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This study aims to collect information for grouper aquaculture suitability in Sukabumi Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. The data con-sisted of water quality (temperature, salinity, wave height, bathymetry, clarity, water current, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, nitrate and acidi-ty). The method used in this study is a survey method based on Geographic Information System (GIS) with Inverse Distance Weight (IDW) interpolation. The obtained data was analyzed descriptively using scoring systems with four criteria, i.e. very suitable, suitable, conditionally suitable, and not suitable. The results showed that Sukabumi Regency has an area of 1,554,97 ha with ‘very suitable’ category, 1,533.87 ha ’suitable’, 8.829.34 ha ’conditionally suitable’, and 21,794.08 ha ‘not suitable’ for Grouper Aquaculture.


Pervasive healthcare aims to deliver deinstitutionalized healthcare services to patients anytime and anywhere. Pervasive healthcare involves remote data collection through mobile devices and sensor network which the data is usually in large volume, varied formats and high frequency. The nature of big data such as volume, variety, velocity and veracity, together with its analytical capabilities complements the delivery of pervasive healthcare. Pervasive healthcare, also known as ubiquitous healthcare or mobile healthcare is a concept to deinstitutionalize healthcare services (Ruotsalainen et al., 2012).Pervasive healthcare improves communication between patients and healthcare professionals by delivering accurate medical information anytime and anywhere. This enables the real time clinical information recording and avoids information duplications, hence leading to a better information sharing and decision making (Drayton, 2012).Given the nature of pervasive healthcare, data from distributed sources are demanded for the healthcare service provision (Heerden et al., 2012). The wide range of mobile devices, sensor and applications produce data in various formats. Big data is therefore enabling the pervasive healthcare by providing an innovative solution in managing the large, varied and high frequency data sets. Big data is commonly defined with 4Vs: Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity (Feldman et al., 2012). Volume refers to the rapid rate at which data is growing. Velocity represents the increasing frequency with which data is delivered or accumulated. Variety signifies the many forms in which data exist. There are two types of data defined in the big data context: structured data and unstructured data (Hurwitz et al., 2013).Big data management provides the capabilities in data storage, management, analysis (or known as big data analytics, which is a pivotal element in the big data management) and visualization for handling large (from terabytes to Exabyte) and complex (from sensor to social media) data sets (Feldman et al., 2012).However, most of the existing research focuses on the technical context of big data (e.g. developing decision algorithm and decision models) in the healthcare sector. There is limited research in intertwining pervasive healthcare with big data. These two domains are seen as complementing each other to better the healthcare services delivery and to reduce the accelerating operational cost. This in turn causes data related challenges. In addition, most healthcare organisations lose sight of the strategic role of big data which has a direct impact on the quality of healthcare services at the organisational level without considering the big data implementation in a holistic sense. The aim of this study is therefore to propose big data for pervasive healthcare conceptually through an intensive literature review of pervasive healthcare and big data.

Satisfaction of graduates and employers with nursing curriculum in Kufa University []

The Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing is a four-year program that offers a broad foundation in liberal arts and science and an extensive range of nursing courses (2). A four-year education helps nurses navigate the increasingly complex medical field; in its Future of Nursing Report, the Institute of Medicine recommends that 80 percent of all nurses have, at minimum, a baccalaureate degree by 2020. Hospitals applying for Magnet status employ a larger proportion of nurses with a B.S. degree than without. Many institutions also have higher pay grades for bachelor's-prepared nurses. A four-year degree also is the foundation for the advanced education needed to become a nurse educator, nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, nurse administrator, or nurse researcher (4). The main objectives of this study are to estimate graduates and employers satisfaction in nursing educational program and to identify opportunities to strengthen and improve nursing educational program A descriptive cross-sectional study was design was performed from 5th December 2018 to 20th march 2019. A non-probability sampling technique (purposive sample) that include 109 employees This study investigated job satisfaction among nurse. The instrument for measuring occupational satisfaction of hospital nurses developed by stamps and her associates was used. Initial items were reviewed by content experts who were familiar with measurement of work satisfaction among health professional and nursing practice in Iraq based on the item analysis in the cultural context several items were reworded or eliminated from the original version the questionnaire was administered to 100 nurses practicing in a large acute care hospital. Finally the study concludes that the graduates have a role conflict and role ambiguity, Employer none satisfied with nursing curriculum of nursing collage.

Assessment Knowledge about Diabetes Mellitus at Second Stage Students of the High Health Institution in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf []

Abstract: Background:- Diabetes mellitus called “silent killer disease” and studies have shown that diabetes is now one of the most serious health threatening diseases worldwide, it is now as one of the most difficult problems in the public health. It is a serious, chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. This disease is a disturbance in the metabolism of carbohydrate, fat, and protein that is caused by due to lose of insulin producing cells in the pancreas or decreased tissues sensitivity to insulin that results in increased level of glucose in the blood. Methodology:-Descriptive study is carried out at High Health Institution in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf, from November 14th, 2018 to March, 27th, 2019, in order to assess student's knowledge concerning diabetes mellitus in High Health Institution, and to find out the association between knowledge of students and their demographic characteristics. Result:-The findings of the present study indicated that overall assessment of the second stage student's knowledge about diabetes mellitus at High Health Institution in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf was moderate. Conclusion:-The study concluded that there is a strong effect of the student's demographic data and student's knowledge about diabetes mellitus. Recommendations:-The study recommended that reinforcement should be an intensive comprehensive wide population-based (national level) studies could be conducted to assess the factors, which affect the knowledge about diabetes mellitus, with suitable solutions for these factors to improve the level student's knowledge. Health education programs should be implemented to increase the student's knowledge about the importance of chronic disease and the possible solutions for this problem. Health oriented mass media approach should be employed to increase the health staff awareness about the policies that should be used to improve the knowledge about diabetes mellitus, establishment of special policies deal with the monitoring and managing the problems that are associated with the patients' suffering by diabetes mellitus. Health oriented mass media approach should be employed to increase population knowledge and awareness of diabetes mellitus and the importance of the patients management. Key words: Assessment, Knowledge, Diabetes Mellitus, Second Stage Students of the High Health Institution.

Hydrobiological study of the source Tadout (Middle Atlas, Morocco): Physical chemistry, microbiology and benthic fauna []

The objective of the present work is to study the physicochemical and microbiological quality of the waters of the source Tadout as well as the structure and the spatio-temporal distribution of macroinvertebrates inhabiting this aquatic ecosystem. The results of the physicochemical analyzes have revealed that the waters of the source are cold, mineralized, hard and affected by an organic pollution. However, the values found are lower than the permissible limits of the Moroccan standard. Concerning microbiological assessments, the results were high and exceeding standards values fixed by the regulatory framework of surface water. As for the benthic fauna, the analysis of the taxonomic composition of the species identified in this resurgence made it possible to highlight the presence of 1973 individuals belonging to 17 families,22 genera and 27 species.This ecosystem is mostly dominated by the Arthropods (63, 03%), followed by the Molluscs (26,3%) and finally the annelids which are the least inventoried (4.9%). In addition, the results show that the source Tadout is marqued by a low diversity index and specific fairness.


This research was conducted to determine the activity test of the extract of lime peel (Citrus amblycarpa) with a concentration of 6, 25 μg / ml, 12, 5 μg / ml, 25 μg / ml, 50μg / ml, 100μg / ml, 200μg / ml to the α-amylase inhibitor. The purpose of this study was to observe the antidiabetic properties of lime peel extract (Citrus amblycarpa) by observing the inhibitory activity of α-amylase. This research was conducted with an experi-mental method with a post-test only design and sampling with a purposive sampling method. The activity test of lime extract (Citrus amblycarpa) against α-amylase inhibitors was carried out using a spectrophotometer observing the color changes that occur by measuring its absorbance. The results obtained in this study were carried out with the Post Hoc test. Then the analysis was continued with linear regression analysis to assess the IC50 for the α-amylase enzyme in the ethanol extract of lime peel (Citrus amblycarpa). The results obtained in the form of lime peel extract (Citrus amblycarpa) can inhibit α-amylase at the highest concentration of 200 μg / ml with inhibition percentage of 52, 88%. The IC50 value of the extract of lime (Citrus amblycarpa) against the α-amylase enzyme was 168.24 ± 21.04 μg / mL.


Marine capture fisheries has advantages of each region in area in West Java Province. The development level of the role of all relevant stakeholders is the key to the economic success of fisheries in a region. The competitiveness of capture fisheries can be used as a benchmark the regional development, regional mapping, and regional development planning. This study aims to analyze the competitiveness of capture fisheries science and technology in West Java Province. The method used in this study is a survey litelature method to identify and analyze the competitiveness of ten regencies and one city in West Java Province which have marine areas. The primary data in the form of expert judgment regarding the proportion of competitiveness of capture fisheries consistingof four staff at the The Office of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of West Java Province and 6 lecturer at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, University of Padjadjaran. Secondary data such as statistical data The Office of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of West Java Province. Data analysis was performed by using descriptive qualitative. These results indicate the very high competitiveness region is Indramayu and Cirebon. Indramayu Regency contributes the most with preserved product. Cirebon City produces the largest fish clot in West Java Province. While area that having low competitiveness is Sukabumi, Bekasi, Cianjur and Garut.


The fisheries sector is an important sector for the people of Indonesia and can be used as a prime mover of the national economy. Minapadi aquaculture is a fisheries sector with a system of rice and fish aquaculture which is cultivated together in a rice field. West Java Province as one of the largest producing regions of Minapadi fisheries in Indonesia, and is considered as a potential area for Minapadi aquaculture. Facilities and infrastructure support the continuation of minapadi aquaculture activities, the availability of adequate facilities and infrastructure will affect the high yield of minapadi production. Minapadi aquaculture competitiveness can be used as a benchmark for regional development, regional mapping, and regional development planning. This study has the aim to analyze the competitiveness facilities and infrastructure of Minapadi aquaculture in West Java Province. The method used in this study is the litelature survey method to determine the competitiveness of minimum aquaculture in 18 regencies and nine cities in West Java Province. After all data has been processed, the data will be analyzed descriptively. The technique used to retrieve primary data in this research is expert judgment. Whereas secondary data was obtained from statistical data of the Office of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of West Java Province. The results of this study indicate that the regencies with very high competitiveness are Ciamis Regency, Garut Regency, Cianjur Regency, and Tasikmalaya Regency. While the regencies with low competitiveness are regencies/cities in the central region.

Rural Development and its Impacts on Balanced Development in Afghanistan []

Abstract Three decades of civil war had damaged the main infrastructures and put negative influence in terms of balanced development in Afghanistan. Thus, Afghanistan still is not fully familiar with the development process. Rural development as a key role on the balanced development of Afghanistan and necessarily the main issue that Afghan’s government must focus on the sector. The article’s aim is to theoretically recognize some specific challenges of rural development and recommend the viable solutions based on human and natural resources that can lead Afghanistan to a sustainable developed country. The article is an archive researched based that strongly focused on scientific views and approaches of scholars and their theories about balanced development includes, challenges and recommendations. Despite several challenges in the development of Afghanistan such as insecurity, unemployment, poverty and environmental challenges, there are outstanding opportunities in terms of undiscovered natural resources, mining opportunities. Also, water resources hold key to lead Afghanistan for sustainable development in the near future. Key words: Development, Rural Development, Challenges, opportunities, Afghanistan.


Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is gradually turning into a more polluted area as a result of emissions of pollutants like particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone, from industrial activities with an increase in number of vehicles. O3 and NO2 concentrations were measured at two sites i.e. urban and rural sites, Nicosia and Teknecik, respectively. The aim of the study is to determine the temporal analysis of PM10, SO2, NO2 and O2 at daily, monthly and seasonal variation of NO2 and O3 were analyzed at both sites and the correlation between the urban and rural sites was indicated. The daily variations mostly for NO2 and O3 have the usual features with the afternoon having the maximum due to intense sunlight and vehicular movement while the night is having the minimum which is being more pronounced in the urban area. It was seen from the result that the monthly concentrations for O3 throughout the year starts to increase from March reaching their maximum in July for the urban sites, in rural site the monthly variations are smaller and reaching their maximum in June. For NO2, the average monthly concentration starts to increase from April having the minimum while the maximum is attained in January for urban sites while in the rural sites December is said to be the maximum

Implementation of QoS over WLAN Networks of Model Nodes Using Opnet []

Quality of Service (QoS) is the set of techniques to manage network resources. And QoS is an advanced feature that prioritizes internet traffic for applications, online gaming, Ethernet LAN ports, or specified MAC addresses to minimize the impact of busy bandwidth. As increasing demand in the field of wireless communication QoS becomes an important consideration for supporting variety of applications that utilizes network resources. Computer simulation is becoming increasingly popular among computer network researchers for performance modeling and evaluation of computer and telecommunication networks. Here we have presented a simulation study by using technology network WLAN (wireless lan) and IEEE802.11b protocol applied in E-learning classroom scenarios. The simulations, conducted using OPNET modeler 14.5. Various real life setup in the simulation environment. Parameters such that load, throughput and media access delay are analyzed. Our paper has discussed all things we said specially in difference between fixed and mobile nodes and compared between them.

Semantic Information Retrieval Based on Adaptive Learning Ontology []

Information retrieval ranking document is order the documents according to the users searching query. Term frequency (tf) that appears in the document is one of the most existing appoint for information retrieval. Although the term frequency, most of query search is give the result according to keyword search not by semantic search, ranking document may give irrelevant page to the users. Even though the number of times that the term occurrence is more relevant, but not implied for rank documents according to their proximity to learners query. This paper presented a semantic ranking and query that according to the learners profile preferences. The obtained results depicts that the result of learner query is relevant to the learners preferences.


Nongovernmental organizations is part of many cultures worldwide, locally and in Kenya. Therefore, sustainability is vital for the progression of non-governmental organizations in accomplishment of its objectives. Establishing the role of community engagement, fund development in the growth of non- governmental organizations is paramount. This study aimed at determining the influence of community engagement and fund development on the growth of non-governmental organizations in Kenya. A descriptive research design was used with a target population of 68 employees in Mombasa County. Quantitative data was collected using a structured questionnaire. Data obtained was analyzed using SPSS and presented using tables, figures and charts.


Education has a very important role in striving to increase quality human resources in all fields. The teacher is an important component in the process of achieving educational goals; this can be seen from the roles and tasks they carry. A teacher has many roles, including (1) designing learning method; (2) managing learning method; (3) as a teacher; (4) as an evaluator; (4) as a counselor; (5) and as a curriculum executor. Through the roles and tasks of the teacher as stated above, therefore teachers should be able to improve their performance in an effort to improve the quality of education. One factor that influences teacher performance is salary. Every person with a high salary will be prosperous. People will work enthusiastically if their work is able to improve their lives. Conversely, people who are not prosperous or all-deprived in their lives will work without passion. This study aims to determine the influence of salary on Teacher Performance with Job Satisfaction as Mediation and Work Motivation as Moderation at the Al-Inabah Al-Islamiyah Pancoran Barat Foundation, South Jakarta. This research uses primary and secondary data. Primary data obtained through direct interviews with educators (teachers) who teach in MI, MTs and MA Al-Inabah Al-Islamiyah Foundation, Pancoran, South Jakarta and conducted a questionnaire method. This questionnaire is addressed to all teachers in MI, MTs and MA Al-Inabah Al-Islamiyah Foundation. Secondary data is obtained through books, journals and articles and other supporting documents such as the analysis of management reports for year 2018/2019 and year 2019/2020. Based on the conceptual model, it is known that there are four hypotheses that will affect teacher performance. Practicing this paper instantly will find out the relationships between variables in the conceptual model.


The performance of government employees as the state civil apparatus in carrying out their duties and obligations is an important element of a good governance. Employee performance influences the success of the agency in achieving its objectives. The situation at the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Manpower in Indonesia shows career development problems, work conflicts, and conditions of job stress experienced by employees. This paper set out to develop a conceptual model for testing the effect of work conflict and career development on employee performance through job stress as an intervening variable. Literature review, conceptual model, hypotheses development and research methodology are discussed. Practicing this paper instantly would provide information about the relationship of work conflict, career development, job stress and employee performance at the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Manpower.


The situation at the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Manpower in Indonesia shows found that 71.43% of the audit report was not in accordance with the established audit standards, the quality of audit results is still low, and the low performance of each auditor carrying out the audit assignment. This paper set out to develop a conceptual model for testing the effect of psychological factors and competence on the auditor performance with organizational commitment as intervening variable. Literature review, conceptual model, hypotheses development and research methodology are discussed. Practicing this paper instantly would provide information about the relationship of psychological factors, competence, organizational commitment and auditor performance at the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Manpower.


This paper is structured to develop a conceptual model to investigate the effect of training and compensation on employee performance in a private hospital. Individual characteristics are specified as moderating variables. The conceptual model uses a quantitative method. The data will be collected using questionnaire distribution to 115 non-training employees on a private hospital at Pesisir Selatan Regency, West Sumatra. The secondary data is also will used as a support that obtained from reports of the institution. The data analysis will used in this research is Partial Least Squares-Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM), which consists of test validity, test reliability, and testing hypotheses. Practicing this paper instantly would provide information about the relationship states of training, compensation, individual characteristics and employee performance in the private hospital.

Effect of Size on the Freshness of Carp (Cyprinus carpio) in Low Temperature Storage []

This study aims to determine the effect of size on the freshness of carp in low temperature storage. This research has been carried out in the Laboratory of Fisheries Product Processing in Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Universitas Padjadjaran that has been starting in November 2019. The research method carried out experimentally consisted of 3 types of fish sizes, that was fish size of 100-200 grams, 200-300 grams and >300 grams with 15 semi-trained panelists as replication. The observation parameters in this study were weight loss, degree of acidity (pH), water content and organoleptic tests that were tested Every day the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th storage. Organoleptic test analysis using the Friedman Test. The weight loss, water content, and pH were analyzed descriptively. Fish of size 100-200 grams have been rejected on the 5th storage day and sizes >300 gram are still fresh until the seventh day.

Macroeconomic Determinants of Unemployment in Ethiopia []

Unemployment is one of the challenge facing today’s world. The impartial of the study was to examine the long-run and short-run relationships between unemployment and its macroeconomic determinants over 1984/85-2018/19, comprising external debt, inflation rate, foreign direct investment (FDI), population growth, and real gross domestic product (RGDP). Subsequent to using the Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) to test for unit root, this study employed Auto-Regressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) bounds testing approach. Regression result proposes that external debt, inflation, FDI, population growth, and RGDP have together been imperative in explaining the long-run unemployment rate. Except population growth these also persist in the short-run. The significant and negative coefficient of error correction term indicate to high speed of adjustment to achieve the long-run equilibrium. Finally, the study suggests the government should increase the level of aggregate supply, economic growth along with job creation, create a conducive environment that entices much foreign direct investments (FDI) and borrow only for productive purpose, consolidate the existing entrepreneurship activity with new entrepreneurial entrants so as to create more employment and absorb a large pool of unemployed population.

Promises and Challenges of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Implementation: A Systematic Review []

Even though Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs) plays prominent roles to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of health related services, its implementation has not been without challenges as it pervades technology into what has been a historically manual process of health information recording. The study reviews literatures and gives an intellectual background to the study by reviewing various studies made by different researchers and institutions on the ideas of EHRs and its advantages and challenges for implementation. Identifying the obstructions will be a precursor to assessing readiness for a system. The review suggests that user resistance, lack of skills, Provider engagement and commitment, administrative and policy support are the primary barriers to implement EHRs. Privacy, security and legal issues are also other challenges of EHRs implementation. In order to successful implementation of EHRs, health care organizations and professionals should committed for tackling interoperability, security, business continuity, and digital divide issues. Further studies are recommended to examine the challenges in detail and recognize how to overcome said barriers.

The Challenges and Role of Development Associations on Local Development: The Case of Oromiya and Amhara Development Associations []

Aliyou Wudu Wollo University, CSSH, Department of Civics and Ethical Studies, Dessie, Ethiopia Email: aliyouwudu@gmail.com; Abstract This study aims at analyzing the challenges of development associations in the planning and implementation and mobilization of resources and the local people in Amhara and Oromiya regional states. The study is both quantitative and qualitative (mixed) in its approaches. A cross-sectional descriptive study design was used. Questionnaire, key-informant interview, and observation are the major data collection instruments used to gather information from the study participants. Using the systematic sampling technique, a total of 180 samples are taken from the two sample town administrations. In addition, interviews were conducted with 20 purposively selected government officials, experts, members and administrators of the associations in both cities. According to the informants, ODA and ADA have contributed to the local economic development. The local people contributed various kinds of support to the associations. However, the two development associations faced a number of challenges. These are: Lack of permanent or full time employees, lack of community awareness about ODA and ADA performances, inadequate finance, and poor communication and mobilization of the local people. As a way out of the problems mentioned above the following are recommended: ODA and ADA should build their human and financial capacity; source of finance should not be limited only to regular monthly and annual payments of members; raising awareness of the population; more transparency and accountability in financial managements; ODA and ADA should enable the community to participate in every decision-making activity that ranges from problem identification to evaluation of programs and projects and build trust and confidence of the local people. Key words: accountability, civil society organizations, confidence, development, development associations, transparency, trust

Prevalence of Goiter and Associated Factors Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care at Public Health Facility in Bale Zone , Southeast Ethiopia []

Abstract Introduction Goiter is serious public health concern, particularly in developing countries such as Ethiopia.. The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of total goiter rate and associated factors among pregnant women attending antenatal care in public health facilities in Bale Zone, Southeast Ethiopia. Methods: An institution based cross-sectional study was carried out in Bale Zone from January to March, 2017. Data were collected by pretested structured interviewer-administered questionnaires from a total of 499 pregnant women who were identified through systematic random sampling. Pregnant were assess for the goiter based on the criteria of the World Health Organization. Salt samples from pregnant women homes were tested for iodine levels using a rapid iodized salt test kit Association between dependent and independent variables were computed by using bivariate and multivariable logistic regression. In the multivariate analysis, variables with a P-value of <0.05 were considered statistically significant. The results: About 499 pregnant women were interviewed yielding a response rate of 96.5%. In this study, the prevalence of the total goiter of the among pregnant women was 39 %. of which only 13.4 % was grade 15 goiters .The result of multivariate logistic regression showed that Consuming cereal in 24 hours [AOR=1.3; 95 % CI (1.03-3.52)], inadequate dietary diversity [AOR=1.41; 95 % CI (1.91-2.24)], Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC)<21cm [AOR=3.6; 95 % CI (3.05-7.03)], Illiteracy [AOR=3.51; 95 % CI (3.05-7.)] were significantly associated with goiter rate. Conclusion: In this community prevalence goiter is major a public health concern The problem can be protected by increasing the consumption of foods with high bioavailable iodine and optimally diversified diet additionally use of home-based goitroigenic reduction techniques such as fermentation and germination. Key Words: Goiter, pregnant women, Bale Zone

The impact of leadership styles on organizational citizenship behaviours among employees working at hospital []

The impact of leadership styles on organizational citizenship behaviours among employees working at hospital Ainas Eltarhuni1, Anees Alhudiri2, Agila Almanfi3*, Ibrahim Elbakosh4 1,2,3 Department of Health Services Administration, Faculty of Public Health, Benghazi University. 4 Faculty of Science, Ajdabiya University *Corresponding Author E- mail Id: agila.elsaid@uob.edu.ly Abstract: This study aimed to determine the relationship between leadership styles and organizational citizenship behaviour. This study was a correlation cross- sectional design. Data collected from employees at Paediatric hospital. 55 set of survey questionnaires were distributed and only 39 questionnaires were completely filled up. Response rate was 70.9%. ANOVA, correlation coefficient (Pearson) and multiple linear regressions were used for analysis. Three types of leadership styles (autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire) were used at the targeted hospital, whereas the dominant leadership style was democratic leadership followed by autocratic and laissez- faire leadership style. The result also showed that all organizational citizenship behaviour dimensions were favourable. Regarding to correlation, the findings of the study indicated that there was a positive and significant correlation between democratic leadership and organizational citizenship behaviour in the studied population (r=.585), where the laissez- faire leadership had relatively weak correlation with organizational citizenship behaviour (r=.435) and autocratic leadership was negatively correlated with organizational citizenship behaviour (r=-.140) Conclusion and recommendations: Democratic leadership was a significant predictor of organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB). The study recommended that, providing training programs to employees and good job environment can improve level of OCB and encourage employees to involve in extra activities. Key words: organizational citizenship behaviour, leadership styles, democratic leadership, autocratic leadership, laissez-faire leadership.

Study on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation by Implementing MSE Method []

This article reflects the exact traveling wave solutions for investigating nonlinear partial Klien-Gordon differential equations by implementing the modified simple equation method. The proposed algorithm has been successfully tested herewith via the hyperbolic and trigonometric function solutions taking some arbitrary parameters. When the parameters are taken as special values, the exact solutions will demonstrate the different types of traveling wave. These waves are widely used in the field of nonlinear complex physical phenomena like as: plasma physics, solid state physics, particle physics etc. The proposed method is highly efficient and a fruitful mathematical scheme with a view to bring out solitary wave solutions of miscellaneous nonlinear evolution equations.

Analysis of Good Manufacturing Practices of Tilapia Brownies Cookies production at UKM Saluyu Sukabumi Regency []

This research is conducted to analyze Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the making of Tilapia Brownies Cookies which conducted in August 2019 at UKM Saluyu, Sukabumi Regency. The purpose of this research is to analyze the application level of GMP in the making of Tilapia Brownies cookies at UKM Saluyu with the regulation of the Minister of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs, Republic of Indonesia Number 52A/KEPMEN-KP/13. The method used in this research is case studies by following directly the entire process of tilapia brownies cookies production from raw materials until the product marketing. The data analysis used in this research is descriptive. The results show that the application of GMP in UKM Saluyu is not by 52A /KEPMEN-KP/13 from buildings, equipment, worker requirements, and product distribution aspects; while location, handling fishery products, labeling and packaging are by the regulation. The proximate analysis show that tilapia brownies cookies contain: 3,90% of moisture, 9,24% of protein, 22,30% of lipid and 1,69% of ash.


This research aims to analyze the happiness level of fishermen gillnet fishing equipment and factors affecting the village of Eretan, subdistrict Kandanghaur, district of Indramayu, West Java. The method used in this research is descriptive with a quantitative approach. The collection of data in this research is done by interviewing method, and direct observation in the field by giving a set of written questionnaire to the respondent to be answered, with the number of fishermen 83 people. In this research, it uses the analysis of Binary Logistic, which is used to determine what factors affect the level of fishermen's happiness. The results showed that from 83 fishermen who interviewed and distributed the questionnaire, 56 fishermen came into the category of high happiness level, with the highest score of 4.66, while the remaining 27 fishermen came into the Low happiness level category with the lowest value of 3.34. The factors influencing the level of happiness in this research are influenced by education which is where happiness risk decreases by 1.055 times. As for variables that have significant effect on the level of fishermen happiness in this research are only variable income, while other variables have no significant effect on the level of happiness.


Influenza A viruses cause contagious respiratory illness resulting in annual epidemics and occasional pandemics. The human death toll of influenza epidemics worldwide is in the range of 250,000 to 500,000 each year. They have also been identified as resident in the animal population where they are native reservoirs. In Nigeria, the poultry and livestock industry has suffered enormous losses to the rampaging and continually mutating Influenza virus that has posed a major zoonotic threat to man. This study involved 92 chickens even with the mildest of respiratory signs that were screened for H7N9 antigen using indirect enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The result from the laboratory assay revealed that only one (1.09%) of the birds (an adult hen) was positive for H7N9. The presence of this virus, though at a low rate could suggest the bird had been naturally infected. The findings in this research also draws our attention to the reality that the H7 strain is present in Gboko, Benue State of Nigeria, especially as sub-optimal levels of the antigen were recorded (7.61%). Establishing this zoonotic virus in birds in this study location, it logically follows that exposed humans should take utmost care to prevent onward transmission to humans. The findings from this research is also a further call to intensify efforts at continuous surveillance to include potential carriers and reservoirs of the virus in order to prevent outbreak in commercial/homestead poultry and human populations in Nigeria and also globally. Keywords: Avian influenza, Epidemics, Zoonotic, Poultry, Outbreak, Benue State of Nigeria.