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Metagenomic Analysis Of Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) Intestine Bacteria []

Metagenomic analysis of intestinal bacteria is one of the strategies that can be done to improve aquaculture in Indonesia. Metagenomic analysis is to analyze the diversity of intestinal bacteria have been successfully carried out in various countries. Nevertheless, analysis of the main trade diversity of fisheries in Indonesia still needs to be done. This research suggests looking at the metagenomic analysis of Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) intestine bacteria. Samples of catfish came from the Ciparanje FPIK Unpad Wet Laboratory. This research was conducted FPIK Unpad Microbiology and Biotechnology Laboratory and subsequently sequenced by the HiSeq NGS in Novogene, Singapore. The results of the study obtained showed Fusobacteria (79.96%), Bacteroidetes (15.24), Proteobacteria (3.71%), Firmicutes (0.94%) and other phylum (0.10%). It was identified that the high-est number of taxon in each phylum is generally in the proteobacteria phylum. There are several genera that can be pathogenic in fish, one of which is Enterovibrio and Vibrio and Several other detected bacteria, among others, from the genus Lactobacillus. These bacteria are known to be used as probiotics.


During the last century, industrial development has been accompanied by a heavy dependence on fossil fuels, the use of which impacts the environment through the production of greenhouse gases. That is why public authorities are concentrating their efforts on finding renewable energies that are less polluting for the environment, such as the biotransformation of cellulose into second generation ethanol using an enzyme; cellulase (hydrolysis) and yeast (alcoholic fermentation). This work is part of the contribution to the establishment of a protocol permitting the production of cellulase at a lower cost for the purpose of an application in the production of second-generation bioethanol. Thus, this work was aimed to isolate a cellulase-producing microorganisms in two sawmills of Douala Cameroon, having over 10 years age. Then a screening was carried out in order to select among the isolates obtained the best isolate which has finally been partially characterized. Results showed that, out of 53 isolates obtained from the soil samples of the two sawmills, B12 isolate proved to be the best producer of cellulase with a CMCase activity of 0.026 ± 0.0016 IU/ml and an APFase activity of 0, 0113 ± 0.0014 IU/ml. It would be a Gram- catalase positive shell bacterium and preferably develops at 45°C, pH 7, in a medium comprising 2% (m / v) of CMC; 2.5% (m / v) of casein and 0.6% (m/v) of potassium phosphate.

Assessing the impact of working from home on employee’s productivity and work-life balance at National Gas Company (S.A.O.G) during COVID-19 []

Abstract—This paper presents a brief study on working from home during COVID-19. The research focuses on assessing the impact of working from home on employee’s productivity and work-life balance rate of employees within the Gas organization. For the observed analysis, the researcher selects National Gas Company. The earlier research about this subject has concentrated about work from home very positive aspect of work style; it has been workable because of the latest technologies have been easily presented. The research aim was to examine fully of employees’ experiences while working from home and how they felt their productivity and work-life balance rate were influenced.

Digital Assessment Literacy: The Need of Online Assessment Literacy and Online Assessment Literate Educators []

Creation of reliable Online Assessments have always been a concern by educators, this research article provides an idea for providing professionals training development for creating online assessments for the inexperienced assessment literate teachers. The research has placed importance on the training of the educators in the assessment literacy. With the proposed model it shows how to utilize Bloom’s model to create digital online assignments using IT integrated tools. The proposed model inspired from Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy and Andrew Churches Digital Bloom’s Taxonomy may benefit the Educators. This paper uses mixed method research and examines the need of training for the creation of reliable assessments and assessment literate educators which will caters to the different students’ abilities. To further explore and understand the need of training for the assessment literacy, this research provides an insight of the year 2020 result analysis, where this research article might add a new dimension towards the professional development for the online assessment literacy skills. The collected data research was used as descriptive, inferential data; which was further analyzed and compared to the pretest and the current collected primary data. The purpose of this research study which is presented shows the importance of the online Assessment literacy and the need of the Assessment literate trained educators who might support in identifying the needs of online Assessment with help of Bloom’s Model in connection with the digital Bloom’s taxonomy.


Human capital management today is adequately managing every facet of talent and labour which requires a detailed examination of all segments of the workforce against every area of operational detail. This study aimed at investigating the effect of employee motivation and organizational performance at Tile and Carpet Centre (T&C) in Kenya. The human resource management theory anchored the variables of the study. The study adopted descriptive research design. The study population was 750 staff working in 3 T&C locations while stratified random sampling technique was used to sample 100 respondents. The pilot testing was conducted using the questionnaire on 10 staff from ICD warehouse, Nairobi County. The measure of reliability was tested using Cronbach’s alpha at 0.7. The study was a descriptive research and primary data was collected using a questionnaire. Frequency distribution tables and figures were used to present the findings where interpretation was done in prose form. The researcher conducted simple regression analysis in order to find out the relationship between employee motivation and organizational performance of T&C. The inferential results on effect of employee motivation on organization performance show R=0.608 indicating a strong positive correlation and R2=0.370 and there was a significant effect between employee motivation and organization performance (t=7.232, p<0.05). The study established and provided evidence that the remuneration that employees receive influences their work performance and job enrichment increases job’s range and depth and this had positive influence on organizational performance. The study recommends that T&C should take the issue of employee motivation seriously to facilitate effective job delivery and performance. The study revealed that motivation given to employees in an organization has a significant influence on the employee performance.

Effect of common carp fillet quality (Cyprinus carpio) on drip loss during frozen storage []

Common carp (Cyprinus carpio) is a freshwater fishery resource that has high economic value. Common carp are easily damaged because they have a high water content. To maintain the quality of the fish, it is processed in the form of frozen fillets. Correct handling during storage of fish fillets will maintain the quality of the fish fillets. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of different quality fish fillets on the value of drip loss during frozen storage. Fresh and backward quality fillets were used as the raw material for this study. The fish fillet was stored for 3 days in the freezer at -15oC. The thawing method used is to let it stand at room temperature and give it running water. Observations made after storage were the drip loss value in fish fillets. The results showed that the quality of different fish fillets gave different results to the drip loss value. Different thawing methods have an effect on the drip loss value of fish fillets. The drip loss value of fresh fish fillets that were thawed with running water was 4.36% while those left at room temperature were 11.01%. Quality reverse fish fillets thawing with running water were 16.93%, while the fillets left at room temperature were 18.84%.

Analysis of the Influence of Leadership, Work Environment, and Compensation with Motivation as Mediation Variables on Employee Performance at State-Owned Banks in Makassar City []

Performance is the work created by a person or group of people in an organization both quantitatively and qualitatively, in accordance with their respective authorities and responsibilities, in an effort to achieve the goals of the organization concerned legally, does not violate the law and is in accordance with morals or ethics. This study aims to determine and analyze the influence of leadership, work environment and compensation on work motivation and employee performance. To analyze the influence of motivation on employee performance, to analyze the influence of leadership, environment and compensation on employee performance mediated by work motivation at BUMN Bank in Makassar City. The research method used a quantitative approach, by taking a population namely employees at Bank Mandiri, Bank BRI, Bank BNI and Bank BTN, using the Slovin formula in order to obtain a total sample of 159. The data collection method used a questionnaire with data analysis techniques using SEM Amos. The findings show that leadership, work environment and compensation have a positive and significant effect on work motivation, leadership, work environment and compensation have a positive and significant effect on employee performance. Work motivation on employee performance has a positive and significant effect in improving employee performance at BUMN Bank in the city of Makassar. The findings of work motivation can partially mediate leadership, work environment and compensation to employee performance at BUMN Bank in Makassar city.


Covid-19 is a novel disease that is rampaging all the countries and continents of the world including Nigeria. So many lives have been lost and the entire world has been thrown into confusion mainly because there is no cure and, no vaccines are known for treatment and prevention of the disease respectively. The incidence of COVID-19 is on the rise in Nigeria but no statistical basis has been laid for its growth; hence, this study aimed at statistically analyzing COVID-19 cases in Nigeria. Data were collected from the National Centre for Disease Control from 27th February 2020 to 1st June 2020. The R statistical package (R, 64, 4.0.0) and MINITAB 17 were used to analyze the collected data. The data were represented graphically for the entire country and specifically by states. Statistical models were fitted for the COVID-19 cases and forecast of future occurrences were made. A downward trend was observed from the models and, the state specific death and recovery rates were computed showing Kogi State with the highest proportion of active cases, Zamfara with the highest proportion of recovery followed by Bauchi while Ondo had the highest proportion of death. In conclusion, the research has revealed that there is a general downward trend indicating possible reduction in incidence of COVID-19 in the future.

The Effect of Educational Management System on Educational Growth in Pakistan []

Management system plays key role in proper growth of any department, this review paper discusses the effect of educational management system on the educational growth of Pakistan. There are three basic type of education, formal, non-formal and informal, educational management is a key factor for the better and effective growth of all these types of educations. There are lot of management rules and regulations available for educational system available but the most effective one the fourteen principle was founded to be most effective for educational management in Pakistan. There is dire need of some modification and strictness of implementation of rules by competent authorities for making better the educational system in Pakistan. The behavior of head teachers and its impact of employ is also considerable factor in educational sectors.

A REVIEW: Potential of Jambal Roti (Arius thallassinus) Salted Fish Products from Pangandaran []

Pangandaran is an area on the southern coast of West Java. The economy in Pangandaran consists of several sectors, namely agriculture, fisheries, and tourism. Most of the people in Pangandaran work in the agriculture and fisheries sectors. Capture fishery product in Pangandaran is equal to 263,847 tons. Various types of fish are caught in the form of high-economic fish, especially marine catfish (Arius thallassinus). The production of marine catfish in Pangandaran in January 2021 is 1,548.10 kg. Catfish is processed into salted marine catfish. This salted cat catfish product is called the Pangandaran specialty salted fish jambal roti. The processing of this jambal roti salted fish includes salting, fermentation, and drying which affects the aroma quality and texture of the product. The salt used is krosok salt (pond salt). The salt is odorless, but the color is not pure white but brownish white. The quality of Pangandaran's typical Pangandaran jambal salted fish is still below the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 272.1.2009 for dried salted fish, namely the moisture content and Total Plate Count (TPC) which are still not in accordance with the SNI standard for dried salted fish. The salted fish processing business in Pangandaran Regency has been efficient so far. Basic feasibility of processing jambal roti salted fish in Pangandaran is still low. This basic feasibility has a significant correlation with the quality of fish raw materials, the quality of the product, and the business experience of the jambal roti salted fish processors.


Indonesia has a great potential in fisheries sector, especially aquaculture. With more than 70% ocean covered the whole country and fa-vorable waters condition for various commercially fish, the economical prospect for mariculture in Indonesia is unquestionable. Various species have been successfully cultured in Indonesian Waters using floating net cages gaining a million tonnes of production each year. The main problem of this activity is the excessive cost resulting from the use of expensive commercial feed that contain high amount pro-tein. To tackle this problem, an additional chromium-yeast enriched feed have been explored to increase the feed efficiency of several im-portant marine fish commodities. Here we reviewed several physiological implication of chromium-yeast enriched feed to specific marine fish Silver Pompano (Trachinotus blochii, Lacepede) and Cantang Grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus-lanceolatus) through its survival rate, Daily Growth rate (DGR) and Feed Utilization Efficiency (FUE). Overall the literature reported a beneficial and comparable perfor-mance of chromium-yeast enriched feed to the aforementioned fish without giving toxicity effect as the chromium contain in the fish flesh still below several standards. This give hopes to the new cost effective yet efficient feed in mariculture.

Article Review : Potential of Plants for Fish Disease Prevention []

ABSTRACT Disease attack is the biggest obstacle in fish farming activities and is very detrimental to cultivators. Disease control is an important factor to be recognized. Various types of antibiotics and chemicals have been used for the treatment and prevention of disease. The use of antibiotics and chemicals in cultivation can cause resistance to pathogenic microorganisms and pollute the environment. The use of herbal ingredients as an alternative to antibiotics and chemical drugs needs to be done. Plants are rich in secondary metabolites and phytochemical compounds that have effects against viruses, bacteria and parasitic diseases in fish. The main advantage of herbal ingredients does not threaten human health, fish and the environment. The purpose of this article is to present information on the treatment and prevention of viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases in fish using medicinal plants. Several studies have shown that medicinal plants can have the potential to treat and prevent fish infected by pathogenic microorganisms. Keywords: medicinal plants, disease, treatment, prevention.


This study aims to test and analyze the commitment of the leadership as a moderator of the effect of the administration of regional property on the quality of the financial statements of the Tana Toraja district.This type of research is quantitative using an explanative approach. The population in this study were all State Civil Servants of Finance in all SKPDs in Tana Toraja Regency. The type of data used in this study is primary data. The data collection method in this study was carried out using a questionnaire method. The independent variables in this study were bookkeeping (X1), inventory (X2), reporting (X3), while the moderating variable was the commitment of the leader, and the dependent variable was the quality of regional finance.The results of this study indicate that the independent variable has an effect on the variable of regional (dependent) financial quality. The data analysis technique in this study uses the Partial Least Square (PLS) approach.

Challenges Encountered by Undergraduates in Following English Medium Courses at State Universities in Sri Lanka: A Study based on the first year students in Physical Science of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka []

Sri Lanka is a multinational country where the people speak both Sinhala and Tamil as their mother tongue. The majority of the people speak Sinhala and the minorities speak Tamil as their local language. Despite this, English has employed the importance and fame itself due to its value around the world. In this regard, Sri Lankan universities have been offering several undergraduate and postgraduate courses in English medium. In contrast, a rare amount of government schools offer primary and secondary education in English medium. Most of the students have had little opportunities to practice using English in schools and their natural surroundings as their mother tongue is entirely different from English. Therefore, when the students are enrolled to the universities and suddenly they turn themselves into learning in English medium, it automatically drags them into the biggest trouble. They face many problems and sometimes those struggles lead to drop the course even. This study dealt with such problems and analyzed and tried to find some solution for that and it recommended some strategies to overcome it. In this study, fifty students of Physical Science from the Faculty of Applied sciences, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka have been randomly selected and a questionnaire was used as research instruments. The primary data were collected using the questionnaire. Furthermore, the collected data were analyzed by using the SPSS method. This research was based on quantitative data collection method. Eventually, this study proceeds some resolution for those students' challenges as well.

A Linear Programming Approach for an Industrial Optimal Production []

This paper utilized the concept of sengupta(2016) to allocate raw materials to competing variables(20 litres, 4 litres and 2 litres) in a paint industry for the purpose of profit maximization. The analysis was carried out and the result showed that 2.143 units of 20 litres should be produced to make a profit of #128.58. From the analysis, it was observed that 20 litres contribute objectively to the profit. Hence, more of 20 litres are needed to be produced and sold in order to maximize the profit.

Nutrient content and Active Ingredients in Safou fruits (Dacryodes Edulis) From the City of Lubumbashi, Haut-Katanga / DRC []

The safoutier, scientifically named Dacryodes edulis, is a multipurpose tree whose nutritional and socio-economic cultivation is very important in Central Africa and in the countries bordering the Gulf of Guinea.The present research was undertaken in order to know the nutritional and phytochemical composition of the fruits of safou growing and consumed in Lubumbashi in order to serve as a guide to consumers and for various uses in the agro-food industries such as the manufacture of cookies. The fruits of safou are also endowed with antioxidant, antiseptic and antivenom properties due to the presence of tannins in the latter.


Density is one of the technical factors to increase rice yield, to achieve high yield, it is necessary to increase the number of cotton to the required limit. Density determines the number of cotton per unit area and this is the most important factor determining 74% of rice yield. A study investigating the growth and yield of OM4218 rice at different sowing densities in the summer-autumn crop 2020 in Kien Giang province, Vietnam was conducted. The experiment was arranged to Randomized Complete Block Design included 4 treatments with 3 replications, treatment 1(NT1-broadcast 80 kg/ha), NT2 (100 kg/ha), NT3 (150 kg/ha) and NT4 (200 kg/ha). The results showed that different sowing weight significant effect on all the studied growth and yield characters. The results showed treatment 2 produce the highest grain yield compared to later ones with 6.99 (tons/ha). Although, the increasing sowing weight that from 150 to 200 (kg/ha), also decreased the grain yield from 6.16 and 5.65 (tons/ha), respectively, by the decrease of grain weight, number of filled grains/panicle. And the treatment 2 have had effective positive limited damage of brown planhopper, blast disease, rats, anti fall for rice and significantly reduce investment costs.


ABSTRACT According to the World Medical Association injuries and deaths in road accidents are a public health concern and have consequences similar to those of chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. When trauma emergency occurs, hospitals are among the most important institutions that address such phenomena, as they are viewed as sanctuaries where victims seek solace. The issues of accidents and emergencies have seriously caused widespread effects globally. Particularly in many parts of this country. This call for hospitals to be prepared for an unusual increase in workload, hence the importance of hospital accidents preparedness guidelines. This study explores the utilization of trauma emergency preparedness guidelines by nurses working at casualty departments of Kisii and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching Hospitals in Kisii and Kisumu Counties respectively. The study adopted cross sectional descriptive study design whereby both quantitative and qualitative data were collected from nurses working at Accident and Emergency departments of KTRH and JOOTRH. The study utilized a random sampling method whereby the 113 nurses working in the Accident and Emergency departments of both hospitals were randomly sampled. Data collection was done through a self-administered semi structured questionnaire. The study involved all nurses working at Accident and Emergency departments of KTRH and JOOTRH. The data collected was cleaned and verified and then entered into the computer for analysis using SPSS version 21. Data was further subjected to descriptive statistics where the use of percentages and inferential statistics in which case Pearson Correlation Coefficient to compare the association of variables was used. The targeted 113 nurses working at Accident and Emergency departments of KTRH and JOOTRH Hospitals but managed to obtain responses from 92 of them thus representing 84% response rate. The study recommended that casulty departments of the two hospitals should create an independent department that is charged with the responsibility of developing, reviewing and ensuring WHO trauma and emergency guidenes, and that the nurses undego training for the implementation and utilization of the guideline.

Exploring the adoption of franchising as a business growth strategy in the automotive industry in Zimbabwe. []

The study explored the adoption of franchising as a business growth strategy in the automotive industry in Zimbabwe. The study sought to establish the effects of franchising as a business growth strategy in the automotive industry. The study was guided by the resource based theory and interaction model. The research applied a mixed research methodology which was based on the pragmatism philosophy. A sample of 55 Car dealership respondents from Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru and Hwange were used to carry out the research. Data was gathered using questionnaires and interviews. The research established that there is marginal growth realized by Franchisees as a result of adoption of franchising. The study recommended that Car Dealers should be motivated by franchisor support instead of brand power as the antecedent factor in deciding whether to adopt a franchise.


Abstract This research study examines the appropriateness of the use of public funds as Intervention funds by the Government to stabilize key productive sectors, in a mixed economic system, where the role of Government is supposed to provide a sound, friendly and healthy business environment. The Federal Government of Nigeria through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has established various forms of intervention funds for certain economic sectors like Aviation, Agriculture, Power, Textile industries among others, that are privately dominated business activities, to stabilize the economy. The paper reviews the rationale and impact of such intervention funds and how the Monetary Authorities ( The Federal Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Nigeria) have attained the objective of economic stabilization through Intervention Funds. The Library research method was used to obtain the relevant data and information like Central Bank of Nigeria Bulletin, Nigeria Bureau of Statistics Reports, Publications, Journals and other works of literature. The productive sectors of the economy like agriculture, manufacturing, power, aviation etc are very critical for job creation, income generation and redistribution, poverty reduction and improved standard of living of the citizens. Access to finance is globally acknowledged as a major challenge to both small and big business firms due to banks’ stringent conditions of lending but saddling the apex bank or its disbursement agents with commercial lending activities has become a contentious issue in contemporary times. But how has this initiative resolved the financing needs of these productive sectors or revitalized the ailing business entities? The research findings revealed the increase in the volume of credits or funds to these preferred sectors but the specific impact on revamping the economy as a whole, which is the ultimate goal (stabilizing the economy) is yet to be achieved. Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Nigeria is being heavily distracted from its traditional role of monetary policy management and economic advisory role to the Government. This study is constrained with the paucity of data to fully investigate the impact of the established funds. The paper observes that the use of State funds as Intervention Funds in a mixed economy system or capitalist economy is practically at variance with theoretical principles except in a socialist economy where the government is practically involved in resources allocation and distribution. The government should, therefore, create a conducive business environment by providing basic infrastructures, establishing an appropriate regulatory framework and allowing the establishment of development finance institutions for all critical sectors ( Intervention Funds can serve as seed investments ), as it is obtained in India and European countries so that finance can be easily accessible to all sectors of the economy. Keywords: Economic sector Intervention fund, Productive sector, Economic recession, Business failure, economic growth, Public sector, Private sector


This study aims to analyze work motivation factors that affect employee performance through job satisfaction as an intervening variable. In this study, intrinsic work motivation is variable X1 and extrinsic motivation is variable X2, financial performance is variable Y and job satisfaction is variable Z. To implement the objectives of this study used analysis techniques using the SPSS application by distributing questionnaires in a month and filled in by female employees/employees at the Makassar Tourism Office. The results showed that the variable X1 and variable X2 partially have a significant and positive relationship to the performance of female employees (Y) with job satisfaction as variable Z in the study. The Makassar City Tourism Office is expected to be able to continue to maintain the work motivation given to its employees so that it can produce better employee performance, especially job satisfaction for female employees. The regression test results show that the extrinsic motivation variable has a positive and significant effect. This is evidenced by the test results that obtain a beta coefficient value of 0.401 and a significant value of 0.008. This means that the higher the extrinsic motivation, the higher the performance of female employees through job satisfaction.

Investigation on the environmental Kuznets curve in the São Francisco River Basin in Minas Gerais State, Brazil []

This research investigates the Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis in the São Francisco River Basin in Minas Gerais State using variables related to the water quality as an indicator of environmental degradation. The São Francisco River has the largest basin fully contained within Brazil. A total of 128 municipalities were studied using variables related to GDP and mining activities. Robust multivariate statistical techniques were used in this study. The results showed that the Kuznets hypothesis was valid in the studied region. In terms of the presence of an inverted U-shape association between the studied variables, the estimates have the expected signs and are statistically significant, yielding empirical support to the presence of an Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis. It was found that the region is in the early stages of development, in which a surge in the population of the economy increases environmental degradation. From the results of this study, a series of recommendations have been provided for the investigated municipalities. Economic growth does not guarantee the cure for the region’s environmental problems. Proper institutional performances do have a fundamental role in the improve of life and water quality in the region. The used methodology is simple, and the software is free, allowing it to be used in different conditions and regions.


Computational complexity theory is a branch of the theory of computation in theoretical computer science and mathematics that focuses on classifying computational problems according to their inherent difficulty, and relating those classes to each other. It is shown that the Iterated Local search(ILS) approach not only able to obtain good LHDs in the sense of space-filling property but the correlations among the factors are acceptable i.e. multi-collinearity is not high. Anyway from the point of view of computational complexity the problem is open. When number of factors or number of design points is large then it requires hundreds of hours by the brute-force approach to find out the optimal design. So when numbers of factors as well as number of experimental points are large, the heuristic approaches also require a couple of hours or even more to find out a simulated optimal design. So time complexity is an important issue for a good algorithm. Specially for the need of real time solution, the time complexity of the ILS approaches is analyzed. The inner most view as well as the effect of the parameters of the algorithms have been observed and have been analyzed. After analyzing, the time complexity model of the algorithms for two optimal criterion namely Opt (D1, J1) as well as Opt(Φ) has been developed.

Analysis Of Leadership Style On Discipline, Motivation, And Employee Performance At PT.Angkasa Pura I (Persero) Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport []

Human resource management is the management that is designed to maximize employees’ capacity through various strategic steps in order to improve employees/workers performance toward achieving the optimization of their organization’s goals. The role of the leader is very influential in directing and motivating his subordinates to work competently to achieve high quality work. The function of leadership becomes an important element in managing human resources in an organization, the need for a leader to provide direction to his employees regarding the compliance to and execution of a certain discipline as well as the importance of motivation to encourage employee morale and stimulate their spirit to achieve optimal performance. This research aims to analyze Leadership Style With Regard to Discipline, Motivation and Employee Performance of PT. Angkasa Pura 1 (Persero) Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport’s employees. The type of research is a quantitative research, where the population consists of PT. Angkasa Pura 1 (Persero) Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport’s employees. The sample taken from that population consists of 57 respondents. The author of this thesis gathered data through questionnaires, he then analyzed that data using path analysis. The result of this research shows that leadership style has a positive and significant impact on discipline, that leadership style has a positive and significant impact on motivation, that leadership style has a positive and significant impact on employee performance, that discipline has a positive and significant impact on employee performance, that motivation has a positive and significant impact on employee performance, that leadership style has an indirect significant impact on employee performance through motivation and that leadership style has an indirect significant impact on employee performance through discipline.

Coronavirus a revival of spirituality among Kenyan Christians []

When religion focuses only on the material dimension, there seems to be a faith crisis especially when such visible aspects are interfered with. This paper intends to call upon Kenyan Christians to focus on the spiritual dimension rather than the material dimension in this contemporary time. Covi-19 pandemic has caused disruptions the world over. It has limited social interactions, imposing on people social distancing, thus making social gatherings extremely difficult. In effect, public worship by all world religions has been affected. When coronavirus started to spread sometime in March 2020, restrictions on public gatherings were enforced and some religious leaders in Kenya maintained that the government had forbidden people from worshipping, denying them the right to worship and pray against the pandemic. Some adherents have protested against some of these regulations by the World Health Organization (WHO). Thus, this has prompted the author to write this short article. The article is a review of various literature with the view of finding a suitable way in which religions can still survive the numerous crises that they undergo. Keywords: Christians, Covid-19, Spirituality, Religion, Kenya


Steamed shrimp are susceptible to degradation such as color changes and microorganism activity. Therefore, to minimize the deterioration of quality in steamed shrimp, chitosan is added as edible coating because chitosan has antibacterial properties. This study aims to inhibit the deterioration of steamed shrimp with chitosan as edible coating during the storage period. The method used in this research is exper-imental method. Steamed shrimp were immersed with 0%, 1.5%, 2%, 2.5%, and 3% chitosan addition for 3 minutes, packed with Styrofoam and plastic wrap at low temperature (5-10°C). The observations were performed on day-1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and day-13. The parameter observed in this study were total plate count (TPC). The result concluded that 2% of chitosan concentration is the op-timal concentration for steamed shrimp store at low temperature at day 12, with total microbial count 3.6x105 cfu/g


The IDX sharia investment gallery provides all publications and printed materials on the sharia capital market issued by the Indonesia Stock Exchange, including sharia shares, sharia mutual funds and sharia bonds and other products indexed by sharia. In this sharia investment gallery there is also information about the regulations and the Capital Market Law. Information and data available at the IDX Investment Gallery can be used by the academic community for academic purposes, including research, community service, discussion material and other academic activities, not for commercial purposes in the case of share sale and purchase transactions. Based on the problem formulation above, the purpose of this study is to find out and analyze: Effect of management competencies on the performance of the Sharia Investment Gallery Management. Effect of Education-Training (Diklat) on the Performance of the Sharia Investment Gallery Management. Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) on the Performance of Sharia Investment Gallery Managers. Effect of Organizational Commitment has a significant effect on the Performance of Sharia Investment Gallery Managers. Effect of Management Competence significantly influence Organizational Commitment. Effect of Education-Training (Diklat) significantly influence Organizational Commitment. Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) on Organizational Commitment. Effect of Organizational Commitment has a significant effect on the Performance of Sharia Investment Gallery Managers. Effect of Management Competence significantly influence Organizational Commitment. Effect of Education-Training (Diklat) significantly influence Organizational Commitment. Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) on Organizational Commitment. Effect of Organizational Commitment has a significant effect on the Performance of Sharia Investment Gallery Managers. Effect of Management Competence significantly influence Organizational Commitment. Effect of Education-Training (Diklat) significantly influence Organizational Commitment. Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) on Organizational Commitment.


This study investigates the effect of goal setting on employees’ performance of southwest universities’ registry workers in Nigeria. Despite the perception that the universities in southwest Nigeria are at the fore of university education in Nigeria, there seems to be a steady decline in the performance of the universities. This has necessitated the study of the contribution of the registry workers in particular, who are the component of workforce in the university system, to the success of the core of university education, the performance of the registry workers in line with the increased need for more efficient processing time of key registry service delivery, and the overall need to improve the general performance of universities is drawn. A review of extant literature on goal setting and employee performance has been conducted. The study therefore recommends that universities as a way of improving employee performance must set clear, specific, measurable, attainable, and time-bound goals that are mutually set and incorporates effective feedback mechanism will serve as medium for enhancing the performance of its registry workers.

Improvement of Electricity Power Supply to Harbour Road, Port Harcourt []

The research work is aimed at improving the electricity power supply with reliable power quality at the Harbour Road distribution network, Port Harcourt, consisting of twenty (20) distribution transformers. Having identified the problem associated in the network with overloading, outages in some of the feeders and gradual system collapse due to lower cross sectional area of conductor, due to these problems; the network was modeled in Electrical Transient Analyzer program (ETAP 16.00). With respect to these, load flow studies was performed using Newton Raphson techniques to know and ascertain the behavioural condition of the network. After the integration of capacitor bank into the network with the values of 8 KVAR and 10KVAR at bus 4 and bus 34 to take care of the Reactive power and the Active power in the system, significant improvement was made in the voltage profile ranging from bus 5 to bus 9 after the compensation. KEY WORDS: E-tap application, Newton Raphson Load Flow, Voltage Equations, Reliability, Adequacy Security, electrical power system, capacitor bank placement, Load Flow, Voltage Profile, E-TAP.


Rwanda has been on the fast track to achieve major health improvement for its entire population. The government agency and non-government partners with the Ministry of Health (MoH) supports have decentralized Rwanda’s health system and bring health services closer to the people and focuses also on family planning’s efficacy in preventing unintended pregnancies, abortions and their health burden. The government’s Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategies calls for increase contraceptive prevalence to 70% by 2016.The population growth rate presents a challenge for social and economic progress in the country as compared to its limited resources and low economic growth. The aim of this study is to determine the knowledge, attitude and practices of family planning among women attending Kabutare District Hospital. Result of this study may help healthcare policy makers to recognize gaps, control strategies in family planning and women awareness about their contribution to use family planning. A descriptive cross–sectional design methodology used quantitative approach is used. Sample size of 255 women is systematically selected where 15-49 years age group considered from Kabutare District Hospital. A structure questionnaire used to collect data from the sample. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) has been used for data analysis. Frequencies, percentage have used for descriptive statistics. The relationship between independent and dependent variables have estimated with chi-square test and odd ratio at 95% confidence interval. This study is ethically approved by Mount Kenya University ethical committee. Respondents’ confidences were ensured. Descriptive analysis using frequency and proportions were computed. Pearson’s chi-square test (p<0.05) was used to establish association between dependent variable (adherence) and independent variables. Multiple logistic regressions were also used to determine the independent factors associated with the practice of family planning methods. The respondents with good knowledge were 78.43% and with positive attitude were 75.29% about family planning. Most (74.51%) of the respondents had adequate practices on contraceptive methods. A good knowledge of women about family planning were 9.92 times more likely to use family planning than those with poor knowledge [AOR= 11.328; 95%CI= 4.103-31.272; p-value <0.001]. While attitude level of family planning among women attending Kabutare District Hospital [AOR= 6.494; 95%CI= 2.751-15.330; p-value <0.001] were significantly associated with adequate practice on family planning. Women attending Kabutare District Hospital with College and higher level of education [AOR= 0.089; 95%CI= 0.016-0.478; p-value <0.005]. Women attending Kabutare District Hospital with less or equal to three children [AOR= 5.355; 95%CI= 2.297-12.483; p-value <0.001]. Women who got information about family planning from media were statistically significant association practices [AOR= 6.176; 95%CI= 1.698-22.470; p-value <0.006]. The level of knowledge on family planning methods among the population in Rwanda contribute to the practice of contraceptive methods because people with high knowledge are more likely to promotes family planning methods.

Importance of Playful learning in Early Years Education in Bangladesh []

Play makes an important role in early years education and progress. This paper described on the survey- how play was realized, integrated, and trained in the early childhood educational setting of Bangladesh. The socio-cultural research discovered the knowledge, interpretations, and views of early childhood educators of six urban public pre-primary classes in Bangladesh. Six pre-primary teachers’ opinions, views and perceptions were analyzed using qualitative methodology including interview. Findings indicated that the understanding and integration of playful learning, guided by the sociocultural and academic backgrounds of society, varied from the Western arrangements and procedures. Young children's dynamic and cooperative pleasurable activities, such as playing with learning tools, physical movements, acting, rhyming, singing, games, outdoor plays, and drawing, were called as playful learning. It was believed as a method of expanding educational abilities through the teacher's directions in appropriate techniques. Despite unfriendly learning environment in Bangladesh, playful learning was featured as classroom practices that encouraged young children’s studying. The importance of play-based learning in early years education in Bangladesh delivers a broader and more concrete explanation of play-based learning to support teachers to apply this pedagogical method and to improve the study of play-based learning in early years education.