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The main thrust of this study was to determine the role of HRIS on the level of sustainability, efficiency and security of HR data on human resource management in Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estate. The emerging trend in competitive world is clearly towards the adoption of latest technology, best information availability and management of human resources. Human resources management is one of the departments that mostly use management information system. Human Resources information systems support activities such as identifying potential employees, maintaining complete records on existing employees and creating programs to develop employees’ talents’ and skills. HR systems help senior management to identify the manpower requirements in order to meet the organization’s long term business plans and strategic goals. Middle management uses human resources systems to monitor and analyze the recruitment, allocation and compensation of employees. Operational management uses HR systems to track the recruitment and placement of the employees. HRIS can also support various HR practices such as workforce planning, staffing, compensation programs, salary forecasts, pay budgets and labor/employee relations. This study followed the sequential explanatory correlational co-efficient design. The participants of the study were 5 Managers, 2 Assistant Managers, 7 Supervisors, 3 Technical Staffs and 13 Assistants from different department of the company. Validated researcher-made survey questionnaire instrument used for gathering of data. Using four-point Likert Scale and the simple mean, t-test for independent samples, Pearson-r correlation coefficient, and multiple linear regression, findings revealed that respondents assess HRIS as satisfactory in the level of Infrastructure and Software while slightly sustainable, efficient and secured in the level of HRIS sustainability, efficiency and security. There were no significant differences in the assessment of the respondents as to HRIS efficiency, sustainability and security. HRIS infrastructure and software significantly impacted the usefulness of data report generation between variable and independent variable. Using correlational co-efficient interpretative analysis, there is a need to propose a system review and validation on the requirements needed to maintain and enhance the Human Resources Information System that can also help the company and the users to re-align its business goals and objectives.

Insights chemical Review Articles: A Short Overview []

A review article is basically provided itself as a literature review relied on formerly published research on a context. This critical assessment can be compiled by anyone and consists of a subjective opinion of a research. The regular format of a systematic review on a title involves steps of introduction, methods, results, and discussion regarding with a research article. The narrative or traditional literature reviews, scoping reviews, systematic quantitative literature reviews, Cochrane reviews, Campbell collaboration etc. all condense and critique a literature body about the research topic. Excepting the education system, experts mostly review the work of their peers for limpidity, novelty, and levy to the discipline of study. The main ideas of the review article are stated to identify the most important details that support the creativity of one’s. A review article is desired to provide a summary or a synthesis of the output of selected research performances being published by other authors. The root purpose of a review article is to test the current state of the consequential publications on an invested topic. An article review ordering offers students or scholars to evaluate and analyze the findings of other experts in a particular field. However, the review articles teach about the authentic author working in a field in which the recent major advances and discoveries intend to find the significant gaps in the research. Additionally, the current debates readily determine the ideas of where research might go next. This paper concludes that more review articles will be needed to get knowledge in short time on a specific topic without having to read all the published works in the field.

Is Economic Growth sufficient for Poverty Reduction? Empirical evidence from Tanzania []

Tanzania like other developing countries implements a number of strategies aimed at reducing poverty and expedite the economy of the country. The initiatives made by Tanzania have raised real GDP at an average of 7.1% in 2017 compared to 7.0% in 2016. Currently, the World Bank has classified Tanzania as low middle income country. Despite the initiative made by Tanzania to reduce poverty, poverty rate reduction has been very slow. The study aims to examine if economic growth in Tanzania is sufficient for poverty reduction. The granger causality was employed and its result indicates that economic growth does not support poverty reduction. The study also uses VECM to examine the relationship between economic growth and poverty reduction. The result shows that the relationship between economic growth and poverty reduction is strong and positive over the period of analysis, and in long run, economic growth and poverty reduction will move together. The speed of adjustment of the economic growth and poverty reduction is 46% yearly for attaining long run equilibrium steady. These results recommend the policymakers that if a policy objective is to reduce the poverty then economic growth should simultaneously take into account as the final target. The government also should target vulnerable people such as the marginalized groups that have chronic poverty and exclusion from society. Keyword: Economic Growth, Poverty Reduction, GDP, VECM, Stationary, Long run, Co-integration


This study entitled “Acceptability of Ashitaba Leaf and Bitter gourd Flavored Pasta” aimed to determined and discover the trial method if ashitaba and bitter gourd can be made into flavored pasta. The study aimed to produce Ashitaba and Bitter gourd Flavored Pasta especially it sought to answer the following questions: 1.) What are the methods used in preparing Ashitaba and Bitter grourd Flavored Pasta.2.) What is the mean level of acceptability of Ashitaba and Bitter Gourd Flavored Pasta as rated by CTE students, parents and high school students based on the following criteria: Appearance, Taste, Texture and Nutritive Content, 3.) Is there a significant difference on the rating given by CTE students and Parents on the level of Acceptability of Ashitaba and Bitter Gourd Flavored Pasta, 4.) Is there a significant difference on the rating given by CTE students and High School Students on the level of Acceptability of Ashitaba and Bitter Gourd Flavored Pasta? The experimental method of research was used to determine the level of Acceptability of Ashitaba and Bitter Gourd Flavored Pasta in terms of the sensory qualities as to appearance, taste, texture and nutritive content. The study utilized (30) respondents consisting (10) CTE Students, (10) Parents and (10) High School Students. The researchers used random sampling to evaluate this study. In random sampling is the part of statistical practice concerned with the selection of a subset of individuals intended to yield some knowledge about the population of concern, especially for purpose of making prediction based on statistical inference. The research instrument used was the scorecard. The researchers made the scorecard in evaluating the sensory qualities in terms of Appearance, taste, texture and nutritive content as well as acceptability of Ashitaba and Bitter Gourd Flavored Pasta. Ten (10) CTE students, Ten (10) Parents and Ten (10) High School Students served as respondents in this experimental. Weighted mean and standard deviation were used to determine the respondent awareness on the finish product of Ashitaba and Bitter Gourd Flavored Pasta in terms of appearance, taste, texture and nutritive content. The t-test is used to determine if there is a significant difference on the rating given by CTE students and parents, CTE students and high school students on the acceptability of ashitaba and bitter gourd flavored pasta. Ashitaba and Bitter Gourd Flavored Pasta was made through preparing the ingredients, tools and equipment needed, Wash the ashitaba and bitter gourd leaves and chopped, mix the flour, ashitaba and bitter gourd , add the remaining ingredients such as oil and eggs, form the dough into ball, kneading the dough until it become soft, rest for one hour in refrigerator, roll the dough until it become flat and slice into strips, dry the pasta strips for 30 minutes to one hour, blanced the ashitaba and bitter gourd flavored pasta, serve it with sauce. The mean level of acceptability of Ashitaba and Bitter Gourd Flavored Pasta as rated by the average mean of 4.44 and standard deviation of 0.444 verbally interpreted as “high acceptable”. The mean level of Acceptability of Ashitaba and Bitter Gourd Flavored Pasta as rated by the parents based on the different sensory qualities such as appearance, taste, texture where highly acceptable as reflected by the average mean of 4.68 and standard deviation of 0.451 verbally interpreted as “high acceptable”. The mean level of Acceptability of Ashitaba and Bitter Gourd Flavored Pasta as rated by the High School Students based on the different sensory qualities such as appearance, taste and texture were highly acceptable as reflected by the average mean of 4.80 and standard deviation of 0.379 verbally interpreted as “highly acceptable”. There is no significant difference on the rating given by the CTE students and parents and CTE students and high school students on the Acceptability of Ashitaba and Bitter Gourd Flavored Pasta since the critical T-value is 2.045 which is 2.045 which is greater than the computed T-value of 2,000.


ABSTRACT Proper Determinants of working capital management (WCM) is a prerequisite for any firm targeting consistent efficiency. Determinants of working capital management deals with the process of making resolutions that are relate to aspects of capital to be used in the day-to-day management of a business in the short financing of the organization and in its operations. The research aimed at assessing the effect of determinants of working capital management on organizational efficiency where BRALIRWA is the case study. The specific objectives were to investigate the effect of inventory management of on the efficiency of BRALIRWA, to establish how cash conversion cycle and account payable days affect the efficiency of BRALIRWA, and to establish the effect of Determinants of working capital management on the efficiency of BRALIRWA. Descriptive, explorative, correlation, and cross-sectional research designs were employed. The target population of the current study was 382 BRALIRWA employees. The sample size is 79 determined using Slovin’s formula. Simple random sampling was used to select BRALIRWA population and Purposive sampling was used to recruit respondents in BRALIRWA. Primary data was obtained from study participants by use of a survey questionnaire which had questions linking Determinants of working capital management and efficiency. Secondary data was be collected by panel method through reviewing data from the annual financial statements of the targeted BRALIRWA. Primary and secondary data was be and cleaned. Erroneous questionnaires were set aside. The researcher entered data into the statistical package for social science (SPSS) Version 21 software in preparation for analysis. The study used a combination of descriptive and inferential (regression) analysis methods. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze primary data as well as offer descriptions of the secondary data while inferential statistics was used to analyze the secondary data with respect to enabling the researcher make conclusions as to how efficiency was be related to Determinants of working capital management. Descriptive statistics was used included measures of central tendencies, frequencies, and percentages. Findings were that BRALIRWA acknowledges and implements the use and follow-up of working capital determinants, this enhances the efficiency of BRALIRWA, however this has to be consistent and be day to day following up. Recommendations would be: BRALIRWA ought to guarantee the all out number of days taken before inventories are sold is limited so as to support the profits of the firm, BRALIRWA ought to likewise plan stock spending plans so as to keep up sufficient stock for smooth activities for the firm, The stock level ought to be explored consistently to guarantee ideal stock is kept up consistently, BRALIRWA ought to likewise set up a stock control framework to aids proficient administration of stock, BRALIRWA ought to normally audit payables the board arrangements to guarantee ideal credit is kept up consistently Key terms : determinants , working capital ,management, organizational, efficiency

Awareness and Practice of Nurses’ Regarding Care of Patient with Chest Drains []

Background: The tube inserted for drainage of its contents (fluid or air) in the pleural region is a chest drain and remains in place until drainage is complete. But in emergency circumstances and aseptic tube inserted, informed consent should be obtained. A chest tube was inserted to assist with the treatment of pneumothorax, hemothorax, empyema, pleural effusion and chest trauma, and after thoracic surgery. Chest tubes and a closed drainage system are used to re-expand the collapsed lungs and to remove excess air, fluid, and blood. It was connected to an underwater seal drainage device after it was inserted into the pleural region. Objectives: To assess the awareness and practice of nurses’ regarding care of patient with chest drains Methodology: A cross sectional descriptive study design. The setting will be the Punjab Institute Cardiology. Using SPSS, data analysis was performed and used to define the corresponding chi-square factor. Graphs and tables provided the details. Result: Total 150 participants are involved this study 24.7% participants belong to 21-30 years of age group, 33.3 % participants have 31-40 years of age group, 20.0% participants have 41-50 years of age group, and 22.0% participants have above 51 years of age. 67% participants were male and 83% female. 40.0 % (n=60) participants were Diploma holder, 22.0% (n=33) participants were Bachelor degree, 38.0 %( n=57) and participants were Master’s degree. 56.0 % (n=84) participants were surgery department, 44.0 %( n=66) participants were Medicine department. 16.0 % (n=24) participants were 0-5 years, 23.3 %( n=35) participants were 6-10 years, 28.7% (n=43) participants were 11-15 years, 21.3 % (n=32) participants were 16-20 years, and 10.7 % (n=16) participants were above 20 years. Conclusion The study showed variations in the level of knowledge and practice of nurses, most of which reflected in their nursing practice their knowledge between the poor and the average. Many nurses have not been aware of the suggested practice and an amount have shown possibly dangerous practice. The research also raised concern about all aspects of chest drain treatment and highlighted the criteria for practice improvements and developed body of knowledge. Any of these issues are preventable and when they occur, they must be handled correctly and appropriately. Key word: Awareness, Practices, Care, Patient, Chest, Drains, tube.

Knowledge of Student Nurses about the Use of Clinical Portfolio []

Background: The use of portfolios for learning and evaluation in nursing education has risen in recent years. The key purpose of creating a portfolio is to combine clinical experience with theoretical expertise in order to facilitate student-centered learning and analytical learning. The use of portfolios for learning and evaluation in nursing education has risen in recent years. The main goals of putting together a portfolio are to match clinical experiences with theoretical understanding, make student-centered learning simpler, and promote reflective learning. Objectives: To assess the opinions of nursing students about the use of portfolios To evaluate the perception of nursing students about benefits of portfolios. Methodology: A cross sectional descriptive study design. The setting will be the university of Lahore. Using SPSS, data analysis was performed and used to define the corresponding chi-square factor. Graphs and tables provided the details. Result: Total 150 participants are involved this study Mostly participants (72.0%) have knowledge about the guideline and purpose of portfolio and (53.3%) were agree that frequent teacher feedback is important during semester. (47.3%) participants were agree that they participate actively in building of portfolio and 13.3% were disagree. (45.6%) participants agree that portfolio help them to monitor their progress. Conclusion According to the current study's student nurse the portfolio process has assisted their learning and sufficient responsibilities toward their own education. Moreover, portfolio help them in comprehending to improve the relationship between students and teachers. Portfolios and resumes are beneficial to their professional careers. In terms of portfolio perceptions, there were similar differences between first and second year nursing students. Students value consistent instructions, periodic feedback, reducing the amount of documentation needed, and increasing the number of points allotted to the portfolio in regard to the workload. Key word: Knowledge, Students, Nurses, portfoilio.

Face mask using Practice and Technique among Adults in the Rural Area []

Background: A face mask is a single use items that is loss fitting and that the nose, mouth and the chine are secure. This gives a physical barrier against probably infective droplet and is a barrier against potential infective droplet. Easy and low-cost person non- medicated action for self-protection, and spread prevention breathing disease. The best practice and wearing technique require the accurate usage of the face mask. An evaluation of these two elements will be responsible for useful info for the growth of strategies for well-being increase the efficacy of face mask use. Objectives: To assess the practices and techniques of face mask in community people? Methodology: A cross sectional descriptive study design. The setting will be the Dena Nath community Lahore. Using SPSS, data analysis was performed. Graphs and tables provided the details. Result: Total 150 participants are involved this study The gender of the participants 50(50%) were male and 50(50%) were female. The age of the participants in which 18-24 year participant were 25 (25%),25 – 34 age participants were 30 (30%) and 45(45%) participants age 35-44 years. When taking care of family members with fever 50(50%) half of the participants sometime with fever and 50(50%) were often. When taking care of family members with respiratory infection 30(30%) were seldom, 45(45(45%) were sometime and 25(25%) often. When visiting clinics during peak season or a flu pandemic 50(50%) were seldom, 30(30%) sometime and 20(20%) often. Conclusion To reduce the spread of respiratory infection in a population the people use of face mask is necessary. This research analysed and acknowledge their deficient performance in the practice and the technique of using face masks among adults during a nonpublic state. An all out initiative by expert health care practitioners, manufactures, and the government will increase peoples knowledge of proper policy and technique and improve adult success through the use of face masks. Although the research was performed in Dena Nath, the finding and importance for other countries. Key word: Face mask, Practices, Technique, Adults.

Onychomycosis: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Management. An overview []

Onychomycosis is the common fungal infection which has apparently sanction to many causes of starting point occurrences e.g. discoloration, splitting of the nail from the nail bed. Candida species, dermatophytes, non-dermatophyte with certain other examples are the type of species, along with the possession of varying percentage at different levels, to have an influence on particular disease’s consequences. According to the optimum condition provided for onychomycosis culture to grow on an increase or decrease its growth by assistance to it with changing temperature. Under certain observation, its limitation has been noticed discriminatorily in its fluctuation rate in children, adults to be more bother in male than in the female. Whereas onychomycosis has a harmful effect on a different region, age groups, type of diseases by great impact of the peripheral vascular, a genetic trait, foot ulcer, diabetes, etc. Side by side to the poor immune system with this satisfaction of disease cure effect of completely undone. Vast treatment distinguishes the elaboration towards the eradication of an infectious agent leading to the normal appearance of the nail, by using certain antifungal along with meta-analysis presenting mycotic and clinical cure rates. The medications include oral allylamine and azole, topical agent and systematic agents. Focusing more on prevention we can get the chance to reduce the disease, hereafter, some new techniques are introduced for the betterment of a remedy.


This study examined the nature of the relationship that exists between Banks Profitability and the Adoption of Information and Communication Technology. A sample of (180) employees based on (9) selected banks was selected randomly for the purpose of this study across the banks operating in Anambra State of Nigeria. A structured questionnaire consisting of closed ended multiple choice-questions were employed for the survey. To ensure the validity of this research, the instrument was subjected to criticism by specialist in the areas of management research. Cronbach’s coefficient alpha was used to determine the internal consistency and reliability of the work. Quantitative data were presented using tables - percentages and frequencies to facilitate easy understanding. The hypotheses were tested with data collected through the questionnaire. The hypotheses tested using F-Test as well as well known statistical package SPSS version 17.0 was used in order to analyze the data on the questionnaire. The data analysis showed that a positive correlation exists between ICT and banks profitability in Nigeria. The level of the regression coefficient as well as the factor analysis which revealed that an insignificant size of profit exist without the introduction of the ICT. The study recommends effective management of technological innovation for improved employees performance, customer’s satisfaction, sustainable profit, increased return on investment, returns on equity, and to promote competitiveness in the Nigerian banking industry.


With the aim to develop a new instructional tool in teaching the concept of Economics to Grade 9 students, the researcher assessed the acceptability and effectivity of using social media memes as an instructional tool in teaching the concept of Economics to Grade 9 students of Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School AY 20202 - 2021. The researcher used a quasi-experimental design, specifically, pretest-posttest design. The researcher purposively chose 270 Grade 9 students to be the student-respondents and 6 junior high school teachers/personnel to be the teacher-respondents of the study in the said locality. The student-respondents were separated into two groups, control and experimental, which have 135 students each. Both the groups took a 30-item pretest. Afterwards, the treatment, which is using social media memes as an instructional tool, was applied to the experimental group. Then, a 30-item posttest was given to both groups after the discussion of the topic. In addition to that, a survey questionnaire was administered to the student-respondents in the experimental group to assess the level of acceptability of the social media memes as an instructional tool. Likewise, a survey questionnaire was administered to the teacher-respondents to assess the problems encountered in teaching the concept of Economics using social media memes. Results showed that the social media memes as an instructional tool as assessed by the student-respondents in the experimental group was highly acceptable in terms of objective, content, language and style, illustration, organization, and general evaluation. Moreover, there was a greater increase in performance from pretest to posttest in the experimental group compared to the control group. Lastly, the main problem identified by the teacher-respondents was there were not enough resources of social media memes on the internet related to the topic. Thus, it can be said that the use of social media memes as an instructional tool was acceptable and effective in teaching the concept of Economics to Grade 9 students of Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School AY 20202 – 2021. The researcher then developed an instructional tool using social media memes as an output for this study.

The Role of the Construction Industry in Attaining the Millennium Development Goals []

Although, there are many under-developed countries in the world, development is a disposition of any society. In the quest to achieved this, many countries joined the United Nations to set up eight time-bound Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to address poverty, hunger, maternal and child mortality, communicable disease, education, gender inequality, environmental damage and the global partnership. Irrespective of the fact that these goals have not been achieved, many societies are striving hard to achieve them, but has achieved less than more. Nigeria is one of such developing countries. There has been efforts to improve health, education and gender inequalities in the past few years, but less attention has been paid to environmental sustainability. It is obvious that man’s activities such as industrialization and modern construction has caused more harm than good to the environment. The question of how this issue can be addressed and what measures should be put in place in order to contain these environmental degradation is somewhat left in the lurch. This research focusses on how the construction industry can help promotes environmental sustainability as the 7th MDG. By so doing, it explains the concept of environmental sustainability, outlines the importance of planning and formulating sustainable design principles and construction approaches that can help the building industry contribute to environmental sustainability

A single case study of treating Adenocarcinoma of colon with Ayurvedic medicine. []

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases worldwide, which is a major cause of morbidity and mortality, with approximately 14 million new cases and 8 million cancer- related deaths in 2012. Colorectal cancer was the third highest incidence globally among male population. In Sri Lankan Indigenous systems of medicine are often considered effective for treating Adenocarcinoma of colon and many medical recipes which are successfully prescribed in cancer in order to decrease the spread of abnormal cells throughout body. This study was to assess the Ayurvedic treatment modality on the management of colon adenocarcinoma. The present study was carried out at the cancer clinic at the Bandaranaike Memorial Ayurvedic Research Institute for twenty weeks. Detailed history, clinical examinations, and relevant investigations were conducted at the clinic. Oral administration of three herbal formulations namely Sharibhadyasawa -60ml/day, Cheena ala choorna -10g/day and Kaishora guggulu -2/day were applied for the patient throughout the period of study. Initial CEA (Carcino Embrayonic Antigen) of the patient was 14.5 ng/ml and CA125 of the patient was 343. After twenty weeks of the treatment, CEA of the patient was found 10.4 ng/ml, CA125 value was 155 and symptoms were decreased. According to panchapadartha analysis, katu , tikta, and kashaya rasas and Laghu, Ruksha and tikshna gunas are predominant of the drug modality. All of things are useful for the pacifying kapha dosha and vata dosha as well as cleansing the srothas. These mechanism leads to control tumour proliferation. According to that this regimen is helps to control the tumour development and symptomatic relief was maintained. Key word: Adenocarcinoma of colon, Ayurvedic treatment modality, Panchapadartha


The household and societal economic recovery and strategic formation amidst the pandemic: a roadmap of change in the business perspective, are among the many considerable factors that obliged businesses to level up due to:1) Reduction of patronage reveal the finding that whether a seller is legitimate or not during this time of “pandemic” where the government cannot suppress their intention for survival, however, considering that the world is a challenge by the test of time, it is suggested that government should look into and review the process while allowing them to do things for survival. Further, the government should balance the equation because, as the pandemic prolonged, the longer the pain, reduces one desire to sustain and eventually increases the gravity of economic casualties; 2) Operation apathy since it can be drawn from the sentiments of large business organization, and views that they feel the uncertainties, the government should implement some measures as we faced the new normal by balancing every aspect in a different avenue. It is suggested, however, that the application of a “win-win” solution should be strengthened to bring forth the unity in fighting and combating the pandemic using the non-pharmaceutical approach; 3) Client Density finds piercing initiative will soon “reborn” the hope of businesses, making them “grow”, “glow” and “gloom” however, constraints are inevitable, hence government participation plays a major role and initiates some element of change by creating tactical and practical move solving the evident of pandemic spread. It is suggested that to give back sparkling light to businesses, a reduction of implemented control measures will then be imposed. This initiative will somehow pave the way towards reenergizing businesses but not compromising the general welfare of the consuming public; 4) Government restrictions reveal that the business sector demand for “reduction” of government restrictions despite the conflicting cases reported. The intention of reducing restrictions would allow people to go back to its usual nature and make the economy perform. Based on the findings made, it is safe to suggest that while it is true that the pandemic is still evident, those areas not severely hit by this pandemic should be given the chance to reopen: thereby, allowing businesses alike, so that the economy functions and government generates revenue while safeguarding the majority of the society; 5) Regulatory requirements reveal that government-imposed regulatory requirements hamper the earning desire to large scale businesses, while “online” sellers celebrate the “falling star” of opportunity. Therefore, it is suggested that government should look into the “legitimacy” of most online sellers to ensure that “fairness” and balance are established. Large scale business operators “per se”, are submissive to the government in terms of compliance; having all the business requisites such as business permits and the like, however, for online sellers, complying the same requisites as large scale bears no guarantee; 6) Cost control measures reveal that this is the venue where competing businesses represented by that online or digital landscape gains strength as they found that government has tolerated them as it is, due to the abnormality of the economic conditions. While it is true that in the advent of these challenging times, the government is patiently considering some unlawful economic practices made by businesses alike, hence, it is safe to recommend that, for the sake of fairness, cost control measures should be equally and fairly implemented to all. Fairness would mean that even how immeasurable uncertainties the environment embraces, everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law.


The banking system performs the basic function of financial intermediation and represents the engine of economic growth as it ensures efficiency in promoting economic activities. However, some banks have been experiencing diminution in the capital base due to poor portfolio performance which is attributable to their huge non-performing loans and its attendant high loan loss provisions that are negatively affecting their bottom line and level of capitalization. Meanwhile, the levels of equity capital and liquidity demanded by regulators continue soaring turning regulation to a strategic consideration for banks. This study adopted an ex post facto research design. Validated data used for the study was extracted from audited financial statements of ten (10) Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria and made use of pooled and panel regression to analyze the data. Following the ρ-value of F-statistics of 0.00, and adjusted R-squared of 0.2115, this is significant because it is less than the chosen significance level of 5%. It is evident that the capital buffer significantly moderates the relationship between regulatory requirements and the performance of selected deposit money banks in Nigeria.

The Influence of Leadership Style and Organizational Culture on Employee Performance through Organizational Commitment as Intervening Variable []

Abstract This study aims to examine and analyze the influence of leadership and organizational culture on employee performance through organizational commitment as intervening variable of Makassar New Port Project of PT. PP (Persero) Tbk. Data was collected by a survey method, using direct observation and questionnaire instrument made on the paper and distributed to 103 employees with three job division, namely finance & administration, engineering, and operational. Of the 103 employees, 103 responded. Data is then analyzed using the IBM SPSS Statistics 25 programn. The results showed that leadership styles and organizational culture has a positive and significant direct effect on organizational commitment, leadership styles and organizational culture has a positive and significant direct effect on employee performance, Organizational commitment has a positive and significant direct effect on employee performance. The results of the analysis also show that leadership styles and organizational culture has no significat effect on employee performance through organizational commitment. This implies that leadership style, organizational culture and organizational commitment play a key role in increasing employee performance. Keywords : leadership; culture; commitment; employee perfomance.

The Influence of Influencers, Lifestyle, Brand Image, and Ethnocentrism on Purchasing Decisions of Local Brand Products in the Millennial Generation of Makassar City []

Abstract This study aims to analyze the effect of influencers, lifestyle, brand image, and ethnocentrism on purchasing decisions for local brand products in Makassar City among millennial generations. In this study using quantitative descriptive methods and the variable measurement scale was carried out using a Likert scale. The sample in this study is the millennial generation in Makassar City who use local brand products and have witnessed influencers marketing local brand products in Makassar City. The number of samples collected and successfully analyzed was 400 respondents. Data were collected using a questionnaire. This data uses multiple regression analysis, multiple correlations, F-test (simultaneous), and T-test (partial). The results show that influencers have a positive and significant effect on purchasing decisions, lifestyle has a positive and significant effect on purchasing decisions, brand image has a positive and significant effect on purchasing decisions, and ethnocentrism has a positive and significant effect on purchasing decisions. Influencer, lifestyle, brand image, and ethnocentrism simultaneously have a positive and significant effect on purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, the variable that has the most influence on purchasing decisions for local brand products is the lifestyle of the millennial generation. Keywords: Influencer; Lifestyle; Brand Image; Ethnocentrism; Purchasing Decisions.

Marketing Tourism for Keeps Track of Tourist Visits in The Dry Season ( A Case Study at Danau Laet Sanggau Regency, West Kalimantan) []

Today’s major sector of development in various countries in the world, tourism is also the focus of the West Kalimantan Provincial government. West Kalimantan has an area of pristine, beautiful landscapes, so the tourist destination in this province is the ecotourism region and has become the main capital in construction and development. One of the newly established natural tourism destinations is Danau Laet tourism, however has a dearth of marketing strategies so this study aimed at identifying the marketing and development strategies carried out by the natural tourism manager of Danau Laet in the area of Sanggau Regency through SWOT analysis. This qualitative descriptive research is a research method that explains the results of research or phenomena in the natural tourism of Danau Laet that have been researched with descriptions. Danau Laet facilities that are already adequate have their charm for local tourists, but road access to tourist sites is still inadequate and marketing promotion is still lacking for long-distance tourists. One of the alternative options to maintain the existence and number of tourist visits to Danau Laet who depend on the changing seasons is to organize cultural festivals.


ABSTRACT Teachers play an important role in developing the knowledge and skills of the youth. Hence, it was assessing factors affecting teachers’ job satisfaction at the Addis Ketema Preparatory School. To accomplish this purpose, the study employed both descriptive and correlated research design to explore detailed information about the teachers' low level of job satisfaction. At the study area there were 114 teachers. From this total number, 84 teachers were drawn for questionnaire by using Yeman’s (1967) formula, and 8 teachers have participated in the FGD. Questionnaire and FGD were the main instruments as of primary data collection, and documents analysis as secondary sources. To generate information at the assessment of teachers' job dissatisfaction in the study area, the researchers had used both closed and open-ended questionnaires. The Questionnaires were analyzed by using descriptive and Pearson product correlation coefficient (SPSS version 22). As the findings of this study revealed that Addis Ketema Preparatory school teachers have lower level of job satisfaction. The statistically significant correlating factors for this lower level of job satisfaction are categorized in to demographic characteristics, internal and external factors affecting teachers’ job satisfaction. The demographic characteristics are increments of teachers’ year of experience and their Academic qualification. The internal correlating factors are lack of good interpersonal relationships, and working condition/environment related factors like Provision of housing by government and the school surrounding environment. Finally, the external associating factor was inadequacy of salary to measure of competency, to cover their basic needs, fringe benefits, their academic qualifications, to cover their medical scheme, compatible with their workload, and their work experience. Based on the findings of this study, the researchers forwarded the following general recommendation. The all concerned academic stakeholders (school principals, Addis Ketema sub-city education offices, and Addis Ababa City administration education bureau should identify and solve the teachers’ internal and external problems.


The term 'biometrics' refers to a measurable characteristic that is unique to an individual such as fingerprints, facial structure, the iris or a person's voice. In recent years, there have been rise in the number of applications based on fingerprint based biometric systems and have been successfully applied to different areas as diverse as transportation, health-care, agriculture, and hospitality industry to name a few. In this paper, an attempt is made to solve recurrent lecture attendance monitoring problem in developing countries using fingerprint based biometric technology that records the attendance of the student by using a hand held fingerprint sensor. The application of fingerprint based biometric to student attendance monitoring as developed and deployed in this study is capable of eliminating time wasted during manual collection of attendance, improves the reliability of the attendance records and an opportunity for the educational administrators to capture classroom statistics for allocation of appropriate attendance scores and for further managerial decisions(Karthik, SI, BN, & Adler, 2015 ).


Problems associated with population increase and urbanisation has culminated to serious deficiencies in both quantity and quality of housing provision in most urban areas of Nigeria. Consequently, making the urban poor whose livelihood cannot support owning a house the most vulnerable. In essence, this study evaluates the perception of the urban poor on housing delivery by government institutions in Ogun state, using Ifo LGA as a reference point. This study was complemented with the review of literature relating to housing provision/delivery. Both the purposive and systematic random sampling method was adopted for the purpose of this study, whereby only five (5) locations were conveniently selected by the researcher namely; Ilepa, Onihale, Pakoto, Kajola and Akute area, using the predominance of residential buildings and population as a criteria of selection. Out of the 100 questionnaires administered to the household heads, 92 questionnaires were correctly filled and returned. Findings from the analysis revealed that the major reasons for poor housing provision/delivery in the study area are: lengthy administrative procedure of securing title documents, failure to involve people during the planning process of most housing schemes, provision of housing is directed alone to the “middle and high-income” class and poor economic situation with the weighted mean values (WTM) of 4.00, 3.99, 3.92 and 3.90 respectively. Government should rally the related organisations, institutions and agencies to make available motivations, such as land use restructurings, grants, building materials cost discount programmes and tax reduction status that will ensure increased housing provision.

Physicochemical and Biochemical changes in cooking oils among road side food vendors in a sub-urban area of Lagos State, Nigeria []

Background: Repeated use of vegetable oils for deep frying, leads to physical and biochemical changes, resulting from alteration in the fatty acid composition and formation of free radicals. Aim: To determine physicochemical and biochemical changes occurring in vegetable oils repeatedly used for deep frying by road-side food vendors in a sub-urban area of Lagos State, Nigeria. Method: Oil samples used for deep frying were collected from three different vendors on two occasions. Questionnaires were also administered to the vendors. The oil samples and unused oils (control) were analyzed for colours, viscosity, refractive index, iodine value, peroxide value, acid value, free fatty acids, as well as acrylamide and poly aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) concentrations. Data were analysed using SPSS version 17.0. Results: There was no significant difference in refractive index, iodine value and colour intensity between the use and unused oil, whereas, there were significant (p<0.05) differences in viscosity, peroxide, acid and free fatty acid values between the control and used oil. All the oil samples had acrylamide level greater than 0.0003 μg/ml. The reused oil samples also had some PAHs levels such as benzo(a) pyrene, naphthalene and benzo(k) fluranthene at levels above 10 ppm. Conclusion: Continuous use of vegetable oils negatively affected some physicochemical properties of the oils and caused an increase in acrylamide and PAHs concentration. And this may portend serious health risk.

Certain Preserver Conditions for Automorphisms on Unital C∗-Algebras []

In this paper, we characterize certain preserver conditions for automorphisms on unital C∗-algebras. This is done by giving an in-depth characterization and establishing sufficient conditions for which a surjective map between unital C∗-algebras preserves norm.


Conflict in Nakuru has been studied throughout the years. It has attracted the attention of several international and local scholars. However most studies have focused on general factors that have contributed to the conflict and few studies have looked at the role of International Non-Governmental Organizations in promoting women peace building activities. The main objective of this study was to examine the role of USAID in promoting women’s peace building activities in Nakuru County – Kenya between 1991 and 2013. The study was based on the conflict and feminist theories and employed the descriptive research design in examining the role of the USAID in promoting women’s peace building activities in the study location. Discourse analysis was used to analyze written and spoken information. Trend analysis was used where the researcher analyzed patterns of behavior and sequence of events narrated and identified common or repeated occurrences.


A recurrent finding in the literature is that women remain largely unrepresented at the peace table, where key decisions about post-conflict recovery and governance are being. A UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) study looking at 31 major peace processes since 1992 shows that women have accounted for a strikingly small number of negotiators, and there has been little change in this since the passage of UNSCR 1325. In addition, no woman has ever been appointed chief or lead peace mediator in UN-sponsored peace talks, although some women have been included by the African Union as conflict mediators. The absence of women from peace negotiation processes is deemed problematic because there seems to be a correlation between women’s participation in such processes and levels of gender responsiveness in the eventual political and peace agreements. In Nakuru County of the former Rift Valley Province, various non-governmental organizations have been involved in peace building activities since the advent of ethnic clashes in 1992. However, the contribution of the INGOs in implementing the UNSCR 1325 in relation to enhancing women’s participation in peace building from the onset of the ethnic clashes through the ethno-political violence of 1992, 1997 to the PEV of 2007/2008 and the tension-saturated political tensions environment that surrounded the 2013 general elections remains unclear due absence of systematically investigated and documented empirical evidence. It would therefore seem that not enough has been made to increase women’s participation in conflict prevention, peace processes and post-conflict recovery in Nakuru County. To ascertain this, the study investigated the role that INGO have played in promoting women’s participation in peace building activities in Nakuru County between 1991 and 2013. Specifically, this study focus on the role of USAID, which is an international nonprofit making, non-partisan, non-governmental organization based in the country and has an office in Nakuru County.

Early detection practice of breast cancer and associated factors among Women in Bahir dar city, North West Ethiopia []

Abstract Background: world health organization recommends breast self-examination for raising awareness of women about breast cancer. Secondary prevention through monthly breast self-examination is the best option to tackle the rising incidence of breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Sub-Saharan Africa and globally. There is limited evidence related to breast cancer screening practice among women in Ethiopia. Method: A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted from March 12 to March 30, 2020 at randomly selected kebeles of Bahir Dar city. A total of 617 women were interviewed using a semi-structured questionnaire. The data were checked, cleaned, and entered into EPI DATA version 3.1 and exported to SpSS version23 statistical software for analysis. Both descriptive statistics-such as simple frequencies and Analytic statistics such as bivariate and multivariable binary logistic regression analysis was done. P-value and 95% CI for the AOR were used to find out the associations between independent variables and early detection practice. Hosmer and Lemeshow's goodness of fit model was used to check the model fitness. Results: A total of 617 women have participated in the study with 100% response rate. From the total respondents, only 200⌠ (32.4%), 95%CI (28.5, 36.1) of them had practiced breast self-examination, Good knowledge [AOR=5.01, 95%CI (2.84-8.82], good perception ⌠3.96, 95%CI (2.39- 6.55)], source of information ⌠4.09, 95%CI (2.24- 7.48)⌡, marital status ⌠3.55,95%CI (1.84-6.68)] occupational status⌠ 6.25,95%CI( 2.464 -15.74)⌡ and family history of breast cancer were found to be statistically significant predictors of breast cancer self-examination. Conclusion: breast self-examination practice was low in the study area. Knowledge of women on breast cancer practice, perception of women towards breast cancer; women’s source of information, family history of breast cancer; marital status, and occupation were significantly associated with breast self-examination. Keywords: practice, breast cancer, early detection, associated factors.