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Agility of Male and Female Students through Online Learning during Covid-19 []

The aim of the research is to analyze male or female students are more agile in Online English Learning during Covid-19 using Gravett and Caldwell (2016) theory. Therefore, male and female can be analyzed by using questionnaire especially using theory of Gracett and Caldwell (2016) about agility analyzed. This study was conducted by using descriptive quantitative method. The data which used agility male and female. The result of this research showed that the four types of agility using Gravett and Caldwell (2016) such as mental agility, people agility, change agility and result agility. The male students score for all types of agility is 6798. The female students score for all types of agility is 6831. The total score of male students is lower than female students. The percentage of male students (27, 33%) who had high level agility is higher than female students (26%). Mental agility is referred to individuals who are comfortable with complexity, examine problems carefully, and make connections between different things. People agility is referred to individuals who know themselves well and can readily deal with diverse people and tough situations. Change agility it refers to individuals who like to experiment and can cope effectively with the discomfort of rapid change. Result agility it refers to those resourceful individuals who can deliver results in first-time situations by inspiring others and having significant impact.

Solar Powered Dug Well Irrigation with Rain Water Harvesting System to Reduce Ground Water Overdraft at Joypurhat District in Bangladesh. []

Dug Well irrigation is now very popular adoption to change the traditional agriculture practice in north-west region of Bangladesh. Due to consecutive several years of drought, depletion of ground water, shortage of rainfall, dryness of surface water bodies, increasing crisis of food production with respect to population growth is worsening the food crisis day by day. Dug well irrigation is a popular adoption option to change the situation in this drought prone area. Irrigation water harvested through solar powered dug well installed through Barind Multipurpose Development Authority can save ripen T-Aman rice, produce low water consuming crops, vegetables etc. and also change the cropping pattern. Rain water is also harvested and conserved in dug well by a funnel type structure above with solar panel. An underground uPVC pipe line system is designed and set up to reduce the water conveyance loss of water which makes the whole irrigation system efficient.


Vocational training policies for rural workers play a particularly important role in the development of human capital, human resources in economic growth, job creation and increasing income for workers. Vocational training is one of the breakthrough solutions of the socio-economic development strategy in order to serve the industrialization - modernization of agriculture and rural areas, contributing to ensuring social security and sustainable development of the country. Vocational training for rural workers has a great significance in contributing to labor mobility, restructuring economy in rural areas, implementing the policy of the Party and State of Vietnam to reduce poverty sustainably. step by step reduce the wealth disparity between urban and rural areas. Vocational training for rural workers, especially ethnic minority workers, is an important solution to increase income and help people escape poverty. The article focuses on the difficulties in applying vocational training policies to ethnic minority labours and offers some solutions.

Cryopreservation Technology []

This paper is about cryopreservation technology is a well know process currently use in the medical field in order to preserve the cells, tissues, organs and other biological samples for long time in ultra-low temperature. Word “Cryo” comes from Greek language which represent the ice cold or frozen “Preservation” is the process of keeping save or alive for long period of time. Cryopreservation is basically done under liquid Nitrogen which maintains the temperature at -196 ˚C without disturbing to the viability of the cells, tissues or organ. Stem cells which are mainly used in drug discovery process and I the organ transplantation process we have to keep those testing samples and organs alive for long period of time and due to the ice crystal formation, disrupting of cell membrane, osmotic pressure are the main possible reasons can caused to destroy the cell viability during the freezing. These injuries occur during the freezing is commonly use to called as cryoinjury and it can be avoid using cryoprotectants and proper temperature controlling. This paper contains the basic process of cryopreservation along with the technique behind the process.

Recruitment and selection practices and employee job satisfaction in quoted food and beverage MNCs in Nigeria: The moderating roles of culture []

This study assessed the impact of recruitment and selection practices on employee job satisfaction in quoted food and beverages MNCs in Nigeria taking into consideration the moderating role of culture. The study adopted descriptive survey research design. The target population comprised 6,356 staff of quoted food and beverages’ MNCs in Nigeria. Taro Yamane statistical model was used to determine the sample size of 1,568. Purposive sampling technique was used to determine the respondents which included Nigerians and Other Nationals working in the quoted food and beverages MNCs. Recruitment and selection practices had positive significant influence on employees’ satisfaction among Nigerians (t = 12.286; p< 0.05) and positive significant influence on employees’ satisfaction among other nationals (t = 5.322; p < 0.05) in quoted food and beverage MNCs in Nigeria. It recommended that the MNCs should further invest in the human side of the organisation considering the different interests of diverse workforce on their payrolls. Keywords: Recruitment and selection practices, culture, employee job satisfaction, and MNCs

Validating and the Application of Bruno’s Ratio on Naulong Dam and Shogo Sin Hydropower Projects of Pakistan []

This study aims to explore the efficacy of applying Bruno’s Ratio by calculating the Ratio for two of Pakistan’s Hydropower Projects; the Naulong Dam and the Shogo Sin Hydropower project. The Shogo Sin project involves foreign currency investments, whereas the Naulong Dam utilizes domestic currency, albeit some of its inputs are imported, locally available items. Also, some essential purchases are made in foreign currency. It has been useful to assess the price of foreign exchange saved by using this application. Economically, a project is justified if the domestic resource cost or dependency ceiling is less than the official exchange rate. This means that the venture is using less domestic assets to save or produce a unit of foreign exchange that would be required to purchase it at the official exchange rate. Results of the calculations ceiling ratio in PKR 83.26 to USD for the Shogo Sin project, when the official exchange rate was PKR 84.50 to the USD. For the Naulong Dam, the dependency ceiling ratio was PKR 96 to the USD when the prevailing rate was PKR 101 at the time when the project was planned. Hence, the study empirically justifies the use of Bruno’s Ratio as one of the tools to assess the desirability of such projects and rationalizes the commitment of foreign exchange resources to their implementation and operation.

Selective absorbent dye effect on the efficiency of sunlight solar picker []

We will study the properties of the non-glossy black absorbent and compare it with the non-chromosome black lacquered absorbent envelope added to the chromium trioxide. The comparison is: Qu = 363.312, ζ% = 19.88 less absorbent and less efficient energy for dark black coated tablet was respectively While less absorbent and less efficient energy for dark black-coated pad genitive trio looked chrome respectively (Qu = 532.44, ζ,% = 29.10) on 9/7/2017 Qu = 2192.4, ζ% = 96.4 max. absorbent and max. efficient energy for dark black coated tablet was respectively While max. absorbent and max. efficient energy for dark black-coated pad genitive trio looked chrome respectively (Qu = 2536.92, ζ,% = 99.36) on 9/7/2017. Qu = 250.56, ζ% = 12.53 less absorbent and less efficient energy for dark black coated tablet was respectively While less absorbent and less efficient energy for dark black-coated pad genitive trio looked chrome respectively (Qu = 263.08, ζ,% = 13.01) on 17/8/2017 Qu = 1002.24, ζ% = 43.34max. absorbent and max. efficient energy for dark black coated tablet was respectively While max. absorbent and max. efficient energy for dark black-coated pad genitive trio looked chrome respectively (Qu = 1033.56, ζ,% = 44.12) on 17/8/2017. Note the difference between the two trials because of leaving the solar antenna for a month is exposed to atmospheric conditions of heat and dust and dirt without maintenance.


Abstract This study investigates women’s economic empowerment in relation to micro-credit schemes in Nigeria. The study also evaluates the benefits and limitations of micro-credit as a resourceful means of enhancing women’s economic activities in the labour market and eliminating poverty among market and rural women. Micro-credit schemes and institutions which provide soft loans to women have become a critical tool in development programmes aiming to empower them. Besides, it is widely accepted among development practitioners that micro-credit schemes not only contribute to poverty reduction but also empower the have-nots. This study will employ as its methodology, ethnographic field research. This includes semi-structured interviews and participant observation. In addition, data will be obtained from state databases, archives and development websites. Throughout, both qualitative and quantitative methods and analysis will be used. This study will examine whether micro-credit provides finance to enhance market and rural women’s participation in production and trade. All this may render empowerment for women more difficult to achieve if not properly handled although it makes a practical contribution to their everyday lives. Based on the findings of this work, relevant recommendations will be made to the loan providing institutions, women affair supervising ministry at both central and state levels. Keywords: Micro-credit, Women empowerment, Poverty alleviation, Market women, Development


The effect of various drying temperatures on the proximate composition and functional properties of High Quality Cassava Flour were investigated in this research work. The Proximate composition and functional properties were determined using standard methods. The results of the proximate composition calculated on dry weight basis showed that the moisture contents for the various dying temperature ranged from 9.90 0.23% to 10.33 0.03%, Ash contents ranged from 1.04 0.02% to 2.15 0.14%, Crude fibre ranged from 0.60 0.12% to 2.64 0.02, Fat content varied between 0.28 0.19% to 0.28 0.19%, protein contents of 4.75 0.24%, 4.53 0.18% and 3.73 0.08% were obtained for High Quality Cassava Flour dried at 800C, 1000C and 1200C respectively while the carbohydrate contents ranged from 81.91 0.04% to 83.66 0.14%. The functional Properties showed significant difference (P≤0.05) among the various drying temperature. The result of this research showed that drying temperature have great effect on both the proximate composition and functional properties of the flour Keywords: Cassava, Temperature, Flour, Proximate,

The Effect of Accountability and Due Professional Care on Audit Quality with Auditor Ethics and Experience as Moderation Variable []

This research aims to test and analyze the effect of accountability and due professional care on the quality of audits with auditor ethics and experience as moderation variables. The object of the study is the auditor at the Public Accounting Firm of Makassar. The determination of samples using Nonprobability technique with population in this study was 85 auditors. Data collection using questionnaires with data analysis using moderated regression analysis (MRA). The results showed that: (1) accountability and due professional care had a positive and significant impact on audit quality. (2). auditor ethics have a positive and significant effect in moderating accountability and due professional care to audit quality. (3) experience has a positive and significant effect in moderating accountability and due professional care to audit quality. This research helps enrich literature for the development of science and also as a consideration material for auditors to better maintain the value of accountability and attitude due professional care in order to improve the quality of financial audits, so that the resulting financial statements can be accounted for for the wearer.


This study aims to examine the effect of tax justice, tax awareness and ethics on taxpayer compliance at KPP Pratama South Makassar. This research is a quantitative research. The object in this research is the individual taxpayer at KPP Pratama South Makassar. The sampling technique used purposive random sampling with judgment sampling. The sample of this research is 100 taxpayers using the Slovin formula. Collecting data using a questionnaire distributed to respondents. Data analysis using Partial Least Square (PLS). The results showed that: (1) tax justice has a positive and significant effect on taxpayer compliance. (2) tax awareness has a positive and significant effect on taxpayer compliance. (3) ethics has a positive and significant effect on taxpayer compliance. (4) tax justice, tax awareness and ethics have a joint effect on taxpayer compliance. Keywords: tax justice, tax awareness, ethics, taxpayer compliance

Land use Land cover dynamics vis-a- vis to political changes in paktya province of Afghanistan. []

Abstract Land cover of the earth’s surface has been changing since time immemorial and it will continue. In recent decades the land use land cover change due to anthropogenic factors has been proceeding very faster than natural changes and these changes caused different global environmental problems. The two main forces responsible for these changes are technological development and drastically increment of population. The study have been conducted in paktya province of Afghanistan to assess the changes in different LULC classes which occurred together with political changes by using of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS). The change was analysed for a period of two decades, i.e., 1998 to 2018. Landsat TM and OLI satellite images of 30m resolution for the years 1998 and 2018 were used respectively. The overall classification accuracy of the mapping was estimated as 82.67% and the kappa coefficient was estimated as 0.8081. The study area was delineated via visual image interpretation technique into 11 LULC classes’ viz., closed forest, open forest, forest, scrub, grassland, agriculture, Agroforestry, horticulture, habitation, water body, wasteland and snow respectively. The comparison of maps 1998 and 2018 revealed that the total area under closed forest, open forest, agriculture, habitation and horticulture shown an increase of 0.43%, 0.73%, 0.75%, 0.33% and 0.78% respectively. While the areas under forest scrub, grassland, snow and wasteland shown a decline of 0.30%, 0.25%, 0.11% and 2.40% respectively during study period (1998-2018). The area under water body remained same during two decades. Keywords: Land use/ Land cover (LULC), remote sensing, GIS, Landsat, paktya, Afghanistan.

Legal Consequences for Notaries in Self-Promotion through Electronic Media []

KeyWords Legal Consequences, Notary, Self-Promotion, Media Electronic ABSTRACT This study aims at finding out the role of the Indonesian Notary Association (INI) in supervising Notary who violates the Notary code of ethics and the legal consequences for a notary who is proven to commit violations using electronic media. The type of study was norma-tive juridical research. The collection of legal materials employed literature study which was obtained through inventory database directo-ries of laws and regulations, books, journals, and others in print and electronic form. This study showed that legal consequences for nota-ries who have been proven to commit violations in self-promotion through electronic media might be subject to sanctions in the ethical sanction form. The scope of the ethic codes for notaries was very diverse, and the sanctions for violations included the organizational domain so that they cannot be subject to legal sanctions if a notary has been proven to have violated the Law on the Position of Notary Public. The imposition of sanctions can be such as admonitions, warnings, temporary dismissal, honorific dismissal or disrespectful dis-missal of association membership.

The Metaphysics of a Mystical Man-Man Love Relationship in D. H. Lawrence’s Women in Love with Reference to Rumi’s poetry, a Persian Sufi Master []

This paper compares D. H. Lawrence’s Women in Love to a selection of poems by the Persian mystic poet Jalal-Eddine-Rumi. Lawrence and Rumi belong to two different, divergent ages and cultural backgrounds, yet the religious sensibilities in their poetic imagination prove comparable and challenge the fathoming of the theme of love as a sacred bond. Hence, the main purpose of the following comparative study is to examine the dynamics of love and power as both authors seek love through means other than the ones prescribed by their societies. Such an approach is to use the writings of an established mystic poet, the founder of the order of the whirling dervishes, to understand Lawrence’s exploration of the theme of love as a mystical religious experience, and to sabotage the conflicting theories about male love relationship when analyzing the wrestling scene in the novel in relation to the Sama dance. Unlike other research interested in the mystical and religious in man-woman love relationship as explored by both writers, the paper in hand strives for an understanding of man-man love relationship. It aims at emphasizing the dynamics of the transcendental qualities in Birkin-Gerald’s relationship used to be associated with homosexuality and accounting for its operation beyond an established homoerotic genre or tradition when comparing it with Rumi’s relation with his friend Shams of Tabriz. The paper seeks an adjustment of the examination and understanding of masculinity and male relationship as elaborated by Lawrence and Rumi as advocate of new fathoming of gender.

Research/ Hematological and Clinical Chemistry of Weaner Rabbits Fed Graded Levels of African Star Apple Chrysophllum Albidum Seed Meal []

Abstract This study was carried out to determine the haematological profile and serum biochemical indices of rabbits fed graded level of African star apple (Chrysophyllum albidum) seed meal. The study involved forty eight (48) mixed breed weaned rabbits of seven - eight weeks old, with average weight of 186.87±0.03g.The rabbits were allotted into four dietary treatments comprising twelve (12) rabbits per treatment. The dietary treatments were 0%, 5%, 10% and 15% ASASM inclusion levels. The experimental diet contained 15% crude protein and 2488.68 Kcal/Kg metabolizable energy. The feeding trial lasted eight weeks, during which period feed and water were provided ad libitum. Two blood samples each were collected per rabbit; one set of the blood samples was collected into plastic bottles containing Ethylene Diamine Tetra acetic acid (EDTA) for haematological studies while the other sample was collected into plain sterile bottles for the serum biochemical indices determination. Data generated were subjected to analysis of variance. Results obtained from this study revealed that the haematological profile and serum biochemical indices of rabbits recorded no significant (P > 0.05) differences among dietary treatments except cholesterol, AST and ALT (P <0.05). MCV, MCH, MCHC and other hematological values were within the normal range (p>0.05), the platelet counts recorded in this study ranged from115 to 146 x109/L which is however lower than the normal range (250.00 600.00 x109/L) for rabbits. The study concludes that inclusion of graded levels of C albidum seed meal up to 15% will not pose any adverse effects on the blood characteristics of rabbits except the lower value of platelets across the treatment.

Recycable Materials and Solar Power as Hydroponic setup in Glowing Plants []

Plant production nowadays requires a lot of things like healthy soil and good type of fertilizer. There are also problems associated with the production techniques. One example is the conventional soil culture problems such as poor soil structure, poor drainage, non-uniform texture, as well as weeds and soil-borne pathogens. One way of an effective healthy plant production is Hydroponics. Hydroponics is a method used by people where in there is an apparatus that will develop the plants without the use of soil; instead the plants will receive nutrients from other sources such as water, direct sunlight, organic and non-organic fertilizer and oxygen. But this will need an expensive apparatus that make use of electricity.


SUMMARY: PSA is the most sensitive marker for prostate cancer. If the increase in the serum PSAt concentration can correspond to a relapse we observe in some cases a transient elevation of this concentration without relapse: phenomenon called "bouncing" or "rebound" which corresponds to a transient elevation of PSAt. OBJECTIVES: our main objectives are to differentiate the biological recurrence of the PSA rebound and assess its survival and identify the risk factors for biological recurrence. MATERIALS AND METHODS: the study covered 89 Patients with localized prostate cancer (T1b to T2c according to TNM and Gleason score <8) of which 87.6% had adenocarcinomas. All patients had an initial dosage of PSAt then 3 months after radiotherapy with regular monitoring at 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months. Average age being 62.69 years over a period from October 11, 2009 to June 11, 2015. The assays are carried out using the ECLIA method on the Elecsys 2010 and Cobas e411 automaton at the CHU Oran biochemistry department. RESULTS: The median survival is 65 months or we have 65 patients in complete remission and we note relapses up to 25 months of follow-up. Respecting the Phoenix definition on biochemical recurrence, 24 cases out of the 89 patients in our series are noted, where survival is good 73% at 15 months. In our series, the interval which was found is from 0.2 ng / ml to 0.8 mg / ml with a maximum value of rebounds at 0.4 ng / ml, the maximum of rebounds is found in the 2nd class of PSA at 24 months . We note the maximum relapse at 6-7 months (10 cases) and 9-11 months (10 cases) after irradiation. It is in class 4 that we find almost all relapses p <10-3. cases of biochemical relapse are found in the T2c classifications and in Gleason 7 scores (p = 0.004). In our series, age is a significant factor in biochemical recurrence (p <10 -3), just as the radiation dose is highly significant with a p = 0.025 CONCLUSION: The assay of tumor markers only makes sense if it contributes to improving survival and quality of life. The identification of relapse of rebounds becomes an important concern because rebounds are frequent and alarm the doctor and cause anxiety in the patient and a multidisciplinary and very expensive therapeutic decision. The management of biological relapses of PSAt must be rapid and targeted to avoid complications, but rebounds must be interpreted with care. Keywords: PSAt, rebound, biochemical recurrence, localized prostate cancer

Performance of ram lambs fed varying levels of cowpea husk and Tiger nut residue (cyperus esculentus) as a supplement to sorghum Stover in semi arid zone of Nigeria. []

The study was conducted to evaluate the performance of ram lambs fed mixture of cowpea husk and Tiger nut residue as supplement to sorghum Stover.A total of twenty (20) non-descript ram lambs with an average weight of 21.50kg were used for the study.five (5) experimental diets were formulated consisting of mixture of cowpea husk and Tiger nut residue at ratios of 100,75:25,50:50,25:75 and 100 for treatment 1,2,3,4 and 5 respectively.T1 (100% cowpea husk) was the control.The animals were weighed and allotted to five treatments with four (4) animals per treatment in completely randomized design.The study lastes for twelve (12) weeks.There were no significant (P>0.05) differences in the final weight of the animals. However, there were significant (P<0.05) differences in weight gain and feed conversion ratio between the treatments. Animals on T3 recorded the highest (7.50 kg) weight gain and best feed conversion ratio (16.22) while the least (3.62 kg) weight gain was recorded in T5. The study concluded that tiger nut waste could form part of the complete ruminants diets at 50% level of inclusion.


The present retrospective study entitled “Comparative retrospective study of bone marrow aspiration and bone marrow trephine biopsy” was carried out at Department of Lab Medicine Medanta the Medicity hospital Okhla Phase 2 Delhi, From October 2013 to April 2014. A total of 220 cases out of the 97 cases of Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA) and 123 cases are of Bone Marrow Aspirate and Bone Marrow Biopsies (BMB) done simultaneously were included in the study. Out of total 220 cases of bone marrow examination, 97(44.09%) cases of BMA done alone and123 (55.9%) cases of BMA and BMB did together. The results of the comparative evaluation were divided into: 1. Number of cases where the diagnosis was given on BMA alone, BMB was non-contributory 2. Number of cases that showed a positive correlation between BMA and BMB 3. The number of cases where a definite opinion could not be given either in BMA or in BMB. 4. In the present study, there was not any case of BMB alone because at the centre of study BMA was preceded or carried out simultaneously BMB. 5. Out of 97 cases of bone marrow aspiration, 66(68.04%) were males and 31(31.95%) as females 6. The age of the patient’s at the time of the diagnosis varied from 20 to 83 years. No age below 20 years was found. Depending on their age differences, they are grouped into three categories. The first group consists of Adolescents within 11-20 years. The second’s groups consist of adults within 21-30 years and the third group consists of others above 30 years of age. Majority of the patients was above the age of 30 years 7. In a total of 97 cases, 2.1% (2) cases were Adolescents, 7.2% (7) cases were adults and 90.7% (88) cases were above 30 years of age, which show the highest incidence in of BMA diagnosis in patient’s above 30 years of age 8. Out of 97 cases of BMA, were 44(46%) case of megaloblastosis,7(7%) cases show Normoblastic reaction 8% cases of Micronormoblastic reaction, 22% cases shows Dimorphic anaemia,2% cases of Sickle –cell anaemia, 3% cases of Eosinophilia 2%cases of Erythroid Hyperplasia and 9.1% cases shows normal morphology. 9. Out of 123 cases, where BMA and BMB both were done together in that case 60.2 % (74) were male and 39.8 % (49) as females, the incidence of increased frequency of diagnosis was more in males than females 10. In a total of 123 cases, 1.62% (2) cases were Adolescents, 3.25% (4) cases were adults and 95.2% (117) cases were above 30 years of age, which show the highest incidence in of BMA diagnosis in patients above 30 years of age. 11. Out of 123 cases, 19.5% (24) were Megakaryocytic Thrombocytopenia, 15.4% (19) cases of Plasmacytoma and 7.3% (9) case of Multiple Myeloma, 12. Out of 123 cases, 0.8% (1) case of Myelofibrosis (MF), 4.8% (6) cases of a Myelodysplastic syndrome and 8.1% (10) cases of Lymphoproliferative disease (LPD). 13. Out of 123 cases, 4.1% (5) case of Acute Leukemia (AL), 3.2% (4) case of Acute Myeloid Leukemia and 1.6% (2) case of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) 14. Out of total 123 cases, 18.6% (23) cases of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma(NHL) and 2.4% (3) cases of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma(HL) were observed 15. Out of total 123 cases, 2.4% (3) cases of Metastatic Adenocarcinoma, 2.4% (3) cases of Metastatic Malignant Tumor and 4.06% (5) cases of Metastatic Cancer of Breast were observed 16. Out of total 123 cases, were 0.8% (1) case of Erythroleukemia(EL), 1.6% (2) case of Chronic-Lymphoproliferative disease(CLD) and 2.4%(3) cases of Myeloproliferative disease(MPD) observed, 17. Out of the 123 cases studied there was a positive correlation in 85 cases (69.10%). 18. In the present study, we found the highest correlation rate with the diagnosis given as plasmacytoma (94.7%) 18/19. Other cases with a good positive correlation were haematological malignancies such as multiple myeloma where there was (66.6%) correlation. Out of a total of 9 cases diagnosed, 6 cases showed a positive correlation in both BMA and BMB. 19. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma showed a positive correlation in 43.4% cases (10/23), Hodgkin’s Lymphoma showed a positive correlation in 75% cases 3/4, Leukemia’s showed a positive correlation in 81.8% of cases (9/11), those cases diagnosed by BMB alone showed a hypocellular BMA, One case was clinically suspected to be an Erythroleukemia. Megakaryocytic thrombocythaemia showed 70.8% correlation (17/24). 20. Amongst the non-haematological malignancies metastatic to the bone marrow, 63.6% cases (7/11) showed a positive correlation in both BMA and BMB, two of the cases were clinically not suspected for non-hematologic malignancies. A primary tumour could not be ascertained as the patient died before further investigations could be done. The other case was investigated for anaemia. 21. In those cases where a diagnosis of BMA was given, depending on whether macronormoblastic or micronormoblastic, they were further worked up, mostly for anaemia, and accordingly, Perl’s stains for iron was studied, biochemical parameters were taken into consideration and the diagnosis was confirmed impression was given. 22. The cases where a definite opinion could not be given either in BMA or in BMB comprised 30.89% (38/123).The reports were varying from an inadequate BMA, where the BMB is hypercellular or reactive, in some cases, BMA appeared to be normal, but with no marrow spaces in the BMB.


This study used geospatial techniques to investigate ground-measured solar radiation data in Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi states of South-Eastern Nigeria over a five year period, 2013 – 2017 in order to determine the optimum periods for harnessing solar energy in the areas. Results showed that in March 2013, highest monthly average solar radiation values of 7.00 kWh/m2/day and 6.90 kWh/m2/day were recorded in Anambra and Ebonyi respectively. 7.45 kWh/m2/day was observed in Enugu in April of the same 2013. In 2014, we had the highest monthly average solar radiation values of 6.66 kWh/m2/day in Anambra, 6.98 kWh/m2/day in Enugu and 6.39 kWh/m2/day in Ebonyi, all in March. In the month of March 2015, we had the highest monthly average solar radiation values of 7.00 kWh/m2/day in Anambra state, 6.99kWh/m2/day in Enugu state and 6.40kWh/m2/day in Ebonyi state. In 2016, we had the highest monthly average solar radiation values of 7.01 kWh/m2/day and 7.00 kWh/m2/day in Anambra and Ebonyi respectively in the month of March. Enugu State had maximum value of 6.83 kWh/m2/day in the month of April in the same year. In 2017, we had the highest monthly average solar radiation values of 6.98 kWh/m2/day in Anambra, 7.00 kWh/m2/day in Enugu state and 7.02 kWh/m2/day in Ebonyi State, all in March. Hence, based on the analysis of the results, it may be concluded that, the optimum periods for harnessing solar energy in the study areas falls within March and April. However, these periods should be used to harness and conserve solar power for maximum output. The information provided in this study can be used to diversify the energy supply mix in Nigeria in a bid to address the power problem in the country. Keywords: Solar radiation, Geospatial technique, Insolation, Ground measured solar radiation.


Vernonia amygdalina is a leafy vegetable which is widely used as local condiments in diet. The freshly harvested Vernonia amygdalina leaves were destalked, sorted, washed with potable water, dried, milled and packed prior analysis. The mineral content of Vernonia amygdalina leaves (bitter leaf) were investigated. The mineral contents for Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Zinc and Iron were 12.25±0.21mg/100g, 15.23±0.21mg/100g, 23.26±0.11mg/100g, 26±0.12mg/100g, 15.44±0.15mg/100g and 7.45±0.24mg/100g respectively. The result of the analysis showed that veronia Amygdalina could be a good source of important food nutrients. Keywords: Vernonia Amygdalina, Bitter leaf, Minerals and drying.

Lessons from Themes in Professor Johnbull Nigerian Television Drama Season – 4 Episode 9 (Street School) Towards Curtailing Child Abuse in African Societies. []

Television is a medium through which society is well informed about social reform, social re-engineering and social orientation because of the tenacious relevance of its audio-visual influence on the viewers. What people think about nearly every issue be it politics, religion, government, fashion, culture, is almost exclusively influenced by television. Thus, this study examines lessons on re-orientation of the African Society towards curtailing Child Abuse from themes in Professor Johnbull Television Drama, Season 4-Episode nine (Street School). The study identifies various themes of child abuse in the television drama episode using qualitative research approach of textual content analysis through Video preview and review of themes in Prof. Johnbull Television Drama. The study applied the social cognitive theory as well as framing theory. Data were gathered using a researcher –designed instrument named “Video Content Analysis Checklist on Social Orientation and Themes and Framings (VCACSOTF)”. Findings from the study revealed that vulnerable children suffer maltreatment such as: Sexual abuse, forced child labour in form of street trading/hawking and child trafficking which is a major setback to the realization of child right act on education in Africa. It recommends that similar Television series and programmes should be produced, identified and sponsored regularly on African Television networks such that social orientation against all forms of child abuse could be spread through various broadcast media just as it is being propagated in Professor Johnbull TV drama episode titled ‘Street School’. Further, government in Africa should assist in giving scholarships to indigent and vulnerable street children and that those who participate in child abuse be prosecuted. Key words: Social re- orientation, themes, child abuse, Professor Johnbull Television Drama Series. Word count: 260

Human's Mental Time Travel []

It is about the mental time travel of humans....and its relationship with that of astrology and will power.