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The research revolves around the functions of the warehouse and how it can improve productivity within the company. In order to accomplish such goals, one needs to make sure that the warehouse is properly managed and up to date. This research started on the basis of fixing the problem within the warehouse, the problem being that stocks are often not managed adequately which bring down the efficiency within the warehouse eventually decreasing the productivity in the company itself. In order to overcome this problem, it is important to look into the functions of the warehouse and improve them one by one. The main functions being, storing products, managing them properly, and protective packaging and transportation. There are many other functions of the warehouse but the research focuses more on these three, since they are the most common and basic ones. Then, the research discusses the importance of the warehouse within supply chain, realizing it is such an important asset not only to the supply chain sector but to companies as well. Finally, the research end with the topic of how technology can affect the warehouse. There are various technologies that can boost efficiency and help with numerous functions of the warehouse.

Directed Reading and Thinking Activities: Individual Instruction for Comprehension and Critical Thinking []

The main purpose of the study was to develop a directed reading and thinking activities for College of Education students in Eastern Samar State University-Guiuan, Guiuan, Eastern Samar during the school year 2020 – 2021. Specifically, this study sought to answer the following questions: 1. What is the proficiency level of the College of Education students in English reading comprehension? 2. To what extent are the competencies in reading comprehension developed by the students? 2.1. Following directions 2.2. Noting details 2.3. Getting the main idea 2.4. Organizing ideas 2.5. Sequencing events 2.6. Perceiving relationships 2.7. Predicting outcomes 2.8. Inferring 2.9. Drawing conclusions; and 2.10. Evaluating ideas or making judgment? 3. What instructional materials are utilized by the teachers in teaching reading comprehension for College of Education students? 4. To what extent are the following teaching strategies employed by the teachers in teaching reading comprehension for the College of Education students? 4.6. Hexi-Learning Approach 4.7. Multi-Media Approach 4.8. Programmed Instruction 4.9. Cooperative Learning Approach 4.10. Directed Reading and Thinking Activities 5. What are the problems met by the instructors in teaching English reading comprehension? 6. What directed reading and thinking activities may be developed based on the findings of the study? In order to achieve the purpose of this study, the researcher employed the descriptive survey method to determine the directed reading and thinking activities suited for the College of Education students in reading comprehension. A teacher-made proficiency test that was prepared by the researcher was utilized to determine the performance level of the College of Education students in reading comprehension and to identify the skills in reading comprehension, which are difficult to the students. The instructional materials used by the instructors in reading comprehension during instruction and the problems they met in teaching reading as to student-related problems, teacher-related problems, school-related problems and home-related problems were assessed with the use of questionnaire. The study involved all the three (300) College of Education students and the fifteen (15) Faculty Members from Eastern Samar State University Campuses during the school year 2020 – 2021. The findings of the study served as bases for the development of the directed reading and thinking activities for College of Education.

Water Quality Prediction Model Based on Exponential Diffusion and Decaying Advection Parameters []

The paper studies the effect of exponential diffusion parameter and decaying advection parameter on the quality of water in aquifer. Taylor series expansion is used to generate the finite difference scheme of Alternating Direction Explicit (ADE) scheme and Alternating Direction Implicit (ADI) scheme. The two schemes are found to be consistent and stable with the model equations.

An Empirical Relationship between Student Satisfaction with Teaching Methodology and College Environment in Pakistan []

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between student satisfaction with teaching methodology and college environment. This paper focuses on the determinants of student satisfaction and retention in a college that are assumed to the experience of student`s in the college. A well structured questionnaire was used to measure the satisfaction of students around three factors namely: teaching methodology, student’s satisfaction, college environment. The sample size of the study consisted of 70 graduate and undergraduate students (22 males and 48 females) at Punjab group of colleges Chawinda campus. Students satisfaction is one of the result indicators established , based on students opinions to measure the quality level of study in Pakistan`s college system . Multiple linear regression and Pearson correlation analysis performed to check the relationship between these three factors. T value of the test statistic significant and resulted that teaching methodology much effected for the satisfaction of students. Implications, limitations, and suggestions for the purpose of future research are discussed.


The aim of this work is to first highlight those philosophical theories which informed Regan’s idea of moral concern to animals as well as his arrival to the assertions that, animals are part of moral community. We also target to show that in strict sense, animals are not part of ‘moral standing; but we only show moral concern to them on the basis that they are of instrumental value(s) to us.


The subject of the matter we are addressing here is the position taken by Regan in addressing the issue of our duty to animals. Bearing in mind that, duty arises on reciprocity of rights, how then he announces prerogative to nonhuman animals who cannot be aware or observe such reciprocity? Strictly speaking, duties and rights are terms that whenever stated there applicability is more to humans than to nonhuman entities. Though, Regan proclaims animals are patients, hence we have duty to respect and care for them, our duties to them are simply because we benefit from them in different ways. We have duties to domestic and wild animals because of their economic values but not virtually because they are, ‘patients’ as Regan claims.

Prevalence and Factors Associated With Antibiotic Self-Medication among the Community Members in Tanzania []

Antibiotic self medication practices are presently one of the focal public health issues accredited by different factors not only for developed countries but developing countries. This study examined the prevalence and factors associated with antibiotic self-medication among the community members in Tanzania. This study opted mixed research approach where by cross- sectional survey research design were used in this study. Random sampling procedures was used in this study, purposively sampling procedure was used to select Dodoma city as study area. Both primary data and secondary data were used as methods of collecting data, questionnaires and observations is one of the data collection tools used in this study. Data was analyses through SPSS version 20 and also, Logistic Regression Model (LRM) was used to analyses data. The findings of the study revealed that religion, occupation, sex, education level and level of income have statistical significance with antibiotics self medication in Tanzania with P- Value (0.017), (0.000), (0.014), (0.026) and (0.004) respectively but age has no statistical significance with antiobiotics self mdication practices in Tanzania since P- Value is (0.262). The study recommends that, the government of Tanzania has to spotlight the interventions to the community level especially to address on improving awareness, the laws and regulations that governing drug providers and reducing the risks of antibiotics self medication practices. Education awareness and programs are supposed to be done by different stakeholders on the possible harmful effects of self-medication practices. The study concluded that the community members should seek healthcare services for the diagnosis of the disease before taking medicines. The social Implication of the study the antibiotics self medication practices leads to increased costs of health services, long hospitalization time, diseases such as liver cancer, kidney problems and hence increases the rate of death therefore it reduce manpower of nation.


ABSTRACT Comfort standards create adequate thermal comfort conditions in buildings. Requirements for comfort are critical, especially to pupils' performance and welfare in school buildings. Learning spaces have been observed to have influenced students’ comfort and enhancement of performance in schools. However, many factors are involved in determining how the performances of the students are enhanced by these learning spaces. This study is aimed at investigating students’ comfort in learning spaces in relation to the enhancement of performance, it reviews and analyses the indoor comfort requirements based on international standards and previous studies. Thermal comfort is always affected by the energy efficiency of buildings and vice versa. The comparison assessment presents that there is a relation between the poor indoor quality conditions and the low-energy efficiency of buildings. This may occur due to the mismanagement of, ventilation and other factors that determine indoor comfort in school buildings.


In coming years looking to potential in textile industries number of water jet looms bearing industries are going to increase rapidly. These Industrial units are small scale units so that they have not appropriate space and cost constraints in terms of operating for Environment Management Systems. These units are found to be mushrooming mostly in private industrial estates, which do not have any common infrastructure or permissions specific for the industries. In Surat city which is hub of textile market, as per today’s scenario there are approximately 600 nos of units of water jet looms. Out of them approx. 550 no’s of units are located outside of the GIDC having their own ETP with system to achieve ZLD or sending to CETP. During the survey of project we found that these water jet units are not comply to achieve the ZLD and directly discharging the untreated industrial wastewater of COD ranging from 500 -700 mg/l. The electric evaporator system is found to non-operational along with the primary ETP during random monitoring by the GPCB. Thus looking to the need of formulating a policy for upcoming and existing water jet industries a policy is needed. The discussions of green technologies as alternatives of conventional approaches to treat the wastewater generated from water jet looms and archive the norms with fresh water used for water jet looms.

Low grade Appendiceal Mucinous Neoplasm-A case report []

Mucinous neoplasm of appendix accounts for 0.2-1.4% of appendectomies done. Disease limited to appendix can be treated by simple appendectomy but advance disease with peritoneal spread requires cytoreductive surgery. Our case is of young female with pain abdomen and on further evaluation found to have appendiceal mucocele, for which she underwent Laparoscopic appendectomy and final histopathology revealed Low grade Mucinous Neoplasm of appendix.

Effects of Financial Innovation on Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya: Case Study of Leading Commercial Banks in Kenya []

The core of this study was to assess the effects of financial innovation on performance of commercial banks in Kenya with reference to listed banks in Kenya from 2012-2017. The study is guided by three specific objectives; to determine the financial systems on the performance of commercial banks in Kenya; establish the process innovation on the performance of commercial banks in Kenya; and to realize the effects of product innovation on the performance of commercial banks in Kenya. The study is based on three theories; Merton’s Market Efficiency Theory of Innovation, Pecking Order Theory, and Agency Theory. This study adapts a quantitative research approach with focus on panel data. The target population were 6 leading commercial banks in Kenya in terms of customer and assets base and are listed commercial banks in NSE .Purposive sampling was used to select the six leading commercial banks and included Kenya Commercial Bank, Cooperative Bank of Kenya, Equity Bank, Family Bank and Barclays Bank and The Standard Bank. Both primary and secondary data were used in this study. Primary data was drawn from the questionnaires that were collected from the respondents. On the other hand, secondary data (a panel data from 2012-2017) used was obtained from the financial statements of the 6 sampled commercial banks. Descriptive analysis was used to analyze primary data that showed extent to which the three type of financial innovation (Financial systems innovations, Process Innovation, Product innovation) influence the performance of commercial banks in Kenya. Partial correlation and linear regression analysis were used for both primary and secondary data. The findings of the study from primary data indicated that financial innovation (P<0.045) has a stronger positive consideration influence on the commercial banks performance. The results also shows that: Y=1.777+.290X1+.148X2+.086X3+ε.This indicates that a .290 increase in Financial Systems, a .148 increase in Process Innovation while .086 in Product Innovation will have unit change in the achievement of commercial banks. Product Innovation is the only financial innovation component that does not have a significance influence on the performance of commercial banks. Results from analysis of secondary data indicated that financial innovation factors has no significant effect on the performance factors(Return on Equity(ROE);Return on Asset (ROA);Returns on Capital(ROC);Return on Investment(ROI)) of commercial banks in Kenya. The results also indicated a low correlation between financial innovation and financial performance of commercial banks in Kenya of between r =0.189342 and r =0.182058 for all the performance indicators (Return on Equity (ROE); Return on Asset (ROA); Returns on Capital (ROC); Return on Investment (ROI)) which indicated that although there was a relation between financial innovation and financial performance of commercial banks in Kenya, the correlation was very low.


The phenomenon of poverty has become a widespread collective problem despite all the different poverty alleviation policies and programmes by governments to curtail the impacts of poverty on Nigerians. Since it is estimated that over 95 million Nigerians still live in poverty, with at least five million becoming poorer than ever since 2015, this study examines poverty and the struggle for survival in Nigeria with the view to redefining poverty alleviation programmes after the #ENDSARS PROTEST. The descriptive method of analysis was employed to review some selected poverty alleviation policies and programmes of past administrations, their pitfalls and then underscores the new efforts launched to curtail poverty spread by the government. Among the findings, the paper revealed that the level of poverty and the struggle for survival in Nigeria as an oil producing nation is heart-breaking and unacceptable. In addition, the paper showed that the different poverty alleviation policies and programmes failed to change the narratives of the poor due to corruption and the adoption of top-bottom rather bottom-top approach in implementation. Sequel to this, the paper concluded that the current government policies and programmes on poverty would spur innovations, entrepreneurship, infrastructural development and improved welfare of Nigerians. Based on this, the paper recommended the Nigeria’s economy should be diversified to boost socio-economic development thereby creating jobs which is a key factor in alleviating poverty. Again, the wages and allowances of the political class, particularly, members of the National Assembly should be slashed to enable government have funds to increase wages and allowances for low-and middle-income earners as overall productivity will be increased and poverty reduced . Keywords: Poverty; Poverty Alleviation Programmes; #Endsars protests; National Youth Investment Fund; N-power


Packets and packet switching were invented to communicate within networks effectively, i.e., to multiplex, digital networks. We easily grasp the concepts of circuit switching, such as a voice telephone call, message switching, and the paper‐based postal system, because they are common and historical examples. Recently, we discovered that digital techniques for transmission and switching information are far superior, faster, cheaper, and less prone to error than the analog techniques devised in earlier times. These digital methods allowed for the invention of packets and packet switching, making digital technology even more effective. Networks are built in layers, so will first examine some important layering models for different kinds of digital networks. We will also discuss how addresses fit into our layering schemes. Next, we briefly describe circuit and message switching before surveying the primary topic of packet switching.


This article addressed a business negotiation case, presenting teaching material on contract negotiation in Brazil. We pre-sent a two-party, multiple-issue role-play simulation. The case involved a private company and the local government, who celebrated a 30-year contract on basic sanitation services, supervised by the sector's Regulatory Agency. After being fined five times in the last five years, the public service concessionaire filed lawsuits against the local government. Key findings pointed out the necessity of improving integrative strategies, such as understanding the other party's underlying interests. Also, the necessity of implementing problem-solving approaches through joint fact-findings, where both parties involved perceive the issues at hand and devise suitable solutions for them. A complete set of case mechanics and instructions is presented. Further implications suggest the case replication to other business scenarios. Discussion and future research recommendations complete the present study.


The study investigated hazard perception and awareness level of traders in selected market centres in South-Eastern, Nigeria, in the areas of hazards perceptions and awareness level of stakeholders about fire disaster preparedness, examine the variation in disaster preparedness and analyse differences in risk reduction across the study areas. The research adopted a descriptive survey design. The target population was the traders and other stakeholders in the markets. Simple random sampling was used to give every subject an equal chance to be selected. Data were collected using questionnaires which were administered to the respondents through the drop and pick a method and the site observation checklist. Data collected from respondents were analyzed through descriptive statistics. The results were presented using frequency tables, mean and standard deviation. Basing on the study findings, the majority of the respondents reported that fire occurs frequently in the markets which are mostly caused by fault electricity, renovation, and inappropriate storage of flammable materials. This indicated a high level of fire disaster unpreparedness. On safety plans, most markets have no evacuation plans. All these are signs of fire disaster unpreparedness. On training in fire safety, most workers and other stakeholders have not been trained on appropriate responses in case of fire outbreak and most of them may not know what to do in case of fire disaster leading to fire disaster unpreparedness. Basing on the study findings, the market management should consider adding more firefighting facilities like a sprinkler system, reliable water supply, fire boots, suits, helmets, hoods, gloves, sacks of sands in buildings, fire blankets, fire fighters’ outfits, fire protective clothing, fire hydrants, fire escape ladder, and self-contained breathing apparatus so that they become proportional to the number of market buildings and people in the markets. It is also recommended that windows should not be grilled, and doors should open outwards. Also, market traders and stakeholders should be made aware of evacuation plans. Finally, all market traders and stakeholders should be trained on fire safety.

Attributes and Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Conservation in Buildings []

Our planet has been threatened by pollution and climate change as result of carbon (II) oxide and other toxic chemicals emitted from the burning of fossil fuels. Population explosion has made matters worse, as more people crave for energy daily. After the industrial revolution, scientists have innovated some strategies aimed at balancing the scales, but this quest had been found deficient. This has been the case because majority of people in the world are illiterates or not educated enough on the effects/consequences of over-dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Furthermore, there has been little advocation on the benefits of utilizing renewable energy sources. Scientific studies have shown that one major way of attaining a sustainable future is by being energy-efficient. This research focusses on the how energy efficiency and conservation strategies can be applied to building design and construction. Architects and Engineers are professionals who create new buildings and other structures and are to be held accountable for the consequences of their actions on the environment. This research focusses on how energy-efficient design and construction can contribute to a sustainable future. It also digs out the attributes of energy efficiency and conservation that building designers and Engineers can adopt. Furthermore, it discusses the benefits of applying these attributes in the design and construction of buildings.


Sharīʻah Maxims are derived from the detailed study of Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh), in the form of defined statements. These formulae are such general principles that infect not the law or its origin but are such a blueprint that the jurists assume to find the solution of problems in the light of Islamic Law. These maxims are formed as golden words that can be seen, or induced and implemented with any culture, race, and mentality. Like all Islamic teachings tending and describing the perfect compatibility with nature and its purposes. Expert Muslim jurists with rich Islamic knowledge of AL-Qur’an, Al-Hadith, Al-Fiqh, Quranic, Hadith and Fiqh Sciences, had formulated these pinpoints. In such a credential way that not only Monotheistic Religions rather each civilized human ideology or thought can cope with it. As the purpose of Presenting these maxims was in fact to convey the tough literary rules to common execution. Not only to communicate these law keys somewhat making preferably applicable.

Factors Influencing The Profitability of Pig Production in Eswatini []

The demand for pork is higher than the local production, hence the gap is filled by imports which indicate potential market opportunities that can be exploited by local pig producers. The objective of the study was to determine the profitability and factors Influencing the profitability of pig production in Eswatini. A stratified sampling technique was used in selecting a random sample size of pig producers from the four regions of Eswatini. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics such as percentages, frequency, gross margin model and multiple linear regression. The Findings indicated that most farmers were females with an average age of 44.5 years, with 48.5% attaining high school education, and have less than 10 years pig farming experience. Most farmers kept the large white breed,fed their pigs concentrates, members of local pig farmers cooperatives, obtained extension services have market located within 40 kilometers. The results showed that pig producers earned an average gross margin of E4.29, a rate of return on investment of 47% and a cost efficiency ratio of 69% per kilogram of pork. The factors Influencing pig farmers profitability were pig production experience, access to market information, access to extension services and target market. The study recommends that farmers should familiarize themselves with the media and attend workshops to be aware of new developments in the pig industry. Government should try to subsidize the cost of production of pigs in order to increase the level of returns, and make the business more attractive to people. Index word: Pig Farmers, Pig Production, Profitability, Cost Efficiency, Gross Margins

Addressing Energy Efficient Lighting and Ventilation in Libraries: A Case Study of Peckham Library, London, UK []

Lighting and ventilation are the main factors which influences the amount of energy consumed in a Library, as human comfort within a space requires a reasonable amount of light and airflow. Buildings that are not energy efficient require more mechanical/electrical devices to achieve thermal cooling in tropical areas and thermal heating for cold regions. In Nigeria, most buildings hardly take energy efficiency into consideration due to ignorance, poverty, lack of awareness and/or improper policy on building regulations by Government. But as a cultural service institution, libraries should take the initiative to protect the environment, rather than adding to the continuous degradation of the natural environment. Use of mechanical devices to attain thermal comfort in buildings is not only capital intensive but also generate greenhouse gases, air and noise pollution amongst others. Apart from the use of energy efficient lighting fixtures, Libraries should be designed to be energy efficient by providing large windows for natural ventilation and natural light. And provision of naturally ventilated open spaces such as court yards for proper airflow within the habitable spaces. This paper looks at measures to effectively reduce the amount of energy consumed in a Library, by reviewing the case study of Peckham Library; which was designed to be energy efficient by relying more on natural lighting and ventilation, rather than mechanical means. The data collected is structured, analysed and interpreted to understand practical ways on how energy efficient lighting and ventilation can be achieved in libraries. Therefore the scope of this paper aims at: Promoting energy efficiency in the design and construction of libraries. Key words:       Library building, Energy Efficiency, HVAC Systems, Green House Gases (GHG)

Teachers’ Application of Individualized Educational Programme on Low Mathematics Academic Performing children Aged 6 to 8 Years in Kenya []

Abstract. An Individualized Educational Programme (IEP) approach seeks to discourage teaching that is based on criteria of averages. Some learners will inevitably fall behind in classwork. Teachers must always take into consideration the different abilities and needs of the children. Therefore, the curriculum must be adapted, differentiated, accommodated, and modified to meet the diverse needs of learners. An accessible and flexible curriculum is the key to creating classrooms that meet children’s diversity in learning. This study intended to determine the level of mathematics academic performance by exploring the alternative strategies teachers employ to mitigate low mathematics academic attainment. The purpose of the study was to establish whether teachers applied Individualized Educational Programme on low mathematics academic performing children aged 6 to 8 years among grade1, 2, and 3. The study may provide new insight to low mathematics academic performance. Guided by Maslow’s Theory of Motivations (1970) the study endeavored to establish how the application of an IEP can motivate the low mathematics academic performing children to aspire for higher academic performance. The study employed an exploratory survey design in Loitokitok sub-county in Kenya where teachers were implementing an IEP opportunity for schools and after-school remedial teaching strategies to mitigate low mathematics academic performance. Cronbach’s coefficient alpha was used to test the degree of internal consistency and a correlation coefficient of 7.5 was satisfactory for this study The target population was a total of 110 primary schools, 110 headteachers, 579 teachers, and 35,000 children, while the study sample size was 10 primary schools, 10 headteachers, 33 teachers, 10 low mathematics academic performing children in grade 1, 2, and 3 aged 6 to 8 years from 10 schools all purposively selected. Data were collected by using a Pro-forma. The quantitative data were analyzed and presented using means, and percentages. The correlation coefficient of 0.75 was perfect for this study. The study found that children struggle in learning mathematics and teachers lack intervention skills.


ABSTRACT The title of the study was assessing families’ perception and level of awareness on child trafficking in Damot woyde woreda, Wolaita zone. The problem of trafficked children becomes the recent issue since the challenges of children was increased risk. Many of children in the geographical areas were easily vulnerable to child abuses and exploitation. The design employed both qualitative and quantitative method was used with descriptive cross-sectional type of design. The qualitative data was organized, analyzed and processed by using thematic analyses and the quantitative data was analyzed by cross tabulation with table, frequency and percentage. To collect the data through using questionnaires, in depth interviews; FGD and documentary reviews were employed by the researcher. The researcher used purposive and snowball sampling technique to determine the sample size. The researcher used 203 sample respondents of household heads from three study kebeles through simple random sampling technique, 9 participants for in-depth interview, 6 participants of key informants from community elders and 14 children for FGD. The children were formed in two groups; both groups contain seven children with independent of male children group and the female children group. The data were analyzed and interpreted by using percentage and frequency distribution table. The finding shows that families’ level of awareness on child trafficking becomes very low. Parents were pressurized their children to be the survivors of trafficking and they perceived their children as source of income for their poverty survival when children victimized in trafficking; as resulted; children were being exposed to psychological abuse, physical abuse, mental abuses and sexual abuses. Many of children were didn’t clearly differentiate various forms of child abuses. The victims of trafficking were also exposed to street prostitution, forced sex, contracting sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, inadequate housing, fistula, traumatic mental problems, eating and sleeping disorder, behavioral problems, health problems, educational problems, fear as well as shame that they usually exhibit.


This study investigated heavy metals incidence and bacterial contamination of 21 borehole water samples collected around Federal Polytechnic Nekede community. These borehole water samples were grouped into two, BH1-16 and NK1-5, based on the media used in isolating the bacteria contaminants then the heavy metals analyzed. The result shows that Coliforms and E. coli were the dominant bacteria in (87.5%) of the BH1-16 borehole samples, followed by Salmonella typhi (18.75%), Clostridium perfringens (12.5%). Copper and zinc concentrations were in the safe zone while lead, cadmium and chromium were higher than WHO standards. The samples BH1-16 contaminated with lead is 100%, cadmium 100% and chromium (68.75%). The concentration of lead ranged from 0.66 – 1.93 mg/l; cadmium (0.006 – 0.298 mg/l) and cadmium concentration in the range 0.0576 – 0.567 mg/l. The 7 genera of bacteria of public health importance, isolated from samples NK1-5, include Staphylococcus aureus (100%), Salmonella typhi (40%), Escherichia coli (80%), Vibrio cholerae (100%), Pseudomonas spp., (40%), Yesinia spp., (60%), and Shigella spp. (40%). Lead contaminant was present in 100% of samples NK1-5, ranged from 0.08 – 0.23 mg/l, above WHO standard. Plasmid DNA was found in all seven genera from NK1-5 grown in lead supplemented nutrient agar. The total of 23 bacteria 15(65.2%) had plasmids of the size range (0.9 – 12 Kbp). The presence of plasmids confers on the bacteria the ability to survive in lead contaminated borehole waters. Lead resistant bacteria could be potential agents for bioremediation of lead polluted environment. There is need to treat these waters using both chemical methods and boiling before drinking.

Participatory Evaluation and Demonstration of Sweet Lupin Technologies at Wolmera District, West Shewa Zone of Oromia, Ethiopia. []

The study was conducted at Wolmera district, western Oromia region, Ethiopia. A total of 12 women farmers were selected purposively to implement the activity. Sweet lupin demonstration was conducted to evaluate and crate awareness on sweet lupun technologies, food recipes and to analyze the macro and micronutrient composition of the varieties. The mean grain yield result of this variety was 2300 kg ha-1 with a minimum of 1900 and a maximum of 2800 kg ha-1, respectively. Sensory evaluation test was made on sweet lupin recipes made in combination with wheat flour, field pea flour and alone using hedonic scaling method. A total of 112 participants out of which 62 were male and 50 were female were involved to taste the food recipe made from sweet lupin. The result of sensory evaluation indicated that the incorporation of 25% of sweet lupin flour (SLF) to the biscuit is more accepted by the panelists than 50% SLF substitution to the biscuit. The acceptability of bread containing 25% SLF was excellent. For Pulse stew 50% SL substitution level for 50% FP flour and 100% SLF alone has no any difference in acceptance among the panelists. The result also revealed that a very good acceptability of 100% SL Roasted and Boiled can also be prepared from sweet lupin. The lab analysis result of macro- and micronutrient composition content of sweet lupin grain as compared to field pea grain showed that mean protein and fat contents of sweet lupin were 31.6% and 8.3%, respectively, while the grain protein and fat contents field pea were 22.32% and 3.6% respectively. Sweet lupin grain has also the highest mineral contents of zinc, iron and calcium whereas, but field pea has higher contents of potassium and sodium. The demonstration of new varieties of sweet lupin with low alkaloid and high protein content has resulted in a renewed interest in utilization of lupin as source of protein for human and livestock nutrition.


This research work evaluates the effect of staff motivation on Bank performance. The study made use of secondary data in its analysis. Three explanatory variables (staff salaries and wages, staff pension contribution and staff other benefits) were specified based on theoretical underpinning and were used to establish a relationship with bank performance during the period under study using the multiple regression statistic tool. The result specifically showed that while there is no significant relationship between Staff Salaries and Wages, bank’s Staff Pension Contribution and Profit before Interest and Tax, there is positive significant relationship between Staff Other Benefits and Profit before Interest and Tax. The study concludes that though adequate staff motivation is a veritable tool to improve bank performances, employee motivation has no significant effect on performance of Banks in Nigeria. The study recommends that employees should be appreciated for their work and be involved in decision-making as this will enhance enthusiasm and motivation hence leading to better productivity and loyalty. Management should include employees-ownership-scheme in the organizations motivational plan and reduce the rate at which bank employees are punished for mistake.


An approach to the evaluation of funding education system that sets inputs in relation to the performance of a system, such as the quality of teaching and learning and educational outcomes, has the potential to improve decision making and make the use of available resources more effective; Therefore, exploring how resources are allocated is critical for ensuring a high-quality education for all students. The main aim of this study is to analyze the correlation of budget supplied in education and the performance of students. This research is using the data corrected from the World Bank platform related to the “Government expenditure on education”. Findings indicate that for all countries, none of them the number of students performed and graduated to doctoral level does not assure that the number of researchers in that country will increase or vary as well. Keywords: Education, Correlation, data analysis, Data mining, students’ performance

healing architecture in hospital designs []

Healing architecture is the future of new super hospital design, research has proven that enhancing the hospital design to fit functions that reflect the everyday life would improve and promote fast recovery of patient and better work performance of hospital staffs. It is a critical factor in the healing process, privacy, minimal infection risk exposure, and the satisfaction of patients. It is therefore required of hospital designers, managers, and policymakers to know the influence of the hospital design characteristics on the cognitive and physical health of the patients cannot be overemphasized. This paper explores possibilities on how architecture can inform/improve health and provide spaces and events that can contribute to patients healing, fast recovery and wellbeing. Based on the political choice to hospitalize patients in single bed space this project solves the overall question “where do patients meet for social interaction and support”? Besides, can architecture play a superior role in healing? This provides some explanations for why health practice alone cannot be expected to lead healing but the introduction of design qualities (interaction between humans, buildings and the environment) for which research has found evidence of improved patient’s outcome from long applied Evidence-based design (EBD) and experienced architects in hospital designs. This research project adopt both the primary and secondary methods of sources of information which include interviews, case studies of existing entrepreneurship development Centre’s with emphasis on planning principles, existing literature such as textbooks, publications, magazines, journals, thesis reports. To archive healing architecture, this project defines four main areas that should be included in the design for future spaces in hospitals; (functions that reflect the everyday life, importance of daylight in hospitals, materials and texture with homely effects and Details with interior design in proper scale).

The cytokine expressions in the bronchial carcinoma after treatment with indigenous drug regimen – A case report []

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases worldwide, which is a major cause of morbidity and mortality, with approximately 14 million new cases and 8 million cancer- related deaths in 2012. Colorectal cancer was the third highest incidence globally among male population. In Sri Lankan Indigenous systems of medicine are often considered effective for treating Adenocarcinoma of colon and many medical recipes which are successfully prescribed in cancer in order to decrease the spread of abnormal cells throughout body. This study was to assess the Ayurvedic treatment modality on the management of colon adenocarcinoma. The present study was carried out at the cancer clinic at the Bandaranaike Memorial Ayurvedic Research Institute for twenty weeks. Detailed history, clinical examinations, and relevant investigations were conducted at the clinic. Oral administration of three herbal formulations namely Sharibhadyasawa -60ml/day, Cheena ala choorna -10g/day and Kaishora guggulu -2/day were applied for the patient throughout the period of study. Initial CEA (Carcino Embrayonic Antigen) of the patient was 14.5 ng/ml and CA125 of the patient was 343. After twenty weeks of the treatment, CEA of the patient was found 10.4 ng/ml, CA125 value was 155 and symptoms were decreased. According to panchapadartha analysis, katu , tikta, and kashaya rasas and Laghu, Ruksha and tikshna gunas are predominant of the drug modality. All of things are useful for the pacifying kapha dosha and vata dosha as well as cleansing the srothas. These mechanism leads to control tumour proliferation. According to that this regimen is helps to control the tumour development and symptomatic relief was maintained. Key word: Adenocarcinoma of colon, Ayurvedic treatment modality, Panchapadartha


The philosophy of human existence according to Kierkegaard is centered on the individual human being. It shuns all manner of universalizing the fact of existence. In the course of our existence, we encounter different aspects, among them anxiety, despair and fear. In this work, despair and human existence is our main interest. The intertwinement of despair and human existence is well addressed in Soren Kierkegaard’s The Sickness unto Death. Although Kierkegaard does not intend to demonstrate the intertwinement, it comes out clearly in the course of the work. The intertwinement comes through two aspects. The first one is when despair turns out into sin. Sin is an existential factor which brings a disrelationship with God, through ignorance. The second aspect is the cure of despair, which is facilitated by Faith in God. In order for us to flee from the sickness of despair, we need to take a leap of faith in which our self recognizes a superior power which created it.


Abstract Mobile payments are increasingly being adopted by organizations as a new way of doing business in the 21st century. During the last few years, the use of mobile payments as a new payment channel has resulted in an increase in the volume of literature dedicated to the topic. For this reason, this study aims to cover the importance and use of mobile payments in the current era. It shall also try to identify issues and risks associated with it. The findings will describe the studies taken to identify and further understand the factors affecting the adoption of mobile payments in the Philippines. Keywords: Mobile payments, adoption, digital payments, e-money, financial inclusion