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While the pandemic arises, there are variations fulfilled to adjust with the situations. One of the changes is the process of learning system or the way how a teacher can endure to teach their students. It reviewed articles published in on-line international journals from 2010 to 2020. This study aims to acknowledged what are the probable difficulties encountered by secondary school teachers in modular distance learning and how to adapt the changes as every concern and problems met by teachers, grade level coordinator, and school head and thought to be solved or decreased in the following days. Keywords: Secondary school teachers, modular distance learning, encountered,


The Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) is one of the most important aquaculture species groups especially in South East Asia, Africa, South America and China. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the environmental factor to the feeding activity of this species for the es-tablishment of the culture technology for Nile tilapia because knowledge about the physiology. This study was used six fish with the body weight 60.9 g, 61.3 g, 64.5 g, 71.89 g, 73.3 g, and 75.4 g, respectively. The treatments were conducted under controlled recirculation sys-tem with different water temperature, which gradually increased and decreased 1oC every two days. First period was the experiment with the increasing water temperature from 15 to 25oC within 20 days (In-WT1) then increasing from 25 to 35oC for 20 days (In-WT2), respec-tively. Each time data of feeding activity was stored into the data logger and monitored using computer to analyse the actuation of feeding activity. This study concluded that the best water temperature for Nile tilapia is 28 oC and the low water temperature seemed to give negative effect on feeding appetite. In addition, the change of water temperature from 15-25 oC was gave positive correlation between the changes of feeding activity and water temperature with coefficient correlation 0.96 and R square value was 0.93. Hence, the increasing the water temperature up to 35oC has negative correlation with coefficient correlation -0.75 and weak contribution with R square value was 0.56. It means that each decreasing of feeding activity depends on the raising of water temperature.

The Effect of Competence and Workload of Accounting System Operators (SAI) on The Quality of Financial Statements of The Regional Office of The Ministry of Law and Human Rights Southeast Sulawesi []

The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the effect of the competence and workload of SAI operators on the quality of financial reports presented at the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Southeast Sulawesi. This research approach is a survey with an explanatory research design. Data collection is done by using an instrument in the form of a questionnaire. The population of this study was all employees of the SAI compilers or operators at the Work Unit of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Southeast Sulawesi. Determination of the number of samples was carried out using a census so that the research sample was obtained as many as 34 respondents. The analytical tool used is Multivariate Regression Analysis with SPSS program package. The results showed that (1) operator competence had a positive and significant effect on the quality of financial statement presentation, (2) the workload of SAI operators had a positive but not significant effect on the quality of financial statement presentation, (3) employee competence and operator workload simultaneously had a positive effect. and significant to the quality of the presentation of financial statements. The contribution of the influence of competence and operator workload is shown by a value (R²) of 47.5% and the remaining 52.5% is influenced by other variables outside the research model.


Architectural patterns are used to address important aspects of software architecture and complement existing techniques. Architectural pattern offers a set of predefined subsystems with their responsibilities and syntax for organizing the relationships between them. There are many architectural style that can serve as basis for software development. This study examined the architectural style, their applications, strength and weaknesses.

Electrical Energy Problems And Proposals For Solutions In Kuwait []

The study aimed to identify the problems facing the electricity sector in the State of Kuwait, to identify global experiences in facing the problems of the electricity sector, and to develop a proposed scenario to confront the problems of the electricity sector in the State of Kuwait. The study reached some results and proposals that may contribute to relying on renewable energies such as solar energy. Wind energy is an alternative to traditional electricity, which costs the state a lot of money and also helps pollute the Kuwaiti environment.

AI for sustainability:- Spice Yield Prediction using Indian Climatic Parameters. []

India is a land of spices and their successful husbandry depends upon the area provided for cultivation and the climatic conditions. India is one of the chief exporters of spices. Therefore yield forecasting plays a vital role in export planning and policy decisions.Over the years research and development in machine learning has provided a significant contribution to industries. This project aims to create a model to predict the yield of spices based on the region of cultivation and various other input parameters which would help the farmers to foresee the yield and take appropriate measures for storage and plantation of these crops. We have also provided the prices forecast of the spices to determine whether it is worth investing in its plantation for the current year or not. Algorithms such as Random Forest Regressor, Stochastic Gradient Descent and KNN were applied to the dataset after performing preprocessing steps. Advanced regression techniques like Kernel Ridge, Lasso and ENet algorithms have been used to predict the yield along with Stacking Regression which gives us better results in yield prediction. The results have been expressed using the mean absolute error and the r2_score.


Cloud based information resources and services are resources and services that are available for academic librarians in some university in Southwest, Nigeria. Despite their being important, there is the need to find out the types of resources and services available for use and how they are effectively used by academic librarians in some university libraries in Southwest, Nigeria. The study examines the cloud based information resources and services among academic librarians in Nigerian Universities. A total enumeration of 80 academic librarians from six universities in Southwest, Nigeria, comprising of three public and three private universities formed the sample for the study. A descriptive survey approach was adopted using questionnaire as the only data collection instrument on respondents. Five research questions were formulated as guide to the study. The results show that majority of the respondents strongly agree and agree that Gmail, facebook, internet, yahoo, cloud based sharing services, cloud based social networking and cloud based storing services, are some of the cloud based information resources and services available for academic librarians in Nigeria universities. However, majority of respondents were not highly inclined to lack of awareness, lack of skills and lack of trained personnel as constraints to the use of cloud based information resources and services. The study concludes by recommending that librarians make optimal use of the cloud based information resources and services in other to be more relevant in the face of information technology driven world.

Statistical Analysis of Performance of Outcome Based Education w.s.r. to the BAMS Undergraduates []

The examination process is an important aspect of maintaining the quality and standards of a curriculum. It helps to ensure that the final product of a degree programme is up to the standards and is able to cater to the needs of society fulfilling the objectives of the course. Likewise, Ayurveda medical education aims in producing an Ayurvedic physician with more knowledge, better skills, and positive attitudes and values to serve as a health care professional. To ensure the examination process is up to the expected standards, a study was carried out using the results of all course units of Semester I End Semester Examinations of four levels of BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) degree programme carried out at Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute. The results showed that except for few cases, the examinations are well within the standard.


The technique of remote monitoring of different gadgets and machinery in process plants businesses is catching on in the decades to come. Constant progress has been made in industrial automation development thanks to remote monitoring and diagnosis, which is done almost entirely through computers and the Internet. - A conventionally used SCADA system in the electricity system uses voltage and frequency as their primary system monitoring parameters, which are checked consecutively at regular intervals. It is feasible to reduce the observed voltage and frequency data to a single string that is then sent to monitoring/control room, where it may be compressed using appropriate data compression methods. To extract the required data from the sent string, use the appropriate decompression method at the receiving end. In order to allow a compressed string to be decoded into the input voltage and frequency, a MATLAB-based system was created that can generate this compressed string and output the voltage and frequency corresponding to the input. Aspects that have emerged as critical design issues in the development of a supervisory control system that is internet-based include latency (delays on the internet), the security of the system, and the design of the interface. In this project, the designers of supervisory control systems, namely, internet latency and security, faced all of the many design problems found on the Internet. The key objective of this system is to provide automated real-time XML report creation for the online and offline processes. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and virtual private networks (VPN) all play a part in making automation Internet-based. The software was built utilizing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) applications for controlling the real-time process, and VBA/front page scripts for managing information systems. Utilizing XML encoding and solely using VPN through GSM connection for communication between the server and client, the individual monitoring device may further enhance the system's security.


ABSTRACT Thesis Title : INSTRUCTIONAL COMPETENCE AND PRACTICES OF TEACHERS IN THE NEW NORMAL: BASIS FOR TRAINING PROGRAM Author’s Name : RIEZEL NICOLAS NAZARETH Affiliation : Emilio Aguinaldo College, Manila Degree : Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management Year : 2021 Email add : razenicole@gmail.com This study aimed to determine the instructional competence and practices of teachers in the new normal. Specifically, this was intended to determine the learning environment, content of learning, teaching and learning strategy, resources of learning, communication in teaching and learning, sustaining interest in learning and evidence of learning of teachers. Descriptive survey method was used and the target respondents were thirty selected teachers under district of Buenavista. Questionnaire was the main instrument used for the data collection. Percentage distribution, weighted mean, were used to analyze the data. Findings revealed that the respondents belong to age bracket 26 to 30; majority were female with Master’s units and teaching English for not more than five years as teacher 1 in Elementary school. They already attended more than ten seminars. The study further revealed that teacher respondents were highly competent in terms of getting evidence of learning and teaching-learning strategy. However, communication in teaching and learning was found out to be lowest in rank that needs to develop. It is therefore recommended that teachers should use online platforms for communication in teaching and learning inorder to reach the students and parents in the new normal setting. Furthermore, the Training Program is recommended to train teachers for the less competence identified. Keywords: competence, instructional practices, content of learning, teaching-learning strategy, resource and communication, evidence of learning


One of the most critical challenges facing society today is climate change and thus the need to realize massive energy savings. Since buildings account for about 40% of global final energy use, energy efficient building climate control can have an important contribution. The energy performance of buildings has attracted substantial attention due to the significant energy-saving potential. As a semi-open high-space building, the railway station is obviously different from other public buildings and even traditional stations in terms of energy consumption and internal environment. As a new type of large-scale public building, railway stations are developing fast throughout the world. In general, most of the newly built stations have large, tall and open space like waiting hall and ticketing lobby, with large area of glass curtain wall or skylight. Such features may contribute to higher energy demand of the stations, especially for HVAC system.


This research work revealed that job design is a sine qua-non for the development of organizational citizenship behaviour, especially in the construction firms in Rivers Sate. It follows there from that when construction firms embark on designing the depth of employee’s job, they develop a helping attitude in the organization. Also, when a construction firm embarks on proper designing of their job breadth such that every employee knows exactly the extent of his work he ought to cover, it allows him to feel fulfilled in the job he’s doing and this will enhance his development of organizational citizenship behaviour in the organization. Furthermore, an employee will feel or develop a sense of development within himself if the organization makes his work very significant to his actualization of set goals and development.


In the case of the absence of agreement in a bipartite negotiation between workers and employers, workers would often conduct work strikes. The existence of industrial relations mediator is extremely necessary to mediate and provide solutions for the occuring problem. The purpose of this paper is to form a conceptual model to examine the effect of formal communication style and negotiation techniques of industrial relations mediators towards the settlement of work strikes through conflict management as a mediating variable. The litera-ture review, conceptual model, hypotheses development, and research methodology are discussed. Practicing this paper would instantly provide information about the relationship of the formal communication style, the negotiation techniques of an industrial relations medi-ator, conflict management, and the settlement of work strikes at the Regional Manpower Agency of Java Bali Area.


One component of fish feed that has a high price is fish meal, so efforts are needed to find alternative substitutes from natural sources so that the price of feed becomes more economical. The research was carried out at the Aquaculture Laboratory Hatchery, Faculty of Fisher-ies and Marine Sciences, Padjadjaran University, while the proximate analysis of feed ingredients and test feed, the manufacture of suck-ermouth fishfish meal was carried out by the Chemistry and Animal Feed Laboratory, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Padjadjaran Universi-ty. The purpose of this study was to use suckermouth fish meal in feed on the growth and use of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) as an al-ternative to providing protein sources in fish feed. The study was conducted using a completely randomized design (CRD), consisting of 5 (five) treatments and each repeated 3 (three) times. The treatment given was the addition of 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20% fish meal in artificial feed. Parameters observed at the end of the study include, the level of consumption, absolute growth and survival. The results showed that the addition of 10% suckermouth fishflour in the feed gave the best results, where it was 6.537 grams, consumption was 0.755 grams/day, and survival was 93.3%. Based on observations, the use of suckermouth fishflour up to a level of 20% in feed does not have a negative effect on the life of tilapia, so it can be used as an alternative fish meal substitute in fish feed.

Genetic Divergence Study in Agro-Morphological Traits among Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Genotypes at Raya Valley of Southern Tigray, Ethiopia []

Assessment of genetic divergence in crop species is one of the major activities of plant breeding which helps to analysis to quantify the genetic distance among the selected germplasm and reflects the relative contribution of specific traits towards the total divergence. Therefore, this field experiment was conducted to assess the genetic divergence in bread wheat genotypes, to determine the extent of genetic variation and for selection of suitable diverse parents for yield and yield related traits among wheat genotypes based on quantitative traits using multivariate analysis which could be further utilized in breeding. The field evaluation of 32 genotypes and 4 released varieties were conducted in 6 x 6 Triple Lattice Design at Mehoni Agricultural Research Station in 2017 cropping season. Results of analysis of variance revealed the presence of significant differences among genotypes for 12 quantitative traits. The first four principal component axes (PCA) with Eigen values >1 accounted for 70.5% variation of genotypes. Euclidean distance was used to estimate the genetic distances of all possible pairs of 36 bread wheat genotypes and its ranged from 1.15 to 9.20 with the mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation of 4.47, 1.28 and 28.71%, respectively. Higher genetic distances were estimated among the new entries than among the four check varieties and check varieties with new entries. The genotypes were grouped into eight distinct clusters of which Cluster VI , VIII and III consisted of 11 (30.5%), 8 (22.2%) and 6 (16.7%) genotypes, respectively. Cluster VII were with two released varieties (Fentalle and Gambo) but Cluster IV, II and V with 3, 4 and 2 genotypes, respectively, while Cluster I was solitary. Generally, the results of this study showed the presence of variation among genotypes for agro-morphology traits with wide range of genetic distances that could allow selection and/or hybridization of genotypes after the results of this study are confirmed across locations and over years. Keywords: Genotypes; Clustering and Genetic distance

Impact of Row Planting on Maize Yield Growth in Ethiopia: The Implementation of the Difference-in-Differences Matching Estimator []

This study examines the national level impact of adoption of row planting on maize yield growth in Ethiopia. In so doing, a balanced panel data set covering two time periods was used and propensity score matching in combination with a difference-in-differences estimator was employed to better match control and project units on preprogram observable characteristics and to control for certain types of unobserved variables which can be assumed to remain fixed over a shorter time series. It is found that adoption of row planting doesn’t have a significant impact on maize yield growth at national level. Therefore, this study does not recommend to widely scale-up adoption of mere row planting to all maize producing farm households.


This study aims to clarify the effect of seaweed (Gracilaria sp. and Sargassum sp.) extract as immune-stimulant agent for non-specific defense system of white shrimp (L. vannamei). The study conducted with the initial body weight of white shrimp ±15 g. The dried seaweed was extracted by boiling in water for 2 hours then supplemented into the shrimp feed pellet with 10g/kg pellet. Hematological parameters of Total Haemocyte Count (THC) and Phagocytosist Activity (PA) was then tested at 5, 10, and 15 days period after initial treatment. The result showed that supplementation of seaweed extract was increased the number of haematocyte. It was recorded that the highest of haematocyte in day 10 from White shrimp fed by supplemented Gracilaria, Sp. with the number of haematocyte 0.879 ± 0.382 x 107 cell/L and in day 15 fed by pellet contained Sargassum sp. with the number of haematocyte 1.248 ± 0.192x107 cell/L. The Extract of Sargassum sp. gave the most significant effect with total phagocytosist activity of 97.305 ± 0.554 at day 10 without any significant different with Gracilaria, sp.


Proteins are polymers of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. Protein is also a food substance that is very important for the body because this substance serves as a source of energy in the body as well as a building block and regulator. The purpose of this article is to determine the physical and chemical properties of proteins in denatured parts of fish such as meat, bones, and skin. Adding acids, bases, and heating. Fish meat, skin, and bones with observations in the form of pH, distilled water, acid-base solution, acid solution, and ninhydrin changed the pH value. Physical and chemical characteristics of fish flesh, skin and bones are clearly visible in color and texture. Protein denaturation is characterized by increased turbidity and the appearance of clumps. The process of protein coagulation occurs in the presence of lumps that occur due to the heating process. Fish meat, skin and bones given with ninhydrin reaction can also cause changes. Protein denaturation in fish meat is characterized by fading meat color, soft texture and lumps. Denaturation of protein in bone is characterized by soft bone texture and cloudy white color. Denaturation of fish skin is characterized by fading skin color and softened texture.


La crise sanitaire mondiale créée par la pandémie de corona virus « covid-19 » a plongé l’économie mondiale dans une récession dont les effets sur les économies fragiles comme celles de la RDC font craindre des conséquences économiques et sociales dramatiques. Dans le sens d’atteindre l’objectif, nous nous sommes servi de la méthode comparative qui nous a aidé à comparer deux situations qui ont caractérisé la variation de prix des produits importés dans la ville d’Isiro pendant la période pré-corona et in-corona et, la méthode statistique nous a aidé à récolter les données chiffrées, de faire les interprétations et de les présenter sous forme des tableaux et graphiques en vue d'une bonne compréhension. Au terme de nos investigations, le résultat prouve dans l’ensemble que le covid-19 à partiellement influencé le prix des biens importé sur les marché de la ville d’Isiro (RDC). Le prix du ciment et le tôles ont été significativement affecté par la pandémie tandis que la farine et le sucre n’ont pas été significativement influencés. La différence qui s’observe dans les chiffres n’est qu’une différence mathématique et non statistique.


In this research, a Susceptible-Exposed-Infected-Recovered (SEIR) epidemiological model was modified to determine the effect of immunity and drug resistance on the transmission dynamics of tuberculosis. The equilibrium point was found and its stability was investigated. By analyzing the model, we found a threshold value R0, the basic reproduction number and the existence of the endemic point. The disease free equilibrium point of the model is locally stable (Eq0) since basic reproduction number R0<1 which was obtained from the numerical simulation of the model. The model has two non-negative equilibrium namely the disease free equilibrium (Eq0) and endemic equilibrium point (EEP). The graphical solutions of the differential equations were developed using MATLAB as well as the computer simulation.

mathematical modelling for the treatment of typhoid fever (A Case Study of Yobe State Specialist Hospital Damaturu) []

Typhoid fever is a global disease which is endemic in some African countries (including Nigeria) where hygiene practices are not properly put in place. In this research we focused on “Mathematical Modelling for the Treatment of Typhoid Fever”. We used modified model in this research with the compartments, S, IC, I, and T, where the compartment S(t) is used to represent the number of individuals that are prone to the disease at time t or those susceptible to the disease. IC(t) is used to represent the number of asymptomatic carriers at time t. I(t) is used to represent the number of individuals who have been infected with the disease and are capable of spreading the disease to the other individuals at time t. T(t) is used to represent the number of individuals who have been infected with the disease and are treated. Data are collected from my case of study “the General Sani Abacha Specialist Hospital, Damaturu Yobe state”. We have studied the effect of carriers and treatment on the transmission dynamics of typhoid fever. A disease-free equilibrium was obtained and its stability was analysed using linearized method. We computed the basic reproduction number (R0) in terms of the model parameters. We were solved the equations of the model for all individuals governing this research. We solve the equation for difference time and in difference experiments, we also carried out numerical experiments of solutions of the model using the model parameters of interest and we also drew the graphs that displayed the results for each compartment of the model.


This research work focused on “Mathematical Modelling on the Dynamic Transmission of Coronavirus” to reduce its prevalence to a level at which the disease will no longer constitute public health problems. In this work, we used to formulate a deterministic (SEIR susceptible, expose/latently infected, infectious and recovered) model incorporating the method of control adopted by epidemiologist and the process of computing the values in data obtained are done .The data was obtained and retrieved from the website of Nigeria center for disease control (NCDC). We established the disease free and the endemic equilibrium states and carried out the stability analysis of the disease Free and the equilibrium state. The negativity of all Eigen values that arosed from the stability analysis carried out in the research showed that there is high possibility of no return of the corona virus pandemic in Nigeria after eradication. We found out that the disease free equilibrium state is stable. Also, recommendations were made in the incidence of coronavirus which can greatly be minimized or possibly be eradicated in any population if effort is made to ensure that the endemic equilibrium of this model is never stable.

Ecosystem Approach for Fisheries Management for Small-Scale Fisheries in Java, Indonesia - A review []

Fishers who are classified as small-scale according to Law No. 7 of 2016 are fishermen who carry out fishing business to meet their daily needs, whether done with the help of fishing vessels or not. This gives a view that small-scale fishers are dependent on fish resources. Therefore, a breakthrough in resource management is needed for small-scale fishing communities in Indonesia, especially on the island of Java. This is also supported by a decrease in production in several water areas on the island of Java which is fishing grounds. Fishery management with an ecosystem approach was found to be better because a comprehensive measurement was carried out on three main subsystems in the fisheries system, namely the natural subsystem, human subsystem, and management subsystem, where these three subsystems are included in several reference indicators which are summarized in an analysis of the ecosystem approach.

Pre-Extension Demonstration of improved Chickpea varieties with their production packages in South West Shea Zone of Oromia Regional Estate, Ethiopia []

Demonstration of improved chickpea varieties with their production package were conducted in south west Shewa zone of Oromia Region at Kesa Malima and Sebeta Hawas districts for two consecutive years ( 2016/17 and 2017/18). This study was carried out to demonstrate the performance of chickpea varieties under farmers field conditions, to exchange experiences and get feedbacks from farmers and other stakeholders in the study area. The trial was executed on 21 host farmers fields using two released chickpea varieties of Habru and Natoli including farmers local variety. Grain yield, farmers perception data and feedback were collected from the demonstration plots. Simple descriptive statistics was used to analyze the collected data. The simple statistical data analysis result indicates that the improved varieties gave better yield than the local check variety in Sebeta Hawas. Mean grain yield across location showed that improved varieties of Natoli and Habru have 21.66. qt/ha and 24.15 qt/ha that is higher than the local variety mean of 14.5 qt/ha. An overall yield advantage and yield increase of Natoli and Habru varieties over local were 8.41 qt/ha and 36.71% respectively. Farmers preference result showed that variety Habru ranked first followed by Natoli. Habru variety was highly preferred by the evaluators due to its various merits like, disease resistance, marketability, seed size and seed color.

Analysis of The Effectiveness of Human Resource Management Processes (Case Study of PT. Nabusa Nusantara Nickel) []

The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of human resource management at PT. Nabusa Nusantara Nickel. The object of research is PT. Nabusa Nusantara Nickel, which is one of the companies engaged in the exploration of mineral materials (nickel). Collecting data using inter-views with purposive informants, observation, and documentation in the field. The results of the study found that HR management activities at PT. Nabusa Nusantara Nickel has been running effectively, namely recruitment, training and development programs, career planning and development, and termination of employment. Based on these findings, several recommendations for improvement are recommended, such as making planning standards, adding new workers, and conducting socialization about the importance of workplace safety. These recommendations are given with the hope that in the future human resource management (HRM) activities at PT. Nabusa Nusantara Nickel can run more optimally.


As part of a power system's load frequency control (LFC) and voltage regulation, an ADRC is being developed. A three-area linked power system underpins the ADRC for LFC. Maintaining a nominal frequency (60 Hz in North America) and a planned tie-line power flow are the control goals. As a supplemental controller for voltage regulation, the ADRC is used to a static var compensator (SVC). When used in conjunction with ANSI C84.1, it is designed to keep voltages on adjacent buses within 5 percent of the maximum allowed. As a result, the SVC system was developed using an alternate ADRC that has lower controller gains than traditional ADRC. Shocking load fluctuations, transmission failures, equipment failure/failure, and other factors may create major or minor disruptions to voltage and frequency regulation systems. Studies based on simulations and theoretical analyses show that ADRCs are successful in compensating disturbances and meeting control objectives. Future power networks will have a frequency management problem as they integrate additional renewable energy supplies. A study and evaluation of potential problems and innovative techniques of frequency management in future power systems are presented in this article. Review of different kinds of loads and distributed energy resources (DERs). For the demand-side frequency response, a model of a population of water heaters is explored. These DERs use battery energy storage systems (BESSs), such as for charging smart electric vehicles (EVs), large-scale BESSs and residential and nonresidential DER BESSs, and are represented as models. They were tested on a Nigerian power system and a 14-machine Bus System . In future power systems, these novel techniques have the potential to be very successful in restoring the frequency responsiveness that has dropped.


In various regions in Indonesia, especially Bandung and Indramayu, there are still several restaurants that sell dishes of several species that are classified as considered, vulnerable to almost threatened according to IUCN. Among these species are sharks, rays, and green sand lob-sters. With the ethnic homogeneity of Indonesia, there are many simple reasons for cultural beliefs to consume these species. The price offered is quite varied depending on how it is prepared and the type, for example shark dishes that are sold at the Pantura Seafood restaurant for Rp. 11,000 / ounce. The high supply and demand in the country and abroad has led to rampant fishing of these species. thus posing a major threat to the preservation of these species in nature. There are several methods to overcome these problems including socialization and education to the public and culinary entrepreneurs so that they are aware that the condition of protected species must be maintained.

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Hypertensive Patients on Generic and Branded Medications []

Hypertension is one of the most prevalent diseases that cause mortality and morbidity worldwide. Rising health care prices have been a crucial concern affecting different government agencies, medical providers, and consumers. One way to improve health standards is to provide patients with accessible and affordable quality-assured drugs to reduce the financial burden, mitigating significant pain and suffering, and reducing the rate of morbidity and mortality. (Ozawa et al., 2019) The Philippine government has mandated the usage of generic drugs in the country. The FDA guarantees the bioequivalence and similarity of generic and branded medicine regarding safety, quality, and efficacy. However, the patients’ viewpoint as end-users of these medicines is an essential factor in increasing the rational use of drugs. The study aims to evaluate the knowledge and attitude and determine the practice of hypertensive patients on generic and branded medications. A descriptive study with 245 participants from Hagonoy, Bulacan was conducted using an online survey questionnaire. Data were analyzed using IBM SPSS. Most of the respondents are female (61.77%), ages 54-60 years old (30.19%), with a below 10k (36.57%) family income per month. The results showed that in terms of knowledge and attitude, participants have sufficient knowledge regarding cost-differences. In contrast, they lack discernment in terms of quality and effectiveness, and they were slightly unaffected and influenced by the media or pharmacists. At the same time, their practice showed that they preferred to buy branded medicines. In conclusion, educational interventions among healthcare professionals and the government were needed.


The water houses the fish and so must be in good condition in order to enable a good production output both in capture and culture fisheries. The water quality analysis of the lower reach of the Nun River was conducted by determining the physical and chemical parameters of the river water for 12 months. The parameters analyzed were pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, total dissolved solids (TDS), turbidity, conductivity, carbon (IV) oxide, acidity, total alkalinity (TA) and total hardness (TH). The results showed that most of the parameters fell within tolerable and legal ranges for physico-chemical parameters. Again, all parameters showed significant differences among the means except pH and carbon (IV) oxide at (p>0.05). A negative and strong correlation existed between pH and CO2 (-0.770775496); as CO2 decreased, pH increased, thus as CO2 values were at good range, pH levels were also good. A mean range of 6.97 and 7.69 was recorded for pH. This may also be compared with the acidity levels of the river which fell within 5 and 35 mg/L and alkalinity of 37.5 and 72.0 mg/L. Dissolved oxygen was above 5 mg/L recommended for fresh water species. Temperature was reported at 27.00 and 31.85 oC which fell within the recommended range of 25 – 32 o C for tropical species. On the contrary, turbidity fluctuated invariably showing high transparency values of 27 - 31 cm between January to June while low values of 5.75 and 5.25 cm was recorded in August and September respectively. Positive and strong correlation existed between TDS and conductivity (0.870021322). At the highest value of 67.0 mg/L for TDS, conductivity was at its highest value of 123.5 µ/s which was seen in the month of November. Despite the location of the Nun River at the Niger delta area which makes it prone to pollution from oil explorations, the water quality properties still fell within healthy ranges for a freshwater ecosystem. Thus, more measures should be taken to ensure environmental protection and healthy surface waters.


The study aims to measurement capacity utilization (CU) in fisheries with the input and output approach and provide an overview of the policy control of glass eel capture. The methods used in the study are quantitative descriptive methods that are case-study. This research was conducted in August 2019 and January 2020 in Sukabumi, West Java. This research was conducted using a survey method. The data needed in this research are primary and secondary data. Primary data were obtained by the method of interviews and documentation. The average capacity utilization (CU) score during the 2004-2018 period was 0.88. This indicates that during periods the fishery operated at 88% of its optimal capacity. It means that the fishery should produce higher production by the potential production than the current one. Technically, fisheries experience an excess capacity of 12%. Research shows that the policy of a sustainable management regime through the implementation of MEY will generate a government surplus. The government has the task of serving several functions were including providing support policies and legislation.

To assess the outcome of the unmet need for family planning services during the COVID 19 pandemic among the antenatal and postnatal women attending the Clinic at Rongo Sub-County hospital. []

Abstract Purpose of the study: To assess the outcome of the unmet need for family planning services during the COVID 19 pandemic among the antenatal and postnatal women attending the Clinic at Rongo Sub-County hospital. Methodology: This study investigated the unmet need for family planning services during the COVID 19 pandemic among 133 women seeking prenatal and postnatal FP services in Rongo Sub-County hospital, Migori County, Kenya. A cross-sectional descriptive study design with both quantitative and qualitative techniques was used. The researcher employed the piloting test and validity test method to establish the reliability of the research instruments. Primary data was obtained using self-administered questionnaires. Main finding; The findings reveal that a larger proportion of the women in the Rongo Sub-County 64%(85/133) do not use family planning services. Religion significantly influenced the use of family planning services (χ2 =5.631a, ρ=0.018). The study also found a significant relationship between women's options for unintended pregnancies using family planning services (χ2 =6.120a, ρ=0.013). The cost of contraception showed a weak relationship with women's use of family planning services during the pandemic (χ2 =3.729a, ρ=0.053 ). The study recommends that the government and county governments emphasise sensitizing church leaders and their followers on the importance of family planning services.

Derivation of (3+1) Dimensional Model Equation With a Mixed Derivative for Predicting Underground Water Quality. []

The paper examines derivation of Advection-Diffusion equation with a mixed Derivative using law of Conservation, Product rule of calculus and Dercy’s law .Advection-Diffusion parameters have been assigned on the basis of whether they are Decaying or Exponential.Taylor series expansion is used to generate the Equation. Control volume on control surface is used to simplify the analysis.