cities of Nepal. Descriptive and causal-comparative research design have used in this study. Data are collected from 525 respondents by using a questionnaire survey where 600 questionnaires (100 respondents from each metropolitan city) were distributed. Consumer satisfaction and purchase intention are the dependent variables. Similarly, website design, trust, reliability, responsiveness, and personalization are the independent variables. Descriptive statistics, correlation analysis and multiple regression models are used to analyse the data. It is observed that all independent variables have a positive and significant impact on consumer satisfaction and purchase intention. This study helps marketers to understand factors influencing consumer purchase intention on online shopping. The study is very relevant because it can give a clear picture of the future of online markets in Nepal and the emerging trends in this particular field. It is expected that this paper may contribute to fill an important gap in the literature and may add some values to the existing literature.


The project “ONLINE EXAMINATION TEST GENERATOR FOR INTELLIGENT PLACEMENT TO ENHANCING RWANDA EDUCATION SYSTEM QUALITY”Is useful to reduce the complexity and time in the job selection process by company. Nowadays Rwanda companies conducting different process to select a right candidate for right job. This project will helps the companies to select candidate for interview by conducting basic selection process through online. In this project Test Generator is software that is used to create a test or work with a question bank contains large number of questions. Company can create a new question bank or even add new questions to the existing question bank. Company also has the possibility to view the existing question bank.Registered company can upload their company details with this module and they can enter their company selection criteria for job recruit. Also they will feed their exam question paper into database. User can select their company and they will get the relevant question paper for that company. User has to complete the exam on time. The mark will be calculated by system and will pass to company. Mark scored in exam by candidate is maintained and it can be viewed by the relevant companies. Based on Mark Company will send call letter for interview to the candidate

A False Sense of Connection is Being Created among the Youth Culture in Dhaka City; Through the Excess Use of Social Media: A Sociological Study []

This writing examines negative impacts for excess use of social media among youth culture in Dhaka city. Connect with unknown people in the social networking sites creating false sense of connection between them. Social media also promotes immoral images, video clips and images between young people, anti-religious post and links build hatred between cultures of different societies, and negative use of social media deteriorates relations between nations. The goal of the study is to evaluate the influence of the increasing usage of social media on youth culture in Dhaka city. Social media now a day’s many important role like online class platforms such as Face book, messenger the interest of students to study and positively impacts their academic degree points can effect in their life positively also. But this paper will only show the negative impacts of excess use of social media by youth people because for the negative usage youth people from our society can face privacy problem, cyber bullying problem, Isolation from family and society, loneliness, depression etc difficulty can be raised. For this reason they (youth) needs guidelines from their families and society.

An Exploratory study of consumer's perception about antibiotic resistance in Pakistan []

ABSTRACT Background: The objective of this research is to capture the perceptions of patients regarding the usage of antibiotics. Secondly, explore customers' level of understanding about the resistance of antibiotics Method: Semi-structured interviews with 12 consumers of different age groups were recruited via convenient sampling from a population of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Results: Three themes emerged from the analysis, to elucidate factors affecting antibiotic use: (a) Consumers' awareness about antibiotics (b) Patient perception about the prescription of antibiotics (c) Self-medication by the patient. Consumers held mixed perceptions regarding the use of delayed antibiotic prescriptions and were often not made aware of the use of repeat antibiotic prescriptions. Patients have limited sources of medical knowledge, the role of pharmacies is also a question mark. Patients have expectations from doctors regarding treatment. There is also a gap in the implementation of DRAP rules. Conclusion: Antibiotic resistance is increasing in our society. The main reason is the misuse of antibiotics that is prevalent in our society, e.g. self-medication, patients are taking the improper dosage and duration, high expectations, and doctor's fear of losing patients. Keywords: Antibiotic, Consumer’s perception, Antibiotic resistance,


This research took place at the Belawan Ocean Fishery Port, which is part of the administrative area of Medan City, North Sumatra. The present study aims to analyze the costs, benefits and level of financial viability of the fishing business of Flying Fish in Belawan Ocean Fishery Port and to examine problems and recommendations for developing the fishing business of Flying Fish in Belawan Ocean Fishery Port. The sample in this study was determined using accidental sampling technique. The results of research observations show that the fishing results of Belawan fishermen per trip are 2,311 kg with an average selling price of IDR 23,833 / kg. The net income of a fishermen's employer is IDR 23,200,000 with an average total production cost of IDR 14,833,333, an average investment cost of IDR 48,055,555, and an R/C benefit value of 1.46. To increase the potential for the development of the fishing business of Flying Fish in Belawan Ocean Fishery Port, it can be done by improving the fishing technology and must have adequate infrastructure and also be accompanied by a good fish supply and fish distribution system.